As expected, 1521 Rimavska-Sobota closed down shortly after midnight this evening. audio is attached in mp3 format (recorded from webSDR in Fil’akovo SK which is not even 30 kilometres away from the location where this frequency came from!)
What is interesting about it, in the past months there were lots of publications about “bad signal quality”, “faulty transmitter”, “wobbling noise carrier” and “inaudible signal”.
I have recorded the last 30 minutes on a Slovakia based webSDR and the signal was totally fine. A bit quiet on volume but perfectly understandable and a stable and well propagating signal, totally in the clear.
Audio (last 2 minutes) in mp3 format:

1521 is a historic frequency, once in use by high power state radio station CSR from Čižatice

Horst (2022-02-01)