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Radio Nepal heard last night with centralised special live transmission which continued beyond 1 am (1930 utc) to help millions of distressed and homeless peoples. 684 Pokhara was best. 792 Kathmandu , 576 Surkhet, 1143 Bardibas were also received fair/poor.
648 Dhankuta & 810 Dipayal could not be heard here at Agartala. Tecsun PL660 with Telescopic ant. used.
Pradeep Kundu, Tripura on FB via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, April 26, dx_sasia yg via DXLD yg (26/4-2015)

Due to disruption of internet service in Singha Durbar area online streaming service of Radio Nepal was not available, you can now listen to Radio Nepal live using this link:
Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi via DXLD yg (26/4-2015)

Radio Nepal MW stations at 1945 UTC....26 Apr 2015.
All the 6 stations were noted on air with special programme on earthquake.

576 100 KW Surkhet
648 100 KW Dharan, Sunsari
684 100 KW Malepatan, Pokhara
792 100 KW Bhainsepati, Kathmandu
810 10 KW Doti, Dipayal
1143 10 KW Mahottari, Bardibas

Nepal Earthquake Emergency Traffic frequencies:
7100, 14205, 14210, 14215, 14310.

Internet is again down at Kathmandu area.
Regards Alokesh Gupta, dx_sasia yg via DXLD yg (26/4-2015)

After the devastating earthquake in  Nepal, the Nepali Public Radio, Radio Nepal regional service is active with audio on its webside in the cities of Dhankuta, 648 kHz;  Pokhara, 684 kHz and Dipayal, 810 kHz.




But there is no audio in Katmandú, 792 kHz and Surkhet, 576 kHz.


Manuel Méndez, dxld yg (26/4-2015)


News from Radio Seagull:
Since September 1st, the area served by our 1602 transmitter has also enjoyed Radio Seagull in stereo on DAB+. Now, we are moving further afield into the south of The Netherlands where 1602 cannot be heard.
From November 1st, if you live in Noord-Brabant, Limburg or Zeeland, you will be able to hear Radio Seagull nightly between 19.00 and 07.00 [Dutch time] on DAB+. Our existing services to the NW of the Netherlands continue as before. We are also available 24/7 online via ITunes and on our website.
I look forward to greeting our new DAB+ listeners on Monday 2nd November at 1900-2200 Dutch time.
From Andy Sennett on Facebook a few minutes ago! via Mike Terry (27/10-2015)

The Mighty KBC no signal on 1602 AM.

We have a technical problem on 1602AM at the moment. No signal on 1602AM. Listen via DAB+ ...on line or via Tunein http://tunein.com/radio/The-Mighty-KBC-1602-s248040/
Jose Miguel Romero, dxld yg (26/9-2015)

The powerful Lopik in The Netherlands that transmitted on 675khz has been demolished. The signal used to cover much of south and south east England. A shame it couldn't have been saved.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (5/9-2015)

On friday the 4 th of september 2015 at 10:00 h CET (08:00 h UTC) they did demolish the 444 m - 675 khz  MW Tranmitter Mast sad to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9oWVCh0EVA

History of this MW Transmitter Mast:
1975 – 1978 – first on 674 khz and after 1975 on 675 khz for Hilsersum 3 now Radio 3 FM Dutch National Pop Station first start on 240 m – 1251 khz in 1965 to make a end to Dutch Offshore Radio Station Radio Veronica 192 but that did’t help very much.
1990’s – Radio 10 Gold was te very first Dutch Commercial Dutch Cable Radio Station that was aloid to transmit with 120 kw of transmitter power on 444 m – 675 khz.
2010 ? – Radio Maria was te ver last Radio Station ho did use this transmitter and till the 31 first of august 2015.
And on the 4 th of spetember 2015 the broke down this mast ho did stand there for around 30 years or so and me she RIP its sad to see.
The time or a era the end of 444 m – 675 khz aldo the are roumors go around that Ruud Poeze the owner of Radio Paradijs like to start a brand new radio Station on the same feq format oldies.
And tomorrow the other mast will also go down so that is the 747 khz mast.
73 I feel sad and in tears.
Herman Content, Gent , Belgium (04/09-2015)

NPO Radio 5 medium wave transmitters closed last night (31 August) around midnight local time in the Netherlands (2200 UTC).

747 kHz Lopik had dropped the continuous music with announcements a couple of days ago, and had continued with just the announcements about alternative ways to listen.
Last night the announcements stopped at 21.58:30 UTC and  the 60s instrumental 'Scarlet O'Hara' by Jet Harris and Tony Meehan was played in full until 2201 UTC. Then silence, with the transmitter switching off at about 22.02:30 UTC. So no closedown announcement.
(not sure of the significance, if any, of the tune played? It used to be a sig tune used by Tom Mulder on Radio Veronica).
Retuning to 1251 kHz (Emmaberg), it was playing 'Can't buy me Love' by the Beatles which was unceremoniously cut mid-song at 2204 UTC. (forgot to check if 675 kHz Radio Maria closed at the same time)
73 Alan Pennington, Caversham UK, AOR 7030plus, beverage (1/9-2015)

I, of course , has followed last evening the switch off from the AM channels 1251, 747 and 675 here in Holland, just after midnight. 1251 And 675 just disappeared, whitout any announcements or so.
747 Had the loop tape whit an announcement since Saturday 00.00 hours. Saturday it was an one hour loop, using also some applicable tunes. Sunday and Monday only the text.
On top of the hour Scarlet O' Hara - Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj97UOVp5fE . This song was also the last music played on 747.
A somewhat remarkable piece of music, to my opinion anyhow. It was the signature tune from a former DJ (Lex harding / Lexsjo) on the off-shore radiostation Radio Veronica, which by the way, was forced to stop broadcasting on 31 th of August 1974. I'm wondering: does the musical editor of the last hours on 747 draw it out whit a certain feeling, or was he unknown whit the fact that this piece of music has something to do whit the off-shore radio - feelings -.
Best of 73's, Willem Prins, Haren The Netherlands (1/9-2015)

On 747 khz I hear non stop music I think its a Pirate? Its a good signal only not very strong like NPO Radio 5 was befotre. I listen via Wide-band Web SDR at the University of Twente. I just hear a anncoument “ your are listen to Radio Sterrenkijker op 747 am “ (English for stargazer) yes its 100 % a pirate.
981 KHz ON AIR = Radio 538
1008 khz ON AIR = Groot Nieuws Radio
675 khz = OFF AIR
1251 Khz = OFF AIR
Herman Content (1/9-2015)

747 kHz ceased at 2202 UTC on 31 August (0002 CET on 1 September.
The message had been played out all day and just before the end was an instrumental tune then transmitter went to reduced power before switching off.
1251 kHz is still carrying NOS Radio 5 and 675 kHz is still carrying Radio Maria at present. The other two transmitters stopped by 2205 UTC so now all three transmitters have ceased.
James Robinson (1/9-2015)

675 kHz Radio Maria Nederland - 747 kHz NPO Radio 5 - Off Air
Jarod Middelman (1/9-2015)

Does anyone know the exact time when 747, 1251 and 675 kHz will close overnight on 31 August/1 September?
James Robinson (30/8-2015)

AM 747 kHz last broadcast on August 31, 2015.
Since yesterday there is a separate music and announcements on 402 meters – 747 khz of NPO 5 , the will change this in to less music and much more announcements to switch to DAB , Cable or the internet to hear NPO Radio 5 Nostalgia when the off air date of 1 sept will come closer next week.

Dutch to English url translation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=

Dutch to English url translation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%

Herman Content

AM 747 kHz last broadcast on August 31, 2015.
Since yesterday there is a separate music and announcements on 402 meters – 747 khz of NPO 5 , the will change this in to less music and much more announcements to switch to DAB , Cable or the internet to hear NPO Radio 5 Nostalgia when the off air date of 1 sept will come closer next week.

Dutch to English url translation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=

Dutch to English url translation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%

Herman Content

The correct information about radio stations in The Netherlands is as follows:

675 Radio Maria, 747 NPO5 and 1251 NPO5 will leave mediumwave on August 31st/Sept 1st.

On air:
891 Radio 538
1008 Groot Nieuws Radio ( NOT : Goed Nieuws Radio)
1116 Radio Bloemendaal
1224 Radio Paradijs with very low power ( 10 W)
1332 Radio Paradijs with very low power ( 2 W)
1566 Vahon Hindustani Radio
1584 Radio Paradijs ( 150 W)
1602 The Mighty KBC/ Radio Seagull

Jazz Radio doesn't exist in Amsterdam and The Hague.
Max van Arnhem (24/8-2015)

I read on the website some rumors about the switch off on all Dutch MW transmitters.
Here is a list on the MW Radio Stations in The Netherlands that I do know of

675 khz Radio Maria will be off air (private organisator) but will go off air
891 khz Radio 538 with 20 kw  (I’m not shure what the will do and as far that I do know the are a private organisator as well ?)
747 khz NPO 5 will be off air 31 aug
1008 khz Goed Nieuws Radio (will stay ON AIR cause this is a private organisator)
1251 khz realy for NPO 5 will be off air 31 aug (10 kw) for the more North part of the country
1584 khz Radio Paradijs 0.1 kw (will stay on the air to I think ?)
1332 khz relay of Paradijs (Hot Radio) xxx Kw (same here ?)
1602 khz KBC Radio will stay on air

PS In Amsterdam you have Jazz Radio on 1557 khz not sure what the do or are still on air or not  , and in Den Hauge (Den Haag) you on 15 xx khz ? also a station but I do have the right info about it ? so not sure.
Herman Content (23/8-2015)

One might suspect, that with the end of NPO 5 Radio Nostalgia’s broadcasting from Zeewolde (747 kHz) Groot Nieuws Radio (1008 kHz) transmitting from the same site might also leave. The station is in a summer mode („Zomer Radio“) with a new schedule to start on 31 August. From September, the station will be available on Dutch digital radio, DAB+, so listeners on medium wave may indeed be in for a bad surprise. On the other hand, there is no hint on their web site www.grootnieuwsradio.nl/.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (7/8-2015)

Andy Sennitt writes in the PCJ Facebook group 28 July 2015:
The Dutch Catholic station Radio Maria will stop broadcasting on mediumwave 675 kHz on 1 September. There have been rumours about this for some time, but now the radio station has confirmed the news itself. From 1 September Radio Maria will be heard exclusively on DAB+ and the internet. Extensive research by the Board of Radio Maria concluded that there is no affordable alternative to AM, so from September broadcasts will be on digital platforms only.
[Source: Radio.NL]
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (29/7-2015)

Radio Maria goes digital.
After September 1 Radio Maria can be listened to throughout the Netherlands. But then digitally: through the Internet and DAB +. What do you need? A digital radio. So you do not miss anything!
From September 1, 2015 namely lose the ability to listen through the medium wave (AM 675). KPN, the operator of the mast cease AM broadcasts earlier than expected. The board of Radio Maria has examined all possibilities but no AM affordable alternative found. Therefore Radio Maria is from September 1 only listen to digital. What the listener has to do is make sure that you can receive the digital signal. 
On this website explains what you can do to continue listening to Radio Maria. You can find all necessary information! http://www.radiomaria.nl/?page_id=2501
(Thanks to Google Translate!)

Radio Maria gaat digitaal
Radio Maria is ook na 1 september in heel Nederland te beluisteren. Maar dan wel digitaal: via internet en via DAB+. Wat heeft u daarvoor nodig? Een digitale radio. Zo hoeft u niets te missen!Vanaf 1 september 2015 vervalt namelijk de mogelijkheid om via de middengolf (AM 675) te luisteren. KPN, de exploitant van de zendmast staakt de AM uitzendingen eerder dan verwacht. Het bestuur van van Radio Maria heeft alle mogelijkheden onderzocht maar geen betaalbaar AM-alternatief gevonden. Daarom is Radio Maria vanaf 1 september uitsluitend digitaal te beluisteren. Wat u als luisteraar moet doen, is ervoor zorgen dat u dat digitale signaal kunt ontvangen.
Op deze website staat uitgelegd wat u kunt doen om Radio Maria te blijven beluisteren. U vindt alle benodigde informatie! http://www.radiomaria.nl/?page_id=2501
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (26/7-2015)

Radio Maria on 675 kHz will stop transmissions on September 1st. Continues on internet and DAB+.
René van Hoof, Medium Wave Circle FB group (24/7-2015)

Hello Friends,
On 22/07-2015 an information appeared here that Radio 5 will leave MW on 1st of September, 2015.
My question is do someone knows the power of the 1251 kHz Hulsberg (Emmaberg), Limburg province transmitter?
The news on this site mentions it as 5 kw but www.emwg.info says it is 10 kw.
Regards, Tibor Gaal, Budapest, Hungary (23/7-2015)

Radio 5 will leave Medium Wave as of September 1st 2015 according to the stations website. Listeners are advised to retune to cable, digital tv, the internet  or DAB+.  The two frequencies of Radio 5 which are due to be closed are 747 kHz (Zeewolde - 200 kW) and 1251 kHz (Emmaberg - 5 kW).
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (22/7-2015)

The weather is great, the music is even better......
Check out KBC on 6095AM till 17:00 CET.
It's our All American Sunday!
Listen to Stan Campbell, Tim Dennis, Alicia Vieria, The Emperor Rosko and Ron O´Quinn.
Or listen to the vbest hits on 1602AM till 19:00 CET.
Use our streams or tunein..... just search for The Mighty KBC.
Have fun... this is real radio!
Eric van Willegen on facebook 0810UTC (28/6-2015)

Hans Knot writes on Facebook:
Wednesday July 1st it's Wolfman Jack Day on KBC 1602AM!
It's 20 years ago that the best DJ ever died....
07:00 - 10:00 Wolfman Jack Show
12:00 - 15:00 Wolfman Jack Show
16:00 - 19:00 Wolfman Jack Show
All times in CET

Per Wiki:
Wolfman Jack had finished broadcasting his last live radio program, a weekly program nationally syndicated from The Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Washington, D.C. originating on XTRA 104.1 FM (WXTR-FM). Wolfman Jack said that night, "I can't wait to get home and give Lou a hug, I haven't missed her this much in years." Wolfman had been on the road, promoting his new autobiography. "He walked up the driveway, went in to hug his wife and then just fell over," said Lonnie Napier, vice president of Wolfman Jack Entertainment. Wolfman Jack died of a heart attack in Belvidere, North Carolina, on July 1, 1995. He had bought the Belvidere Plantation home in the mid-1970s.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (25/6-2015)

From Monday June 1st The Mighty KBC will transmit on the frequency 1602 kHz. On air every day from 0700-1900 CET (0500-1700 UTC) except for Tuesday when it will close down at 1800.
The Mighty KBC website (29/5-2015)

Frequency changes for *The Mighty KBC*
We are delighted to announce that from the 1st June 2015, KBC will be heard daily on medium wave. We will broadcast on 1602 kHz between 07.00 – 19.00 CET from transmitters aboard the LV Jenni Baynton.
Our Sunday shortwave transmissions will continue  on 6095 and we will add  an extra hour onto 7375 transmission.
To facilitate these latest changes, our Saturday 6095 transmissions will end on Saturday March 28th but all regular shows will be maintained on a new KBC Internet stream which will be available online 24/7.
Also, look out later this year for KBC on DAB+
We hope you enjoy our new outlets and will join KBC on MW, SW, DAB+ and Online.
Check out our website kbcradio.eu and our FB page facebook.com/TheMightyKBc for
all the latest news.
Best regards, Eric van Willegen http://www.kbcradio.eu

The Dutch firm NMS Telecom has pulled down the AM broadcasttower at Heinenoord near Rotterdam in the Netherlands on 23th of September.
Just a year ago the radiostation Radio 10 Gold left this transmitter facility. The station then went from AM 828 to a FM network Since then the 828 was silence. The frequency was for hire.
The Dutch organisation for regulation of radio frequencies, AT - Agentschap Telecom, has stopped the licence for the use of the of the AM 282 kHz. At Heinenoord a 20 kW transmitter was available.
So it looks like that again a AM transmitter site has left the airwaves for ever. Also the smal Dutch AM frequencies 1035, 1395 and 1485 are taken out of licence use by the Dutch AT.
Photos here
Willem Prins, Haren, The Netherlands (25/9-2014)

Hi mediumwave.info
I discovered about half an hourago that Veronica 192 are also using 1224, 1332 and 1584 till 31st. Do you know the power being used?
It's now 20.30 BST post-sunset. A few minutes ago I thought i'd try 1224 by far the most likely of the three here in SW6 possibly a faint signal but too much surface noise. I'll try again in a couple of hours. I's e interested to see some reception reports.
Regards Ian Godfrey (28/8-2014)
Hi Ian,
I don't know the power of these three frequencies. But maybe some of our fellow dxers can help?
Ydun Ritz
Hi Ydun,
It is all low power.
1584 about 100 W
1224 and 1332 just a couple of watts
Ruud Poeze, Owner of Radio Paradijs on the 3 mentioned channels.

Closing 747: I would have liked to have a link for the original Dutch information about the closing date. After searching the internet for a while, I came up with
which seems to say that the information is not really new except for the date. So the item seems so suggest, that there is a definite date now.

Radio 5 mogelijk in 2015 al van de middengolf
Radio 5 mogelijk in 2015 al van de middengolf
De publieke zender Radio 5 verdwijnt mogelijk al in 2015 van de middengolf. Dit is twee jaar eerder dan gepland. Het geld hiermee bespaard worden, wil de Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO) gaan inzetten om nog dit jaar het DAB-net flink uit te breiden. Een beslissing hierover wordt in juni genomen.

Momenteel zendt Radio 5 (Nostalgia) nog uit via de middengolffrequenties 747 kHz (Flevoland) en 1251 kHz (Hulsberg). Tussen 1978 en 2001 maakte Radio 1 (Hilversum 1) gebruik van de frequentie 747 kHz, eerst vanuit Lopik, maar sinds 1980 vanuit Flevoland. In 1985 kwam hier de frequentie in Hulsberg bij.

Oorspronkelijk was het de bedoeling om de laatste twee middengolfzenders van de NPO in 2017 uit te schakelen. Nu zijn er echter plannen om dit al twee jaar eerder te doen. Hierdoor verdwijnt Radio 5 al in 2015 van de AM. Het geld dat hiermee in twee jaar bespaard wordt, wil de NPO inzetten om nog dit jaar het DAB-net uit te breiden.

Mogelijk komt er dan al op 1 november 2013 landelijke dekking buitenshuis voor de publieke radiozenders. De NPO wil hierdoor meegaan met de landelijke commerciële radiostations die al op 1 september landelijke dekking buitenshuis krijgen. Oorspronkelijk zou het DAB-net van de NPO pas in september 2015 landelijk dekkend zijn.

Een beslissing over het vervroegd uitschakelen van de middengolf en de uitbouw van het DAB-net wordt waarschijnlijk in juni van dit jaar genomen. [RS/Radio.NL]
- Luister hier live naar Radio5. Laatste wijziging: 27-5-2013 11:53:41
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (11/4-2014)

Hi All,
At 1-9-2015 the dutch Npo is closing down their transmitter at 747 khz !!

Andre Schokker (10/4-2014)

Vahon Hindustani Radio, The Hague Netherlands, has changed their QRG from 1557 KHz into the neighbouring channel 1566 KHz, as from december the 15 th. Tx location is still near Leiden (western Netherlands) and 1 Kw. The change has probably to do whit avoiding interference, caused by France Info, Col de la Madonne (150 Kw.). Reception of Vahon now should be possible over longer distances. Co-channel interference is expected from some low power BBC locals etc.. http://www.vahonfm.nl/site/index.php
Best of 73's Willem Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (17/12-2013)

AM 828 Heinenoord off-air.
Today, monday september the 30th , the 20 Kw transmitter in Heinenoord near Rotterdam in the Netherlands is switched off.
From oktober the 18th 2010 until last Sunday evening, september 22th,
Radio 10 Gold was on this frequencie. Radio 10 now is on a FM network, DAB+ and the cablenetworks. Unclear is wat will happen furthermore whit the transmittersite.
Only left high power AM outlets in Holland are now 675 Radio Maria, 747 Radio 5 Nostalgia, 891 Radio 538, 1008 Groot Nieuws Radio and 1251 Radio 5 Nostalgia.
Reception over longer distances from Vahon 1557 and Seagull 1602 should be possible, because the tx-sites are in a coastel area.
Best 73's
Willem Prins (30/9-2013)

Radio 10 Gold will leave, as from the beginning of september, there AM frequencie 828 KHz, in Heinenoord near Rotterdam. The commercial radio organisation AdVenture Radio is in the proces of taking over a majority-owned part from Radio Gold from the Talpa organisation.
On this moment a sort of testprogramma, whit the name Radio 10, is running on a just sold and switches on FM network. As from september the new Radio 10 will be here officialy. Broadcasting  simultaneously on AM and FM is not allowed here in Holland. And on FM is much more interesting for a commercial radio station. In the meantime commercial radiostations are also audible via the this summer switches on DAB+ mode radiodistribution. Radio 10 is the oldest commercial radiostation in Holland. This year there celebrating there 25-th birthday.

Willem Prins, Haren / The Netherlands (4/8-2013)

Hi Ydun, Radio Seagull website announces indeed 24 hrs on 1602 kHz as from July 2013:

We are delighted to tell you that, from the beginning of July, Radio Seagull will be available on 1602kHz around the clock.
Transmission power 1kw.
Enjoy the summer with Radio Seagull 1602 24/7.

Ehard Goddijn (18/6-2013)

radio seagull 1602 khz to broadcast 24/7 should be heard in east of england. exsept essex where the state broadcaster keeps radio kent on the deaspite its own recent survey which proved most listeners use fm/dab
harry worth (18/6-2013)

Radio Waddenzee, currently broadcasting on 1602 kHz, has announced their closedown. The reason stated is loss of advertising revenue.
Alex (16/6-2013)

Radio Waddenzee 1602 khz Closedown on June 29th at 1700 - after 8 years.
Andre Schokker, ph5c (16/6-2013)

Hallo Ydun, Radio Seagull has left frequency 1395 kHz!
Message on their website:
"1395 AM - April 2013
Radio Seagull’s co-operation with the 1395 licence holders has ended, and Radio Seagull will cease broadcasts on 1395AM at 7pm on April 30th. We have been using the frequency for 13 months, and would like to thank everyone who sent in reception reports etc.
Radio Seagull will continue daily broadcasting via 1602 from 7pm til 7am (CET). Taking into consideration that the Spanish 27KW co-user of 1602, Radio Vittoria, will cease using this frequency by April 30th we hope to increase our coverage.
http://www.radioseagull.com/news.html "
Greetings from Holland & 73, Ehard Goddijn (2/5-2013)

Yes, Radio Seagull is back on 1395 kHz - and the Radio Seagull signal on 1485 kHz had gone.
Btw: 1485 kHz is not a good frequency in Friesland. BBC Radio Humberside is fairly strong (listening via web-receiver in Dokkum).
Open carrier this afternoon on 1602 kHz. No sign of Radio Waddenzee.
Best 73s, SHN (9/4-2013)

Radio Seagull, Harlingen, is currently silent on 1395 kHz. But Radio Seagull has been noted on 1485 kHz with low power (estimated at around 500 W) since Sunday April 7th. These transmissions are also believed to be originating from Harlingen.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (8/4-2013)

Due to maintenance following night Radio Maria [Lopik] on 675 khz is s/off between 23.00 and 04.00 UTC.
73, Hugo Matten, Veurne - Belgium via mwcircle yg (4/4-2013)

Dutch spectrum regulator Agentschap Telecom (AT) has extended commercial medium wave radio broadcasting licenses for six years to 1 September 2017. It also gave a license for digital radio broadcasting to most of the broadcasters using medium waves. Most broadcasters chose to go digital via a permit, with one deciding to go digital via agreement. Medium wave broadcasters have been able since April 2011 to adjust their capacity. They can also, with certain parameters, move their transmitters.
Source: Telecompaper, The Netherlands, 3 April 2013 
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (3/4-2013)

Plans to start broadcasting on 1485 KHz by the radioproject Radio Marina, in the northern part of The Netherlands, are cancelled. The radioship Jenny Bayton was mentioned as possible transmitterlocation. Some tests were done. Radio Marina was warming up there station on internet.
As from Feb. the 4th Radio Marina, and sisterstation Radio Monique, do start a cooperation whit
Radio Waddenzee, via the in operation QRG on 1602 KHz, from nearby Harlingen. Programs in Dutch between 07.00 and 19.00 hours.
All through the night Radio Seagull. The Jenny Bayton is anchored in the harbour of Harlingen. Low power on air broadcasting from the radioship is heard on 1395 Khz whit Radio Seagull. Owner Pan European Radio is promoting 1395 for hiring airtime.
Best of 73's
W. Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (30/1-2013)

Radio Seagull!
"A big thank you to England’s Telegraph newspaper which has named Radio Seagull its internet radio station of the month. This is what the Telegraph wrote:
“As if to prove that the spirit of Sixties-style pirate broadcasting never really died, this charming music station broadcasts from a ship moored in Harlingen Harbour in the Netherlands. Prog rock is the predominant flavour, with plenty of Genesis, Pink Floyd and the like; but genres as diverse as UK blues, world music and jazz also get a look in.”    
Radio Seagull is an ongoing project, forever moving forward. As always, your requests, dedications and comments are very welcome.  
Sietse, Stevie and the crew"  
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (19/1-2013)

The still excisting former
radioship Norderney is arrived in the city of Groningen (northern part of the Netherlands)this week.
The Norderney was until august the 31 1974 the base of the offshore radiostation
Radio Veronica on 558 KHz. The ship was rebuild into a discothek, and had different places as hometown, such as Amsterdam, Lelystad and the last years in Antwerp - Belgium.
Now new investors are found. The plan is to make a multi-media centre on the ship, ready for example, location radio programs, and artistic presentations. Perhaps even the former radiostudio of Radio Veronica will come back on the ship. There are no plans to make a radiostation again on the ship. The come back to Holland from The Norderney had a lot of publicity. Former Radio Veronica listeners already visited Groningen. Here a link to a regional TV station: http://www.rtvnoord.nl/artikel/artikel.asp?p=115762
The Norderney is not the only excisting off-shore (former) radioship in Netherlands. The
Jenny Bayton in Harlingen is nowedays broadcasting on 1395 KHz. And people from the Radio Caroline organisation keep their dream alive, whit the Ross Revenge in Tillburry - England.
Best of 73's
W Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (30/11-2012)

Radio Seagull 1395 AM - An unfortunate end to our offshore broadcast.
A fierce storm developed very quickly early on Friday morning. At midnight, the wind was only force 2 but by 3am it was north-westerly 9-10. At the same time, there were also a lot of problems onshore mostly caused by the torrential rain.
The Jenni Baynton was in a new position over a sandy seabed and the anchor couldn’t compete with those forces. Very slowly, the ship started to move until finally it touched bottom.
That meant that she couldn’t swing anymore and started taking the huge waves (considering that it is the Waddenzee) sideways. She rolled heavily but there was never any danger and the crew is safe.
A small tug arrived to take the ship back to its anchorage but, by then, the tide was going out and it couldn’t get close enough. On Saturday morning, a larger tug tried, and was able to free the ship.
Because so much sea spray was managing to get into the ship, Walter decided to dismantle our new 10kw transmitter; so that it could be stored in a completely dry area. The plan was to put it back together and on the air once the sea had moderated, and while we were waiting for the tug. That was what happened and, for a time, 1395 was on the air at full power. A number of reception reports came in including one from our very own Roger Davis in Norfolk who mailed that the signal was the strongest he had ever heard it.
There was only another day and a half remaining of the time set aside for this offshore broadcast; so, rather than reposition Jenni Baynton for such a short period, the tug took her back to harbour.
By two o’clock CET, JB was once again safely in Harlingen; and it was time to start sorting out all the loose ends. An unfortunate experience, but all’s well that ends well.
What is it about August 31st and radio ships?
Sietse Brouwer
This story this weekend on the website of Radio Seagull via W. Prins (2/9-2012)

The last 24 hours of the Dutch service of
Radio Nederland are also be available on mediumwave 1296 KHz from Orfordness.
Broadcast is between the 10th of May, 20.00 UTC until the last seconds on Friday the 11th of May 20.00 UTC.
Radio Nederland has to cease there broadcast in Dutch because of the budgetcuts from the Dutch government. The Dutch language programmes of RNW did start 65 years ago. To promote he Netherlands and to keep in contact with the Dutch in foreign countries. The last 24 hours all the aspects, and historical events will pass true.
The last 24 hours of RNW are also worldwide on 15 different shortwave frequencies, satellite and internet.
Best 73's
W. Prins HOL (4/5-2012)

Radio Nederland, the Dutch international service, will cease broadcasting in Dutch. Anything has to do whit the fact that RNW is getting a budgetcut from the Dutch governement from 46 to 14 million Euro's. Also a assignement by the medialaw is reason. Not vieuws and opinions from Holland into the world anymore, but spreading of - free speech - into country's whitout that.
On the 11 th of May RNW will do a 24 hour goodbye transmission, looking back to 65 years of Dutch progams via RNW. RNW is audible in Dutch on mediumwave via Orfordness 1296 KHz. weekdays between 10 and 12 in the morning and 18 to 19 hours. Of course also via SW, for example 5955 KHz.
W. Prins HOL (12/2-2012)

Radio Seagull 1395 kHz received loud and extremely well in southern Denmark - 50 kms north of the Danish/German border - around 1630 UTC with music, own advs and IDs.
Mentioning that they are on
1602 kHz and testing on 1395 kHz. The streaming is more than one minute ahead!
Ydun Ritz (6/11-2011)

Conformation there is that Radio 1 from the Dutch public radio had ceased broadcasting via Orfordness on 648 KHz. as from 15.00 hours today, the 22 of Sept. 648 Was in use since august the fourth after two fire incidents on two of Hollands major FM broadcastings towers in Lopik and Smilde. Radio 1 is the national emergency radiochannel, so nationwide reception is needed. Lopik, for the center part of Haooland, is on full power again. The tower in Smilde collapsed. The 100 mtr. reservemast in nearby Assen cannot provide the same coverage as Smilde.
On many places in the northern part of the Netherlands radiolisteners still don't have reception on FM of for example Radio 1. So it is somewhat strang that 648 is switched off now. Perhaps the 180.000 Euros per month is the reason, and no one is listening to AM in Holland anymore. During the programms on Radio 1 today not any announcement was made that AM 648 should left the air. On 15.00 hours the timesignal was audible and then the transmitter signed off. It is not yet clear how the receptionproblems in the northern part of Holland will be solved.
Wille Prins, HOL (22/9-2011)

Museum of Rock Art in Hoek van Holland is cooperating with Stichting Norderney and have some Radio Veronica studion on display. The manager told me that on August 31 there will be commemorative broadcast with DJs from Veronica, RNI and Mi Amigo broadcasting live "near 1600 metres" as he put it.
Karl-Erik Stridh (17/8-2011)

648 is back since yesterday, Thursday, now with Dutch Radio 1. 747 carries radio 5.
Ruud HOL (5/8-2011)

Dutch Radio 1 (news and sports) will appaer on 648 kHz, from Tuesday August 2 2011 from Orfordness UK. This channel and TX has been used by the BBC WS untill recently. Dutch Radio 5 will return on 747 kHz, this carried Radio 1 to Back Up FM coverage still not normal after the fires in the Lopik and Smilde tower, resulting in a collapse of the last one. This has been reported by RNW, the Dutch international service, operating as mediator for the Radio 1 solution.
Ruud, HOL (1/8-2011)

Dear Idun, I found this at the site of Medianetwork Weblog:
Dutch-based KBC Radio to test on Burg 531 kHz July 21st, 2011 - 16:49 UTC by Andy Sennitt:
"This site of course has a very interesting history, having been a key site during the days of the GDR, but has been unused since 2008 following the closure of Truck Radio. It has a 10kW transmitter which can also transmit in DRM mode at 2.7 kW, and a 190 metre antenna mast.
(Source: KBC Radio, biener-media.de)"

I assume the test of KBC will take place with similar power. I assume I will not able receive it in western Hungary because of QRM and low power.
Regards, Tibor Gaal HNG (24/7-2011)

KBC has received a test license for 531 kHz in Burg Germany.
We keep you informed when we start testing. We are talking for a few options in some other countries as well
Eric van Willegen via facebook (21/07-2011)

747 AM approx 400 kW now carries Radio 1, instead of Radio 5. This after major problems and fires in the 2 tallest FM towers in this country, resulting in the collapse of the Smilde tower. Radio 1 is the major programme with news and info, now that Radio 1 is not longer available in about 80% of the country, the 747 is in use for Radio 1, dropping Radio 5. The second tower in Lopik is expected to come available in a couple of days, but in the North of Holland FM will be off for a much longer time. During this period 747 is expected to carry Radio 1.
Ruud, HOL (16/7-2011)

Hello Ydun,
Some news about
Radio Waddenzee [1602 kHz]: As of June 15, the programs from Terschelling. These are not the normal programs of Radio Waddenzee. Keep an account of other programs than you normally hear. Radio Waddenzee ship is in port during this period of Terschelling, but is not accessible to visitors. From Monday, June 27 at 07.00 hours is the normal programming ring.
Source: http://www.radiowaddenzee.nl/
Henk Stelte (14/6-2011)

The Radio 192 event will NOT be on 1332 or any other AM channel.
Ruud, The Netherlands (9/6-2011)

Reunion Radio 192 live on Radio Extra Gold.
It is almost ten years ago that
Radio 192 was founded. Radio 192, a radio station on cable and AM 1332, which is exempt from the Bosdrift in Hilversum. Radio 192 brought the memories, especially Radio Veronica from the sea, back to life. On July 4, 2001 Tineke opened with 'uncle'Bull Verweij station. Ten years ago, time for a reunion.

A reunion with the jingles, the music and the "people " of Radio 192.
Therefore, all former employees and listeners welcome on Sunday, July 3, 2011 from 12:00 to 18:00 at Rock Art Museum in Hoek van Holland.

Reunion on Radio Extra Gold
Radio Extra Gold, Radio192 with many former employees "on board", organized this conference in cooperation with RockArt and the founders of Radio 192, Michael Baker and Ad Bouman.

It is broadcast live from the old studios of Radio Veronica, as a backdrop. These have been loaned by the Museum of Rock Art Foundation Norderney, where she is a 'national treasure ' to be cherished. Rock Art Museum is located in the industrial Zekkenstraat 42 at The Hook in Hook of Holland.
Henk Stelte, The Netherlands (9/6-2011)

Radio 10 Gold is part of the whealtiest media organistion in this country: RTL. Also Radio538, the best performing and most profitable station is owned by RTL.
As you describe the problems, it is bad SWR, the TX doest not like bad SWR and keeps switching off and on, retrying.
The reduced power is to be on air, despite the bad SWR, just set the TX at a power level it can have and does not trip.
Bad SWR is mostly caused by antenna problems. Or ATU. Or feeder.

In the month of June
Radio Waddenzee/Seagull transmits from the sea, the Waddenzee actualy, near the bird island Griend.
Reports are coming in that reception at the UK coast is good, also reception in Hollnd is better then normal. All due to the salt water gain.
Waddenzee is in Dutch untill 17.00 UTC, followed by Seagull in English.
Ruud, The Netherlands (2/6-2011)
Re.: Radio Waddenzee/ Radio Seagull, please read report from Steve Conway here

Radio 10 Gold transmitter problems.
Radio 10 Gold, the only left real golden oldie station on AM here in Holland, was facing transmitter problems from there transmitter from Heinenoord on
828 Khz the first of June. First I thougt, after switching on, that the station had ceased broadcasting on AM the first of June, because of budget reasons or something like that. But then I heard there signal coming up under NDR Info Hannover, climbing up in strenght and then drop off completely again. And that went many times that way. The second of June it looks like the signal is stabel again, but whit reduced transmitter power. Happily the station is still loud and clear on my WiFi Radio.
Mr. W. Prins - Haren (Gn) The Netherlands (2/6-2011)

1395 kHz please see the following link with a countdown to the start:
Karl-Erik Stridh, Sweden (10/2-2011)

1395 AM is history for the moment.... We will find another way to bring it back on the air in the future!!
1395AM website (2/2-2011)

It is good to hear Big L 1395 back on air. I have noticed that their still technical problems as Big L on 1395 at times does break up on and off. hope it resolves soon.
Adam Birchenall UK (5/12-2010 1315 UTC)

Big L is back [1395 kHz]
Eric van Willegen (2/12-2010 1245 UTC)

Big L on 1395 kHz: We have tested this morning and early in the afternoon, the new generator is on the TX site.
But when we arrived this morning we saw that the audio equipment was stolen out of the container, so they have to modify the alarm system and re install the new equipment now. So hopefully tomorrow, but we have seen some more delays in the past.
Fingers crossed.
Best regards,
Eric van Willegen (17/11-2010)

Today,september the 29 th, I heard again
Arrow Classic Rock on 828 Khz from Heinenoord, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Programm consist of non-stop music and station ID's. It is not a parrallel broadcast from there service on the cablenetworks over Holland and there internetstream.
Signal was picked up 250 km's north of tx location near Groningen.
W. Prins (30/9-2010)

Big L 1395AM will test the coming 4 weeks on Sunday between 19.00 - 20.00 hours CET with 20 KW during the Ron O'Quinn hour. It's the swinging Radio England Rewind hour on the Big L, it"s all starting on September the 19th.
For receiving a Big L QSL card, check out this link
Eric van Willegen (16/9-2010)

Hi Ydun!
Tonight (July 9th at 2130 UTC) Arrow Classic Rock is again on air on 828 kHz.
73, Patrick Robic, Austria (9/7-2010)

Transmissions on 828 KHz from Heinenoord transmitter in the Netherlands (carrying Arrow Classic Rock) have ended. Transmissions started in the middle of june and ended early july. Presumably it is necessary to use the frequency once in a while to keep the license. It seems there is no serious attempt to start a radiostation at this moment.
So at the moment 828 is silent again.
Peter van der Eijk (8/7-2010)

Arrow Classic Rock noted here in Almere to-day June 18th 2010 on 828 kHz at 1313 UTC and onwards; reception good SIO=354 with the Sony ICF 7600 GR indoors.Regular ID as Arrow Classic Rock.
Ehard Goddijn, The Netherlands (18/6-2010)

Answers to a couple of questions about Big L 1395 kHz:
The schedule is on www.kbcradio.eu below the Latest News, under the photos.
During the night the power is 20 KW. That is the maximum which is allowed.
Ydun Ritz (5/12-2009)
By the way, Big L was heard here at my location [50 kms north of the German/Danish border] around 1300 UTC with good signal. IDs, advertisements, mx (Mull of Kintyre a.o.) and nx.
SINPO 34232
Receiving equipment: Sangean 909 and the PK loop.
Ydun Ritz (5/12-2009)

A fair signal from Trintelhaven transmitter of Big L 1395. I wonder if you can tell me what kW power is currently using as i noted it had been using 120 kW in past few years when it was R 10 gold.
Adam Birchenall, Torquay, DEVON U.K - 2015 UTC (4/12-2009)
No effect known here; will try to find out.

Receiving Big L on 1395 loud and strong here in Stourport On Severn in Worcestershire UK
Some phasing and fading of course and some distortion.
However surprisingly strong at this stage. Do you have a programme schedule yet?
Glyn Jones - 1655 UTC (4/12-2009)
Glyn, not aware of a schedule at the moment.

kbc/ bigl testing on 1395khz, good signal in south wiltshire.
David James, UK - 1900 UTC (3/12-2009)

Big L's return to mediumwave 1395 kHz has been postponed
Due to some technical problems  our start will have  a small  delay of a few days.

Transmitter site can be found here.
Source: KBC Radio (29/10-2009)

Big L will return to AM 1395 sponsored by KBC import.com.
..............THE DAYS
........STARTING 1-11-2009
It has just been announced that new parts will be ordered next week to get the transmitter working again.
We hope to get 1395 back again on the
1st November 2009.
Eric van Willegen (9/10-2009)

Dutch Commercial Station Arrow has closed its medium wave service on 828 KHz on may 5 2009 This follows the earlier closing of the FM services, due to not paying the administrative fees to the telecom agency. Arrow has a millions debt to the telecom agency. The station has also sacked the DJ's and is broadcasting non-stop only on internet and cable.
Peter van der Eijk (7/5-2009)

Transmissions on 828 Khz from Heinenoord in Holland are resumed since early july. The frequency is owned by Arrow for its new station Arrow Talks. Until this station will start, the transmitter is temporarily used by "Caz", a former FM station. Arrow bought Caz in june 2007 from SBS-media and started to use the CAZ-FM-netwok for Arrow Rock. Caz was since then on cable and internet only.
Now Caz may use 828 temporarily until Aroow Talks will start.
Peter van der Eijk (14/7-2008)

Hi Ydun, the 20 KW 828Khz transmitter in Heyenoord has been reactivated in preparation for a new radio station 'Arrow Talk'. This is the same company who own Arrow Classic Rock and Arrow Jazz. The current test transmissions on 828Khz are relaying Arrow Classic Rock's FM programming. The signal here in Cambridgeshire UK is fair despite local co-channel interference.
Regards, Giles (23/4-2008)

While Arrow on 675 AM (Lopik, 100 kw) is announcing that today (31-1-2008) it's their last day on this frequency (and referring to their audiostream for listeners outside The Netherlands) another AM frequency is starting with golden oldies. It's 1332 AM (presumably from a low power transmitter at Lopik). The ID is Hot-Radio. Programms differs however from the Hot-radio FM-service.
Peter van der Eijk (31/1-2008)

Another religious broadcaster on 675?
There is a strong rumour going on in Holland that Arrow is talking with another religious group to use or to buy 675 kHz.
There are rumours that it will be Radio Maria. They have applied for a licence in NL.
The website http://www.radiomaria.nl is already on air.
On one hand it is a pitty that another religious station comes on air on a good frequency, but that seems the only way to have medium wave broadcasts. In the US you see this also happening.
Eric van Willegen, The Netherlands (2/1-2008)
When checking the Radio Maria-website, you are redirected to www.radiomaria.org

The Mighty KBC will continue on SW daily from January 1st, 2008 2200-2300 UTC on the new frequency of 6265 kHz, and not on 6235 kHz as previous announced.
Eric van Willegen
from KBC Radio informed: "Radio Administration has just informed us that they refuse to authorize us to use the frequency of 6235 kHz, they say the frequency is to close to some protected frequency of 6225 kHz. The Mighty KBC will move to 6265 kHz... starting the first of January 2008. "
Ydun Ritz 0010 UTC (30/12-2007)

The Mighty KBC has just [2259 UTC] closed down on MW 1386 kHz. Music and advertisements as usual together with "Mi Amigo" px. Counting down at 2245 and 2250 before announcing "that The Mighty KBC are closing down on MW" at 2258.
Ydun Ritz (30/12-2007)

Tonight will your last chance to catch The Mighty KBC on MW.
will stop using 1386 kHz AM, and the last show will be aired tonight, starting at 2200 UTC and running until 2300 UTC.
The Mighty KBC will start on the first of January 2008 with a daily Show of one hour on shortwave...starting at 22.00 hours UTC on 6235 kHz.
Ydun Ritz (29/12-2007)

KBC will stop using 1386 kHz AM, last show is on the 29th of December 2007, starting at 22.00 hours UTC.

The Mighty KBC will start on the first of January 2008 with a daily Show of one hour on shortwave...starting at 22.00 hours UTC on 6235 kHz.

Monday till Friday - The Wolfman Jack Show
Saturday - The Mighty KBC Rocking Over The Ocean
Sunday - BIG L International 1395 & The Mighty KBC

The Mighty KBC is on the air this Christmas on 6255 kHz.
25th of December:
10.00 - 14.30 UTC
11.00 - 15.30 CET
With a special Wolfman Jack X-Mas Show......4,5 hours with the Mighty Wolf blasting out of your speakers....

26th of December:
10.00 - 14.30 UTC
11.00 - 15.30 CET
The Mighty KBC Rocking Over The Ocean
Eric van Willegen (30/11-2007)

The Mighty KBC is Rocking Over The Ocean...
Our new weekly programmes are:
Saturdays at 2200-2259 UTC 6255 kHz 259 deg. (nights from Sat to Sun).
Sundays at 0100-0159 UTC 6255 kHz 310 deg. (nights from Sat to Sun).
Fridays at 2200-2259 UTC 6255 kHz 259 deg. (nights from Fri to Sat).
Starting the 6th of July.
So get used to it, Your weekend will never be the same.... We are counting down to 2008 ....for our daily show!!
MW 1386 kHz at 2100-2200 UTC Saturdays.
info@k-po.com   kbc@planet.nl Eric van Willegen (27/6-2007)


The MIGHTY KBC RADIO: This coming saturday it will be a real DX adventure for all of you.
AM 1386 transmitter with a power of 500.000 Watts is not working at the moment.
The 500 kW (1386 kHz) AM transmitter is temporarily out of service due to shortage of high-power vacuum tubes for the RF amplifier. The tubes has been ordered, but delivery will take some time. Therefore, on Saturday the program probably will be transmitted via a backup
25 kW (1386 kHz) transmitter near Klaipeda on the Baltic seashore.
So let us know if you hear us on 1386......touch and taste the sensation of The Mighty KBC....Our shortwave service is normally working on 6255 kHz ....
Check our website http://www.kbcradio.eu for the latest news...

Eric van Willegen (30/5-2007)
Yes, it will be a challenge!
Ydun Ritz (31/5-2007)

This year's UEFA Champions League football competition has reached the quarter-final stage, and a Dutch team, PSV, is still in the competition. RNW will be carrying live commentary in Dutch on the home tie against Liverpool on Tuesday 3 April, and the return leg at Anfield on Wednesday 11 April, on the following frequencies:

3 April 2007
PSV - Liverpool.
Transmission starts 1800 UTC. Kick-off 1845 UTC.
1800-2100 UTC
702 kHz (Monte Carlo)  for SW France, Central Europe
963 kHz (Finland) for NE Europe
1314 kHz  (Norway) for NW Europe
6125 kHz (Flevo) for SW Europe
2000-2100 UTC
6040 kHz (Grigoriopol) for Europe

11 April 2007
Liverpool - PSV
Transmission starts 1800 UTC. Kick-off 1845 UTC.
1800-2200 UTC
702 kHz (Monte Carlo)  for SW France, Central Europe
963 kHz (Finland) for NE Europe
1314 kHz  (Norway) for NW Europe
6125 kHz (Flevo) for SW Europe
2000-2200 UTC
6040 kHz (Grigoriopol) for Europe
Ehard Goddijn (31/3-2007)

Starting from March 31 the program will be transmitted as follows:
1386 kHz - at 23.00-24.00 CET (Saturday, March 31) [2100-2200 UTC]
6255 kHz - at 00.00-00.59 CET (Sunday, April 1) [2200-2259 UTC]

The Mighty KBC
Argonstraat 6
6718 WT Ede
Tel ++31 318 552491
Fax ++31 318 437801
info@k-po.com www.kbcradio.eu

Eric van Willegen (29/3-2007)

KBC Radio (1386 and 6255 kHz) has new email addresses:
info@k-po.com and kbc@planet.nl, (which is an alias for kbc @ wxs.nl)
KBC Radio (4/2-2007)

KBC Radio (the former pirate from the eighties) is returning on shortwave. Starting January 27th and then every Saturday evening in 2007.
2200-2259 UTC on 6255 kHz via Sitkunai LTU, 100 kW, beam 259°.
Also on 1386 kHz via Kaunas LTU, 500 kW omni, at the same time and on same days.
For more information contact KBC info@k-po.com - www.kbcradio.eu
KBC International (24/1-2007)

The Mighty KBC 1386 kHz AM will soon start with transmissions on shortwave on saturday evening.
Next year (2008) The Mighty KBC will be on the air daily with one hour on shortwave.
A new QSL card is coming soon http://k-po.com/radio/qslcard/qsl.pdf
Also the website http://www.kbcradio.eu is now under construction.
Eric van Willegen (13/1-2007)

According to http://blogs.rnw.nl/medianetwork/?p=6941 Netherlands MW stations are now allowed to use DRM.  They need to alter the terms of their licencces to do this even if it is for simulcasting of analogue and digital on the same frequency. 
RN Weblog via Andy Sennitt (3/1-2007) via James Robinson (4/1-2007)

Former Pirate station KBC Radio from the Netherlands is back on the air starting December the 23th on 1386 KHz AM with 500.000 Watts from Kaunas, Lithuania every saturday evening from 23.00 - 24.00 CET.
On December the 23th and the 30th they will start with 2 test transmissions.
In the seventies and eighties KBC was a very active pirate on shortwave and mediumwave.
They are working n a special KBC International website...coming soon.

Programs are mainly in English. 500.000 Watts of Musical Power.

Contact the station at info@k-po.com

Dates of transmissions Freq.
kHz Station Power
kW Antenna Broadcasting
time (CET)
December 23, 30 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
January 6, 13, 20, 27 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
February 3, 10, 17, 24 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
April 7, 14, 21, 28 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
May 5, 12, 19, 26 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
July 7, 14, 21, 28 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
August 4, 11, 18, 25 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
October 6, 13, 20, 27 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
November 3, 10, 17, 24 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 1386 Kaunas 500 Omnidirectional 23:00-24:00
Eric van Willegen (25/11-2006)

Radio London on 1395 kHz: Reception of Radio London from the Netherlands here in the south of Belgium. Date 14-05-2005 at 07:50 UTC with fair signal. Program with oldies and Radio London jingles. 
Greetings Ge Huijbens, Rendeux, Belgium (14/5-2005)


Radio New Zealand (RNZ) is to remove two of its Porirua-based transmission masts after an engineer's report recommended their urgent decommissioning to protect the public.
Radio New Zealand's 220-metre high tower at Titahi Bay, north of Porirua.
RNZ has three masts - used for AM transmission - on land within the Whitireia Regional Park at Titahi Bay, north of Porirua. The engineer's report, received this week, found corrosion issues with each of the masts, though two were of particular concern - one 53-metres tall and the other 220m.Chief executive Paul Thompson said the 53m mast was near land used by the Titahi Bay Golf Course and an area around it had been fenced off today, to keep people out of danger, and the mast would be removed within the next month.This would cause some inconvenience to golfers, but Mr Thompson said the most responsible thing to do was to fence off the area immediately and remove the mast as soon as possible.He said the engineer's report had advised the 220m mast, the second tallest structure in New Zealand behind the Sky Tower, be removed by March next year."We are advised that there is a risk that under adverse conditions the mast may collapse, and it is recommended that the mast be removed within the next six months."We believe that in a worst case scenario there could be a risk to transmission buildings, public roads, and both public and private property. Radio New Zealand has decided to act now by decommissioning the structure and removing it in the next few weeks."Mr Thompson said RNZ was concerned over the potential public health and safety issues that the report raised and as a responsible landowner it was taking immediate action to mitigate any risk."It is important that we keep people informed of our plans to carry out work over coming weeks."He said the golf club, police and the Porirua City Council were briefed this afternoon and a small group of residents in the area were being visited by RNZ staff this evening.A public meeting was planned to answer further questions this Tuesday, 7pm, at the golf course's clubrooms.Mr Thompson said the corrosion on the masts had worsened significantly since the last inspection in 2014. The masts were in a hostile environment and were exposed to the sea air and to some of the strongest winds in New Zealand.RNZ was now working with its engineering team on a more detailed timetable to demolish the masts.The remaining 137m-tall mast required some work but it would be able to carry the services from the other structures. No disruption to normal broadcast services was expected.

Titahi Bay residents glad to see masts demolished....
KRIS DANDO: The two Radio New Zealand masts in Titahi Bay that will be demolished.
Justine Chalmers has always had one eye on the largest of the Titahi Bay radio masts.
The Dimock St resident has lived in the same house for 34 years and the masts have been an unmovable presence.She had mixed feelings about news last week that two of the three - the larger, 220-metre high tower, and the 50m tower on Titahi Golf Course - were corroding and would be demolished in the coming weeks."You get used to them being there," she said. "As kids we would get fluoro tubes and go up close to them and the tubes would light up in your hands. It was pretty cool."When she was younger, Chalmers was diagnosed with an illness that only one other person in New Zealand had. That person lived in Titahi Bay as well."I don't know if it was because of the closeness of the masts. We'll probably never know."Many of her neighbours were concerned by the news of the corrosion, even though mast owner Radio New Zealand said the chances of them falling on to homes were incredibly slim.Chalmers said she would miss them, but it was about time they came down.Owhiti St resident Ariana Green✓ agreed."I've been here more than a decade," she said. "They [Radio New Zealand] say they're not a danger, but anything's possible and I can't wait till they're gone. I'm glad it's happening sooner rather than later."Ad FeedbackTitahi Golf Club manager Tom Campbell said members would be glad to see the mast disappear from the middle of the ninth fairway.It was a novelty to have it there - and more than one golfer had pinged golf balls off it - but a safe and secure golf environment was more important, he said.Residents have been invited to a public meeting at the golf club on Tuesday, October 20, from 7pm, where Radio New Zealand officials staff will answer questions.What Paul Thompson says

Radio New Zealand chief executive Paul Thompson✓ says an engineering report that was completed two weeks ago showed the structural problems in the two masts in Titahi Bay.The report recommended the masts come down by March, but he wanted it to occur now. Radio New Zealand had contacted Titahi Bay residents, police and Porirua City Council about action it would take in the coming weeks."I wasn't comfortable with March," he said. "There's a very small chance something could happen, but I don't want to take any risks."Thompson said the 50m mast on the golf course would be removed in the next few weeks and the 220m mast, built in 1937, soon after. How that would happen still needed to be worked out, he said.The remaining 137m-high mast would take over all the transmitting duties, Thompson said.The towers were iconic, but the days of radio masts were coming to an end, he said, and the technology was there to keep Radio New Zealand going, online, through television and on the radio.There would be little disruption to residents and golfers, he hoped, when the masts were demolished.The golf club was "fantastic" to deal with, Thompson said.  
Kapi-Mana News

Info about the transmitter site http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/none/galleries/Titahi%20Bay%20


Hansjoerg Biener (20/10-2015)

The Breeze, Wellington: Our AM transmitter is at a rural site at Horokiwi (near Petone) about 10Km north of central Wellington. We used to broadcast solely on 1080Khz - with a power of 2KW I seem to remember. We wanted more power but the Government (who controlled those things) denied our application. So in an effort to get better coverage we reduced the frequency to 891Khz. As we couldn't heighten the mast to the increased wavelength, radials were added to the mast to increase it's effective length. For a few years now the mast has resembled a "chimney brush"!
Colin Salmon, The Breeze in an email (9/4-2005) 
Listened to The Breeze online ("6 o'clock Rock" saturday evening), and upon request I got this info. BTW, Colin has done a bit of DXing earlier (ymr). 


According to a report published in allafrica.com a new medium wave transmitter was commissioned by Radio Nigeria in Enugu Ngwo, Enugu State on 6th Sept, 2012.
The new Medium Wave transmitter is Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) project executed in collaboration with Japanese Government Agency for International Cooperation (JICA).
More at http://allafrica.com/stories/201209090257.html
Related news : http://allafrica.com/stories/201209090162.html
Alokesh Gupta New Delhi, India (10/9-2012)

Inauguration of the new Medium Wave Transmitter at Enugu Ngwo Thursday evening
www.thisdaylive.com (9/9-2012)

Frequency?? Ydun

You are free to publish this. Your article about the new transmitter at Enugu, Ngwo enabled me to locate the MW mast at 06 26 28.8N 07 27 14.72E. I am not totally certain but the
FRCN frequency of 828 would be a likely one.
Check on 2012 WRTH. There is to be replacement of the old 25kW transmitter with one at 100kW. This must be the one - good news for the Coal City!
Dan Goldfarb (10/9-2012)
BBC Radio Ulster was heard on 1533am first time i heard it very weak in Aughnacloy northern ireland across border from Emmyvale Co Monaghan Eire. Signal gota bit stronger on my travels to Dugannonn and Coalisland Co Tyrone Northern ireland. I persume transmitter is in Belfast or piarte relay.can someone else plain it.
The are normally heard on 873am Brougher Mountain Co Fernmannagh And 1341am from Divis Mountain transmitter Belfast.
Eton radio best transistor that i ever had. thanks for putting up my comments guys talk again soon.radio fanantic.
Eamon, Ireland (4/3-2011)

Re. the
Kvitsøy item June 2nd, this was about SW masts, the MW mast will follow soon.
Mauno Ritola, FIN (3/6.2012)

it just me, or is the Norwegian transmitter on 630kHz putting out more power? It's become a daytime channel here again, even in summertime.
Reynir H. Stefánsson, Iceland (27/7-2009)