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MR4 (Now on 873 and 1188 KHz) will start broadcasting 1350 KHz in Győr (02.01.2014), after Danko Radio will be moved to FM 106.4 MHz.
Laszlo Tringer (20/12-2013)

Danko Radio will cease broadcast on 1350 KHz in Győr on 2nd of January and will move to FM 106.4 according the new frequency plan for Danko and Kossuth Radio.

Other mediumwave TX's will stay on air. (1116 KHz Mosonmagyaróvár and Miskolc, 1251 KHz for Szombathely and Nyíregyháza for Danko Radio, and 540 KHz Solt for Kossuth Radio - on air until 2130 UTC again)

Laszlo Tringer (18/2-2013)

This afternoon I noticed 1188 1555UTC : IS of Moldova during less than one minute, which was followed by an announcement "Aici Chisinau, Radio Moldova, programa l 'uno"
Strange enough I heard an announcement ".... Romaneska....radiodifuzione Magyare" just after 1600UTC, followed by a news program  in Romanian.
WRTH mentions 1300-1500 Romanian
Hungary relaying Moldova on 1188?
Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (7/11-2013)

EMWG says MR4 has Romanian 1500-1700 on 1188 kHz.
Ydun Ritz (8/11-2013)

Hello Friends,
I'd like to report that the hungarian public broadcaster,
Kossuth Radio finished its temporary 24-hour, 7 days a week broadcasts on 540 khz and it returned to its regular schedule. I monitored this first on Wednesday, 19th of June.
Tibor Gaal, HNG (27/6-2013)

Kossuth Radio on 540 KHz is temporary Non-Stop on air due the flood of River Danube. The date of the return the normal broadcast is unknown for me.

Laszlo Tringer, HNG (17/6-2013)

Fresh info from hungary! At 22th of december
MR6 Régió Rádió will be closed down due financial reasons.
Hungarian Radio made an annonucement today: A new station "
Radio Danko" will start on MR6's former frequencies (1116, 1251, 1350 KHz), and as I heard they want to start additional transmitters to cover the whole nation. Maybe 1341 and 810 khz will be reactivated, I hope.
Radio Danko will carry hungarian and gipsy folk songs and news from the countryside (like Antena Satelor in Romania). The station named after Pista (Steve) Dankó http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pista_Dankó
But theese infos about the frequencies are not 100% yet.
Laszlo Tringer (4/12-2012)

According my observations,
Radio Kossuth has been extended it's broadcast time on 540 KHz, Solt from 0230-1905 to 0230-2210 UTC. There is no official announcement from this.
Laszlo Tringer, HNG (12/6-2012)

Our national Kossuth Radio has reduced it's MW broadcast time from 1st of July due economic reasons on 540 KHz. The new broadcast time is 2:30-19:30 UTC.
Laszlo Tringer HNG (1/7-2011)

Dear Friend, I'd like to amend my report dated 14/01-2011.
Yesterday the hungarian media authority (it is called as Media Council) told that they could lengthen the mw broadcast license of
Magyar Katolikus Radio for another five years if the radio had asked, but, the radio had never asked it. The radio wants to migrate to FM, but, Hungary has not enough FM band space for a new country-wide network. In far western part of hungary (Szentgotthard, where I live) the FM is so overcrowded. We have Hungarian, Austrian (Austria is 10 km away), Slovenian (15 km away) and Croatian (70-80 km away) stations and they occupied the space well before Hungary migrated from OIRT FM (66-74 mhz, popularly was known as 'eastern fm') to CCIR FM (87-108 mhz, which was called at that time as 'western fm band'). I think Magyar Katolikus Radio made a big administrative mistake not submitting its application for renewing mw license on time. And now, the license is expired.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (15/1-2011)

Dear Friends,
From 00.00 CET (23.00 utc) 16th of january, 2010 the
Magyar Katolikus Radio will cease its mw broadcast on all mw band. The frequencies are: 810 khz Lakihegy, 1341 khz Szolnok and Balatonszabadi.
The reason of cease: expiration of frequency licenses. This is the official explanation, but, I don't know whether true or not. The
MKR is not so informative in this question. I asked more info from the transmitter operation called Antenna Hungaria, but they couldn't supply more info.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (14/1-2011)

Hi Ydun ! Régió Rádió from Mohács, licensed in autumn 2007, began transmitting on 1485 kHz. Besides Hungarian, the station can be heard with identifications in German, English and a Slavic language.  The modulation is not good, but Régió Rádió is audible regulary on late afternoon in Southeastern Austria.
73, Patrick Robic Austria (25/9-2008)