TASS: Russia initiates cross-border radio broadcast in North’s languages.
Interesting and strange proposal that somehow would be a joint project of Russia and NATO countries.
“As for the cross-border broadcast, we, probably, will begin from the shortwave broadcast, as it covers bigger territories and is less costly”

Presumably “less costly” than covering the entire region with FM transmitters.
Shortwave broadcast transmitters in the affected countries/states have been shut down, except KNLS Alaska. Will this involve new shortwave transmitters? Or shortwave broadcasts to the region from abroad?  e.g. Nauen in Germany, WRMI in Florida.
“Later on, the broadcast will be also on middle and long waves, thus one frequency will carry 3-4 channels, he added. One of them will be in Russian and English, and the rest – in languages of the indigenous peoples.”
Perhaps one band will carry 3-4 channels?   Unless this is some DRM thing, which introduces another set of challenges. 
There were MW and LW stations serving the region, generally from the south, but most have been taken off the air.
Nevertheless, I like the idea of LW, MW and SW broadcasting to this area. Modern analog SW portables also cover MW, and most cover LW, so receivers are available. But, as we know, the ionosphere can be fickle in the polar reaches.

Kim to WOR iog (2022-02-16)