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As per further info [see item 15/12-2013] from station they are planning AM/DRM simulcast using a 200 kW Nautel transmitter.
Also their website is coming up at http://www.pravasibharathi.com/
Alokesh Gupta (17/12-2013)

First digital Malayalam radio Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM to transmit from Abu Dhabi from May 2014.
Pravasi Bharathi 810 AM, claiming to be the first fully digital radio station using the DRM standard, will operate from its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi (15/12-2013)


Bauer Media, owners of Radio City in Liverpool have announced that following Ofcom's approval a few months ago, City Talk 105.9 (now renamed Radio City Talk), will swap places with Radio City 2, currently broadcasting on 1548 kHz from the Bebingotn transmitter, as from 7 December 2015.

The current format of Radio City Talk is soft pop and talk, whereas the new station will have rock, sport and talk.

The current Radio City 2 service, will retain the same music mix of "The Greatest Hits", but whereas at present all programming originate via Manchester, with some shows from Glasgow and Edinburgh, a local breakfast show and "drive" show will be reintroduced Monday to Friday on Radio City 2, broadcast from Liverpool.

For Radio City Talk, all content will originate from Liverpool as it does now.

More details here:
James Robinson (16/11-2015)

From the Radio Caroline website:
Caroline will appear again on 1368am courtesy of Manx Radio on October 31st and November 1st.
Programmes commence at 8.30am with Chris Williams' Carnaby Street.

As before there will be a stand alone stream for listening online, giving three Caroline programme options for the weekend. Tiptree, Preserves Of Distinction are our sponsors as before and we will have a splendid gift or gifts of a range of their produce to offer as prizes.

Last month we were sent examples of reception as far away as Belgium, Suffolk and of course on the Irish and UK coast, also Wales and Scotland. So, dust off your AM radio sets and tell us what you hear.
Please send your music choices and memories to memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.
Mike Terry via mwdx yg (31/10-2015)

Manx Radio
September 26 2015 - Special weekend on AM1368.
The glorious sounds of Radio Caroline can be heard once again this weekend.
Listeners who tune in to Manx Radio's 1368 AM frequency throughout the next two days (Sat/Sun 26th/27th) can relive the magical days of pirate radio.
The sounds will ring out from the MV Ross Revenge, which is usually anchored in the Blackwater Estuary.
Controller of Programming and Content at Manx Radio, Marc Tyley, says there's something for everyone.
It all kicks off at 8.30am (7.30 UTC) on Saturday.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (26/9-2015)

Ofcom has extended the licence of Global Radio (AM) Limited for Wrexham & Chester (Smooth Radio) until 4 September 2027. The station is on the air on 1260 kHz.
Ofcom’s consideration of the renewal applications made by Global Radio (AM) Ltd  for the Ipswich/Bury St Edmunds licence for 1170 kHz has been postponed for six months under s104A (8) of the Broadcasting Act 1990 while Ofcom completes the award process for the Suffolk local radio multiplex licence later this year.
Accordingly, under s104A(9), the licence has been extended for a period of six months, to 5 May 2016.
Ofcom Radio Broadcast Update June 2015 - 7 July 2015 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener

Moorside Edge transmitter, near Huddersfield, was switched off at 0803 UTC today for essential maintainance.  Frequencies affected are:
909 kHz: Radio 5 Live
1089 kHz: Talk Sport North
1215 kHz: Absolute Radio

Talksport and Absolute went off first, then Radio 5 Live.

The work was due to be done last week but was postponed.  Service is expected to return to normal around 1800 UTC.
It is also expected to take place on Thursday 11 June again between 0800-1800 UTC.
James Robinson (10/6-2015)

I can confirm that the following MW transmitters are no longer on the air as of 16 May:

1233 kHz - Absolute Radio, Reading (Manor Farm)
1431 kHz - Smooth Radio, Reading (Manor Farm)
1485 kHz - Smooth Radio, Newbury (Washwater)

Sad to see these close, especially 1431 which launched in 1976 as Radio 210 (1431 khz being 210 metres), before becoming a relay for Classic Gold and more recently Smooth Berkshire.
The 210 wavelength also gave its name to the local FM station “2-Ten FM” which became Heart Thames Valley in 2010.
There is still one MW transmitter on the air in the Reading area:
Blast 1386 at Reading College on 1386 kHz (LPAM - 1 Watt emrp).
73s Dave Kenny, BDXC-UK (16/5-2015)

The Manor Farm transmitter in Reading that carries Absolute Radio on 1233 kHz and Smooth Thames Valley on 1431 kHz has been switched off - effective from 15 May 2015 as the lease of the building where the transmitter is housed is not being renewed, and the transmitter is privately owned.

As a result, the Washwater transmitter on 1485 kHz, carrying Smooth Radio Thames Valley in the Newbury area has also been switched off, because both transmitters carried the same licence and Washwater served as a relay of Manor Farm.   Both transmitters were switched off within minutes of each other around 0805 UTC this morning.

Smooth Radio Thames Valley is still available via DAB on the Oxford and Berkshire local multiplexes and online.  Manor Farm was originally used to broadcast Radio 210 to the same area from 1976.

Absolute Radio announce the change to their service here:
James Robinson (15/5-2015)

963 and 972 kHz re-awarded to Sunrise Radio. Read more here.

Cricket coverage on Radio 4 LW these days is a direct relay of digital-only station Five Live Sports Extra for the duration of the programme, with opt-outs for the Shipping Forecast, Yesterday In Parliament or the Daily Service.  These other three programmes are regulars.

However, due to an error, the promo loop of Five Live Sports Extra was broadcast on 198 kHz LW from 0810-0825 UTC on 21 March 2015, after the Cricket World Cup coverage had ended early.  Usually, Radio 4 returns immediately after the cricket, but this promo is used when there is no programme on Sports Extra.

As far as I know maybe this is the first time the promo has been heard on Long Wave.

Radio 4 LW is carried on Digital radio on Tuesday-Saturday mornings from 0800-0900, and Monday-Friday mornings 0944-1000.  This is to accommodate Yesterday in Parliament and The Daily Service.  However, because the cricket was on this morning, this was heard on two separate streams on the DAB multiplex, including the error at 0810.

Transmission returned to normal at 0825 UTC, and Yesterday in Parliament was broadcast as scheduled at 0850 UTC.
James Robinson (22/3-2015)

Since Christmas 2014, the following stations have ceased on medium wave in addition to Radio Hafren (Newtown), previously reported.
These are all either University, Hospital school campus or BFBS stations.
1287 kHz: BFBS (Glencourse Barracks, Edinburgh)
1287 kHz: BFBS Gurkha Radio (Chippenham)
1287 kHz: Insanity (Egham College)
1287 kHz: Surge (Southampon University)
1350 kHz: Dorton Radio (Dorton House Campus)
1350 kHz: Range Radio (Manchester) (school)
1431 kHz: Carillion Radio (Loughborough)
1431 kHz: Apple AM (Hemyock Hospital)
Cheers, James Robinson (6/3-2015)

Radio 4 LW on 198 kHz will carry all stages of the Cricket World Cup from Quarter Finals onwards, as well as all matches invilving England in the rounds prior to the quarter finals.
James Robinson (15/2-2015)

Radio City will be on the air next weekend:
Friday February 20th at 19 - 20 UTC on 7290 kHz via IRRS and on 1368 kHz via Challenger Radio in Italy, repeated on Saturday February 21st at 09 - 10 UTC on 9510 kHz.
Every Saturday evening at 20 - 21 UTC there is a separate transmission via Radio Merkurs, Latvia on 1485 kHz.
The address citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor, EMR (13/2-2015)

The commercial station in Newtown, Powys, Radio Hafren has closed with immediate effect according to a message on Twitter 18 hours ago:

"It is with great regret that we must announce that Radio Hafren has ceased trading with immediate effect.... "

They were broadcasting on 756 kHz medium wave and more recently on 102.1 FM as well.
The Radio Hafren website is no longer accessible and Facebook is unavailable.
There is also a mention on the Celtica Radio website, who they used to relay overnight, that Hafren closed in February 2015.
Sad to lose another independent medium wave station.
73, Alan Pennington (11/2-2015)

The medium wave transmitter of BBC Radio Bristol on 1548 kHz, from Mongotsfield is off air for the next two weeks.
Tranmissions stopped on 26 January, in the BBC's latest trial of medium wave switch offs.  Full story here:
James Robinson (27/1-2015)

A reminder that today is the final day of broadcasting for Magic AM network and the "Greatest Hits Network" as separate stations.

From 2200 UTC on 4 January, these two services will merge to form a single network originating in Manchester, but some programmes may come from Scotland.

The service will be on 15 medium wave transmitters in northern England and Scotland, plus on FM on just one station - Westsound FM as follows:

96.5 MHz: Cairn Pat (Stranraer)
97.0 MHz: Riddings Hill (Dumfries)
103.0 Mhz: Cambret Hill (Kirkcudbright)

Westsound FM currently carries the Greatest Hits Network.  All Scottish stations will opt out of the main network for all breakfast shows plus Saturday afternoons sport programme, and tp to 1300 on Sundays - further details were posted on 29/12/2014.
James Robinson (4/1-2015)

There will be more changes to the Magic AM network from Monday 5 January 2015.
Currently all programmes originate from or via Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Regional broadcast shows from Manchester and Leeds finished on Boxing Day.

In Scotland, the equivalent licences on the following frequencies:
1035 kHz: Northsound 2 (Aberdeen)
1035 kHz: West Sound (Ayr)
1107 kHz: Moray Firth Radio (Inverness)
1152 kHz: Clyde 2 (Glasgow)
1161 kHz: Tay AM (Dundee)
1548 kHz: Forth 2 (Edinburgh)
1584 kHz: Tay AM (Perth)
currently run another network known collectively as GHN - The Greatest Hits Network, but broadcast under the names above.  Some of the stations are changing their names so they all have a "2" at the end.  All Magic AM stations will also be rebranded to have a "2" at the end of their names as well.

The result will be a combined network with all programming originating from or via Manchester at all times.  News, adverts, jingles, traffic and travel will be played out separately but at the same time, but the actual music programme from the studio will be identical on all frequencies for most of the time.

The Magic AM network of  frequencies will carry the same programmes at all times between them, with the Scottish frequencies opting out to carry some all-Scottish programmes originating in either Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee - as is the case now withe GHN.

Scottish transmitters will opt out of the main network at the following times:
Monday-Friday 0600-1000 and 1600-1900
Saturday 0700-1000 & 1400-1800
Sunday 0800-1300
and will carry the Manchester output at all other times.

On DAB in the same coverage area, a "3" network will also be introduced from 19 January 2015.

The stations will change their names as follows

Radio City 96.7 = Radio City
Magic 1548 = Radio City 2
The Hits Radio = Radio City 3
CityTalk 105.9 stays the same

Key 103 = Key 103
Magic 1152 = Key 2
The Hits Radio = Key 3

97.4 Rock FM = Rock FM
Magic 999 = Rock 2
The Hits Radio = Rock 3

Hallam FM = Hallam FM
Magic AM = Hallam 2
The Hits Radio = Hallam 3

96.3 Radio Aire = Radio Aire
Magic 828 = Radio Aire 2
The Hits Radio = Radio Aire 3

96.9 Viking FM = Viking FM
Magic 1161 = Viking 2
The Hits Radio = Viking 3

Magic 1170 = TFM 2
The Hits Radio = TFM 3

Metro Radio = Metro Radio
Magic 1152 = Metro Radio 2
The Hits Radio = Metro Radio 3

No additional services

Clyde 1 = Clyde 1
Clyde 2 = Clyde 2
The Hits Radio = Clyde 3

Forth One = Forth One
Forth 2 = Forth 2
The Hits Radio = Forth 3

Tay FM = Tay FM
Tay AM = Tay 2
The Hits Radio = Tay 3

NorthSound 1 = Northsound 1
NorthSound 2 = Northsound 2

MFR 2 = MFR 2
The Hits Radio = MFR 3

96.7 West FM = West FM
West Sound = Westsound

Radio Borders stays the same

West Sound FM stays the same (already part of ‘Greatest Hits’ network).

The final show from Newcastle on the current Magic AM network will end at 2200 on Sunday 4 January, after which time the network will switch to Manchester.
James Robinson (29/12-2014)

The following BBC local services are now back on air on MW:
1161 kHz: BBC Sussex (Bexhill MF - 1 kW)
1368 kHz: BBC Surrey (Duxhurst - 0.5 kW)
1485 kHz: BBC Sussex (Brighton - 1 kW)
1557 kHz: BBC Radio Lancashire (Oxcliffe 0.25 kW)
James Robinson (5/12-2014)

The BBC has started medium wave closure trials again for a few of their local radio stations.

The text from the press release states:
We are undertaking a trial of switching-off some BBC local radio medium wave transmitters. The BBC is required to make savings and one potential way to do this, and maintain value for money, is to switch off medium wave transmitters in those places where FM or digital radio coverage is also available.

Which Local BBC Radio services will be affected?

1st Phase
Recorded announcement: 17th November to 1st December.
Transmitter switched off: 1st December to 5th December.

*BBC Radio Lancashire* – Only Oxcliffe medium wave (1557kHz) affected. Listeners can re-tune to 104.5 FM. BBC Radio Lancashire is not available on digital radio in this area.

*BBC Surrey* – All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 104.6 FM in west Surrey and 104.0 FM in east Surrey. BBC Surrey is also available on digital radio; look for ‘BBC Surrey’ or ‘BBCSurry’.

*BBC Sussex* – All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 95.3 FM in Brighton and Worthing, 95.1 FM in Horsham, 104.5 FM in East Sussex, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill, and 104.8 FM in the remainder of West Sussex. BBC Sussex is available on digital radio along the Sussex coast.

2nd Phase
Recorded announcement: 24th November to 8th December.
Off-air during the trial: 8th December to 12th December

*BBC Radio Humberside* – All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 95.9 FM or find ‘BBC Humberside’ or ‘BBC Humb’ on digital radio.

*BBC Radio Wiltshire* – All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to FM: 103.6 in Swindon, 104.9 in Marlborough, 104.3 in Chippenham and West Wiltshire, and 103.5 in Salisbury and South Wiltshire. On digital radio, listeners in Swindon and Marlborough can find ‘BBC Wilts (Swin)’ and those in the west of the county should look for ‘BBC Wiltshire’.

*BBC Radio Devon* – Only Torbay medium wave (1458kHz) affected. Most listeners can re-tune to 104.3 or 103.4 FM, although listeners nearer Exeter might find 95.8 FM or 990 medium-wave are better alternatives [990kHz Exeter has a significant coverage overlap with 1458kHz Torbay]. BBC Radio Devon is also available on digital radio.

A list of the BBC’s local radio stations can be found at

The page announcing the changes is here

James Robinson (17/11-2014)

A quick update on the situation with Magic network of medium wave stations in the north of England.

The date has now been set for the new station IDs to be implemented.

All the stations currently branded Magic on medium wave will be renamed as from 5 January 2015.  It is not yet known what will happen during weekday breakfast output.

The station "Magic 105.4" in London is a VHF local service that has a different playlist to the medium wave Magic.  This station will remain on air as follows:

105.4 VHF in London
"Freeview" DTT platform nationwide
and will expand to nationwide coverage on DAB throughout the UK - and this is one of the reasons for the medium wave name changes.  Magic 105.4 is also owned by Bauer Media.
James Robinson (31/10-2014)

An update in respect of the Magic medium wave stations in the north of England.

Since a few weeks ago, not sure when, there is no longer a Saturday local breakfast show.  Previously, Magic 828 Leeds had a separate breakfast show on Saturdays, as did Magic 1161 in Hull.  All 8 stations now take a single show, broadcast from London.
All shows except weekday breakfast come from Magic 1152 Newcastle.  For weekday breakfast, there is 3 shows, one at Magic 1152 Newcastle, heard on
1152 Newcastle
1170 Teeside

Another in Leeds on 828 kHz, and a third in Manchester on
999 kHz Preston
1152 kHz Manchester
1548 kHz Liverpool

In a further change, as from January 2015, on a date yet to be announced, all 8 Magic stations will be rebranded as follows:
828 kHz: Magic 828 Leeds > Radio Aire 2
999 kHz: Magic 999 > Rock 2
1152 kHz: Magic 1152 Newcastle > Metro 2
1152 kHz: Magic 1152 Manchester > Key 2
1161 kHz: Magic 1161 Hull > Viking 2
1170 kHz: Magic 1170 Teeside > TFM 2
1548 kHz: Magic AM Sheffield > Hallam 2
1548 kHz: Magic 1548 Liverpool > Radio City 2

Note that the station names relate to the station idents only.  Programming on the stations will mainly be the same, except for idents, adverts, news, weather and travel.

Also note it is still NOT known what is happening during weekday breakfast output between 0600-1000 UK time Monday to Friday.  When I hear more about this I will post.

James Robinson (18/10-2014)

I forgot to mention in respect of the above that the following frequencies:
990 kHz Doncaster
1305 kHz Barnsley

are and will continue to be a 100% relay of the service on 1548 kHz Sheffield.
Sheffield 1548 service and relays take the Leeds breakfast show Monday to Friday 0600-1000 UK time

James Robinson (18/10-2014)

Ex Radio 1458, ex Sunrise Radio ... is now Lyca Radio 1458.
Heard with many IDs this morning.
Karel Honzik, CZE (6/10-2014)

You may want to take note of the website www.radiojcom.com of Radio Jcom Leeds, where you will also find a full programme schedule (as of February 2014). There is another station Radio-Jcom, an internet only station, at http://radio-j.com/
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (4/5-2014)

Radio Caroline broadcast from other ships as well as the Mi Amigo, Caroline and the Ross Revenge.
It was indeed on the 24th March 1970 that the MEBO II home of Radio Northsea International dropped anchor off the coast on Holland-on-Sea in Essex and shortly after changed its name to Radio Caroline.
Broadcasting from the MEBO II it was around election time in the UK which I believe coincided when 18 year olds could vote for the first time. The Government of the day who had outlawed the pirates in 1967 was defeated and the Conservatives came to power but continued jamming the station which was the only time in history that the UK had jammed the radio signal of a station. Shortly after RNI returned to the Dutch Coast. RNI is often forgotten but in a short space of time also influenced the radio scene and had some dramatic times such as the bombing/fire on board and the threats by the Dutch tug owner etc.. What memories. All in all radio will never be as good or sound as much fun.
Alan Capleton (29/3-2014)

All the following transmitters carrying Smooth Radio:

All the following frequencies will carry Smooth Radio from this time:
603 kHz: Canterbury
774 kHz: Gloucester
792 kHz: Bedford
828 kHz: Bournemouth
828 kHz: Luton
936 kHz: West Wiltshire
945 kHz: Eastbourne
1152 kHz: Norwich
1152 kHz: Plymouth
1161 kHz: Swindon
1170 kHz: Ipswich
1170 kHz: Portsmouth
1242 kHz: Maidstone
1251 kHz: Bury St Edmunds
1260 kHz: Bristol
1260 kHz: Wrexham
1305 kHz: Newport
1323 kHz: Brighton
1332 kHz: Peterborough
1359 kHz: Cardiff
1359 kHz: Chelmsford
1431 kHz: Reading
1431 kHz: Southend
1485 kHz: Newbury
1521 kHz: Reigate/Crawley
1557 kHz: Northampton
1557 kHz: Southampton

The programmes are a simulcast of the London 102.2 VHF service but with local adverts.

The change from Gold took place at 0558:29 UTC today. The final record on Gold heard here was "I'll Be There" by the Four Tops which was followed by a "Gold" sweeper, then into a commercial break, and it came out of the break as Smooth Radio with the announcemnt "This is Smooth Radio... with the latest news... next" then another advert, then a news jingle and introduction for Smooth Radio.

Gold is now only available on the following transmitters:

945 kHz: Derby
999 kHz: Nottingham
1458 kHz: Manchester
1548 kHz: London (Safron Green)
1548 kHz: London (Rotherhythe Tunnel)

James Robinson (24/3-2014)

I've heard that the Caroline North RSL will also be on AM; do you know anything about this?
Ian Godfrey (19/3-2014)

I can't help, but maybe dxers in the UK can?

On http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1940719 I read this here:
Caroline North RSL :
Details of the Caroline North RSL now posted at Ofcom, will use 87.7 March 31 to April 27.
Not on the medium wave!
Hugo Matten (20/3-2014)

They are licenced 31 March to 27 April on 87.7 MHz from studios on the Planet lightship in Liverpool. Also online at www.carolinenorth.com
Would have been more authentic on MW.

Alan Pennington on mwc fb site (20/3-2014)

Back in 1966-1967, when a radio officer in the Danish merchant marine, my ship often called the port of Preston. Often we had to wait for the tide to get into harbour and the waiting time was spent for anchor in Ramsay Bay, where our neighbour was "Radio Caroline" MV Caroline! First time ever heard Tom Jones' Green Green Grass was from Radio Caroline!
Oh those memories...
Ydun (20/3-2014)

Radio Broadcast Update February 2014
Published 04|03|14

Licence renewals granted in this period
Ofcom has on 4 March 2014 announced that it has re-awarded the following local FM commercial radio licence to the current licensee. Seven-year renewals have been granted to the following AM-stations:
Licensee/service/area New expiry date
Key 103 Limited / Magic 1152 (Manchester) 01/04/2021
Radio Hallam Limited / Magic AM (South Yorkshire)
990, 1305, 1548 30/09/2021
Radio City (Sound of Merseyside) Limited / Magic 1548 (Merseyside) 20/10/2021
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/3-2014)

Changes affecting the radio station "Gold" on medium wave:
From Monday 24 March 2014, Gold will only be available on the following frequencies on MW:
945 kHz: Derby
999 kHz: Nottingham
1458 kHz: Manchester
1548 kHz: London

All the following frequencies will carry Smooth Radio from this time:
603 kHz: Canterbury
774 kHz
: Gloucester
792 kHz
: Bedford
828 kHz
: Bournemouth
828 kHz
: Luton
936 kHz
: West Wiltshire
945 kHz
: Eastbourne
1152 kHz
: Norwich
1152 kHz
: Plymouth
1161 kHz
: Swindon
1170 kHz
: Ipswich
1170 kHz
: Portsmouth
1242 kHz
: Maidstone
1251 kHz
: Bury St Edmunds
1260 kHz
: Bristol
1260 kHz
: Wrexham
1305 kHz
: Newport
1323 kHz
: Brighton
1332 kHz
: Peterborough
1359 kHz
: Cardiff
1359 kHz
: Chelmsford
1431 kHz
: Reading
1431 kHz
: Southend
1485 kHz
: Newbury
1521 kHz
: Reigate/Crawley
1557 kHz
: Northampton
1557 kHz
: Southampton
James Robinson (1/3-2014)

Re. item UK 4/2 (see below):
Hello Idun and all of you,
Territorial limitation of broadcasting rights in the UK is not a new phenomenon in the media. When i started analogue satellite DXing around 1995, i discovered that british television stations did not allow to receive images, only sound outside of the UK. Some of them coded their broadcasts and the legal decoder (card) could be purchased only inside the territory of the UK and they didn't allow foreigners to purchase them legally. Ofcourse you could ask relatives, acquaintances to buy decoder in the UK and take outside of the UK but that's illegal according to inttelectual property laws because of copyright infringement. Copyright owners have the right to limit the usage of their intellectual property. Territorial limitation is such a legal limitation. I haven't heard such territorial limitations elsewhere.
Tibor Gaal, HNG (7/2-2014)

(Wales): The British regulatory authority has approved a transfer of the licence for Gold 1359 kHz from Cardiff Broadcasting Co Limited to GCap Media (AM) Limited. The licence runs until 31 December 2019.
Interestingly, despite their presence on a web player (http://app.musicradio.com/gold/on-air/player), their broadcasting rights fo not allow them to play to locations outside the UK. SO, the internet is not the universal platform people like to think, while traditional AM still crosses boundaries.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (4/2-2014)

British regulator Ofcom hat extended the broadcasting licence of Pulse 2 (UTV) (The Pulse, Forster Square, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 5NE, www.pulse2.net/), broadcasting on 1278 and 1530 kHz for Yorkshire until 3. December 2020.
Ofcom Radio Broadcast Update 3 December 2013 via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (12/12-2013)

British regulator Ofcom hat extended the broadcasting licence of Birmingham Broadcasting Limited for Free Radio 80s on 1152 kHz until 17 February 2021. The station carries on the legacy of BRMB Radio, one of the original Independent Local Radio stations, which started in Februar 1974 taking over a former BBC Radio 4 frequency (1151). The Free Radio 80s-format was started in 2012 and combines music from the 80s, local information and local sports (in the case of 1152 kHz transmission of matches of Aston Villa and Birmingham City).
Ofcom Radio Broadcast Update 3 December 2013 via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (12/12-2013)

I am hearing a babcock media test transmission on 1296am since 13.00 bst in North Essex. it is now 16.46 UK.
Ray Abbott (13/09-2013)

Babcock Media Services 1296 kHz has also been heard this afternoon in Belgium (Guido Schotmans and Herman Boel) and Denmark (yours truly). Male talk and music, lots of ID and www address given www.babcock-online.co.uk
Ydun Ritz (13/9-2013)

According to the Ofcom Radio Broadcast Update August 2013 (published 03|09|13 http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/update0813) seven year renewals were granted to the following medium wave stations in August:

Clyde 2 1152 kHz www.clyde2.com (website new), expiry date 30 December 2020.
Preston (Lancashire)
Magic 999 999 kHz www.magic999.co.uk (website new),expiry date 4 October 2020.
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (8/9-2013)

Babcock Media Services was testing on 13 Aug 2013 on 1296 kHz in AM at 2215 UTC. English test announcements, music. Very strong signal here in Germany.
Harald Kuhl (14/8-2013)

Hello Ydun,
Babcock Media Services, I heard them yesterday as well on 1296 kHz but during daytime between 0900 and 1000 UTC.
Guido Schotmans (14/8-2013)

Hello Idun,
I read the following on the site of the BBC: www.bbcnews.com

Absolute Radio bought by Bauer Media
BBC News, 29 July 2013 Last updated at 11:29 GMT

The media company behind some of the UK's best-known magazines has bought Absolute Radio in a deal reported to be worth up to Ł25m.
Bauer Media, which has publications such as Heat and Bella in its stable, already owns several other radio stations, including Kiss and Magic.
Absolute Radio, which evolved out of Virgin Radio, has Frank Skinner and Christian O'Connell among its DJs.
Absolute was first put on the market in 2011 by its owners, Times of India.
Paul Keenan, the chief executive of Bauer Media UK said he had the "greatest respect for what it has achieved." "We are excited about welcoming this contemporary music radio business with renowned digital assets in Bauer," he added.
Donnach O'Driscoll, chief executive of Absolute Radio, said: Bauer Media UK is a business that really cares about building famous media and entertainment brands and music radio in particular." "This brand will continue to thrive as part of the Bauer group," he said.
The deal is subject to regulatory approval.

Tibor Gaal, HNG (29/7-2013)

Additional information to the item of 03/06-2013 (Scotland):
Details on the format changes of the
Bauer AM Stations in Scotland can now be found at http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/broadcasting/radio/formats-content/changes/Bauer. Bauer referred to the legislation set out in the Digital Britain report published in 2009. “AM stations generally need no longer produce locally made programming or carry local material. But a minimum of 10 hours during weekday daytimes should be produced within the nation where the station is.”
Hansjoerg Biener (7/7-2013)

Wales: Ofcom recently reawarded the medium wave licence for Montgomeryshire to Radio Hafren Ltd. (The Studios, The Park, Newtown, Powys SY16 2NZ, www.radiohafren.co.uk). Radio Hafren broadcasts 24 h on 756 kHz a music led "AM radio for Mid Wales and the Borders". The station has been on the air since 2010, replacing Radio Maldwyn which had used the frequency since 1993.
Ofcom 12.6., 2.7.2012 via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (3/7-2013)

The Avtar Lit-Group has recently applied for changes in the licences for their London medium wave stations and had them approved by the British regulator. Both sides agreed the proposed removal of local news / local news at weekends would not drastically change the character of the services and were consistent with Ofcom's local guidelines for AM stations.
Acknowledging the difficult position of these stations in their markets, Ofcom relaxed format requirements for medium wave stations. They generally need not produce locally-made programmes nor broadcast local material, but these Asian formats still do it for more than half of the day.

963 Buzz Radio (no obligation to carry local news bulletins any more)
972 Buzz Radio
1035 Kismat Asian Talk Radio (no obligation to carry local news bulletins any more)
1458 Sunrise Radio (no obligation to carry local news bulletins on Saturdays and Sundays any more)
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (11/6-2013)

To update this update [on Magic MW], up until now, on a Saturday morning, the three Yorkshire stations in Leeds, Sheffield and Hull have had separate breakfast shows while the other 5 took a feed from Newcastle.
But, as from 11 May 2013, Leeds local breakfast show on a Saturday will now also be heard on
1548 kHz (Sheffield) (relays on 990 kHz Doncaster and 1305 kHz Barnsley)

The Hull service will continue with a local Saturday breakfast show for the time being. The change on May 11 affect only the Sheffield Doncaster and Barnsley transmitters and not the Hull one.

Therefore on Saturdays, there will only be one separate programme originating in Leeds, with the other coming via Newcastle for the other 5 stations.
The final Sheffield Saturday breakfast shows will be on 4 May 2013.

James Robinson (13/4-2013)

[Advance notice of changes affecting the 8 Magic MW stations in the north of England.
The existing situation is that Magic operates 8 MW stations:
828 kHz: Leeds
999 kHz: Preston
1152 kHz: Manchester
1152 kHz: Newcastle
1161 kHz: Hull
1170 kHz: Stockton-On-Tees
1548 kHz: Sheffield (relays at Doncaster 990 kHz & Barnsley 1305kHz)
1548 kHz: Liverpool
All programming originates via Newcastle-upon-Tyne except breakfast show (0600-1000 UK time Monday-Friday), plus 0600-1000 on Saturdays in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull only).
From Monday 4 March 2013, the breakfast shows will be as follows:
Newcastle breakfast show will now be heard also on 1170 kHz (Stockton-on-Tees)
Manchester breakfast show will now be heard also on 999 kHz (Preston) and 1548 kHz (Liverpool).
Adverts and news and travel will continue to be localised in all 8 areas.
Stations in Yorkshire will remain unchanged for the time being.]

In a similar move, from Monday 15 April 2013, the following changes will take place.
Breakfast show in Leeds, currently on 828 kHz, will now also be heard on

1161 kHz (Hull)
1548 kHz (Sheffield) (realays on 990 kHz Doncaster and 1305 kHz Barnsley)

There will now only be 3 breakfast shows for Magic AM network, although adverts and news will continue to be split 8 ways as has always been the case.
James Robinson UK (13/4-2013)

BBC WS is on new 1251 kHz from 16.30h - 18h UTC. Transmitter site is Dushanbe/Yangiyul 38 28 44 N 68 28 20 E, 1630-1700 interval signals, 1700-1730 English, 1730-1800 Russian. 73s Christian Bruelhart, SUI on twitter (5/4-2013)

BBC WORLD SERVICE cuts announced. The BBC has announced further changes to BBC World Service in English starting on 1 April 2013
It states there will be fewer regional variations of English programmes and a minimum of 6 hours a day in total on SW and MW in various places.

BBC Arabic will cease on SW all together. The only area seemingly not affected by changes to broadcasts is Sudan where coverage remains unchanged.
James Robinson (26/3-2013)

Advance notice of changes affecting the 8 Magic MW stations in the north of England.

The existing situation is that Magic operates 8 MW stations:
828 kHz: Leeds
999 kHz: Preston
1152 kHz: Manchester
1152 kHz: Newcastle
1161 kHz: Hull
1170 kHz: Stockton-On-Tees
1548 kHz: Sheffield (relays at Doncaster 990 kHz & Barnsley 1305kHz)
1548 kHz: Liverpool
All programming originates via Newcastle-upon-Tyne except breakfast show (0600-1000 UK time Monday-Friday), plus 0600-1000 on Saturdays in Sheffield, Leeds and Hull only).

From Monday 4 March 2013, the breakfast shows will be as follows:
Newcastle breakfast show will now be heard also on 1170 kHz (Stockton-on-Tees)
Manchester breakfast show will now be heard also on 999 kHz (Preston) and 1548 kHz (Liverpool).
Adverts and news and travel will continue to be localised in all 8 areas.
Stations in Yorkshire will remain unchanged for the time being.
James Robinson, UK (2/3-2013)

I read on your page someone saying they thought they had heard Garrison radio on 1287 KHz from Catterick.
I am afraid they didn't. Garrison Radio came off 1287 KHz back in 2010 when they got a licence to use 106.9 FM.
There are however other Garrison Radio services on 1287 KHz from other army bases throughout the UK. These are 1 Watt LPAMs Low Power AM licences issued by OFCOM.
Brian Winther (21/7-2012)

To make the logging about Tyronne Comm. Radio on 927 KHz. from Radio Man complete the following.
The dutch radiostation on 927 is, to be exactly, coming out of Belgian, so not a dutch but a flamish (dutch speaking part op
Belgian) radiostation. It's the first program of the VRT via the 100 Kw. TX in Wolvertem, near Brussels. Funny thing is that TCR first broadcasts on 1512. The former Radio Vlaanderen Int. frequencie.

Good till fear reception of dutch radiostation on AM in the UK is expected on
1602 (1 Kw near Harlingen) Radio Waddenzee / Seagull,
1296 Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, truckersradio (10.00 - 12.00) via the UK Ordfordness (300 Kw.),
1008 (200 Kw Zeewolde) Groot Nieuws Radio,
828 (20 Kw near Rotterdam)Radio 10 Gold,
747 (400 Kw Zeewolde) Radio 5 Nostalgia,
675 (120 Kw Lopik)Radio Maria and
648 Khz. (via the old BBC-WS Orfordness) Radio 1 to make nationwide reception possible after the fire in two of Hollands majore FM transmitter towers.
And finally, tests from KBC 531 are hardly audible here in the northern part of Holland.
Best 73's
W.Prins Haren - The Netherlands (28/8-2011)

Tyrone Community Radio has now returned in the early hours of Saturday morning 27th aug to its old freq of 1512khz mw low power at the moment. Because of dutch radio on 927khz wipeing out TCR for a couple of hours few nights a week. In my views it should never have moved in the first place nit wits think the know better.
Radio Man (27/8-2011)

Steve, you have missed gurka on 1287khz can be heard salibury from blandford.
Harry Worth UK (14/8-2011)

The surprise of learning first-hand that there were more stations on 810 than just R. Scotland got me wondering: Are they transmitting at lower power, then? R. Wales on 882 and Absolute Radio on 1215 are coming in better than the Scots.
Reynir Heidberg Stefánsson, Iceland (21/4-2011)

Hello Ydun, this is not really a political rant, as it is about free radio (hurrah!), so perhaps your readers might like to get a little 'fired-up? Here it is, if you like:

BBC Radio Scotland signal. How certain can one be that various analogue signals are not being 'deteriorated' to convince the (v. gullible) public that digital and nothing but digital is the future? One cannot certain at all, if you like a conspiracy theory and personally, I do like the idea of Radio Scotland's 810 kHz signal going down the pan (if it is) as being a bit Orwellian and not a little Soviet.
Most of what the UK government was up to from 1997 until 2010 was about 'convincing' people that all New = Good and all Old = Bad, but let's hope that our present servants (the only other electable Party) are not similarly led-by-the-nose by scientists, ideologues - and the tired old saw that on medium wave there are no-spare-frequencies-and-why-would-you-want-them-anyway?
Of course there are more spare frequencies than ever before, or at least since 1923.           By voting "Yes" in the Alternative Vote referendum, UK voters might for the first time, in my 62 years alone, find themselves represented by a government that is electively democratic and one that perhaps realises that an exclusively on-line, wired-up, unportable community is sort-of quaint, sort of pre-Marconi.
By voting "Yes", not only will BBC Radio Scotland be safe on medium wave but also the listener will not have to resort to some sort of bizarre rediffusion in order to receive Radio Caroline, a pioneer of freedom which does itself no favours by toeing the line and accepting a very narrow channel of communication with any remaining listeners.
There is room for every form of communication. AM, FM, long wave, medium wave, short wave, very short wave, microwave, telephone wires, satellite, broadband internet, semaphore, beacons, drumming, hand signals .... Don't let them tell you otherwise.
Greg Bance, UK (19/4-2011)

No trouble hearing
BBC Scotland 810 khz on this side of the Atlantic in Newfoundland lately most nights.
Allen Willie, Canada (19/4-2011)

Well, I think I heard
Scotland tonight, but the signal is certainly much weaker and less stable than expected. 810 is usually a 24-hr signal here, and should be booming in right now (2011-04-18 2330Z). It isn't.
Reynir Heiðberg Stefánsson, Iceland (18/4-2011)

Radio Scotland is on the air April 18th at 1800 UTC.
Bengt Ericson, Sweden (18/4-2011)

Looks like
R. Scotland [810 kHz] is gone off the MW band.
Reynir Heiðberg Stefánsson, Iceland (18/4-2011)

No Medium Wave in Macclesfield, Cheshire.
A few weeks agao I swited on my small sony transistor radio to listen to
bbc 5live on 909 Mhz to find just noise ... I turned on my bedsie radio (not digital either) to find exactly the same. My car however is fine i can can get 909 no problem and this isnt a digital radio either. Any ideas?
Rab Moore (29/3-2011)

i have heard bbc local radio Queensland Australia on the big L frequnecy at 1395am all day to early evening as the big l is off air.
reception: reciving it on drake sw8 transreciver no fadding constant signal. also was reciving it on my eton transistor radio e5 model. i am living in letterkenny Co Donegal ireland, avid of medium wave statons and shortwave as well as side bands.
Eamon, Ireland (2/2-2011)

I think Absolute Radio [see 12/4-2010] on 1215 got back to full power around the 18th.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson, Iceland (22/4-2010)

Is it just me, or is Absolute Radio putting out a weaker signal on 1215?
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson, Iceland (12/4-2010)

Heard gurka radio bfbs blandford 0930 gmt strong signal 5 miles south of salisbury 1287 khz.
David James (12/11-2009)

Virgin Radio is going to change name to Absolute Radio http://www.virginradio.co.uk/about/index.html
Ydun Ritz (2/9-2008)

BBC Radio Devon
is currently running a year-long DRM trial on 855 kHz, serving the town of Plymouth and the surrounding area.
The ERP is 250 Watts, and is radiating in Para-Stereo at 23kBit/sec.
Analogue transmissions on this frequency ceased on 1 April, with an audio loop promo starting around 17 April.
The BBC has loaned 100 listeners DRM radios to monitor efficiency and reception.  The service is planed to cease at around the end of March 2008.
James Robinson (28/4-2007)


In Crimea, started the Ukrainian Radio.
Monday, September 21, 2015 AM 549 kHz Crimeans have the right to know the truth Mon-Fri 5.35 UTC Mon-Fri 15.30 UTC. In annexed the Crimea starts the project "Ukrainian Radio" from Monday to Friday at 5.35 UTC and 15.35 UTC for the inhabitants of the peninsula will be available to Ukrainian radio.
This in facebook adviser Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Serhiy Kostinsky. "At 5.30 am honored to open the broadcast, taking part in the first program - the author of a new transmission Alexander Jankowski," - he wrote. Radio with mainland Ukraine can be heard on medium wave. Ukrainian radio and TV stations have disappeared from the airwaves in the Crimea in March 2014, after the annexation of
the peninsula Russia.
www.dxing.ru Alexander Egorov, Ukraine
via Anatoly Klepov, RUS (28/9-2015)

Ukrainian Radio September 24 will resume broadcasting in full.
Chairman of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting Yuriy Artemenko announced that on September 24, "Ukrainian Radio" to resume broadcasting in full. It is reported by the press service of the National Council. According to Mr. Artemenko, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine already provides for the needs of the National Radio Company of Ukraine 2 million 735 thousand. Hryvnia, needed to restore the broadcasting in previous volumes. This will restore the broadcasting of all three programs, "Ukrainian Radio". It is planned that on September 24, all transmitters will be included.
The press service of the National Radio Company of Ukraine confirmed this information and announced the resumption of the transmitters that have been shut down on September 9.
According to NRKU, September 24 to earn the VHF and FM network of UR-1 in the previous volumes, will be canceled the day break on the powerful CX transmitter on the frequency 549 kHz, which covers the south of Ukraine including Crimea. Restores work as a network of VHF channel "Promin" and "Culture".
www.dxing.ru / Alexander Egorov, Ukraine
Via RUS-DX # 839, via Anatoly Klepov, Moscov RUS (28/9-2015)

National Ukrainian radio limits distribution of its programs: no money.
On September 9, 2015 The National Radio Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian Radio) forced significantly limit the distribution of its programs on the territory Ukraine. It is reported by the press service of NRKU.
This decision was taken due to the lower costs of the general fund State budget and a decrease of 3130.4 thousand. UAH budget funding of broadcasting programs of the Ukrainian radio, it said in a statement.
Notes in particular that the UR-1 (Channel) - in the MW range on the frequency of 549 kHz to work with a break from 14:00 to 18:00, in the VHF the lower and upper (FM) band will only work in regional centers; UR-2 (Promyn) and UR-3 (Culture) in the UHF band will work only in the capital.
In this specifies that a broadcast network and a wired Internet remain in full.
Edition "Russian Spring" September 10, 2015, http://rusnext.ru/news/1441833995
Andrew Chub, Faschevka, Luhansk People's Republic.
Via Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia, editor RussDX (14/9-2015)

Ukrainian radio limits the propagation of their programs.
Starting today, September 9, 2015, the National Radio Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian Radio) is forced to significantly limit the distribution of its programs on the territory of Ukraine. This decision was taken due to the lower costs of the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine and a decrease of 3130.4 thousand. Hryvnia budget financing programs of the Ukrainian radio broadcast.
UR-1 (Channel) - MW in the range at a frequency of 549 kHz to work with a break from 14.00 to 18.00, in the VHF - the lower and upper (FM) band will only work in the regional centers;
UR-2 (Promyn) and UR-3 (Culture) in the UHF band to work only in the capital.
Broadcast on a wired network and the Internet are full.
Press Service of NRCU - 09/09/2015, at 16:00
Alexander Egorov, Ukraine http://dxing.ru/
Via Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia, editor RussDX (14/9-2015)

Revised google translation Ukrainian to English
549 kHz: Ukrainian radio limiting distribution of their programs 09.09.2015 g., 16:00
Starting today, September 9, 2015, the National Radio Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian radio) is forced to significantly limit the distribution of their programs through Ukraine. This decision was taken due to reduced general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine and a decrease of 3,130.4 thousand. UAH. budget funding Broadcast Ukrainian radio.
  - Ukrainian Radio-1 (First Channel) is broadcast on the medium wave frequency range of 549 kHz with a break from 14.00 to 18.00 LT, transmitters in the lower and upper FM band will only work in regional centers;
- Ukrainian Radio-2 (Promin/Ray) and UR-3 (Kultura/Culture) in the FM band only work in the capital.
Broadcast in wired networks and the Internet are full. [work as scheduled?]
Press Service of NRCU
Dr. Hansjörg Biener (14/9-2015)

Ukraine on medium wave. July 13 LV1 returned to 549 kHz.
3:30 UTC 549 kHz UKR UR 1 Persha Prog. Mykolaiv to hear the signal strength of + 40dB.
“RUS-DX”  #  829
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia (19/7-2015)

World Service broadcasting in Russian in Ukraine has changed the time of airing. Now listen to its mono 16.00-20.00 UTC on frequency 1431 kHz.

The station is interested in the technical reports. Reports send to the address:
Victor Tsekhanovich, “RUS-DX” # 828, 12 July, 2015.
Anatoly Klepov (12/7-2015)

Latest info re UKR is that 549 kHz Lutch was taken out of service on July 3rd for antenna maintenance. 972kHz is running UR 1 during the meantime.
Thanks to Vlad Titarev, UKR via Bengt Ericson, Arctic Radio Club
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (7/7-2015)

UR1 (presumed) on new frequency, 1278 khz.
Here in Székesfehérvár, Hungary the ukranian TX domitates the chennel, France Bleu is only audible at the background.
A recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEH4r3x-0RE
Laszlo Tringer HNG (11/6-2015)

Since May 7, the World Broadcasting Service of Ukraine in Russian at a frequency of 1431 kHz: 17.00-21.00 UTC.
The program on the Internet in Russian: 15.00-19.00 UTC.
Email : rus@nrcu.gov.ua
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia (17/5-2015)

Hello. Mediumwave from Ukraine 549 khz and 1431 khz is back again heard yesterday in Greece. On 1431 khz there is a faulty transmitter or something and it makes noise. 
Alex Fitzios GRC (16/3-2015)

Dear Ydun. To-day March 15th 2015 at 1642 UTC I noted Russian again on 1431 kHz. At 1700 UTC clear ID "Govorit Kiev" and it was parallel with the webstream of RUI.
Kind regards and 73, Ehard Goddijn, Almere HOL (15/3-2015)

Re.: Power Lock at Mykolaiev Luch in Ukraine.
Yes, also today both off after 1600.
Mauno Ritola, mwdx yg (10/3-2015)

Power lock at Mykolaiev Luch in Ukraine
On 5 March Luchivska former affiliate of Concern BRT and settlement Ray that in Mykolaiv region blackouts due to debt. So there is no broadcasting a low-power transmitter channel "Inter" 27 TEC and powerful national broadcasting station "1st channel ANR" at 549 kHz and "RUI" on 1431 kHz.

Z 5-ho bereznya kolyshnya Luchivs'ka filiya Kontsernu RRT, a takozh selyshche Luch, shcho u Mykolayivs'kiy oblasti znestrumleno cherez zaborhovanist'. Takym chynom vidsutnye movlennya malopotuzhnoho peredavacha telekanalu "Inter" na 27 TVK, a takozh potuzhne zahal'nonatsional'ne movlennya radiostantsiy "1-yy kanal NRU" na 549 kHts ta "VSRU" na 1431 kHts.

wb: nothing from UR heard on these channels on March 9 at 2050 UT.
Wolfgang Büschel, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 9 via mwdx yg (9/3-2015)

1900 UTC start of program of Ukrainian Radio, very strong on 972 kHz here in Germany. ID, News in Ukrainian,
73 Harald Kuhl (12/3-2014)

Dear Ydun,
Ukraine's UR-1 changes 1584 kHz to 1044 kHz.
I already sent that information to EMWG Yahoo Groups several days ago, but I'm a new member there so my messages need approval. I'm not sure whether it will be approved soon.
In March, due to heavy interference from Romania's Radio Vocea Sperantei, Ukrainian Radio 1st channel has changed 1584 kHz (Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, 1 kW) to 1044 kHz. The schedule has not changed.
Thanks to Aleksandr Yegorov (Kyiv, Ukraine) for observations.
P.S. Ukraine's Radio Khvylia (Zarvantsi, Vinnytsia region, 7 kW) plans to change 873 kHz to 1377 kHz soon.
Aleksandr Diadischev, Ukraine (25/3-2012)

Dear Idun,
National Radiocompany of Ukraine restarted its mediumwave broadcasts on mediumwave and on longwave on 1st of July.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (28/7-2010)
Do you know, which frequencies have been re-activated?
Ydun Ritz (28/7-2010)

I monitored that 675, 936, 972 khz is working and relaying UR1. But, Ur2 on 549 khz remained off the air. Of course, 657 khz transmitter is on the air too (this broadcast romanian programmes for romanian minorities).
On 675 khz, I  also discovered that UR1 doesn't broadcasts Zakarpatske Oblasne Radio: 0445-0500 UTC in Ukrainian. Unfortunately www.emwg.info mentions it wrongly, but, I didn't report them because I need more monitoring. It is a bit difficult, because I live in west Hungary, and Ukraine is in the North East. Summer time is not good for monitoring MW. I hope next time i can supply more correct info.
Tibor Gaal, Hungary (29/7-2010)

Just heard today at 2230 UTC an English program by United Nations Radio on 1368 kHz relayed by IRRS (via Italian tx).
Harald Kuhl (2/2-2011)

Good afternoon,
I heard this sunday 17/02/2013 on 594 a station with non-stop music in the afternoon (between 16 and 18 GMT). The signal was relatively strong. This frequency is today "free" in Europe. Transmitting site is probably Germany, France or the Netherlands. We can confirm this.
Best regards, Alfred Maistriaux BEL (18/2-2013)

Comment to UNID 576 kHz reported by Ehard Goddijn January 11th:
Dear Ydun,
As Mauno mentioned this was
BNR Hristo Botev. There was an ID at 1950 UTC "...programa Hristo Botev".
Patrick Robic AUT (17/1-2012)

576 kHz isn't heard any more. Checked via Greek remote rx.
[See item of January 14th/ed]
Mauno Ritola FIN (16/1-2012)

Ehard: Maybe you had
BNR Hristo Botev from Vidin, Bulgaria? I heard them yesterday // 1296 kHz. But strange those mentions about Deutsche Welle.
Do you have a recording?
Mauno Ritola FIN (13/1-2012)

Dear Ydun,
To-day January 11th 2012
UNID station noted on 576 kHz since 1855 UTC carrier; audio 1958 UTC various type of music and announcement in unknown language (Polish?).At 1928 UTC Radio ..... announcing Alarma and Deutsche Welle; followed by english songs; very relaxed presentation.Reception is good SIO=344. Now 1952 UTC talk in unknown language.
Now 2000 UTC a discussion in unknown language still going on and no ID or time pips.
Later on January 11th: The station on
576 kHz suddenly went off the air at 2003 UTC 11/1/2012.
Also heard on 10/1/2012 2022 - 2229 UTC.
Sometimes the transmitter trips.
Happy New Year and 73s,
Ehard Goddijn (11/1-2012)

Here in Canterbury, Kent, UK., for the last few days an apparently
unmodulted carrier on 1107 khz. Exciting thoughts come to mind: Caroline testing; CRI firing-up their latest European relay prospect; a local pirate....
Sadly it is probably TalkSport's relay on the blink.
Anyone else heard it?
Excellent "mediumwaveinfo" site, Ydun. Long live Ancient Modulation!
Greg Bance, UK (8/4-2011)

pop music heard all day on
1395mw new music station on shortwave 69300  called IMR on at weekends good music and jingles i wonder where thats coming from. there are some people that i know would not know what short wave is. i belive in free music radio. come on guys lets here more it compare the crapping local fm stations here in ireland, but belive in community radio trining to raise funds etc good luck to them all i say.
Eamon, Ireland (17/3-2011)

USA station heard all afternoon on
1395 kHz, reception fair but a bit audio noisey. Difficult to recoinse the station ID. Playing pop music and adds, jingles, chat. Normally hear nothing at that time day here in Ireland / Donegal.
I say no analogue switch of MW stations; interesting what you can pick up and my friend Andy in Coleraine, Londonderry Northern Ireland would agree DAB will not work, sour on batteries just eat them in my views.
Eamon, Ireland (8/2-2011)

Who has the COCKERAL CROWING at 0300 on 630 kHz???
Does anyone know which station has a cockeral crowing at 0300?? I heard this the other morning, but couldn't identify the station. It would have been the night 630 was off, but NRK has sadly returned. The clip below has some of the lingo either side of the toth. (885k) (Using the long version of the birds name to save unnecessary hits from various dubious web sites... etc.. lol)

Ken Baird, Scotland (30/9-2009)

(see 1/10-2009) UNID on
630 kHz heard by Ken Baird is most likely Radio Timisoara, Romania. They announce HORA EXAKTA on the hour as heard on their internetstream.
Ehard Goddijn, The Netherlands (4/10-2009)

Here's the probably solution of the "testone" heard on 783 KHz:
It's not a testtone, but unmisdoubtly a heterodyne with the 600 Kw transmitter from
Radio Damascus, which is almost 1 Kc. of the zerobeat from 783 kHz.
That is why it is only audible at the dark hours propagation circumstanses. The very actual on-line site Euro-African Medium Wave Guide http://go.to/emwg tells that Syria is also heard on 782 and 781.
Mr. W. Prins, The Netherlands (27/2-2008)
This is from DXLD 7-142 from November 2007: http://www.w4uvh.net/dxld7142.txt LUXEMBOURG.
Patrick Robic, Austria (26/2-2008)

Great website- most informative.
In recent months I've noticed there's
a continuous test tone on 783Khz, co-channel with Germany after dark, most evenings until quite late (itb was on after midnight last night). Some nulling would suggest it's coming from roughly east of here (my location is Newmarket, Suffolk, UK). I wondered if you knew what/ where the source of this signal might be?
Giles Merritt UK (26/2-2008) 

Does anybody know about this test tone, or where and what is going on on
783 kHz?


A lot has changed in 90 years in both the radio industry and the world in general, but one constant for the people of Nashville has been WSM 650 AM and country music. Now owned by Ryman Hospitality Properties (the former Gaylord Entertainment Co.), the station this month celebrated its 90th birthday and a rich history, including its relationship with country pioneer the “Grand Ole Opry” — which the station spawned — as well as WSM’s distinguished diamond-shaped tower.
Radio World by Michael Balderston  October 29, 2015.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (29/10-2015)

For the those people how did know Offshore Radio Radio Caroline album radio station from way back in the mid 70’s , will feel that the good old days are more or less back.
WXYG is a local album rock radio station from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota and there music format is album music and not justs the classic rock
Herman Content (22/9-2015)

Radio Free Iraq Signs Off After 17 Years Of Service.
July 30, 2015 WASHINGTON
RFE/RL’s Arabic Service to Iraq, Radio Free Iraq (RFI) will air its final broadcast on July 31. The resources of RFI will be merged with Radio Sawa Iraq to provide the audience with extensive Iraq-specific news and informational programming. The new Radio Sawa Iraq programming will be broadcast on both its existing frequency and those of RFI during a period of transition.
In recognition of their service, BBG Chairman Jeffrey Shell presented letters of appreciation to RFI colleagues, noting that, “[Radio Free Iraq’s] coverage of all sides of Iraq’s political scene has been unparalleled and deeply appreciated by its audience, as has its coverage of news from throughout the country with its wide network of regional correspondents.  Iraqi decision makers have considered RFI a must listen or read in their daily news diet while Iraqi citizens have expressed gratitude to RFI for providing a platform for them to raise their voices and concerns.”
RFE/RL Editor-in-Chief Nenad Pejic paid tribute to the sacrifices made by RFI colleagues to deliver the news in a country riven by constant political turmoil, violence, and war. A bomb blast at the AlHamra Hotel in Baghdad in 2005 ripped apart the Service’s bureau, two correspondents - Khamail Muhsin Khalaf and Nazar Abdulwahid al-Radhi - were murdered in 2007, and RFI Baghdad Bureau chief Dr. Muhammad Bdaiwi Owaid al-Shammari was shot dead at a checkpoint in 2014 while on his way to work. RFI correspondents have also suffered kidnappings, death threats, harassment, and physical injury while reporting the news.
In remarks to RFI staff members, Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) President Brian Conniff said that, “At this moment in history, when Iraq is threatened by an extremist Islamic insurgency and faces numerous challenges in rebuilding from decades of open warfare and authoritarian rule, we believe adding RFI’s signature programming to the Radio Sawa Iraq lineup will provide the audience high quality content that will enhance their listening experience.” MBN manages and oversees Radio Sawa.
Radio Free Iraq was created by RFE/RL in 1998, in response to direction from the U.S. Congress. Led first by former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq David Newton, and since 2004 by journalist Sergei Danilochkin, it has provided accurate and non-sectarian news and information to local audiences and fostered informed debate of issues that are not otherwise reported in Iraq’s ethnically, politically and religiously fragmented media. 

*30 October 19981998-2004 on short wave
2002-2013 on medium wave (first Armenia 1314 kHz, later Kuwait 1593 kHz)
after 2003 on FM, 2015 13 cities
closure already proposed in 2012.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (1/8-2015)

Two new Radio Yakima stations go on the air
Yakima WA: Radio Yakima on Monday launched its second new station in days. The Yakima radio company is airing ESPN Deportes, a Spanish-language sports station, on 980 AM and 106.9 FM.
The station provides sports programming popular with local Latinos, including the final of European soccer’s UEFA Champions League.ESPN Deportes’ arrival comes days after Radio Yakima launched BIG 106.1, an adult contemporary station.
With the additions, the company now operates seven Yakima area stations.
Jose Miguel Romero, dxld yg (2/6-2015)

Family Radio group will generate some cash by selling its Sacramento AM station KEBR-AM [1210 kHz].
Read more at http://rbr.com/family-radio-spins-a-sacto-am/#B401MxXktSqFMayU.99
rbr.com by Dave Seyler, April 13 via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (18/4-2015)  

KOMA 1520 kHz is back on air, with a folded vertical radiator and a slightly modified simple L network. Makes 10kW with 1.07VSWR.
Photos here
Mike Fields, via Ben Dawson (6/4-2015)

KFOR TV is reporting at 0037 UT March 26 that a tornado just hit Moore OK, and knocked down two of the three KOKC-1520 towers. They were probably using only one of them on 12 kW ND STA. Always QRM at night, but checked at 0040, 1520 does seem to be off the air. Other AMs in the Moore area, KWPN 640 and KTOK 1000 are still on.
Enid is well out of the storm area tonight, but the cold (straight) winds are really howling.
73, Glenn Hauser, Enid, dxld yg (26/3-2015)

Note from one of our colleagues/clients who owns KBNH 1230 kHz [OR], which is a class C "local" sometimes called "graveyard" channel! The antenna for the station is located in a very swampy, marshy area of sewer ponds, so very favorable condition for good signal takeoff even at flat angle.

"It amazes me that we get 4 or 5 QSL requests from northern Europe every year, the audio on this [from Finnish dxer in northern Finland] is the best I've heard. Since we don’t stream, I'm pretty sure there are for real.

Ben Dawson (24/3-2014)

As for reception of KKXA in Europe, on 1521 there is a Saoudi powerhouse, with about 2000 kW. Can be heard on a normal portable or car radio in Holland.
Ruud, HOL (11/7-2011)

Senior Radio 1710 ..The story continues
I received this from the operator today:

"Yes. On Saturday night between 8-12AM we play Oldies. The rest of the time its Big Band and standards.  You must have your date wrong 7/21. Maybe you meant 7/24. I only broadcast Friday evening to Monday morning at this time. We will soon be on 24/7.
Do you DX 1230 khz.? I co-own a 1000 watt oldies station in VA with a friend WODI. Look for that sometime.
When you DX 1710 you can call the listen line to confirm whats on the air. I have an autocoupler hooked up.  1-732-985-2122. Keep me posted on hearing my station.
Tony DeNicola, tony at wodiradio.com , D&M Comm. Inc."

Based on this info I must say I did NOT hear this station because according to Tony he was not on at the time and date I heard the oldies music.  I know it was 07/21 at 0445 EDT.
I am sorry for any confusion this has caused but when the owner says you heard me I beleieved him until this info was received and changed everything.
73 Best of DX, Shawn Axelrod, Winnipeg MB (28/7-2010)

There is a report on the Yahoo Real DX list today that WVVM-1670 Dry Branch, GA has changed call letters to WFSM and changed format to Fox Sports Radio.  I have not confirmed this personally but the report came from a reliable source.
Good DX,
Marc DeLorenzo, South Dennis, MA, USA (4/3-2009)

Just checked the Radio Locator, which also mention WFSM - format unknown.
Ydun Ritz (4/3-2009)

Apparently there's a new X-bander on 1700 in San Diego, CA. I picked them up several mornings ago on SRS in Manzanillo, mixing with KVNS. ID's as "The new talk of San Diego -- double X." Don't know if it's a spin-off of XX-1090, which also IDs as San Diego (even though it's in Mexico).
Also, some Unid'd station that morning on 1610, playing wall to wall Irish music .. Enya-esque vocals and instrumentals that sounded like a sound track to Lord of the Rings or similar. Listened from 6:50-7:10 AM CST, no breaks or IDs. Looped NW from Southern Jalisco.
Cheers, Jef Jaisun (17/2-2008)

Today I logged 1640 KBJA. Slogan Super Radio.
1650 KCNZ Cedar Rapids, 16-50 The Fan.
The Canadian (which station/ed?) was also heard on 1650 with ID in English giving telephone number in case of interference....
Gert Nilsson Sweden (23/2-2007)

1670 WMWR (GA) now is WVVM in Spanish. Location was given as Warner-Robbins, which is roughly the same as Dry Branch. No slogan heard or website found so far.
73's de Joachim Stiller (2/10-2006)