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500 kHz
FromRadio Bulgarias DX-program 30 march I quote the following:
ARRL 500 kHz Experiment Logs Thousands of Activity Hours.
A total of 16 participating stations have been active on the air since the experiment got under way in late 2006. The low-frequency investigation has demonstrated ground-wave communi-cation at distances of 100 miles in New England, in the Gulf Coast states and in Colorado.
"This might not sound very dramatic, but it is very important, as no current amateur band has the capability for beyond-line-of-sight communication that does not depend upon the whims of the ionosphere", ARRL 500 kHz Experiment Fritz Raab, W1FR said.
The longest distance over which a QSO has been maintained is 884 miles from New Hampshire to Tennessee. The stations have been using CW or very low-speed CW.
Even daylight contacts have been completed via ground wave. These include a 127-mile path between Massachusetts and Connecticut and an 87-mile path between Mississippi and Louisiana. The latter has proven reliable multiple times at all times of day or night.
The two-year WD2XSH authorization permits experimentation and research between 505 and 510 kHz using narrowband modes at power levels of up to 20 watts effective radiated power (ERP). Important WD2XSH frequencies: CW beacons: 505.300 and 506.300 kHz; Low-speed CW (QRS) operation: 505.250 and 505.255 kHz, and calling frequency: 507.5 kHz (band center).
500 kHz Experiments Elsewhere.
SM6BHZ in Sweden has been authorized to operate from 505.0 to 505.2 kHz. Two German experimental stations that had been operating in the vicinity of 400 kHz have shifted to 500 kHz too. The UK is now issuing special permits for 501 - 504 kHz.

Ullmar Qvick (1/4-2007)


The Utvarp transmits again on mediumwave. A new MW-xmitter has been installed in Akraberg, so it now again is possible to listen to MW. The transmitter has been in bad condition for several years. And this spring it stopped definitely. Since then the Utvarp could be heard on FM. Lagtinget [Faroese Parliament/ed] decided to spend money on two new 50 kW mediumwave transmitters, later changed to a 100 kW transmitter and a 50 kW transmitter.
The transmitter now installed is the 50 kW transmitter, is a backup transmitter. In november the 100 kW transmitter will be installed, and then Utvarp can be heard much better on MW.
Kringvarp Føroya's website (8/8-2008)
Please excuse the incomplete translation. The original text here:
Útvarpið sendir nú aftur á millumbylgju. Ein nýggjur millumbylgjusendari er settur upp í Akrabyrgi, og tað hevur við sær, at skip og onnur, ið lurta á millumbylgju, aftur kunnu hoyra útvarpið. Millumbylgjusendarin hjá Útvarpinum hevur verið svikaligur í fleiri ár.
Og í vár slóknaði hann endaliga. Síðani hevur Útvarpið bert verið at hoyra á FM. Løgtingið samtykti í vár at játta pening til tveir nýggjar 50 kW-millumbylgjusendarar. Tá avtornaði, vórðu í staðin ein 100 kW sendari og ein 50 kW-sendari keyptir.
Millumbylgjusendarin, ið nú er settur upp, er 50 kW-sendarin, sum er ætlaður sum backup-sendari. Í november verður 100 kW-sendarin settur upp, og tá fer Útvarpið at hoyrast uppaftur betur á millumbylgju.
Akraberg 531 kHz heard here tonight at my location in southern Denmark.
Ydun Ritz (9/8-2008)

New transmitter on Akraberg 531 kHz to come. Since May 6th Kringvarp Faroya has been silent on this frequency. The old transmitter went down due to technical problems caused by old technology, and was irreparable. It was considered, that the best and cheapest solution was to install a new transmitter. This will come into temporary use during August, and installing the new xmitter will be completed during last quarter of 2008.
Hans Andor Johannsen, Head of technology, Kringvarp Faroya (25/6-2008)

Since October 1st, Kringvarp Føroya has 24h. service, including 531 kHz. During 2300-0700 local time (=UTC) non-stop music without any interruptions.
Power is 100 kW, except for main news transmissions at 1230 and 1800, where it increases to 200 kW.
After merging with the faroese television January 1st, 2005 the name has changed to Kringvarp Føroya (from Utvarp Føroya).
Sámal J. Samuelsen, Kringvarp Føroya (Faroese Broadcasting Corporation) in an email (23/11-2006)


Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and Japan sign agreement on radio capability.
The Fijian and Japanese governments signed an agreement today on the upgrading of radio capability in the country. The $14.5million grant given by the Japanese Government would see the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation “provide clearer” programs to remote maritime areas. Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said on a good day, the programs could even be picked up from New Zealand. Japanese Ambassador, Takuji Hanatani said Japan would provide
medium wave radio equipment worth approximately FJ$15m and it would be implemented under Japan Grant Aid scheme- JICA. 
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (3/9-2015)


The Chinese official state news agency Xinhua has published several reports on AM DXing:
- article in Chinese on Xinhua: http://news.xinhuanet.com/2013-11/19/c_118207586.htm
- article in English: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/culture/2013-11/18/c_132898318.htm
- video in Chinese on CNC TV: http://news.cncnews.cn/2013-11-18/124029576.html
- video in English: http://en.cncnews.cn/news/v_show/37075_Hunting_radio_near_Arctic.shtml

A couple of Chinese websites and newspapers have earlier written about DXing based on my reception reports, but this is on a totally different scale. The Xinhua reports have in turn been published by numerous media outlets all around China. I've seen these articles on about 20 websites, for instance in the Communist Party's main paper, the People's Daily, at http://world.people.com.cn/BIG5/n/2013/1119/c157278-23592700.html, so DXing has definitely received unparalleled attention in China during the past 10 days!

Hopefully all this contributes to the promotion of DXing in China, both as a hobby and also as a way to monitor alternative news sources - which is still needed in China. As many Chinese broadcasters - despite this new PR - don't know anything about our hobby, it might be a good idea to include one of the Chinese links along with your reception report, if you're interested in getting verifications from Chinese stations.

The reports were made by a Xinhua news group driving 1,200 km from the Finnish capital Helsinki all the way to Lapland just for the purpose of reporting on DXing - and reindeer. You can read more about it in the DXpedition report from Aihkiniemi at http://www.dxing.info/dxpeditions/aih29rep.dx, where I've just added a few more audio clips.
73 Mika Makelainen FNL (27/11-2013)


Nihao! A news crew from the Chinese news agency Xinhua traveled 1,200 kilometers from Helsinki to Aihkiniemi in Finnish Lapland to shoot a report on AM DXing. What did they find?
- A total of 14 Beverage antennas (each 3,000 ft./1 km) spread out in the wilderness, probably a world record.
- DXers spending afternoons trying to identify mostly Chinese AM stations.
- Reindeer, hundreds of them, and indigenous Sami people rounding up the reindeer, as part of an age-old tradition that is still very much alive. And we were present when the highlight of the year for reindeer herders arrived.

29th DXpedition to Aihkiniemi ended last weekend, and now you can read a comprehensive report about it at http://www.dxing.info/dxpeditions/aih29rep.dx. Propagation conditions ranged from fairly good to rock bottom. However, for at least one week out of the three-week DXpedition there were decent conditions to North America and the Far East. Lots of photos in the report, and a few MP3 clips, more to come later. And the logs? Yes, as soon as we've reviewed at least 10TB of recordings. A few highlights can be found in the report, but detailed logs will take years to compile. In Aihkiniemi, you just can't avoid catching a motherload of interesting stations.
Mika Mäkelainen (9/11-2013)

Read Mika Mäkelainen's very interesting report from the AIH29 dxpedition
Ydun Ritz (8/11-2013)


Hello Ydun,
Just a confirmation of the closure of the MW in France.  When I quote ALL, it’s in fact ALL Radio France’s stations (France Info & France Bleu).
The ONLY private station Bretagne 5 will stay on the air.

Radio Maria on 1467 kHz (Col de la Madone)
TWR Europe on 1467 kHz (Roumoules) will stay on the air, even the transmitters are in the French Soil, these stations belong to Monaco.
73’s Christian Ghibaudo (31/10-2015)

Medium wave closures in France:
Here is a confirmation thal ALL medium waves will be close in December in France.
Here is report about France Bleu Elsass (1278 kHz), published today by the newspaper Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace
Christian Ghibaudo via WRTH fb group (30/10-2015)

Its reported that Bretagne 5 and some private stations will continue on AM.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (31/10-2015)

As reported by Mr Foratier from France (http://www.doctsf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=8309&start=0 or http://mediateur.radiofrance.fr/message-le-r-seau-ondes-moyennes-de-france-info-menac-de-fermeture-0), the France Bleu AM stereo broadcasts on 864 kHz have been already stopped in April without any notice.
Giovanni Ricci (25/9-2015)

For the past few weeks I have noticed on my Sony JX-220a AM STEREO tuner that the am stereo transmission from France Bleu in Paris on 864 kHz has not been displaying the am stereo pilot light (red led on tuner) which needs to be present for the tuner to decode the am stereo part of the broadcast...
I wonder if this is a temporary fault or deliberate ? Do you know anything about this perhaps ?
Regards, Dave (amstereofan) (17/9-2015)

Since yesterday (August 1st) China Radio International leave MONACO.   The MW 702 kHz is OFF and on FM 96.4 MHz there is a new station (with relay from Nice Radio).

Still NO official confirmation from the Government about the closure of the MW transmitters in FRANCE from December 2015.
Regards and 73’s Christian Ghibaudo, (2/8-2015)

Andy Sennitt writes in the PCJ Facebook group 28 July 2015:
Radio France is joining many other public broadcasters in Europe and will end all broadcasts on longwave and mediumwave. This will save 13 million euros annually. Last week the details were announced:
At the end of this year, the two mediumwave transmitters of France Bleu (864 kHz and 1278 kHz) and the remaining nine mediumwave transmitters of France Info (603, 711, 1206, 1242, 1377, 1404, 1494 and 1557 kHz) will be silenced. Last year, three high power stations of France Info were already closed.
At the end of 2016 France-Inter will disappear from the longwave frequency 162 kHz.
[Source: Radio.NL]
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (29/7-2015)

Bretagne 5 [1593 kHz] (http://www.bretagne5.fr/) which is scheduled to officially start with the Rentrée (end of summer holidays in France) was heard with a bulletin of regional news although news bulletins are not yet shown on the schedule http://www.bretagne5.fr/grille-des-programmes/.
On the other hand, the schedule shows Echo of Europe. This programm with news about the European Union already known to short wave listeners seems to have started on 30 June https://www.facebook.com/echoeurope/posts/550188531786335)1593
0350 UTC 25432 F Bretagne 5, F, music mix, 0400 N farmers’ protests/traffic jams, opera festival, qualification groups for soccer world championships, Tour de France, frequency announcement 2607
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (26/7-2015)

Radio France will shut down its MW transmitters at the end of the year and the LW transmitter (France Inter) at the end of 2016.
(source : trade unions).
Frédéric Vaillant (22/7-2015)

Bretagne 5 on 1593 kHz again since 21 June with music, jingles, announcements. Planned launch 31 August. Good nighttime reception in south central England near Reading. Also fair for an hour or so after sunrise here.
Alan Pennington, WRTH fb group (22/6-2015)

France Bleu [1278], Strassbourg: Have a look at http://www.annuradio.fr
According to this site France Blue is still on air.
Greetings, Rob Oreel HOL (10/6-2015)

To Guillermo Sáez who mentioned 1278 kHz Strasburg - France Blue is still on air from Sélestat according to http://www.hermanboel.eu/en-emwg-mw2.htm
This list is apparently NOT changed until confirmation of a change.
Are you sure you are not getting that transmitter as it seems to be less than 300 kW.
James Robinson (7/6-2015)

I had understood that the France Blue's station at Strasbourg-Sélestat on 1278 kHz was planned to close on June 1st. But I still receive it here, although seems that the power has dropped dramatically. Their signal is half of power than used to be, when ever was received here in Valencia with 55555 most of times at nights. Well, may be a sunlight matter even at 21 or 22 UTC.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-Spain (4/6-2015)

Hello Ydun,
About the France Info transmitter in Col de la Madone 1557 kHz (Nice site according the UIT).
Yesterday I contacted the manager of Monte Carlo Radiodiffusion (subsidiary of TDF), as the transmitter is on a MCR’s site.
Here is the answer: “At the moment Radio France has no plans to stop broadcasting France Info on medium wave from the Col de la Madone”.

So may be France Info on 1557 kHz will not be closed in August 2015...
Regards, Christian Ghibaudo (5/5-2015)

It has been reported that the Nice transmitter of France Info on 1557 kHz will close on 31 August 2015.
James Robinson (4/5-2015)
More sad MW news! I have also seen it mentioned on Arctic Radio Club. (ed)

Bretagne 5 is testing now with music on 1593 kHz in parallel to their web stream on http://bretagne5.fr
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (19/4-2015 1025UTC)

Bretagne 5 heard with tests on 1593 kHz this morning (Sat 18 April) - strong clear signal and excellent audio at 0537 UTC tune-in on Sony 7600GR with just its internal ferrite rod antenna. Continuous music (French songs, Jazz) and occasional IDs as "Bretagne Cinq - La Radio Regionale" etc.
Time pips at 0600 UTC. Signal weakening here in southern England as sun rose higher.
According to the April edition of BDXC-UK's "Communication", Bretagne 5 was awarded a licence by the CSA in March and hope to launch in June. Power on 1593 is 10 kilowatts.
73, Alan Pennington (BDXC-UK) Caversham UK, Sony 7600GR (18/4-2015)

Listeners of France Inter radio – the equivalent of Radio 4 – woke up on Sunday to Juliette Gréco warbling Douce France.

On Monday, it was Nat King Cole, Brigitte Fontaine, Bobby Womack and, to cap it all, Sparks’ This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us (and not for the first time either).

Listeners hoping for the results of France’s departmental elections, or the dulcet tones of Patrick Cohen, France’s answer to John Humphrys, heard ... music.

It was the same last week. As the Germanwings Airbus tragedy emerged and developed with day after day of shocking revelations, radio audiences heard ... music. Tuning in elsewhere made no difference; on France Info, the other main news station, there were occasional news reports and the same music as on France Inter – on a loop.

Every now and again came an announcement: “Because of a strike by several union organisations for reasons of budget difficulties and in defence of jobs at Radio France, we are not in a position to broadcast all of our usual programmes. Please accept our apologies.”

Staff at France’s national broadcaster have been on strike since 19 March, the longest radio news silence for a decade. The previous record was in 2004 when Radio France journalists downed microphones and abandoned the airwaves for 18 days.
On Monday afternoon, unions and management held emergency talks while the music continued.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Radio France chief Mathieu Gallet raised the ire of unions with revelations that his office has undergone a €100,000 revamp and he employs a communications consultant on €90,000 a year. Photograph: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

Radio France, an umbrella group for several stations, including France Inter, France Info and France Culture, is 90% state funded through licence fees.

After announcing a projected budget deficit of €21.3m (£15.6m) for this year, there are fears of widespread redundancies amid threats of outsourcing production and cleaning contracts. There was also anger as one of France Radio’s two orchestras was fired as a cost-cutting measure.

Relations between management and staff were further soured when it emerged that the office of Mathieu Gallet, the head of Radio France, had undergone a €100,000 revamp.

Gallet apologised and insisted the work had been approved before he took up the job and that it involved the preservation of some “historic woodwork”. However, his comments failed to reassure the strikers, especially when it emerged that Gallet is employing a “communications consultant” on a €90,000-a-year salary.

“We don’t trust him any more. It will take strong actions, a project worth the employees’ and public’s expectations. Anything short of that and the conflict will continue,” said the SUD union at France Radio.

Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, has said: “This strike must end. Talks between the unions and management need to restart on the right foot.” But if anything the two sides have become even more entrenched.
The presenters of France Musique, France Inter and France Culture last week published an open letter to listeners, entitled This Strike is For You.

“We are the voices that talk to your ears every day, thorugh our interviews, chronicles, reportages, documentaries, we try our best to fulfil the missions of public radio: to inform, to educate, to entertain,” it said.

“Public service has no vocation or possibility of being profitable … Radio France is a heritage to be defended just as much as the wood in the president’s office.”

Valeria Emanuele, national secretary of journalists union the SNJ at Radio France, accused the French ministry of culture and Radio France directors of “playing with our radio, our future”.

In an article in Le Monde, she wrote: “This enterprise is our identity, our DNA, our present and our future. We are so proud to work for it and consequently so angry to see that we are just the puppets in a pathetic game of role playing.”
The Guardian, By Kim Willsher in Paris, 30 March 2015
Mike Terry, dxld yg (2/4-2015)

CORSICA AUDIOCLIP: MEDITERRADIO 1494 KHz, 1130-1200, "Mediterradio`` via Radio France Bleu/Radio Corsa Frquenza Mora. Bilingual transmission in Italian and Corsican language coproduced by RAI Siclia, RAI Sardegna and Radio Corsa Frequenza Mora. The transmission is broadcast every Friday on 1062, 1116, 1494 kHz. The audioclip is available here:
Francesco Cecconi, QTH: CENTRAL ITALY, RX: DEGEN 1103, Nov 1, condiglista yg via DXLD

Mediterradio is a joint project of French and Italian broadcasters facilitated through their membership at the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Ooperaters (www.copeam.org/index.aspx?ln=en, member stations www.copeam.org/pag.aspx?ln=en&id=25)

In October 2012, a new version of the radio magazine Mediterradio was launched through the intermediary of COPEAM. Relying on a new and ambitious partnership between RAI and Radio France, Mediterradio evolved in a weekly news programme devoted to the Western islands of the Mediterranean Sea: Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The originality of this programme was made possible thanks to the audacious use of the languages based on the inter-comprehension of Corse and Italian.
Produced and actuated by France Bleu RCFM along with the Sardinian and Sicilian stations of Radio Rai, Mediterradio is intended to deal with current affairs and to create relations between economic, social and cultural actors, relying on the common insular reality in the Mediterranean of today.
In a 27 minutes format, the three stations illustrate current affairs through short reportages. Music, a cultural agenda and a feature on the weekly news contribute to the improvement of the mutual understanding of the three islands.
Priority is given to the reportage, so to deeply and comprehensively deal with the subjects.
Special editions were realised on the occasion of an event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, in November 2012, and in the framework of COPEAM Conference in Cagliari, in March.

Another joint programme produced by other stations in Kantara
Kantara: Another idea of the Mediterranean Kantara is a weekly radio magazine in French which brings together, all around the Mediterranean basin, the public radio broadcasters France Bleu RCFM, Chaîne Inter in Morocco, Alger Chaîne 3, Radio Cairo, Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale and Spanish External Radio, all members of COPEAM.
Created in 1999, Kantara wants to be the echo of the reality in a common and shared Mediterranean world. Every week, reports and/or invitees from both Mediterranean sides deal with society and current affairs.
The year 2012-1013 was characterized by important steps for the development and the future sustainability of the magazine. One of the main progresses is the effective setting up of the rotating production. In fact, from September 2012, the partner channels ensure in succession this function, making thus possible the involvement and the reinforcement of the professionals of all the concerned radios.
Moreover, during the all year and with the view of enhancing the visibility of the magazine at both regional and international levels, a number of specific actions were undertaken: a promotional brochure conceived by Radio France, a partnership agreement with IMA (Arab World Institute) and some special episodes realized in Cagliari, in Sardinia, on the occasion of COPEAM annual Conference or at the official opening of the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille.

Dr. Hansjörg Biener (11/11-2013)

Hello Ydun, some (bad) news about MW in France: since Friday 25th October RADIO ORIENT is no longer on 1350 kHz here in Nice. The station stop the use of this frequency, as normally Radio Orient will be on Digital Radio in Nice from December...
Christian Ghibaudo (29/10-2013)

Hi, Bretagne 5 is currently testing on 1593 kHz. Tests will end tomorrow afternoon.
Rémy Friess, mwcircle yg (29/9-2013)

Europe1 have announced that their transmitter on 183 kHz will be off the air from tomorrow 01/08 2300 UTC to Tuesday 06/08 0200 UTC.
The reason for this was not mentioned, but it may have something to do with last year's collapse of an antenna mast.
Rémy Friess, mwcircle yg (31/7-2013)

Im Zusammenhang mit verschiedenen unangekündigten Senderabschaltungen in Frankreich im Oktober auch die Großmittelwelle
Selestat 1278 kHz ins Gespräch gebracht, die als Fensterprogramm auch Radio Bleu Elsass ausstrahlt. Auf direkte Anfrage bezeichnete der Redaktionsleiter des elsässischen Programms dieses postwendend als „ein falsches Gerücht !! Wir sind da und bleiben da !!  Sagen sie es weiter !!!“
(Félicien Muffler 26.10.2012)

Im Fall einer Abschaltung wäre France Bleu Elsass, das keine UKW-Frequenzen für das elsässische Programm hat, auf das Internet zurückgefallen. France Bleu Elsass hat folgende Sonderprogramme auf der Mittelwelle 1278:
Mo-Fr Avec vous sur France Bleu Elsass (Elsässisch)
08.00-10.00: Félicien Muffler
10.00-12.00: Patricia Mertz
14.00-16.30: Pierre Nuss
So Emissions religieuses
09.00-10.00: Rencontre Catholique: Magazine sur l'actualité religieuse en Alsace et dans le monde. Réalisation : Alsace Média (katholische Erzdiözese Straßburg, unter Berücksichtigung der evangelischen Minderheit)
10.00-11.00: Au Carrefour des temps. Emission de la Communauté Israélite avec René Jasner.
11.00-12.00: Voix musulmanes avec Azis el Alouani
zu den christlichen Hochfesten Sonderübertragungen aus der Kathedrale von Straßbourg.
Informationen über die elsässische Redaktion sowie überlange Links zu detaillierten Programmplänen 2012/13 findet man bei http://sites.radiofrance.fr/chaines/france-bleu/?nr=c451fcb00c158aa127c755c696064103.
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (27/10-2012)

1404 Ajaccio & 1494 Bastia, both Corsica, aren´t dead, they´re still airing what I think is France Bleu Frequenza Mora, and as usual under France Info stns.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (13/3-2012)

As I write this (09Feb, 2210), I can hear the same prgr on both 1404 & 1494, presumably France Bleu "Frequenza Mora", Corsica, with QRM de France Info stns as usual; the weakest signal in on the latter fq.

"CORSE 1494: It appears that another mediumwave tx has ceased their
broadcasting mission. As I already wrote to you last week, France Bleu
Frequenza Mora heard only on 1404 kHz via Ajaccio.
But Bastia on 1494 kHz via 'no more', here's noted just a different
location via France Info. Erich Bergmann, D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 8
via mwdx yg (9/2-2012)"

73, Carlos Gonçalves POR (9/2-2012)

Radio Bretagne 5 heard testing 1593khz weak french sogns brittany folk music, near Fordingbridge Hampshire uk time, ten am gmt.
Harry Worth (6/11-2011)

Hello Idun,
Radio Sud mediumwave frequency was: 819 khz.
I don't know the power and the time of their broadcast. I think recently its power is very low, I didn't receive the station here in western Hungary.
I also don't know exactly when Radio Sud will leave mediumwave 819 khz.
Regards, Tibor Gaal HNG (29/10-2011)

Radio Bretagne 5 (former Littoral AM) will have tests on 1593 kHz from October 21st 2011 to January 20th 2012. From St Goueno transmitter in Brittany (Côtes du Nord). Radio Bretagne & Compagnie La Chaumière 22120 Pommeret. Or visit Facebook page of Radio Bretagne 5.
Christian Ghibaudo (17/10-2011)

France Bleu on 864 kHz in Paris. Transmitter has been repaired this friday (18/03), so normally it's OK now ! BTW, exact name now is France Bleu 107.1 (no longer Ile de France) as main frequency is Paris 107.1...
Christian Ghibaudo, France (20/3-2011)

I'm suprized that
france bleu on 864 has lasted all this time as i remember the few others on MW that changed to France info in 2002. I have been wondering for some time if 864 will become france info in future.
Adam Birchenall (17/3-2011)

France Blue on 864 used to be in C-Quam stereo, this works with fase modulation. Could be something wrong with that.
Ruud, The Netherlands (16/3-2011)

france blue know 864 distorted this an exercise to find out how many listeners in the paris region listen on am. eg by complaints they have not had many 864 will soon be off air
Harry Worth (16/3-2011)

Yes, France Bleue on 864 (Paris) does sound distorted and it's been like that for some weeks now.Seems to be ok on one of the astra satellite radio and probably in the paris area on FM.
Adam Birchenall (16/3-2011)

Hi all, for those who remember Radio Bleu on MW and which changed to France Bleu in 2000. It got changed to France Info in 2002 and since then and even today France Bleu is still operating on MW 864Khz (Paris), 1278Khz (Strasbourg), and low powered transmitters on 1404 & 1494Khz. I wonder within the next few years where this could change.
Adam Birkenall, Torquay (8/12-2010)

Radio Maria France is audible for a few days now on 1467 kHz with s/on at 0500 UTC.
73 from Austria,
Patrick Robic (3/11-2007)

1314 khz Paris been off air since friday22 June; any info why?
David James (27/6-2007)
Nothing observed so far here /ed