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828 Antena 1 Açores, Monte das Cruzes, Flores island, reactivated (after an antenna break down back in June last), 2236-..., 07/10, relaying Antena 1 Lisboa, comments on the f/ball match POR vs. ISL; 44433, QRM de E.  I had recently reported on its reactivation scheduled for Thursday, 06/10, and it seems things did run well for the RTP.  This small 1 kW tx served by a folded monopole with the VHF-FM antennae on top is back and with regular, strong signals.
Carlos Goncalves POR (10/10-2011)

Antena 1 Açores status:
693 Santa Bárbara, Terceira island, is at just 3 kW, nominal 10 (Harris tx). Due to QRM, reception of this one here has always been very tough.

828 Monte das Cruzes, Flores island, 1 kW (solid stade Nautel tx). The weakest tx of the remaining 2 active on the archipelago, but the one providing the best signal here, regularly heard... but I haven´t logged it for a few month´s time for it´s off since June last, but it is estimated that a damaged insulator will be installed on 06 Oct next.  The Flores tower is a folded monopole meaning it can take the VHF-FM aerials on its top.

That particular part was not bought as [unofficial] instructions stipulate no further costs are to be dedicated to the RTP MW stns.  Their colleagues in Madeira simply removed an insulator from one of the idle towers (maybe the collapsed tower at Porto Santo island), and are despatching the item to Açores.

In my reports, I have once commented that small stations are usually the most unwilling one to disclose any information on their MW operation, I mean here in Portugal at least.
Nevertheless, they keep their MW permits by paying them annually, but it´s "strange" that the lack of activity doesn´t mean those licenses are simply revoked which is supposed to be the normal procedure by the radio authorities www.anacom.pt and www.erc.pt
But then there seems to be this interesting regulation stipulating stns operating on MW too get a higher subsidy for airing the so called political propaganda campaign prior to ellections.  I have not ascertained whether this is actually true, but suppose the RTP chap who provided me this piece of information knows what´s he talking about.

All stns, state owned and private, are (regrettably in my view) forced to provide time slots for airing the tapes, like for instance Brazilian stations have to air the natl. newz magazine A Voz do Brasil, i.e. if this situation hasn´t changed (at least not all do air that magazine at the same time, typically 2200-2300 UTC).

So if their MW fqs exist in the official lists because licenses are being paid, no wonder why some thereof aren´t keen in telling us about the actual situation... for, "officially" they do b/cast on MW...

Needless to say the b...dy subsidies I mentioned are at the expenses of the taxpayer.
Carlos Goncalves POR (4/10-2011)

I have just received my copy of the WRTH 2011, and unfortunately found some incorrect items:

RDP Antena 1 Açores
Pico da Barrosa 837 10 kW, São Miguel island, is no more.  The file with the RDP stns I have recently received from www.rtp.pt is the same RTP sends to the WRTH, and I'm sure the latter forwarded it to the Country Contributor, and 837 is no longer listed there.  I take it WRTH Country Contributors should perhaps keep in touch with their colleagues handling the MW sections so as to avoid such discrepancies.
One of the reasons why this outlet was terminated is the collapse of the tower during a storm.

Commercial Stations
R. Club de Angra (909 kHz, inactive, tower collapsed years ago) and Estação Emissora do Club Asas do Atlântico (1566 kHz, inactive) are being listed separately instead of appearing under the "Other Stations" (VHF-FM only) list, but those two fqs are omitted.  The fact is that they're both licenced MW stns that are simply not active [on MW] for certain reasons, but both remain active on VHF-FM.  It is up to www.erc.pt ultimately to decide towards the removal of their MW licences, but then again this hasn't happened so far. On the other hand, ERC is usually swift in doing so regarding VHF-FM licences.
As a matter of fact,
RCA 909 vanished when their monopole collapsed a number of years ago, and increasing competition from the VHF-FM-only local stns and revenue decrease paved the way for halting MW operation, and it is almost they will remain silent on MW for the years to come.
1566 is silent not due to technical reasons, but for the same financial motive that caused RCA to suspend MW.

Military Stations
Rádio Lajes - Voz da FAP
No mention of the [continuously postponed] planned reactivation on MW
1530[formerly thought was 1584] (ex-648), no VHF-FM [93.5 MHz 150 watt] fq listed, stn director's name [currently, Lt.Colonel Carlos Mendes] also omitted.  As a matter of fact, Lt.Col. Carlos Mendes' name should have been mentioned in the WRTH 2009 & 2010 editions.
Carlos Goncalves (10/12-2010)

828 Antena 1 Açores, Monte das Cruzes, Flores, is "back in business" as obs'ed. on 15 April:
2225-22422, 15 Apr, songs prgr; 45343, adj. QRM, so maybe the fault on the site was not that serious after all.
Best regards,
Carlos Goncalves (18/4-2010)

828 Antena 1 Açores, Monte das Cruzes, Ilha das Flores, Flores island, has been off due to a tx break down; it is estimated that the repair crew arrived on the island today, 12 Apr, so as to solve the problem and reactivate this 1 kW that serves both this island and that of Corvo.   This is actually my best AZR channel here despite [often avoidable] QRM de E.
Carlos Goncalves (13/4-2010)

909 R.Club de Angra
1566 Estação Emissora do Club Asas do Atlântico.
These two (plus R.Altitude, Guarda, here on mainland) will most probably loose their MW permits, i.e. if the decision hasn't been taken into force, on grounds of non-use of their fqs.
Carlos Goncalves, Portugal (5/6-2009)

Rádio Lajes - A Voz da Força Aérea Portuguesa, will hopefully be back on MW soon, though neither on its previous, inactive, outlet on 648 kHz (was 650 kHz at least in the mid~late 70s) nor on the one shown in their website, i.e. 1530 kHz, which was the fq. they originally planned to move to. It's going to be on 1584 kHz, a frq. where the stn seemed to have operated in the past too. Power will again be 1 kW via the old, idle tx.
Part of their future plans include DRM operation on MW via a new tx and VHF-FM power increase from the current 0.150 kW PEP to 0.5 kW PEP. Besides that, split operation will be an option, i.e. VHF-FM, internet and MW all carrying different channels albeit incl. some relays of R.Renascença, and with sport being carried via MW.
R. Lajes' audience is not confined to the Lajes airbase personel, nor to Lajes or even Praia da Vitória, the nearest town, but to the whole island of Terceira at least. [http://www.radiolajes.com/lajes
os Goncalves (9/6-2006)

891, 981 1422, the three frequencies transmitted from Ouled Fayet are off since some days ago.
73 Rafael Martínez, Barcelona, Catalonia (10/9-2015)

891 Ouled Fayet, which was typically with very low modulation albeit putting a very strong carrier, was last logged on 30 April last.
Carlos Gonçalves (8/9-2015)

891 kHz should be back with new equipment in the future, so better try to catch that Sudanese station!
Mauno Ritola (8/9-2015)

Algerian broadcaster Télédiffusion d'Algérie has enlisted Switzerland-based company Ampegon to install shortwave transmission systems at two sites in Bechar and Ouargla. These new transmitters will enable TDA to broadcast shortwave without utilizing third-party vendors, says the company.

Ampegon will develop turnkey solutions at both sites inclusing two 300 kW shortwave transmitters, two shortwave antenna systems and civil works. The project is estimated to be completed at the end of 2016.

Ampegon, in cooperation with Transradio, previously installed a 1.5 MW longwave transmission system in Algeria near Tipaza, and is presently modernizing two medium-wave transmsitter stations in Bechar and Oulet Fayed.

radioworld.com (27/8-2015)

891 khz ALG Chaîne 1 in Ouled Fayet is inactive after a long time with low modulation. 
Sergio Sarabia (18/5-2015)

153 Béchar & 198 Ouargla observed today 08 May at 1245 UTC, carrying the same (ch. 1) programme, not parallel to Tipaza 252:
Béchar with SINPO 54554, weak modulation, QRM from Morocco on 171 due to rossed modulation also known as "Luxembourg effect", whereas Ouargla was rated 23451, weak modulation, QRM from the BBC as usual.
Radio ALgérienne on 891 Ouled Fayet also puts very weak modulation.
Carlos Gonçalves (8/5-2015)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni reactivated its service just a few days agfo. It seems to me they arn't using their full power.
Carlos Gonçalves (8/5-2015)

1550 khz ALG Saharawi is active again.
Sergio Sarabia (8/5-2015)

1550 khz ALG Saharawi since April 28 is inactive.
Sergio Sarabia (2/5-2015)

1550 khz ALG Saharaw:For more than two days becomes inactive.
(Now active again, apparently with less power. [April 26th 2157utc] )
Sergio Sarabia (26/4-2015 0715utc)

1550 khz ALG Saharaw inactive: In 1550 khz resumption of Saharawi service but decrease is observed in the emission power, could have tried a breakdown that left a few days without emission and now resume emissions underpowered. The old frequency of 700 khz not use more for this service.
Sergio Sarabia (24/4-2015)

Re. "ALGERIA 1550 khz ALG Saharawi Arab Dem.Rep.Nat. Radio: Since a few days ago this station is inactive. Sergio Sarabia (21/4-2015)",
I confirm they were off the air not just in the evening but also during the morning period; their "alternative" fq of 700/702 was not used either. I checked 1550 a few mins. prior to 2200 today, and they were off, then a carrier emerged, and power was clearly being increased till the signal reached almost the normal - high - level I get from them; announcements, incl. webpage preceded the 2201 TS followed by the newscast.  I cannot say that coincided with the resume of operations or was some break in the transmission.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves POR (22/4-2015)

1550 khz ALG Saharawi Arab Dem.Rep.Nat. Radio: Since a few days ago this station is inactive.
Regards Sergio Sarabia (21/4-2015)

Jil FM on 549 kHz heard clear enough to identify at 11.22 hrs this morning in Devon UK for the first time known, pretty good for this time/month of the year. Chaine 3 (Algeria) 252 kHz also at 11.25 hrs, pretty good also, co channeling interference with RTE 1 (Ireland), using Grundig YB 400.
Adam Birchenall via MWC fb group (16/4-2015)

Correct data:
153 khz
ALG Châine 1 (inactive)
531 khz
E RNE Radio 5 Oviedo (25 kw)*
558 khz
E RNE Radio 5 La Coruña (25 kw)
882 khz
E COPE Málaga (25 KW)
The information in the web http://www.mwlist.org/ were incorrect and does not change.
Regards Sergio Sarabia (23/3-2015)

Today morning I switched to JilFM on 531 khz and realised that they diverted from their usual pop-music programmes to a condolence format.
The cause can be read in the following announcement by Algerie Presse Service:

Algerie Presse Service (Algiers)
23 January 2015
Algeria: Death of Saudi King Abdullah - President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has declared on Friday a three-day national mourning throughout the national territory, following the passing of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saud, said a communiqué of the presidency of the Republic.
"After having learnt with deep sorrow the death of his majesty King Abdullah Ibn Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia, President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika sent on his behalf and on behalf of the Algerian people and government his sincerest condolences to King Salman Ibn
Abdelaziz, new king of Saudi Arabia and Servant of the two Holy Places: Mecca and Medina, as well as to the Saudi brother people," the communiqué added.
"The Head of the State has also designated an important delegation led by Abdelkader Bensalah, Speaker of the Council of Nation, to represent Algeria to the funerals of the deceased king," the source added.
Tibor Gaal, HNG (25/1-2015)

Since this Thursday, the 252 transmitter from Algeria was noted off, here in Valencia (aprox. 400 km) until today at 1400 UTC. Now is detected a weak carrier.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, Spain (24/1-2015)

I think the babychild brought a christmas presence under my christmas tree:
on the night of December 24-25, 25-26, 26-27 I have catched again Radio Algerienne channel 3 (french language) [252 kHz] in good quality. It seems to me that their longwave transmitter was switched on again after a hiatus from the beginning of December.
Wishing all DXers a new year rich in DX catches.
Tibor Gaal from Budapest, Hungary (28/12-2014)

252 kHz: Just after I wrote last eMail the little surprise: Algerie can be heard rather weak just now (10 utc) in French language, after I turned the big of the loops so that RTE has disappeared completely.
If you consider the local time and the distance, I think, Algeria is going on again today normally after the break yesterday.
Wolfgang Heuer (25/10-2014)

252 kHz: Tonight (24.10.) here is only RTE on the frequence, no signal from Algeria. May be they have technical problems?
Wolfgang Heuer (24/10-2014)

Dear Ydun, Algier, Chaine 3 trois is back on 252 kHz with strong signal in northern Germany.
73, Wolfgang Heuer (23/10-2014)

RTA 252 kHz and MW sites: According to Transradio Website (www.transradio.de) RTA signed a contract for rebuilding all the algerian TX sites including 252 kHz. TX's coming from Transradio Berlin Germany (TRAM1500 LW, TRAM600 MW), antennas from Ampegon Schifferstadt Germany.
Walter Barteczek (2/4-2014)

Clandestine 1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, started their evening prgr as usual, with
prayer right after s/on, then some Koranic talks followed by the 45 min. segment in Castilian at 1715, with "curiosidades", curiosities, and a no less curious fq announcement reading "193 m/1550 kHz, 49 km/6300 kHz", , yes km, then music and "informativo" at 1737.

Surely, 6300 kHz is "wrong", and no wonder why we can't receive their signal
besides the one via 1550 kHz - they are on 49 *k*m!!! Well, they sure have
plenty of desert space for antenna working on 49 km...

BTW, the Castilian prgr ended at 1800, and the b/cast resumed the Arabic segment, which lasts until 2330.
Carlos Gonçalves (9/2-2014)

From my QTH in Valencia, the algerian regional outlets 639 (Radio Adrar - Reggane), 927 (Radio Adrar - Timimoun), 1089 (Radio Adrar - Adrar) and 1161 kHz (Radio Tamanrasset - In Salah) have been observed for several months in parallel relaying on the evenings Radio Alger International and then, RTA Coran, in the following schedule:

1930-1959, R.A.I. spanish
2000-2029, R.A.I. arabic
2030-2059, R.A.I. french
2100-2129, R.A.I. arabic
2130-2159, R.A.I. english
2200-2229, R.A.I. spanish
2230-2259, R.A.I. arabic
2300-????, RTA Coran (at least, until 0200 UTC).
Regards, 73,
Guillermo (3/12-2013)

Dear Friends,
In the morning of 14th this month i monitored Algeria on 531 and 549 khz. The condolence has been ended in the event of the death of Chadli Bendjedid, former president of Algeria. Regular programming of Jil Fm has been returned onto the mediumwave frequencies of 531 and 549 khz.
Tibor Gaal, HNG (15/10-2012)

Last night (9./10. October) on algerian mediumwaves 531 and 549 khz, no popmusic, only serious classical music (f.e. Samuel Barber, adagio for strings). Only very short ID´s.
It's beacause of the death of Chadli Bendjedid, former president of Algeria.
Peter Wiedemann, Dresden (10/10-2012)

In Recent day's i have received both 531KHz & 549 KHz Jil FM, and signal very strong in south Devon UK at night. Certain times do have some 90's music playing, mixed with arabic pop. This morning on 19/06/12 at 04.45 BST the signal on 531 KHZ dissapeared, although on 549 KHz it didn't fade completly till 05.10 BST
Adam Birchenall (19/6-2012)

Monday late afternoon and most of evening while listening to RTE 1 on 252 LW i heard a noise like a test tone in the background. By nightime it got stronger and i think it was the algerian channel that the noise came from as probably the algerian channel could of broadcasting on 254 KHz instaed of 252 KHz as an temporary fault or something.
Adam Birchenall (15/3-2011)

From 11st of December, 2009 i discovered that ALG - Alger Chaine 1 is broadcasting again on 549 khz. This is parallel to 531 khz. My QTH is Magyarlak, in western part of Hungary.
Tibor Gaal (17/12-2009)

700 kHz Polisario Front, Tindouf (?), 01 SEP, 1820 (fade in)-..., Arabic, folk songs, talks; 25442, but only poor~fair performance till late in the evening.  Today (02 SEP, 1835) for instance, it's barely detected, with most of the QRM coming from ALG 702.    
Having said that, I must conclude the obvious: reception up here in the capital is worse than down on Algarve's west coast, even comparing almost equal K9AY antennae: an elevated or
raised 25 m / loop one here in Lisbon vs. an on the ground 2x25 m / loop on the coastal place.
1550 Polisario Front, Tindouf (?), remains off.
73, Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal (2/9-2006)



On 13 November 2015, Radio Nacional Iguazú was renamed Radio Nacional Iguazú "Horacio Quiroga" [http://www.nacionaliguazu.com.ar/?p=18527] in homage to the Uruguayan writer of Argentinian descent who lived in Misiones. Obviously it was a life surrounded by death, cf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horacio_Quiroga. The imposition of the name of Horacio Quiroga on the station was accompanied by the placement of a plaque to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the management of RTS SE and National Radio Argentina for the decision to recover public media. Another plaque honors the employees for their commitment to this major overhaul, which included new transmitters for AM 710 kHz (25 kW) and FM 99.1 MHz (10 kW).
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (17/11-2015)

If it is not in the WRTH it’s news:
When doing some research on the occasion of the upcoming 80th anniversary of LR1 Radio El Mundo 1070 kHz (29 November 1935) the following web address was noted: http://www.elmundo1070.com/
The address http://www.elmundoradio.com/ given in the Wikipedia article https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_El_Mundo forwards to this site, while http://www.radioradioelmundodigital.com.ar/ given in WRTH 2015 brings an error notice. Dr. Hansjörg Biener (13/9-2015)

News AM station: Unidentified 540 khz with religious programming, reported May 05, 2015. The station transmitted from the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, perhaps from El Talar, General Pacheco. It has bad audio, maybe somewhat distorted and with low QSA.

"540 khz NO IDENTIFICADA, con programación religiosa, reportada el pasado 05 de Mayo de 2015. La emisora transmitiría desde la zona norte del Gran Buenos Aires, tal vez desde El Talar, General Pacheco o zona y tiene muy mal audio, tal vez algo distorsionado y baja QSA."
Arnaldo Slaen, condiglist yg (23/5-2015)

AM 1520 La Voz del Sur is a new transmitter in the Buenos Aires ares.

AM 1520 La Voz del Sur es una nueva emisora de carácter “no oficial” que emite desde el pasado 1º de Mayo de 2015 desde sus estudios centrales ubicados sobre la calle Robertson Nº 1249 de la localidad de Luis Guillón, Partido de Esteban Echeverría, Provincia de Buenos Aires.

La emisora anuncia además los siguientes datos de contacto:
Teléfono: (011) 4290-8007 y 4290-2892. 
E-mail: amlavozdelsur@gmail.com
Página Web: www.lavozdelsur.com.ar

La nueva emisora no es más que otra de las radios que estaría bajo la dirección del Sr. Germán Rubido, dado que es quien realiza la locución de la citada emisora, y siendo que la AM 1520 emite desde la misma dirección en que lo hacía la AM 1600 Radio Metropolitana “La Metro” (1600 KHz)

Marcelo A. Cornachioni via Arnaldo Slaen, condiglist yg (12/5-2015)

In Argentina, Radio Ciudad de Caá-Catí is a new unlicensed station on 1490 kHz, broadcasting in the northwestern part of the capital Buenos Aires.
Also from the same area, and on the nearby frequency of
1500 kHz, Radio Federal from La Reja, Partido de Moreno, is a new station. Radio Federal rebroadcasts "Frecuencia On" (90.7 MHz FM), which belongs to the same owner, Sandra Karina Taboada.
On the X-band,
Radio El Mensajero is a new unlicensed religious station on 1650 kHz. The station is operated by "La Senda Antigua" movement led by pastor Emilio Gaette. Radio El Mensajero is located at Calle Carlos Cazón Nº 2338, de la localidad de Rafael Castillo, Partido de La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires. The telephone number is (011) 4698-3163, and you can also email the station. Radio Guaraní, which was previously noted on the same frequency, is currently off the air.
All three stations were first reported by
Marcelo A. Cornachioni on Condig mailing list in late June and early July.

Radio Banderas on 1450 kHz is a new station broadcasting from Partido de Moreno, Provincia de Buenos Aires since late May. DXer Arnaldo Slaen heard telephone numbers 0237-4687766 and 0111530780194 (cell) mentioned. He reported the station on June 1st, using for instance the slogan "Toda la música del Litoral en un solo lugar: AM1450 Radio Banderas".
DXing.info (11/6-2013)

Hi, there were very good condx to Argentina this morning (June 09, 0300UTC) 
esp. in the X-band.
The strongest station was Radio Rubi on 1670kHz, another good one was on 1610.00kHz (I still need to check my recording more 
carefully) and there were some other Spanish speaking stations in the X-band  (e.g. 1700). A very weak station was on 1599.80kHz (there is Chile listed in  the MW offsets list but I doubt about it).
Some offsets:

DXing in CZE in the middle of Europe,
Karel Honzik, mwcircle yg (9/6-2013)

"AM 1620 Aire Nuevo" is the station identification of a new broadcaster here. The station was first heard by Cesar Perez Dioses in Peru on March 28, and reported on the Brazilian radioescutas mailing list.

Also on the X-band,
Radio Rubi has been identified on 1670 kHz with test transmissions. Radio Rubi is located at Roberto Billinghurst Nº 1425, Rafael Castillo, Partido de La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Telephone (011) 4669-5064 has been announced. The station was first reported by Marcelo A. Cornachioni on Condig mailing list on March 23.

On the traditional AM band,
Radio La Más Santiagueña is a new station reported on 1160 kHz AM. Cornachioni reports contact info as follows: Calle Hilario Ascasubi Nº 4466 de la localidad de Gregorio de Laferrere, Partido de La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, telephones (011) 4457-1466 and 4626-5298. The station was first reported heard by Arnaldo Slaen on March 25 on Condig.

Radio del Promesero is another new station simulcasting on 1210 kHz AM and 91.3 MHz FM. Cornachioni reports contact info as follows: Calle Dr. Carlos Saavedra Lamas Nº 3644, de la Ciudad y Partido de José C. Paz, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Telephone: (02320) 45-3200, email. Cornachioni gives transmitter power as 1 kW.

Further, "Frecuencia On" is a new station on 1500 kHz, previously heard only on FM 90.7 MHz. Contact info from Cornachioni: Calle José Miró Nº 1453, de la localidad de La Reja, Partido de Moreno, Buenos Aires. Telephone: (0237) 487-1145.

Up the regular AM band, on
1590 kHz "AM 1590 Sin Fronteras" is a new station. Contact info: Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen al 1700, de la localidad y Partido de Merlo, Buenos Aires, phone: (0220) 486-5767. The station was reported on Conexión Digital on March 30.

Accidentally, one of the many Buenos Aires stations can now be heard even on shortwave. Unlicensed Radio Gama, which broadcasts on 1490 kHz, has been reported on 2980 kHz, the second harmonic frequency, in late March both in Argentina and Uruguay.
DXing.info (6/4-2013)

Radio Gratitud has recently popped up in Buenos Aires on 1670 kHz on the extended AM band. The Christian station is unlicensed, as most new stations in Argentina are. You can reach the station by email or by writing to Weiss de Rossi Nº 3056, Barrio Almafuerte de la localidad de Glew, Partido de Almirante Brown, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, or phone at +54 (0)2224-43-6516. Pastor Diego Angel Gloria is the station manager.
Also in Buenos Aires, Radio Nueva Bolivia has changed from 1640 kHz to 1630 kHz. Information about these changes was first published by DXer Marcelo A. Cornachioni in Grupo Radioescucha Argentino blog.
DXing.info (6/1-2013)

Dear Ydun M Ritz,
Since a couple of days I have noted a SS station on
1650 AM believed to be Argentina! My first obs. on 14 May at UTC 0253.
Playing mostly non stop mx, and just this part of identification I have noted ".... 16-50 la emisora de familia" by a male voice. Lonely on the X-band!! this morning 16 May at UTC 0244.
At UTC 0255 a compostion played similar the style of a national anthmem. At UTC 0300 midnight is in Arg.
Before this hour little more popular mx even tangos!! But after very soft and like serious mx, when night starts down there?
I have checked the latest info on the Arg site of DX-ing Info, and find a note that RDB is inactive. The two mentioned stns  in WRTHB 2008 R Renacer and R Reivir are not listed on your site.May I ask you for the latest news?
My best regards
Hasse Mattisson, Sweden (16/5-2008)

I have made an audioclip. Time UTC 0254, with -3 for ARG, 6 mins before local midnight. The clip starts with ID "La Estacion Esperanza" with lot of ??? abt frq and later also the "La Emisora de la Familia". At last - 5 mins before ARG midnight - something sounded like NA.
I have eliminated Radio Revivir by checking their live stream on the web.
Have suspected CP in DOM (Radeco), but then again eliminated because of the mx mix and the NA.

Hasse Mattisson, (20/5-2008)

Hasse has heard the same station almost every morning since May 14th. Does anybody have an idea of which station, this could be?
Ydun Ritz (20/5-2008)


Hi Ydun, I just opened the latest edition of ICDX Crossfire magazine from Robert Copeman in Australia. It has a few short term items. Not exciting but they could lead to something more permanent.

1089kHz Collie Community Broadcasting Association, Collie WA AUS licenced on air from 1/11/13 to 31/10/14. Site: Radio 1089AM 63m Mast Community Radio Site, Moira Road, Collie WA AUS. (Robert Copeman).

1530kHz Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc, Ludmilla NT AUS
licenced on air from 9/10/13 to 8/10/14. Site: Yolngu Radio AM 45m
Mast Broadcast Australia Site, Douglas Street, Ludmilla NT AUS.

(Robert Copeman).
Regards Dave Onley HOL (28/9-2014)

New Greek Radio station on 1656 - Rythmos1656.
web address - http://www.rythmos1656.com.au/

Tony Magon via fbg Mediumwave OZ (5/12-2013)

Hi Ydun, In Saturdays Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper it reported that
3MP - also known as 1377MTR [1377 kHz] went silent at 020600utc (5pm yesterday - Australian Eastern Summertime) and it has been placed in administration.
Tony Magon (4/3-2012)