CHLO AM530 first AM station in Canada to adopt HD Technology.
In another milestone and innovative move, Evanov Communications announced that today it began testing CHLO AM530 in HD. CHLO was the first station founded by the company. It is a heritage ethnic station that programs to many cultural and linguistic communities in the Toronto CMA. Its primary reach and focus are on the very large and diverse South-Asian audience.
CHLO AM530 is the first and only AM station in the country to adopt digital HD technology. Evanov’s VP and Regulatory Affairs, Carmela Laurignano, said: “We are excited to be on the leading edge. Radio broadcasting has endured, withstood, and adapted over its history and continues to remain relevant because operators have understood and adjusted to market conditions. These last few years have been especially challenging for the medium. Unregulated platforms and distribution mechanisms have been allowed to run rampant while radio continues to be taxed with restrictions and fees. Distribution of the over-the-air programming not only offers a more reliable, clear signal and sound for the listener, it might also prove in some cases, to be a lifeline for the AM band which is so challenged to the point of being abandoned. The Covid-19 Pandemic effect has further aggravated the situation.”
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-06-08)