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I heard the General Programme of Egyptian Radio on 819 khz at night of 28th to 29th of January, 2011. with the following programme and times.
Around 20.15 UTC i heard a phoning in programme.
At 22.05 UTC (648 khz BBC WorldService) they announced that the chairman of Egyptian parlament informed the public that some important announcement will be aired soon. Next I tuned to 819 khz, but, i heared only arabic music.
Around 22.20-22.28 utc I heared the speech of president Mubarak which were repeated around 22.58-23.0.6 Between the speech and its repetition, arabic music and a short announcement was heard.
At 23.30-23.40 UTC news programme. I think they broadcasted the news which should have been broadcasted at the top of the hour. Only one man read the whole news programme, his voice was monotonous.
23.40-23.50 music.
At 23.50 a radioplay have started, then I went to bed.
Here in Hungary 819 khz has no interference, but has a lot of fading. Signal strength is from nothing to fine (between 1-4).
I tried to hear Egypt also on 621 khz, I detected the president's speech, but the channel is occupied by other stations and Egypt was washed out by stronger stations.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (30/1-2011)


Hello Friends,
Thank you very much for your kind and valuable replies for my questions about Russia.

As European listeners know that Parliamentary elections were taking place in every EU member countries throughtout the weekend. Yesterday, I monitored 2 radiostations which lenghtened their broadcasting schedules.
CRO (Czechia) on 270 kHz and Kossuth Radio (Hungary) on 540 kHz lenghtened their broadcasts with election programmes until 2300 UTC (0100 CET on 26.05.2014)
Tibor Gaal, HNG (26/5-2014)

- The tests are not always there but mostly in afternoons and evenings. I have listen them at 1500UTC on 1611, at 17.30UTC on 1593 on Friday and for only about 30 minutes today on 1566. Singal was very good on the last frequncies here at 5/9 + but not good on 1611 and 1593. Always the same id with OM anouncment repeated and no music. Will copy next time an send to you if you want an mp3.
Dimitri Konstantine Bucharest (8/5-2005)

Hello, I yesterday sent report about station Europa Radio International is now very strong here Sunday on 1566 with same OM recorded announcer, Friday they test on 1593 and 1611. NO informations on website, do you know of this station?
Dimitri Konstantine Bucharest (8/5-2005)