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One of the 1215 Absolute Radio transmitters on 1215 went off yesterday morning. I believe that it was Washford as that is the closest to me and signal strength dropped dramatically and I could suddenly hear the echo from several transmitters,

The splatter on 1210 and 1220 reduced dramatically and I can now “see” WPHT on 1210 and a carrier on 1220 which I had no chance of before. Unfortunately, conditions are poor so no audio on those frequencies yet and there is still some splatter from the remaining stations.

Simon Beavan to mwcircle iog (2023-01-24)

United Kingdom

Huddersfield’s GHR 1530 went off the air some time between 0800 and 1300 yesterday, Monday 23rd. The other GHR stations that have been broadcasting a loop – 1170 Stockton and 1278 Bradford – remain on air with the loop at 0800 this morning, as do all the Absolute Radio outlets that I can hear.

73 Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2023-01-24)

United Kingdom

Absolute Radio broadcast a 10 minute montage of all the UK stations that have used the frequency before closedown. A recording is on YouTube

All stations that I can pick up are carrying a retune loop except Oxford 1197 which is still broadcasting Absolute Radio. Alan Pennington on the British DX Club email list says that it didn’t carry the closedown montage either. It went into a long ad break about 20 minutes ago when I was listening to it with no mention of mediuwave closedown. Presume it’s on a different feed than the other transmitters I can hear.

Mike Barraclough to MWlist iog (2023-01-20)

United Kingdom

Absolute Radio now carrying retune loop on all if it’s frequencies. Ceased at midnight UTC 19-20 Jan 2023. Transmitters still on air (1297/1225/1233/1242/1360).

Greatest Hits Radio Staffordshire & Cheshire closed permanently on 18 Jan 2023 on 1170 kHz Sideway. Thus service moved to 96 4/96.9 FM.

Greatest Hits Radio Teesside on 1270 is on a retune loop since 17 Jan 2023.

Greatest hits Radio West Yorkshire on 1278/1530 us on retune loop since 17 Jan 2023.

Sad day for medium wave. Absolute ended with 10 minutes if nostalgia history if stations that have been in 1225 since it started in 1950 as a set if filler transmitters fir the BBC Light Programme, plus clips if Radio 1, Virgin Radio and Absolute.

Will let you know when retube loops go off.

James Robinson  (2023-01-20)

United Kingdom

Absolute Radio farewell.
After a memorable farewell with radio excerpts from the past to nowadays, and the chosen “Absolute Classic song”: “Absolute Beginners” by Mr Bowie; at 00:00 UTC sharp they said Good-Bye and then a switching off loop started. I can hear it now on 1197, 1215, 1233 and 1242 kHz.

Jorge Garzón to mwcircle iog (2023-01-20)

United Kingdom

Greatest Hits Radio. 1530 is on the air as I write – it’s only about 45 miles from here – but with a loop; no music. A survey of the remaining GHR outlets this morning shows:

Normal programmes:
990    Doncaster  (GHR South Yorkshire)
1152    Newcastle  (GHR North East) – and the GHR clone Clyde 2
1305    Barnsley (GHR South Yorkshire)
1548    Sheffield – not heard here but the GHR clone Forth 2 was heard

Closedown Loop:
1170    Stoke (GHR Staffordshire and Cheshire)
1170    Stockton (GHR Teesside)
1278    Bradford (GHR West Yorkshire)
1530    Huddersfield (GHR West Yorkshire)

Closedown loops also heard on all Absolute Radio channels – 1197, 1215, 1233, 1242 and 1260. These loops are all the same, saying closing on 20th January.

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2023-01-18)