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Hi Ydun, Have just finished listening to the Voice of Democracy in Vietnam broadcast on 1503 from Taiwan from 1430 to 1500utc with another dxer in Finland? on a remote receiver in Hongkong. The signal was excellent.
A PO Box in San Jose was given  as well as an email address.
Have managed to find the Voice of Vietnamese Democracy webpage and have sent off an email to try and get the postal address for reception reports.
Tony Magon, Melbourne AUS (15/5-2011)



Re 11/19 item on Tajikistan:
972 IBB/VOA Orzu is 800 kW TPO, maximum oriented SSE from 3 element DA,
ERP about 2.8 MW (34.5 dBk).
Ben Dawson (3/12-2008)

Re item of May 20th: The Orzu transmitter is a Thales/Thomcast (or whatever they are
this week) and was new on install in Orzu, not a move from anywhere else.
Ben Dawson (21/5-2007)



Schedule of Radio Tunis International via Internet
Wolfgang Bueschel, dxld yg (27/10-2015)

Up to date correct schedule Radio Tunis International 963 kHz 20 Sept 2015:
0803-0900 UT allemande - german
1103-1400 UT anglais - english
1403-1500 italian - italian
1903-2000 espagnol - spanish
Christian Ghibaudo in Play-DX #1659 via Wolfgang Bueschel, dxld yg (27/10-2015)

Note that Tunisia changed the schedule on September 14th. Here is the correct one, after verifications made by Dario Monferini and me.

Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale (RTCI) on 963 kHz is now on the air 24h a day in French except:
0803-0900: German
1303-1400: English
1403-1500: Italian
1903-2000: Spanish    (all times are UTC).
Christian Ghibaudo (20/9-2015)

Hi friends, I should send a correction for my contribution mailed on 10/09 on RTCI.

From 14th September the international service of R Tunis Chaîne Internationale 963 kHz is back to its old schedule:
1203-1300 English,
1303-1400 German,
1403-1500 Italian,
1900-2000 Spanish;
Italian confirmed today via streaming http://www.rtci.tn/streamplayer/ and Spanish current time noted good at evenings on 963.
It seems the schedule posted by me on 10/09 ran shortly for the summer period -and it was detected too late ...-
RTCI pdf schedule available at http://www.rtci.tn/grille-des-programmes/ is not still updated.
73 Rafael Martínez (18/9-2015)

963, R Tunis Chaîne Internationale RTCI has a new schedule for its foreign languages service: 1403-1430 English, 1430-1500 German, 1900-1930 Italian, 1930-2000 Spanish. Italian and Spanish logged with good signal at evenings. RTCI broadcasts now 24 hours on MW (ex 0500-0100).
73 Rafael Martínez, Barcelona, Catalonia (10/9-2015)

Hi Ydun! I read the information about RTT from our friend at hungary, and I could see something more at FMSCAN.

684 Khz - Medenine -50 Kw
585 " - Gafsa
- 200 kw
630 " - Tunis/Dje
- 300 Kw
1485 " - Borj El Kadra
- 1 kw.

I usually hear 630, and sometimes 684, but 585 is complicated with RNE Madrid. Cheers.
Francisco, Terrassa/Spain (8/10-2013)

Hello Idun,
I would like to ask help from mediumwave DXers and your site readers to clear publicly available information about
Tunisia on mediumwave.
My public sources are:
- Euro-African Medium Wave Guide (www.emwg.info)
- World Radio and Television Handbook;
- complemented by my own observations.
These sources are containing different information and I would like to make corrections if possible.

585 khz
EMWG says:
TUN - RTT, Gafsa (350) - 0400-2400 in Arabic

WRTH says:
TUN - 200 kW - Gafsa - RTT Radio Nationale, 0400-2400, arab
Do someone knows the exact power?

my observation:
I realised that RTT schedule on this frequency is variing:
it starts around 0345-0355 UTC. I also want to ask the following: do i assume well that transmitter starts has a connection with Quran recitations?
it ends around 00.16 UTC.

684 khz
EMWG says:
TUN - RTT, Mednine (10) - 0400-2400

WRTH says:
684 kHz - TUN - 50 kW - Mednine/Harboub - RTT Radio Nationale,
0400-2400, arabic language
What is the power of this transmitter?

my observation:
schedule is: 24 hours a day 7 days a week parallel with 630 khz.
I started my observation around this year's January.
Unfortunatelly i can check this transmitter throughout evenings, nights until the morning here in Hungary, Central Europe. I ask people nearer to the transmitter to check my monitoring.

963 khz
EMWG says:
TUN - Radio Tunisia Cultural channel, Tunis (100) - in Arabic, ID: 'Idha'at al Thakafiya'

WRTH says:
963 kHz - TUN - 100 kW - Tunis-Djedeida (Jedeida) - La Radio Nationale, french language

my observation:
Radio Tunisia Cultural channel, arabic language and not french.

I would like to be happy if someone could help to make accurate these informations.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (4/10-2013)


TRT Cukurova Radio have been on the air in Arabic to east mediterranean region in medium wave between 18.00-20.00 UTC in 630 kHz. I have tune with interfering with Timisora Romania.
Mustafa Cankurt (15/12-2012)

TRT have been tentative broadcasting in the 702 kHz Istanbul Catalca transmitter The Voice of Turkey in Turkish. Then now cancelled. But now Turkish Radio and Television Corporation have medium wave stations are already served as following (times are UTC)
Istanbul/Catalca 702kHz, Radio-1,  04.00-08.00;
Izmir 927kHzRadio-4, 07.00-16.00;
Diyarbakir 1098 kHzRadio-6, 04.00-15.00;
Antalya 891 kHzRegional/Radio-4, 05.00-14.00;
Mersin/Cukurova 630 kHzRegional/Radio-4, 05.00-14.00;
Trabzon 954 kHz, Regional/Radio-4, 05.00-14.00
TRT Medium Wave broadcasts also via internet as following link;
Mustafa Cankurt, Turkey (4/11-2010)

TRT's Latest MW Broadcasting Stations are as follows:

ISTANBUL,  CATALCA,  RADIO-1,  03.00/07.00,  702, 4 Hour
IZMIR, IZMIR,  RADIO-4,  06.00/15.00,  927, 9 Hour
ANTALYA,  AKSU,  REGIONAL,  06.00/15.00,  891, RADIO-4,  9 Hour
CUKUROVA,  MERSIN-KAZANLI,  REGIONAL,  06.00/15.00,  630, RADIO-4,  9 Hour
CUKUROVA,  GAZIANTEP,  RADIO-1,  03.00/07.00,  765, 4 Hour
DIYARBAKIR,  CINAR,  RADIO-6,  06.00/17.00,  1062, 11 Hour
DIYARBAKIR,  MALATYA,  RADIO-1,  10.00/11.00,  594, 1 Hour
TRABZON,  TRABZON,  REGIONAL,  06.00/15.00,  954, RADIO-4,  9 Hour
Mustafa Cankurt, Turkey (29/9-2009)

TRT Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and Canadian Nautel Company have been contracted to deploy new transmitters. TRT have decided new solid state Nautel transmitters in Trabzon, Cukurova and Antalya Radios . Those transmitters will serve in late summer. Transmitters will be getting better of audio quality, but there were no frequencies change Trabzon 954 KHz, Cukurova 630 KHz and Antalya 891 KHz.
Mustafa Cankurt, Turkey (15/3-2008)