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Hi all, today noticed that Iran restarted the bubble jammer against Radio Farda on 1575 KHz. Here is the audio clip:
Laszlo Tringer HNG (3/10-2012)

Bubble jamming on
990khz from easterly direction 2330 to 2400 gmt any ideas?
Harry Worth, Ringwood UK (26/1-2012)

Hi DXers, finally, i noticed, that the jammer comes from Iran on
1377, and the target is Trans World Radio, Gavar, Armenia. Thats means, this is not a TX malfunction. I did this recording at 1716 UTC today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7HqkwZB7TM
You can hear both the jammer and TWR. When it's starts the Farsi program at 1717 UTC, the jammer going crazy and much stronger. This is a big luck, i catched a moment, before France Info starts increase.
Laszlo Tringer, Hungary (31/3-2011)

Heard the jamming last night again on 1377. It was behind France Bleu, Lille??
1377 normally rocks in here in Holland, the jamming could only be heard when the fading reduced the strength French station, but still it must be a very powerful signal if it comes all the way from Iran.
Monitored on a normal car radio.
Ruud, The Netherlands (18/3-2011)

I can comfirm that on 3rd of this month
1377 khz 'jamming' can be heard. But, Today (4th of december) I didn't hear it. I paid attention to the assumption that Iranians jamming TWR broadcast from Gavar. In the assigned time I heared no bubbling noise. The monitoring task is difficult: the frequency is occupied by 3 station. 1st is France Bleur, 2nd is Radio Ukraine 1st channel, 3rd is the Gavar transmitter.
Tibor Gaal, HNG (4/12-2010)

Dear Friends,
From 22nd (monday) of November 2010, I don't hear the 'jamming' sound on 1377 khz.
Tibor Gaal Hungary (26/11-2010)

In Holland the jammer and the jammed station can be heard from 1430-2100 UTC. The jammed station is best readable on 1374 kHz, even though it transmits on
1377 kHz. Sometimes they broadcast in Russian, but mostly in Farsi. Sometimes they relay Farsi broadcasts by Transworld Radio (with the usual TWR interval signal). I think either Iran or friends of Iran are jamming the Farsi broadcasts. Bearing of the jammer is 090 degrees (my QTH is 10 miles South of Amsterdam).
Joost de Groot (13/11-2010)

I sent an e-mail to the address mentioned on www.radio-int.am Contact menu:
But, my letter arrived back with an error message from rambler.ru.
I think this address (info@radio-int.am) has been non-exist.
Tibor Gaal (12/11-2010)

2010-11-10 1612Z - 1377 kHz: Both France Info and interfering signal are coming up now. Suspect that transmitter fault is the correct answer, as the interference has changed. The bubbling is faster and the centre frequence has moved up. Estimate the interference to null circabout 20 degrees east of France Info's null. Hope that helps someone to find the broken unit.
Reynir H. Stefansson, Iceland (10/11-2010)

2010-11-09 - 21:06Z - Both signals went near-simultaneously off-air at 2100Z.
Reynir H. Stefansson, Iceland (9/11-2010)

2010-09-11 20:07Z - Very audible bubble-jammer-like signal on 1377kHz, LSB.

2010-11-09 20:28Z - I put on shoes (that lawn is under snow) and took the Panny tranny outside. The strange signal seems to come from a more easterly direction than France Info. Also, signal strength varies a lot against the French signal. Totally clueless if this is a transmitter fault or a Cold War flashback.
Reynir H. Stefansson, Iceland (9/11-2010)

1377 kHz: Here, in the Republic of Hungary [western part], today evening I also hear that jamming. It is a possibility that a transmitter broke down and this emits that sound and not an intentional jamming.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (9/11-2010)

Jamming on 1377 inaudible in E. Iceland. Using a SuperTech SR-16HN (rebadged ATS-803A) portable.
Reynir H. Stefansson, Iceland (9/11-2010)

Today, Monday the 8 th of Novembre a very "old fashioned" radiosignal is audible on
1377 KHz. A wobbel jammer station is causing a lot of QRM for France Info from Lille. Is there anyone who knows which country is started this - radiowar -? The signal is coming from the south-west, here in the northern part of Holland. Is the jammer for, or coming from Iran location Irib? Or for Radio Free Afrika in Tanzania - Mwanza
W. Prins, Haren, The Netherlands (8/11-2010)


Heard at 1205utc - NHK2 domestic service is giving English reports on the earthquake. English Language lessons are usually at this time. Monitored on a Global Tuners receiver in Japan on 693khz.
Tony Magon Australia (11/3-2011)

This ad appeared a few days ago, for replacement of the two towers in the antenna system. The feed system was just rebuilt a year or two ago. This is the 50 kW AFRS transmitter Momote on 810 kHz:
SOLTYPE~FedBizOpps Presolicitation
AGENCY~Department of the Air Force
OFFICE~Pacific Air Forces
LOCATION~374 CONS - Yokota
OFFADD~Department of the Air Force, Pacific Air Forces, 374 CONS - Yokota, Unit 5228, Yokota AB, APO Japan, ., 96328-5228
SUBJECT~N -- Remove/Replace Two AFN Phase Array Antenna System Towers at Momote, Japan
CONTACT~Sumiyo Ohi, Contract Specialist, Phone 81-42-551-6120, Fax 81-42-551-0973, Email sumiyo.ohi@yokota.af.mil - Geoffrey Diehl, Contracting Officer, Phone 81-42-551-6120, Fax 81-42-551-0973, Email geoffrey.diehl@yokota.af.mil
DESC~Remove/Replace Two (2) Existing American Forces Network (AFN) Phase Array Antenna System Towers at Momote transmitter Site, Japan. 1. This project will be performed in its entirety in the country of Japan. The successful offeror must be licensed and registered to perform work in the country of Japan. 2. Solicitation issuance and closing dates are tentative. It is the offeror's responsibility to check the firm dates at block 6 & 8 of SF 1449, once the solicitation is released, to ensure submission of your offer in a timely manner. If you have any questions about the release date of a solicitation please contact the Contract Administrator or Contracting Officer listed in this announcement. POP Country: Japan POP Zip: 96328-5228 POP Address: 374th Contracting Squadron/LGCAB Unit 5228 APO AP.
Via Ben Dawson (10/8-2005)

Radio Jordan Arabic continues to reduce its coverage transmitters in recent years.
Here the situation today:
612 kHz Network 1
855 kHz Qur'an Network
1035 kHz Network 1
All low-power transmitters.
The main transmitter of Radio Jordan 801 kHz is on the air only four hours in the morning 4:00 to 08:05 (gmt) low power Only.
O. Barth (8/6-2013)