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700 Polisario Front still here on this fq, at least on this past Sat., 9th
inst., when rtd. 53443 at 1940-... on the SW coast, and that was parallel to
6300.   Y/day, 10th, the signal on 6300 was just noise, like the one they
air prior to s/on, with the same "menu" being served on 1550 kHz, not on 700
kHz which was silent.
Carlos Gonçalves (11/6-2007)


700 Polisario Front, (Tindouf, ALG?), is replacing 1550 kHz as of today, but poorly received: 2107-..., 7 May, Arabic, talks, 24442, adj. QRM de ALG 702, // 6300 vy. good.   1550 kHz has been obs'ed regularly though off on some rare occasions, and a few hrs. after s/on, the tx develops some noise & audio distortion; now, whether it broke down, and 700 kHz is via a 2nd unit or then the same tx is for both freqs. I don't know, of course. 
Carlos Gonçalves (7/6-2007)

While this was what I sent in today's previous mssg.... "700 Polisario Front, Tindouf (?), ALG, 0609-f/out 0630, 11 May, Arabic, talks; 45343; // 6300 vy. good. 1500 kHz still off.   When observed this (alternative?) outlet on the SW coast, the signal is quite good and adj. QRM free (de ALG 702)". 
..... they're "back on business" on 1550 kHz once again as obs'ed as I compile this, 2110, 14 May, typicall strong (& better than on alternative 700 kHz as of late), but just for how long is surely something they probably don't know either!  Parallel to strong & clear 6300 kHz, and off on 700 kHz.  Whether the shift took place y/day, 13 May, I simply don't know.  Gonçalves (14/5-2007)

Polisario Front is off on 1550 kHz, is active on 6300... and is back on 700 kHz despite adj. QRM which is mainly de Laghouat 702 kHz, ALG!  Let's see how's reception tomorrow morning, i.e. if they're keeping this fq. busy for some time to come.
73, Carlos (3/5-2007)
Other news on the Polisario Front: the 1 h prgr in Castilian seems to have again shifted from 2300-0000 to 1700-1800 as observed this evening (4 May) at 1732 by which time just 6300 kHz was audible.  Then \\ 700 kHz f/in a bit prior to 1900, and was rtd. 34342 at 1907.   Right now [2300], it's a steady S9 signal (w/o extra amp.) via the elevated K9AY antenna.  The outlet of 1550 kHz is silent.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (4/5-2007)

Polisario Front's 1550 kHz outlet via Tindouf, ALG, offers a better audio than on \\ new 6215, ex-7460.   Obs'ed it y/day, 15 Dec, 2300 so as to know exactly which freqs. the Spanish speaking announcers would mention, but nothing of the sort, just prgr ann's.  Their usual s/on tune seems to have been replaced by a more informal prgr start.
Carlos Gonçalves- Portugal (16/12-2006)

(termed "AOE" in the WRTH country code abbrevs.)
The Polisario Front was last obs'ed on 700 kHz (unkn. site & power, but possibly eastwards of Tindouf [presumed site for 1550 kHz]) on 10 Oct 0730-f/out 0748, with songs, anns, few talks, rtd. 25341; // 7460 was again inactive. 
On 11 Oct, it was again noted active on their old outlet of 1550 kHz Tindouf (?) by Ignacio Sotomayor, in Segovia, Spain. // 7460 is, however, still silent. 1550 kHz rated 55444 on 12 Oct 1721-1750 and fair this morning [13 Oct] at around 0645.
Best regards, Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal (13/10-2005)

"1550" kHz
(Tindouf, ALG?) and 7470" kHz (Rabuni site) are the wrong fqs. (stubbornly) being ann'ed. at the beginning of the 2300-2400 prgr in Castilian... again, it remains to be ascertained whether the Arabic section also announces the same mistaken fqs. The actual ones are 700 kHz and 7460 (back from a short-lived move to 7466 kHz) (rtd. 55444 [S9+35dB and almost no QRN, so powerhouse-like] as I write this, 1830 UT). On occasions, a silent carrier on 1550.2 kHz is detected evenings: Polisario Front testing? It wouldn't surprise at all as they used to drift around 1550 kHz. 
Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal (31/7-2005)

AOE* The Polisario Front's being regularly obs'ed on 700 kHz // to 7460 kHz (at the start of the 2300-2400 b/cast in Spanish, the ann'ed outlets are "1550 & 7470", so maybe they make the same wrong fq. ann. during the Arabic txssions. Back in early Oct'03, I spotted this new 700 kHz outlet, which was short-lived then, and it seems the tx site is different too, but this is merely my own guess. *) WRTH ref. for W.Sahara, but the stn is most likely in Algeria: Rabuni for the SW tx, Tindouf (?) (that's surely in ALG) for the 1550 kHz tx.
Carlos Gonçalves, POR (14/3-2005)