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The Employment Disputes Court has found the technician strike to be against law.
Reynir Stefanson (25/3-2015)

Imminent technician strike at RUV.
The current outlook is that technicians will go on a four-day strike tomorrow, leading to no programming being broadcast or televised with the possible exception of radio news.
Reynir Stefanson (25/3-2015)

RUV down on 207kHz today: In news at 09Z RUV informed that the LW transmitter at Eidar on 207kHz will be shut down at ca. 10Z [10.00 UTC] for maintenance work on the tower. It'll likely be back up later today.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson, Iceland (20/9-2012)

The MW band is pretty dead here right now and has been so since Sunday. Of course it just has to be overcast as well, so no aurora spotting for me either. Major grmbl.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson ISL (24/1-2012)

The URL below points at a side with field strength maps for the two LW transmitters. The text is in Icelandic, though.

Reynir Stefansson, Iceland (23/7-2009)

LW programming in Iceland.
This is unverified by me, but it seems that
Eiðar (207kHz) broadcasts mostly P1 nowadays while Gufuskálar (189kHz) is fed P2. Before, both were fed a mix of P1 and P2.
Reynir Stefansson, Iceland (21/7-2009)

Effective 2007-02-01 RUV has dropped its old news jingles for a new one that sounds rather dull and indistinct; unlikely to come out well on LW.
Reynir H. Stefánsson (3/2-2007)


All India Radio (AIR) Chinsurah with 1000kW MW transmitter will air the external services program instead of the present Bengali broadcast as from Sunday 25th October 2015.
The schedule is (all times are in UTC - add 05.30h for IST):
On 594 kHz MW 0130-0230 Nepali, 0230-0300 News in Hindi & English; Nepali at 0700-0800 hrs.
On 1134 kHz at 1115-1215 Tamil to S.E.Asia, 1215-1315 Burmese to S.E.Asia, 1330-1430 Nepali, 1515-1600 News in Hindi, English & News Analysis.
AIR Tuticorin MW on 1053 kHz to Sri Lanka will add English News and News analysis at 1530-1600 UTC as from 25th October. At the moment it is closing at 1530 UTC.
Alok DasGupta, WRTH fb group (23/10-2015)

If it is not in the WRTH, it’s news. 
India (Karnataka): AIR Bengaluru (675 kHz, FM) has an informative homepage at http://www.airbengaluru.com (Copyright 2015). The web site also features detailed programme schedules for the main AM channel (http://airbengaluru.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/PROGRAMME-SCHEDULE-PC.pdf) as well as the FM channels.
As specialty of AIR Bengaluru is Amrutavarshini featuring classic Carnatic music. Established in 2004, the FM channel is on air 0600-0930 and 1800-2300 h LT. The station is streamed online on the web site during its broadcasts hours, with the remaining time being filled with FM Rainbow.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (15/9-2015)

200 kW digital DRM transmitter for Kolkata A was inaugurated today by Shri Jawhar Sircar CEO Prasar Bharati. This solid state DRM transmitter has been installed in Kolkata in place of old analogue 200 kW MW transmitter which had served its useful life and became inefficient with shrinking coverage during last few years. This new transmitter will give excellent quality audio similar to FM in DRM mode with good coverage area. It is expected to cover entire South Bengal, whereas coverage in the northern side will be nearing the chicken neck. This transmitter will also cover a good part of Odisha, some part of Jharkhand and a substantial part of adjoining Bangladesh. Due to non-availability of DRM receiver at affordable price, this new transmitter will transmit audio in analog mode for the time being. However, the transmitter can be switched over to simulcast mode or pure DRM mode at any moment.
Babul Gupta just posted this video on the "DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale" Facebook group:
Inauguration Ceremony on 8 September of AIR Kolkata 200 KW Medium Wave DRM Transmitter (3:19 duration):
Mike Terry, dxkd yg (9/9-2015)

New Delhi: All India Radio (AIR) has begun transmitting two of its channels - Vividh Bharati and FM Rainbow - in digital (DRM) mode from New Delhi via its 20 kW Medium Wave (MW) transmitter at Mall Road in north Delhi. DRM or Digital Radio Mondiale is a digital radio standard that has been designed specifically as a high quality digital replacement for current analogue radio broadcasting in Medium Wave. This digital transmission of the two channels, chich commenced on 19 June, can be heard through DRM receivers on 1368 kHz according to the schedule:
05:55 Hrs to 11:00 Hrs  (IST)
12:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs  (IST)
18:15 Hrs to 23:10 Hrs  (IST)
Both these channels will continue to remain on FM Mode as well. The presence of AIR channels on DRM is expected to evince good response from DRM receiver manufacturers.
AIR Engineer-in-Chief Animesh Chakraborty said that since the future belongs to digital broadcasting, DRM receiver manufacturers should come up with low-cost, affordable solutions as far as DRM receivers are concerned.
Source: www.radioandmusic.com
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (14/8-2015)

AIR has published a schedule for moving their mw outlets from AM to DRM:

73 Harald Kuhl (27/8-2013)

Hi Ydun, today (12.09.2012) tryed to catch the new AIR transmitter [1071 kHz], this is the result:
Almost excellent reception with the built in ferrite! The TX is ~ 5400 km far from my QTH (Enying, Hungary)
I did the recording ~1920 UTC.
Laszlo Tringer (13/9-2012)

A very nice catch, Laszlo! Jó!

India’s first 1000 KW DRM Super Power Transmitter of AIR dedicated to Nation in Gujarat

India’s first 1000 Kilo Watt Digital Radio Mondiale-DRM Super Power Transmitter-of All India Radio has been dedicated to the Nation at Liyare village in Jamnagar district in Gujarat today.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr.Jawahar Sircar, Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati has said that All India Radio is going to install DRM digital technology transmitters at other Stations very soon. He said that this Super Power Transmitter of DRM Technology at Jamnagar will also help to spread the India’s rich culture to our neighbouring countries.

Inaugurating the newly commissioned Super Power Transmitters at the Liyare village of Jamnagar, Member of Parliament Mr. Vikram Madam expressed his gratitude for fulfilling the long pending demand of this border region of Gujarat.

Our Correspondent reports the Super Power Transmittre with DRM technology is capable of broadcasting in DRM, AM and simulcast modes which is the first of its kind in the country. The entire project was completed at the total cost of 42 crore rupees.

Three brand new solid state transmitters of 400 kW of S7HP model made byThomson Broadcast of France is capable of pumping out 1200 kilo Watt power has been installed here this year by Engineers from France along with their counterparts from All India Radio.

Our Correspondent adds that it is a Relay Station used by Urdu, Sindhi and Baluchi programs of AIR External Services beamed to nearby Pakistan,Afghanistan, Iran and some other Gulf countries in North West direction. The frequency is 1071 kHz for AM mode and 1080 kHz for DRM mode.

During tests, Urdu Service and Vividh Bharati programs are being broadcast.
Source : http://newsonair.nic.in/news.asp?cat=National&id=NN6567&bigger=bigger
Alokesh Gupta (10/9-2012)

Dear Idun, I found the following link in a publication called RUSDX. This link leads you to youtube. You can hear a lot of intervalsignals on the same recording in ABC order.
Regards, Tibor Gaal Hungary (23/9-2012)

Hi all, I observed that Iran jams Radio Farda with their 1st channel on 1575 KHz.
Picture of transmitters:
The Abadan TX have 33 deg. az. to the center of Iran.
My video from last night:
Laszlo Tringer (12/12-2013)

Hi DXers! Today [11/6 - ed] I noticed, that Iran has began to jam Radio Farda agan, but not with annoying noise. They using IRIB program 1 (Radio Iran) to block R. Farda from the UAE. At my QTH IRIB is the dominant around 23 UTC at 11.06.2012.
Laszlo Tringer, HNG (12/6-2012)


I thought you may be interested in a campaign which I support, which is to save RTE Long Wave 252 (which I believe is a valuable link for older Irish immigrants living in the UK - who do not use the internet or mobile phones).

RTE tried to close it last year and still plan to in 2017 so we are trying to make the case for it.

There is a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SaveRTELW252
There is also a website run by a former RTE engineer http://savertelongwaveradio.com

I would be interested if you are able to receive RTE LW 252 - since of late a lot of people on the continent can not since it is blocked by interference from an Algerian Station on the same frequency,

I am trying to compile a map of where and how strong the signal is for listeners so i set up a page http://conorgilmer.com/radio/
I would be glad if you can receive it to add your comment/signal report.

Tussen Takk..
Kind Regards, Conor Gilmer (EI5GAB) (19/6-2015)
Thanks Conor. I bring your mail here, so other dxers maybe can be of any help.

RTE 252 kHz off:Hopefully that is not permanent: I have usually listened to RTE on LW252khz if the BBC gets boring. Reception of RTE on 252 has usually been very good for the most part so real shame if that has gone.
Just checked RTE's feeds on Twitter and Facebook: nothing about 252khz going off on either source as far as I can see as at 2300hrs UTC (23rd March).

Further to that, RTE Radio's website says that LW252khz is down for essential maintenance on the transmitter from 10am Monday 23rd March until 5:30pm on Wednesday 25th March so all is not lost. Good!
Dave Harries, dxld yg (24/3-2015)

Just a quick note. RTE Ireland on 252 KHz has been off since at least noon today. Chaine 3 from Algeria very readable from noon on here in Ireland. Quite a day time signal! 
Brock Whaley, Ireland for DXLD yg (23/3-2015)

RTE to close Longwave 252 [on October 27th 2014]
Brian Greene (24/9-2014)

When visiting Ireland recently I was informed that Tyrone Community Radio (TCR AM), previously on 1512 kHz, now is using 927 kHz.
Karl-Erik Stridh (18/8-2011)

RTE Radio 1 252 is back on very strong signal in Donegal; daytime signal on 1395 mw all noted all day.
Eamon, Ireland (2/3-2011)

No signal of
RTE 1 on 252 LW today or maybe gone for good. Although a fair strength coming from Algeria on same frequency is heard in the middle of the day and to be much stronger by night
Adam Birchenall, UK (1/3-2011)

UNID: I first noted continuous music on 927kHz AM on Saturday 26 June 2010 between 12.00 midday & 6.00pm; the transmission was emanating from a transmitter which is situated between Mullingar (Co. Westmeath) & Longford (Co. Longford) in the Republic of Ireland.
Continuous music was also noted on 927kHz AM this afternoon (Wednesday 30 June 2010) up until 6.00pm 
Sean Brady, IRL (30/6-2010)

Radio North 846 kHz in County Donegal, Ireland on March 15th. More on
Reports to radionorth846am@gmail.com
Ken Baird, Ayrshire (7/3-2009)

567 and 729 kHz from RTE - now carrying a message advising you to retune to FM or LW.  The message will continue to broadcast until and including 31 March and then be switched off.
James Robinson Ireland (25/3-2008)

I can confirm that
729 kHz (Cork) is identical to 567 kHz, and is carrying a messge advising the servicce has ended. 
Correction:  The transmitters were silent between 1500 and 1530 GMT.  Message started at 1530.
James Robinson Ireland (25/3-2008)

I was told today that the DRM tests on 252 will start "some time in January", but an exact date has not yet been announced.
James Robinson (2/1-2007)

Update on RTE: Test transmissions in DRM will be carried out on 252kHz LW from the new transmitter at the existing site from a date yet to be announced, power approx 20kW (TBC) - any tests will initially take place between 0200-0500 UTC.  More details when known.
Source: RTE via James Robinson (13/12-2006)


IBA D arabic  now on old m/w 738khz 10-100 kw,
IBA B now on 1206khz 10 kw
Barth, Israel (11/2-2011)

Challenger Nord Italia 1368 KHZ: Test on 1368 kHz 25 KW with SIEMENS S30 transmitter near Padova. Heard in South Italy at Benevento 22:30 UTC SINPO 44444 with SONY ICF-S10MK2  tascable ricevitor indoor location.
Carlo Tenga (13/11-2015)

Also tonight Gold 15-93 from Sicily is on the air with a test broadcast on 1341 kHz. Reports will be verified with eQSL but only if accompanied by an audio-clip.
E-mail address:  gold1593radio@gmail.com
Antonello Napolitano, dxld yg (11/11-2015)

Radio Caroline can be heard quite well on MW 1350 kHz here in Denmark tonight Friday August 21 around 21 UTC. I believe this relay is coming from Milan, Italy.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwdx yg (21/8-2015)

Private MW legal in Italy.
To The Community Amateurs Radio, Shortwave Listeners, lovers of radiolistening DX and Broadcasters of stations in Medium Wave Band.

Dear Friends, I have the very pleasure to inform you that, in the History of the Italian Radio, today - 18th August2015 - has borned a star !
In fact  the scene of the radio band “Medium Wave” from Italy, today is a turning point.
After 11 years since the beginning of the switch-off of  historical transmission plant in mid wave of the Public Service of  RAI  broadcasts on a radio band (MW) that has made the history of radio, will no longer be confidential or restricted to public service but they will be free to be privately operated. This opens the way for an interesting world in which broadcasts Band "Medium Wave" will become the protagonists of a NEW media and the future of the radio hobby. This is the first, interesting milestone reached by the new Law  nr. 115 of 29 July  2015 which will open the door to new radio operators <private>.

I wish inform you that  a more detailed  presentation of this initiative of the Law, is available on the web: http://www.ari.it/. (italian ver.)
The ARI is supporting this initiative and for the protection of an important band in the history of radio, is in first place in the development of a body of opinion to support transmissions in Band "MW".
I invite everyone to read the web  page on the website recommended ARI: http://www.ari.it/.
Many thanks and have my best greetings, Alfredo  Gallerati , IK7JGI, A.R.I  Italian Amateur Radio Association (19/8-2015)

Hi Ydun! Challenger Radio was heard testing on 846 kHz on Apr 17 //1368 kHz.
73, Patrick Robic AUT (18/4-2015)

The name of the Italian station testing on 1611 kHz is Gold 1593 Radio.
The Webstream can be found here: http://gold1593.caster.fm/
E-mail announced: gold1593radio@gmail.com
The station Kai is refering to is an Australian station.
73, Patrick Robic, AUT (30/3-2015)

New Italian station, Old Gold Radio, testing on 1611 kHz yesterday with announcements between pop songs. Transmitting with 700 w via Challenger Radio, which has a different program on 1368 kHz, so it must be a new transmitter, I think.
Kai Mauseth, NOR via mwc fb group (30/3-2015)

1611 khz now, confirmed, pirate station near Rovigo Italy that rebroadcasts the signal of IRRS 1368 khz.
Sergio Sarabia (28/3-2015 2038utc)

Radio Rasant via IRRS:
There are new programs of Radio Rasant on Saturday 28th March.
The first programs of Radio Rapidly on short and medium wave at the following times:
0900 am to 1000 UTC 9510 kHz
1900 to 2000 UTV 7290 kHz and 1368 kHz.
Tom Taylor, emr (28/3-2015)

Hi Ydun!
I could hear Challenger Radio (which is relaying IRRS at some times) on 1503 kHz // to 1368 kHz on the evenings on March 25th/26th. According to a mail from station owner Maurizio Anselmo it´s a test transmission with 200w from the same site as the 1368 kHz transmission.
73, Patrick Robic, AUT (27/3-2015)

RE: 1503 khz new frequency of IRRS-Globe Radio Milan.
1503 khz no signal. Apparently it was a pirate station that was rebroadcasting signal for one day of IRRS-Globe Radio Milan.
Sergio Sarabia (26/3-2015)

1503 khz new frequency of IRRS-Globe Radio Milan from Villa Estense-Italy in parallel to 1368 khz 24h in English and Italian language.
Regards Sergio Sarabia (24/3-2015) 

I have heard a new Italian station on 1476 kHz; have heard it a couple of times via the Twente SDR rx, and very strong via http://www.globaltuners.com/receiver/17/js2   ... maybe a local station close to Rovigo.
Fabrizio Magrone reported (Medium Wave Circle FB group) that the station's name is ”Medjugorje Network 14-76 kilohertz AM” and it seems the station is xmitting from the Veneto area. Time pips and synthesized IDs.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (6/3-2015)

5/3 20.10 1476 KHz Medijugorje Network, unofficial Italian radio, test transmission.
Audioclip available here
73's de
Francesco Cecconi, Central Italy via CondigList yg (6/3-2015)

Radio Time test on 1359 khz, audioreports to info@corad.net
bclnews.it via mwdx yg (3/3-2015)

New Italian pirate station heard in 1386. It is "AM1" is being heard with a good signal and good audio quality.
Franco Pozzetti Italy (16/9-2013)

Hi Ydun. Just receveived an unexpected mail from
Radiomarina's Staff. Attached to it, three pictures of its broadcasting equipment and a nice lighthouse QSL. Contact address is radiomarina@wifi4all.it (the station also confirms my reception last weekend on 1071 kHz). Further details and picture in my post: http://radiolawendel.blogspot.com/2011/09/radiomarina-1071-khz-le-prime-immagini.html
Andy Lawendel Italy (7/9-2011)

Hi Ydun, please find a very short YT clip with Italian music heard yesterday, September 3rd on 1071 kHz around 19 UTC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIKfrX4JoO8. I'm pretty sure it was Radio Marina, tho I didn't manage to hear any identification. Format sounds quite the same as other current Italian low power on mediumwave (except for Radio Challenger 1368//1566). Recording made live in Liguria, close to La Spezia.
As I reported on my blog www.radiopassioni.it, I tried on several occasions to look after Marina on 1071 during my brief stay in our DX location in Borghetto Vara, with no luck until yesterday. At least comparing it with a close by Media Veneto Broadcast on 1233, which was quite good and stable during the evening and in the night.
When I did go back on 1071 a hour after the clip was made, Iran was already a strong dominant: no traces of any Marina. I strongly suspect its tests are somewhat irregular.
Ciao, Andy Lawendel (now back in Milan) I (5/9-2011)

Hi Ydun !
I was informed by Maurizio Anselmo of Challenger Radio that the station rised the power on 1368 kHz to 2,5 kW and using a new Folded Dipole antenna. Challenger Radio is rebroadcasting Voice of America at the moment in an experimental phase from 1200-1800 UTC.
73, Patrick Robic, Austria (11/2-2011)

Hi Ydun ! Today I received an e-mail verification from Challenger Radio 1566 kHz,
in which the v/s Maurizio Anselmo also informed me about the station´s plan to start DRM-Tests on 1566 kHz within the next 20 days.
Patrick Robic (24/6-2009)

Challenger Radio [1566kHz] is transmitting most of the time I programmes from "Onda Cosmica". These a Italian language programmes from Radio Santec in Wuerzburg, Germany. Most of the time they announce a contact address in Milano, but I also heard the announce of the Wuerzburg-address. I´m quite sure that the German in the background, which I also heard on 1566 kHz, originates from an originally German programme with Italian voice over.
Patrick Robic, Austria (23/6-2009)

RAI is now transmitting 2 DRM audio signals on 846 kHz via Santa Palomba: RAI Radiouno in Stereo with 19,06 kbps and RAI ISORADIO in mono with 12,30 kbps. RAI ISORADIO is a programme for motorway users with pop music and traffic information normally broadcasted only on FM 103,3 MHz.
73 from Austria,
Patrick Robic (30/1-2008)

This morning January 15th, 2008 I heard the RAI DRM test with the label "RAI WAY ROMA" on 846 kHz for the first time. So they must have started sometime in the last 24 hours.
Patrick Robic, Austria (15/1-2008)