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Mi Amigo Reunion Broadcast

When Radio Caroline broadcast off the English coast in the 1970s, it was Europe’s First And Only Album Station. The years 1976 -1980 are, for many Caroline listeners, the most cherished.
To celebrate that era we have a weekend of special programmes, live from the Ross Revenge, presented by the very DJs who broadcast from our much missed previous ship, the Mi Amigo, all those years ago.
Mark Lawrence and James Ross, so fondly remembered, will broadcast on Caroline for the first time in over 40 years.
Another presenter – much missed from both that era and the following decade – is Tom Anderson. “It’s high time we put the band back together,” laughed Tom. “The boys from that era on the Mi Amigo have stayed in touch … the UK has just celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee and we were reminiscing about the Jubilee in ‘77 when we were all on the Mi Amigo. It slowly dawned on us that we should do it again!”
Tom, James and Mark will be joined by Martin Fisher, Roger Mathews, Brian Martin, Stuart Russell (now Nigel Harris), Mike Stevens, Richard Thompson (now Bob Lawrence), Cliff Osbourne and Marc Jacobs.
Music from the likes of Yes, Eagles, America, Steely Dan, Deep Purple, Carole King and Queen will radiate on 648 AM, on a dedicated pop-up player accessable from here and on the ‘Caroline North’ stream on our smartphone apps from 2pm on Friday 8th to 9pm on Sunday 10th July.
Programme schedule https://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#mi_amigo_schedule.html

Ydun Ritz (2022-07-04)