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Mi Amigo relays via 1485 kHz every weekend from Latvia.
Saturdays 2100-2300UTC and 4 hours on Sundays 1900-2300 UTC.
Tom Taylor (30/10-2015)

Radio MiAmigo is starting regular relays this Sunday between 20:00 to 24:00CET (18:00-22:00 UTC) via Radio Merkurs on 1485 kHz to Scandinavia.
There will be 4 hours of programming with music from the 1960s and 70s
Also via the web at www.radiomerkurs.lv
Good listening!
Tom Taylor (6/6-2015)

Radio Caroline Flashback on 1485 kHz from Riga on May 8th at 1800utc to 0600utc. 2500 watts.
Roy Sandgren and Mike Barraclough, MWC fb group (7/5-2015)

ARCTIC RADIO CLUB-special Christmas programs.
Radio Merkurs in Riga, Latvia will broadcast special programs for ARC on the 22nd and 28th December 2013 via the transmitter near the seaside resort Jurmala on the Latvian west coast broadcasting on 1485 kHz. The schedule is 1500-1600 Swedish time = 1400-1500 UTC.
The programs will be produced by the ARC member Ronny Forslund (Ronnie Be Good) and every member that wants to send a special dedication can do so. Send your mp3 file with your Christmas greetings and your music request to info@rock.x.se. If you have a recording of your requested music include it.
ARTIC RADIO CLUB will issue a special QSL-card for this event. Send your report and mp3-file to: info@rock.x.se or ARC, c/o Ronny Forslund, Vita Huset, SE-17995 SVARTSJÖ, SWEDEN
Bengt Ericson, SWE (28/11-2013)

Unrelated to the programmes transmitted by IRRS Nexus separate Radio City programmes has been broadcast by Radio Merkurs on 1485 kHz (1 kW) Saturdays 21.00 - 22.00 Central European Time. We don't know if this service will be on a monthly or weekly basis.
Information from IRRS Nexus (4/10-2011)

Some remarks about issue of Radio Merkurs broadcasting (I guess someone translated this issue from Russian into English (from open-dx), but some details lost). This is not the same transmitter that was carrying Radio Nord. Radio Nord was broadcasting from Ulbroka with 2.7 kW, but Radio Merkurs is broadcasting from Riga (Agenskalns, Western Riga). Power should be 1 kW, but most likely power used now is much lower (maybe about 100 W).
After absence in the end of August and in September radio station is on air again since September 30 (not only non-stop music like it was before, but also some programs).
Though transmission isn't considered test anymore, engineers are still trying to improve quality of reception.
Usually I hear Radio Merkurs with SINPO: 55454 or 55555 depending on atmosphere noise and probably also on power of transmitter that changes sometimes (Receiver SONY ICF-SW7600GR with ferrite antenna, South-Eastern part of Riga, about 6 km from transmitter).
This transmitter in Agenskalns is carrying not only Radio Merkurs, but also a plenty of FM stations, though many people are worried that antenna is too old and because of strong wind can fall down. Radio Merkurs is the same radio station as former
Radio Nord 945 kHz - the same programs, the same music and the same DJs. Relocation was necessary as land of Ulbroka mediumwave transmitter (945 kHz) was sold to someone, future of 9290 kHz Ulbroka transmitter is also unclear. I heard rumours about cancelling all relays via this transmitter December 31.
55! 73!
Yuri Dimbovsky, Riga, Latvia (17/11-2008)


I can confirm the observations from Finland re the Arabic speaking station on 1071 kHz. The programmes no doubt come from Beirut and the Iza'at al Nur ("Radio of Light") but the transmitter can of course be in Syria. Today from 1710 UTC there was a live concert with ardent patriotic speech for Lebanon ("Akhbar al-Lubnan" etc.) with public applause and later the reporter was out in the street talking with people with hooting cars all around. The Iranian station is interfering and is only slightly to the north on the loop. I agree about high power. Still heard at the time of writing at 2000 UTC.
Ullmar Qvick, Sweden (3/12-2006)


In the last months, I can't receive Misrata station on 1449 kHz, when used to reach Valencia really well, sometimes 55555. Maybe a very reduced schedule?
Guillermo, Valencia E (30/10-2013)

Hi DXers, i noticed, that
1251 is back on air, but with the same reduced power, the dutch station is more powerful at my QTH. I found this video now from Surt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVaaByXjPr4
Nato has been bombarded a radio station. It was
972 khz?
Laszlo Tringer HNG (30/9-2011)

Hello Idun, On 30/08-2011 Laszlo Tringer assumed that the weak station on 1251 khz is Libia. It is definitelly not! It is Iran!
Please compare 1251 with 1026 khz at around 00.00 utc (02.00 CET local time) and it is no doubt that the same station is available on both frequencies. 1026 is very strong at every night while 1251 khz is weak. On 1251 khz Iran couldn't be heard when Libia was on the air. Since Libia left 1251 khz the frequency is free for DXing. I call your attention to the fact that around 01.00 utc (03.00 CET local time) 1026 and 1251 khz is separated and they carry different programmes from Iran.
Sincerely, Tibor Gaal, western part of Hungary (1/9-2011)
Tibor, below you can see more dxers also mention 1251 kHz to be from IRN. (ed)

Hi! I received today (30.08) a very weak signal with Quran recitation(?) on 1251 KHz under the Dutch station at 0037 UTC! Here is the recording:
I think, Libya on 1251 is back in the air! But also possible, that is an other arab country on this freq. So this reception need confirmation.
Laszlo Tringer HNG (30/8-2011)

I think it is not an Arab country but Iran, this is their typical 'echoey' sound. BTW, 1053 kHz now IDs as "Huna Radio Libya" and it is not // www.libya.tv audio.
Mauno Ritola, Finland (30/8-2011)

This could be be IRIB, Iran - Kiashahr 100 kW is listed on this frequency.
Dave Kenny via dxld yg (30/8-2011)

Hello, this is Iran with the call for the prayers, via Kiashar transmitter.
All the best Tarek Zeidan, Cairo, Egypt via dxld yg (30/8-2011)

Website of Voice Of Africa www.voiceofafrica.com.ly working again, with liberated content!
Last day it was full with pro-Gaddafi news.
"In the name of Allah, Allahu Akbar, was liberated from Tripoli Gaddafi and his aides and his gang
Praise be to Allaah.
Edit all of the dust of the city of Tripoli, Qadhafi and his bandits and battalions Have been combing the city by the rebels and captured many of the mercenaries and snipers Libya will remain free proud"
Via google translator.
I hope, 1251 KHz will be active soon!
Laszlo Tringer HNG (25/8-2011)

Last day [23/8] I detected 1KHz test tone on 1053 khz at ~ 2005 UTC! I think that the rebels wants start the liberated program on this freq. But the test tone went off air few minutes later.
Laszlo Tringer, HNG (24/8-2011)

Only Libya Al Hurra's frequencies active now, as I hear here in Hungary (Budapest now). 972, 1053 and 1251 seems that off air. On 1053 I heard a very weak russian station, not libyan. (19:18 UTC)
Laszlo Tringer, HNG (22/8-2011)

Hi Tarek, It was QRM by NDR Info, Germany. At last night (21.08) the libyan station probably was off air. I think the liberated broadcasts will start soon on 972/1053/1251 khz!
Laszlo Tringer HNG (22/8-2011)

I listened to the U Tube recording and it's Great jamaheriya Radio [972 kHz] with a Pro Gadaffi song with some QRM from another station, tripoli is having some power problems so they may have reduced the output of the transmitter. I know that other station is having what sounds like white noise but the language spoken is not Arabic (according to my ears) so I don't think it's a clandestine station jamming Great jamaheriya radio.
All the best, Tarek Zeidan, Cairo, Egypt (21/8-2011)

Hi Ydun!
1251 kHz was not silent at the time mentioned. The signal was much weaker than it used to be in the past, but it was on air carrying Great Jamahiriya Radio programme with clear ID "Idha´at Jamahiriya al Ozma" at 2300 UTC.
Patrick Robin AUT (21/8-2011)

Radio Jamahiriyah on 1053 and Voice of Africa on 1251 khz are went silent around 22:30 UTC! On 972 KHz I received this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be_MQcOg0zM
I cannot understand it!
Laszlo Tringer HNG (21/8-2011)

Misratah, 1449 khz has very good quality, and excellent signal after sunset! The transmitter is located in the Western part of the city: http://bit.ly/hLUyx3
I picked up with my Sangean pocket radio on Monday @ 4:30 UTC, with continous Quran recitation, this is the strongest broadcast from Libya at my QTH (Hungary).
Laszlo Tringer (29/3-2011)

How can I send an E-Mail and/or SMS to Radio Free Tobruk - Do You know?
Zee bedankt,
Martin Schodlok, Germany (25/3-2011)

Radio Free Tobruk isn't a MW stn but only on FM, I am told by Tarek Zeidan.
Ydun Ritz (25/3-2011)

Thanks Ydun for forwarding this message. For those interested to see that report:
Guido reported this link after the report also was broadcast this evening on Belgian TV.
Max van Arnhem HOL via mwcircle yg (22/3-2011)

Hello Mr van Arnhem, I did see that report on Dutch TV as well. The question is do they really transmit with 500 kW. We did see the a very big transmitter on the background, could well be 500 kW. But I could not see if it was on, cause there was no detail of the meters.
The studio is in the TX room, normaly these beast makes so much noise that you cannot use it as a studio. My guess is that a spare transmitter is being used with much less power, in another room.
The TX we saw is a (Swiss made) Brown Boveri, looked very much 60-70ies vintage. Supplied by our Swiss friends Meister and Bolier (MEBO)??? 500 kW would certainly blocked the belgian 10 kW station, I monitored 1125 kHz last night and could mainly hear French from Belgium. BTW, YouTube recordings of 675 Benghazi in one case had very clearly Radio Maria from Holland in the background.
Ruud, The Netherlands (21/3-2011)

Hi DXers!
Benghazi 675 KHz is silent at this time (23 UTC [19/3]), but El Beida 1125 has an excellent signal. 1449 Khz is back on air with Allah Akhbar, this is the strongest Libyan TX at my QTH. R. Jamahiriya is also working on 1053 and on 972 khz.
But the two TX's programs are not matching! Maybe they have regional news/infos. The jamming on
1377 KHz has a very strong signal here in Hungary. Totally drops Lille, it must be closer than Iran. Maybe from Belarus... (this is the nearest dictatorship from here).
Laszlo Tringer, Hungary (20/3-2011)

According to my Japanese DX friend, Takuya Hirayama san, 1449 kHz had an announcemnt at 6.42 UTC: the station announced (Huna idhaat Libya al Hurra min Mesrata ) this is Radio Free Libya from Mesrata.
Till now 17:20 UTC the station is having only Allah Akbar.
So the picture is clear now 3 Radio Free Libya stations :
675 kHz from Benghazi
1125 kHz from al Bieda
1449 kHz from Mesrata ( TX in Al Assah )
More to come.
Tarek Zeidan, Aalborg Denmark (18/3-2011)

Hello DXers,  
Based on a tip from Mauno Ritola, I checked
1449 kHz and I can hear the TX is back on the air.   as per mauno they had a chanting of Allah Akbar and not matching 972 kHz   I thought it was just a revive of the TX and pro gadaffi is just using it as a test.   so I had to run back home to see what they are playing , and I was a bit surprised. as they wer chanting what we call the calls of the Eid. that's the bairam.   according to this they are celebrating something , or a victory some how. so we have 2 options here :  
1st : the tx is in the hands of the rebeles and they are broadcasting this as a test waiting to have real programs.
2nd : it is still in the hands of Gadaffi and he's trying to get a bit religious , specially after the UN resolution of the no fly zone over Libya.   the transmitter is located in al aasah which is located in west of Libya close to the Tunisian borders   check this map http://www.maplandia.com/libya/nuqat-al-khams/al-assah/
you can see the TX locates at the west of the city.  
more to come.  
Tarek Zeidan Aalborg, Denmark (18/3-2011)

Very dramatic sounds has been heard on 675 and 1125 KHZ:
Need translation, what was happened! Often said "Allah Akhbar!"
Laszlo Tringer, Hungary (18/3-2011)

I was just listening to Gadaffi's speech which ended 19:55 UTC. I noticed that he threatened to bomb Radio Free Libya in Benghazi. There are some news that the pro gadaffi troops are heading to Benghazi over night. It'd be a good idea to have an ear on 675 kHz, Sout Libya al Hurra from Benghazi. So far 19:10 UTC 675 kHz is on air and 3 announcers commenting on Gadaffi's speech.
More to come.
Tarel Zeidan, Aalborg Denmark via dxld yg (17/3-2011)

Al Hurra Benghazi working with low power, at my QTH the reception is so weak, Radio Maria the dominant on 675 Khz. What is the reason?
Laszlo Tringer, Hungary (16/3-2011)

I noticed that there's a note on your site [6/3-2011] about 972 having Libya al Hurra, I checked this recording and it was gadaffi talking about hurriya which is freedom.
So 972 is still under gadaffi not broadcasting radio free libya.
Tarek Zeidan, Aalborg DNK (13/3-2011)

Most Likely MW transmitters used in Libya are ex off-shore radio rigs.
The 675 kHz from Banghazi is supposed to be the former 100 kW Ampliphase (RCA) on the MeBo 2, RNI and Radio Noordzee. The radioship Mebo 2 has been sold by it's Swiss owners Meister and Bollier to Khadaffi. On board not only the 100 kW MW but also the 2 10 kW transmitters from Veronica (CE), another 10 k and a SW 10 k. All transmitters were removed from the ship, the ship itself has been used as a target for the Libyan Airforce and is demolished.
Ruud, Netherlands (6/3-2011)

First of all, 1125 EL Beida is working again.
Last night i received this on 972 khz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5KZc9MKyY0
at 04:49 the annonucer says "Alhurra", thats mean, this is a new freed station in Libya. It listed as Radio Jamahiriyah from Sirt (by EMWG). Sirt is under siege now, very interesting cactch, but need confirmation! Very big QRM by NDR Info.
Laszlo Tringer, Hungary (6/3-2011)

1125 kHz maybe silent. But 675 kHz Benghazi received with Excellent signal! Maybe they was boosted the power.
Laszlo Tringer Hungary (5/3-2011)

Hi all! Finally i picked up Benghazi on
675 in Szekesfehervar
it's not 100%, but the program sounds like very special.
1251 and 711 KHz are active, but both channels operates with very low power. I heard Voice of Africa's time signal behind the dutch station on 1251, and the background of the romanian 711.
Laszlo Tringer Hungary (4/3-2011)

Hi guys! Libyans are so mad. They 1251 always drops our local MR6! MR6 broadcastas footbal matches, i send u a clip what was happened using my SONY home theater system with loop antenna: http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/10172858/file.html
I live only 80km from the Transmitter Szombathely.
This is a big problem, at night MR6 covers only 20-30km, because the africans are occupied the frequency.
Andras Kiraly, HNG (1/3-2011)

Hi! Sawt Al Africa 1251 kHz is active, BUT it operates with low power.

Before was stronger:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=643dEUhqAI0 (17-05-2010)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur_whw2dQRc (23-11-2008)

1053 khz R. Jamarhiriya also active:
Laszlo Tringer, Enying, Hungary (28/2-2011)

Voice of Africa, Libya noted to-day August 10, 2010 on 1251 kHz at 1920 UTC in English with SIO 243/222 with ID at 1927 UTC.
73s, Ehard Goddijn, Almere, The Netherlands (11/8-2010)



Radio Baltic Waves International has the following winter schedule (UTC):
1630-0500: 1386 kHz (Sitkunai, 75 kW, nd)

1630-1730 R. Poland, Russian
1730-1800 NHK World, Russian
1800-1900 R. Liberty, Russian
1900-2100 R. Liberty, Belarusian
2100-0300 R. Liberty, Russian
0300-0330 R. Liberty, Belarusian
0330-0400 NHK World, Russian
0400-0500 R. Poland, Belarusian
Rimantas Pleikys via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (26/10-2015)

Radio Baltic Waves International from April 1 via Sitkunai on MW 1386 kHz, 75 kW, UTC:

1700-1730 Radio Poland, Russian
1730-1800 NHK World, Russian
1800-1900 RFE/RL, Russian
1900-2000 RFE/RL, Belarussian language
2000-2100 Radio Poland, Belorussian language
2100-2200 RFE/RL, Russian
2200-2300 RFE/RL, Russian
2300-2400 RFE/RL, Russian
0000-0100 RFE/RL, Russian
0100-0200 RFE/RL, Russian
0200-0300 RFE/RL, Russian
0300-0330 RFE/RL, Belarussian language
0330-0400 NHK World, Russian

From Rimantas Pleikys.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (21/3-2015)


It is now possible to receive 1440 kHz from Marnach at switch-off time at lunchtime.  I can confirm that this transmitter still coes off air suddenly at precisely 1210 UTC returning at 1655 UTC.  Schedule unchanged.
The signal was weak but "Beat It" by Michael Jackson was playing at the time of switch-off on 31 October 1210 UTC.
I will report back any changes spotted if there are any.
James Robinson (31/10-2015)

RTL The switch-off is effective during lunch time (12h10 to 16h55). Anyway, since the end of the programs from Luxemburg (besten hit aller zeiten), the radio has lost all my appeals.
And as it was said, 31-12-2015, the 1440 Khz will be off for ever.
Denis Gillet (27/10-2015)

A pity; the 1440 kHz has followed me for half a century!

After the time change in Europe RTL 1440 Marnach now comes on in the afternoon at 1655 UTC instead of 1555 UTC.

So therefore, the schedule now appears to be: (all times UTC)
0355-0400: Interval Signal
0400-0600: Sun: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0400-0700: Mon-Sat RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0600-0630: Sun  Missionswerk Freundesdienst
0630-0700: Sun RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0700-1200: Radio China International (in German)
1200-1210: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1210-1655: Off air
1655-1830 Thu-Tue: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1655-1825 Wed: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1825-1830: Wed Lutherische Stunde
1830-1900: Missionswerk Freundesdienst
1900-0000: Radio China International (in German)
0000-0001: Luxembourg National Anthem
0001-0355: Off air

Currently I still cannot confirm switch-off time at lunchtime.  Please can someone check this for confirmation that the transmitter is off between 1210-1655 UTC.
In the North West of England it is not yet possible to hear this transmitter after around 1030 UTC.
Finally for now, I was able to observe Riyadh transmitter on 1440 immediately before Marnach came on at 1655.  Snal was weak but just audible.  Can anyone please clarify where the weak silent carrier is coming from observed between 0001-0355 UTC?
James Robinson (25/10-2015)

Finally for now, what will happen to the religious output after 1440 supposedly closes on 31 December?
There is an additional broadcast from Missionswerk Freundesdienst at 0715-0745 UTC on satellite and online only which is not on 1440 kHz because RCI is on at that time.  Because of that I assume this is to continue.
Does anyone have any information?

--> Missionswerk closes transmission on 31.12.2015. You can hear the "close-notice" daily on the programm of Radio Freudesdienst.
Ronny Weiner (14/10-2015)

The programme on Wednesday is still there.  My mistake.  I thought We meant weekends hence thinking it had ended.  Sorry.

Therefore, the full schedule of 1440 Marnach now appears to be:
0255-0300: Interval Signal
0300-0500: Sun: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0300-0600: Mon-Sat RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0500-0530: Sun  Missionswerk Freundesdienst
0530-0600: Sun RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0600-1100: Radio China International (in German)
1100-1110: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1110-1555: Off air
1555-1730 Thu-Tue: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1555-1725 Wed: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1725-1730: Wed Lutherische Stunde
1730-1800: Missionswerk Freundesdienst
1800-2300: Radio China International (in German)
2300-2301: Luxembourg National Anthem
2301-0255: Off air
James Robinson (14/10-2015)

I have a couple more questions about 1440 kHz:

I have just checked 1440 and notice that I can hear Riyadh transmitter on this frequency but I seem to hear it underneath a weaker dead carrier.
My analogue radio shows a red light when a station is tuned strong enough to register but it does not mean I get nothing when there is no light.

The light is on around 50% of its full output but the audio from Riyadh is quiet.  Can anyone tell me is Marnach transmitter still putting out a dead carrier after 2301 UTC?  It does not happen immediately after switch off after the national anthem but it is on at time of writing at 2344 UTC.  If it is not coming from Marnach, where is this dead carrier coming from -
does anyone know?  Thanks

Also, what is the current power of Marnach transmitter?  300 kW daytime when on, but when is it now at 600 kW?  And what is the strength of this carrier late at night?

Finally for now, what will happen to the religious output after 1440 supposedly closes on 31 December?  I wonder will the channel itself carry on - as it is online already and on Astra 19.2 East.  That channel carries RTL 93.3 & 97.0 at all times except when religious programmes are on.
There is an additional broadcast from Missionswerk Freundesdienst at 0715-0745 UTC on satellite and online only which is not on 1440 kHz because RCI is on at that time.  Because of that I assume this is to continue.
Does anyone have any information?
James Robinson (13/10-2015)

The full schedule of 1440 Marnach now appears to be:

0255-0300: Interval Signal
0300-0500: Sun: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0300-0600: Mon-Sat RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0500-0530: Sun  Missionswerk Freundesdienst
0530-0600: Sun RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0600-1100: Radio China International (in German)
1100-1110: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1110-1555: Off air
1555-1730: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1730-1800: Missionswerk Freundesdienst
1800-2300: Radio China International (in German)
2300-2301: Luxembourg National Anthem
2301-0255: Off air

Can anyone confirm please?
James Robinson (11/10-2015)

I can confirm that the afternoon switch-on time for RTL Marnach 1440 is now 1555 UTC.  It still switches off at 2301 UTC immediately after the Luxembourg National Anthem which is aired at 2300 UTC.
Can someone please let me know what time it now goes off in the daytime?
1725-1730: 1440 We Lutherische Stunde (An der Bahn 51, D-27367 Sottrum) -
This appears to have stopped.
Looks like the above is no longer carried.  When RTL Radio comes on at 1555 UTC it stays on until 1730 when Radio Freundesdienst is on until 1800 UTC.
James Robinson (11/10-2015)

Although I cannot hear 1440 kHz (Marnach) when it goes off at 1110 UTC (yet), I can hear it in mid afternoon.  Today when I checked, it was not on at 1535 UTC but I did get it well at 1554 UTC.
Maybe they changed it so that it does not come back on until 1555 - but can someone please clarify exactly when it is now on and off during the day?
I may be able to confirm the afternoon switch-on time tomorrow.
James Robinson (11/10-2015)

Peter Vrakking wrote yesterday on the Radio Luxembourg 208 fans Facebook Group:
Yesterday at 19h the German Service in Luxemburg closed down. Last record was James Last with Happy Luxemburg. As of today the signal is coming from the RTL Studio's in Berlin.
Mike Terry via mwdx yg (2/7-2015)

Just to clarify the Marnach 1440 transmitter has
0255 UTC: Interval signal
0300 UTC RTL Radio Besten Hits aller Zeiten
and not 0400 UTC has previously quoted.  I assume that was a typo as it would be rather odd to have an interval signal running for 65 minutes.
73 James Robinson (8/5-2015)

The Marnach transmitter is being switched off at 1110 UTC and on at 1455 UTC while
normal RTL programming takes place. No interval signal at all. But it is still being played from 0250 UTC until 0400 UTC every morning, the same signal since 196x.
Walter Barteczek (5/5-2015)

Die Luxemburger Mittelwelle 1439/1440 kHz, die einst ein Stelldichein der verschiedensten religiösen Anbieter war, hat nur noch zwei:0330-0400: 1440 Mo-Sa Missionswerk und Hilfswerk Freundesdienst (Quellmattweg 2, CH-5023 Biberstein)0500-0530: 1440 So Mw. Freundesdienst1725-1730: 1440 Mi Lutherische Stunde (An der Bahn 51, D-27367 Sottrum) 1730-1800: 1440 Mo-So Mw. Freundesdienst.
Besonders bemerkenswert ist der Abgang des Missionswerks Werner Heukelbach, das seit 1958 über Radio Luxemburg sendete und sich jetzt auf das Internetradio http://radiohbr.de/ (Heukelbach Bibel Radio) konzentriert.
Den freigewordenen Sendeplatz hat das Missionswerk Freundesdienst aus der Schweiz übernommen, das freilich auch ein Internetradio http://webradio.freundesdienst.org/ betreibt.
Der Satellitenkanal RTL1440 mit RTL-Radioprogramm und den religiösen Sendungen ist jetzt in Mono, den anderen Kanal hat Radio Freundesdienst für sein Programm übernommen. 
#Nico Scheer, Dr. Hansjörg Biener

The Luxembourg medium wave 1439/1440 kHz, which used to be full of diverse religious programmes, has only two providers left: 0330-0400: 1440 Mo-Sa Missionswerk und Hilfswerk Freundesdienst (Quellmattweg 2, CH-5023 Biberstein)0500-0530: 1440 Su Mw. Freundesdienst1725-1730: 1440 We Lutherische Stunde (An der Bahn 51, D-27367 Sottrum) 1730-1800: 1440 Mo-Su Mw. Freundesdienst
Particularly noteworthy is the departure of the Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach that started broadcasting on Radio Luxembourg in 1958, and now presents an internet stream at http://radiohbr.de/ (Heukelbach Bible Radio).
The vacated time slot have been taken over by Missionswerk Freundesdienst from Switzerland, which also has an internet stream at http://webradio.freundesdienst.org/.
The satellite channel RTL1440 with the RTL radio programme and the religious programmes is now in mono, the other channel is used by Radio Freundesdienst for their stream.
#Nico Scheer, Dr. Hansjörg Biener (3/5-2015)

Marnach 1440kHz: The transmitter is active during:

0250 UTC - 1110 UTC and
1455 UTC - 2300 UTC

CRI is from 0600 UTC - 1100 UTC and 1800 UTC - 2300 UTC.
Religious programmes from 0330 UTC - 0400 UTC and 1730 UTC - 1800 UTC.
Other time is RTL Radio on air - not much left indeed.
73's Walter Barteczek (3/5-2015)

Does anyone know the current 24 hour schedule of 1440 Marnach?  It has been mentioned the CRI is not heard here any more but I am not sure about that?

Also, is this transmitter on low lower carrier after 2300 UTC?  I have heard a weak carrier there after midnight with the station from Ryadh faintly in the background.

I have heard Grman after 1800 UTC.  If anyone can list the entire 24 hour schedule that would be most useful as I cannot hear this transmitter in much of the daytime at this time of the year.
James Robinson (2/5-2015)

Marnach 1440 kHz Since a couple of days the Marnach site has been switched off between 13:00 and 17:00 local time. Long time the TX output was reduced during that time, since a couple of months they ran full power and now it is off, very surprising!
Walter Barteczek, Neunkirchen, Germany (12/4-2015)

A question please - accourding to that article [http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/news/luxembourg/story/19784995], one of the antennas has
already been brought down.  Can someone please advise which frequencies and power ar4e currently in use at Marnach?
James Robinson (7/3-2015)

Marnach to close down all radio activities at the end of 2015.
Mike Barraclough, dxld yg (7/3-2015)

A translation of an article via Mike Knight on the great-208@yahoogroups.com Yahoo group:

March 2, 2015
Marnach- all braodcasting activities Site Marnach "will be permanently and irreversibly stopped at the end of this year", said Xavier Bettel.

The Prime Minister also said that an agreement on this subject was found with RTL. Radio broadcast residents of the antennas are worried for years electromagnetic waves and what they consider to be nuisances. What had prompted a parliamentary question CSV MPs Emile Eicher and Marco Schank.
The head of government, which also has a cap of Communications Minister recalled that a "first antenna has already been dismantled." The rest of the quipment will disappear with the end of the emissions. As for the future of the site, Xavier Bettel simply states that "the State will acquire land in 2016 the site at market price."
More in Wikipedia
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (6/3-2015)

In answer to the question of James Robinson, 'Also, can someone please tell me what is the situation about 234 kHz from Junglinster (the French service), or is it from another site now - please can you confirm ERP for that.
Thanks very much. RTL french 234 khz service is broadcast from the Beidweiler site since 1974.

Frédéric Vaillant (18/10-2014)

Hello.  After reading the story the other day about 1440 kHz, I have struggled to find info of the actual date that 1440 kHz will go silent.
The original stop date was I thought, 30 December 2014.  Can someone please confirm the schedule of the frequency is:

0250-0600 UTC: RTL Radio Der Besten Hits Alle Zeiten
0600-1100 UTC: Radio China International (in German)
1100-1800 UTC: RTL Radio Der Besten Hits Alle Zeiten
1800-2300 UTC: Radio China International (in German)
2300-0250 UTC: off air

Is this schedule correct?  Also, what power is currently in use at Marnach on this frequency at different times of the day?

Also, can someone please tell me what is the situation about 234 kHz from Junglinster (the French service), or is it from another site now - please can you confirm ERP for that.
Thanks very much.
James Robinson (16/10-2014)

[Rumours about] Switching off the transmitter at Marnach 1440 kHz
Your hereby receive the original e-mail answer from RTL-Radio after asking, if there is a certain date the station will close.

An Ich
3. Okt
Sehr geehrter Herr ........,
vielen Dank für ihre Email. Entschuldigen Sie bitte, dass wir erst jetzt zu einer Antwort kommen.
Derzeit besteht keine konkrete Absicht den Sender Marnach abzuschalten, dementsprechend ist auch kein Event oder ähnliches geplant.
Ihren Musikwunsch haben wir aber gerne in die Redaktion weitergegeben.
Viele Grüße aus Luxemburg und weiterhin viel Spaß mit unserem Programm.
Christopher Necke

Rough translation into english:
At the moment there are no plans to switch off the station Marnach and therefore no events are planed for this occasion.
Fred (31/10-2013)

I have heard
1440 well past 8am up til 9am or fadeing off till darkness. Have heard as early as 1400gmt. My view the must taken off timer on the transmitter site. Great station for music all sorts. As I am not fan of digital radio crap or commercial fm station, swl listner as well as mw long live the medium wave LW than goodness.
Radio man (14/12-2011)

Reply to Adam Birchenall:
On May 1st, 2012, German TV Channels will cease broadcasting analog signals on Astra 19,2 degres East. Therefore, radios using sub-carriers of those analog TV signals will also dissapear. Only digital signals will remain on satellite. That will be the case of RTL and others. As for 1440 Khz, hope they would broadcast even at low power all day long...
Denis Gillet BEL (30/6-2011)

I have heard rumours about the closure of RTL radio, china radio int. on 1440 kHz completly in 2012, I had a feeling on this while listening to RTL Radio on Satellite and i heard a german commercial add talking about digital radio and the year 2012.
Adam Birchenall (30/6-2011)

Other than the DRM Signal on 1440, I have Recently noticed RTL Radio on 1440 MW starts an hour earlier than before (17.00 hrs CET instead of 18.00 hrs). I remember some years before listening to RTL radio in the winter daytime. I would like if Radio Netherlands could be put on 1440 as a change, instead of China Radio Int.
Adam Birchenall UK (5/12-2010)



Hi! Ydun Ritz san. My name is Tsune belong to NDXC. Live in central Japan. These days LW condx is really exellent. My equipment is AR7030PLUS with homebrew K9AY. I am trying to 171(Medi1),183,189(RUV),198(BBC),207(RUV),234(RTL),261(BNR).
Loggings below:
153.00 1728 1750 2009-10-21 ROU R.Antena Satelor 25332
171.00 2200 2249 2009-10-24 RUS R.Kavkaz 15321
177.00 1605 1615 2009-10-21 D DLR-Kultur 25322
207.00 1814 1830 2009-10-9 MRC RTM 15321
216.00 1752 1800 2009-10-21 MCO R.Monte Carlo 15221
225.00 1837 1904 2009-10-17 POL Polskie R.1 25222
252.00 2059 2108 2009-10-9 ALG R.Algerienne 3 25322
270.00 1650 1700 2009-10-21 CZE CR1 R.Zurnal 25322
Good DXing!
Tsunehito Inoue, Japan (25/10-2009)