Clemens Bopp reported on the Longwave Radio Station Listening Facebook group 21 October 2022

“I doubt if Ulan Bator from Mongolia is still on the air. I was in Mongolia recently and longwave and mediumwaves are completely silent during daytime. Only at night strong MW broadcasters from China and India can be picked up.”

Mike Terry to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-10-28)

Listed in MWlist with 164, 207 and 227 kHz.

Ydun Ritz (2022-10-28)


Does anyone else hear the beacon QT8 with tone after the ID on 1791 kHz?

Time 0330 UTC through the AI6VN/KH6 Kiwi SDR on Maui.

Really nice consistent signal. New to me. I could not find a listing for this online.

Thanks for your help, Karl Zuk  N2KZ   Katonah, NY to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-10-28)

New Zealand

New Zealand AM New Update.
Here is an update regarding various AM stations in New Zealand, which may be of interest.
 918kHz RNZ National New Plymouth NZL – Moved to 101.2MHz FM.
 981kHz Star Timaru NZL – No longer on air. (Still operating on 594kHz).
1053kHz Newstalk ZB New Plymouth NZL – Moved to 96.4MHz FM.

Incidentally, has anybody else experienced a gradual static build up on the AM band over recent months? Here at my location, the static on AM appears to have doubled all through the house. So far, I have not been able to positively detect the exact cause, as the static seems to be the same level all over. When the weather clears up, I hope to test my portable radios further up the back yard to see if anything improves.

Static on AM and even SW bands seems to be a more common worldwide problem these days. My thoughts are that it is all the new technology being used that seems to be adding to the problem.

Regards, Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2022-10-28)

United States

I’m happy to announce the release of the “Recent MW Station Contacts for Reception Report Verifications”.
Current list is as of October 2022.
Find a link to the list at

I hope others find the list useful/helpful. I will periodically update the list.
Thanks to Stephen Howe for his input on this project.

Kraig Krist to irca iog (2022-10-28)

Add KZPA 900
C/O KSKO 89.5
po box 61 mcgrath, alaska 99627

Paul B. Walker Jr. to irca iog (2022-10-28)


Dear experts on Indian broadcasting,
last year, I followed the extended new year’s eve programme on AIR Jeypore on 5040 kHz not knowing that this was their final day on short wave.
As I start preparing the December news columns of Radiokurier/weltweit hoeren, the last remaining big magazine on international radio listening in Germany/Austria, I wonder whether I might suggest some Indian medium wave frequencies for some new year’s eve listening. Suratgarh 918 kHz would be an example coming to my mind, because it is occasionally reported by my readers in Germany/Austria. I know that Indian AM stations at times extend their schedule beyond their usual close down to cover sports events or religious festivals. But I do not know whether they extend their broadcasting day to reach the new year.  
Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Dr Hansjoerg Biener to dxindia iog (2022-10-27)

Most AIR stations have extended broadcasts every year  to usher in the new year.. Midnight in India is 1830 UTC. The stations will be there till a few minutes past midnight on that day, varies from station to station. List of MW stations in India in frequency order is in

Jose Jacob to dxindia iog (2022-10-27)


Radio Russia is available RIGHT NOW (11 UTC) on 1143 kHz.
Don’t know if this is a regular broadcast or testing.
Nice clear signal on this Gotland based SDR ( but weak or almost not audible on the ones from Poland.
In St.Wierczowo near Koszalin ( the signal is already deep in noise, but however, still understandable.
Certainly directional antenna towards N/W and S/E, otherwise it would be available on several Poland based SDRs in better quality.

Robert D (2022-10-26)