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Re: MAURITANIA-item 28/5: Searching the internet, I found the following web sites of Radio Mauritanie:
http://www.radiomauritanie.mr/ for Radio Mauritanie Chaine 1. The online stream was working when checked.
http://www.radiomauritanie.mr/rc/ and http://radiocoran.mr/ fort Radio Coran. On both sites the online stream was working when checked, but the volume was very low.
http://www.radio-culturelle.com/. There is an audio link but it keeps playing the same title.
There were more sites but they seem to be out of order. In the case of http://radiochabab.mr/ for the youth channel some links a broken.
The player at http://www.radiochabab.mr/players.html did not start.
The frequency list for Radio Mauritanie and Radio Coran at http://www.radiomauritanie.mr/index.php/home.html does not list any AM frequencies but only FM. Using the search routine for “783” is found a Ramadan site for 2013 at http://www.radiomauritanie.mr/index.php/component/content/article/873.html, which still mentions both medium wave 783 kHz and short wave 7245 kHz.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/5-2016)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG (so why insisting in listing this under "W. Sahara"?!). Again, no Castilian lang. segment 2300-2330*; maybe it's irregular now.
Carlos Gonçalves (29/5-2016)

As per my today's [28/5] observation, there it was again this Arabic speaking stn on 777 (measured 777.003 on my Perseus rx): 2307 UTC, SINPO 22441, QRM de E.
In my previous report about this (and Mauritania), I forgot to mention the latest catch was already this month: 03May, 2148-2206, SINPO 23441.
Carlos Gonçalves (29/5-2016)



I listened to the tape over again and a male announcer with British dialect says "This is a Test Transmission broadcasting on 1431Khz in the Medium Wave band" alternating 400Hz and 1Khz audio tones. Heard on Global Tuners Hong Kong at 1615z.
Steven Wiseblood/AB5GP, dxld yg (28/5-2016)

The faulty transmitter is not the Syrian one on 783 kHz but the Egyptian on 774 and in late 2015 there was a buzz and now the frequency is drifted to 777 kHz. Syria on 783 kHz have a clear audio with some nice folk libanese Syrian music but I have interference from Spanish radio station. My location is in north west Greece.
Alex Fitzios (28/5-2016)

783 Nouakchott. Their signal is not heard for a number of months which makes me believe the tx is either off (and replaced by VHF-FM) or then simply running at very low power.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (27/5-2016)

Szia László and all of you,
Are you sure it was Syria?
I checked today (27th May) 783 khz on an israeli SDR receiver and it is not drifting at all. It is as stable as before. EMWG (www.emwg.info) mentions that it can drift 1-2 khz to 782 or 781 but not as much as in your case. That's why i think it was not Syria.
In my opinion you heard a faulted transmitter from Egypt, namely ERTU's Middle East Radio. The transmitter is in Abis, Egypt. This transmitter broadcasts originally on 774 kHz. But, now, due to the transmitter fault, the center frequency moved to 777 or 778 kHz and the bandwidth became narrower than before. Originally the bandwidth is 9 khz wide in AM mode on mediumwave, but now it is much less. It is around 4.5 khz wide. It is like they broadcast only the upper sideband of the signal. The broadcasting mode remains AM. Egyptian transmitters are in a very bad health: they emit distorted, muffled, buzzing audio. Their shortwave transmitters are worse than their mediumwave ones.

And, what is on 774 khz and on its lower sideband? An iranian transmitter, IRIB Radio Markazi can be heard in the late evenings on Alex's SDR in Afedri, Israel, but not here in Hungary. As László told, Spanish transmitters are occupying the frequency here.
73 and good DX to all, Tibor Gaal, Budapest, Hungary (27/5-2016)

Tringer László, are you sure it the Arabic lang. stn on 778 was Tartus? I wouldn't like to speculate, so maybe the following is a mere coincidence, but it provides clues to make one wonder whether the drifting is from 2 stns/countries or then just from one thereof:
My recent observations:
year 2016
777_2240-2218_11April_Abis, EGY? If not, surely or almost surely SYR.
year 2015
774.8 2255-2304_01Dec_Abis.
774.8 2341-2353_02Nov_Abis.
774.8 2214-2227_13Oct_Abis.

Today, 27May, I observed 783 between 2140approx. to 2206, and it seems the Arabic stn heavily interfered by E is from SYR. I am not confusing this with the other Arabic stn south of me, Nouakchott. If a directional aerial is used, one's able to separate MTN and SYR.
Carlos Gonçalves, POR (27/5-2016)



Today noticed at 2040 UTC during my "regular" bandscan, that SRTV1 Dimashk, from Tartus transmitter site is drifted down from 783 kHz to 778 kHz. Causing annoying interference on the spanish station at 774 kHz. What is the reason? Aged transmitter?
Tringer László (26/5-2016)

1431 kHz: Many thanks to everyone in the region or using a remote receiver who made observations of the first day's tests. I can confirm that the time for the tests is 1300-1700 GMT (clarifying my first message) and that they will continue until 28 May inclusive.
Babcock engineers are at the transmitter site supervising the tests, so there might be variations in power, etc as they adjust things from day to day, so it is worth continuing to make observations.
Thanks again.
Chris Greenway, dxld yg (26/5-2016)



Is this in preparation for a BBC Korean service on MW?
Stephen Cooper, dxld yg (25/5-2016)

1431 kHz: Alternating 400Hz and 1200Hz tones heard weakly under Japanese domestics on GT's Japan receiver, May 25 around 1530 UTC.
Greg Hardison, dxld yg (25/5-2016)

Yes. And it`s an 8-tower direxional array toward 150 degrees, slewable plus or minus 30 per Wolfgang Büschel. There is a separate single mast nearby for 150 kW ND transmitter which perhaps will stay on 1350. Also in the area, LW 209 and SW 4995 antennas.
Glenn Hauser, dxld yg (26/5-2016)

Heard two alternating tonnes with voice announcements between the tones. The signal was at its best between 1418 and around 1435utc on the remote receiver in South Korea. Signal weak to maybe fair. The tone tests were also on the HongKong remote receiver but the signal was weak. It was not strong enough to hear the voice announcements.
Regards, Tony Magon VK2IC, dxld yg (26/5-2016)


New country logged from Seoul:
1431 Choibalsan, Mongolia / 959 miles (1544 km.) from 323° (NW). Transmitter is 500kw directional at 150° toward Korea, good at 35-40dBu with peaks between 45-50dBu (a Nogizaka 46 song is giving the signal some trouble).
This is a very good signal for such a low power at that distance, successful for the fact it's one of the rare open frequencies in East Asia. 1440 Daegu was throwing bleed-over interference onto 1431 for some time with Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, and others. This also marks the first time I was harassed at my AM DX site in the 8 months I've frequented it at night.
"This is a test transmission broadcasting on 1431 kHz. [low tone] You're listening to a test transmission on 1431 kHz on the medium wave band. [high tone] This is a test transmission broadcasting on 1431 kHz. [low tone] On 1431 kHz medium wave, this is a test transmission [high tone]"
Chris Kadlec, WRTH facebook group (25/5-2016)
Please note that this is a test specifically targeting listeners here in Korea and not a test for DXers, so don't bother with any QSL requests for hearing this ,
Chris Kadlec, Seoul, Korea, May 25, WTFDA gg via WORLD OF RADIO 1827, DXLD (25/5-2016)

Babcock will be testing a high-power mediumwave transmitter in Mongolia on 1431 for the next four nights at 1430-1830 GMT. The exact time range might vary. It might be 1300-1700 GMT or 1500-1900 GMT. There might also be tests outside those hours.
But to confirm, this will be on the 25th to 28th May inclusive.
It is hoped that it will be audible in Korea and northeast China.
The tests will identify as being from Babcock.
Perhaps any DXLD friends in Japan will be able to hear it? I hope so.
Chris Greenway, dxld yg (25/5-2016)



I want to spread the info about a MW DX test this week that I am helping with (especially those with Asian contacts, please re-post). The engineers need any help they can get, primarily recordings to see how the station is getting out. The guidelines for the test are below:
* Date/Time: May 25-28 1300-1700 UTC
* Frequency: 1431 (power will likely be between 100-500kw)
* Location: Mongolia with a target audience of South Korea
* Send recordings to C0000112@aol.com or upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/gXQDEsPBCtGiuXn4UcIb
* Recording preferences: MP3 format, mono, no less than 32kbps, and no longer than 30 minutes
* File name should be the sender's initials (example: mine would be "CK") - day - time.mp3 (for May 24 at 1am: "ck-24-0100.mp3). If uploading to the Dropbox, please send an e-mail to the above address stating your listening location as well.
* If possible, do not set the receiver bandwidth to be narrow, but wide AM (at least 6kHz for example).
I hope we can get some help for these engineers who made the journey halfway around the world to set up this test.
Chris Kadlec, I-Love-AM-Radio fb group (23/5-2016)



The Wallasey transmitter of Talk Sport (1107 kHz 500W) in the UK which was causing interference on two other medium wave frequencies 1062 kHz and 1152 kHz
has now been rectified.
Mike Smithson (23/5-2016)



Radio City transmissions: Saturday May 21st between 08 to 09 UTC on 9510 kHz.
Unscheduled transmissions of older programmes may occur other Saturdays, also repeats may occur via Challenger Radio in Italy.
Our monthly transmission via Hamburger Lokalradio will be on the air Saturday May 28 between 12 to 13 UTC on 7265 kHz.
There is also a transmission every Saturday evening via Radio Merkurs, Riga, Latvia between 19 to 20 UTC on 1485 kHz.
Our contact address remains citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor (20/5-2016)



The transmitter of Kossuth Rádió in Solt on 540 KHz will be renovated.
From 30.05.2016 to 09.06.2016 will broadcast only from 03:53 to 19:05 UTC.
From 11.07.2016 to 25.07.2016 and 22.08.2016 to 19.09.2016 the transmitter will be OFF, at this period Kossuth Rádió will be broadcasted from Siofok and Szolnok in SYNC mode. (Ex. Katolikus Rádió transmitters): Siofok, 150 kW, Szolnok, 135 kW
From 19.09.2016 Solt will work with a brand new transmitter with 2000 kW output.
Tringer László (20/5-2016)



Reading about the The Wallasey transmitter of Talk Sport (1107 kHz 500W) causing interference on two other medium wave frequencies 1062 kHz and 1152 kHz both 45 kHz from 1107 kHz,
I can tell you this is the same problem I noticed between November 2014 and April 2015.
It took me quite some time to find out which transmitter was the cause of the interference but with lots of help by DXers in Holland, Belgium, Germany and the UK, it was clear that the Wallasey transmitter was giving this interference.
I contacted the Senior Station Manager of Talk Sport. He sent a technician who solved the problem.
Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (19/5-2016)
Thanks, Max for this explanation.

Since two days ago the 50 kW R.N.E. 5's tx in Valencia on 537 mts. 558 is having interruptions. At this moment, 1340 UTC, is off interrupted since almost 1015 UTC. These stops don't affects R.N.E. 1 on 387 mts. 774 which comes from same facility.
Other tx of R.N.E. 5 from other locations operate as always (I can check from here 576 Barcelona, 909 Mallorca, 936 Alicante, 1107 Teruel and 1125 Castellón).
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-Kingdom of Spain (19/5-2016)

The Wallasey transmitter of Talk Sport (1107 kHz 500W) is causing interference on two other medium wave frequencies 1062 kHz and 1152 kHz both 45 kHz from 1107 kHz.
The spurious signal on 1152 kHz is strong enough to completely erase the signal on 1152 kHz from Key 2 from Ashton Moss Manchester at my location near Liverpool.
I emailed Arqiva and received an automated reply, but a week later the fault still persists.
I was in Southport yesterday (18/05/16) and the interference on 1152kHz can clearly be heard.
I wonder how long it will take Arqiva to fix the fault.
Mike Smithson (19/5-2016)



Re. Atlantis Radio 1521 (see item May 4th) will use the frequency of 1395 kHz.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (17/5-2016)



Local community station Radio Warrington is currently testing on 1332 kHz mediumwave, with a 5-minute loop with many IDs and interspersed with music.
Reception reports are requested to: qsl@radiowarrington.co.uk.
The station has been online since 2007 at www.radiowarrington.co.uk and is due to start regular mediumwave broadcasting on Monday 16 May (the online stream is currently carrying continuous music). Reception is good here, however I'm less than 10 km away!
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online, dxld yg (14/5-2016)

It's audible at good strength currently in NW England - about 35 miles distant - at 1530UT, with a co-channel way in the background.
Radio Warrington will be going live from Monday the 16th of May for 24/7 on 1332 kHz. "in glorious analogue mono" according to announcer.
Thanks to Dave Kernick.
Noel R. Green, dxld yg (15/5-2016)



Planned work at Westerglen.
Date: 09.05.2016 Last updated: 13.05.2016 at 13.17
Planned work affecting Radio 4 LW and Radio 5 Live and Radio Scotland MW.

From 9th May until 5th June the Westerglen transmitter in Scotland, will be subject to shutdowns for Radio 4 LW, Radio 5 Live Medium Wave, BBC Radio Scotland, between 10:05-17:45hrs, to ensure engineers can work safely on the mast.

Some shutdowns will occur between 10:05-17:45 for Radio 4 LW, Radio 5 Live Medium Wave, BBC Radio Scotland from the 9th May - 5th June on 14 weekdays. There will also be some weekend shutdowns from 06:05- 12:00 on two Saturdays and 06:05 on two Sundays between the above dates. We need to do this level of maintenance about every 10 years. This work will be weather dependent.

For up to date information please use our transmitter checker to look up the status of this transmitter by using your postcode and selecting MW or LW from the drop down list https://radioandtvhelp.co.uk/.

BBC Radio 5 Live will continue to be available on DAB, Sky, Freesat, cable and the Radio Player. All the other BBC Radio 5 Live MW transmitters will be unaffected.

Radio 4 LW will continue to be available on Sky, Freesat, Cable and the BBC Radio Player.
BBC Radio Scotland will be available on FM and DAB in some area's , Sky, Freesat, Cable and the BBC Radio Player.
BBC - Engineering Announcement - Planned work at Westerglen - Help Receiving TV and Radio
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (13/5-2016)



DRM transmitters replace 13 MW transmitters in border areas. More
Alokesh Gupta, DRM fb group (10/5-2016)



Bauer Media Completes Acquisition of Orion Media.
The Bauer Media Group has acquired the market-leading Midlands based commercial radio group Orion Media, which operates the Free Radio and Gem radio brands.
Reaching more than 1.25m million people weekly, Free Radio and Gem complement Bauer’s network of city stations and extend the total reach of Bauer‘s national and regional radio brands to 17.4 million. The move sees Bauer Media’s share of UK commercial radio listening increase to 34%

The transaction provides an exit for Orion Media's institutional backers, LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group, which originally invested in the business in 2009.
In the UK, Bauer Media now has 71 radio stations including national radio brands KISS, Magic and Absolute Radio; local brands forming the Bauer City Network including Key 103 in Manchester, Radio City in Liverpool, Hallam FM in Sheffield, Metro Radio in Newcastle, Clyde 1 in Glasgow and Forth 1 in Edinburgh; and is a UK market leader in digital listening with a strong portfolio of digital commercial radio stations.

Bauer Media Completes Acquisition of Orion Media (Bauer press release 6 May 2016)

This concerns the following FM and AM stations:
Free Radio (Hereford/Worcester)
96.7 MHz Kidderminster, 97.6 MHz Hereford, 102.8 MHz Worcester

Free Radio (Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford)
97.2 MHz Wolverhampton, 103.1 MHz Shrewsbury and Telford

Free Radio (Birmingham and surrounding area)
96,4 MHz

Free Radio (Coventry and surrounding area)
97,0 MHz Coventry, 102.9 MHz Leamington Spa

Free Radio 80s (Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford)
990 KHz Wolverhampton, 1017 KHz Shrewsbury and Telford

Free Radio 80s (Birmingham)
1152 KHz - Birmingham

Free Radio 80s (Coventry)
1359 KHz - Coventry

GEM 106 (East Midlands)
106 MHz - East Midlands
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (7/5-2016)



The new plans in The Netherlands are:
747, 828, 1035 and 1251 khz: 1 to 100 Watts
1395 khz : only between sunrise and sunset due to an agreement between The Netherlands and Albania
1485 khz : only for 1 Watt stations.
Stations can decide about their own transmission times; so stations can decide to be on the air only a few hours per day..
Stations are allowed to repeat their transmissions:
100 Watts stations can repeat their transmissions with a transmitter at least 60 km from the first transmitter.
On 1485 the repeating transmitter distance is at least 1 km.
On the 11th of May the fee for these transmissions will be published.
73, Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (5/5-2016)

The following medium wave transmitters are to be replaced by FM transmitters in the foreseeable future:
Kinnaur (Himachal Pradesh) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 1 kW FM Tr. [1584 kHz, commissioned in June 1997]
Joranda (Odisha) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 1 kW FM Tr. [1485 kHz, commissioned on 3 October 1995]
Soro (Odisha) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 1 kW FM Tr. [1485 kHz, built in 2000, commissioned on 2. December 2007
Almora (Uttarakhand) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 1 kW FM Tr. [999 kHz, commissioned on 15 June 1986]
Ootacamund (Tamil Nadu) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 10 kW FM Tr. [1602 kHz]
Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) - Replacement of 1 kW MW Tr. by 10 kW FM Tr. [1584 kHz, commissioned on 29 January 1967]
Source: Government of India. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting: Annual Report 2015-2016, New Delhi: Publications Division, 2016, page 158
Additional information added by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/5-2016)

Today, Radio Northern Star of Northern Star Media Services AS is 4 years old, and as earlier announced we are starting our 5th year on the airwaves with a broadcasting license! In that connection we yesterday changed format to AC Standards and Variety with the slogan "Good Times and Great Music"! We think you will enjoy our melodic classic sounds! Northern Lights-The Voice of the Free Gospel plus the Emperor Rosko and Paul Graham continues in their time slots, as does Radio Days. We are on 1611 AM and share 5895 AM, with nighttime broadcasting over the summer months. We are also on www.northernstar.cc. Our email is 1000@northernstar.no
Mike Terry, dxld yg (5/5-2016)



Atlantis Radio 1521 today had revealed that they hope to be on the air within one to six weeks – with a little luck. The broadcasting hours will be 07 – 20 local time, and they also said today the frequency is not going to be 1521 kHz.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (4/5-2016)



The Medium Wave band will now be open for new low power stations – operating with a power of 1-100 Watt. Full story here (in Dutch): http://radio.nl/810349/groen-licht-voor-laagvermogen-uitzendingen-op-am

Former long time pirate radio – Atlantis Radio 1521 – in Friesland was granted a five year license to operate a commercial radio station on 1521 kHz in March 2016. The station recently purchased a new 75 W AM transmitter (300 W PEP). The format is golden oldies – and the station can be heard online here: http://www.atlantisradio.eu/radio/ and more details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/RadioAtlantis1521KHz/
No on air date for 1521 has been given.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (3/5-2016)



Radio Warrington the new community radio station started testing today on AM 1332 intially till 12.30 on low power then higher power to Warrington and surrounding areas day and night time.
Signal level of 3 out of 10 received daytime in Wigan Lancashire and Nighttime 4 out of 10 at same receiving site.
Video on details of the new transmitter site built with help of United Utilities on their website here: http://radiowarrington.co.uk/
Regards, Graham Fletcher (26/4-2016)



Radio Tou'caen's temporary licence shows power of 500 watts on 1602 kHz.
(maybe audible on south coast of England daytime with seapath across the Channel, away from co-channel BBC Kent, Desi Radio, Radio Seagull?)

Par délibération en date du lundi 22 février 2016, le Comité territorial de l'audiovisuel de Caen a décidé, en application de l'article 28-3 de la loi du 30 septembre 1986 modifiée relative à la liberté de communication, d'autoriser l'association Zones d'Ondes - Agence associative Normandie Média à diffuser un service de radio par voie hertzienne terrestre dénommé Radio Tou'Caen, pour la période du 4 avril au 30 septembre 2016.
Site : 10, rue Molière, 14000 Caen.
Puissance : 50 W.
Fréquence : 91.9 MHz.
RDS Code PI : F3B3.
Site : 7, avenue de Cambridge, 14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair.
Puissance : 500 W.
Fréquence : 1602 kHz.
Alan Pennington BDXC (25/4-2016)



Since April 19th, there is a new project in France. It’s a temporary station allow until September 30th 2016.
It’ s in Caen, Normandy. The station is Radio Tou’caen on FM 91.9 and AM 1602 kHz.
All details, with programme schedule, audio stream and contacts details are on
73’s Christian Ghibaudo (24/4-2016)

“RUS-DX” # 869 - Broadcasting of Russia, countries of CIS and Baltiya (ex. USSR).

Radio station Teos closed broadcasting on a frequency of 1134 kHz and receive transmissions only on the Internet, on their page - http://s.teos.fm/
Now in Moscow there are only two working broadcast on medium wave frequencies:
612 kHz – Narodnoe radio and Radio Radonezh
738 kHz - World Radio Network.

St. Petersburg:
RTRS Branch "St. Petersburg Regional Center" turned off the medium wave transmitter radio center №11 (Krasny Bor). The transmitter "SRV-50" broadcast station "Radio Teos" at a frequency of 1089 kHz. Power equipment is 30 kW.

One of the unique antenna towers located in the Red Bor - a highly directional antenna system "Dawn" medium wave range. The antenna system consists of 26 metal towers height of 41 meters each. The length of the chain towers - 2.1 km. Antenna complex supplement the four-mast antenna height of 271, 257, 106, 93 and 80 meters of antenna systems of short-range. The total output power of transmitters DV-, SV- and HF bands reached 10.6 mV.
A quarter-century radio center worked with almost 100% load. 23 hours a day, eighteen short-wave transmitters "Snow" broadcast "International Radio Moscow", "the first program of the All-Union Radio", "Radio Mayak", "Leningrad Radio", "Radio Station Atlantic", "radio station Motherland" and other programs of the Soviet domestic and foreign broadcasting.
Loading powerful transmitters broadcasting radio center in the Red Bor began to decline in the late 90s. For 15 years, we were off "Buran" transmitters and transmission hardware broadcasted SV- and HF bands. The transmitter "Radio Teos" was the last powerful transmitter radio center. Transmitting equipment mothballed.
(Russian radio and television)
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow (24/4-2016)



Radio Caroline North returns from 23rd - 24th April, broadcasting live from the Ross Revenge online and on 1368 AM courtesy of Manx Radio.
This time the Caroline story moves forward to the station's return in 1983 and we'll hear from many of those involved, including Peter Chicago and Tom Anderson.
So join us from 6am on Saturday!
Please send suitable music choices and memories to memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (22/4-2016)



I found out, It's test transmission of Bangladesh Betar on 819 kHz (100 kW) from Dhaka http://betar.portal.gov.bd/site/page/e118da5c-60d1-45ce-ad43-8498513617e3/এএম-ব্যান্ড
Eduard Korsakov, dxld yg (21/4-2016)



Strange reception of "Bangladesh Betar" on 819 kHz, April 19, 17:00 UTC (interval signal of Bangladesh Betar and something like station ID at 0:24 on the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4N_xH4FNbU&feature=youtu.be
Eduard Korsakov, dxld yg (20/4-2016)

Radio Maria Nederland again on 675 kHz from Aarle Rixtel with 250 watts
Giampiero Bernardini, Milano, Italia, dxld yg (19/4-2016)



Mr.Tringer from Hungary, please take a short scan over the night and create a list with MW audible transmitter on Your location.
If You have unidirectional mw-antenna that will be great, thank You!
Vence BUL (19/4-2016)

Also active on 1269 kHz Novi sad but sometimes there is a Greek pirate transmitting on that frequency.
Alex Fitzios GRC (19/4-2016)



If you are interested in radio history take a look at radiobookshop.de
Just published an interesting book about the radio pioners Artom, Poulsen and Reinartz, and the autor is the well-known DXer Wilhelm Herbst
Ydun Ritz (16/4-2016)

Scheduled Radio City transmissions.
Friday April 15 at 18th - 19th UTC via IRRS on 7290 kHz and via Challenger Radio in Italy on 567, 846 and 1368 kHz, repeated Saturday April 16th at 08 - 09 UTC via IRRS on 9510 kHz
There will be another transmission via Hamburger Lokalradio on Saturday 23rd at 12 - 13 UTC on 7265 kHz.

Yet another programme is transmitted every Saturday evening via Radio Merkurs, Riga, Latvia at 19 - 20 UTC on 1485 kHz.
Our mailing address remains citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor (15/4-2016)



At my location (Székesfehérvár, HUN) the following frequencies are heard this year.
684 (QRM with Spain), 693 (QRM with England), 765 (QRM with Iran), 1107 (best at daytime), 1269 (Radio Novi Sad) and 1296 (QRM with spain and sometimes with Sudan), 1503 (202)
1440 is OFF, earlier it has been heard almost every night.
Before 1999 on 684 Radio Beograd was crystal clear all day. After the bombardment of this TX by NATO only weak signal from the new one.
László Tringer (14/4-2016)



I confirm more active transmitters-1269KHz-Novi Sad. Along with Beograd 202 on 1503 KHz, there is Bosnian transmitter “Radio Zavidovici”, that interferes during the night 202. Probably there is another arabic transmitter on the same frequency, but I do not which one.
I’m pretty much suspicious that Serbia will continues and rise up the power of MW transmitters.The number of listeners is getting down constantly. Even now that number is very few.
Romania probably has the highest number of MW transmitters ,Spain too.
Alex, what is Your location?-North Greece if I’m not wrong.
Vence BUL (12/4-2016)

Serbia is active from 675, 684, 693, 711 but with stong interference from Romania and just heard one two times only.
Also active from 1008 I could hear before corfu activate era transmitter on 1008. Heard last year 765, 1107 active together with RAI. Active on 1296 and 1503 sometimes with Iran. But strong frequency to hear Serbia is only 684, 1296 and 1503 kHz. I hope Serbia will continue on medium wave and someday they upgrade their transmitters with more power. Receiving in north west Greece.
Alex (12/4-2016)



Radio Maria 675 kHz. The transmitter has been activated yesterday 1800 UT, the same day they were still busy installing the antenna. It's a 1 kW at the "Heilig Bloed" monastery 15 km northeast of Eindhoven. Report and photos:
Of course such a rooftop installation is not good for much more than a single kilowatt.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (10/4-2016)



Please someone close to Serbia that can confirm the following activity stations Radio Beograd:

675 Radio Beograd 1 ?
684 Radio Beograd 1 active
693 Radio Beograd 1 ?
711 Radio Beograd 1 ?
765 Radio Beograd 1 ?
1008 Radio Beograd 2/3 ?
1107 Radio Beograd 1 ?
1296 Radio Beograd 1 active
1440 Radio Beograd 1 appears inactive
1485 Radio Beograd 1 ?
1503 Radio Beograd 202 active
1602 Radio Beograd 1 ?
Sergio Sarabia (9/4-2016)

Two new stations:
The one is Radio Unidad, a christian evangelical radiostation, which after being inactive on 1490 kHz for several months now has started up on 1630 kHz.
The other is AM 1710 SELVA.

The following Argentinean stations are currently operating in the"X-Band":
1610 KHz, RADIO GUABIYÚ (Gregorio de Laferrere)
1620 KHz, RADIO VIDA “Red de Vida” (Monte Grande)
1620 KHz, RADIO SENTIRES (Parque San Martín)
1620 KHz, RADIO ITALIA (Villa Martelli)
1630 KHz, RADIO UNIDAD (Alejandro Korn)
1630 KHz, AM RESTAURACIÓN (William C. Morris)
1640 KHz, RADIO HOSANNA (Isidro Casanova)
1650 KHz, RADIO 20 DE AGOSTO (Longchamps)
1650 KHz, RADIO EL MENSAJERO (Rafael Castillo)
1660 KHz, RADIO REVIVIR (Gregorio de Laferrere)
1670 KHz, RADIO BETHEL -[irregular]- (Banfield oeste)
1680 KHz, RADIO SANTA FE (Canning)
1690 KHz, RADIO CLS -Cristo la Solución- (San Justo)
1710 KHz, AM SELVA (Pdo. de La Matanza)
Arnaldo Slaen, dxld yg (9/4-2016)

1440 KHZ
Radio Beograd 1, Jagodina transmitter on 1440 kHz went off air at the end of 2014.
Thanks to Dan Goldfarb for this info.
Ydun Ritz (8/4-2016)



The catholic radio station Radio Maria has resumed broadcast on MW on 675 kHz after being silent since September 2015.

"In September 2015 the station had to cease broadcasting via this medium wave frequency as the transmitter operator of the medium wave transmitter in Lopik decided to stop the service. The radio tower was dismantled in mid-September. Since then, the Catholic radio station could not broadcast on medium wave. Radio Maria is still heard in the Netherlands through the digital ether (DAB +). Radio Maria broadcasts through the network of the national commercial radio stations and through a number of top regional DAB + networks.

Radio Maria has based its broadcasting license until September 2017 the requirement to also broadcast on medium wave. In consultation with the Radiocommunications Agency, the radio station can now broadcast from the North Brabant Aarle Rixtel. Radio Maria broadcasts recently on a low power from this new location. It is intended to improve the antenna in the short term and increase the ability of the medium wave transmitter at 675 kHz, so that a greater part of the southern Netherlands can be achieved.

The radio station will broadcast ended with a power of 5 kilowatts from the transmitter location in Aarle Rixtel, North Brabant. The Radiocommunications Agency is the power to 25 kilowatts from the new location. This achieves a large part of the Catholic audience in the Southern Netherlands and parts of Belgium. Radio Maria will continue to be received via DAB + and Internet." (Google translation by yours truly!)
Rene van Hoof, mwc fb group (8/4-2016)

1440 KHZ
Sir, when did You listened to Radio Beograd 1 from the transmitter Jagodina on 1440KHz? Now in 2016?
Oficial RTS site do not show active that transmitter.
Radio Riyadh is today audible 60km away of Jagodina? All the territory of Bulgaria and South Romania, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia…
Thank You!
Vence, BUL (8/4-2016)



1440 KHZ
In Europe can only receive the following stations:
ARS SBC Radio Riyadh
SRB Radio Beograd 1.
Regards Sergio Sarabia (6/4-2016)



1440 KHZ
[With LUX 1440 gone]I have an idea to all european DX’s. Let’s use evening and night time listening specially to get non-europeans transmitters, that are audible on European territory and make a list of them.
For example-Algerian radio riches Budapest(Hungary).That means,we have a chance to get Middle East and North Africa’s transmitters ,probably from Asia…..
On Balkans there is arabic radio at 1440KHz for sure.
Vence, BUL (4/4-2016)



Moscow - Schedule WRN 738 kHz. A-16
UTC / Broadcast
0000-0029 / Voice of Hope (repeat)
0030-0059 / Radio Prague (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
0030-0059 / REE (Sun) (repeat)
0100-0129 / Polish Radio (repeat)
0130-0159 / Radio Slovakia International (repeat)
0200-0229 / Radio Prague (repeat)
0230-0259 / KBS, Korea (repeat)
0300-0329 / Polish Radio (repeat)
0330-0400 / Japan Radio
0400-0415 / UN Radio
0416-0428 / "Radiosetka" (Tue-Sun) (repeat)
0416-0428 / "Radiopanorama" (Mon) (repeat)
0430-0459 / Voice of Hope (repeat)
0500-0529 / Radio Slovakia International (Mon-Fri) (repeat)
0500-0529 / Russian Radio Australia (Sat) (repeat)
0500-0529 / REE (Sun) (repeat)
0530-0559 / Radio Prague (repeat)
0600-0629 / Polish Radio (repeat)
0630-0659 / KBS Korea (repeat)
0700-0729 / Voice of Hope
0730-0745 / UN Radio
0746-0758 / "Radiosetka" (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
0746-0758 / "Radiopanorama" (Sun) (repeat)
0800-0829 / KBS Korea (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
0800-0829 / REE (Sun) (repeat)
0830-0859 / Radio Prague (repeat)
0900-0929 / Radio Slovakia International (Sat-Thu) (repeat)
0900-0929 / Russian Radio Australia (Fri)
0930-0959 / Polish Radio (repeat)
1000-1029 / Voice of Hope (repeat)
1030-1059 / KBS Korea (repeat)
1100-1130 / Japan Radio
1130-1159 / Radio Slovakia International (repeat)
1200-1215 / UN Radio
1216-1228 / "Radiosetka" (Sun-Fri) (repeat)
1216-1228 / "Radiopanorama" (Sat)
1230-1259 / Radio Prague (repeat)
1300-1329 / Radio Slovakia International (Tue-Sat) (repeat)
1300-1329 / Russian Radio Australia (Sun) (repeat)
1300-1329 / REE (Mon) (repeat)
1330-1359 / KBS Korea
1400-1429 / Polish Radio
1430-1459 / Radio Slovakia International
1500-1529 / Voice of Hope
1530-1545 / UN Radio
1546-1558 / "Radiosetka" (Mon-Sat) (repeat)
1546-1558 / "Radiopanorama" (Sun)
1600-1630 / Japan Radio
1630-1659 / Radio Slovakia International (repeat)
1700-1729 / Polish Radio (repeat)
1730-1759 / KBS Korea (repeat)
1800-1829 / Radio Prague
1830-1845 / UN Radio
1846-1858 / "Radiosetka" (Tue-Sun) (repeat)
1846-1858 / "Radiopanorama" (Monday)
1900-1929 / Radio Slovakia International
1930-1959 / Polish Radio (Sun-Thu) (repeat)
1930-1959 / Russian Radio Australia (Fri) (repeat)
1930-1959 / REE (Sat)
2000-2029 / KBS Korea (repeat)
2030-2045 / UN Radio
2046-2058 / "Radiosetka". (Mon-Wed) new release. (Thu, Fri, Sun) Repeat
2046-2058 / "Radiopanorama" (Sat) repeat
2100-2129 / Voice of Hope (repeat)
2130-2159 / Polish Radio (repeat)
2200-2230 / Japan Radio (repeat)
2230-2259 / KBS Korea (Sat-Thu) (repeat)
2230-2259 / Russian Radio Australia (Fri) (repeat)
2300-2329 / Radio Slovakia International (repeat)
2330-2345 / UN Radio
2346-2358 / "Radiosetka" (Sun-Fri) (repeat)
2346-2358 / "Radiopanorama" (Sat) (repeat)

World Radio Network in Russian
World radio program can be received:
in ether (hours):
Moscow, Moscow region - 738 kHz

the satellite (clock):
Europe - Eutelsat Hotbird 6, 13 ° E Channel WRN Russkij
(Translation exercises WRN Broadcast - London, UK)

Internet (free): Windows Media (broadcast carries WRN Broadcast - London, UK)

MP3 stream (broadcast carries WRN (Broadcast - London, UK)
“RUS-DX” # 866
Anatoly Klepov
, Moscow, Russia (4/4-2016)

Again he earned UR1 transmitter in Chernivtsi at 657 kHz, which is inactive with 1.29.14. Audibility in Kiev bad - the signal is weak, sacrificed Israel and Iran.

You may also renew the Romanian transmission VSRU at this frequency?
“RUS-DX” # 866
Anatoly Klepov
, Moscow, Russia (4/4-2016)

Dismantling of the Marnach Antennas [1440kHz]
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, ddxlk fb group (3/4-2016)



Ashgabat on 279 KHz on 2 April hrd from Perseus site in E. Finland from 2339 tune. Weak modulation at SINPO 35443 but otherwise clear signal. Increasing noise lvl after 0015. Recognized program format and language from previous shortwave logs in 2005 on 4930 KHz and 5015 KHz and visit to Ashgabat in Oct 2006. Woman ann in Turkmen with occasional music in background to 0000. Program of inst music on a solo stringed instrument at 0000 w/ man ancr. At 0033 after a man ancr, the music switched to more
elaborate instrumentals with multiple instruments and akin to Turkish folk music. The same man ancr was hrd in this segment that went to 0059. A woman ancr was hrd at 0059 and some inst music to 0100 fol by 5 time pips, a man ancr and the Turkmenistan National anthem by a choir to 0102.5. Man and woman ancrs w/ dramatic tone and martial music mixed - many mentions of "Turmenbashy" and "Ashgabat" to tune out at 0109. This segment used to be hrd on 5015 shortwave in this time frame. Stringed instrument sound was most likely the "Dutar", the most popular stringed instrument in Turkmenistan and
similar to the Kazakh "Dombra" which I heard many times in trips to Kazakhstan in the mid-2000's. These are 2-3 string instruments with long narrow necks and in somewhat different form factors and names, popular throughout Central Asia.
Bruce Churchill, dxld yg (3/4-2016)



Radio Shalom, Canada’s only radio station devoted specifically to the Jewish community, signed off on Friday evening for the last time. Owner Robert Lévy, who for months has been trying to find financing for the Montreal station in a last-ditch effort to keep it running, told staff this week that he’s pulling the plug.

The station’s signal, at 1650 AM and based in the Town of Mount Royal industrial park, will remain on the air. Lévy has asked André Joly, who operates an evangelical Christian service on Radio Shalom during the Sabbath, to take over programming 24/7. Joly said he is in talks to buy the station, but there may still be hope for someone in the Jewish community to step in and keep Radio Shalom alive.

Lévy did not respond to requests for comment about the future of the station.

Radio Shalom started about 15 years ago as a subcarrier service, which required a special FM radio to receive. But in 2006 it got licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and CJRS 1650 went on the air on AM on May 5, 2007, according to the Canadian Communications Foundation.

But even though the station was run almost entirely by volunteers, it struggled to pay the bills. In December, Lévy said he was no longer willing to run Radio Shalom out of his pocket and urged the Jewish community to step in. “In order to keep Radio Shalom and the voice it provides for the Montreal Jewish community alive and on the air, we need our Jewish community to work together to provide a recurrent and stable partnership that will assume responsibility of the radio’s administrative and financial needs,” he wrote at the time, giving an ultimatum of Jan. 31. Despite a two-month extension to the deadline, there was not enough support to keep it going.

Stanley Asher, a Radio Shalom host involved with the station since Day 1, said he was disappointed but not surprised to see the station go.

He said he went to the station on Monday and found his pre-recorded show from the previous week hadn’t been broadcast due to technical issues. He intended to run that show this week and prepare one for next week, but was told “don’t bother.”

“It was a big part of my life, I have to adjust to that ending,” Asher said. “We were unique. We were trying to follow a model that’s common in Europe, trying on a very limited budget to provide a cultural service.”

Radio Shalom’s CRTC licence, which expires Aug. 31, 2017, does not set language requirements or require it to be a Jewish radio station. But it does require balance on religious issues and set limits on popular music. A change in ownership of the station would also require CRTC approval, so for now Joly will be providing programming while Lévy remains in charge of the station.
Steve Whitt, mwcircle FB group (2/4-2016)


Just in case, that someone cares: AFN Bavaria is still audible on its medium wave frequency Vilseck 1107 kHz. So the station "serving America's best" has survived both the change to DST on 27 March and the 1st of a new month.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (1/4-2016)

After the closure of the Belarus station on 279 kHz. I hear Turkmenistan on the same frequency. Here in Romania the signal is S5 now at 0745 UT (10:45 am local time) on my 60m random wire antenna. The modulation is rather low. I'm expecting the signal to improve a lot in the evening.
Tudor Vedeanu (Gura Humorului, Romania), dxld yg (1/4-2016)



Hello Ydun, I can confirm various reports of Algeria on 891 kHz. It is very-very strong in the evenings and at night here in Budapest, Hungary. I heard arabic language programmes, folk-type music, news in the evening of 26th, 27th and 28th of March, this year. I think this new transmitter will be as strong as the new transmitter on 252 kHz.
Regards, Tibor Gaal, Budapest, Hungary (29/3-2016)

About the closure of the BBC longwave transmitter on 198 kHz. From time to time this article of closure appears on different internet forums which I don't know why. There is no imminent or planned closure of the 198 kHz BBC transmitter. The non-availability of old valves are not a good reasoning. As fellow DXERs pointed out earlier on several internet forums that in a capitalist society you can buy walves, spare parts. If not, you can buy new, more effective equipment including solid-state transmitters. These transmitters consumes less power more effectively than the old valve transmitters. If the BBC will terminate longwave it will happen because of the british government's austerity measures forced down onto institutions financed by the U.K. state budget.
Regards, Tibor Gaal, Budapest, Hungary (29/3-2016)

Acc. to info from Vasily Gulyaev, Radio Belarus and Belaruskaje Radio 1st channel relays will stop on all shortwave, medium wave and long wave on 1st April.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (29/3-2016)

BRTPC Transmitter Company confirms: http://www.brtpc.by/news/1026/
Christian Milling, WRTH fb group (29/3-2016)

Wonder is this a temporary or permanent cessation? Not sure if it will also affect relays of their German programmes via Kall? There is no mention of this news on their English language website http://www.radiobelarus.tvr.by/en (which displays an A16 schedule) or their Facebook page yet.
Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD yg (29/3-2016)

Reaction to closure of Belarus: I read with sadness that Belarus will close its transmitters. The truth is that Belarussian transmitters are not in a good technical health. The 279 kHz transmitter's audio is undermodulated compared to its carrier and the other transmitters aren't better too. Unfortunatelly the economic state of Belarus doesn't allow them either to repair or replace these aging transmitters. In the years of 1990s and 2000s they were loud and clear in Hungary, even 1170 kHz transmitter were heard conveniently in an armchair. Their English language programmes were structured to raise attention of youth people like I was at that time. At the peak their English programme lasted for 2 hours. Then all disappeared and I cannot hear that powerful mediumwave transmitter anymore. I wish Belarus would reverse its decision of the closure.
Tibor Gaal, Budapest, Hungary (29/3-2016)



Radio Nepal, the oldest broadcasting agency, is set to provide 24-hour service from August 17.
The state-run broadcasting agency has decided to follow a management reforms implementation action plan in this regard.
It was also shared at a programme in Kathmandu that the government broadcasting agency was also set to establish a media village in Biratnagar in memory of Tarini Datta Koirala, the founder of Radio Nepal Broadcasting Services Development Committee (RNBSDC).
Participants at the programme said that the broadcasting agency would keep up with modern technical equipment and modernise i ts service by establishing high-quality shortwave tower.
Radio Nepal is running its programmes through central and regional transmissions through 21 frequency modulation relay centers across the nation.
It also broadcasts through medium wave and online.
Meanwhile, speaking at the programme, Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai suggested employees of Radio Nepal to perform result-oriented works, while praising their contribution to bring the broadcasting agency to this stage.
He also suggested keeping up its functioning as per the new Constitution.
The Minister also stressed the need to submit a report of works of the government broadcaster every month, while pointing out the need to launch its programmes up to local level to institutionalise the republic.
Likewise, the Communications Secretary Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, also Chairman of the RNBSDC, pledged doing everything possible to implement reform programmes launched earlier to make Radio Nepal a good means of communication.
On the occasion, Radio Nepal Executive Director Suresh Kumar Karki presented a report on management reforms.
Jose Miguel Romero, dxld yg (24/3-2016)



The long silence here and no update has it's reason, that I have been away on a short holiday to Edinburgh, a.o. celebrating my birthday!

EQUINOX BANDSCAN The weather was warm enough, though a bit windy, that I could spend some time outside with the radio.
As expected, other than the RUV locals, French voices dominated the longwave.
On MW, English stations were the most audible. The Absolute Radio mirrors on 1197 and 1242 kHz were just about audible. In addition I caught Smooth Radio playing ABBA's "Fernando" on 1152, 1161 and even 1170 kHz, the last one only because I had the other two to synchronise to.
Reynir Heidberg Stefánsson (20/3-2016)

Here in Ireland I too have noticed the test transmissions from Algeria on 891kHz, even during daytime. For instance yesterday, March 18th , I was hearing the transmissions with a 1kHz tone clearly at 11:30 UTC. Receiver used was a car radio (in a Nissan Micra) with a vertical whip antenna 2m long . Around 17;00 UTC it was still transmitting but the Dutch transmitter was about equal strength. Location was Kilkenny , about 50kM inland. It is strong at night time on a portable receiver.
Desmond Walsh (19/3-2016)

BBC Radio 4 long wave, which transmits on the 198 kilohertz frequency, relies on ageing transmitter equipment that uses a pair of the valves – no longer manufactured – to function.
The valves, at Droitwich in Worcestershire, are so rare that engineers say there are fewer than 10 in the world, and the BBC has been forced to buy up the entire global supply. Each lasts anywhere between one and 10 years, and when one of the last two blows the service will go quiet.
Ronny Weiner, (17/3-2016)



14/3 19.25 - 19.55 UTC - 1188 KHz Radio Payam, Tehran, farsi. music, news and identification with a good signal.
The audioclip is available here:
ANT: 100 mt LW
73's de Francesco Cecconi, condiglist yg (15/3-2016)

Today March 14 at 2200 I'm receiving on 891 kHz the 1 kHz test tone as in December 2015, presumed from Algeria. Powerful here in Valencia, but not as in December (perhaps working with 300 or 150 kW?): behind the test tone I can hear voices and sounds of other transmitters, but I cannot say what language is, and there are noises from adjacent channels 882 and 900; overall, SINPO is 44554.
Also, 981 kHz Alger II is reaching to me weaker than usual (SINPO 22332).
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-Reino de España.



How long is BBC Radio 4 on Long Wave continues?
Sean Bateman (14/3-2016)

I am not aware of any stop-date for this station on LW.



First Anniversary of DRM Transmitter - more here
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (11/3-2016)



Due to the lack of new sponsors, The Mighty KBC will close down on 6095 on March 27th.
We will soon announce if we continue on shortwave on 6040 to the USA.
We will improve our 1602AM /DAB+ service.
This will happen on April 1st.
The Mighty KBC on fb (7/3-2016)



BBC Radio 4 756kHz. Coverage from this little transmitter a 2kW station in Redruth, Cornwall is good along the south Irish coast. Nice audio. Nighttime reception has also improved since the closure of a German transmitter on this frequency on 31/12/15.
Useful in cars without a LW band.
Gearoid Quill (1/3-2016)



The CBC has done a study that shows they would need two more FM repeaters on Cape Breton in order to replace CBI.
So unless they come up with the funds to do that, 1140 will remain on air for some time.
Andy Reid (28/2-2016)

Count-down CJRU 1280AM
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (28/2-2016)



CBC Radio One is now available in Sydney NS at 92.1 FM as well as AM 1140. CBIS-FM signed on February 25th at 8:20 AM local time.
Andy Reid, dxld yg (26/2-2016)
Wondering, how long CBC will keep 1140 kHz alive?! (Ydun)

I live in Milan and i tuned now this station: Radio Z100 Milano on 828 khz.
For information and reports z100milano@ondemedie.am
Best regards, Alberto Pavesi (26/2-2016)

After yesterday evening's transmission our CE Øystein changed back to Inverted "V" antenna on LLE-4 1611 kHz. 65 watts AM........ We're on again in the evening plus from 2330z into Saturday night.
Reports: 1000@northernstar.no or report@bergenkringkaster.noreport@bergenkringkaster.no
Svenn Martinsen, WRTH fb group (26/2-2016)



Re Adam Birchenall’s comment about day time Algerian interference in S Devon one 252kHz I have noticed the same here all along the south coast of Ireland and well inland too , again during daytime some days and most evenings. Strangely the strength of the Algerian signals varies a lot day-to-day as if they were using varying power levels. Indeed last Autumn I was in west Cork and at night returning , NO RTE signal could be heard at all under the Algerian signal , until I reached Bandon about 20kM inland ! RTE should have moved to 261kHz but the powers-that-be are not interested and consider longwave AM obsolete. It’s a lot more rugged than DAB and not near as easily hacked .Too many employed with no knowledge and understanding of LW ,too eager to push DAB. I can see the local Cork city ( Togher ) transmission mast , but am at the back of the DAB bean, they’ve been experiment for years , Dead And Buried I say . FM reception in the valleys is variable enough, Band 3 TV at 200 MHz was very poor !
Des Walsh (24/2-2016)

In reply to your recent post. I found this from Wikipedia.
RTÉ runs 252 Longwave at a lower power level than its licensed 500 kilowatts: in the daytime it operates at 300 kW and at night 100–150 kW.
James Vincent (24/2-2016)

Further to the report below about 252 kHz LW, please can anyone tell us what is the power of the transmitter these days?
Does anyone know if a recent change has happened this week?
James Robinson (24/2-2016)



Reception of RTE-1 on 252 Khz in South Devon UK has been pretty poor most of today and daytime on 23/02/16 due to strong co channel interference of Algeria’s Chaine 3.
It has been noted that RTE 1 on 252 Khz LW will close on Monday 1st May 2017.
Regards, Adam Birchenall (Grundig YB-400) (23/2-2016)

Radio Caroline North returns on 27th & 28th February, continuing to trace the Caroline story in the mid-seventies.

In May 1976 after an absence of 3 years a daytime English service returned to the air. Caroline broadcasts were on 192m by day and 259m at night, later moving to 319m 24/7.

We'll hear from some of those onboard at the time: Mark Lawrence, James Ross, Stevie Gordon and Stuart Russell, along with station manager Rob Eden. It was a good time for the station, lasting through most of 1977. So musically we extend our remit this time until the end of that year.

We'll be broadcasting live from the radio-ship Ross Revenge again, available here online this time from 6am Saturday until 9pm Sunday, and also on Manx Radio 1368 AM.
Please send suitable music choices and memories to memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (23/2-2016)

I want to tell you sad news. Today I read in the official group of Radio Mayak-Odessa [765 kHz] that since February, 9, 2016 the radiostation is closed because of financial problems.
Sergei. Saint Petersburg, Russia (23/2-2016)

Tonight (22-2-2016) I heard the following announement on 1368 Khz: "Challenger Radio, Long Propagation test on Kilohertz 567, Kilohertz 846 and Kilohertz 1368..." The message was followed by dots/pips and then again announed the same way on what looks like a loop-tape.
Here in Holland audiable on 1368 on my Sangean 404 receiver and on the web-sdr Twente. Not audiable on the other frequencies they mention in their announcement.
Peter van der Eijk, Nieuwegein, Netherlands (22/2-2016)

I have posted some 26 minutes of station ID's from Medium Wave stations which I heard during daytime in Christiansted, St. Croix, US Virgin Island, in late December 2015 and early January 2016 using my Perseus SDR-receiver and a Wellbrook loop outdoor. Daytime only – so no DX.

This is my daytime band scan:
QRK: 5 = very strong, 4: strong, 3: fair signal, 2: weak og 1 = very weak
§ = recording on the Soundcloud-file

[kHz – country - Station-ID – language - remarks - QRK]
§ 550 - Puerto Rico - WPAB 550 - S - La Radio del Sur de Puerto Rico - 5
§ 580 - Puerto Rico - WKAQ 580-– S - La Numero Uno. //1420 - 5
§ 590 - Venezuela - Radio Continente - S - 1
§ 610 - Puerto Rico - X-61 - S - 4
§ 630 - Puerto Rico - NotiUno - S - //910, 1280 - 4
§ 640 - Guadeloupe - Guadeloupe 1ère - F - QRM fra Venezuela? - 3
650 - Venezuela - RNV Activa – S - La Revolución Radical de la Radio – 1
§ 670 - Venezuela - Radio Rumbos - S - La Emisora del Venezuela - 3
§ 680 - Puerto Rico - Wapa Radio - La Poderosa - S - //1260, 1590 - 3
§ 710 - Venezuela - Radio Capital - S - 2
§ 740 - Puerto Rico - WIAC - S - 5
§ 750 - Venezuela - Radio Caracas Radio RCR 750 - S - 4
§ 780 - BVI - ZBVI Radio - E - 5
790 - Venezuela - Radio Venezuela 790 - S - 1
§ 810 - Puerto Rico - Radio Paz 810 - S - 5
§ 830 - Venezuela - Radio Sensación - S - 2
§ 840 - Puerto Rico - Victoria 8-40 - S - Slogan: La Reina del Caribe - 5
§ 860 - St. Kitts & Nevis - VON Radio - E - The Power House of the Eastern Caribbean - 4
§ 870 - Puerto Rico - WQBS - S - 3
§ 890 - Puerto Rico - La Nave WFAB - S - Religion - 5
900 - Barbados - FM 94.7 - E - 1
910 - Puerto Rico - NotiUno - S - //630, 1280 - 5 - (cf. § on 630)
§ 920 - Venezuela - Nueva Esparta - S - 2
§ 940 - Puerto Rico - WIPR - S - 2
§ 970 - US Virgin Islands - WSTX - E - Reggae - 5
§ 1000 - US Virgin Islands - WVWI Radio 1000 - E - Fox Sports Radio - 5
§ 1060 - Puerto Rico – WCGB. Sometimes with The Rock Radio Network - E -
//1190, 1370 - 4
§ 1090 - Venezuela - Unión Radio - S - 1
1090 - US Virgin Islands - cf.: *) - n/a
§ 1110 - Puerto Rico - WVJP Z101 Digital - S - relays Z101 from Dominican Rep. - 1
§ 1110 - Venezuela - Radio Carúpano - S - 1
§ 1130 - Venezuela - Radio Ideal - S - 3
1140 - Puerto Rico - Once Q Cadena Nacional - S - 1
§ 1160 - Antigua - Caribbean Radio Lighthouse - E - 5
1190 - Puerto Rico - The Rock Radio Network - E - //(1060), 1370 - 4 – (cf. § on 1340)
§ 1200 - Venezuela - Radio Tiempo - S - Religion - 3
§ 1210 - Puerto Rico - Radio Hoy WHOY - S - Slogan: La Señal Activa - 5
§ 1240 - Puerto Rico - Walo Radio - S - 4
1260 - Puerto Rico - Wapa Radio La Poderosa - S - //680, 1590 - 3 - (cf. § on 680)
1280 - Puerto Rico – NotiUno – S - //630, 910 - 1 - (cf. § on 630)
§ 1290 - Venezuela - Radio Puerto Cabello - S - 2
§ 1320 - Puerto Rico - Radio Isla 13-20 - S - 3
§ 1340 - US Virgin Islands – WSTA The Peoples Station - E - 5
§ 1370 - Puerto Rico - The Rock Radio Network - E - //1060, 1190 - 5
§ 1400 - Grenada - Harbour Light of the Windwards - E - 1
§ 1400 - Puerto Rico - WIDA Radio Vida - S - 1
1420 - Puerto Rico - WKAQ 5-80 - S - // 580 kHz - 1 - (cf. § on 580)
§ 1430 - Puerto Rico - Radio Tiempo - S - 2
§ 1450 - Puerto Rico - WCPR - S - 1
1450 - Venezuela - Radio Maria - S - 1
§ 1460 - Puerto Rico – WRRE - S - 1
§ 1470 - Puerto Rico - Cumbre 1470 - S - 1
§ 1480 - Puerto Rico - El 14-80 - S - 5
§ 1500 - Venezuela - Dos Mil - S - 1
§ 1520 - Puerto Rico - WVOZ - S - Radio Televisión Canal 8 - 2
§ 1540 - Puerto Rico - WIBS Caribe 15-40 – S - La Voz de la Region - 1
1580 - Puerto Rico - WMTI - S - 1 - (noted // WGIT 1660)
1590 - Puerto Rico - Wapa Radio La Poderosa - S - //680, 1260 - 3 - (cf. § 680)
§ 1610 - Anguilla - University Network - E - Religion - 5
§ 1620 - US Virgin Islands - WDHP - E - 4
§ 1660 - Puerto Rico - WGIT - S - 5

*) 1090 WUVI, University of Virgin Islands, has been off air since October 2015 because of a transmitter failure. A new 600 Watt transmitter has been purchased and is believed to be in operation as of February/March 2016.
Unheard during daytime but heard during evening hours: 1310 – Martinique.
Unheard: 530 Turks & Caicos Islands (Vision Cristiana), 1300 St. Maarten (The Voice of St Maarten) and 1690 US Virgin Islands (WGOD).
Best 73's, Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwdx yg (22/2-2016)



(Quebec): CRTC decision concerning Radio Humsafar (1610 kHz).

Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2016-49 http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2016/2016-49.htm
Ottawa, 9 February 2016
Radio Humsafar Inc.
Montréal, Quebec
Application 2015-1192-3

CHRN Montréal – Technical change
The Commission approves the application by Radio Humsafar Inc. to change the authorized contours of the radio programming undertaking CHRN MontréalFootnote 1 by relocating its transmitter site. All other technical parameters will remain unchanged. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application.
The licensee stated that this change was necessary since its engineering team had found after various studies and tests that the original transmitter site was no longer viable, which is why the station is not yet in operation.
The Commission reminds the applicant that pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, no licence may be issued until the Department of Industry notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
The station's transmitter must be operational with implemented technical changes at the earliest possible date and in any event no later than 24 months from the date of this decision, unless a request for an extension of time is approved by the Commission before 9 February 2018. In order to ensure that such a request is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted in writing at least 60 days before that date.
Secretary General

Footnote 1
In Commercial ethnic radio stations in Montréal, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2014-241, 16 May 2014, the Commission approved an application by Radio Humsafar Inc. to operate a commercial AM ethnic radio station in Montréal and indicated that the undertaking must be operational by 16 May 2016.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (22/2-2016)



I have been told that the 990 kHz transmitter at Redmoss (1kW) carrying BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, closed in November 2015.
James Robinson (21/2-2016)



Confirmation that Mangotsfield 1260 kHz (Smooth Radio (Bristol)) and 1548 kHz (BBC Radio Bristol) transmitter was switched off permanently at 0104 UTC on 20 February 2016. The site is due to be redeveloped for housing.
James Robinson (20/2-2016)



Radio City Relays:
Scheduled Radio City programmes in February 2016 are:
Friday 19th between 19 to 20 UTC via IRRS on 7290 kHz and via Challenger Radio, Italy on 567, 846 and 1368 kHz'
Saturday 20th between 09 to 10 UTC repeat via IRRS on 9510 kHz.
Saturday 27th between 13 to 14 UTC via Hamburger Lokalradio on 7265 kHz (different programme).
Every Saturday between 20 to 21 UTC via Radio Merkurs, Riga, Latvia on 1485 kHz (different programmes).
Contact address remains: citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor (18/2-2016)



In addition to BBC Radio Bristol on 1548 kHz closing, it has now also been confirmed that the transmitter from the same site - Mangotsfield - on 1260 kHz carrying Smooth Radio Bristol will also close on 19 February.
The time is not confirmed.
James Robinson (17/2-2016)



(Abu Dhabi): The website www.pravasibharathi.com is still very much under construction, but provides some additional information on the background of the new medium station Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM. The company information leads to the conclusion that, although the AM-DRM-operation is a financial risk, the station has some financial backing. Probably, the online transmissions will also help the reach of the station, although the links on the website did not yet work when checked.

Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation FZ.LLC
P.B.No. 77914, Twofour54, Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: +971 2 3043 818, +971 2 401 2602
Email: info@pravasibharathi.com
Web: www.pravasibharathi.com

Company Info acc. to http://www.pravasibharathi.com/Company_Info.php
Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation FZ.LLC is a media conglomerate incorporated under the licensing of Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi. Headquartered in Twofour54 Abu Dhabi, Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation has its own studios in Dubai and Thiruvananthapuram with marketing offices in six GCC nations - Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia along with such offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Calicut, Mumbai and New Delhi in India. Our Central Sales Division is responsible for the entire planning, sales implementation as well as forming marketing strategies through market research, surveys and audience demographics. Our news bureaus are existent in all the GCC nations and Thiruvananthapuram as well.
Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation stands for a great vision of touching the lives of Indian community in the Gulf. We aspire to reach the Indian masses throughout the GCC nations via all modes of media, with clear objectives to inspire, educate, inform and entertain the masses by harnessing the power of creativity. We are making a serious and professional approach to the media arena keeping all the morals to fulfill our social commitment. ‘Infotainment’ is our motto, which will delight interests of the Indian masses here. We have an entirely different concept to reach those Indians who love and respect their motherland, its tradition and culture.
Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation has seven core activities: Radio Broadcasting, Television (Gulf Malayalam TV), Print and Publishing (Gulf Malayalam Weekly), Digital Media, Song and Drama Division, Events and Exhibitions Division and Films Division. We aim to work through a clear vision that focuses on innovation and quality that represent creative, meaningful and unique media content, while respecting social, cultural, and family values." Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (16/2-2016)


Today is World Radio Day.
More info at

and https://www.facebook.com/WorldRadioDay
Ydun Ritz (13/2-2016)



Marnach Masts demolished. Just seen this sad news via the Radioszene Facebook page:
Another piece of history gone.... :-(
Alan Gale, dxld yg group (11/2-2016)

DRM Reception on 1018kHz. AIR Kolkata B testing Nautel transmitter on the local midnight 11/12-Feb 2016. Reception by Debanjan Chakraborty, VU3DCH at Kolkata,INDIA.
Sudipta Ghose, MWC FB group (11/2-2016)

The new All India Radio, Kolkata 'B' transmitter testing in DRM mode on 1018 kHz; heard around midnight local time 10th of February by Debanjan Chakraborty.
Alokesh Gupta, DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale FB group (10/2-2016)



Closure of Radio Bristol's medium wave frequency 1548 kHz.

"BBC Radio Bristol’s medium wave transmitter will close down permanently on 19th February 2016.
The site is being redeveloped for housing so it has not been possible to renew the lease. We examined a number of options to keep the medium wave service on air but none of them represented good value for money for the licence fee payer.
However, there are still lots of ways to continue to enjoy listening to BBC Radio Bristol, though:
94.9 FM in the Bristol area
104.6 FM in Bath
103.6 FM in Weston-Super-Mare
DAB on a newly enhanced transmitter network; check coverage here
On your TV on Freeview Channel 719; and of course online, via computer, tablet or phone using BBC iPlayer Radio."

Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (10/2-2016)

BBC Radio Bristol has confirmed it will be shutting down its Medium Wave transmitter, on 1548 kHz, in mid-February.
The BBC has pointed out that the switch-off is necessary because the landlord of the Mangotsfield transmitter site is handing over the land to developers, a decision that is out of the BBC's control. The move had been expected for some while, with planning permission having been granted by the local council for redevelopment, according to a516digital.com.
BBC Radio Bristol is inviting listeners via social media to spread the word about the changes, which will mean affected listeners will need to tune in to the station via FM, DAB, online or via Freeview after Feb. 19.
Mike Terry, MWC FB group (10/2-2016)



Radio Pakistan, Multan testing on 1035 kHz
73, Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi (9/2-2016)

The world’s first Malayalam-language digital radio station is now broadcasting from Abu Dhabi.
Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM was launched with a live broadcast from popular playback singer, G Venugopal.
The official switch-on was performed by Abdul Rahman Awadh Al Harthi, executive director of radio for Abu Dhabi Media, and Noushad Abdul Rahuman, chairman of Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation. Also present at the inauguration ceremony were K C Joseph, Kerala’s minister for rural development, planning, culture and Norka.
Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM is also the first digital-radio station in the Middle East and North Africa region. The channel is broadcast under the licence of Abu Dhabi Media and Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi.
The station hosts analogue transmission from 5am to 12.10am each day, with digital transmission between 12.10am and 5am every day, broadcast from its headquarters in Al Maqta.
The National staff http://www.thenational.ae/arts-life/from-holly-to-bolly/new-malayalam-radio-channel-launched-in-uae
Mauno Ritola via WRTH FB group (9/2-2016)



NBC Morobe [also known as Radio Morobe locally] no longer broadcasts on 3220 SW because of faulty equipment and obsolete parts.
It can only be heard on 810 MW with 10kW and on FM 95.5 with 1kW.
Daily schedule:
1900-2300 UTC NBC Morobe,
2300-0700 UTC NBC National from Port Moresby,
0700-1200 UTC NBC Morobe and
1200-0200 UTC NBC National from Port Moresby.
There is also a full time relay of NBC National on 90.7 FM with 1kW and a full time relay of Tribe FM also from Port Moresby on 92.3 FM and also with 1kW.
Contact: Micah Yanage, Regional Engineer-Momase, NBC Morobe.
Email: rmorobe@nbc.com.pg.
This information is correct as at February 8 2016 NZ date.
David Ricquish, WRTH fb group (8/2-2016)



Yesterday, I checked the mediumwave frequency of AFN Bavaria in Vilseck on the radio of my car, something I regularly do when driving outside the city of Nuremberg. As of 3 February, the station was still audible on 1107 kHz.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (4/2-2016)



According to a message on the Facebookpage of AFN Benelux, the mediumwave transmitter in Moechengladbach on 1143 KHz has been closed down.

See https://www.facebook.com/afnbenelux
"Hi. Is the transmitter on 1143 AM off air now?
AFN Benelux: Yes sir, it has been shut down."

Marcel Rommerts (3/2-2016)



We are unable to broadcast our scheduled programmes on medium wave.
BT have informed us that due to a major problem with their broadband service in the location of our transmitter we have lost our connection & unable to broadcast our scheduled programmes on medium wave. This problem may not be resolved until Wednesday morning. In the meantime we are providing an alternative selection of programmes on 1521 medium wave.
Our digital broadcasts remain on schedule by using the tune in radio & radio player apps, on internet radio & on line.
Tuesday 2nd February - positive radio sharing the Good News, Flame CCR
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (2/2-2016)

According to a revised „Timetable for inviting applications for community radio licences“ (Updated 27 January 2016) Ofcom will in the second half of 2016 call for applications for medium wave licences for locations anywhere throughout the UK. (http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radio-broadcast-licensing/community-radio/apply-for-licence/timetable) This will mostly concern areas where FM frequencies are not available (urban conglomerates) or medium wave might provide better coverage (sparsely populated areas).
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (2/2-2016)

13 February is World Radio Day — a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves.

This year, the UNESCO theme for World Radio Day is “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”. Radio still remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, in the quickest possible time.

More info at http://www.diamundialradio.org/ and
EDXC News (2/2-2016)



Ukraine on medium wave:

549 kHz / UR 1 / Luch (Mykolaiv region.) / 0400 – 2100 / 720 kW
765 kHz / R. "Mayak" (disabled / test) / Petrovka (Odessa region.) / 40 kW
837 kHz / UR 1 / Taranovka (Kharkiv region.) / 0400 – 2200 / 150 kW
837 kHz / R. "Bukovina" / Chernivtsi / 0600 – 1100 / 30 kW
990 kHz / Oblastnoe Radio 2 Dnepropetrovsk / Dnipropetrovsk / 1000 - 1200 / 2.5 kW
1044 kHz / Oblastnoe Radio Ivano-Frankivsk / UR 1 / Verkhovyna (Ivano-Frankivsk region.) / 0400 – 2100 / 1 kW
1278 kHz / UR 1 / tests VSRU / Petrovka (Odessa region.) / 1700 – 2200 / 100 kW
1377 kHz / R. "Khvylya" / Vinnytsia / 1100 – 1515 / 7 kW
1377 kHz / channel "Nikolaev" / Mykolayiv / 0800 - 0900 / 3.5 kW
1404 kHz / UR 1 / Ishmael (Odessa region.) / 0400 – 2100 / 10 kW
1431 kHz / VSRU / Luch (Mykolaiv region.) / 1700 – 2100 / 800 kW
All times in UTC.
www.dxing.ru, forum, “RUS-DX” # 857
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia (1/2-2016)

Mangotsfield 1548 kHz, carrying BBC Radio Bristol, will close on 19 February 2016 due to the site being redeveloped.
It is also likely that 1260 kHz, carrying Smooth Bristol, will also close on this day. The time is unconfirmed but I will try to find out for sure what is happening with the second outlet on 1260.
Four new DAB transmitters have bee switched on to replace lost areas of coverage.
James Robinson (1/2-2016)



Czech Radio (Cesky Rozhlas, CRo) has a new transmitter on 1071 kHz with CRo Plus. Location: Ostrava-Svinov. Power: 5 kW. In operation since January 29th.

Now there are 3 TXs in Ostrava-Svinov:
639 kHz - CRo 2 (Dvojka)
1071 kHz - CRo Plus
1233 kHz - Radio Dechovka
All TXs use one tower via a triplexer.
Karel Honzik (29/1-2016)

Dear Ydun,
To-day saturday January 30th 2016 I noted a new Czech transmitter with PLUS programming on 1071 kHz at 1642utc. Reception varies from good to weak here in Almere, The Netherlands
The details of the transmitter are here:
All the best and 73, Ehard Goddijn, Almere HOL (30/1-2016)

Hello Ydun,
new transmitter of CRo Plus, Český rozhlas, 1071 kHz in on the air since 29 January. Trasmitter site is Svinov, near Ostrava and power is 5 kW.
1071 kHz is old Czechoslovakian MW frequency.
Vaclav Dosoudil (CZE) (30/1-2016)

CRo plus now on 1071 kHz
Hansjoerg Biener (31/1-2016)



Start Point 693 kHz currently running at 40 kW and will be for the next few months.
Ydun Ritz (22/1-2006)



Start Point 693 Khz http://tx.mb21.co.uk/gallery/gallerypage.php?txid=1474&pageid=2419
The North mast was brought down today and service is now on at reduced power.
James Robinson (21/1-2016)

BBC Radio 5 live in the South West - 693kHz: Essential engineering work is taking place today on the Start Point MW transmitter in Devon.
The transmitter will be off air completely overnight between 2300-0600 Thursday21-Friday 22 January.
When service resumes the transmitter, currently at 80kW, will operate at reduced power for an unknown period of time - possibly some months.
More details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/news/item83
James Robinson (21/1-2016)

The next Radio Caroline North weekend is at the end of January on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st. Make sure you join us on the mighty AM1368 and online for another fantastic selection of Caroline memories through the decades. A full presenter and programme line up will be available soon so watch this space!
"Carnaby Street with Chris Williams" Facebook group.
(Most broadcasts will be from the Ross Revenge, weather permitting).
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (21/1-2016)

Not good news for medium wave - "Digital radio is now standard in 80% of new cars, Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, announced today. "
Article here: http://www.radiomagonline.com/…/a-majority-of-new-car…/37337
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (20/1-2016)


Radio Northern Star in Bergen, Norway now has a regular broadcasting schedule. Under a test and development license we are using LKB LLE's LLE-4 station on 1611 kHz 186 metres MW and a Skanti TRP-8250 HF 250 Watts remotely controlled transmitter, in USB mode and a refurbished Comrod antenna.

Time is CET = UTC+1
Sunday 05:00-05:30 and 22:00-23:30
Monday 07:00-09:00 and 17:30-18:30
Tuesday 00:02-01:30 and 18:30-19:30
Wednesday 06:00-06:30 and 22:00-22:30
Thursday 00:30-02:00 and 19:30-20:30
Friday 08:00-10:00 and 20:30-21:30
Saturday 07:00-07:30 and 21:30-22:00
At all 16½ hours of transmission.

Monitored so far in AM mode @65 watts in the Shetland Islands, England, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The current distance record belongs to Bjarne Mjelde i Finnmark, 1574 kms! If you're hearing us, we'd also be happy to receive your reception report to report@bergenkringkaster.no or 1000@northernstar.no
Svenn Martinsen, WRTH fbg (19/1-2016)



Monday, January 18, 2016: AIR Ratnagiri is celebrating its 40th Annual Day Today!

1. Date of Commissioning: 18th January’1976.
2. Name of Engg. Head:Shri S.Y.Khade, Assistant Engineer
3. Name of Prog.Head: Shri Suhas S.Vidwans, Programme Executive
All India Radio, Ratnagiri was commissioned on 18th January’ 1976 and was formally inaugurated on 5th June’ 1979.
4. LOCATION :- The city of Ratnagiri is situated along the West Coast of India. The Radio Station is situated at Thiba Palace Road, 2 Km from main Bus Stand and 7 Kms from Railway Station on Konkan Railway.
5. COVERAGE : The Station covers two districts namely :-
(a) Ratnaigiri - with population of 17,96,482
(b) Sindhudurg - with population of 8,61,672 as per 2001 census
Station has two Transmitter one is 20 KW AM Harris Make Transmitter located at Khedshi village 8 Kms away from the Studio site and 1 KW FM Transmitter in Studio building at Thiba Palace Road, Ratnagiri. AM Transmitter is carrying main channel programme in Marathi and FM Transmitter is relaying Vividh Bharati, Mumbai programmes. Both the transmitters are working fine. People are enjoying the programme of both the services.
Contributed By: Shri S.Y.Khade, Assistant Engineer, sykhade@gmail.com

Note: According to http://allindiaradio.gov.in/station/RATNAGIRI/Pages/default.aspx AIR Ratnagiri (Thiba Palace Road, Ratnagiri-415612 (MS)) broadcasts on 1143 kHz.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (18/1-2016)



EAK92 & EAJ20: licenses extinguised. "Radio ECCA-Fundación Canaria" and "Compañía de Emisiones y Publicidad S.A." licensees respectively of EAK92 (1269 kHz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Radio ECCA) and EAJ20 (882, Sabadell, Radio Sabadell - COM Radio - la Xarxa) have formally returned their licenses to the Government. On Nov. 13rd 2015, in the weekly Council of Ministers both licenses were declared extinguised.

73! Mauricio Molano, Salamanca Spain (16/1-2016)



Radio Mi Amigo International (www.radiomiamigointernational.com) has sent out a message, that their weekend programmes are now available on the FM frequencies of Radio Mi Amigo. This message also includes a cryptic reference to a new medium wave service: „This weekend we are adding 2 Stereo FM frequencies: 92.3 and 106 FM in Spain, Costa Blanca and very soon we hope to add a new Medium Wave service in Central Europe.“
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (15/1-2016)

Radio Mi Amigo International currently uses 1485 kHz of Radio Mercurs, Riga Latvia.
Ydun Ritz (15/1-2016)



As from yesterday, Radio Baby AM, which brodacasts from Trieste, in the North-East of Italy not so far from the border with Slovenia, is broadcasting on the new frequency of 1557 kHz (ex 1602 kHz). The station was heard by Fabrizio Magrone in Forlì Italy.
E-mail address: radio.baby.am@gmail.it (it not com!)
Antonello Napolitano, dxld yg (14/1-2016)



Low power mediumwave in the Netherlands. After switching off a number of high power transmitters in 2015, at the end of December the Dutch government has launched a public consultation on ‘opening up’ the mediumwaveband for radio and non-radio applications with 'low power' and with limited government regulation. When referring to 'low power' this means both a power in the range of 1 – 5 watts (site coverage) and 50 – 100 watts (municipal coverage). The idea is that the same frequencies will be re-used across the country. They will be handed out on the basis of a first-come, first served basis. Deadline for comments is 14 February 2016.
Marcel Rommerts (12/1-2016)

Smaller Italian AM stations
Onde Medie ItaliaList complied by Roberto Scaglione and Antonello Napolitano (not translated)
567 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
828 Radio Z100 Milano (Lombardia)
846 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
1017 Media Veneta Radio (Piove di Sacco, PD)
1035 Media Veneta Radio (Vigonza, PD)
1071 Radio Marina (irregolare)
1323 Radio Base 101 (Peraga di Vigonza, PD)
1341 Gold 15-93 Hit Radio (stereo C-Quam)
1350 I AM Radio (Milano, MI)
1359 Radio Settanta (Casalborsetti, RA)
1359 Radio Stereo 98 (Zero Branco, TV)
1359 Radio Time
1368 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
1377 Radio Music Time (Lombardia)
1386 RAMradio (Milano, MI – test)
1395 Radio Activity (Ferrara, FE)
1404 Radio Luna (Casalgrande, RE – irregolare)
1440 (nuova emittente in Campania)
1440 (test in Sicilia)
1476 Cosmo Radio (Milano, Mi – irregolare)
1476 Skate Radio (Padova, PD)
1476 Radio Briscola (Piemonte)
1476 Media Radio Castellana (Castel San Pietro Terme, BO)
1476 Gold 14-76 Hit Radio (Sicilia)
1476 Radio Treviso (Treviso, TV)
1500 Stazione Sperimentale 1500 (Calabria – test)
1512 Progressive Radio
1512 Free Radio AM (Trieste, TS – irregolare)
1512 Radio Fioretta
1548 Radio Baby AM (Trieste, TS – irregolare)
1557 Radio King RRR (Cerveteri, RM)
1566 Radio Ghost
1566 Radio Melody (irregolare)
1566 Radio Macondo (irregolare)
1566 Radio AM Stereo (irregolare)
1566 Radio Settanta (Casalborsetti, RA)
1584 Radio Studio X (Momigno, PT – stereo C-Quam)
1584 Power Radio AM (Trieste, TS – irregolare)
1593 Gold 15-93 Hit Radio (stereo C-Quam)
1602 Golden Radio Italia (Sarego, VI)
1602 Radio Regional (Otricoli, TR)
1602 Radio Crystal (irregolare)
1602 Radio Baby AM (Trieste, TS – irregolare)
1602 Rock AM (Gorizia, GO – prossima attivazione)
1611 Gold 16-11 Solo Musica Italiana (Sicilia)
Mike Terry, dxld yg (12/1-2016)

There is little to be translated into English:
irregolare means erratic, prossima attivazione = coming soon, nuova emittente = new station. The name of the station, with a few exceptions, is followed by QTH.
Antonello Napolitano, dxld yg (12/1-2016)



Remaining stations on AM in France & Monaco:
162 kHz Allouis 2000/1000 kW France Inter 24h
216 kHz Roumoules 1400/900 kW RMC (0356–2308)
1467 kHz Roumoules 1000 kW TWR (2100–2315)
1467 kHz Col de la Madone 40 kW R. Maria France (0500-1930)
1593 kHz St. Gouéno 10 kW Bretagne 5 24h
Météo Marine (Weather Forecast for seamen) 1903-1910 on France Inter 162 kHz (Only on LW, no FM/Internet)
Christian Ghibaudo, WRTH fbg (10/1-2016)

St. Petersburg
kHz / UTC / Radio
684 / 1700-2100 / Radio Radonezh
828 / 2200-0200 / Radiogazeta “Slovo” (Radio newspaper "Slovo")
828 / 0200-0600 / Pravoslavnoe Radio St.Petersburg (Orthodox Radio St. Petersburg)
828 / 0600-1400 / Radiogazeta “Slovo”
828 / 1400-1800 / Pravoslavnoe Radio St.Petersburg
828 / 1800-2200 / Radiogazeta “Slovo”
1053 / 0500-2100 / Radio Maryja
1089 / 0515-1400 Monday - Friday, excluding holidays / Radio Teos
“RUS-DX” # 854
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow (10/1-2016)

Dear Mediumwave.info team, greetings from Czech Republic!
As I read some notes that you are uncertain about Czech broadcasting, here is something what I can say you about the situation here.

We have several transmitters and a few radio companies transmitting on mediumwave here in Czechia. All times are local, which means CET (UTC+1) or CEST (UTC+2).

List of broadcasters:
Český rozhlas (ČRo): public broadcaster. 3 stations over AM.
- ČRo Radiožurnál - main news and driving music channel. Longwave is very popular among Czech drivers abroad.
- ČRo Dvojka - family channel. Old music, radio documents, children and elderly entertainment
- ČRo Plus - infochannel without music, short relays in English. For me, similar to RFE. Analysis, interviews, politics, world affairs.

Country Radio: Commercial music station with country and folk music.

Radio Dechovka: Commercial music station with traditional Czech and Slovak brass band music.

Radio Český Impuls: Alternative project of one of Czech major commercial FM stations. Only Czechoslovak music from 60's to 80's (pop music from communist era).

And there is the frequency list.
270kHz - ČRo Radiožurnál, transmitter at Topolná (near Uherské Hradiště). They decreased power from 650kW to 50kW. Still audible over Twente's WebSDR. Operating 0500-2400, weekends 0600-2400.

639kHz - two transmitters.
1) Liblice (near Prague). Power 750kW. Operating 0400-2400 ČRo Dvojka, weekends 0500-2400.
2) Ostrava-Svinov. Power 30kW. Operating 0400-1559, weekends 0500-1559 ČRo Dvojka. 1600-2400 ČRo Plus, daily.
Sadly, these two transmitters are playing over each other.
954kHz - three transmitters, operating simulcastly. ČRo Dvojka 0400-2400, weekends 0500-2400.
1) Dobrochov (between Olomouc and Brno). Power 200kW.
2) Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). Power 20kW.
3) České Budějovice. Power 30kW.
981kHz - two transmitters of Radio Český Impuls. 0000-2400 daily.
1) Líbeznice (near Prague). Power 10kW.
2) Domamil (near Třebíč). Power 5kW.
1062kHz - Country Radio. Prague-Zbraslav. 0700-1900 daily 20kW. 1900-0700 nightly 1kW.
1233kHz - five transmitters of Radio Dechovka. 0000-2400 daily.
1) Líbeznice (near Prague). Power 10kW.
2) Brno-Řečkovice. Power 0,5kW.
3) České Budějovice. Power 2kW.
4) Ostrava-Svinov. Power 2kW.
5) Dobrochov (between Olomouc and Brno). Power 5kW.
1332kHz - ČRo Dvojka. Domamil (near Třebíč). Power 50kW. 0400-2400, weekends 0500-2400.

There are also some transmitters in Slovakia audible in Western Europe. Transmitting in Slovak and Hungarian. Slovak language is similar to Czech and could be easily mixed up.
702kHz, power 5kW - Košice, SVK
1098kHz, power 10kW - Nitra, SVK

Hope this message is helpful for some of you.
Best wishes, Ondřej Babka, CZE (9/1-2016)

Thank you Ondrej for this valuable info. It was needed!
Ydun Ritz (11/1-2016)

Paraná „A Rádio Alvorada. A catedral do ar” (slogan heard in the programme) / „A Rádio Alvorada. A rádio da família“ (slogan on the web site) is run by the Fundação Mater et Magistra (Rua Dom Bosco nº 145 – Jd Dom Bosco, 86060-340 – Londrina PR) for the Roman-Catholic Archdiocese of Londrina.
A virtual tour of the station produced on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the station (2014) is found at http://radioalvoradalondrina.com.br/tourvirtual/tour.html.
Their medium wave frequency 970 kHz (ZYJ 260, 7,5 kW) is not easily found on their web site but mentioned at
Their short wave frequency 4865 kHz which is still reported by international short wave monitors was not found on the site although short wave is mentioned in the station’s history. People accessing the web site http://radioalvoradalondrina.com.br/ will of course more easily use the web stream.
According to announcements, the programme is 24 h on the air, although in the night (Mo-Fr 2200/Sa+Su 2100-0600) Rádio Alvorada joins the Rede Milícia Sat programme by the Milícia da Imaculada (São Paulo). During the day Rádio Alvorada also rebroadcasts programmes of other catholic producers like Rádio Aparecida.
Note: The website http://alvoradalondrina.rcr.org.br/ given in the WRTH 2016, pg. 125, did not come up when checked.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (9/1-2016)



I was checking on new year night the closure of the french stations.
One of the firsts was Bordeaux 1.206 off at 0012; 1.278 at 0013, and 711 seemed to be out. At 0016, off 864 and 1.377. At 0019, 1242 was cut, and at 0022, 1.577 was out of the air. I cannot say how the 1.404 and 1.494 channels evolutioned because there was a mix.
On Dec. 28 controlled how the signals were received as a last appearance in my log, among others that day, here are: http://gsdx1.blogspot.com.es/2015/12/mw-logs-281215.html
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (9/1-2015)



At 17.41 UT Jan 6, Topolna 270 LW on air, - why not ?

R Journal ID heard at S=9+30dB or -40dBm on Perseus remote net unit in eastern Czech Republic, location on mountains between Ostrova Czech Republic and Wroclaw Poland.

The others
639 kHz S=9+40dB -32dBm,
1233 S=9+30 dB -42dBm,
1287 only Spanish stn.,
1071 kHz nil CZE station
at 17.41 UT on Jan 6
Wolfgang Bueschel (8/1-2016)

Stig Hartvig Nielsen recently visited St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and made this MW bandscan when there.


Today at 1930 UTC I heard the Czech Radio's transmitters (on 639, 954 and 1332 kHz), broadcasting ČRo 2. Indeed, the ČRo website
http://www.rozhlas.cz/vysilace/vysilace/?stanice=2 lists all these medium wave transmitters as active ("v provozu" in Czech means that), as well as the Ostrava station, broadcasting ČRo Plus from 1600 to 2400 Czech time. By the way, Ostrava is listed as broadcasting ČRo 2 too, with no operation times specified (probably 0000 to 1759 Czech time, but I cannot be sure about that).
So, Mauno Ritola was right: it has been only a redistribution of the frequencies, not an almost complete MW shut-down.
Best wishes, Giovanni Ricci (7/1-2016)

Tonight from @2100z-, Radio Northern Star has a scheduled test transmission over LKB LLE's LLE-4 station on 1611 kHz 186 metres MW with an ex-Marine Skanti TRP-8250 HF 250 Watts remotely controlled transmitter, in USB mode and a Comrod antenna.
Monitored so far in AM mode @65 watts in the Shetland Islands, England, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.
If you're hearing us, we'd also be happy to receive your reception report to report@bergenkringkaster.no or 1000@northernstar.no
SvennMartinsen, WRTH fbg (7/1-2016)



There has been confusing information in different media about Topolna LW 270 kHz, whether it has been closed down or not. It has NOT been closed down. Heard it this noon via Twente remote webSDR.
Ydun Ritz (6/1-2016)



TWR Asia, Gavar (ARM) is in fact on 1376kHz (nom. 1377) when it starts at 1815 with its programming in Farsi.
I heard it yesterday and today too.
Karel Honzik, mwdx yg (4/1-2016)

I confirm the new time slot for the Italian programme of Radio Tunis International. I heard the station today on 963 kHz from my home city in the South of Italy, at 1556 UTC with details about Italian sweets and song by Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia. Into French at 1600.
Antonello Napolitano, dxld yg (4/1-2016)

The new Yorkshire community radio service – DALES RADIO – have posted this message below on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DalesFM/?fref=ts:

"An Update from Dales Radio.........The NEW radio station for the Yorkshire Dales will be launching on 11th January [2016]. On AM, FM and on line. We've also decided as a result of it being on AM and FM and Online we should call it Dales Radio. Does what it says on the tin, as we say in Yorkshire!
We hope you'll like the new station. Dales Radio has a new website at www.dalesradio.co and we are now streaming live.
We are now looking for volunteers to help out in all areas of radio, so if you're interested please do get in touch.
Dales Radio will have the best interests of the community at heart and we welcome contributions from individuals, charities and community groups and will publicise your events and causes on the station for free. We would also like your views, ideas and suggestions for programme content.
Dales Radio will be funded through grants, donations and local advertising - a chance for local businesses to promote their products and services across the Dales at very reasonable rates. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.
email info@dalesradio.co or message us on Facebook.
Tune in now - Settle and Grassington on 104.9FM and Hawes/Central Dales on 936AM. We will be bringing Dales Radio on FM to Ingleton, Leyburn, Kirkby Stephen and Sedburgh very soon too! In the meantime listen live via our stream or on 936AM.
Thanks for reading and keep listening!"

I trust that this is of interest especially as many AM transmissions are closing down across Europe.
Kind regards,

Indeed this is good news after the "bloody" December 31st, 2015!!
Ydun Ritz

Hi Ydun,
From today some changes on Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale 963 kHz. Still 24h a day in French, but with other languages:
English: 1300-1400 UTC
German: 1400-1500 UTC
Italian: 1500-1600 UTC
Spanish: 1900-2000 UTC
Christian Ghibaudo (4/1-2016)

This morning around 0700 there was an UNID station (a Dutch pirate?) on 1440kHz relaying NPO Radio 4 (classical music).
Karel Honzik, mwdx yg (4/1-2016)

.. or R. Paradise, but they sit in East Belgium.
Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (4/1-2016)

Hello, I have listened 603 Khz Lyon at 00h30 is OFF.
Thierry Moy (4/1-2016)



Heard today on Radio Tunis International that as from tomorrow 4th Jan 2016
the Italian programme on 963 kHz will be on the air 1600-1700 local time (1500-1600 UTC) instead of 1500-1600.
Antonello Napolitano, WRTH fbg (3/1-2016)

Notre Dame des Ondes Lyon (France) 603 kHz, last day today 1700 UTC.
Christian Ghibaudo, WRTH fbg (3/1-2016)

600 WBOB Jacksonville, FL DX Test
Time/Date: 0600-0900 UTC, Sunday, January 10, 2016
EST: Midnight - 3 AM, January 10, 2016
CST: 11 PM - 2 AM, January 9/10, 2016
MST: 10 - 1 AM, January 9/10, 2016
PST: 9 - Midnight, January 9, 2016

Mode of Operation: Daytime antenna pattern, with power possibly up to 35 kw. Equipment performance during the test will dictate the maximum transmitter power to be used. The test will include morse code, sweep tones, big band & orchestral music, and selected program audio.

QSL Information: Reception reports are only accepted via e-mail, and can be submitted to jerry [at] jerrysmith [dot] net. Correct reports will be answered with an e-QSL by Station Engineer Jerry Smith.

Credits: Many thanks to J.D. Stephens of Hampton Cove, AL for arranging the test and WBOB Engineer Jerry Smith for making this test possible! Please share the details of this DX Test with your contacts.
73, Brandon Jordan, IRCA/NRC DX Test Committee, dxld yg (3/1-2016)

I confirm that the Lyon station on 603 kHz is still active and transmitting France Info (at least, it was at 1920 UTC on January, 2nd). Some news about this, in German, from Radio Berlin (http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/medienmagazin/radio_news/beitraege
Happy new year, Giovanni Ricci (2/1-2016)

Today I got some explications, why Rennes and Lyon (711 & 603 kHz) don’t stopped at the same times as other frequencies.

RENNES: When, on the night of 31 to 1, the Nodal Center (in Paris surburb) switched off by remote control the transmitter, after a technical problem, the cooling system has also been cut. Normally it would stay active as long as the the temperature falls.
Fearing a fire at the transmitter site, the Nodal center switch ON again the transmitter, and 711 kHz stay on the air. This saturday morning, a technician go to the transmitter site and he switch OFF the transmitter manually, the cooler system later.

LYON: Every Sunday a Mass in broadcast by association Notre Dame des Ondes (for 77 years). This Sunday January 2nd, the Mass will be celebrate by Cardinal Barbarin, Bishop of Lyon and “Primat des Gaules”. For this reason, the transmitter will be switch off Sunday night before midnight. So this Mass will be the LAST, so try to listen it at 1700 UTC.
Have a nice Sunday,
73’s Christian Ghibaudo (2/1-2016)



MW Rennes 711 kHz is no longer on the air. Switched off around 0900 UTC.
Christian Ghibaudo, WRTH fb group (2/1-2016)

I was positively surprised to hear both Lyon (603khz) and Rennes (711khz) back on air on January 1st 2016 from my QTH in Eastern Switzerland, after all France Info frequencies went down on January 1st 2016, 01:00 UTC.

I had written to Radio France (mediateur@radiofrance.com) last November 2015 suggesting them to at least keep 2 MW transmitters alive. Aim is to cover the last zones in France not covered by FM as well as France’s neighboring countries where many French native speakers and francophiles live. Smartphone streaming is a costly alternative, not even talking about manipulating it while driving a car!

I have emailed them yesterday evening felicitating them about their move, it seems other regular France Info listeners had reacted in a similar manner. I just hope they will not change decision. I cannot get any French FM channel from my QTH but only rely on MW. 603khz is still audible a day time, both 603khz and 711khz come strong at night time.
73’s and Happy New Year! Philippe Aeby, Eastern Switzerland (2/1-2016)

603 Khz
works. I have listened 30 minutes last night and this morning with France Info. Thierry Moy (2/1-2016)

Actually, both 603 & 711 kHz keep running. Hopefully they keep the tx for 711 alive & kicking by Monday.
By the way, without France, I am getting a fair signal from Smooth Radio on 1557 & good signal from Absolute Radio on 1242.
73 & happy new year, Luís Carvalho POR, dxld yg (2/1-2016)



Have a look here. There is a 5 min english Radio Prague program via czech mediumwave on Cesky Rozhlas Plus. At 20:35 and 22:35 local Monday to Friday only. Seems from the 7th of Jan only on 639 kHz via Ostrava. Now on all. 639, 954 and 1332. All a bit confusing - will ask my friend Jaroslav Bohac if he knows more...
73 and Happy New Year !!
Simon-Peter Liehr (1/1-2016)

After the closure of most remaining German medium wave stations, AFN Bavaria is still active on 1107 kHz from Vilseck. The station "serving America's best" was checked yesterday and this afternoon when in Amberg which is in the intended coverage area although the US garrison was closed years ago. When listening to the programme, there was no clue to a potentially imminent closure of the transmissions.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (1/1-2016)

France Info Rennes 711 kHz, still on the air at 1530 UTC. Lyon 603 kHz as expected also on the air...
Christian Ghibaudo, WRTH fb group (1/1-2016)

Now after DLF is gone 549 delivers a nice signal from Irish Spirit Radio.

MWLIST also lists 612 & 675, but nothing is heard there and SR website doesn't mention it either. Any idea is 612 & 675 is planned to be used?
Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (1/1-2016)

Hi Jurgen, I don't think that Spirit Radio intends to add any more MW frequencies - whatever might have been planned years ago. They are adding FM relays as funding permits, but just the one MW transmitter on 549 kHz.
73s Dave Kenny, mwdx yg (1/1-2016)

Hello, I am at 8 kilometers of Paris. I have verify for France Bleu Paris 107.1 on 864 Khz is off.
On website of Bretagne 5 you can see article which inform what Breatagne 5 is only French Station in medium wave!
In other article inform: of 4 January Bretagne 5 give with Meteo France Meteo for boat (Meteo Marine). You will see time on site of Bretagne 5.
Thierry Moy (1/1-2016)

Germany left MW short before midnight, only AFN-1143 still audible.

Luxemburg-1440 got replaced by Belgian pirate Radio Paradise, and that is now playing an old R. Luxemburg-English "208" recording.
So don't get surprised ....

France is still on air with all channels [now all gone except 603 kHz/ed]
Jurgen Bartels, Suellwarden, N. Germany, dxld yg (1/1-2016)

The Marnach transmitter was silent then switched off gradually and took about 5 seconds. I think it actually switched off at 0000 in the end.

1422 ended just before Marnach did. The old DLF interval signal was broadcast
until the end.

French transmitters are still on air.
James Robinson (31/12-2015- 2333utc)

Good bye! Radio Luxembourg closed for good on 1440 kHz at 2259 UTC after the national anthem. CRI had the last hour with its program in English. Fair reception all evening at my location in southern Denmark. Transmitter went of immediately.
Ydun Ritz (1/1-2016)



Latest word in regard to 549, 756, 1269, 1422 kHz is that they will go off at 2250 UT, or let's say that's what Deutschlandradio supposes. They will probably play an old Deutschlandfunk interval signal from 2245.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (31/12-2015)

On spot checks of 1440 kHz at 1900 and likely moments afterwards CRI did not mention the imminent loss of this frequency at all. Found no mention on their website either. I dare to speculate that maybe they even will tomorrow again play out programming into nothing. I do not see any other output for their 1440 kHz programming; the BCE satellite channels and webstreams which claim to carry the 1440 kHz audio switch to the 93.3/97.0 MHz programming during the CRI relays, and I see no own webstream on the CRI website.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (31/12-2015)

1440 kHz RTL Radio Luxembourg Marnach update.
Final stop for ever on MW Marnach at 2259 UTC. Before the LUX National Anthem played.
Several sources via Wolfgang Bueschel, dxld yg (31/12-2015)

LLE-4 will be broadcasting on January 1st, 2016 from 0015 UTC- on AM USB 1611 kHz.
Svenn Martinsen, WRTH fb yg (31/12-2015)

Last minute info: Radio France's transmitters in LYON on 603 kHz, will NOT close tonight. It will be off the air, only from January 4th at midnight. The reason, this frequency will broadcast this Sunday the Holy Mass for the sick people at 0600 PM. This Mass hold by Notre Dame des Ondes is on the air for without interruption for 77 years.
Christian Ghibaudo, WRTH fb yg (31/12-2015)

A new Bengali Service SPECIAL BANGLA SERVICE (SBS) will be launched and start functioning from AIR Chinsurah 1000KW transmitter on 26th January 2016 between 0025-1740UTC (0555-2310IST) with a break in between frequency change on 594 kHz (Morning & Noon) and on 1134 kHz (in the evening & night). This is not a simulcast of programs b'cast via Kolkata A or Kolkata B. The current External Services b'cast over this transmitter can be heard via DRM mode.
Alok Kr Dasgupta, WRTH fb yg (31/12-2015)

It's being repeated right now (12:23 UTC) on 1440 kHz, being heard via Twente, and also being streamed from the BCE website: RTL 1440 http://www.bce.lu/BCE_radio.htm
View on http://www.bce.lu/BCE_radio.htm
Richard Langley, dxld yg (31/12-2015)

Listening right now (1240 utc) from southern Denmark on 1440 kHz: mx, talk, Beatles-mx, ID and anns.
Ydun Ritz (31/12-2015)

Is Radio Shalom about to close it doors?
What is the future for Radio Shalom, the only all Jewish radio station in North America that broadcasts from the 1650 AM frequency in Montreal? The fact it has survived for 10 years without any support from the organized Jewish community is in itself a miracle. Now founder Robert Levy has begun to wave the white flag. In a statement issued today, he said the time has come to end his commitment towards the radio station.CJRS, branded as Radio Shalom Montreal, is a 24-hour non-profit radio station based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is Canada’s first and only trilingual Jewish radio station. Radio Shalom is also the only all Jewish radio station in North America. It broadcasts in French, English and Hebrew. The station broadcasts at 1650 AM. Its current president is Robert Levy.Radio Shalom broadcasts in several different languages, notably English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish. It has a number of interesting talk shows, particularly those hosted by Howie Silbiger and Stanley Asher. What I always appreciated about the station is not only can you listen to it live online, but they always maintained a nice archive of past shows.Levy really gave it his best shot, but I must say the proper push was never really made to get the organized Jewish community completely on side. Yes, I know attempts were made, but think of the value of Federation CJA, the YM-YWHA and Montreal's plethora of Jewish organizations assuming a piece of the Radio Shalom pie? Each has large constituencies and radio is so direct.Levy's announcement does not necessarily mean Radio Shalom will close. He is first and foremost proposing that a new president and board of directors be appointed. Is there such a group out there?Levy spent years working towards getting the Canadian-radio Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to grant Radio Shalom a license. We know that is no easy task. According to a survey in July 2015 conducted by Charles Shahar, Federation CJA statistician, 84.6 percent of respondents said they were aware of the existence of Radio Shalom. As the report notes, “All in all, the awareness quotient of the community with regard to Radio Shalom is a very positive finding.”
Jose Miguel Romero, dxld yg (31/12-2015)



I edited and cleaned-up the DAT tape recording of the final night of 208 from December 1991 which Mike Hollis produced to mark the closedown of 1440kHz (208m) - and passed a copy to RTL recently.
I have just heard that RTL will play that recording tonight on MW - on 208! - from Midnight UK time - after Radio China finish their show. (1am CET)
My thanks to Bob Christy for his help getting the recording from DAT to a useable file - amazing that DAT machines are now almost non-existant!!
Just thought you'd all like to know.
In case you can't listen in - you can download the show here:
Mike Knight via Jan Bjerrum, ddxlk fb group (30/12-2015)

Radio Vision Christiana will possibly start transmitting again after several years of absence. There are plans for a new antenna mast and a new 100 KkW Nautel-transmitter for 530 kHz during second quarter of 2016.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, DX-Aktuelt #6 (30/12-2015)

I did already [ask Karel Honzik/ed] and he says, that acc. to the official report the change is much less drastic than what it sounds:
ČRo Plus programme time (15-23) will be replaced by ČRo 2 except for 639 kHz, so there would be absolutely no change in terms of total transmitting hours on MW! Just a return to the time before ČRo Plus was brought to MW sharing ČRo 2's frequencies. But I guess we'd better wait and see what really happens ...
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (30/12-2015)

RTE on 252 currently has very bad modulation. Seems the tx is short before falling apart.
Jurgen Bartels, Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (30/12-2015)

RTE is fine here Jurgen, just the usual sounding audio..... and on domestic radios as well...
Maybe fault you heard is fixed???? Lots of wind and rain passing over just now.
Kenny Baird, Scotland (30/12-2015)

Hi Ydun
Just checked it again, and now it's perfect. So technicians finally fixed it.
I was already wondering whether they noticed it or not.
Jurgen Bartels, Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (30/12-2015 1120utc)



CRo to move on FM, only Ostrava-Svinov 639 kHz remaining with the station for 8 h in the evening.
Beginning on 5 January 2016, Český Rozhlas Plus will be broadcast almost entirely on FM. While the FM coverage is being enlarged, the only medium wave still assigned to CR Plus, Ostrava-Svinov 639 kHz, will broadcast CR Plus in the evening 16.00-24.00 h Local Time. The changes also affect the English segments 19.05-19.10 and 20.05-20.10 h Local Time which came under the umbrella of CR Plus in November 2015.
More details on the move to FM can be found at
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (29/12-2015)

This afternoon 1505-1600 UTC on WDR5 a program about closing down the German MW stations.
Thanks to Stig Hartvig Nielsen for this info! (29/12-2015)

Remaining stations on AM in France & Monaco (for 2016)
162 kHz Allouis 2000/1000 kW France Inter
216 kHz Roumoules 1400/900 kW RMC (04.56 – 00.08) Local time
1467 kHz Roumoules 1000 kW TransWorld Radio (22.00 – 00.15) Local Time
1467 kHz Col de la Madone 40 kW Radio Maria France (06.00- 20.30) Local Time
1593 kHz St Gouéno 10 kW Bretagne 5
Météo Marine (Weather Forecast for seamen) 20.03-20.10 (Local Time) on France Inter 162 kHz (Only on LW, no FM/Internet)
Regards, Christian Ghibaudo (29/12-2015)

Hi Ydun,
Both Greenlandic stations on 570 and 650 were also heard here in The Netherlands.
570 was audible on December 28th around 0500 and 0710UTC; I heard 650 around 0525UTC on December 26th.
73 Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (29/12-2015)

La Voz de Carabobo [1040 kHz], Valencia, is currently off channel. Noted on 1039.6 kHz at 2315 UTC.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, USVI (29/12-2015)

CBXQ Ucluelet [540 kHz] to be replaced by FM
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-465
Reference: Part 1 application posted on 17 July 2015
Ottawa, 20 October 2015

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Victoria and Ucluelet, British Columbia
Application 2015-0727-9

CBCV-FM Victoria – New transmitter in Ucluelet
The Commission approves the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the broadcasting licence for the English-language radio programming undertaking CBCV-FM Victoria, British Columbia, to operate a low-power FM rebroadcasting transmitter in Ucluelet. The new transmitter will replace the AM transmitter CBXQ Ucluelet [540 kHz]. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application.
The new transmitter will operate at 92.7 MHz (channel 224LP) with an effective radiated power of 50 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 27 metres).
According to the licensee, the signal of its current low-power AM transmitter is too weak to reach the entire city, given that the transmitter is located in a cove. CBC added that the wooden pole is no longer in good condition due to years of exposure to salty ocean water and poor weather conditions. The licensee also indicated that this amendment would improve the quality of the signal and coverage of the area, allowing the Radio One signal to reach a slightly wider audience.
Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry (the Department) notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
Given that the technical parameters approved in this decision are for a low-power unprotected FM transmitter, the licensee will have to select another frequency if the Department so requires.
The transmitter must be operational at the earliest possible date and in any event no later than 24 months from the date of this decision, unless a request for an extension of time is approved by the Commission before 20 October 2017. In order to ensure that such a requested is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted in writing at least 60 days before that date.
Secretary General.
*This decision is to be appended to the licence.
http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/2015-465.htm Date modified: 2015-10-20
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (29/12-2015)

CBXU Hudson’s Hope [940 kHz] to be replaced by FM
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-507
Reference: Part 1 application posted on 24 August 2015
Ottawa, 16 November 2015

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Prince George and Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia
Application 2015-0911-8

CBYG-FM Prince George – New transmitter in Hudson’s Hope
The Commission approves the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the broadcasting licence for the English-language radio programming undertaking CBYG-FM Prince George, British Columbia, to operate an FM rebroadcasting transmitter in Hudson’s Hope to replace its existing low-power AM transmitter CBXU Hudson’s Hope [940 kHz]. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application.
The new transmitter will operate at 103.1 MHz (channel 276A1) with an effective radiated power of 124 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of -159 metres).
The CBC indicated that this amendment would improve the quality of its Radio One signal in Hudson’s Hope and surrounding areas.
Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
The transmitter must be operational at the earliest possible date and in any event no later than 24 months from the date of this decision, unless a request for an extension of time is approved by the Commission before 16 November 2017. In order to ensure that such a request is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted in writing at least 60 days before that date.
Secretary General.
*This decision is to be appended to the licence.
http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/2015-507.htm Date modified: 2015-11-16
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (29/12-2015)



We did a very short test in USB this afternoon that proved everything was okay. Therefore an unofficial test right now on 1611. Don’t know for how long. We will try to follow the announced schedule for tomorrow, too, however, New Years Eve afternoon will probably be January 1st, @0015 UTC and onwards.
We have got a new license so I expect many more transmissions soon.
73s Svenn Martinsen, WRTH fb group (27/12-2015)



What I believe to be Qeqertarsuaq=Godhavn from Greenland on 650 kHz was audible, initially at good strength, at tune in 0740 UT. A talk was in progress in a language I did not recognise - not Danish. I've never heard their IS which has been listed in the WRTH for years as "Sonja Drags Whale" and I mistakenly thought today was the day.
But of course it faded out before the hour. I also think it's this station that I heard several times earlier in December at around this same time, but then it was much weaker.
Usually I expect to hear CKGA Gander, Newfoundland, which is one of the affiliates of VOCM 590 making it easy to ID, but neither were propagating today, and CKGA has been elusive this winter.
Noel R. Green (NW England), dxld yg (26/12-2015)

Hi Noel,
Greenland was probably what you heard. It had a very good signal on and off on the Ireland DXtuners site from when I first heard it around 0200utc.
570 was also there yesterday but not as strong as 650.
73 Tony Magon VK2IC, dxld yg (26/12-2015)



The Radio France website now has an article on the closure of mediumwave stations together with a link to their FM frequencies for each area.
Mike Barraclough, dxld yg (25/12-2015)



Hi. Official notification about the closure of medium wave frequencies in Germany:

"Hello James,
thanks for your writing.
Our medium frequencies will be completely closed at 22.55 UTC on 31 December.
Nominally: Neumünster 1269 kHz, Braunschweig 756 kHz, Nordkirchen 549 kHz, Thurnau 549 kHz, Heusweiler 1422 kHz and Ravensburg 756 kHz.
With kind regards Konrad Sander, Hörerservice"

James Robinson (23/12-2015)

Winter solstice bandscan:
The rain let up enough around midnight that I dared venture outside with the radio for a few minutes.
To sum it up: The LW band was good. The low end of the MW band felt weak but things got better with rising frequency. Absolute Radio's main frequency (1215 kHz) wasn't all that strong at that moment but the relays on 1197 and 1242 kHz were easily audible. The British and German main transmitters came in with usable signals across the band, but the rest was quite weak.
Reynir Stefansson (23/12-2015)

An English language article has appeared about the closure of Marnach 1440.

Looks like it will stop at 0100 CET on January 1 2016.
James Robinson (22/12-2015)



Thank you so much for your interest in the licensed test and development transmissions from LLE-4.....
The next transmissions on 1611.0 kHz:
Christmas Day Friday Dec 25th (evening 2100z-)
Monday Dec 28th (evening 2100z-)
Thursday Dec 31st Afternoon 1600z-
In addition we'll try one morning transmission soon 0600-, date not decided. US DXers have requested the time 0000-0200z we'll see what we can do. Happy Christmas!
Svenn Martinsen, WRTH facebook group (22/12-2015)

WFOR 1400 Hattiesburg, MS: I think the station will be off the air for awhile after it's transmitter site was burnt to a blackened crisp...
This was just the transmitter site for the IHeart(Clear Channel) station, no studios there.
Paul B. Walker, Jr, dxld yg (22/12-2015)



Tonight from @2100z-, Radio Northern Star has a scheduled test transmission over LKB LLE's LLE-4 station on 1611 kHz 186 metres MW with an ex-Marine Skanti TRP-8250 HF 250 Watts remotely controlled transmitter, in USB mode and a Comrod antenna.
Monitored so far in AM mode @65 watts in the Shetland Islands, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.
If you're hearing us, we'd also be happy to receive your reception report to report@bergenkringkaster.no or 1000@northernstar.no
Svenn Martinsen, WRTH fb group(21/12-2015)

891 kHz Algiers Ouled Fayet still on reduced power after these recent carrier-only tests of new TransRadio Berlin unit channel site?
How is the service now on this RA chaine-1 channel, reception on remote SDR units around Mediterranean reveals only reduced power usage these days, heard 1st px ch1 \\ on both LW 153 and MW 891 kHz at 1830 UT, but latter much less the signal strength of Youth program channels on 531 or 549 kHz.
Wolfgang Bueschel, mwdx yg (20/12-2015)

You are fully right. 891 has a quite good signal at 21 UTC, but it can't be full power. Can be test of 600 kW day/300 night.
Best regards, Bengt Ericson, Sweden, mwdx yg (20/12-2015).

891 khz ALG Chaîne 1 reactivated today this afternoon, Dec. 20. Estimated power 600 kW.
Sergio Sarabia (20/12-2015)

Hi, I noticed this morning that RTL 1440 did not sign on at their usual time of 3:55, and at the time of writing this email 4:43 they are still not on air! Maybe someone forgot to flip the switch or a timer failed.
73s, Matt, UK(20/12-2015)

It has been announced that the 7 MW transmitters of Deutschandradio will cease all medium wave operations at 2255 UTC on 31 December, not 2300 UTC as previously thought.
James Robinson (19/12-2015)



Since this morning, Dec. 17, on 891 kHz is transmitting Alger Chaîne 1 (last night was still the test tone). It is received in Valencia with SINPO 45554 to 55555.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (17/12-2015)



Deutschlandfunk just has launched a site reporting about their closure of mediumwave transmissions on 31 December 2015:
73, Harald Kuhl (16/12-2015)



AIR MW DRM SCHEDULE: Here's the updated MW DRM schedule of All India Radio:
Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (15/12-2015)



AFN 1107 kHz
: Counting down to the closure of most German medium wave stations, it might be worth noting, that AFN Bavaria is still active on 1107 kHz from Vilseck. The station "serving America's best" was heard this noon in Nuernberg (some 60 km west of Vilseck) on a car radio, but not indoors. In hours of darkness RNE 5 from Spain dominates the channel. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (14/12-2015)



Strong open carrier on 891 kHz at 1500 via Spain remote receiver, so probably Algeria soon to start with renovated equipment.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (9/12-2015)

It has been confirmed that Deutschlandradio will carry on on MW with regular programmes until 2400 CET on 31 December - ie 22300 UTC on 31 December.
There will be special programmes on 17, 18 and 19 December only.
James Robinson (9/12-2015)

Transmitter test from LLE-4 1611 kHz this evening 1945z-, 65 watts AM. This is a licensed test with IDs, test tones, and pauses issued by the Norwegian authorities. Program feed and transmitter is remotely controlled. Bjarne Mjelde has the distance record so far, he heard us 1574 km from KONG, November 19th.
Please send reports to report@bergenkringkaster.no or 1000@northernstar.no We encourage sharing of this post.
Svenn Martinsen, Arctic Radio Club via Kai Mauseth, Medium Wave Circle fb group (9/12-2015)

On Dec. 8, at around 0330 I heard on 891 kHz, very strong here in Valencia, Spain, a carrer with 1 kHz tone sound in that frequency. At 1100 or so when I checked no signal was received.
When I'm writing this, at 0100 of Dec. 9, only catch the portuguese station, weak.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España.



The last few nights I've been listening to Radio538 [HOL] on 891 as I usually do and have noticed that there is a second station in the background.
Today I noticed at 15.13 UTC the station is already there and showing as 10db with quiet modulation which leads me to belive that Algeria has reactivated their tx on 891.
Regards, Matt, Grimsby UK (8/12-2015)

By 31 December many stations in Europe will close their MW transmitters on the following frequencies - 162Khz, 549Khz, 603Khz, 711Khz, 756Khz, 864Khz, 1206Khz, 1242Khz, 1269Khz, 1278Khz, 1377Khz, 1404Khz, 1422Khz, 1440Khz, 1494Khz and 1557Khz.
Mike Simmonds at http://members7.boardhost.com/PirateRadio/msg/1449359578.html
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (8/12-2015)

This is not entirely accurate.
1/ The French station on 162 kHz will not close.
2/ The German station on 1179 kHz is not mentioned in this list but it will also shut down.
Regards, Rémy Friess, mwdx yg (8/12-2015)

Has it been confirmed that 1422 will close down too? At one time rumours had it that some of the programming on 1440 (was it CRI?) would be switched to 1422 as of January 2016.
Best 73’s Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwdx yg (8/12-2015)

I think it was just a rumour. I don't think the Chinese are that interested in the MW band anyway. They also abandoned their other outlet on 702 kHz.
73s, Rémy Friess, mwdx yg (8/12-2015)



Almost every country in the world operates medium-wave transmitters. In fact, many countries use several transmitters with an output power above 500 kW.

Medium wave offers large-area propagation, including coverage of neighboring countries, and today there is no alternative technology available.

Satellite and cable are vulnerable due to government control in certain regions, Internet radio needs large bandwidth and is not designed as a “one-to-many” medium, while technologies such as DMB, DVB and DAB, can only reach relatively small areas due to the limited coverage of the frequencies they use. These “modern” options are also more costly and are thus mainly utilized in highly populated areas and by countries where advanced infrastructure and large propagation networks are available.

Many nations have decided to switch off (either partially or fully) AM broadcasts. In doing so, they are giving up a field-proven opportunity to inexpensively reach listeners with a relatively “small” infrastructure — even if these installations are physically huge, they also offer extended coverage.

There is no lack of AM receivers. The technology, established some 100 years ago, is identical worldwide, where any available AM receiver can function.

This is a big advantage, particularly in disaster or emergency situations, since a large population can be reached at minimum cost and effort.

In situations where inhabitants flee their home countries such as the Syrian refugee crisis, for example, it is important to reach these people before they leave home and provide them with current information. The refugees need to be
informed about what awaits them at their destination — the political situation, culture, etc.

Once they arrive, the task at hand then becomes to help them successfully integrate in the country of adoption. In Germany, some public broadcasters have begun producing programs targeted at refugees in their native language, airing them locally over the Internet.

While this is certainly a step in the right direction, the dissemination of these programs, which are created for those who have already made their way to Europe, depends on Internet coverage and the availability of Internet radio-capable cellphones or computers.

If broadcasters used AM technology, with its easy-to-use, available and cheap receivers, they could increase their audience and reach a large number of people in various countries, without the need for expensive cellphones and cellphone contracts. Another option is Digital Radio Mondiale technology. DRM would allow broadcasters to transmit the broadcasts in additional languages and with more information. However it would also require the appropriate receivers — a small investment really for such a big savings.

Using analog (or digital) AM would make it possible to touch the listeners in their home countries and also on their way to us. This is possible without new installations since everything is mainly in place. All that is needed is the determination and some money to switch it on — quite efficient!

Broadcast providers and network operators should maintain AM broadcasts for such political challenges. The willingness to help the refugees integrate into their new world is apparent in many governments and it is a question of humanity to use such ways of communication in order to educate effectively.
Radio World by Jochen Huber Berlin December 7, 2015.
(Dipl. Ing. Jochen Huber is president of JHBC Broadcast Consulting and honorary member of the DRM consortium).
Posted by: Mike Terry, dxld yg (7/12-2015)



The Indian Mail Today reports "Good old radio emerged as the only thing connecting the people of Chennai with the outside world during the worst hours of flooding".

The newspaper says:
When all other communication links were down, All India Radio’s Chennai station managed to broadcast regular news bulletins about the situation in Tamil Nadu.
The broadcast remained uninterrupted despite the fact that the news room itself was flooded.
The AIR [All India Radio] even increased the frequency of news bulletins to ensure that people get all the information about the calamity as it unfolded.

The same news is repeated within this UK Daily Mail story

All India Radio (AIR)

Indian Mail Today
Mike Terry, dxld yg (5/12-2015)

The BBC Radio Bristol 1548 kHz transmitter at Mongostsfield is to close in February 2016 and 4 new DAB transmitters will be added to the Bristol multiplex to replace lost coverage.
James Robinson (4/12-2015)

The LW service of RTE will continue until 2017, with reduced broadcast time. These are the latest news. There has been also a survey about the listening of 252 kHz (the news about it and the survey link are on http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/generation-emigration/survey-do-you-listen-to-rté-s-longwave-service-1.2397407) and a website has been created against the stop of the transmissions, which is updated with the news about it (http://savertelongwaveradio.com/).
Giovanni Ricci (3/12-2015)

Re. to Sergio Sarabia: The 162 kHz frequency should stay active until 31/12/2016, as Radio France stated. The Luxembourg masts are to be demolished as the broadcasts stop (http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/news/luxembourg/story/L-tat-va-racheter-le-site-de-Marnach-19784995) and the ground on which they were used to stay will be sold in 2016.
P.S.: there is a petition about keeping the France Inter LW frequency alive on http://162khz.wesign.it/fr
Giovanni Ricci (3/12-2015)

I recently sent an e-mail to Deutschlandfunk regarding when their special programme about the end of medium wave would be broadcast.
Despite me writing in English, I got a reply in German, which only partly translates in google translate. I do understand the giste of it though.
It looks as if the special programmes will run on 17, 18 and 19 December. The first two days there are programmes at 1010 CET (0910 UTC), and on 17 December, there is a programme at 1840 CET (1740 UTC). Finally on 19 December there is a programme at 1705 CET (1605 UTC).
The original German text is shown here. If I run it through Google translate it does not work properly. If anyone can actually translate it properly can you please translate it for me: Thanks. Here is the text:

Sehr geehrter Herr Robinson,
im Programmheft des Monats September hatten wir Sie aufgerufen, uns Ihre Erfahrungen mit der Lang-, Mittel- oder Kurzwelle mitzuteilen. Denn am 31.12. 2015 werden die letzten Mittelwellensender in Deutschland abgeschaltet, die den Deutschlandfunk ausstrahlen.

Die Vielzahl von Zuschriften, Aufzeichnungen und Fotos, die uns erreicht hat, hat uns sehr beeindruckt. Und so möchte ich Ihnen heute sehr herzlich danken, dass auch Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns Ihre Erfahrungen und auch Ihre Meinung zu schreiben. Ihre Überlegungen sind wesentlich mit eingeflossen in unseren Programmschwerpunkt zur Abschaltung der Mittelwelle, den wir zwischen dem 17. und 19. Dezember im Deutschlandfunk senden werden. Mit ihm wollen wir der Mittelwelle die Referenz erweisen.

Am 17. Dezember um 10.10 Uhr geht es im „Marktplatz“ um die Alternativen zur Mittelwelle – damit Sie auch weiterhin gut versorgt werden mit dem, was wir Radiomacher für Sie produzieren.

Am Abend desselben Tages sendet der „Hintergrund“ ab 18.40 Uhr ein Feature mit dem Titel „Abschied von der Mittelwelle – Ein Stück Radiogeschichte geht zu Ende“.

In der Reihe „Lebenszeit“ kommen Hörerinnen und Hörer am 18.12. ab 10.10 Uhr selbst zu Wort und können mitdiskutieren: „Persönliche Erinnerungen – Der Deutschlandfunk und die Mittelwelle“. In „Markt und Medien“ am Samstag um 17.05 Uhr gibt es schließlich einen Rückblick auf die technische Entwicklung und deren Nutzung: „Erfindung mit Reichweite – Die mediale Bedeutung der Mittelwelle“.

Ich hoffe, dass der Programmschwerpunkt auch Ihr Interesse findet und würde mich freuen, wenn Sie an diesen Tagen vielfach einschalten.

Mit nochmaligem Dank für Ihre Zuschrift und dem Wunsch, dass Sie dem Deutschlandfunk gewogen bleiben,
grüße ich Sie herzlich
Matthias Gierth
Leiter Hauptabteilung Kultur Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio
Raderberggürtel 40, 50968 Köln

I am not certain whether the normal programmes will be carried outside of these times mentioned here, but once this is translaed properly, we may be more clear.
Hope that helps for those who wanted to know more info.
James Robinson (1/12-2015)

Ofcom, the British radio regulator, has recently extended the licence (number: AL000070BA/5) of Global Radio (AM) Ltd (30 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LA, www.mygoldmusic.co.uk) for Smooth Radio in Ipswich (1170 kHz) and Bury St Edmunds (1251 kHz) until 25 November 2027.
http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/update1115 published on 1 December 2015 via
Dr. Hansjörg Biener


News AIR continues experiments with DRM; first India-made set goes on sale on Amazon India InShare RnMTeam | 28 Nov 2015

Even as Prasar Bharati Chief Executive Officer Jawhar Sircar feels there is need to promote FM, which is a terrestrial technology since affordable digital sets are not available, All India Radio (AIR) continues to experiment with DRM in different parts of the country.[...]
AIR Panaji - 1297 KHz
- 100 KW – is broadcasting on both analogue and DRM mode in nearby frequencies: analogue frequency: 1287 kHz whereas the simulcast DRM Frequency was 1297 kHz.
AIR Mumbai is testing in DRM mode on 1044 kHz and the Asmita channel is available as simulcast on DRM mode at 568 kHz (558 kHz, Analogue).
AIR Jabalpur is also commencing DRM tests next month while AIR Bengaluru DRM [short wave] transmission was clearly heard in Russia.
Radio Kashmir in AIR Jammu earlier this month started simulcast transmission of its primary service programmes with AM on 990 kHz & DRM on 1000 kHz. AIR Jammu commenced with a discussion on what DRM means to a radio listener, in which DDG (Engineering) Radio Kashmir, Jammu K.K.Singh along with Shailesh Raina explained DRM.
Amazon India has for the first time commenced sale of DRM sets on its Mobile App. The set is made in India by Communications System Inc (Avion) which is the first company in India to manufacture a DRM receiver, one of the world’s largest radio digitisation rolls out countrywide. The DRM digital radio receiver AV-DR-1401 is now available on Amazon India. The receiver offers the full set of features including: DRM/AM/FM Stereo Reception; MW/SW/FM Bands; DRM Journaline Data; DRM Scrolling Text; DRM Program Recording; Auto Scan and Manual Tuning; DRM Emergency Warning; Unicode Character Support; 100 Station Memory; Music/Photos playback from Micro SD Card; Multiple Language Support; Realtime Clock; MOT Slideshow; Service Mode; DRM AFS and Battery Indicator.
Hansjoerg Biener (30/11-2015)

Next closures on LW and MW 31 Dec 2015. Freq. in khz and country.
162 F
549 D
603 F
711 F
756 D
864 F
1206 F
1242 F
1269 D
1278 F
1377 F
1404 F
1422 D
1440 LUX
1494 F
1557 F
Sergio Sarabia (30/11-2015)

Sergio mentioned, that RTÉ 252 kHz will close down on January 19th, 2016, but I am not sure, that is correct. My latest information concerning 252 kHz is, that the transmitter will be kept on air until at least 2017.
Anybody knows better?
Ydun Ritz



Can someone please confirm - I only had the impression that 3 countries were stopping MW at the end of the year:

Luxembourg 1440
All German transmiters
France - except Bleu 5 on 1584 kHz

Are there any more closures at the end of the year please?
James Robinson (27/11-2015)

This comes from the mwcircle part of Facebook. Christoforos Liatos reported that 1008kHz Krka - Corfu has been reactivated on 26 November 2015.
It seems that the new Greek government is trying to bring back the ring of stations around Greece's borders.
This is a small piece of good news set against the big reductions set for the end of the year.
I have made the necessary movements between the two spreadsheets.
73 abd 88 Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts yg (26/11-2015)



The mighty 1368 comes alive again next weekend. Radio Caroline North returns live from The M.V Ross Revenge. This time we feature the return of Radio Caroline, Radio Northsea International and the early 70's years of The M.V Mi Amigo.
Carnaby Street with Chris Williams Facebook group November 21, 2015.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (23/11-2015)



Trinidad & Tobago is no longer an active MW radio country.  The last AM radio station, "Inspirational 730" closed on April 5, 2015, with the move to Sky 99.5 FM.  The only other station, NBN Radio 610 closed sometime in 2007, and the old boarded-up NBN Radio 610 broadcast building was scheduled for demolition in 2012 according to news reports.  So Trinidad & Tobago needs to be moved to the inactive list.
Bruce Conti, mwmasts yg (22/11-2015)



Radio Studio X, which broadcasts from Italy on 1584 kHz, has suddenly changed its QSL policy. Seen as an hard to verify station it has started to confirm reception reports.
In the last 24 hours a number of F/D eQSLs have been sent out to their listeners including myself. My eQSL came only 2 hours after the time I sent my report to: qsl@radiostudiox.it
Antonello Napolitano, dxld yg (18/11-2015)



On 13 November 2015, Radio Nacional Iguazú was renamed Radio Nacional Iguazú  "Horacio Quiroga" [http://www.nacionaliguazu.com.ar/?p=18527] in homage to the Uruguayan writer of Argentinian descent who lived in Misiones. Obviously it was a life surrounded by death, cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horacio_Quiroga. The imposition of the name of Horacio Quiroga on the station was accompanied by the placement of a plaque to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the management of RTS SE and National Radio Argentina for the decision to recover public media. Another plaque honors the employees for their commitment to this major overhaul, which included new transmitters for AM 710 kHz (25 kW)  and FM 99.1 MHz (10 kW).

"16 de noviembre de 2015 . 4:21 am
La radio pública en Misiones
Ahora somos Nacional Iguazú “Horacio Quiroga”
Por resolución del directorio de Radio y Televisión Argentina SE y a pedido del conjunto de los trabajadores de la radio pública en Misiones, el viernes último quedó instituido el nombre de la emisora como Nacional Iguazú “Horacio Quiroga”, en homenaje al escritor uruguayo que se radicó en Misiones y cuya literatura hizo conocer a la tierra roja en todo el mundo.
La imposición del nombre de Horacio Quiroga a nuestra emisora fue acompañada con la colocación de una placa de reconocimiento a la presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a la gestión de RTS SE y de Radio Nacional Argentina por la decisión política de recuperar los medios públicos, entre ellos las 50 emisoras de RNA, y la colocación de otra placa en reconocimiento a los trabajadores de Nacional Iguazú “Horacio Quiroga” por haberse comprometido con esta recuperación a partir de la cual la radio pública en Misiones instaló nuevos transmisores de AM 710 y FM 99.1 de última generación, el primero de 25Kw de potencia y el segundo de 10 Kw; se adquirieron equipos de estudios y de maestranza (computadoras, micrófonos, auriculares, aires acondicionados, teléfonos, televisores, desmalezadoras, etcétera) y se va recuperando el equipo de trabajadores con profesionales de las comunicaciones y en la administración."
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (17/11-2015)

Re. the UNID 11/11 on 675 kHz: It could a pirate station, which has taken over the frequency, but not sure.
Herman Content BEL (16/11-2015)



Bauer Media, owners of Radio City in Liverpool have announced that following Ofcom's approval a few months ago, City Talk 105.9 (now renamed Radio City Talk), will swap places with Radio City 2, currently broadcasting on 1548 kHz from the Bebingotn transmitter, as from 7 December 2015.

The current format of Radio City Talk is soft pop and talk, whereas the new station will have rock, sport and talk.

The current Radio City 2 service, will retain the same music mix of "The Greatest Hits", but whereas at present all programming originate via Manchester, with some shows from Glasgow and Edinburgh, a local breakfast show and "drive" show will be reintroduced Monday to Friday on Radio City 2, broadcast from Liverpool.

For Radio City Talk, all content will originate from Liverpool as it does now.

More details here:
James Robinson (16/11-2015)



In a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, the president of Brazil a couple of days ago signed a decree authorizing radio stations to migrate their signals from AM to FM, where frequenies are gaining in audio quality, competitiveness and scope through cell phones.
Read the full story in https://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/
(translated by yours truly)
Original text:
"Con un acto solemne en el Palacio Planalto, la presidente de Brasil firmó dias pasados un decreto que autorizará a las emisoras de radio migrar sus señales de AM a FM, una frecuencia donde ganarán en calidad de audio, competividad y alcance, a travésde los teléfonos celulares...... Lea la nota completa en https://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/ "
Arnaldo Slaen, dxld yg (15/11-2015)



Just a quick note to advise that the Riyadh 1440 kHz transmitter was observed in North West England as early as 1610 UTC.  Very weak carrier and not audible. Weak signal slightly audible by 1645 UTC.
This transmitter can often be heard after the closedown of the Marnach transmitter at 0001 UTC each night.
James Robinson (14/11-2015)

Challenger Nord Italia 1368 KHZ: Test on 1368 kHz 25 KW with SIEMENS S30 transmitter near Padova. Heard in South Italy at Benevento 22:30 UTC SINPO 44444 with SONY ICF-S10MK2  tascable ricevitor indoor location.
Bye. Carlo Tenga (13/11-2015)



Re. 225 kHz scheduled downtime Nov 2 - Nov 22 2015:
Test 1 2 3? http://x264.nl/dump/0-40/225khz-2015-11-13-1609utc-onair.jpg
No audio.
Jarod Middelman (13/11-2015)