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In Nice, France, at 23.30 - 00.00 very very good reception of "Voa Music Mix" on 1530 from Sao Tome, some 4750 km away.
Marco Barsotti (8/8-2012)

Ydun, Regarding the reception reports in Spain and Holland from IBB/VOA 1530 São Tomé (from Mr. Prins, 9/9): Spain and Holland aren't far from due north of the site. And it has a fairly high gain "side-fire" two element antenna whose radiation at true north is about 12,250 mV/m/km, the equivalent of about 1.6 megawatts. And the site is located at Ponta Praião, so that the path to the north is over salt water within less than 1 wavelength from the antenna, ideal for "sea gain" effects. In fact, when we commissioned the antenna, we could see the wave action on the shoreline as very slight variations in the electrical characteristics of the antenna. So it's ideally situated for good transmission to the north, in fact over the entire arc from around 300 degrees true to around 140 degrees true. ( The maxima in the antenna pattern are at 332 deg. and 108 degrees deg. True.)
Ben Dawson (29/9-2011)

During my vacation in Benidorm, Costa Blanca in Spain I heard on my Sangean in the daytime propagation pathern of course many local and regional Spanish AM stations. From northern Africa strong signals from Algeria on 531, 549, 981 and 1422 KHz.
Rather remarkable, to my opinion, in the evening hours daily the VOA on 1530. First I thought that it was a relay from somewhere in de Mediteranean. Back home internet told me that is must be the 600 Kw. tx on the island of Sao Tomé & Principe. Distance to Spanish Costa almost 4000 km,. Also back home (northern part of the Netherlands) signals from the VOA now and then in a overall SIO 3 till 4.
Best 73's Wille Prins HOL (5/9-2011)


Just a quick note to advise that the Riyadh 1440 kHz transmitter was observed in North West England as early as 1610 UTC.  Very weak carrier and not audible. Weak signal slightly audible by 1645 UTC.
This transmitter can often be heard after the closedown of the Marnach transmitter at 0001 UTC each night.
James Robinson (14/11-2015)

Radio Jeddah has been heard for some time on new frequency 1044 kHz. Can any of our Saudi or Arabic speaking members give information about the transmitter site?
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (7/5-2015)

As reported by some others, On Mar 29 @ 00:02 UTC I also heard a transmission on 1449 under Libya // to 1440 . I wonder also could this be a new transmitter ?
Allen Willie (30/3-2012)

1449 BSKSA, new tx?  For some time this month, I can hear an Arabic prgr mixed with Libya (or the Libyan tx at Misurata airing two different feeds, by mistake, as I also thought), but with the help of Mauno Ritola in Finland, we could establish it´s parallel to BSKSA on 1440, i.e. their Koran channel.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (26/3-2012)


BBC Scotland produces online radio station, Commonwealth Voices, to celebrate Glasgow 2014. It will also be re-broadcast overnight on BBC Radio Scotland Digital and Medium Wave.

Date: 12.06.2014     Last updated: 13.06.2014 at 11.19
Launching on 16 July, BBC Commonwealth Voices will be based at the Forge Shopping Centre in the east end of Glasgow and will offer local people from the area a chance to gain skills in research, broadcast and social media, as they make content which tells the cultural story behind the Games in their home city.

The station, which is in collaboration with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, will share content with public service broadcasters from around the Commonwealth and will broadcast every day from 10am-4pm. It will also be re-broadcast overnight on BBC Radio Scotland Digital and Medium Wave.

Cat Cubie will start the day from 10am – 12noon, with Colin Kelly taking the early afternoon programme from 12noon – 2pm, and BBC Radio Scotland’s Ian Hamilton ending the day from 2pm – 4pm. Meanwhile, presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli will be the voice of the station, to be heard on jingles and stings throughout the four-week period. The presenters on the three live programmes, will be partnered with someone from the local community looking to gain broadcasting skills. The programmes will have a mix of music and speech, with music having emphasis on Scottish artists, but also on music from around the Commonwealth.

BBC Commonwealth Voices is part of the BBC’s year-long contribution to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The BBC is the domestic broadcaster for Glasgow 2014 and in addition to comprehensive sports coverage during The Games in July and August, the Corporation has also unveiled a wide-ranging package of on-air and off-air output and events throughout 2014.

Notes to Editors:
The BBC Trust recently changed the way that temporary BBC services are approved. Under the new arrangements, the BBC Executive Board (and not the Trust) undertakes the regulatory assessment of proposals for temporary services, which may not exceed 28 days in duration and must keep within existing budgets.

Shortened by
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (15/6-2014)

Several medium wave local radio stations across Scotland are to start sharing all their programmes for the first time.
The stations - including
Clyde 2 and Forth 2 - are to broadcast the same breakfast programme from July. It will be hosted by DJ Robin Galloway.
For the past four years, the stations have shared programmes at other times of the day.
However, owner Bauer is stressing local news and travel reports will remain.

The other stations affected by the change are Tay AM in Dundee, Northsound 2 in Aberdeen and Westsound in Ayrshire.
Their sister stations on FM are not affected by the changes.

For several years, it has been becoming increasingly common for commercial local radio stations across Britain to share the same DJs but retain some local news and information.
Real Radio and Smooth Radio in central Scotland currently broadcast the same programmes as their sister stations in other parts of the UK for much of the day.

Community stations
Bauer's FM stations - such as Clyde 1 and Northsound 1 - share some programmes in the evenings and weekends.However, some argue that Bauer's medium wave stations were the direct successors to the original independent local radio stations established across Scotland in the 70s and early 80s such as Radio Clyde and Radio Forth.
In the late 80s and early 90s these stations started to provide distinct services on medium wave and FM. Medium wave stations like Clyde 2 continued to provide a range of music, chat and information while their sister stations on FM focused almost exclusively on pop music.
Some critics have argued that professional local radio in Scotland is in decline. They claim the "legacy" stations owned by Bauer are increasingly becoming Scottish national stations in all but name, while the newer rivals which have gone on the air in recent years increasingly form part of a UK-wide network.
Meanwhile, they claim genuinely local broadcasting is increasingly being provided only by community stations which are often run by volunteers.

BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-22757848 (3/6-2013)

R. Scotland on 810kHz: Looks like the Scots have got their act (and delays) together. The time difference is now short enough that all one nears is an occasional 'speaking into a tin can' comb filter effect.
Reynir H. Stefánsson (30/1-2009)

There is a pre-echo on R. Scotland on 810kHz. Presumably, one transmitter is not getting a properly delayed signal.
It seems to depend on signal strength if I hear the pre-echo or not. I'm guessing that R. Scotland has a main transmitter and some filler transmitters on 810 and that it's one of the fillers that a bit early.
I estimate the time difference between early and late audio to be circa 0.3 seconds. The early signal seems to be dominant now for the most part. Sometimes the signals are of similar strength and then R. Scotland sounds like a 14-year-old pirate that's just bought an echo box.
Reynir H. Stefánsson, Neskaupstadur, Iceland (24/1-2009)



At 13.45 CET (12.45 UK Time) Radio Tatras International (RTI) will re-brand as a 24/7 RTI service. The separate Radio Tatry identification will cease.
There is also a brand new web site accessible via www.rti.fm The site will also see the launch of the studio web cam.
Regards Eric RTI (7/10-2005)
RTI on 1350 kHz via Latvia (ed)



Radio Capodistria 1170 kHz maintenanc​e work.
Due to urgent maintenance work and technical measurements will be off from Monday 20 May to Friday 24 May, between 9 and 17 hours (local I presume) the medium-wave transmitter in Croce Bianca, which broadcasts programs of Radio Capodistria on 1,170 kilohertz. In case of bad weather the works of intervention will be returned.
Roberto Rizzardi, Italy via emwg yg (21/5-2013)

594 kHz and FM: Since June 22nd, 2009 the Slovenian stations Radio Odmev and Alpski Val are producing a joint programme called Primorski Val aired from 2000-1600 Local Time on the frequencies of both stations. Local programmes of Radio Odmev and Alpski Val are now only on-air between 1600-2000 Local Time.
So the schedule for 594 kHz is: 1600-2000 LT Radio Odmev / 2000-1600 LT Primorski Val.
Patrick Robic, Austria (25/7-2009)


New AM station Magic 828 is up and running since the start of October, with a pop-rock format. It's been a while since I heard Steve Winwood on an SA radio station! Using AM is not ideal but I think it should do well with its targeted audience. The live stream follows with a 1-minute lag. The transmitter is 25 kW and the antenna tower is located about 40 km north-east of Cape Town on Blaauw Blomme Kloof Farm, actually quite close to another AM station's tower, that of 567 Cape Talk.

Also in train, but not yet on air is LM Radio on 702 kHz from Johannesburg. This harps back to the old station from Lourenco Marques (now Maputo) in Mocambique, broadcast on SW in the 60s and 70s, with music, comedy etc. Those were the days when you took your transistor radio to the beach in Cape Town and listened to LM music and banter in the sunshine. It operates on FM in Maputo now, also Lesotho. The live stream at toth identifies with FM frequencies and satellite but not AM yet. English ads refer to the 'Lowveld', which is close to Mocambique, and places in Mocambique, not Johannesburg. Ads also in Portuguese. Radio 702 which was on that frequency has shifted to FM.

Yet another licence has been granted for 540 talkSPORT modelled on UTV's station of the same name in the UK and also to be centred in Johannesburg/Pretoria. No sign of this yet. Best 73,
Graham Bell, Simon's Town, dxld yg (17/10-2015)

Radio Pulpit is still radiating 10kW DRM test transmission 24 hours a day and are due to continue until at least the end of March 2015 possibly longer.
The broadcast is on 1440 kHz from Kameeldrift.
James Robinson (12/1-2015)

Radio Pulpit: Reception was generally poor but the bits I could make out last night were all in English. The Western Cape is home to a massive English speaking population.
Having said that, I am hearing them tonight as well, but much better, and it is a YL talking in what sounds like isiXhosa, the main indiginous language in that area.

729 Cape Pulpit. 729 Klipheuwel, near Stellenbosch. Apr 30, 2013 Tuesday. 1802-1830. isiXhosa, YL introducing religious songs sung in both English and isiXhosa. At 1807 “Your daily companion”, at 1812 “729 Cape Pulpit, your daily companion”. At about 800 miles reception is surprisingly good, far better than the Voice of Zimbabwe on 999 from the somewhat closer Gweru. At least it was until 1826 when someone around here switched on an appliance, which has decimated reception. Jo'burg 1539.
So it could well be multilingual, but I'll keep an eye on it.
Bill Bingham via dxld yg (30/4-2013)

729 Cape Pulpit. 729 Klipheuwel, near Stellenbosch. Apr 30, 2013 Tuesday. 1900-1922. English, a different YL introducing more religious songs, still sung in both languages. At 1900 id “729 Cape Pulpit, your daily companion”. At 1907 id “729 Cape Pulpit, radio with heart and soul”. Noted that this station is quite different programming from the current transmission of Radio Pulpit on 657 from Meyerton. I don't know if there is any connection between the two. Very good now a neighbour's appliance has been turned off. Jo'burg sunset 1539.
Regards, Bill Bingham via dxld yg (30/4-2013)

Shortly after I shut down my laptop last night, I got a good id for the tentative Radio Pulpit I had just reported. Here is an updated log:

South Africa. Radio Pulpit, 729 Klipheuwel, near Stellenbosch. Apr 29, 2013 Monday. 1903-2005. African choir and other vocalists singing hymns. Initially too poor to get an id, but the sound seemed consistent with their internet stream, although definitely not synchronized with it. Finally got a full id at 2000, “729 Cape Pulpit, your daily companion”. This is a newish religious station on that frequency, I have never heard it before. 729 has always been a clear frequency here in Jo'burg. Poor. Jo'burg sunset 1539.
Bill Bingham, Johannesburg RSA, dxld yg (30/4-2013)

Radio Pulpit ?? 729 Klipheuwel, Stellenbosch (Western Cape)?? Apr 29, 2013 Monday. 1903-1935. African choir and other vocalists singing hymns. Too poor to get an id, but the sound seems consistent with their internet stream, although definitely not synchronized with it. This is a newish religious station on that frequency, I have never heard it before. 729 has always been a clear frequency here in Jo'burg. Poor. Jo'burg sunset 1539.
Bill Bingham, Johannesburg RSA, dxld yg (29/4-2013)


Hello Idun,
I found this article on www.allafrica.com website, but unfortunatelly they didn't mention the frequency:

Government of South Sudan (Juba)
Trans World Radio to Set Up South Sudan Network Soon.
Trans World Radio network (TWR) is set to establish its radio network soon in South Sudan as the necessary arrangement with the government is completed.

This was announced by its Africa International Director, Dr. Emmanuel D Mbennah yesterday after meeting the minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin.
Dr. Mbennah said the radio will operate on
medium wave and will be located in Malakal of the Upper Nile State far north of the country.
Trans World Radio network is a multinational evangelical media that offers inspirational programming in various languages in the world via satellite, cable, internet and local AM and FM stations. The radio will provide people with religious programs and other social programs like health, education and agriculture.
Dr. Benjamin said the government would cooperate with the organization to help install the radio.

Although South Sudan has a number of radio stations beside South Sudan Radio which operate on both medium wave and frequency modulation (FM), coverage of the ten states is still low. There is hope for better coverage with the coming of Trans World Radio.

Taghrid George, 14 February 2013 on www.allafrica.com
Tibor Gaal, HNG (15/2-2013)

This press release seems to confirm an active medium wave station in South Sudan.

VOA’s "South Sudan in Focus" now on Bentiu Radio

Washington, D.C. — December 13, 2011 —
Voice of America’s popular program, South Sudan in Focus, has added Bentiu Radio AM and FM to the growing number of affiliate stations that broadcast the half-hour English language show to the newly-independent nation.
Produced at the VOA studios in Washington, South Sudan in Focus relies on a large network of reporters working throughout the country, and provides up-to-date news and information about South Sudan, Africa and the world.  The show airs Monday through Friday and is hosted from Washington and Juba.
Washington host John Tanza says the addition of the new affiliate in Bentiu “is a dream come true because the station has FM 99.0 and Medium Wave
558 kHz, so the signal covers a large area of Unity State.”  Voice of America also recently added Radio Jonglei  95.9 FM in Bor Town to its list of affiliate stations, which can also be heard in Juba, Yei, Maridi, and Yambio.
South Sudan in Focus, which went on the air in September of 2010, is broadcast on shortwave, AM and FM affiliate stations, mobile, and streamed on the Internet.
Gideon Gatpan Thoar, State Minister for Information and Communication, said listeners in Unity State “had been calling in to express their pleasure” about the local airing of the VOA programs.  He said journalists in the region would also benefit from listening to the VOA shows and from the training that is conducted by the agency.
In July, Voice of America broadcast live coverage of South Sudan’s independence celebrations, including interviews with key leaders who guided the historic transition, and the swearing-in of the new government.  South Sudan in Focus is partially funded by a grant from the U.S. State Department.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (14/12-2011)


In last days, C.O.P.E.'s transmitter EAK5 in Valencia is operating irregularly. On august 30 at night was detected off by Spanish DXer José Miguel Romero Romero from Valencia. The station said they are trying to solve the problem, and inviting people to tune on F.M. 93,4 MHz.
At 2300 UTC on august 31 I noticed that the transmitter returned to air until this
morning (between 0600 and 0700 UTC) when I checked the frequency 231 m. 1296 kHz and no signal appeared. At this moment, 1200 UTC, still off. At 1343 returned.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (3/9-2015)

On sunday 22, around 0900 UTC, the service of RNE 1 on 774 kHz in Valencia became restored. At 0400 was still down.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (23/3-2015)

The 100 kW RNE 1 transmitter in Valencia (387 m. 774 kHz) is noted off (today saturday 21 at 2200 UTC).
The RNE 5 outlet (537 m. 558 kHz, 50 kW), which is in the same location (El Palmar), works well with no problem.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (21/3-2015)

Here's the full relation of closed COPE stations until now. The reason is simply economic problems —except for EAK24, which was shutdown due breakdown, and the fixing doesn't worth—, and for the moment, I hadn't heard about future closures.
Also, I don't have info about the future of those facilities...

I think the mentions of that closed outlet in Avilés should mean the transmitter in Gijón.
I suggest, in order to avoid misinterpretations, specify the stations along with their callsign indicative.

EAJ34 Gijón - 340 m. 882 kHz - 5 kW

EAK22 Ciudad Real - 236 m. 1269 kHz - 10 kW
EAK23 Puertollano - 264 m. 1134 kHz - 5 kW  (closed early 2014)
EAK24 Ibiza - 358 m. 837 kHz - 1 kW  (broken spring 2013)
EAK46 Albacete - 245 m. 1224 kHz- 5 kW  (closed 31st January 2015)
EAK53 Reus - 262 m. 1143 kHz - 5 kW  (closed late 2014)
EAK57 Cáceres - 333 m. 900 kHz - 10 kW
EAK67 Menorca - 264 m. 1134 kHz - 5 kW
EAK68 Lorca - 247 m. 1215 kHz - 5 kW  (closed early 2015)
EAK82 Gerona (Figures) - 236 m. 1269 kHz - 5 kW

Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (16/2-2015)

COPE Alta Extremadura 900. Re. your request, check out this one, seems to be gone
Per-Ole Stenman FIN (15/2-2015)

Can someone please confirm which COPE transmitters and frequencies are definitely off air and is there any update on any future dates of closures?
James Robinson (15/2-2015)

COPE closures: James Robinson was asking a few days ago on mediumwave.info about Spanish medium wave closures, I don't know if these closures have been independently confirmed yet,  but I have not seen it reported elsewhere that Lorca on 1215 kHz has closed.

Extract (translated from Spanish) from El Olivo blog on Infovaticana:
Everything points to Cope will gradually closing its medium wave stations, to known Reus and Figueras, from Tuesday 20 must be added that of Albacete (1224 khz) and a few days ago is also inactive Lorca (Murcia) emitting at 1215 khz.  After complaints from some listeners, local station has argued that it is "a decision of Madrid".
http://infovaticana.com/blog/el-olivo/2015/01/28/radio-maria-da-un-paso-de-gigante-y-cope-da-cuatro-pasos-atras/ 28 Jan

Dave Kenny (11/2-2015)

I referred about the switch off of the EAK46 station, located in Albacete.
The other five outlets on the coordinated frequency 1224 kHz will remain.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (15/1-2015)

Can someone please clarify?

This was posted here on 2 Jan 2015

"At the end of January, the station EAK46, COPE Albacete will close their 5 kW transmitter in medium wave, 245 m, 1224 kHz, remaining only through FM 97,4 MHz."

But there are currently 6 COPE stations on 1224 for different areas.  Is it the whole network of 6 transmitters closing or just Albacete?
James Robinson (13/1-2015)

At the end of January, the station EAK46, COPE Albacete will close their 5 kW transmitter in medium wave, 245 m, 1224 kHz, remaining only through FM 97,4 MHz.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (2/1-2015)

It seems that they are really off now I couldn't catch a clear local ID of any of the stations so I think that the dominating one (which was Girona here) is off.
Patric Robic, AUT (20/9-2014)

Hi Ydun! COPE Girona 1269 kHz is still on-air on the evening of Sept 13th, heard with local ID in Catalan.
Patrick Robic, AUT (13/9-2014)

Tomorrow 12-IX-2014, two stations in medium wave, EAK-53 COPE Reus 5 kW on 262 m 1143 kHz and EAK-82 COPE Gerona in Figueras, 5 kW on 236 m 1269 kHz will be definitely closed due ecenomic reasons. No info was disclosed about the future of the masts.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, España (11/9-2014)

Today is confirmed that another Spanish medium wave station, EAJ-20, La Zarxa, 882 kHz, also called COM Ràdio (Catalunya Ona Mitjana), former Radio Sabadell, will be closed for good. This network will continue through FM frequencies.
The transmitter has 20 kW and is located Estany de Gallecs, Barcelona.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (7/7-2014)SPAIN
Onda Cero Antequera medium wave outlet, EAJ-26, 1485 kHz, 2 kW, former Radio Antequera RATO until early 90s, will be closed for good. Onda Cero program is transmitted now through the frequency 96,3 MHz FM, which broadcasted Europa FM until now.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (30/6-2014)

Radio Inter [918 kHz] resumed broadcasting on sunday late night, may be 2100 UTC, with the same strenght of signal. Maybe was only an easy electric problem (such a disjuntor) not solved due the plant was distatended all the Holy Week.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (22/4-2014)

Since Thursday 17 on the afternoon, EAJ29 Radio Inter from Madrid (918 kHz) is being reported off air. In the last weeks the signal strenght had increased slightly.
See abt same item 25/1-2014.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (20/4-2014)

Radio Inter, EAJ-29, 918 kHz from Madrid, Spain, is being observed broadcasting since 2200 UTC (23 hours local) China Radio International in spanish, but not on parallel with short wave 7210, 7250 and 9645.
Also, this stations seems that had reduced, one time more, their power output (less than 10 kW).
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (25/1-2014)

The COPE Puertollano station in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, had closed its medium wave transmitter due to electricity costs. The 5 kW transmitter, with callsign EAK-23 was broadcasting on 264 m, 1134 kHz.

This network continues having coverage in medium wave in this province through the main Ciudad Real outlet of COPE (236 m. 1269 kHz, EAK-22, 10 kW), as well on FM 97,5 MHz.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia-España (17/1-2014)

Hi Ydun, after some months of research, with observations from my QTH (Valencia), and asking in forums of spanish listeners, I can say that the transmitter of COPE Network in Ibiza (358 mts. 837 kHz, 1 kW) has been switched off since early summer. A DX colleague from Castellon wrote them, asking about the transmitter, but ignored he or refused to talk about.
Guillermo, Valencia E (30/10-2013)

Here are my findings of some AM scans during my holiday this month in Torremolinos. My reception location was not optimal at all. On the first floor of a appartment complex. All the loggings were done on a Sangean ATS 303, running well on my rechargeable batteries. For better reception a walk on te beach was an option.
In contrast to many other European countries, a lot of local and regional AM frequencies are still in use in Spain. Probably because of the fact that in the city and the coastal touristic areas the FM band is much overcrowded. Torremolinos is situated on the south coast of Spain, reception into greater parts of northern Europe is impossible. So no signals from homecountry The Netherlands were audible.
In the daylight propagation hours I picked up around 20 frequencies on which Spanish speaking radiostations.
The national news station
Radio Cinco Informacion from RNE, the national public radio, is heard a lot. Strongest was on 1152 KHz. from Malaga // 1098, 1017 etc.
Strongest signal however came from the
Cadena Cope Radio Malaga outlet on 882 KHzMy Sangean even had some overload problems. Cadena is a commercial based operation.
1485 KHz. two stations were mixed up, in almost the same signallevel.
Most easy country  to pick up from overseas was
Algeria. Arabic is heard on 1422, 20 Kw from Algiers, 981, 100 Kw from Ouled Falet. One of the stations which I pick up here at my homevillage in the dark hours. The listed 891, I could not hear that because off the neighbouring channel 882. 594 Morocco , a 50 Kw station in Oujda en finally strong on 549 Jil FM. A remarkable station whit an USA based radioformat. I heard English R & B music and even Madonna, mixed whit popular Arabic music. Now and then interrupted by Koran readings.
The few moments I listened in the eveninghours I heard on
1548 KHz. an amazingly strong heterodyne, caused (undoubtly) by the Polisario station in the Western Sahara on 1550.
VOA Sao Tomé en Principe on 1530 is heard well.
TWR from Roumoules in France on 1467 is booming in every night, whit there typical sharp modulation.
CRI [1440]via Marnach / Luxembourg did I hear under a very bad modulated Arabian station. I expected to hear Radio Gibraltar on 1458 to in the daylight hours, but only after dark the station came through.
Finally for the FM interested listeners. Troposferic long distance reception along the coast in Spain is a quite often appearing phenomenon. One evening I heard more then 10 different Arabic stations in local signalstrenght, interfering whit the local FM stations. And that just on the simpel whipe aerial of my Sangean.
Best of 73's
Willem Prins, Haren / The Netherlands (4/8-2013)

Hi Ydun, I have to report that Radio Ecca still (or again?) is not active on 1269 kHz AM (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria).
Harald Kuhl, listening on Gran Canaria (13/7-2013)

Today at 09'30 local time (07'30Z) "Radio 5-Todo Noticias" has been revamped as "Radio 5 Información".
The new programing includes more regional bulletins plus a 30 minutes local program. These are:

0525-0530 (REG // with RN)
0550-0600 (REG // with RN)
0730-0800 (LOCAL)
0825-0830 (REG)
0925-0930 (REG)
1025-1030 (REG)
1425-1430 (REG)
1525-1530 (REG)
1625-1630 (REG)
1705-1730 (REG)
There will not be regional output weekends.
Mauricio Molano, Salamanca Spain, mwdx yg (16/5-2013)

Basque Country: I confirm all the stns scheduled to close on 01 May, viz. 756 Castilian-963
Castilian-1386 Basque-1476 Basque-1602 Castilian, are silent.

756_D is well audible now, and this should allow NIG to be rec´ed. more
819_EGY comes almost alone on this ch.;
963_local stn less than 15 km away, so now TUN is the only one getting
through on occasions;
1197_Absolute R alone on this ch. so far;
1386_empty (2150 UTC)... but no, no sign of Guinea-Conakry, if you´re
imagining R.Rurale might be audible as in the past;
1476_empty (2150 UTC);
1602_unfortunately, this fq still retains a fair share of [SER] stns that
are still alive & kicking, so this ch. is pretty much useless for any DX

I wonder what sort of signal R.Sim_Seixal_963 now puts elsewhere in Europe.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves 2200 UTC-2/5 (3/5-2013)

I checked 963 kHz via some remote receivers and in UK and Netherlands, Sim and Tunis were about as strong.
Mauno Ritola (3/5-2013)

Reply received by EITB
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "OSA BIKANDI, JON RAIMUN" <osa_jon@eitb.com>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 12:54:06 +0200
Subject: RV: Cierre emisiones por onda media
To: "rmartinezb66@gmail.com" <rmartinezb66@gmail.com>

Buenos días Rafael,

le comunico que las emisiones en AM han finalizado a las 09:45 de esta mañana.. Confío en que siga sintonizándonos vía www.eitb.com o nuestra app para android, OS,...

Muchas gracias por su interés y ayuda.

Jon Osa Bikandi
Radio Euskadiko Emisio eta Produkzio Burua
Jefe de Emisiones y Producción de Radio Euskadi
Tlf.: 94 401 24 00
73 Rafael Martinez, Barcelona (2/5-2013)

I continued monitoring the activity of the EITB mediumwave stations, after 2200 UTC on May 1st, EITB Radio Euskadi was also received at my home location on 819 and 963 kHz, confirming observations by Dave Hughes 2 hours earlier via the UTwente SDR remote receiver (posted on DXLD).
Björn Tryba (database editor, MWLIST www.mwlist.org) (2/5-2013)

Hi Ydun, today on May 1st, assuming that all EITB transmitter sites in the Basque country on mediumwave would close down, I checked a few frequencies.

EITB Euskadi Irratia is still broadcasting on 1386 and 1476 kHz, right now at 2000 UTC on May 1st, strong signals on both frequencies.

1602 kHz is apparently off air now after closing down at midnight and leaving a unmodulated carrier on for several hours.

I unable to confirm if any other EITB mediumwave stations are remaining on air, there are too many other stations currently interfering on 756, 819, 963, 1197 kHz.

Perhaps a listener or a DXer elsewhere (Mauricio Molano Sánchez in Spain?) can confirm whether the EITB stations on 756, 819, 963, 1197 kHz are off air now?
73! Björn Tryba (1/5-2013)

Radio Vitoria, Radio Euskadi and Euskadi Irratia last hours.
MW stations switch off today 30 April 2013 at 24:00 Spanish time. These stations remain on the internet and FM.
Euskadi Irratia: 1197, 1386, 1476
Radio Euskadi: 756, 819, 963
Radio Vitoria 1602

A special program can be heard via Radio Vitoria (1602 khz) 2030-2200 UTC and reception reports are welcome radio_vitoria@eitb.com
A special e-QSL for this event will send to correct reports.
Juan Antonio Arranz, dxld yg (30/4-2013)

Radio Vitoria leaves 1602 AM.
This is good news for other 1602 users like Radio waddenzee in Holland.
Actually R Vitoria acted as a pirate by using 25 kW on an LPC where 1 kW is the max.
Ruud (27/4-2013)

Radio Vitoria al igual que Radio Euskadi y Euskadi Irratia del grupo eitb, va a dejar de emitir en onda media. Este 30 de abril a las 00 horas finalizarán nuestras emisiones en onda media. En el caso de Radio Vitoria, tras 80 años de emisiones, finalizará con un programa especial dedicado a nostálgicos y diexistas. Será una hora y media en la que se emitirán partes de programas, sintonías, indicativos, promociones y voces que han sonado a lo largo de estos 80 años. Para la ocasión habrá una QSL que se enviará via e-mail a los informes de recepción que llegue a la dirección de correo radio_vitoria@eitb.com. Radio Vitoria seguirá emitiendo a través de su red de FM y a través de internet y todos los dispositivos móviles.El programa especial dedicado a nostálgicos y diexistas será de 22:30 a 00:00 (20:30-22:30 UTC) del 30 de abril por la frecuencia de 1602 kHz.
Web de la emisora: http://www.eitb.com/es/radio/radio-vitoria/
(Información recibida de
Francisco Txabi Matxain)
73' José Bueno, mwdx yg (26/4-2013)

Thx Jose,
I was aware that Euskadi was leaving AM but unaware that Vitoria was. Vitoria on 1602 could sometimes make it into the US Midwest during good TA cx. These departures will open up some channels for DXers here.
Perhaps Newfoundland Canada is far enough east and dark enough to catch some of the special program.
73 Neil KAZ Barrington IL, USA, mwdx yg (26/4-2013)

It is official... MW stations of EITB will be switched off on May 1st.
During April the power will be progressively reduced until the total switch off.

Published on April 10th:
Last days to QSL!

Euskadi Irratia:
1197 EAJ162 Vitoria (Estíbaliz)
1386 EAJ362 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
1476 EAJ562 San Sebastián (Biribilondo-Zubieta)

Radio Euskadi:
756 EAJ462 Bilbao (Ganguren-Artxanda)
819 EAJ262 Vitoria (Estíbaliz)
963 EAJ662 San Sebastián (Biribilondo-Zubieta)

73! Mauricio Molano, Salamanca ESPAÑA - SPAIN, mwcircle yg (17/4-2013)

EAJ29 Radio Inter(continental) 918 kHz is off from past wednesday.
Grupo Intereconomía (IntereconomíaTV, Radio Intereconomía, Radio Inter...) is facing
serious economic problems from several months ago.
According to some roumours Intereconomía is not paying bills to affiliates and suppliers and Radio Inter is being switched off by independent local affiliates in some provinces. Intereconomía says that the problem with EAJ29 is "una avería", a fault in the transmitter.
Mauricio Molano, Salamanca, ESPAÑA, emwg yg (15/4-2013)

1359 RNE, Arganda, on & off, but mostly on, and with empty carrier, not DRM.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (26/3-2012)
1359 RNE Arganda DRM. Yes, they were back on business (DRM) just one after my 6th inst. report, and, yes, they´re irregular too, but also audible during the day as noted on occasions between this past Friday and Sunday, and sometimes just airing an empty carrier or so I thought after noticing there was something else:  this evening (12th March), I can see, that if one switches to RTTY, there´s a marker or some transmission in the said mode.
Power; I believe the listed 10 kW is correct, not the 200 kW indicated on the country section of this year´s WRTH, otherwise I´d be unable to get a tremendous signal decrease with the K9AY loop.

Carlos Gonçalves POR (13/3-3012)

Further to my previous rpt. this month about RNE Arganda on 1359 back with DRM, that was short lived. The dreadful signal is gone!
(On 01Mar: 1359 RNE Madrid is back with their dreadful DRM signal. It´s been off for
many good months - and I only wish they´d stay quiet for good -, but are being audible at least as from today, 1st March.)
Best 73, Carlos Goncalves (7/3-2012)

1359 RNE Madrid is back with their dreadful DRM signal.  It´s been off for many good months - and I only wish they´d stay quiet for good -, but are being audible at least as from today, 1st March.
Carlos Goncalves POR (1/3-2012)


TWR Swaziland asks for additional donations so that a replacement medium wave transmitter for 1170 kHz (50 kW, on air in the evenings) can be shipped to the site to replace a malfunctioning prototype currently in temporary use. According to information received earlier, the transmitter was originally used by an offshore broadcaster and came to be used in Swaziland in 2011 after being refurbished by the HCJB Global Technology Center.
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (17/7-2015)


Christian Stödberg writes in the Skywaves DX Facebook group:
" 2nd May will there be test transmission from the old longwave transmitter in Motala, Sweden on 191KHz. I will check power and time and reply later."
It's not the original 150kW transmitter though a new, smaller one with low power.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (18/4-2015)

Regulary broadcasts from 27 - 29 of May. Next broadcast from
Radio Nord Revival will be on  603kHz 2,5kW, 1512kHz 1 kW and 6060 kHz 10kW. More info on Radio Nord revival.
Roy Sandgren, Sweden (13/5-2011)

Radio Nord Revival: This is the news from the site
Modulation tests untl 1500 UTC today. Our modulation tests will continue at least until 1500 UTC on 6060 kHz. Sofar we have received around 30 reception reports from most of Europe. Tonight we will be testing on MW
1512 kHz. Keep listening and thanks for your support!
Herman, Belgium (7/3-2011)

Radio Nord Revival will be active Tuesday March 8 at 09.48 GMT onwards on 1512 and 6060 kHz. For updates please check their blog at www.radionordrevival.blogspot.com
Karl-Erik Stridh (3/3-2011)

A special broadcast of 50 years of Radio Nord will be the 8 th of March on 1512 kHz unknown power and 6060kHz with 10kW's at 10.00 CET. "Radio Nord Revival".
Roy Sandgren, Sweden (3/3-2011)

March 8 it will be 50 years since Swedish off shore station Radio Nord commenced official transmissions. In Sweden a group is running Radio Nord Revival on Internet. Over the weekends some of the programmes are relayed by Radio Mercurs on 1485 kHz (1 kW), particullarly overnight. Later in May the Swedish group plan own MW and SW transmissions.
Enclosed is a message from Radio Mercurs:
"We are starting relay Radio Nord 17.40 CET this evening till 9.00 Sunday morning on 1485 kHz Riga and web www.radiomerkurs.lv Regards Raimonds."
Karl-Erik Stridh (19/2-2011)

Sölvesborg 1179 kHz: The station is now aviable to hire airtime to private broadcasters.I'm now open to partners of starting up a new private station at the existing site with a private 50kW's TX at the same frequency.
Roy Sandgren (29/10-2010)

The last broadcasting of Radio Sweden [1179 AM] will be saturday evening, last day of summertime in Europe.
Roy Sandgren (26/10-2010)

Radio Sweden International will pay attention to the final transmissions during the Russian and English services on Sunday,October 31st, the final day of transmissions from Hörby shortwave and Sölvesborg mediumwave (1179 kHz) transmitters. There will be no attention in the Swedish language transmissions as it is only a relay of program 1. There will be more information later on the webpage of Radio Sweden International.
There will also be a funeral feast at Hörby transmitter centre after midnight local time on October 31st.
Elle-Kari Höjeberg, Radio Sweden International via Bengt Ericson (23/10-2010)

This just to remind you, that
Swedish Radio will close down AM-broadcast on 1179 kHz from Sölvesborg by end of October, 2010.
Ydun Ritz (16/9-2010)

Mediumwave open to private radio in Sweden.
The new law of radio was voted this week in Sweden. Means that even the am-band is open to community radio, commerciall radio etc. in all bands below 30 MHz.Even the L-band is open to dab+ broadcasting without any criteria at all.90 areas it's open to dab+ and a licence from PTT only.
The new law active from 1 of august.New FM/AM/DAB+ comming up this year.
Roy Sandgren (17/6-2010)

Radio Nord Revival: On April Fools' Day 2010, April 1 (of all days!) a meeting was held with representatives of the museum ship s/s St Erik in Stockholm. Göran Lindemark and myself presented our plans of an event RSL station on medium wave to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of Swedish offshore station Radio Nord next year. Our hosts were very interested in the project and as the ship is moored close to the centre of Stockholm, near the Vasa museum and the Gröna Lund amusement park it will be easily accessible. We intend to invite the veteran broadcasters of Radio Nord and naturally we hope to see as many Radio Nord listeners as possible visiting us.

Last year a book by Jan Kotschack, eldest son of the Radio Nord manager Jack S. Kotschack, entitled "Stick iväg, Jack", was published by Premium Publishing and we hope to have Jan on board signing his book during this event. The book is in Swedish but can be highly recommended also for non-Swedish speaking radio enthusiasts as the extensive picture gallery is well worth the price of the book.

Further updates will be published as the project advances and your suggestions and input will be highly welcome.
Thanks to
Harald Kuhl for drawing my attention to above event (8/4-2010)

quoted from www.qrz.com
"MW-Broadcasting from Morokulien,
A 50th anniversary-broadcast will start from Morokulien on the 28 of december at 00.00 SNT. (Swedish lokal time is UTC + 1) The name of the station will be "ARCTIC RADIO MOROKULIEN".
The broadcasting will be on
1584 kHz and for the most in Swedish.
The broadcasting will be done to celebrate the 50th anniversery of Morokulien and the Arctic Raduio Club."
Their licence runs till 10 January 2010.
Harald Kuhl, Germany (16/12-2009)

The Peace Kingdom Morokulien, located right on the border between Norway and Sweden, just northwest of Charlottenberg, ARCTIC RADIO CLUB starts a new radio station (RSL-restricted special license) on mediumwave on December 28, 2009 thanks to good cooperation with the chairman of Arima, Amateur Radiooperators in Morokulien.

Arctic Radio Club of Sweden and the Peace Kingdom Morokulien jointly celebrate their 50th anniversaries by these broadcasts.

The radio station's main frequency is
1584 kHz, but some test broadcasts will also be carried out on 1602 kHz. The power is approximately 400 watts. The coordinates of the transmitting station is: N 59 degrees, 56 min, 15 sec. E 12 degrees, 12 minutes, 30 seconds. All information on transmissions, frequencies and possible additional test transmissions will be announced at ARC News Flash: www.radioenthusiasts.blogspot.com.

Official broadcast schedule:
28.12.2009 00:00 - 01:00                                        
All times are Swedish Standard Time.
28.12.2009 14:00 - 15:00 (UTC + 1 hour)
30.12.2009 09:00 - 10:00
06.01.2010 09:00 - 10:00
10.01.2010 14:00 - 15:30
10.01.2010 21:00 - 23:00
Transmission will be in Swedish, but some small part in English occurs. Station Identification will be in both languages.

ARC concludes its celebration with broadcasts on Sunday 10 January, 2010.
For those interested, a unique QSL card will be printed. This is of course, a QSL card for the first mediumwave transmission from the Peace Kingdom Morokulien.
See more on the Peace Kingdom Morokulien: a movie made by Swedish TV this year:
http://svtplay.se/v/1695307/varmlandsnytt/morokulien_50_ar www.morokulieninfocenter.com
Please contact the ARCTIC RADIO, PO Box 5050, SE-350 05 Växjö, Sweden.
Email: arctic.radio.morokulien @ telia.com

Reception reports are welcome to the above addresses and if you request a printed QSL-card for the correct reception report, please include 2 stamps for Swedish domestic postage.
By letter correspondence please enter your email address and we can notify
you of further commemorative broadcasts in 2010
Bengt Ericsson (16/12-2009)


Wildmountain Radio from Switzerland heard with a very weak signal on 1566 kHz around 1730 UTC with pop music in parallel to the stations webstream.
Heard under strong Vahon Hindustani Radio from The Netherlands. Fading up again around 1742 UTC. And gone 1743...
My aerial is 250 mts beverage towards south and my location is north of Randers, Denmark.
Best 73's, Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwdx yg (25/9-2015)

The youth radio station ’Wildmountain Radio’ will be on the air September 24-26th  2015 on FM and MW 1566 kHz from Wildberg in the Kanton Zürich. Acc. to the the stations webpage at wildmountain.ch the station will be broadcasting
Thursday Sep 24: tests,
Friday Sep 25 from 12 till past 17 UTC,
Saturday Sep 26 from 07 till past 18 UTC and
Sunday Sep 27 from 07 till 2150 UTC.
No exact s/off times given for Friday and Saturday.
The station will be using a Rohde & Schwarz XK2900 transmitter running at 1 kW.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (23/9-2015)

Swiss youth project Wildmountain Radio (http://wildmountain.ch) will be active on mediumwave 1566 kHz AM (ex-Beromuenster) from 24 till 27 September 2015. Swiss regulator BAKOM has licenced this operation for a 1 kW transmitter and an inverted vee dipole. Location of studio and transmitter is Wildberg, Kanton Zurich, Switzerland.
Harald Kuhl (18/8-2015)

Hello, The Prangins (Switzerland) antenna masts were dynamited a couple of hours ago.
The video can be seen at:
Rémy Friess, bdxc-news yg (6/9-2012)

Another video:
There are several "smaller" antennas (logperiodics) standing around the big masts. They belong to Bern Radio (callsign HEB), active on shortwave in digital modes for worldwide communications.
73 Harald Kuhl (7/9-2012)


Radio Damascus lost the majority of medium wave radio transmitters during the Civil War.
Some of the transmitters still in the air and this is the situation now:
Damascus 567 kHz
Damascus 666 kHz Network 2
Deir al Zor 828 kHz
Tartus 783 kHz

Radio Nur of the Hezbollah organization Tartus relay station transmitter on 1071 kHz is on the air.
Radio Al-Quds Palestinian radio in Damascus, Syria 702 kHz is off the air for months.
O. Barth (7/6-2013)

783 R.Damascus, Tartus tx, did drop the evening prgrs in Hebrew (and possibly Russian too); acc. to the station, the Hebrew segment is now 0600-0900, probably UTC, but they didn't specify. Awaiting more information on whether it's UTC or Syrian LT as well about the Russian prgr via Tartus.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves POR (3/4-2012)

783 R.Damascus, Tartus, seems to have dropped the Hebrew and Russian prgrs. Maybe not entirely, maybe they´re actually aired on occasions, but for some time now, all I can hear is Arabic.  My today´s observation started at nearly 1800, and as I said, Arabic is the only language heard, which is still the case now, at 1840.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (26/3-2012)

Syria heard well tonight [19/12-2007] from 1900 UTC on off channel 782 kHz (//828). 1900 UTC Ar News, from 1930 UTC Ar music.
Harald Kuhl, Germany (19/12-2007)