From Jose Jacob:
Come January 1, 2021, the airwaves in India will not be the same again as All India Radio is rebranding all its Home Services on MW /FM.
Each State/ Union Territory (except Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh) will have a separate network of their own. The programs will be originated by the station in the capital city of each state which will be relayed by all other stations in that particular state.
Now many AIR stations broadcast their own programs with occasional relays from New Delhi / State capital etc. This system will end on 31 Dec 2020.
There will be also new 9 regional channels for entertainment, in addition to the Vividh Bharati Service.
It may be noted that this system is already followed by Doordarshna TV.
Please see more details in:…/all-india-radio-all-set…
Mauno Ritola to WRTH fb group (2020-12-10)