CRTC licenses for radio stations have an expiry date. Licenses for new, not yet on the air, stations also have a second, conditional expiry date, by which time the station must be on the air. Extensions are available, but only if the CRTC accepts the reason for the delay.
Although not specifically stated in the license, a new station is considered on the air as soon as it begins its Test Phase. Over the last 20 years, Canada has seen a few new stations remaining in Test Phase for years, including CFAJ, highlighted below.
News Cruisers have long been a successful way to promote a radio station’s local presence in the community, but that has suddenly changed. On February 9th, a News reporter made News himself when he announced that Bell Canada was removing all station identification from its Edmonton News vehicles, saying “it’s just not safe now.”

1220 ON St Catharines CFAJ Heard in Clear Lake, Iowa, in mid-January, announcing that they are still in their (multi-year) Test Phase.

100 years ago, the Radio Craze was in full swing across Canada. Even in small town Alberta, where the Wetaskiwin Times, an eight page weekly newspaper, ran this ad: (original text highlighting):
“BIG SPECTACULAR ELECTRICAL DANCE… THE GREAT WIRELESS TREAT RADIO DANCE AND CONCERT Employing the World’s Greatest Invention THE RADIOGRAPH Transmitting by Wireless the Very Latest Vocal and Dance Selections, Produced by Famous Artists and Orchestras Hundreds of Miles Away”, to be held at Wetaskiwin’s Angus Hall on Saturday night, February 11 1922. “Dreamy Waltzes, Snappy One Steps, Swaying Two Steps, Tantalizing Fox Trots and Vocal Offerings.” Complete with the predecessor of the Light Shows during many 1970s Rock Concerts: “Witness this Amazing Demonstration. Gorgeous Electrical Effects AND COLOR SCHEMES ARE A PART OF THE PROGRAM POSITIVELY AMAZING, NOTHING LIKE IT”. Plus a Kiddies Matinee Concert in the afternoon, preceded by the “Great Radio Parade” starting at the Driard Hotel at 3:00 PM.

The Facebook page Canadian Radio News by Dan Sys provides much of the information for this column, with additional tips from Jeremy Thompson and Matt Todd. (newspaper on last page – pb).

IRCA DX Monitor Feb 19, published Feb 14 via WOR iog (2022-02-15))