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15 September 2015 / by The Scope (author)
Many thanks to Brian Sawyer and the folks at Altech! Brian came all the way from Quebec to help us with our diplexer.
CJRU The Scope at Ryerson has written to Industry Canada for permission to experiment with HD Radio on the AM band as we prepare for transmission on 1280AM early in 2016. This is a possible first for Ryerson, for community radio and for the AM Band. Canada has no official HD radio policy at this point, but is collecting information from broadcasters on this new technology.We hope to hear back soon and will then schedule a new testing period for the 1280AM signal! Stay tuned to cjru.ca for more updates this Fall.HD Radio is digital radio technology using IBOC (in-band on-channel) that allows hybrid transmission of both analog and digital radio. Click here to learn more about HD Radio.Many thanks to Brian Sawyer and the folks at Altech! Brian came all the way from Quebec to help us with our diplexer. The tower modifications are well underway now. We're right on schedule with our transmitter.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (27/9-2015)

CJCS 1240kHz Stratford has been approved to move to FM 107.1. The format will also change from oldies to rock.
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-365 http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/2015-365.htm
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-365 PDF version References: 2015-17 and 2015-17-3 Ottawa, 10 August 2015 Vista Radio Ltd. Stratford, Ontario Application 2014-0382-3, received 2 May 2014.
View on www.crtc.gc.ca & http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/2015-365.htm

Andy Reid, dxld yg (11/8-2014)

CBGA-1 off. According to the Industry Canada database, CBC/IRC has surrendered the
license for CBGA-1 New-Carlisle PQ ¸(New Brunswick). Can anyone tell on 540 MW near the area? It has been replaced by several FM repeaters.

Per Dan Sys's Canadian Radio News FB Page:
Jean-Guy Landry:I confirm. It's off the air since last week. The last two FM repeaters (Pointe-à-la-Garde - 92.3 and Matapédia - 101.7) are on the air AM stations are quietly disappearing in northern New Brunswick. There's only CJVA in Caraquet (it's a matter of time before they flip to FM - probably next summer if the CRTC says yes) and CKNB in

Andy Reid (13/12-2014)

Per Dan Sys's Canadian Radio News FB page CJSL [CJ1280] Estevan, Saskatchewan, has completed its move to 1150; 10kW, 24hrs https://www.facebook.com/rwcrn
The station is now called CJ1150 and retains its county music format.
Andy Reid (21/11-2014)

Hello Ydun, Here is the web page link to the recently completed Medium Wave Radio Dxpedition at Northern Bay, Newfoundland during the month of October

Regards Allen Willie  Carbonear, Newfoundland (8/11-2013)

Several Radio monitors in Western Canada are reporting that CKKY 830 Wainwright AB is now off air having completed its transition to K-Rock 101.9 FM.

Andy Reid CAN (27/10-2013)

Classic Country AM 1060 to be transformed to a format offering stand-up comedy, 24/7.
All Stations  Funny 1060 AM - Calgary
Calgary commuters will finally be able to laugh their asses off to and from work. Launching Thursday, Sept. 12 at 6am, Bell Media Radio Calgary station 1060AM will become home to Funny 1060AM. The hilarious new format promises 24/7 stand-up comedy from some of the biggest comedians in the world, including Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and Dennis Miller.

“Our goal is to deliver a laugh a minute, and we’ll be able to do this every minute of every day!” said Ross MacLeod, Brand Director, Bell Media Radio Calgary. “In between non-stop laughs, Funny 1060AM will offer live weather and traffic updates to help make the daily commute smooth for our listeners. We are excited to give Calgary something truly unique on the dial, and look forward to becoming Calgary’s go-to station for the best stand-up performances from around the world.  Hell, we might just become Calgary’s second favourite radio station.”

Funny 1060AM kicks off its side-splitting programming with help from comic Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock fame, who will be in town with performances at The Laugh Shop at Hotel Blackfoot (5940 Blackfoot Trail SE), Sept. 12 – 14.

About Bell Media Radio:
Bell Media is also Canada’s largest radio broadcaster, with 107 licensed radio stations in 55 markets across Canada, including Toronto’s CHUM FM, Canada’s #1 FM station, and international brands like Virgin Radio. Recognizing the diversity of each market it serves, Bell Media Radio has a strong reputation for providing exemplary service to these communities. In addition to music, news, weather, and sports, listeners also tune-in for information on local politics, events, entertainment, and other community issues. Bell Media’s Radio includes the country’s most dynamic, popular, and respected brands and is a leader in innovative programming.
http://www.bellmediapr.ca/Network/All-Stations/Press/Bell-Media-Radio-Calgary-Poised-to-Deliver-All-Comedy-All-the-Time-with-Funny-1060AM-Starting-Sept-12 (August 12, 2013)
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (30/8-2013)

I dont have a big antenna; but sometimes I could get 1557 Nice France. Years ago I got WDR Langenberg on 1586 quite well, in Dec 1974.
Also got 1375 St Pierre/Miquelon, quite frequently, until it closed.
PJB in Bonaire was able to make it under local CJAD when I lived in Montreal, also heard it here in Toronto, but since going yo 100 kw, it is no longer there.
Edgar Heinen, in Toronto, Canada (27/8-2013)

CFRY is not closing it's AM signal. They are just starting a new station on the FM frequency that currently relays 920.
Andy Reid, CAN (30/4-2013)

Per Mike Modney in Edmonton through Day Sys at Canadian Radio News, CHFA 680 Edmonton AB shut down Dec.1.
The programming of CHFA [Radio Canada Premiere Chaine in French] was moved to 90.1 FM on Sept. 1/2012
Andy Reid, CAN (2/12-2012)

I called
CKDH Amherst NS today. The station manager said AM 900 closed "last Thursday" [Nov. 17/2011].
Andy Reid CAN (23/11-2011)
Thanks, Andy. Always sad news, when stations close.
Ydun Ritz

CBE WINDSOR ON signs off tonight!
CBC Radio One 1550 AM signs off tonight at 11:59 PM [Sep. 30]. It has been replaced with two FM stations, 97.5 Windsor and 91.9 Leamington. So if you can hear it, nows your last chance!
A nice little item on the change over:
Andy Reid via dxld yg (30/9-2011)

Just want to mention, that CBC was heard back in November 2002, when I was visiting The Twin Cities MN. What a pity with all these medium wave stations signing off for good!
Ydun Ritz (30/9-2011)

I am back from a trip to the Canary Islands and found that
Radio Ecca is not active on 1269 kHz. All other mw stations listed for CNR are active.
Harald Kuhl (9/4-2012)

Hello Ydun, it seems that news item was rather misleading as its probably only one programme that has changed, they [BBC R Jersey] even still relay R5 after 0100
according to the schedule!
Dave Kenny BDXC (27/11-2010)

Hello Ydun,
That report about
BBC R Jersey closing 1026 khz is completely wrong, the transmitter is still on the air.
I think all that has changed is that overnight 1026 now carries local programming for the south west instead of relaying BBC R5 (now that R5 can be heard on DAB in the channel islands).
Analogue TV txs have been switched off in parts of the country but not radio!
Dave Kenny (22/11-2010)


1062 - Zhujang Broadcasting - Guangzhou - This station is no longer running 24 hour operation - Its monitored operating hours are from 2200utc to 1600utc- possibly its relay transmitters on 927 and 801 run the same hours, and I suspect on Sunday the hours are 2200utc to 1500utc. They still run 24 hours on their parallel FM frequency in Guangzhou. Its 927 outlet located about halfway between Guangzhou and Zhouhai near Macau puts out a
very good groundwave signal. I believe I saw the antenna system when was travelling between Zhouhai and Guangzhou on a highspeed train.

Regards Tony Magon (4/12-2014)

China Radio International has launched a frequency in the South China Sea.
Voice of the South China Sea broadcasts in six languages, including Mandarin, English, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Filipino as well as Indonesian. You can hear the English programs of the voice of the South China Sea at AM 1008, 1400-1500(Local Time).
The new frequency covers several ...countries around the South China Sea.
CRI President Wang Gengnian says it is designed to promote peace and cooperation on top of offering radio services on local airwaves.
Your feedbacks on the this frequency are most welcome.
Yours sincerely, YingLian, English Service, China Radio International"
WRTH on FB (12/4-2013)

CRI Beijing MW Fllake, Albania relay
0600-0757 English 1215 kHz TX1 F-03 antenna, non-dir
1500-1557 Albanian 1215 kHz TX1 F-03 antenna, non-dir
1600-1657 Bulgarian 1458 kHz TX2 F-05 antenna, non-dir
1600-1657 Esperanto 1215 kHz TX1 F-03 antenna, non-dir
1700-1757 Italian 1458 kHz TX2 F-05 antenna, non-dir
1700-1757 Romanian 1215 kHz TX1 F-03 antenna, non-dir
1901-1959 Hungarian 1458 kHz TX2 F-05 antenna, non-dir
2030-2129 Polish 1458 kHz TX2 F-04 004 degrees
2101-2201 Serbian 1215 kHz TX1 F-03 antenna, non-dir
2130-2230 Czech 1458 kHz TX2 F-04 338 degrees

WWDXC (2/4-2013)

I have recently returned from a trip to Beijing. Brought my Sangean 606 ATS with me, but it was of not much use. Unfortunately, the hotel where I stayed, wasn't a good dx-place, because of a lot of electrical noise. Besides that, I was too exhausted to listen to the radio, when back from my expeditions to various parts of Beijing and nearest surroundings :-) First of all fullfilling an old dream, once climbing the Great Wall.
CRI on 846 kHz was of course audible with very good signal!
On October 8th I visited CRI English Section and got a very warm welcome. I saw the studios and the editorial section; was interviewed to the program "Beyond Bejing". Have been a more or less regular listener to CRI since 1974, so it was quite nice to see some of the faces behind the voices.
Ydun Ritz (12/10-2007)



702 Polisario Front, Rabouni, is still using 702, but the R.Algérienne/R.Al-Aghwat tx, at Al-Aghwat, to the east, is not causing too much QRM this time; in fact, very little interferende, but probably due to some other factors, like propagation.

On 03JUL., they started the evening b/cast on 1550, then moved to 702 between 1900 and 2110.

I had never caught them making a fq change within the same b/cast period.
73, Carlos Gonçalves (6/7-2012)

702 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, back on this fq, at least for today´s evening b/cast. The previous obs. of them using 702 was on 06MAR´12.  The signal is not as strong or steady as on 1550 where it´s typically 55444.  As I write this, nearly 2145 UT, the progr. is in Arabic, of course.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (2/7-2012)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, is starting its evening prgr in Castilian earlier than 1730. At 1700, the stn s/on and immediately goes into prayer as usual (quite a few minutes of the stuff), then the Castilian section opens the prgr some time before 1730 which is when they use to b/cast the newsbulletin. Today for instance, that prgr in Cast. started at 1719, and is still running as I write this, 1801 UT.
Carlos Goncalves POR (10/4-2012)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, observed today, 02Apr, with a short news bulletin in Castilian at 1000-1004, then continued in Arabic... until I found them again in Castilian with a prgr lasting for more than the evening's half hour (currently 1700-1730, ex-2300-2330), i.e. 1202-1304*.
Up here in Lisboa, their morning signal is lost long before the s/off time, but it's by no means so, if observed in the SW coast where it's audible throughout thanks to a Beverage or a K9AY. In fact, the distance between both receing stations does seem irrelevant, but it's more than enough to get a completely different panorama, regardless of the Beverages, so a coastal rx and less man made noise are paramount in many ways.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves POR (3/4-2012)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, absent on 23 & 24 inst., but returned today, starting at 1700 UTC, and airing its daily half hr Castilian prgr 1730-1800.  As reported the other day, the evening b/cast runs up till 2330 UT.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (26/3-2012)

Polisario Front: In my previous report, I said I´d be observing this stn either yesterday or today.  Well, today, I was able to do it... but no signal from them on 1550 or on their other fq, 700 (or even 702).
Carlos Gonçalves POR (24/3-2012)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, changed the schedule of its daily half hr prgr in Castilian.  On both 18th & 19th inst., the evening prgr in Arabic simply went on until 2330v (2333 on the 19th), so I immediately assumed they were back with a pattern followed years ago, and today I was able to confirm my assumption was (partly) correct: the Castilian segment is now at least between1730(?) and 1800.
It just happens I caught them at the very beginning of the news bulletin, 1730, so maybe they´re starting at that time or even at 1700, also like they did in the past.
No fq or schedule announcements as usual, unless perhaps a reference to the start time like they did at 2300v, but this is a detail I can only ascertain when I´m able to observe them at 1700: probably the day after tomorrow.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves (20/3-2012)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, is back on this fq. after being found on 702 yesterday. Fast move: just one day! Meanwhile, they're still absent on 6300v.
Carlos Goncalves (7/3-2012)

702 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, using this alternative fq again as observed this evening: Arabic prgr with chanting prior to 2300 followed by IDs and the half hr prgr in Castilian starting at 2300 sharp (very punctual today!). I only wished they were on 700 like they did when I spotted this other MF outlet some years ago. However, 700, not 702, was obs´ed. on 08Jan´11, then on 702 on 25Feb´11 after which they settled on the usual 1550 after that. Let´s see for how many days they remain on 702 (or 700!) this time. On 702, they´re getting some QRM from R.Algérienne/R.Al-Aghwat, Al-Aghwat, and the signal is not as strong as that on 1550.
Best regards, Carlos Goncalves (7/3-2012)

Friends, Thanks for the info on 531 and 549 khz Algeria. It is interesting to hear about the new youth FM channel, however the youth entertainment format is not new. Since they increased power on 531 khz and  started 549 khz (it relayed the same channel) they broadcast in the same format: news, commercial advertisments, arab disco music, talking about "vidioklips", hit parade type of programmes; in some programmes they applied 2 (1 male, 1 female) presenters. I wonder if this is related to the "arab revolution" or fear about that, or to the demographic situation of the country? I don't know.
I'd like to note that i had no opportunity to hear the new FM format and I cannot compare that with my observations on the "old" Algerian station. I don't know either that the station is a redesign of the former one, or a totally new one, or the owner is the same or not.
On my location (western hungary) 531 khz can be heard all over the night on the level of a local station; 549 khz is very weak, most of the time it is not audible, interfering with other stations.
Regards Tibor Gaal HNG (22/1-2012)


On 17/12-2011 under Colombia:

"In the past Radio Kelkboom from Aruba on 1440, 1 kW could be heard in NL.
Dont know if this 1440 Aruba is still on.
Ruud, Radio Paradijs HOL (16/12-2011)"

Several years ago Radio Kelkboom left MW, now only on FM.
Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (30/12-2011)

To add on the 1440 Station from Medellin Colombia.
It is listed by the FCC for only 1 kW.
In Brasil the most powerful station during the night is from Manaus with 10 kW.
DX Conditions on MW or excellent now.
1440 is a nice clear option when Luxemburg signs off.
1440 is a channel in both the 9 (Europe) and 10 (America) roster system, no hets.
In the past Radio Kelkboom from Aruba on 1440, 1 kW could be heard in NL.
Dont know if this 1440 Aruba is still on.
Ruud, Radio Paradijs HOL (16/12-2011)

See photos and read about two Finnish dxers' tour to Colombian radio stations in Bogota and Barranquilla.
Ydun Ritz (1/12-2011)


I was informed by OIV, that the mediumwave transmitter of Radio Osijek on 1557 kHz was switched off too.
Patrick Robic (23/4-2008)

Hi Ydun!
My observation were verified today by the transmitter operator OIV, that the mediumwave frequencies 774 kHz / 783 kHz / 1125 kHz and 1143 kHz were closed down. So the
only remaining mediumwave frequencies for Glas Hrvatske are 1134 kHz (1250-0530 UTC) and 594 kHz in DRM (0700-1500 UTC).
Patrick Robic, Austria (21/4-2008)


Received this letter from RHC:

Dear Friend:
May I get in touch with you once again to say hello and inform you that I’ve retired, so now I’ll be able to spend more time with my grandchildren.
I want to tell you that, one of the greatest pleasures in my lifetime is to have worked in Radio Havana Cuba for more than 40 years and particularly, to have been in regular contact with you, esteemed listeners and friends.
I’m retiring but I’m happy because the group I leave behind share similar feelings and the privilege of communicating with the friends of Cuba in every continent. The new Head of the Department is Rosario Lafita Fernández, with 30 years of experience in the job, who will continue the beautiful work I’ve done with so much love.
With the assurance that you’ll stay in contact with our beloved shortwave station.
Lourdes López.

Lourdes Lopez answered listeners' letters at RHC.
Ydun Ritz (16/2-2010)

The main damage [by hurricanes Gustav and Ike] to the national radio system occurred as a result of the total destruction of its medium-wave towers (2) and the television tower on the Isle of Youth, affecting radio and television services. A similar situation occurred in Pinar del Río, to the towers of facilities in San Cristóbal, La Palma and Los Palacios and their three television centers. In Havana, the centers in Artemisa and Bauta were damaged.
More on http://www.granma.cu/ingles/2008/septiembre/mar16/38datos-i.html
Ydun Ritz (18/9-2008)


BBC World Service on 1323 kHz serving parts of the Eastern Meditteranean is to close on 25 April 2015. The service will continue on Eutelsat Hot Bird at 13 East, 11.117 V, DVB-S, SR 27500 FEC 3/4 APID 7711, SID 14618, as well as online.
The medium wave relay service originates from Zygi with a power of 200 kW.
Full story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/statements/mw-eastern-med
James Robinson (3/2-2015)

TWR Announces Live Call-in Broadcast to Turbulent Syria
July 8th, 2013

Live broadcasts sharing the hope of Christ with war-racked Syria have been launched by TWR. Hope for Syria is a live, 30-minute program in the Syrian Arabic language. It airs daily at 11:56 p.m. Syrian time on
1233 AM.

“The program is aired live to invite listeners to call in and interact with the presenters of the programs,” said TWR’s Arabic ministry director, whose name is withheld for security reasons. “This is mainly to help people who are in tragedy in Syria to know that we care for them, and they can ask for prayer and find comfort and help by interacting with the program presenter.”

This new outreach arose from TWR’s partnership with several organizations, including IBRA Media of Sweden, which is sponsoring 50 percent of the airtime for this special initiative. During the next four months, Hope for Syria will spread the message of true peace amid the civil war that reportedly has killed nearly 100,000 people in the Middle Eastern nation.

In addition to the program for Syria, TWR daily broadcasts several hours of Gospel messages in Arabic. Detailed broadcast schedules can be found at www.arabicprograms.org and www.twr.org. An iOS app with high-quality Christian content in Arabic is also available for free download in the iTunes store at http://goo.gl/2GswX.

TWR’s Arabic Ministries department actively seeks ways to help and bless people of Syria who are going through tremendous turmoil.

To help provide hope to people in Syria, visit www.twr.org/syria

Dr. Hansjörg Biener (29/8-2013)

Hi Ydun,
TWR in arabic is on the air on 1233 khz 19;40-21:00 and the arabic progrmmes to Syria 21:00-21:30
O. Barth (2/8-2013)

radio bayrak retuned to the air today on m.w 1098 khz
73s O. Barth (2/8-2013)

New radio station against the government of Syria and the Assad regime broadcasting in Arabic every night at 21:00 gmt on 1233 kHz via a powerful transmitter of Radio Monte Carlo (rmc\twr) in cyprus. Program includes talks with Syrian citizens from Damascus Homs and Aleppo.
O Barth (27/7-2013)

Northern Cyprus:
Radio Bayrak (turkish 1) is not active on m.w. 1098 khz for at least the last 7 days.
O Barth (27/7-2013)

1323khz BBC Zygi, Cyprus is on the air Again with BBC World Service in English. Very good signal in israel.
Arabic language broadcasts on
720 kHz and 639 kHz in the morning and evening to the Middle East is still on the air from Cyprus relay.
O. Barth (7/6-2013)


Radio Cesky Impuls on 981 kHz heard with good signal at my location in sourthern Denmark tonight around 2100 UTC. Music, IDs and news in Czech.
Ydun Ritz (13/9-2014)

A new station called Radio Cesky Impuls (Radio Czech Impuls) is on the air with a regular operation from September 10th, 2014 on 981 kHz. (Previous announcements in DX media were premature). Its transmitter in Libeznice/Boranovice at the northern edge of Praha (Prague) uses the same antenna mast as Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz. The power should be 10 kW but the actual value is not confirmed yet.

Czech and partly also Slovak pop music (most oldies) for older audience.

It seems there is no web page ready yet at this very first day of operation Its sister station Radio Impuls (FM) is here: http://www.impuls.cz/
The following e-mail address (directly to studio) was mentioned on the air:

I made this recording this morning (edited).
Karel Honzik, CZE (10/9-2014)

Hi, you can get the new Czech MW station Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz eQSL card in PDF, when sending your reception report at
David Kriz (17/5-2013)

New MW txs planned. Besides Country Radio there will soon be 2 more private radio stations on MW in Central Bohemia. Rádio Impuls [maybe Rádio Jemné Melódie later] on the frequency 981 kHz with programs for +60 listeners.
The frequency
1233 kHz was provided to Rádio Dechovka ("Radio Messing").
More [in German] here: http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/medienmagazin/

Ehard Goddijn, HOL (4/3-2013)