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Wellbeing Radio, Loughborough, a sister station to hospital radio Carillion Radio, has begun testing today on 1476 kHz.
Licens for up to 1 kW permitted.
Karl-Erik Stridh, NORDX yg (17/12-2018)


RTBF 621 kHz - Since this morning 0459z, the following message is broadcast at the end of each hour on 621 kHz:
"À compter du 31 décembre, La Première va cesser d'émettre en ondes moyennes. Pour continuer à nous écouter, basculez votre récepteur radio en FM sur la fréquence de votre ville. Vous pouvez également nous écouter en direct en DAB+, via l'application radio player, ou sur auvio."
"From December the 31st, La Première will cease transmitting on the medium wave. In order to continue listening to us, switch your radio reciever to FM on your city's frequency. You can also listen to us live on DAB+, through radio player app, or auvio."
The message seems to be only broadcast on MW, as it is followed by the end of the advertisement. Curiously, the second sentence is (almost) the same as in Allouis's equivalent announcement in December 2016.
I did not hear any such message on VivaCité (1125 kHz); neither did I find any information about the time of the last transmission, so I can only suppose that La Première will become silent at 1905z (20:5 local) as usual.
RTBF's website mentions the possibility to listen to RTBF international through Atlantic Bird 3 satellite:
https://www.rtbf.be/entreprise/recevoir-la-rtbf, but wikipedia says that this satellite should be replaced in 2019.
73 Vincent F4HPZ (17/12-2018)

While regular medium wave broadcasting stopped in Germany, there is a number of low power AM stations coming on the air in Bavaria.
As far as I know, there are now stations in Cham (Oberpfalz), Erlangen-Tennenlohe (Mittelfranken), München (Oberbayern) and Wertingen (Schwaben). People who read German or can figure out what a google translation gives may want to read some info about the stations in Cham (801 kHz) and Munich (1500 kHz) at https://www.radiomuseum.org/museum/d/das-rundfunkmuseum-cham/. There you will also find a comment on the strange frequency selection for Munich. It is also seen as an example of incompetence on the side of the German frequency regulator.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (16/12-2018)


Hello there, AM radio listeners!
I would like to thank you all for the response you have sent me, regarding my radio station Asfalttelegrafen on 1593 kHz. Some people say my station has already made history, not only because I am a private person transmitting on medium wave, but also because of the fact that The National Library of Sweden requires copies of my broadcasts. I think that is kind of cool. :)
The thing is, I had been thinking for a while about developing my interest in medium wave and applying for a temporary broadcast license on the mediun wave band. I wanted to start a local radio station and broadcast mainly rock music combined with political messages, in connection with the Swedish general election which took place in September. I wanted to play music that is usually not played on mainstream radio stations. A contemporary version of Radio Luxembourg, Caroline, Seagull, 10 Gold etcera, if you will. I also wanted to include some Nordic rock that is usually unheard of. I made it happen, and it turns out this project was a success.
Therefore I am happy to inform you that I will broadcast again! Please note, that this time around I will be broadcasting on another frequency, 1476 kHz = 203 meters. I believe that 1476 will be a better frequency because of less interference coming from other radio stations in the EU. When I was transmitting on 1593 kHz, I was "outrivaled" by French and Romanian stations. A listener in southern Sweden suggested that I should consider 1476 kHz for my next broadcast project. I thought that was a good idea so I immediately started to plan for how to optimize my antenna for the new frequency. Although, Egypt and Iran are actually transmitting on 1476 kHz as well...
Anyhow, I once again applied for a new license with the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority and The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, and it was recently approved.
Here in Sweden it is dual license process for temporary broadcasts.
On December 26th 2018 to January 8th 2019, Asfalttelegrafen is back on air on 1476 kHz with 330 watt with plenty of rock music in a medium wave radio near you!
Stay tuned!
Best regards, Torleif Roos, Asfalttelegrafen. Boraas Sweden, 1476amsweden@gmail.com (14/12-2018)


The new radio station located in South-west Leicestershire “Carrillon Wellbeing Radio” begins their official test transmissions on Monday 17 December on 1476 kHz as the Ofcom licence officially begins on that date. It will continue for 28 days.
Maximum power permitted is 1 KW. It should have a good coverage and be audible after dark for a considerable distance due to Winter sky wave propagation.
Dave Angell (13/12-2018)


Following up on an earlier post on Rookwood Sound (Cardiff 945 kHz), I noted earlier references (2011 and 2012) that this hospital radio used an induction loop for broadcasting. So reception is/would have been possible on location only.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (7/12-2018)
Thank you for this update, Hansjoerg Biener. Ed.


A five year renewal has been granted to the following medium wave stations of Global Radio (AM) Limited:
Bournemouth (Smooth Radio)
828 KHz - Bournemouth
On Air From: 15-09-1980 to: 31-12-2023.
Cardiff and Newport (Smooth Radio)
1305 KHz - Newport
1359 KHz - Cardiff
On Air From: 15-07-1990 to: 31-12-2023.
Peterborough (Smooth Radio)
1332 KHz - Peterborough
On Air From: 10-07-1980 to: 31-12-2023.
Southend and Chelmsford (Smooth Radio)
1359 KHz - Chelmsford
1431 KHz - Southend
On Air From: 16-07-1989 to: 31-12-2023.
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-november -2018 4 December 2018 and additional information via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/12-2018)

December 31st, 2018 will be the last day for Groot Nieuws Radio on MW1008 kHz . This from its website with a google translation:
"It is December 2018, the very very last month that Groot Nieuws Radio can be heard through the medium wave on 1008 AM.
From 1 January you can only receive the Christian radio station digitally: via internet, DAB + or interactive TV. We hope that no listener stays behind and should miss Groot Nieuws Radio."
https://www.grootnieuwsradio.nl/ Dec. 1st via Ydun Ritz (6/12-2018)

December 31st it is  the very last day of French speaking RTBF International on 621 kHz (300kW) from Wavre. 1125 kHz in Houdeng transmitting the "Vivacité" px will also close on the last day of 2018.
From January 1st RTBF will switch to DAB+.
Ydun Ritz (6/12-2018)



Although I conducted a project on LPAMs this August, I did not stumble across this station. Thanks for mentioning it.
http://static.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/html/radio-stations/rsls/longterm-rsls/lrsl000043ba1rookwoodsoundhospital radio.htm suggests that the licence expired recently, but Ofcom's data may not be up to date.
Rookwood Sound Hospital Radio
Frequency: 945 KHz
Type: AM
On Air From: 01-01-1999
to: 31-12-2018
General Enquiries:
General Enquiries (email):
Licence Number: LRSL000043BA/1
http://www.rookwoodsound.co.uk/ mentions medium wave without understanding it:
"30 Years of Rookwood Sound – filling the airwaves with music and pleasure,entertaining patients, visitors and staff at the University Hospital Llandough and Rookwood Hospital in Llandaff. Staying in hospital can be a very lonely time for patients. Hospital radio has proved to be beneficial, lifting patients’ moods and aiding recovery. Hear us at your bedside on channels 1 and A at Llandough, and 9:45AM [sic!] at Rookwood Hospital. Also on your mobile via the free Tunein app."
http://www.rookwoodsound.co.uk/history/ does not mention medium wave.
Dr Hansjoerg Bienerspan> (3/12-2018)


Rookwood Sound is a Hospital Radio station for Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff. It seems to be missing from 945MW. I believe it covered a small area around the grounds and homes.
There's not been any news on it dropping the MW license. Maybe I've missed something?
James Vincent (2/12-2018)


TWR, Roumoules 1467 kHz. From January 1st 2019, TWR Polska in Polish will be broadcast ONLY Monday to Friday from 2045-2115 UTC.
Christian Ghibaudo (1/12-2018)


On 1602 kHz is active Radio Milano, North Italy.
Web http://www.radiomilano1602.it
Ciao Giampiero Bernardini (29/11-2018)

Manx Radio: For the last few days its reported that due to ongoing maintenance 1368 kHz has only been running at 600 watts during weekdays, higher power at weekend.
Reception is poor here - anyone have any more details?
Mike Terry to WOR io group (28/11-2018)


Today, 23 november 2018, is the 40th anniversary of the Geneva-plan for mediumwave (GE75). The plan came into effect on 23 november 1978 at 00.01 hours GMT.
Piet van der Vooren (23/11-2018)
Those frequencies were affected:
LF: 150-285 kHz
MF: 525-1605 kHz
As a result of the plan most medium wave (and later longwave) stations outside North and South America operate on exact multiples of 9 kHz; the sum of all digits of the frequency will be 9 or a multiple of 9.
Ydun Ritz (24/11-2018)


774 JOUB Akita, Japan is now with Russian lang. program.
I am at this moment tuned into a remarkably strong (better than 770 now!) with a program in Russian at 1350 UT - 23 November 2018 in Keeler, California in the Owens Valley. This is the first time I have heard anything other than English language-lesson programs or other programs in Japanese. As such I now wonder if NHK-2 stations are now (or occasionally?) going to be "foreign services."
774 JOUB is now is S3 to 4 just on a Tecsun AN-200 loop to my vintage 1981 Realistic DX-200 - I have partially nulled the very-annoying Reno KKOH 780, and Japan 774 is really in-the-clear right now - a rarity!
Steve McGreevy, N6NKS via WOR io group (23/11-2018)


Asfaltstelegrafen in Boraas will be on air again from December 26th after 15:00 UTC till January 8th, 2019. This time on new frequency 1476 kHz with 330 watt. Old frequency was 1593 kHz. Reports to 1476amsweden@gmail.com
Torleif Roos via Kari Kallio (22/11-2018)


Test broadcasting TWR.
From November 26 to November 29, TWR conducts testing of the broadcast at a frequency of 1377 kHz, time 15.50 - 16.20 UTC. The program will be recorded in the air in Russian "Through the pages of the Bible" or "Book of Books" with inserts of the call signs TWR. The orientation is Central Asia, Altai, the southern part of the Urals and Siberia.
Those interested can send quality reviews (or excerpts of records) to my address from which this announcement was sent.
Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx" and “open_dx”. Email: dx.russia [A] gmail.com
1377 kHz - 1000 kW - Gavar, Armenia (WRTH 2018)
Bulletin “RUS-DX PLUS” via Anatoly Klepov (19/11-2018)


Radio Seagull is online 24/7. The 747 kHz transmitter is on air from the ship "Jenny Baynton" 24/7 with Seagull programmes between 19:00. and 07:00. The 1602 kHz transmitter is at Pietersbierum, with Seagull programmes at the same time.
Radio Seagull Live FB group (18/11-2018)

Radio Caroline North is back on air next weekend Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th with Manx Radio on 1368 and 648 AM and online.
Mike Terry in MWC FB group (18/11-2018)


The following stations will change to "Greatest Hits Radio" as from 7 January 2019. (transmitters in brackets). Powers have not changed.
828kHz: Radio Aire 2 (Morley)
990kHz: Hallam 2 (Crimpsell)
999kHz: Rock FM 2 (Longton)
1152kHz: Key 2 (Ashton Moss) (NB this station has been "Key Radio" since 4 June 2018)
1152kHz: Metro Radio 2 (Greenside)
1161kHz: Viking 2 (Goxhill Neatgangs Lane)
1170kHz: TFM 2 (Stockton-on-Tees)
1305kHz: Hallam 2 (Ardsley)>
1359kHz: Free Radio 80s (Shilton)
1548kHz: Hallam 2 (Skew Hill)
plus these two VHF stations:
105.2MHz: Absolute Radio (Sutton Coldfield) and 105.9MHz: Radio City 2 (Allerton Park)

The following stations will change to "Absolute Classic Rock" from 7 January 2019
990kHz: Free Radio 80s (Sedgley)
1017kHz: Free Radio 80s (Shrewsbury)
1152kHz: Free Radio 80s (Langley Mill-A)

Stations in Scotland are not changing their name - only the England stations are, even though the Scottish stations will still be a part of the Greatest Hits Radio network.
James Robinson (16/11-2018)

KKXX-930 Paradise CA.
KKXX Radio towers and facilities have burned and temporarily are cut off from utilities and telco, with all communications and power down. Please listen to KKXX online at https://tunein.com/radio/KKXX-930-s33636/ over-the-air at 103.9 FM and on our listen-live phone number at 605-477-2867 provided by Audio Now.
http://chicochristianradio.com/index119.htm via NORDX yg (15/11-2018)


Bauer to relaunch its AM-stations in January. Although the individual stations are not mentioned in the press release, AM is mentioned as one of the many platforms "Greatest Hits Radio" will be on:
"NOVEMBER 15TH, 2018 Following hot on the heels of the launch of Hits Radio, Bauer Media is set to launch another national radio brand – Greatest Hits Radio.
Greatest Hits Radio will engage an audience who are loving life more than ever before, and this new launch perfectly complements its sister national radio station ‘Hits Radio’, both stations will sit within the Hits Radio Network.
The station will play the biggest songs of the '70s, '80s and '90s, listeners will discover an upbeat, authentic, fun and entertaining format where ‘Good Times Sound Like This’. Celebrating music from artists like Blondie, Queen, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, INXS, Elton John and Michael Jackson.
Greatest Hits Radio has its roots in deep audience insight combined with world-class programming expertise. It has been tailored to engage an audience of ‘Reclaimers’. These 40-59-year olds are ageless in attitude and seeking a station which evokes an emotional and palpable connection – partly because the songs they will hear will be a part of the fabric of their formative years, and partly because the presenters share their passions – for music and for finding the joy in every corner of life.
Greatest Hits Radio will be available on national DAB, FM in the West Midlands and Liverpool, AM, online, and on mobile devices. Advertisers will be able to access this valuable and scaled audience nationally, regionally or locally.
Commenting on the launch, Simon Kilby Group Commercial Director said, “Greatest Hits Radio meets a clear gap in the market for a distinctive and energetic station which authentically connects with the listeners’ mindsets, combined with a powerful ability to transform their mood. This attractive audience can now be accessed by commercial partners in a new simple proposition”.
Greatest Hits Radio launches on January 7th 2019."
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener 15 November 2018)


Groot Nieuws Radio 1008 kHz will close down om December 31st 2018.
Kari Kallio, FIN (14/11-2018)


1685 kHz pirate became cleared up
"Hello Kari. Thanks for your report and your investigations. The programme you heard was actually a Ghoul offering, broadcast as part of an experiment by our Engineer. He is working on his medium wave antenna system. The TX power is usually quite low - around 30-35W.
So congratulations on noticing this! There will probably be more weekend tests like this."
QSL Helper in an email to Kari Kallio (12/11-2018)

Radio Center.
Our next test transmission from Riga, Latvia is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 13th, 2018 at 03:00-05:00 UTC on AM1485.
Andrey Nekrasov, USA / Russia in wrth fb group via Anatoly Klepov (12/11-2018)

Radio Baltic Waves International Viesintos 1386 kHz 75 kW B18, UTC
16:30-17:00 Radio Poland, Polish
17:00-17:30 Radio Poland, Russian
17:30-18:00 NHK World Japan, Russian
18:00-19:00 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian
19:00-19:30 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Belarusian
19:30-03:00 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian
03:00-03:30 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Belarusian
03:30-04:00 NHK World Japan, Russian
04:00-05:00 Radio Poland, Belarusian
Rimantas Pleikys, Lithuania, forwarded Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan / “deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov (12/11-2018)

The 10th Nov at 19:00 UTC several listeners by the Twente sdr receiver did hear a British pirate (?) on 1685 kHz! So, I decided to run through round as many UK-sdr-stations as possible in order come closer to it... and I managed to do that! Via G3PWJ-SDR-receiver the signal rose up to S9 with a clear audio. Via Twente sdr its signal was round S7 and the audio was "misty". In the program there were two jolly chaps in the wild feelings; one of them shouted unrestrainedly and the second one - he read poetry! Naturally among the very odd music...:)
The transmission ended very suddenly like cut with the knife; therefore it may have been some relay transmission of those many "free" internet radios in that country.
Kari Kallio, Lahti, Finland (11/11-2018)


Reactivation of 1476 kHz.
After the sad demise of all LW and MW broadcasts in Germany, a handful of pioneers came up who are operating legal low-powered medium wave stations in the context of a radio museum or for educational purposes. One of them is Ralph (DL2NDO, one of the participants in the legendary Donebach 137 kHz activation in 2002). He has obtained a transmitting license for 1476 kHz (former frequency of Vienna Bisamberg), built a 3 Watt AM transmitter, and with the help of a small team raised a quarterwave antenna on the Fraunhofer premises south of Erlangen (JN59MN21HF).
Yesterday they got on air for the first time, running a preliminary test transmission consisting of a switched 1000 Hz beeps (one second on, one second off, audio frequency locked to the RF carrier). This pattern will be continued for a few days, before they will eventually.take over the audio from the local DAB student radio "funklust".
The current test pattern is relatively easy to make out in the noise so it may be a good chance for some DX detections. At night we've actually heard the beeps on Twente SDR and a couple of German Kiwi-SDRs. But I guess using narrowband signal processing techniques, the carrier and coherent tones coud make it much further.
The carrier frequency is derived from an OCXO and is currently at 1476000.411 Hz.
A-DX Mailing-List November 9th (11/11-2018)


On Saturday 03 November I heard the same unidentified signal on 1476 kHz around 1100 HRs UTC, which I had heard on 15 October, playing continuous rock and pop music for around an hour. It then disappeared. On Monday 05 November there was just a carrier which disappeared after around 45 minutes at 1200 HRS UTC. Tuesday 06 November the signal is returned with just a carrier at around 11:45 UTC. No modulation. The carrier is on today (7/11) with no modulation! The time is 10 AM GMT.
I think it could be the Leicester Licence "Wellbeing Radio", but as there has been nothing official announced and no on-air announcements we need to watch this space.
Dave Angell (07/11-2018)


The UK regulator Ofcom has granted a five year renewal of the broadcasting licence to the following medium wave stations:
1035 kHz West Sound Ayr (West Sound Radio Limited)
1152 kHz LBC London News (LBC Radio Limited)
Otherwise the licences would have ended on 15 October and 7 October 2019 respectively.
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/11-2018)

The UK regulator Ofcom has granted a format change of three Bauer stations which results in a swap of formats from AM to FM and vice versa.

West Midlands FM licence
- The old 'Character of Service' was: "A rock-orientated station combining new music with classic album tracks aimed at 25-44 year-olds."
- The new 'Character of Service' is: "A classic pop hits service with local news and information aimed primarily at the over-30s in the West Midlands."

Birmingham AM licence (1152 kHz Birmingham)
- The old 'Character of Service' was: "A classic pop hits station, with local information and occasional local sports coverage, targeted primarily at 35-54 year-olds in the Birmingham area."
- The new 'Character of Service' is: "A classic rock music station for listeners in the Birmingham area."

Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford licence (990 kHz Wolverhampton, 1017 kHz Shrewsbury and Telford)
- The old 'Character of Service' was: "A classic pop hits station, with local information and occasional local sports coverage, targeted primarily at 35-54 year-olds in the Wolverhampton area."
- The new 'Character of Service' is: "A classic rock music station for listeners in the Wolverhampton and Shropshire area."
In Ofcom’s view, the proposals from Bauer affected the core nature of each station’s programming. So a consultation was held. Finally, Ofcom agreed to these changes because in each case one of the relevant statutory criteria necessary was met and because different standards apply to AM stations. More detailed information is found at this URL:
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/11-2018)


Good news. Since yesterday 03.11.2018 in the morning, has been reactivated with the usual strenght, EAJ-29 Radio Intercontinental, Madrid, 327 meters, 918 kHz. It was disclosed by third parts, through twitter and forums, that the reason of such break in the signal happened due that the transmitting plant was vandalized by thieves who looted the cooper along with diverse damage in the facility done by those individuals. Some program conductors of the station said that the signal would return maybe on mid november.
During those days, since 23.09.2018, it was working only with the exciter, not the amplifier, so the signal was ¼ kW or so. The last month on night hours I achieved, outside home, at the car, to receive the carrier very tiny, with the traditional unstable beating noise tone (which still continues). Now, from my observations of the yesterday's evening, the strenght is as used to be many years ago, like five or ten. SINPO 43322 in my QTH, Valencia, 350 km. or so from the antenna center at 21 UTC. A Strong modulation as never, even ten years ago (reason could be a change in the link between tx and studios) and the heavy fading of always.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, Kingdom of Spain (4/11-2018)


A new Italian station on air: Radio Milano 1602 AM.
Radio Milano 1602 AM con buon segnale (nonostante il QRM urbano) in diverse zone di Milano con l'autoradio, ieri sera verso mezzanotte e oggi verso le 15.30 locali. Ottimo in piazza Libia (zona Porta Romana per capirsi). Pessimo invece in zona Stazione Centrale, impestata dal noise elettrico.
Ciao, Giampiero Bernardini in WRTH fb group (2/11-2018)


Radio TV Chadienne, Ndjamena, has reactivated their mw-transmitter on 840 kHz. Heard in Finland on Oct 27 at 16.59Z using their traditional interval-signal.
Jorma Mantyla, Finland via dxing.info fb group (28/10-2018)


I monitored Voice of the Republic on 1170 kHz at 23:40-00:15 UT last night/this morning [26/27 Oct 2018], identifying in Arabic as Voice of the Republic.
1170 kHz is a channel recently vacated by the high-powered UAE transmitter which used to relay Radio Sawa. Al-Hudaydah city is currently under seige by anti-Houthi forces who control other parts of the province, I wonder if this transmitter is in Saudi Arabia though?
Reception was good via a web SDR in Qatar, nothing heard when I checked this morning at 06:15 UT this morning (daylight hours of course). You can hear a 1-minute edited clip of this at http://www.intervalsignals.net/yemen_vot_republic_261018.m3u
I cannot fully translate the referenced website because for some reason Google Translate will only translate the page banner. This does give the name of the station though and the 104.1 FM frequency.
Thanks to Rawad Hamwi for this tip via Glenn and DXLD!
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (27/10-2018)

So far, Radio Damascus is active on 567 kHz from Adra/Damascus and 783 kHz from Besira/Tartous.
Today, I noticed that it's active again on 936 kHz as well, from Homs/Ter Maela transmission facility.
Recent news stated that 85% of Homs's northern suburbs "where the transmitter is located" had been energized. The Syrian regime regained control over that area recently.
Rawad Hamwi, Saudi Arabia? to DXLD yg (26/10-2018)

There is a new radio station, under the name of “Sawt Al Jomhouria” (Voice of the Republic) transmitting its programs on 1170 kHz.
It’s obvious and clear that this is a Yemeni station supporting the Arab coalition forces working over there. I did a little research over the internet, this station was created by the Yemeni’s "National Resistance Forces - Republic’s Guards" in "Al Hudayda" region and started its transmission on 5-June-2018 on 104.1 MHz at that region.
Rawad Hamwi, Saudi Arabia? to DXLD yg (26/10-2018)


Radio Center from Moscow, Russia’s pioneer of Religious broadcasting has been granted 24/7 License in Latvia to deliver religious radio programming in RUSSIAN language into every RUSSIAN community on the territory of the European part of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, during a time when the Russian Government has restricted the public and private rights of some Christians and religious groups.
So, because of this and some other important restrictions and reasons "Radio Center" starts moving from Moscow to Riga. In the future, we will keep only a broadcasting studio in Moscow.
We have a very good signal in the dark time in a typical Moscow apartment! The next following test will be on the air on October 24th, 2018 at 22:00-00:00 Moscow Standard Time (MST) or 19:00-21:00 UTC (GMT) on AM 1485 kHz (Medium Wave).
The reception reports will be confirmed by QSL-card: rcrc@radiocenter.net
Thank you and God bless you!
Andrey Nekrasov in WRTH fb group (24/10-2018)

Now at 1900 religious programming in Russian on 1485 kHz via R. Merkurs, Riga.
Mauno Ritola in WRTH fb group (24/10-2018)


Waddenzee/KBC 1602 kHz has returned license to Agentschap Telecom.
Reason a.o. is the DAB+ obligation, which is part of the license.
The frequency 1602 kHz will be changed into some 100 W lowpower licenses, which can be applied.
CJN in DDXLK fb group (23/10-2018)
Radio Seagull can still be heard on 747 kHz with 100 watt (ed).


Asfalttelegrafen obviously on air again, with a loop on 1476 kHz.
Alf Persson, NORDC yg (20/10-2018)


Ortssender Wertingen: low power transmission on 801 kHz on October 28
Via Harald Kuhl (19/10-2018)


There was a station playing non-stop soul music, (Mainly Aritha Franklin songs) on 1476 KHZ am on 15 October, and I found it around 1700 Hours UTC. It did not identify itself and switched off around 19.05 UTC. I think it was located in the UK, as there seemed to be very little sky-wave distortion and the signal was very strong, with good modulation, and also was tuned precisely onto the channel.
Can anyone throw any light on this?
I live in South Leicestershire, near to the Northamptonshire border.
Dave Angell (16/10-2018)


According to http://allindiaradio.gov.in/Oppurtunities/Tenders/Documents
, there is an Panjabi Service, broadcast at 0800-0830 h UTC on the medium wave frequency 702 kHz of „Akashvani Jalandhar“ (sounding to me like „Je’lendar“). This information is also given by the World Radio TV Handbook 2018, page 472, and at the subpage "All India Radio : External Services on Medium Wave“ of Jose Jacob’s https://qsl.net/vu2jos/.
Judging from an ongoing listening project on the internet streams at http://allindiaradio.gov.in, this information needs to be verified by actual listening in South Asia.
Listening to the Panjabi-stream on several days in October, I have established the following line up:
0800-0810 h: film music, announcement of platforms incl. "medium wave“ and upcoming news in Panjabi and Urdu
0810-0820 h: Panjabi news (13:40 h IST, as shown at
0820-0830 h: Urdu news (13:50 h IST, as shown at
Some more obvervations:
(1) The general content of the Panjabi and Urdu news is identical as is the case with many other newscasts listed at http://www.newsonair.com/News-Schedules.aspx. This is shown by the repeat of names of persons, cities, countries, key words taken from English like „articial intelligence“ etc.
(2) The Panjabi news have the audio packaging also used by other central newcasts while in contrast the Urdu news do not.
(3) The Urdu newscast is also broadcast by Radio Kashmir, but not by the Urdu stream, which seems to be completely separate from all the others.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/10-2018)


"Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-385 [...] Ottawa, 3 October 2018
Radio Humsafar Inc [1350 kHz]. Brampton, Ontario
Public record for this application: 2018-0283-5
Ethnic commercial AM radio station – Technical changes
The Commission denies an application to change the authorized contours of the applicant’s unlaunched ethnic commercial AM radio station in Brampton, Ontario.
In Licensing of new radio stations to serve Brampton, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2015-471, 21 October 2015, the Commission approved an application by Radio Humsafar Inc. (Radio Humsafar) for a broadcasting licence to operate a new ethnic commercial AM radio station to serve Brampton, Ontario. As set out in that decision, the new station would operate at 1350 kHz with a daytime transmitter power of 1,000 watts and a nighttime transmitter power of 45 watts (non-directional antenna). The Commission found that of the proposals received, that of Radio Humsafar best met the needs of the Brampton radio market.
In a letter decision dated 7 December 2016, the Commission approved an application by Radio Humsafar to change the technical parameters of the unlaunched station’s transmitter by relocating the transmitter site, changing the station’s service contours and decreasing the nighttime transmitter power from 45 to 40 watts. In that application, Radio Humsafar indicated that the originally approved transmitter site was no longer a viable option and that it had carefully selected a new site located in Brampton in close proximity to the original site. It added that using the new transmitter site would not alter the station’s broadcast contours, target audience and communities to be served, and would not alter the grounds on which the original application to operate the station was approved. In that letter decision, the Commission also imposed a new deadline of 7 December 2018 for the launch of the new station with the implemented technical changes to its transmitter.
On 27 April 2018, Radio Humsafar filed another application relating to its unlaunched Brampton radio station. Specifically, it requested to change the station’s authorized contours by relocating the transmission site to an existing telecommunications tower in Mississauga, Ontario, almost seven kilometres south-east from the approved site in Brampton, and by changing the class of the transmitter from C to B. All other technical parameters would remain unchanged. This is therefore the applicant’s second request for a new transmitter site for its unlaunched station.
The applicant stated that the previously approved transmitter site is no longer a viable option given that it is not possible to “achieve all necessary coordination” at that site. Further, it argued that the new transmitter site would not affect the communities to be served, and would not alter the grounds on which its original application to operate the station was approved.br/> The Commission received an intervention in opposition to the present application from Trafalgar Broadcasting Limited (Trafalgar), to which Radio Humsafar replied.
When a licensee of a radio station files an application for a technical change, the Commission expects the licensee to present compelling technical or economic evidence justifying the change. Given this expectation, and after examining the information on the record for this application in light of applicable regulations and policies, the Commission considers that it should address the following issues: whether approval of the application would have an undue financial impact on incumbent radio stations; whether the licensee has demonstrated a compelling technical need for the technical changes; whether the requested changes are appropriate on a technical basis; and whether approval of the application would undermine the Commission’s licensing process.
Financial impact on incumbent stations
In its intervention, Trafalgar indicated that the proposed technical changes could cause interference to its ethnic commercial AM radio station CJMR Mississauga, and could therefore have an undue financial impact on that station. It also questioned how the applicant can be certain that approval of its proposed technical changes would not have a financial impact on other radio stations. In its reply, Radio Humsafar stated that it would remedy any valid interference complaints as outlined in the Department of Industry’s (the Department’s) regulations.
In regard to possible interference to CJMR, the Commission notes that it is the responsibility of the parties involved and of the Department to resolve any interference issues. Moreover, the Department has deemed Radio Humsafar’s application conditionally technically acceptable. The Commission further notes, however, that approval of this application would result in a significant increase in the overlap between the population that would be served within the primary service contour of the unlaunched station and the population currently served within the primary service contour of the ethnic AM radio station CINA Mississauga, operated by 1760791 Ontario Inc., which could have an undue financial impact on that station’s operations.
In light of the above, the Commission finds that approval of the requested technical changes could have an undue financial impact on an incumbent station.
Technical need for the proposed technical changes
Radio Humsafar submitted that the previously approved transmitter site is no longer a viable option for its unlaunched AM radio station. It added that it has been difficult to find a transmission site that suits the specific needs of its unlaunched AM radio station and at the same time abide by the approvals and bylaws established by the cities of Brampton and Mississauga. The applicant added that it has invested a lot of its time and money to secure a completely new transmitter site.
Radio Humsafar did not provide details, however, as to why the previously approved transmitter site was no longer viable. Further, it did not provide any information regarding the nature of the issues or any steps taken towards resolving the problems, including exploring other options that would allow it to maintain service to Brampton. Given that approval of the application would lead to significant changes to the unlaunched station’s Brampton service contours, the Commission considers that more evidence is needed to justify the proposed technical changes. Consequently, the Commission finds that Radio Humsafar has not demonstrated a compelling technical need for the proposed technical changes.
Appropriateness of the requested changes on a technical basis
In requesting technical changes to a radio station, the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate that the changes are appropriate on a technical basis (i.e., that the technical solution proposed will have the least impact on the market it was licensed to serve).
As noted above, in approving the original application to operate the Brampton AM radio station, the Commission considered that Radio Humsafar’s proposal best met the needs of that city’s radio market. Given that the currently proposed technical changes would move the unlaunched station’s primary service contour away from Brampton and into Mississauga, the population that would be served by the station would be significantly different than the population it was originally licensed to serve. Further, the applicant did not propose any other modifications to the station’s technical parameters that would compensate for the loss of coverage to Brampton and surrounding areas and did not provide any specific evidence to demonstrate that it had considered other possible sites or options that would allow the station to maintain service to that city’s radio market.
In light of the above, the Commission finds that the requested technical changes are not appropriate on a technical basis.
Integrity of the Commission’s licensing process
The Commission approved Radio Humsafar’s application for a broadcasting licence to operate the Brampton AM radio station following a public hearing where two other applicants had requested the same frequency to operate radio stations to serve that city. Radio Humsafar’s previous application to relocate the transmitter site for the unlaunched station substantially maintained coverage to Brampton with only a relatively small change to the size of the population to be served.
In the Commission’s view, any changes to the transmitter site approved in 2016 should maintain coverage of the original community the applicant was authorized to serve. Radio Humsafar’s requested technical changes would result in a significant shift of the station’s coverage away from the Brampton radio market and, consequently, in a significant decrease in the population the station was licensed to serve.
Consequently, the Commission finds that approval of the present application would undermine the integrity of the original licensing process during which the original application to operate the station was approved.
In light of the above, the Commission denies the application by Radio Humsafar Inc. to change the authorized contours of its unlaunched ethnic commercial AM radio programming undertaking in Brampton.
When requesting technical changes for radio stations, the onus is on the applicant or licensee to demonstrate technical and/or economic need and to provide sufficient evidence justifying those technical changes. Further, the applicant or licensee must undertake efforts to find a solution and provide sufficient evidence that the solution proposed will have the least impact on the market the radio station is licensed to serve.
As set out in the 7 December 2016 letter decision, Radio Humsafar’s unlaunched undertaking must be operational by no later than 7 December 2018. To ensure that any request to extend this authority is processed in a timely manner, the applicant should submit a written request at least 60 days before that date using the form available on the Commission’s website."
https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-385.htm 3 October 2018
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (10/10-2018)


Medium Wave Transmission Goes Big. An interesting article in RadioWorld about the MW transmsitters in Bonaire and Hungary
Ydun Ritz (6/10-2018)


Since the last week of september, EAJ-29 Radio Intercontinental de Madrid (327 mts. 918 kHz), has gone off the air. The reason is unknown by me and other listeners, but the owners are technically in bankruptcy (or so), plus the facilities and antenna system is neglected (could been looted by cooper thiefs) and in semi-ruin, and the transmitter unit itself is very old (strong beating hiss in the unstable carrier).
In the later months, the transmitter faded his strenght and the level of modulation, and becaming an uneasy DX in my QTH, unlike as ten years ago, or so.
Guillermo Séz Valencia, España (5/10-2018)


The CBC has closed these two MW repeaters both of which have been replaced by FM:"
NB McAdam CBAX 600
NT Fort Smith CBDI 860
Andy Reid (29/9-2018)

In the last days India played a cricket series against another country.
In central Germany the event which is reported on various channels could be heard at times well after 1740 which is the regular end of broadcasts of All India Radio. I heard the coverage on September 27 and 28 for instance on 747 (from Lucknow) at 1942. A male reporter said "…Going back to the All India Radio studios…".
Other channels where 846 (Ahmedabad) and 918 (Suratgar) between 1730 and 1930 fading in and out. At times the signals on all channels reached SIO 333.
Zeljko Crncic (29/9-2018)


In the last days I heard on various occasions Radio Ashna on 1296 with a prg in Dari.
For instance on the 25 of September at 1720 with short jingle giving FM frequencies by woman. Then followed by man mentioning brievly "Radio Ashna" and going into political reporting.
The signal from Afghanistan was later covered by COPE from Valencia. The Parallel sw channel of 7495 from Taiwan carrying the same program can be of help to identify Radio Ashna under more difficult conditions.
On MW at times SIO: 333.
73 Zeljko (28/9-2018)


Equinox bandscan
Tonight’s weather was cool with nearly clear skies around 2300Z when I went outside with the Panasonic set.
The LW band was “same as it ever was”.
The MW band showed signals on most every channel, but most of these were too weak or mixed up to hear anything intelligible. Still, much of what I did hear sounded Spanish, Arabic-like or East European.
I did hear Smooth Radio on 1152/1161/1170 kHz, but only one Absolute Radio repeater, on 1197 kHz. Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (24/9-2018)


The MW masts at Heusweiler, Germany, once used on 1422 kHz with 1200 kilowatts were demolished yesterday. This report from mediamagazine.nl (translated from Dutch) includes link to film of the demolition:
Radio masts for medium wave in Heusweiler dismantled. On Friday evening the transmission masts for the medium wave were dismantled in the German Heusweiler. The masts were blown up around 7:30 PM.
Medium wave
The transmission masts in Heusweiler (Saarland) were put into operation in 1935. The Europawelle Saar program was broadcast for a large number of years via this channel at 1422 kHz. By using a very large capacity of up to 1200 kilowatts, the broadcasts of this programme could be heard in large parts of Europe.
Also in the former East Germany the channel was still to receive and was listened to a lot. From 1994 up to and including 2015, the national programme Deutschlandfunk was broadcast via this channel. From 2015, the broadcasts were stopped via the medium wave.
Radio is increasingly being listened to digitally and as a result it was no longer profitable to broadcast via the medium wave. The medium wave is no longer broadcast in Germany. Incidentally, there are still broadcasts on the long-wave from Germany. The French commercial radio station Europe 1 broadcasts at 183 kHz from Germany.
The "unemployed" radio masts were dismantled on Friday evening. Around 19.30 hours the connectors of the guy wires, which are connected to the transmitter mast, were blown up and the two transmitter 120 metre masts were destroyed. A small auxiliary mast in the neighbourhood was also blown up. In order to ensure that the dismantling is carried out safely, an adjacent highway was closed for a few hours.
The transmitter masts in Heusweiler were one of the last large masts that were used for medium wave transmissions and had not yet been dismantled. Earlier this year, radio masts were dismantled in Aholming, Donebach, Tannfeld and Nordkirchen.
Direct link to film on youtube:
Alan Pennington, Sept 22, bdxc-news iog via DXLD yg (22/9-2018)


The relocation of Voice of Maldives AM transmission antenna field from Raalhugandu area in Male to the industrial island of Thilafushi is yet to be completed, according to an official at Public Service Media, in the Maldives. It looks as if though the project will take a few more weeks to complete. The AM transmission of Voice of Maldives on 1449 kHz has been off the air since the move to relocate the transmitter and antenna field commenced under a project financed by the Japanese government via the Japan's Non-Project Grant Aid Scheme. Japanese assistance will improve not only the transmission efficiency of Voice of Maldives but also the service provided to the people in remote islands through enhanced disaster warning and management capacity.
Sarath Weerakoon 4S5SL, Union of Asian Dxers via Wolfgang Büschel (20/9-2018)


Radio-Canada received approval on Sep. 6/2018 to convert CBSI-8 [IRCP] in La Romaine PQ 1550 MW to FM. The new station will operate at 99.9 FM with 50 watts.
Andy Reid (15/9-2018)

Chris Williams of Manx Radio wrote on the Pirate Rulers of The Airwaves Relaunched Facebook group September 12, 2018
"Some good news for you here, we have extended the contract for Radio Caroline to use our AM 1368 transmitter for another year. Radio Caroline North will be broadcasting monthly for the rest of this year and throughout 2019.
With love from The Irish Sea."
Note: The next broadcast will be on the weekend of 22/23 September on 1368kHz, 648kHz and online via Radio Caroline/Manx Radio web sites until 9pm British time.
Mike Terry, WOR io group (15/9-2018)


R. Ranginkaman [Radio Rainbow] is heard now testing on 1395 kHz.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (13/9-2018)


THIS Radio Liverpool 1350 kHz.
Another recent extension of a Low Power AM licence (compared to my research of all licences some weeks ago) is for THIS Radio (1350 kHz) in Liverpool (c/o Liverpool Hope University College, Hope Park, Liverpool L16 9JD, http://www.thisradio.co.uk incl. web stream).
gives the new expiry date of 3 November 2023. THIS is an abbreviation of „The Hope Institute of Sound“. The campus station started in 2003 as Radio Hope.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/9-2018)


HCR 1386 kHz LPAM.
Ofcom has recently extended the Low Power AM licence of HCR (Halesowen College, Whittingham Road, Halesowen, West Midlands B63 3NA, hcr@halesowen.ac.uk) until 14 September 2023.
Just some weeks ago, it ran until 14 September 2018.
The driving force behind the station is Dr Stan J. Petraitis. In 1998, he started Halesowen College Radio. Back then, „HCFM“ used FM modulators around the college. In 2003, the decision was made to acquire a LPAM licence for the radio station to broadcast on 1386 kHz AM. Beginning in 2007, the station has also broadcast online. In another recent development the station has a new internet site at http://www.hcr1386.co.uk/ (partly still under construction). Until recently, the URL redirected automatically to ​https://www.facebook.com/hcr1386.
​Dr Hansjoerg Biener (9/9-2018)

AM transmissions of the Voice of Maldives, 1449 kHz [10 kW] is now off the air. The station is currently in the process of relocating the antennas of its MW transmitter from the eastern edge of Male to Thilafushi, about 7 km from the Maldivian capital.
1449 kHz is expected to resume broadcasts from 15 September, once the antennas are installed at Thilafushi, an artificial island built on reclaimed coral reefs used by Male Municipal to dump garbage. The MW antennas of Voice of Maldives were operating at an open space in Henveiru area, east of Male island, very close to the sea front.
The newly constructed 1.39 km long China - Maldives bridge across the sea, connecting Male and Hulumale acquiring a part of land mass near the antenna block in Henveiru for road access to connect to the bridge may have compelled Voice of Maldives to seek a new location in Thilafushi to fix the antennas.
The coverage of Voice of Maldives is about 90% of the Maldives via MW (Medium Wave transmission) on 1449 kHz; the remaining 10% is covered using small FM transmitters via a radio uplink/downlink from satellites.
Following are the radio stations on MW and FM
Voice of Maldives - 1449 AM Male
Raajje FM - 91.0 FM Male
Radio 1 (Radio Eke) - 103.8 FM Male
Radio 2 - 89.0 FM Male
Radio Atoll - 96.0 FM Male
Capital Radio - 93.6 FM Male
Dhi FM - 95.2 FM Male
Far Away FM - 96.6 FM Male
HFM - 92.6 FM Male
Sun FM - 94.6 FM Male
Sarath WeerakoonCLN 4S5SL, Union of Asian Dxers, Mt Lavinia, Sri Lanka, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews (7/9-2018)


Today a new licensed station has started broadcasting on MW from Coltano (near Pisa in Tuscany) in the central part of Italy. Its name is Radio Coltano Marconi and the frequency is 1305 kHz. The station name was not chosen by chance. Coltano, in fact, is the historical site in Italy from where Guglielmo Marconi sent in 1910 the first wireless messages.
The station streams at this web address which also explains its objectives: https://www.radiocoltanomarconi.it/#about
The station address is: via Palazzi 21, 56121 Coltano (PI), ITALY.
Antonello Napolitano, MWC fb group (5/9-2018)

The antenna masts at Heusweiler to be dismantled on September 21st. The masts were used by first Europawelle Saar and then Deutschlandfunk 1422 kHz (1421 kHz until 1978).
Wolfgang Büschel, mwdx yg (5/9-2018)


Lyca Dil Se London 1035 kHz.
Ofcom has extended the broadcasting licence of Lyca Media II Limited (3rd Floor, Walbrook Building, London E14 9SG, https://www.lycadilse.com/) for Lyca Dil Se by five years. The station broadcasts an Asian format for Greater London on 1035 kHz.
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-august-2018 4 September 2018 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (4/9-2018)

As announced earlier, Radio Bloemendaal will give up its AM operation (1116 kHz) after many technical failures this year. The historic medium wave broadcaster (*1924) now gives an official date, although I understand the transmitter is down anyway: "As you have been able to read, we stop broadcasting after 1 October, we are going to concentrate fully on the internet. One of the possibilities to continue listening to us is an internet radio. That is a device similar to a regular radio, only the signal does not come from the air but via internet and WIFI."
Google translation of https://www.radiobloemendaal.nl/nieuws/08-08-2018/Internet-radio/17721819 via
Dr Hansjoerg Biener

Radio Aire 2 Leeds (828 kHz).
Ofcom has extended the broadcasting licence of Radio Aire Limited (Castle Quay, Castlefield, Manchester M15 4PR, https://planetradio.co.uk/aire-2/) for Radio Aire 2 in Leeds by five years. The station plays "the greatest hits from the 70’s and 80’s with a sprinkle of megahits from the 60s and 90s thrown in for good measure. Classic songs that stand the test of time and sound as good today as they did when you first heard them.“ It is noteworthy, that in the case of Northsound 2 Bauer let the medium wave licence go. So the group seems to see some future for AM at least in certain areas of England.
Radio Aire 2 is the AM sister service of Radio Aire and broadcasts to West Yorkshire on 828 kHz. When the channels split on 17 July 1990, the AM service was named Magic 828. After Emap bought Radio Aire and Magic 828 in 1995, they brought the Magic brand to the other AM stations in the group, creating Magic 1161 (Hull), Magic AM (Sheffield), Magic 1152 (Newcastle), Magic 1170 (Teesside), Magic 999 (Preston), Magic 1548 (Liverpool) and Magic 1152 (Manchester). Beginning in 2001 different forms of networking were used. 2015 the station saw a return to the name Aire as Radio Aire 2 although networking with other Bauer stations continued.
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-august-2018 4 September 2018 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (4/9-2018) with some information condensed from the wikipedia entry on Radio Aire 2 at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Aire_2


At this time of the year the possibility rises to hear signals from the region in central Europe. So the last evenings short after 1830 V. o Tigre Revolution came in on 1359 with talk and the easily detectable sound of the drums when local music was played. 5950, the short wave frequency of the station can also be used for identification. Signal in the last days was at SIO: 222.
Zeljko (31/8-2018)


Press release 30 August 2018:
"Absolute Radio [1215 kHz] is turning ten this September, and to celebrate, the station are creating a series of special on-air moments throughout the month. Esteemed broadcaster, Mark Goodier is returning to the radio station to host a series of classic album playbacks for the station. He will present five albums over the five Saturdays in September, starting 8th September. Meanwhile, Danielle Perry will be celebrating the very best in live music, replaying exclusive Absolute Radio gigs from Coldplay, Liam Gallagher, Stereophonics and more. Performances from the last ten years will be played on Live Music Thursday, every Thursday at 9pm throughout September. You’ll also be able to watch some of the classic gigs online, including Elbow at St. Paul’s Cathedral, at absoluteradio.co.uk/live.
In addition, the station is running a poll to select the ‘Song of Our Decade’, for the greatest track since Absolute Radio launched in 2008. With the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Coldplay and Florence + the Machine all shortlisted, listeners can vote for their favourite online at absoluteradio.co.uk. The Top 100 ‘Songs of Our Decade’, will be revealed by host, Leona Graham as part of her No Repeat Guarantee programme. The ultimate favourite will be announced on Friday 28th September.
As previously released, Absolute Radio will also host a birthday gig at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, with Manic Street Preachers, George Ezra and Blossoms all performing. The special gig hosted by Dave Berry and Danielle Perry, sold out in just five minutes when tickets went on sale on Friday 3rd August. The station will air the performances live with exclusive interviews from the artists, hosted by Pete Donaldson on Tuesday 25th September from 7pm."
About Absolute Radio:
Absolute Radio is a national radio station where ‘Real Music Matters’, wrapped up with lashings of personality and mischief from presenters including Frank Skinner, Jason Manford and Dave Berry who have the freedom to say what they think and tell it like it is. Absolute Radio also has a network of digital decade brands; Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s and Absolute Classic Rock.
Listen to Absolute Radio on 105.8FM in London and the South-East, 105.2FM in the West Midlands, nationally on DAB or 1215AM, online, via the official mobile app digital TV or voice-activated device. For more information log on to www.absoluteradio.co.uk.
https://www.bauermedia.co.uk/newsroom/press-releases/absolute-radio-turns-ten via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (30/8-2018)


Demand for revival of Kokrajhar AIR radio station [1512kHz/ed]
In a fresh move, as many as nine democratic organizations including All Bodo Students Union (ABSU), Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS), National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB-Progressive), All Bodo Women’s Welfare Federation (ABWWF), Dularai Boro Harimu Afat (DBHA), All Radio and Television Artistes’ Association (ARTAA), Boro Somaj, All Assam Tribal Sangha (AATS) and United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) have demanded immediate reactivation of All India Radio (AIR), Kokrajhar station of Assam by installing digital recording equipments, high tech studio and 10 KW FM Service.
The organizations in their letter to the Ministry of Broadcasting and Director General, Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi slammed the concerned authority for failing to take effective measures to reactivate the lone radio station in BTC region. The democratic organizations recently have sent their reminder copy to the Ministry of Broadcasting, Director General of Akashvani Bhavan and Deputy Director General (E) of AIR, Guwahati through Deputy Commissioner, Kokrajhar for taking up stringent measure to reactivate the AIR, Kokrajhar station which is lying defunct in the name of repairing since the past one year.
Their demands included immediate completion of repairing works of AIR, Kokrajhar station and installation of digital machineries, up-gradation of existing 20 KW Medium Wave and introducing 10 KW FM Service, up-gradation of existing LPT Relay TV Centre attached with AIR, Kokrajhar station to full-fledged production centre, adequate officers and staff including transmission executives and removal of existing director of the station Akilesh Prasad Singh for his alleged negligence towards the radio station.
The memorandum stated that the All India Radio (AIR), Kokrajhar station was officially launched on August 15, 1999 at Kashipara of Bhotgaon near Kokrajhar, the head quarter of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC).
The AIR, Kokrajhar station was a long felt demand and is the lone station in the region.
Northeast Now https://nenow.in/north-east-news/assam-demand-revival-kokrajhar-air-radio-station.html (28/8-2018)


While on Grassy Key (near Marathon, FL), I recorded TWR Bonaire on 800 kHz (using my PL-880 with its built-in ferrite-bar-loop antenna oriented appropriately). This was on 22-23 August UTC starting before the scheduled 21:30 UTC sign-on, for over five hours. No audio was detected until about 23:14 UTC when some barely audible English could be detected. I think I heard mention of QSL cards. Reception gradually improved to a listenable level during the English hour, which runs from 23:00 until 00:00 UTC with a listed power of 225 kW and the "Caribbean" beam (azimuth?).
There was a significant increase in signal level when Spanish programming started at 00:00 UTC. For this service, a listed power of 440 kW is used with a "North" beam (azimuth?). The transition seemed to take only a couple of seconds. Very good signal through to 02:30 UTC when I stopped recording.
Published schedule: http://www.twrbonaire.com/files/394/2018-05-07_800AM%20schedule.pdf
Richard Langley, WOR io group (27/8-2018)


810 kHz CKJS Winnipeg – Administrative renewal.
The Commission renews the broadcasting licence for the ethnic commercial AM radio programming undertaking CKJS Winnipeg, Manitoba [Dufferin Communications Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, 810 kHz, 10 kW], from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019, subject to the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licence.
This decision follows from CKJS Winnipeg – Conversion to the FM band, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-423, 30 November 2017 (Broadcasting Decision 2017-423), wherein the Commission approved the licensee’s application for a new broadcasting licence for an ethnic commercial specialty FM radio station in Winnipeg [92,7 MHz, 35 kW] to replace CKJS. As stated in the appendix to that decision, the licensee is authorized to simulcast the programming of the new FM station on CKJS for a transition period of three months following the commencement of operations of the FM station. In Broadcasting Decision 2017-423, pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and 24(1) of the Broadcasting Act and consistent with the licensee’s request, the licence for CKJS Winnipeg will be revoked at the end of the simulcast period.
According to Commission records, the new FM station has not yet commenced operations. As noted in the appendix to Broadcasting Decision 2017-423, the Commission reminds the licensee that the new FM station must be operational at the earliest possible date and in any event no later than 30 November 2019, unless a request for an extension of time is approved by the Commission before then. In order to ensure that such a request is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted at least 60 days before this date.
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-315 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-315.htm 24 August 2018 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (26/8-2018)

My station ”Asfalttelegrafen” or ”Asphalttelegraph” in English got license from MPRT (Myndigheten for press, radio och TV) and PTS (Post and Telecom Agency) to broadcast rock radio on 1593 kHz with 200 watt ERP from Boraas City, South Sweden. I wait on a delivery on a sound compressor. I have done some hours of tests broadcast and today I finished the antenna work and have now all the power on the air.
The license start on 27th of August to 9 of September 2018.
This is a temporary station 2 weeks before the national parliament elections, with some political messages only in Swedish and much Music from the 1970s.
Reception reports are welcome on 1593khz@gmail.com. Station ID in Swedish and English is coming.
Torleif Roos, Boraas Sweden (26/8-2018)


The low power TX in County Sligo that broadcasts Laser Hot Hits [1476 kHz and 1494 kHz?] on occasions was back on air yesterday evening at around 2300 Hours U.T.C. relaying Coast FM from Tenarife. It had been silent for several weeks. The signal was fairly good, owing chiefly to the excellent conditionns on the band at this time.
Dave Angell (25/8-2018)


Radio SeaBreeze AM was observed on 747 kHz mediumwave at 07:30 UT on 24 August 2018, announcing as coming live from the [LV8 lightvessel] Jenni Baynton. Format is mostly English pop oldies presented in Dutch.
Reception was good via a web SDR in Groningen, Netherlands, and the station could also be heard in parallel with very poor reception amongst a clutter of low-power Dutch stations on their usual 1395 kHz.
SeaBreeze can also be heard on a live stream from their website at http://radioseabreeze.nl.
Other Dutch stations can be heard on 747 kHz at other times - Radio Seagull was observed there the previous evening.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (24/8-2018)


More to the maybe closure of New Zealand's oldest Maori radio station Te Ūpoko o Te Ika [1161 kHz]
Mike Terry via WRTH fb group (23/8-2018)

"From August 23rd to the beginning of September 2018, Radio Seagull [1602 kHz] will be broadcasting live from the Waddenzee and there will be the opportunity to travel out on our tender to visit. The journey time on the tender is around 45 minutes each way, plus you will have an hour onboard Jenni Baynton (Formerly LV8) complete with a conducted tour.
NEW: Tender trips to the ship on September 1st are now open for booking. Because of the interest in visits to our radio ship when out at sea, we have now opened bookings for extra trips with our tender the MV Ome Cor on Saturday September 1st.
If you are interested you can book by sending an email to 2018Buitengaats@Gmail.Com. We also still have some seats available on Saturday August 25th (8.30) and Sunday 26th
The price is €45 per person, but 3 people who book together will only pay €100. For more information or to make a booking, please e-mail 2018Buitengaats@Gmail.Com"
http://radioseagull.com/summer-2018-2/ via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (23/8-2018)


The radio lightvessel Jenni Baynton from Harlingen has anchored in the Wadden Sea for fourteen days from Wednesday. There are radio programs day and night, and people, who would like to visit Jenni Baynton, can do it during the weekends. Via the mediumwave transmitter AM 747 you can listen to Radio Seagull and other programs throughout Friesland and far beyond.
The bright red painted Jenni Baynton has to be put on the slope for maintenance and that requires 15,000 euros. "That's 15,000 more than we don't have", says Brouwer. Therefore the initiative to go offshore and to invite people for a guided tour. In this way they hope to receive donors and sponsors. "We will soon be at the end of the Pollendam." ( Omrop Fryslan )
Nico uit Gouda (22/8-2018)

CFNV Montréal [940 kHz, 7954689 Canada Inc., Montréal, Quebec] – Licence renewal.
„The Commission renews the broadcasting licence for the French-language commercial AM radio programming undertaking CFNV Montréal, Quebec, from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2023. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application. [...]
In AM radio stations in Montréal, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-721, 21 November 2011, the Commission approved an application for a broadcasting licence to operate this radio station. However, Commission records indicate that the station was not in operation for the majority of the current licence term. This short-term renewal will allow for an earlier review of the licensee’s compliance with its regulatory obligations over the course of the next licence term.“
Ottawa, 21 August 2018 Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-292 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-292.htm
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (22/8-2018)

CKNT Mississauga [960 kHz, 8159203 Canada Limited, Mississauga, Ontario] – Licence renewal.
„The Commission renews the broadcasting licence for the English-language commercial AM radio programming undertaking CKNT Mississauga, Ontario, from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2023. The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application. [...]
In English-language AM radio station in Mississauga, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-722, 22 November 2011, the Commission approved an application for a broadcasting licence to operate this radio station. However, Commission records indicate that the station was not in operation for the majority of the current licence term. This short-term renewal will allow for an earlier review of the licensee’s compliance with regulatory requirements over the course of the next licence term.“
Ottawa, 21 August 2018 Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-294 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-294.htm
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (22/8-2018)


XEROK Christianized. Reporting 8.19.2018 UT that XEROK 800 kHz is now running religious format! IDing as "Onda Cristiana Ochocientos AM" - "La Frecuencia Evangélica De Ciudad Juárez", playing Spanish Christian music, but something strange at 0730 UT, the old official ID was played making mention of being the home of the best grupero music?! I guess they haven`t had time to work on a new official ID to go with their new format.
SIO 333 mixing with XESPN (mostly) and KBFP making a brief appearance every several minutes.
73 de Luís H Esquivel, K6LHE, Pomona CA, to DX Listening Digest

Vividh Bharati and FM Gold on 657 Khz in DRM mode with 200 KW Medium wave TX Power from Amtala near Kolkata.
Debanjan Chakraborty, DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale´FB group (19/8-2018)

A new AM transmitter has been commissioned for Tonga's state broadcaster in a move that is expected to strengthen disaster preparedness.
The CEO for the ministry responsible for disaster management, Paula Ma'u, said the new digital transmitter marks an important step towards the implementation of an enhanced and complete early warning system for the whole country. The Tonga Broadcasting Commission's AM frequency is the only one accessible everywhere in Tonga. Mr Ma'u said the service was the best medium to broadcast not only educational and informational content but also deliver 24 hour warnings and instructions during times of emergency.
He said the new AM service could even save lives in times of disasters.
The Broadcaster's underground connection from the station in Fasi to the transmitter in Popua was badly damaged during February's Cyclone Gita, forcing the state broadcaster to use a temporary frequency until now.
The new transmitter was funded by the World Bank Pacific Resillence [sic] Programme to the tune of $US440,000. Details here:
Mike Terry, WOR io group (18/8-2018)

We know it must be 1017 kHz, but RNZ are grossly deficient in never specifying it. Also, Digital? So it`s IBOC, or DRM? Surely not. Must mean it`s a modern transmitter with digital components for ordinary analog transmission - unless "digital" receivers are being handed out to all Tongans. A "temporary frequency"? What was that, you mean from Nuku`alofa? Or you mean a temporary location? Or a temporary transmitter at same location?
Glenn Hauser, DX Listening Digest io group (19/8-2018)

License surrendered for CIVH 1340 Vanderhoof. Programming moves to existing CIRX FM rebroadcaster
Vista Radio received approval today to revoke the license for CIVH 1340 in Vanderhoof, B.C. The tower was destroyed this past winter when a snowplow accidentally ran into a guy wire.
CIVH programming was then moved to CIRX-1 95.9 in Vanderhoof which was a 1,000 watt rebroadcaster of CIRX 94.3 in Prince George. It appears as if this temporary arrangement has now become permanent, although the decisions do not specifically mention this.
Canadian Radio News, https://www.facebook.com/rwcrn published by Dan Sys, 15 August at 12:47
Andy Reid (18/8-2018)

Oldest Māori radio station, Te Ūpoko o te Ika, 1161 AM faces possible closure.
David Ricquish, WRTH fb group (18/8-2018)


Manx Radio’s AM 1368 service will be off air from 09:30am until 4:30pm today. It's to allow essential maintenance works to be undertaken on the transmitter.
To stay with Manx Radio, listeners should re-tune to 89, 97.2 or 103.7FM or listen via the Manx Radio smartphone app.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (17/8-2018)

WMEX Quincy, MA 1510 has been on the air from its new site shared with WBIX 1260 since the beginning of July, now 250 watts days, 100 watts nights rebroadcasting WATD-FM in Marshfield, the station owned by the new owner of WMEX. In mid-September WMEX plans to increase to 10,000 watts(currently being installed)during the daytimes and run its own programming in the mid-days and afternoons following the weekday morning news show shared with WATD.
Info from local correspondent via Svenn Martinsen, DX-Listeners'Club FB group(17/8-2018)

Onde medie italiane attive anche a Ferragosto. In questi giorni a Lodi il DXer Alessandro Capra ha ricevuto su 1602 kHz Radio 3 Network di Poggibonsi, Toscana, con segnale 8-9 e buona modulazione. A una sua specifica richiesta il titolare della radio ha fatto sapere che hanno migliorato il sistema d'antenna. Evidentemente hanno fatto un buon lavoro!
Tranlated by Google:
"Italian medium waves also active in mid-August. In these days in Lodi the DXer Alessandro Capra has received on 1602 kHz Radio 3 Network of Poggibonsi, Tuscany, with signal 8-9 and good modulation.
At a specific request, the radio owner has made it known that they have improved the antenna system. Evidently they did a good job!"
Giampiero Bernardini to DXing.info FB group (16/8-2018)


Extension granted for CHTO-1 1490 MISSISSAUGA
Canadian Hellenic Radio has until September 1, 2019 to get this 770 watt Greek language rebroadcaster of CHTO 1690 Toronto on the air. The applicant stated that it is taking much longer than anticipated to get this facility airbound.
Canadian Radio News FB group (16/8-2018)


Lyca Radio (London 1458 kHz, WRTH 2018: 125 kW) is no longer required to broadcast local news at least hourly during weekday daytimes (06.00 - 19.00 h). This comes as part of the repositioning of Lyca Radio as a national DAB brand across the UK. Lyca Radio was awarded a licence in December 2017 to broadcast on the national DAB SDL multiplex. Ofcom agreed with Lyca Media II Ltd that the main reason for listening to the station was the Asian music format and not the news content.
Ofcom decided that the change, if approved, would not substantially alter the character of this service, and accordingly that the statutory criterion set out in section 106(1A)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 1990 was met in this respect. In reaching this view, we recognised that this licence was originally awarded (to Sunrise Radio, in 1989) to provide a specialist music and speech service to the Asian community within Greater London. Therefore, while providing some local (i.e. Greater London) news, including stories likely to be of particular interest to London’s Asian community, has always formed part of the station’s licence requirements, we considered that the local news requirement was not as central to the overall character of Lyca Radio’s service as it would be, for example, to a local radio station playing mainstream music and serving a broad audience.
Having been satisfied in relation to one of the relevant statutory criteria, we then considered this request under Ofcom's policy criteria, including our published localness guidance.
Our policy criteria recognises that AM stations are at a disadvantage in retaining listeners because of the relatively poor technical quality of the medium. Therefore, we have said that changes, including substantial changes, to AM station Formats will be more willingly agreed than would be the case for FM stations.
Furthermore, our localness guidance states that AM stations generally need not produce locally-made programmes nor broadcast local material.
In summary, therefore, Ofcom agreed this Format change request because it was satisfied in relation to one of the relevant statutory criteria, and for the two policy reasons outlined above.”
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-july-2018 7 August 2018
Via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (15/8-2018)


The LPAM-licence of Radio Gwendolen on 1287 kHz was extended until 17 August 2021.
Radio Gwendolen is the internal hospital radio service for the patients and staff at the Leicester General Hospital. Leicester's longest running hospital broadcasting service was set up in 1974 by 2 schoolteachers - Ray Lovejoy and Bernard Smith. They wanted to do something against the boredom experienced when being ill and in hospital.
According to http://static.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/html/radio-stations/rsls/longterm-rsls/lrsl000113ba2radiogwendolen the original licence the LPAM-licence started on 18 August 2001. So the station seems to have started terrestrial broadcasting on medium wave around this date. (http://www.dxradio.co.uk/lpam/gwendo.htm says "27th September 2001".)
The station has a website and webstream at http://www.radiogwendolen.co.uk. The web address https://www.1287.co.uk/ given at https://www.hbauk.com/member-stations/profile/171 does not work.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (11/8-2018)


Radio Ninesprings AM Yeovil has surrendered the AM licence for Yeovil and South Somerset (https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-july-2018 7 August), it was awarded in May 2017. The community radio group was later awarded a FM licence.
Originally, Radio Ninesprings planned to launch on 104,5 MHz on 1 July. The launch date was postponed. It is now scheduled for 1 October 2018.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (7/8-2018)

A reaction on the latest post about 2 stations from Spain heard on 1269.
There are indeed 2 stations in Spain, one with 10, the other with 5 kW. Not RNE but Cope. Conditions are very good, that might be the reason that they can be heard over a long distance. And they are the only 2 stations on that channel, 1269 is a clear channel in most of Europe.
Ruud Poeze (7/8-2018)


I heard the RNE, the Spanish national network on 1269 am on 05 August around 2300 hours. There were two signals beating with each other carrying the same programme with a very slight propagation delay, caused by them both taking their source signal from the webstream.
I haven’t heard Spain on this channel before, but they do pop up on some spurious frequencies from time to time for short periods.
Can anyone throw any light on this?
Dave Angell (06/8-2018)


AIR Kokrajhar 1512 kHz. Various Organizations Have Demanded the Removal of Director Engineer of Kokrajhar Station of All India Radio, Assam KOKRAJHAR, July 30:
Various organizations have demanded that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting should remove the Director Engineer of Kokrajhar Station, All India Radio, Akhilesh Prasad Singh, and have also threatened to take out a protest against the utter neglect towards the Kokrajhar AIR station. [...] (https://www.sentinelassam.com/news/various-organizations-have-demanded-the-removal-of-director-engineer- of-kokrajhar-station-of-all-india-radio-assam/ 31 July 2018.
Via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (1/8-2017)

FEB [Fellowship of European Broadcasters] Snippets 30 July 2018:
TWR's new Silk Road Transmitter has opened the door to renewed and expanded broadcasting of God's Word to 60 million people across Central Asia. Many parts of this land of deserts, mountains, steppes and oases are populated by unreached people groups and are hostile to Christians. The 200,000-watt AM transmitter will be able to reach into 10 countries where evangelical believers account for less than 1 percent of the population. For many, this will be their first opportunity to hear the gospel.
Contact: info@twr.org
„In January 2017, we were forced to reduce some of our program airings into Central Asia due to a 150,000-watt AM transmitter being taken out of service. Broadcasting was reduced from three hours to two hours per day. Now God is leading TWR to install the Silk Road Transmitter, a powerful 200,000-watt AM signal, which will increase our coverage area over Central Asia during prime time and provide increased capacity for more programs that listeners want to hear.
To reach the roughly 60 million people scattered in the vast steppes of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the valleys of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and Northwest China with the good news of Jesus, TWR is stepping out in faith to install a 200,000-watt AM transmitter to renew and expand our Central Asia ministry.
TWR is seeking $593,000 to install and commission the Silk Road Transmitter and cover the first year of airtime. Will you prayerfully consider joining us?“
„[...] March 30, 2003, TWR started broadcasting on a 150,000 watt AM transmitter into Central Asia. At the time, when TWR purchased in Germany the transmitter for the PANI project, several used 100,000 watt AM transmitters were offered for sale by German state-owned broadcast companies. TWR purchased 3 of them at a very good price. One of those transmitters was installed at our transmitting site in Swaziland, Africa about 2 years ago.“
At the end of 2016, the 150,000 watt transmitter in Central Asian was taken out of operation. From TWR’s ministry point of view, we need a 200,000 watt transmitter. That would cover the most populated areas in Central Asia with a strong signal. This would only be possible by combining the two 100,000 watt transmitters (with a combiner) into one 200,000 watt transmitter.
We praise the Lord that the owner of the transmitting site accepted the concept we suggested for the replacement of the old transmitter. We see this as nothing less than a miracle from our Lord and a major breakthrough after years of negotiations to renew the Silk Road Transmitter. Another spiritual marker is the additional demand for airtime on the PANI transmitter for Afghanistan. In recent months other ministries approached us requesting airtime. After completing the Silk Road Transmitter project it will be possible to transfer Central Asian programs from PANI to the Silk Road Transmitter freeing airtime on PANI to be used for Afghanistan. An additional advantage is that the Central Asian programs will then be aired at prime time in the Central Asia countries resulting in greater spiritual impact. [...]“
Research by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (30/7-2018)

Radio Bloemendaal (1116 kHz) off air.
Google translation of http://www.radiobloemendaal.nl/nieuws/03-04-2018/stormschade-januari-2018/17719186
27-07-2018: Radio Bloemendaal not yet to be received over the air. Unfortunately this week has failed to get the channel back to the "talk". It probably has to do with the drought. In addition to a wire between the masts, there is a large metal mesh net under the ground that is part of the entire installation. Due to the drought, the capacity of the grid is too small to provide a good countercapacity to the antenna wire. The transmitter therefore can not lose its power and stops it. We hope, just like many of us, a good rain shower. Then we will try again immediately. We keep you informed of developments via the website.
22-07-2018: Radio Bloemendaal can no longer be received over the air. Unfortunately, the transmitter failed today. Our apologies for that. This means that we can only be received via the internet at this time. At this moment we can not say anything yet when we are back in the air. We keep you informed of developments via the website.
Via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/7-2018)

Heritage Radio to leave 1602 kHz for FM. On 25 July, the British regulator Ofcom announced the award of two new community radio licences in England. The new stations will serve communities in Manchester and Leicester. The licences are awarded for a five-year period.
One of the two new community radio licences has been awarded to:
Heritage Community Radio (British Muslim Heritage Centre), Whalley Range and surrounding areas in Manchester. Website: www.heritageradio.org.uk
Heritage Radio’s programming will predominantly serve the Muslim community in Whalley Range and surrounding areas in south Manchester. The station currently holds a licence to broadcast a community radio service on medium wave [1602 kHz] which it will surrender when the FM service commences.
Ofcom awards two new community radio licences 25 July 2018
Via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (25/7-2018)


Here's some info about the item [Unid on 159 Khz] that Dave Angell did on 21/07-2018.
Dave wrote that he heard a French speaking station within the time signal station on 162 Khz TDF in Allouis. Dave is probably hearing the cross modulation effect of Chaine 3 from Algiers on the signal from Allouis. This effect is also known as the Luxembourg effect. A wellknown effect on long wave.
Earlier, when more stations were operating on long wave, the effect was mosty audible on different channels in the evening and night conditions. This Luxembourg effect is also good audible every evening on the SDR Twente receiver.
In this link more info: http://wshu.org/post/luxembourg-effect#stream/0
W. Prins, Haren, The Netherlands (25/7-2018)


"Tests from the Jenni Baynton in Harlingen harbour are on air 747 kHz - 402 mtrs medium wave. Power around 100watts.
Radio 0511 Fryslans//1332 is relayed. 747 kHz will be broadcasting from the former lightship on the Waddenzee anchored off the coast from 23-8-2018 until 1-9-2018. Daytime JB 747 AM, at night Sietse Brouwer's Radio Seagull//1602 kHz.
Once again there is the possibility of visiting the ship at sea during that period with the tender Ome Cor from Harlingen. Visit and tour at a reasonable price.
Paul de Haan, Stevie Gordon"
Svenn Martinsen, DX Listeners' fb group (24/7-2018)


Radio Caroline’s 648kHz transmitter will be off air from 20.00UTC this evening (Monday 23rd July) until approximately 05.00UTC tomorrow morning.
John Hoad Faversham Kent UK (23/7-2018)


There is a number of AM to FM conversions happening in Australia. The following AM stations have already migrated - (sorry if some station info is missing - I'm just giving basic details to let DXers know which AM allocations are gone or are soon to go). Some conversions are just in the preparation stage (ACMA submissions) e.g. for 6VA Albany, 2AD Armidale, 2TM Tamworth (to name a few). Some will be just frequency swaps with the local TAB horse racing outlets which will move their service to the AM frequency now in use by the commercial broadcaster.
Many allocations will be a messy affair due to the ACMA's poor spectrum planning from times past. It will require shuffling a number of existing stations or translators. They just should have stuck to the AM to FM conversion process they started in the late 80s instead of giving stations supplementary commercial FM licenses and back when there were plenty of FM frequencies available --- unlike now --- before all the community, ABC and narrowcast licenses came on air.

(Spirit radio) Karratha 1260 kHz now 102.5,
Exmouth 747 kHz now 102.9,
Paraburdoo 765 kHz now 94.1,
Tom Price (Red-FM) 747 kHz now 96.1,
(1089 kHz Collie went a couple of years ago and is now on 101.3)

3YB Warnambool 882 kHz swapped with the 3RPH outlet on 94.5. So 882 kHz stays on air but is now 3RPH.

Other stations set for conversion from AM to FM in 2018/2019:

2BS Bathurst (1503 kHz) most likely 95.1 FM,
2XL Cooma (918 kHz), 2GN Goulburn (1368 kHz), 2LT Lithgow (900 kHz), 2LM Lismore (900 kHz). [FM to be unknown?]
2BH Broken Hill was offered FM but elected to stay on AM (567 kHz).

7BU Burnie (558 kHz) to 100.9 FM,
7AD Devonport (900 kHz) to 98.9 FM.
7SD will also convert but will keep 540 kHz.
Note that 837 kHz Queenstown TAS is long gone (92.1 FM).

6MM (1116 kHz) to 91.7 FM.
Geoff Wolfe Numeralla NSW Australia, DXLD io group via mwdx yh group (22/7-2018)


I heard an unidentified French speaking station on 159 KHZ Long-wave, on the adjacent channel to the silent France Intair carrier. It was playing Popular music with a French-speaking DJ. I didn’t ge an ID as the signal was very weak, and faded considerably. This was on the night of 15 July. It has disappeared since.
Long wave signals do sometimes fade up on the sky-wave from some amazing distances, never to beheard again.
Dave Angell (21/7-2018)

890 KTXV relayer of CRI is OFF.
China Has Fallen. 7 days ago I turn the radio on 890 KC; all I heard was The Sound of Silence, no carrier, no modulation, no nothing. It was last Friday the 13th in which I turned on China and heard nothing but static. I don't know what's going on down there in Mabank.
Mark Sills, Dallas, Texas, July 20, DXLD.
This is about KTXV, 890, CoL Mabank TX, which had been a 24-hour relay of CRI, per NRC AM Log, U4 20000/250 watts, with STA of D3 20000. That means direxional-daytime only. Altho listed street address is in Houston, Mabank is in The Metroplex market, somewhat SE of Dallas next to Gun Barrel City.
Glenn Hauser, OK, DXLD io group (20/7-2018)


I am hearing Coast FM, [North Wales] back on 1494kHz with a clear ID. SIO 544 with very very light fading.
Noted at 2119 UTC - Armagh, Northern Ireland with a SDR Play RSP1A and Wellbrook ALA1530LN.
Jordan Heyburn, WOR io group (19/7-2018)

I've been hearing a pirate since yesterday on 1650 AM. First just IDing as Classic 1650, now with WXLV in the callsign. Very few IDs yesterday, now many today, so the station seems to be evolving. Seems to be on constantly since I first noticed it yesterday.
They were playing country music yesterday, 40s and 50s music this morning, and now 60s music. Fading in and out, so not very nearby, and I can pick it up on an SDR about 100 miles away. At times up to S9+10 locally. I would think others in the Mid Atlantic should be able to hear this as well.
WXLV seems to be assigned to a NC TV station, and also used (informally I guess) by an Allentown college station. I compared against the latter's stream, and it was not the same.
HFU thread: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,44425.0.html
Chris Smolinski, Westminster, MD USA, WOR io group (19/7-2018)


WWFD 820 [Washington DC] becomes first all-digital AM station.
Les Rayburn, WOR io group (19/7-2018)


In answer to Hansjoerg's query regarding Dales Radio, I can confirm that the station is still on the air on 936 KHz from the Hawes transmitter site. I'm within ground-wave range but the signal is somewhat noisier than it used to be when Fresh Radio used the site. However, I'm led to believe that Dales Radio now operates at 150 Watts whereas Fresh was running 1 KW.
Ian Marsh (18/7-2018)

936 kHz - Can anyone confirm that Dales Radio (Colvend, Hebden Road, Grassington, North Yorkshire BD23 5LB) is still on the air. The former web address http://www.dalesradio.co.uk is unavailable. The more recent http://www.dalesradio.co redirects to http://www.radioplayer.dalesradio.co/ but no webstream was available when checked. Dales Radio used to be on 936 kHz for additional coverage of areas not reached by their FM stations.
Dr.Hansjoerg Biener (18/7-2018)

1179 kHz - Can anyone confirm that Radio BGWS (British Gurkha Welfare Society) is still on the air. The information at www.radiobgws.co.uk has not been updated for years and no web stream was available (even when checked at the limited time span 1145-1800 hours given as time of operation). The station seems to be missing in the country section of the World Radio TV Handbook, page 403, but is listed in the medium wave table, page 527.
Dr.Hansjoerg Biener (18/7-2018)

AIR Nagpur (585 kHz) celebrated 70th Anniversary
TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018.
Via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (18/7-2018)

Radio Caroline / Ross Revenge Radio Ship / Radio Caroline North is back on the air this weekend (21/22 July) live from the Ross Revenge with a great line up of DJs. Listen on 648 AM, online and on Manx Radio 1368 AM. Join us for more memories and prizes from our web shop.
Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk - the only address that gets you straight through to the onboard studio.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg group (18/7-2018)

The belgium transmitter at Wavre 621 kHz seem to suffer technical problems since quite a long time. I am located less than 200km from this site and can estimate a low power operation since the end of June.
They will practise a "no touch" policy until the end of their transmissions at all.
Walter Barteczek (18/7-2018)


For several years now, the Hörby Radio Association HRF (in collaboration with Experimenterande Svenska Radioamatörer and Sveriges Radiohistoriska Förening) organises a history radio day in September.
This year's VeteranLjuddagen will take place on 1 September. On this occasion there will be low power broadcasts on Hörby’s former medium wave frequency:
"During a 14-day period beginning one week before Veteran Audio Day, Hörby Mellanvåg will broadcast at 1179 kHz, 254 meters! Even this year, we have been granted permission from PTS to send midwave on Hörby's old frequency.“ (Google translation of http://veteranljuddagen.se/veteranljuddagen%202018.html)
In 2017, broadcasts started on 22 August. Reception reports were welcome at: 1179@veteranljuddagen.se.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (17/7-2018)


Last Wednesday, I have been listening to RTBF on 621 kHz, and I noticed something strange. As we already know, the schedule used to be 5h to midnight local time (i.e. 0300z to 2205z in summer) until last June. In the night, when there was no broadcast, the transmitter was turned off completely.
Now the schedule is 6h to 20h local time (0400z - 1805z). The modulation actually ends after the 1800z news, but the carrier does not go off any more. In fact, according to the Twente WebSDR archives, the transmitter stays on 24/7 since June 30th, broadcasting silence all the night long!
This is, let's say, very surprising, because the reason given for changing the broadcast schedule is electricity saving. I wonder what is going on; I sent an email to lapremiere@rtbf.be asking why the carrier remains on, they did not answer yet.
73 Vincent F4HPZ (16/7-2018)

The website of Betar Bangla (1503 kHz) is found under the address http://www.betarbangla1503.net. Former domain names www.betarbangla.net and betarbangla.org.uk are not in use any more and do not link to the new domain.
The programmes are streamed at http://live.canstream.co.uk:8000/betarbangla.mp3 but the audio was not good when checked. Betar Bangla is a Community Radio Station with a full broadcasting licence from OFCOM since 2010. Before getting their own licence, they had 2 hours via Sound Radio on the same frequency 1503 AM since 2002.
According to http://www.betarbangla1503.net/about-us/, Betar Bangla has 80,000+ listeners on medium wave and 180,000+ listeners on line.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (16/7-2018)


On 5 July 2018, Radio Tyneside activated its Community Radio Licence and launched on 93.6 MHz.
The hospital broadcasting service for the RVI, Freeman and Queen Elizabeth hospitals – which has been in operation since 1951 – has been granted by OFCOM a Community Radio Licence to broadcast to the Newcastle and Gateshead areas, promoting health and wellbeing for the 50+ age group.
This means that FM replaces the medium wave Long term RSL for 1575 kHz.
See: 93.6FM Launch. Live from 12 noon on Thursday 5th July 2018
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (15/7-2018)

1521 kHz Flame CCR.
We hope to be back soon
1521 Medium Wave remains silent and will continue to be off air for several more days awaiting repair and maintenance.
However we continue loud and clear via our webcast service and welcome to the world of internet radio. There is no extra cost to you, download your fave app and search for Flame Christian and Community Radio and add us to your faves. We recommend Radio Player as this also gives you access to our Listen Again service, but Tune In and Xiialive apps are also highly recommended. You can also listen by clicking the LISTEN button on our Home page and on Internet Radio
July 7, 2018/0 Comments in News by Norman.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (15/7-2018)


Radio North 846 KHz (unlicenced) from Donegal seems to be absent from 846 at present.
Their internet stream is working. Listening NW coast Isle of Man where we usually have a strong signal.
(Reported heard again at 13:00UTC.)
Les Kaighin, MWC facebook group (12:00UTC 10/7-2018)


On 30 June and also on 01 July, Alger Chaine 1 was putting an extremely strong signal into the UK on 891 KHZ after dark. Very good reliable signal with narrow-band but clear modulation.
Maybe they will be using this frequency regularly again. It could well be using 700 KW, but as the hop here in the UK after dark is shorter than it is in Winter, the signal strengths vary dramatically, with the closer sky-wave signals coming in louder in the Summer, and the strong DX stations all being much weaker in strength.
Dave Angell (02/07-2018)

1548 khz (MW) Trincomalee, Sri Lanka absent for many days now.
Jose Jacob, WRTH facebook group (2/7-2018)


Cyber Gold new on 1602 kHz, launched July 1st. Heard at my location in southern DNK at 12:32 UTC using the NRD 525 and 30 m longwire. Very nice oldie-mx. On air on 1602 kHz 05:00-17:00 UTC.
Identifying as "Cyber Gold - the oldie station; from the radio ship "Love and Peace" anchored up in international waters of Fantasy Island"!      :-)
Ydun Ritz (1/7-2018)

This saturday 30.06.2018, since 2000 UTC, I noted in the 891 channel, the sound of Alger Chaîne I.
By my ear, I don't feel they're using full 600 kW, but is far stronger and clearer than the 981 kHz signal. And I noticed that the new signal in 337 mts. 891 is notabily narrow in comparision other carriers, local and from abroad, available on my QTH (Valencia, Spain). SINPO is 45444 using a SONY IFC-M260.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia Spain (30/6-2018)


KBC radio will stop ther transmissions at 1-7-2018 at the 1602 will be take over by cyber gold.
It's all happening on Sunday July 1st when we launch our new radio station – CYBER GOLD in the UK and Netherlands.
Following on from our successful Sixties Sunday show on Cyber Rock, CYBER GOLD will travel back to the sixties and broadcast the very best 60s music from the MV Love and Peace "at anchor in the International waters of the North Sea".
CYBER GOLD will be available everyday from 06:00 to 18:00 on DAB+ in London and the Home Counties and in the Netherlands on AM 1602 and DAB+.
The station will also be heard nationwide via online and mobiles.
Evening programmes from 18:00 to 06:00 will feature progressive and alternative Rock music.
Comments Tatiana Safonova CEO of Cyber Digital Radio: "We are really excited about the launch of CYBER GOLD - Our marketing department has identified there is a massive potential high net worth listenership that remembers the 60s offshore radio stations fondly and love sixties music, we expect to sell out most of our commercial airtime over the summer period.
Our aim is to make CYBER GOLD sound fresh and re-capture all the fun from what was a wonderful period in radio and music history."
73 Andre Schokker (26/6-2018)


The transmitter on 1494 am broadcasting from Sligo in Ireland was active again in the early hours of Sunday 24 June, outputting Laser Hot Hits. It was a weak signal here in the UK, but had good quality modulation.
This signal tends to be speradic and to disappear for weeks at a time.
Dave Angell (24/06-2018)


Summer solstice bandscan.
It stopped raining, what little rain there was, as I went outside with the radio at ca. 2235Z.
As I did expect, the MW band was weak. I could hear the big UK transmitters, and that was it.
The LW band gave me a bit of a surprise. No because signals were booming in – they weren’t – but because of hearing BBC bouncing off of the French transmitter on 162 kHz. Tuning low, to 160 kHz, gave the best reception. As far as I could tell, it was the same as whatever was going out on 198 kHz. Some sort of Luxembourg effect? No idea.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (22/06-2018)


Absolute Radio has closed the following transmitters
1197: Wallasey (18th June)
1215: Hull (19 June)
In addition, for Absolute Radio, Plymouth and Swindon transmitters are also reported to have closed.
James Robinson (20/6-2018)


RTBF Belgium 621 kHz. This morning at 04.00 UTC, the station came on straight away, no interval signal, but when I tried it after listening to Kalundborg weather forecast at 15.55 UTC, the station was already off the air, so it went off much earlier than the 18.00 UTC quoted in your Medium Wave News. It looks as if the station is going to go off permanently very soon, I wonder if it will be 30th June?
I am only guessing.
Keith Rann (20/6-2018)


CKNT Mississauga ON is on the air at 960kHz. Power: 2/.28kWs. They are playing classical music with a test announcement giving out the calls, a phone number and gmail address.
Andy Reid (19/6-2018)


RTB-F slowly leaving the MW. Since May 31st on 621 kHz, only from 0400 to 1800 UTC.
Full details (in French) below.

Christian Ghibaudo (18/6-2018)


The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service for [Hospital] Radio Tyneside [1575 kHz]
"Radio Tyneside is delighted to announce that today Buckingham Palace has granted our organisation The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, which award is the MBE for charity.
We are really honoured to have received this award and proof of the outstanding work that our volunteers go to for the organisation. Following on from winning three awards at the recent National Hospital Radio Awards, the organisation will soon be broadcasting on FM as a hospital and community radio station for Newcastle and Gateshead. 2018 is turning out to be a great year for us."
Dave Nicholson Chairman, Radio Tyneside.
The station hopes to announce the date of the FM launch and the frequency we will be broadcasting on very soon.
The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK.
The unique UK national honour was created by Her Majesty to mark the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and to recognise the outstanding contributions made to local communities by groups of volunteers.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (14/6-2018)


On 1 June 2018, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission renewed the broadcasting licence of Vista Radio Ltd. for CKWL Williams Lake (British Columbia). The new licence runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2025. CKWL 570 kHz (1 kW) rebroadcasts the programmes of CKCQ-FM 100.3 FM in Quesnel, British Columbia. (Stream: http://www.mycariboonow.com/stream/ckcq/).
Information on the station’s history can be found at http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/listing_and_histories/radio/ckwl-am.
https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-198.htm with additional information researched by
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/6-2018)

On 1 June 2018, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission renewed the broadcasting licence of Maritime Broadcasting System Limited for CKDY Digby (Nova Scotia) and its relay transmitter CKDY-FM (103,3 MHz) Weymouth. The new licence runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2025. According to http://avrnetwork.com/on-air/ckdy-on-air-in-digby/ 1420 CKDY is delivering „Today’s Best Country to Digby and the surrounding area“ (Stream: http://mbsradio.leanplayer.com/CKENFM).
Information on the station’s history can be found at http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/listing_and_histories/radio/ckdy-am.
https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-198.htm with additional information researched by
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/6-2018)

Bretagne 5 (1593 kHz) is back again; heard June 5th and 6th.
Nico from Gouda (6/6-2018)

KJNP North Pole (Alaska) (1170 kHz, 50 kW) at reduced power.
„Starting Monday June 04, 2018 KJNP AM will be operating at reduced power while we replace our Main Antenna tower. The initial cost estimate we came up with for the whole project was between $ 200,000.00 and $ 300,000.00. As of June 01, 2018 we have received gifts of $ 136,761.40 towards this, we have spent $ 224,061.78.“ (http://www.mosquitonet.com/~kjnp/index.html)
KJNP ("King Jesus North Pole") was founded by Don and Gen Nelson in 1967. The station is located just outside North Pole, Alaska. The staff live on the grounds surrounding the station building. KJNP AM, one of four 50 kW-AM-stations in Alaska, is on air approximately 19 hours a day with a religious format (Country/Gospel music, news, Bible, children's and family oriented programmes). KJNP AM serves the Fairbanks area and remote villages in Alaska in a radius of 200 miles in the summer and at an unknown distance in the winter months. KJNP Radio also puts its AM programming on local FM Translators in the region.
Information taken from the internet site via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/6-2018)


Due the bad weather in Britanny, Bretagne 5 (1593 kHz) is OFF the air now
Christian Ghibaudo to WRTH fb group (3/6-2018)


Moorside Edge Transmitter - Essential work affecting listeners in the North of England - Radio 5 Live
There will be a daily interruption of BBC 5live on 909 kHz medium wave in the north of England (Yorkshire and Humber, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside) from Tuesday 29th May 2018. We need to complete once-in-a-decade maintenance on the masts and guy wires at the Moorside Edge transmitting station. BBC 5live transmitter will need to be will be switched off, to create a safe environment for the teams working on the masts, between 09:00 and 17:00 each day for around twelve days. Work may start earlier (from 07:00) at weekends.
The 5live transmitter will be switched off only when absolutely necessary. If there are days when no work is taking place (because of bad weather, for example), we will keep the transmitter on. On air, announcements will be made before we turn the transmitter off each day.
This only affects BBC 5live on 909kHz medium wave in the north of England. 5live will be available as normal on digital radio and digital TV, through the 5live website and the BBC iPlayer Radio app. Listeners in some areas might also be able to tune to 693kHz medium wave.
However, you can use our Transmitter Checking tool which will give you an exact view of the current status of the transmitter and any recent changes.
We’re sorry for any disruption to your listening that this may cause.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/engineeringnews/item152 Date: 29.05.2018
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (1/6-2018)


Friuli-Venezia Giulia: press release from Free Radio AM-RDE 1584 kHz.
Free Radio AM - Radio Diffusione Europea is at the center of an attack on its credibility by illegal radio operators.
For several months, our station has been overcome by strong signals in the evening, with the intent to create disturbance and damage our image. Even more serious, this interference assumes the form of a real clone of our station. Our jingles and our voices are recorded and modified with obscene language.It is a fact, that this is a criminal project designed to make our broadcaster desist from continuing its emissions. The Ministry of Economic Development has been made aware of this situation in all the relevant stages since as early as January 2018. Despite numerous contacts and assurances, nothing has been done at least apparently until today.
The situation is worsening. Our surveys show that the cloned signals of our broadcaster are multiplying. We distance ourselves from any identifier that can transmit offensive jingles, blasphems and so on. We also await a serious, strong and definitive answer to this shame by the competent bodies as soon as possible.
We invite you to report to our editorial office any wrongdoing that can be heard on the so-called Radio Diffusione Europea specifying also the time and the reception area. Thanks for your understanding and good listening.
Ass. AM Group http://www.assamgroup.it/2018/05/20/comunicazione-agli-ascoltatori/ as translated by google, improved and shortened by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (30/5-2018)


The CRTC extended the licence of Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation for 560 CFOS Owen Sound, (http://www.560cfos.ca/, stream http://bayshore.leanplayer.com/CFOSAM):
- „The Commission renews the broadcasting licence for the English-language commercial AM radio station CFOS Owen Sound, Ontario, from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2025. The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application.“ (Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-181 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-181.htm 23 May 2018)
- „560 CFOS is the region's heritage AM station playing the oldies you want along with award-winning local news, weather, sports and talk shows. CFOS began broadcasting on March 1st, 1940. CFOS broadcasts at 560 kHz on the AM dial from Bayshore's downtown Owen Sound studios.“ (http://www.560cfos.ca/page.php?page=about)
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/5-2018)

New public regional station in Transylvania (AM 1197, 1593 kHz and FM) planned.
"From 1 October 2018, Romania will have another public regional broadcaster. On 24 May, the Board of Directors of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation decided to establish the new regional studio Brasov (Kronstadt). Radio România Brasov FM is formed by merging the sub-divisions Antena Brasovului of Radio Târgu Mures and Antena Sibiului of Radio Cluj. Brasov FM will serve the Transylvanian counties Brasov and Sibiu, where the presence of the public service media was so far only weak (according to the statement). The potential audience consists of the approximately 1 million inhabitants of the two counties and the numerous domestic and foreign tourists visiting the region. Radio România Brasov FM will broadcast from 1 October 2018, initially on 93.3 MHz FM and AM 1197 kHz for Brasov and 1593 kHz for Sibiu.
More FM frequencies will be added later.
The program will be predominantly in Romanian, but there will also be programs in the languages of local minorities, Hungarian and German."
Sorin Georgescu, German mailbag program of Radio România International, 27 May 2018, http://rri.ro/de_de/horerpostsendung_2752018-2582136, translated by
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/5-2018)


CKYL 610 Peace River AB quietly left the air sometime within the last month. It is marked as off air now in the ISED database. CKYL is now on FM only.
Andy Reid (27/5-2018)


Looks like Absolute Radio from Westerglen has gone onto reduced power now.
James Robinson (24/5-2018)

If interested in every corner of radio listening, antennas, technical matters and more, the website https://www.radioenthusiast.co.uk/ is the platform, where you can learn more about this interesting world. The site is so to say the umbrella above the two magazines Practical Wireless and Radio User, and is highly recommended.
Ydun Ritz (24/5-2018)

Absolute Radio transmitters appear to have closed as follows:
15 May Hoo (1197 kHz)
17 May Dundee (1242 kHz)
18 May Guildford (Pirbright) (1260 kHz)
19 May Sheffield (1233 kHz)
19 May Cambridge (1197 kHz)
But Hull appears to still be on.
James Robinson (24/5-2018)


Hi Ydun. Just to let you know in case you hadn't heard, the Absolute Radio 'filler' on 1197 kHz from Chesterton Fen, Cambridge, was switched off sometime over the weekend.
Regards, Giles M. (22/5-2018)


On 17 May 2018, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence of Canadian Hellenic Toronto Radio Inc. for CHTO Toronto (Mississauga 1690 kHz). The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application. The new licence for the commercial ethnic station runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2025.
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-167 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-167.htm
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (20/5-2018)

On 18 May 2018, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence of CPAM Radio Union.com inc. for CJWI Montréal (1410 kHz). The new licence for the commercial ethnic station runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2020. The station has a long history of non-compliance with CRTC rules.
So: „This short-term licence renewal will allow for an earlier review of the licensee’s compliance with regulatory requirements.“ (Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-168 and Broadcasting Orders CRTC 2018-169, 2018-170 and 2018-171 https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-168.htm)
The station was Canada's first station in the extended medium wave band (2002: 1610 kHz) but has since moved to 1410 kHz.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (20/5-2018)


More information/pictures on Euregio Radio's medium wave activity (891 kHz) can be found at http://euregioradio.per.nl/index.php/een-nieuw-radiogeluid-op-de-middengolf-891/ (in Dutch).
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (18/5-2018)


Sad to hear of yet another eclectic format AM station shutting down in the Atlanta, Georgia market - WMLB (AM) on 1690 kHz has signed off as of Sunday May 13, 2018. Here is a link to Atlanta Journal-Constitution Radio/TV Blog covering the story and WMLB's owner...
WMLB at 1690 kHz also suffered from being on the upper end of the medium wave broadcast band in an area of the country with one of the lowest ground conductivity making the ground wave signal fall off significantly passed the Atlanta city limits. The skywave signal of WMLB at 1690 covered a good portion of the southeast U.S. as I was able to hear it clearly in the Florida panhandle region while vacationing the week before the station's shut down.
Harry S. via dxld yg (17/5-2018)


I heard an unidentified Spanish speaking station on 1080 kHz around 2300 hours UTC playing Spanish commercials and pop music. It put out an extremely strong signal with good modulation on this frequency but had disappeared by midnight.
Can anyone throw any light on this please?
Dave Angell (15/5-2018)

TWR’s 800 kHz Bonaire Facility Gets 440,000 Watt Makeover.
RadioWorld (14/5-2018)


Hull 1215 khz (Absolute Radio) back on air on 12 May.
James Robinson (13/5-2018)


Hull 1215kHz (Absolute Radio) closed on 8 May. This is the only transmitter reported to have definitely closed so far.
James Robinson (12/5-2018)


"Radio Caroline North is back on the air this weekend, online via the green button above and on Manx Radio 1368 AM. Our programmes will also be carried on our own 648AM service.
Just ahead of the Royal Wedding on May 19th we'll have a fabulous Royal Themed Hamper to give away, thanks to our friends at Tiptree. And you can also win up to £50 to spend in our webshop thanks to Lisa Dolley, a listener from Cornwall.
So do join us live onboard our historic radioshiop Ross Revenge for another weekend full of memories. Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Radio Caroline"
Mike Terry in mwdx yg (11/5-2018)


The CBC received approval to convert Radio One CBKS 1450 AM in Cache Creek, B.C. to 93.5 FM. The new station will operate with 1,127 watts. Antenna height will be -59.1 metres (EHAAT). The radiation pattern will be directional. Programming will continue to originate from CBYK 94.1 in Kamloops. Call letters will be CBYK-2.
The CBC has also received approval to shut down Radio One CBWA 860 AM in nearby Ashcroft when the new FM in Cache Creek is launched as the new FM signal will adequately cover both communities.
https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-147.htm?_ga=2.86027992.1901715875.1525973797 -266612896.1508512092
Canadian Radio News fb group (10/5-2018)


Government broadcaster Radio Nepal used to stream five of their regional radio services from its main website [radionepal.org.np] but then dropped them and reverted to just streaming their main national service. Now one of these regional services - Radio Surkhet - has set up its own website with live audio streaming at http://www.radiosurkhet.org.np, broadcasting in Nepali (and possibly other local languages) and English.
Only 90.2 MHz FM is announced on air and cited on the website - no mention of their locally-sited 576 kHz mediumwave frequency, which presumably only relays Radio Nepal's national service.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via WOR io group (6/5-2018)


London medium-wave and DAB station Love Sport has asked Ofcom for permission to change its format – and remove the requirement to specifically cover business, finance and entertainment news.
Ahead of its sale, the previous licensee of the 558 AM frequency – Spectrum Radio – got approval last October to change the character of service of the licence to remove focus on ethnic minority communities in London.
Now, the regulator has begun a consultation to seek views from interested parties as to whether Love Sport should be allowed to change its format. Ofcom says the change could substantially alter the character of the service.
Radio Today (5/5-2018)


ISLAMABAD - The federal government has allocated around Rs1,644 million for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting against an estimated demand of over Rs2,747 million for the fiscal year 2018-19 https://nation.com.pk/28-Apr-2018/info-ministry-gets-rs1-644-million
The Nation, Pakistan (28/4-2018)

I.R. of IRAN has made some major changes in their AM frequency network. 585 Tehran (formerly used by Radio Farhang) has now moved to 558 kHz and carries national channel Radio Iran. 585 is now used at Gheslagh site for Farhang.
Also several tx. which used to broadcast on various QRG have now been re-tuned into 558 kHz with Radio Iran making this one big network, including 1x600 kW, 1x500 kW, 1x400 kW, 5x200 kW, 2x100 kW, 3x50 kW.
Source:http://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=1kHz=558 (very right column)
Michael Kraus (28/4-2018)

Radio Bloemendaal to stop mw.
Google translates:
After the summer of 2018 we will stop broadcasting via the medium wave. When we do not know exactly yet, but of course we will keep you informed. We will concentrate completely on the Internet with sound and images and all the associated listening possibilities etc.
Harald Kuhl (27/4-2018)

1494 is now (2300 UTC 26/4) relaying Coast FM Tenerife (http://www.coastfmtenerife.com/)
AMScan website lists a station on 1494 KHz called Nonstop 90s in Sligo, Ireland (http://fmscan.org/info.php?i=4100210). The page notes that the on-air program is different from the webstream, which points to a Dublin FM station with the same name.
The Dublin station has a slightly different name - Non-Stop 90's vs. Nonstop 90s for 1494 KHz.
Liron Lightwood (27/4-2018)

Laser Hothits was audible all afternoon and until 2200 IST with a very strong signal. The transmitter is in County Sligo just north of me. I used a directional antenna to locate the place. It cannot be too far from me- the programme still comes in without any fading. This means I pick it up via ground wave.
The programme changed to "Coast FM" from Tenerife/Canary Islands at 2200 IST. News is on the hour every hour, the rest is just music and station announcements.
The programme can be heard as well via internet: http://www.coastfmtenerife.com/
Michael Foertig (27/4-2018)

Bretagne 5 - usually on 1593 KHz- is still absent from the airwaves. It stopped broadcasting at the end of March.
Nothing about this on the webpage: https://www.bretagne5.fr/
Bretagne 5 is back on 1593 Khz after an absence of about 2 weeks (on 28/4).
Michael Foertig (27/4-2018)


Laser Hot Hits is on the air on 1494 KHz now (2230 UTC 25/4) and 6205 (2245 UTC) with different programs, heard via various European SDRs.
Their Facebook post of April 22 says that they are broadcasting “Across Europe on 1494 MW, 6205 SW and 98FM.”
Liron Lightwood (26/4-2018)


I have heard Laser Hot Hits on 1503 KHZ am and it has been on that channel since yesterday evening and was still there at 7:30 am CET today 25 April.
I do not know the country of origin but I think it may be coming from a relay in Ireland somewhere.
Dave Angell (25/4-2018)

There was an unidentified station on 1504 KHZ, playing pop music with a fairly poor signal. I think it may have been coming from Ireland. There was a station ID but the signal was not strong enough to work out what the announcer had said. Sometimes it faded up stronger but not at the right times.
Can anyone throw any light on this? It had disappeared by around 10 pm British Summer time.
There had been a signal coming from Ireland intermittently using this channel back in January 2017, but that had been fairly strong.
Dave Angell (24/4-2018)


Both 1485 (Radio Today) and 1422 (Hellenic Radio) are back on air in Jo'burg. Both were already back when I checked last night (April 20) at 1849ut. Both still on air as of April 21 at 0445ut.
Bill Bingham, Jo'burg, RSA via WOR io group (21/4-2018).


Radio Seagull is off air, and not web streaming. The TX on 1602 KHZ is still running dead air, and is modulating the noise from the empty relay channel.
Does anyone have any information on this?
Dave Angell (19/4-2018)

Radio Seagull is now back on line, so I assume that it is now back on air. I won’t be able to tell if the am is actually running the stream until nightfall as I am out of ground-wave range here in Leicestershire.
Dave Angell (19/04/2018)


Bell Media announced this morning that CFTE 1410 Vancouver will be dropping its TSN Sports format on April 30th to become All Business BLOOMBERG RADIO 1410.
CFTE had been operating as an "overflow station" for Vancouver's TSN 1040 (CKST) since 2010. With the arrival of Sports Net 650 (CISL) in Vancouver this past Fall having 3 Sports stations in the market was redundant. TSN 1040 will now merge some of the programming that was broadcast on TSN 1410.
Story from Miss 604: https://miss604.com/2018/04/1410-bnn-bloomberg-radio-launches-in-vancouver.html
Canadian Radio News fb group (18/4-2018)


Ofcom has agreed the shut down of Absolute's MW sites...
Here is copied text from radiotoday.co.uk.
The Bauer station argued that continuing to provide 90% population coverage is no longer ‘reasonably practicable’ and if permission is not granted for the reduction, it would result in Absolute Radio having to close down the entire AM Network.
So, from May, these transmitters will be turned off: Plymouth, Redmoss (Aberdeen), Hull, Torbay, Redruth, Hoo (Kent), Greenside Scalp (Dundee), Wallasey, Pirbright (Guildford), Chesterton Fen (Cambridge), Rodbourne Sewage (Swindon) and Sheffield.
In addition, power will be reduced asap at Brookmans Park (serving London and the northern home counties); Droitwich (serving the West Midlands); Moorside Edge (serving the North West and Yorkshire); Westerglen (serving Central Scotland); and Washford (serving South Wales, Avon and Somerset).
James Vincent (17/4-2018)


Radio Bloemendaal 1116kHz heard here at 18.10UTC. Dutch religious talk and organ music, good signal and very good modulation, I would think they must now be back on 500watts and a rebuilt antenna system.
73's John Hoad, Faversham Kent UK (15/4-2018)
Indeed their antenna is now rebuilt and back on 500 Watt after the storm damage in January and also I have a good receipt in Gouda, the Netherlands.
Greetings from Nico (15/4-2018)

Radio "Voice of the Fatherland" in Kurdish apparently on April 1, no longer broadcasts on MW 1395 kHz, but only on SW 11530, probably from Moldova, and at 1350 kHz from 1945 again broadcasts the radio in Arabic, apparently sound from some television, it seems called "Al-Azm Radio and TV".
Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, RusDX 8, via dxld io group (15/4-2018)

Supply of equipment, construction and installation and commissioning of the project "Transfer and reconstruction of communication lines and structures for the transfer of broadcasting to the site of the RTPS Olgino at the address: 104, Lakhtinsky St., St. Petersburg, with the aim of releasing land plots from the object of communication at the address: St. Petersburg, ul. Sofiyskaya, 71 "
- Installation of one medium-wave broadcasting transmitter, power 10 kW at a frequency of 828 kHz.
- Restoration of the mast-antenna ShV-77 on the site of the RTPS Olgino (https://vk.com/vcfm2014)
RUS-DX # 972 via Anatoly Klepov (15/4-2018)


I report:
The station did not leave the air! She is still on air.
Radio Radonezh - Orthodox radio broadcasting for Russia and compatriots abroad. Radio "Radonezh" is on the air in Moscow 24 hours a day on the wave of VHF / FM 72.92 MHz, and also on the medium wave AM 612 kHz for four hours a day from 16.00-20.00 UTC. We also broadcast three hours a day in St. Petersburg - 684 kHz, Ryazan -73.13 MHz, Orel - 68.15 MHz, Yaroslavl - 72.26 MHz, and two hours in Vladivostok at medium wave 675 kHz.
The potential audience of Radio Radonezh is about 20 million listeners. Listeners all over the world have access to Radonezh radio programs via Internet.

On the Radonezh radio site at that time there was information about the costs of the station for servicing the MW transmitter. And the fact that the station found its way out of a difficult situation and continued broadcasting on medium waves is a great service for a radio station that for several years already reported on the shutdown of broadcasting to the MW and came out of this difficult situation, which can be read in the Internet. Currently, the station does not have sponsors, as it was before and exists thanks to the financial support of listeners, which is reported on the station's page in the Internet http://radonezh.ru/help.
We wish Radio Radonezh stations success and always remain on the air at medium waves, from which almost all the stations in Russia left, and there were only a few.
Anatoly Klepov, RUS-DX (14/4-2018)


Absolute has now got the go ahead to cut it AM coverage.
The following site will close:
Plymouth, Redmoss (Aberdeen), Hull, Torbay, Redruth, Hoo (Kent), Greenside Scalp (Dundee), Wallasey, Pirbright (Guildford), Chesterton Fen (Cambridge), Rodbourne Sewage (Swindon) and Sheffield will be turned off altogether.
David Ayling (13/4-2018)


Sistema Cardenal also on HJHN Magangué 960 kHz.
A news item in La Cuarta Vía.com tells that this inactive station should be on the air from March with Sistema Cardenal programing. The Instagram page of Sistema Cardenal already announces the Magangué 960 freq. (ex Caracol Radio).
This freq. is part of a three stations pack to be transfered from Caracol to S.Cardenal during 2018.
Mauricio Molano Salamanca Spain, mwdx yahoo group (8/4-2018)


On 1071 kHz DRM, it's TDF SMARTCAST from Quimerc'h, France:
Current audio is silence only.
Best regards, Alexander Busneag (7/4-2018)


Radio Radonezh. I do not understand why the editor of the Rus DX bulletin often publishes untested or inaccurate information. "Radio Radonezh" as before on air at a frequency of 612 kHz according to the schedule: 16.00 - 20.00 UTC.
Just turn on the receivers:
Vasily Gulyaev (5/4-2018)


I heard a DRM signal on Tuesday 04 April around 1100 Hours BST on 1071 KHZ. I cannot resolve D R M as I only have am on those channels.
Can anyone tell me what it was?
Dave Angell (5/4-2018)

It could be either 1071 kHz from Quimerc'h, France or AIR Kolkata on the same frequency.
Or anyone with a better guess or real knowledge?
Ydun Ritz (5/4-2018)


[Hospital] Radio Tyneside [1575 kHz] to leave medium wave for FM:

Ofcom awards eight new community radio licences 29 March 2018.
Ofcom has today announced the award of eight new community radio licences in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The new stations will serve communities in: Bristol, Maldon, and Newcastle and Gateshead, in England; Belfast in Northern Ireland; and Cumbernauld, Musselburgh, Tranent and Wallyford in Scotland. Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular area or community of interest. More than 250 community radio stations are currently on air today. [...]

Radio Tyneside to broadcast on FM (NEWS · 29 March 2018) Radio Tyneside, the hospital broadcasting service for the RVI, Freeman and Queen Elizabeth hospitals – which has been in operation since 1951 – has been granted by OFCOM a Community Radio Licence to broadcast to the Newcastle and Gateshead areas, promoting health and wellbeing for the 50+ age group.
Radio Tyneside’s Chairman Dave Nicholson MBE said “This is a great day for our organisation. It will allow us to expand our service outside of just the hospitals. These days most patients don’t stay in hospital for a very long period and our idea is to help with their recovery once back home. At the same time, hopefully pass on advice and information to our listeners that will help with their lifestyle”. The news of their successful bid for the FM licence comes hard on the heels of the station being runners up in the Station of the Year category in the National Hospital Radio Awards held on 23 March 2018 in Windsor. Dave said that “winning the licence application was the icing on the cake.”

Radio Tyneside started broadcasting on 6th October 1951 [...] Back in early 1950, six Newcastle United fans were sitting in a pub when they came up with an idea of broadcasting match commentaries to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle upon Tyne, which was conveniently situated around the corner from Newcastle's home ground, St James' Park. An approach to the club resulted in a yes and the first match, when Newcastle beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1, was broadcast live on Saturday 6th October 1951. From that moment on, Radio Tyneside has been with you for over 65 years, now broadcasting around the clock on Hospedia in the hospitals, to Newcastle and Gateshead on 1575AM and online [http://www.radiotyneside.co.uk/radioplayerv4/] wherever you are.


Frequency: 1575 KHz
Establishment: -
Type: AM
On Air From: 28-10-2008 to: 26-10-2018 [current licence term]
General Enquiries: 0191 222 0789
General Enquiries (email): info@radiotyneside.co.uk
Licence Number: LRSL000038BA/3
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (3/4-2018)


Two towers, about three times the height of the Qutab Minar, are likely to be erected at as-yet-undecided locations in the country for disseminating Indian Standard Time.
The National Physical Laboratory, an organisation charged with ensuring that Indian time stays accurate, has signed an agreement with IFR Information Dissemination Services (IFR) Ltd., which will set up the towers and employ long wave radio (LWR) technology to purvey this time to a range of users, from phone companies to railway stations. Customers will need a microchip that can be embedded into everything, from wall-clocks to servers.
“Long range radiowaves from the towers can be reliably transmitted even during major disasters. Other than time, information such as a tsunami warning or weather warnings can also be sent,” Pawan Kumar Kasera, director, IFR, said at a press conference. IFR is affiliated to the Germany-based EFR GmbH, which is in the business of providing similar services in Germany.
The company now requires a plethora of permissions from other government departments to host these towers, each with a range of 1,000 km, and an investment of about Rs. 600 crore, which it will raise privately.
The NPL would help IFR keep their caesium clocks (located in the tower) calibrated but wouldn’t be involved in setting up the infrastructure related to time dissemination. Last year, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-body had tied up with the Indian Space Research Organisation to provide time-related services for its satellites. “The advantage of LWR is that the waves travel close to the ground and so can reach out to far-flung locations, even to submarines. We’d advertised through newspapers asking private players to help us disseminate NPL-time to the public. Five companies approached us and we’ve selected IFR,” Dinesh Aswal, director, NPL, told The Hindu .
Jacob Kosh 29 March 2018 http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/coming-huge-towers-to-publicise-right-time/article23377284.ece
Mike Terry, WOR io group (2/4-2018)

Since March 28, Radio Radonezh has stopped broadcasting at 612 kHz. It's strange, they close the Moscow frequency, but how about 20 million listeners who live in the Moscow region as well.
After all, coverage of VHF broadcasting is not very large. http://www.radioscanner.ru/forum/topic30247-324.html (via Rus-DX 25 March via DXLD)
I would never argue with the native speakers in the region, but it seems that this item needs some explanation/further inquiry. According to http://radonezh.ru/news/radio-radonezh-prekraschaet-veschanie-v-moskve-na-srednikh-volnakh-125631.html, the station would have closed on this frequency years ago. What about Narodnoye Radio, another orthodox station? According to WRTH 2018, they shared the frequency. So: Is Narodnoye Radio also off the air?
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/4-2018)

Not so. http://vcfm.ru/vc/Cities/moskva.htm shows only Narodnoye Radio gone. And indeed: Shortly after 1500 UT the transmitter was off. But it was on at 1558 re-check, already with Radio Radonezh program audio, in this moment wrapping up Programma Blagoveshcheniye, listed separately on the vcfm.ru page but in fact being part of the Radio Radonezh program schedule.
Formerly the transmitter would have switched at 1600 from Narodnoye Radio to Radio Radonezh. Seems that the latter remains now always plugged in and just the carrier will be keyed on shortly before 1600. So it indeed appears that Narodnoye Radio has terminated its use of 612 kHz, although they still show it at http://narodinfo.ru/castoti.php.
Kai Ludwig, WOR io group (2/4-2018)


China Huayi Broadcasting Station MW/SW observations.
Since the start of the A-18 season China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation [CHBC] has become monitorable (albeit in my case only by web SDRs in the region) due to Voice of Korea vacating CHBC's sole SW frequency. For the past few days I've been hearing the Fujian-based broadcaster crash-starting on 6185 kHz around 09:10-09:20 UT most days [some sources state 09:50 UT sign-on] and remaining there until switching off shortwave at 16:00 UT. Programming is in Mandarin and IDs noted were either "Zhongguo Huayì Guangbo Gongsi" or simply "Huayi Guangbo" - they used to ID in English too but now seem to have dropped that practice. I've only observed them announcing their mediumwave (873 kHz) and FM frequencies (107.1); no mention of shortwave. Their intended audience is both domestic and external, the latter being Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora in south east Asia. Using web SDRs in Northland, New Zealand [for 6185 kHz] and Shenzhen, China [for mediumwave] I've found reception varies from fair to very poor on both frequencies. 873 kHz is often plagued by co-channel QRM, especially by NHK's 500 kW transmitter, but at times it was heard in parallel to 6185 kHz.
The information given on their 'About' website page at www.chbcnet.com is somewhat out of date, still listing their long-defunct 4830 kHz frequency. I used to be able to monitor this station on their live webstream but nowadays their embedded player is silent here - it may be geoblocked.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (31/3-2018)


Programming of Radio Caroline North live from the Ross Revenge is currently being heard via 3 AM frequencies. 648kHz from Orfordness, 1368kHz from Foxdale on The Isle of Man and 1350kHz from Milan, Italy via I Am Radio.
73's John Hoad, Faversham Kent UK

Subaru makes a positive move on AM.
In the USA the Subaru/Harmon Kardon premium radio is equipped with an automatic bandwidth control. The stronger the AM station the wider the bandwidth.
Could it be that car radio makers are starting to take a second look at performance on AM?
Article here: https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/subaru-makes-a-positive-move-on-am
Mike Terry, WOR io group (30/3-2018)


Radio Sawa to scale back Regional Broadcasts.
To save $9.5 million in 2019, the U.S. government’s Arabic language broadcaster Radio Sawa plans to restrict its FM and AM transmissions to Iraq. This will mean the end of Radio Sawa’s radio service, AM and FM, to the rest of the Middle East.
In addition, Radio Sawa’s country-centric feeds for Egypt, the Gulf, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco and Sudan will be terminated, both on air and online at www.radiosawa.com. The remaining Radio Sawa Iraq feed will be streamed.
James Careless, RadioWorld (28/3-2018)

Can Digital Save Medium Wave?
An interesting article, written by the chairman of Digitale Radio Mondiale Ms. Ruxandra Obreja https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/can-digital-save-medium-wave
Alokesh Gupta via Digital Radio Mondiale fb group (29/3-2018)


It's another Radio Caroline North mega-broadcast this weekend, online here and on Manx Radio 1368AM.
We'll be live on board our historic radio ship Ross Revenge from 9am Good Friday morning through until 2pm Easter Monday afternoon, with our annual Easter Fundraiser and much more.
We've unearthed a rare interview with the late Ron Cannon OBE, coxswain of the Ramsgate lifeboat back in 1991 when it attempted to rescue our ship's crew from the Goodwin Sands. And thanks to Lisa Dolley, a listener from Cornwall, we'll again be giving you more chances to win goods from our webshop.
So join us for four memorable days this Easter on Radio Caroline North.
http://radiocaroline.co.uk via Mike Terry, WOR io group (28/3-2018)

The Dutch legacy medium wave station Radio Bloemendaal [1116 kHz] is off the air again. On 18 January 2018 a storm destroyed the antenna masts of Radio Bloemendaal. On 23 February the station returned to the air, but due to problems with the antenna matching, they had to use the low power 50 Watt reserve transmitter. On 25 March this transmitter broke. Radio Bloemendaal first went on the air in 1924 to relay religious services from a local church.
Regular coverage of the antenna problems can be found at http://www.radiobloemendaal.nl/nieuws/19-01-2018/Stormschade-18-januari-2018/17717641.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (28/3-2018)


Radio Caroline returns to its roots.
Interesting article today by Dr. Lawrie Hallett who lectures at the University of Bedfordshire and reports on the industry for Radio World from Norwich.
Good industry PR for The Lady, although purists might have comments.
Mike Terry via mwdx yg group (26/3-2018)


From June 2019 when RTE Ireland is expected to switch off its transmitter on 252 khz the only remaining English speaking longwave station in Europe will be the BBC on 198 khz.
Mike Terry, WRTH fb group. (23/3-2018)


Equinox bandscan
On longwave, an unusually weak signal from Gufuskálar (189 kHz).
On MW, the only clear signals below 1MHz were the Brits. The others were a muddle of voices and beating carriers. I managed to copy Smooth Radio on 1170, Absolute Radio on 1233 and what was probably BBC R4 on 1449 kHz.
Also, a harsh, buzzing, jammer-like drone on 1575 kHz, which I guess was the Iran Special.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (22/3-2018)


The jamming signal reported on 12 and 13 March on 1521 KHZ was audible here in the UK on the night on 19 and 20 March, and was fairly strong. The local Asian language station in Coventry was being quite seriously interfered with by this strange jammer which does sound like a helicopter.
Dave Angell (20/03/2018)


The government website http://www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/index.php/it/comunicazioni/radio/assegnazione-frequenze-onde-medie-am provides for some interesting reading.
According to the information given, the government in 2017 started a licensing process for up to 86 single frequency stations and eleven synchronised medium wave networks („Gleichwellen“). The pdf-documents show 531 and 330 pre-registered applications for a competitive licensing process.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (19/3-2018)


The new German station Radio Uberfranken 1584 kHz is audible here in the UK with a weak signal but strong modulation. It does suffer serious QRM though from the other QRP stations, sharing this channel, including the Punjabi one in London, which at times fades in very strong over the sky wave propagation.
I heard the German around 2300 hours CET on 12 March with German easy listening music and a regular recorded announcement identifying the station.
Dave Angell (13/03/2018)

Tonight [between 11th and 12th] on 1521 kHz I received a signal that sounded like a new jamtransmitter.
Radio Beijings Russian Service Radio Kitaja is strong on my Asia beverage. Best signal on my EU-beverage in 205 degress, where I pick up this form of "Helicoptersound".
73 Torleif Roos, Boraas Sweden (12/3-2018)


Radio Talwasa 945 kHz: Thanks, yes, it can be heard also in Finland, attached a weak recording from Friday. It helps, that AIR Sambalpur is off the air waiting for the new transmitter, but Iran and Romania are mostly on top.
I just got a reply from them and they say, that this private station has replaced the semi-gov station Paktin Voice 1386 kHz and doubled its transmitter power.
Seems, that talwasa.af domain is out of use, so working emails have talwasa.com at the end.
Mauno Ritola, FNL (12/3-2018)

Further information on Radio Talwasa 945 kHz.
The station went on the air in May 2015 (Private AM radio on air in Paktika to counter insurgency May 24, 2015 http://afghanistantimes.af/private-am-radio-on-air-in-paktika-to-counter-insurgency/).
The picture on the about-us-page http://talwasa.com/about/ shows two AM transmitters built by the US-firm Broadcast Electronics: „AM 10A“ and „AM 2.5E“ (probably reserve transmitter).
Information sheets about these transmitters can be found at http://www.bdcast.com/products/details/a-series/am-10a and http://www.bdcast.com/products/details/e-series/am-2-5e.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/3-2018)


New(ish) on mediumwave is Radio Talwasa, based in Sharana, the capital of Afghanistan's Paktika province (thanks to Indian DXer Ck Raman for alerting us to this via the WRTH Facebook group). It broadcasts on 945 kHz & 87.9 MHz FM at 06:00am to 10:00pm local time [01:30-17:30 UT] according to their website at http://talwasa.com and http://talwasa.af, although I've observed them signing-on at 11:30 UT on a Friday (9 March).
The website is mainly in Pashto but also has an informative About Us page, and hosts a live stereo audio stream.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (10/3-2018)


Radio station Northsound to switch off analogue service.
One of the best-known local radio stations in Scotland is to stop broadcasting on medium wave.
Northsound 2 [1035 kHz] in Aberdeen will be the first established radio station in Scotland to end analogue broadcasting.
From 3 April, it will only be available on digital radio and online. Sister station Northsound 1 will still be available on FM as well as digital.
Northsound is owned by Bauer Media which owns all the so-called "legacy" local radio stations in Scotland. These stations, which were opened in the 1970s and 80s, include Radio Clyde, Radio Tay and Radio Forth.
Originally Northsound, like other local radio stations, broadcast on both FM and medium wave - but in the 1990s it started to provide distinct services on each frequency. In recent years, all its programming has been shared with other Scottish medium wave stations owned by Bauer, although it still has local news, travel and advertising. No plans have been announced so far for any other Bauer stations to cease medium wave broadcasting.
Northsound said: "Digital listening makes up nearly 50% of all radio consumption and is growing rapidly.
Our transmitter site is being re-developed by the landlord, so we took the opportunity to take the station fully digital rather than invest significantly in a replacement transmitter that could be obsolete in a few years."
Across Britain, nearly half of radio listening is now through digital broadcasting - including DAB digital radio, online and slots on digital television.
It seems certain that all BBC and professional commercial broadcasting on FM and medium wave will eventually end, but a switchover date has not yet been set.
BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live will continue to be available on AM frequencies across Scotland.
BBC News (9/3-2018)

Radio West is reporting that CKYL in Peace River, Alberta is now testing their 100,000 watt transmitter on 94.9 FM, the frequency previously occupied by the 2,500 watt nested repeater CKYL-1 in Peace River.
The test transmission states that testing will conclude on March 21st. It is unknown if CKYL 610 will sign off at that point or whether they will utilize the authorized 3 month simulcast period. When CKYL 610 goes dark it will mark the end of AM radio stations in Northern Alberta outside of the Edmonton area.
Canadian Radio News FB group (9/3-2018)


It has been annoucned today that Northsound 2 is to close on medium wave 1035 kHz on 3 April.
More details here https://radiotoday.co.uk/2018/03/northsound-2-to-switch-off-am-radio-service/
James Robinson (8/3-2018)


London multi-ethnic multilingual broadcaster Spectrum Radio, which has been broadcasting to the capital on 558 kHz since 1990, has now left the mediumwave channel.
It's been replaced by Love Sport Radio, which is due to officially launch on 19 March but can already be heard with full programming on the MW channel and via a live stream from their website at www.lovesportradio.com
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (7/3-2018)


Starting today I noted a new station on 530KHz. Not Radio Madre, which occupied this frequency until a few months ago, but "Somos Radio". A twit reveals a logo: https://twitter.com/Relatoresconvos/status/969643439536115712
So far the station is playing nothing but music and brief IDs.
Incidentally, yesterday I heard FIRS Port Stanley on this frequency, which means they started broadcasting today.
Entry to WOR io group (3/3-2018)


CHFO 1350 in Gatineau has begun testing with French language rock music.
Canadian Radio News FB group (28/2-2018)

Syrian clandestine on 1350.
1350, Radio Al-Kul, at 2159 with talk in Arabic and ID by man. Followed by silence. So far strongest signal from this one at SIO: 322. (Feb 26)
73 Zeljko (28/2-2018)

"Antena Satelor" is a full 24h service on 153 kHz long wave - there is no "Actualitati" relay between 22:00 to 06:00 Romanian time. However, the MW frequencies of "Antena Satelor" (531, 603, 630, 2x 1314 kHz) are off air during these times.
Additional information: Every morning, between 04:53 and 04:55 Romanian time, "Antena Satelor" transmits a 1 kHz test tone. After that, the interval signal of Radio Romania is played several times. You can hear this procedure on LW 153 kHz.
Best regards, Alexander Busneag (28/2-2018)


"Antena Satelor", 5th national radio network operated by public broadcaster Radio Romania, relay 1st chain "Actualitati" during night between 22 and 6 AM romanian time.
However, this additional broadcast of RR Actualitati is nowhere mentioned neither in MWLIST / MWSCAN nor in EMWG (outdated) and also not on Wikipedia who states Satelor as an own, fulltime network.
Antena Satelor broadcasting frequencies: 153 kHz long wave, 531, 630 and 2x 1314 kHz medium wave plus few small FM.
Regards Robert Duebler (27/2-2018)

The outlet of Radio North from Ulster on 846 kHz is much louder in main land UK since they increased the power to three KW. A nice signal in the evenings here in Leicestershire, but some adjacent channel interference from a TX based in Leicester which carries the BBC Asian Network. Radio North should be audible in much of Northern Europe after dark now, as the channel is pretty clear.
Dave Angell (27/2-2018)


MBR installation (former Deutsche Bundespost, Telekom) Media and Broadcast 153 kHz (155 kHz til 1986) longwave 2-mast DLF Donebach Germany, 500 kW, nighttime 250 kW screened signal towards Brasov Bod-Romania will be exploded, blown up and destroyed for ever on Friday March 2nd 2018 between 1200 and 1400 hrs CET/MEZ, or 1100 and 1300 hrs UTC.
Last DLF Cologne bcast transmission happened on Dec 31, 2014.
73 de Wolfgang Bueschel (26/2-2018)


In a QSL Radio North informs, that the transmitter power on 846 kHz has increased from 2 to 3 kQ.
Hans Verner Lollike, DNK (25/2-2018)


Today Feb 24th 2018 at 19.25 UTC Iran with the jam transmitter is back on the air again on 1575 kHz tonight, but now not so strong.
Yesterday the channel was clear and free.
Torleif Roos, Boraas, Sweden (24/2-2018)

CBC closed their repeater in Donald BC within the last month - CBWD 900 MW. It was likely shut down because of a lack of listeners.
Andy Reid (24/2-2018)


There is still music on AM radio, at least here in the desert. KWXY (http://kwxy.com/) is a 24-hour station in Cathedral City (next to Palm Springs) transmitting a 1-kW signal on 1340 kHz from a single omnidirectional tower. The music is adult-oriented and consists of easy-listening, familiar vocals and instrumentals from the past including movie themes, and smooth (mostly) jazz. The station claims to have the largest radio station music library west of the Mississippi with over 12,000 recordings. On the weekends, there is a two-hour jazz show ("Jazz Meets Latin Jazz") hosted by New York - based Jim Luce. The station describes its format as the "sound of elegance" as well as "relaxing music" and "beautiful music." But it's far from "elevator music." There are brief weather reports every hour and occasional news bulletins. And for us Canucks, there is "Canada Calling" (http://canadacalling.com/) twice a day at about 09:15 and 12:15 PST. This program is just about the only "overseas" service from Canada on the radio these days.
The station was first licensed in 1964 and started with the same format it has today. It changed its format to syndicated liberal talk in November 2015 but the station wet silent shortly after in August 2016. It returned to the air in March 2017 with its traditional format. KWXY has a sister talk station, KKGX on 920 kHz AM (5 kW daytime and 1 kW nighttime with a four-tower directional array) and 99.1 MHZ FM.
KWXY puts in a good signal here in Palm Desert but is likely not heard much further afield. It would be a good DX catch outside the coverage area especially considering the number of stations on 1340 kHz in the U.S. and Canada.
Richard Langley, WOR io group (23/2-2018)


The Jamming signal on 1575 KHZ which originates from Iran was not on air yesterday evening 21st February, so the channel was nice and clear.
Dave Angell (22/2-2018)

Iran's national broadcaster Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran [VIRI] was observed with the Voice of Palestine opt-out from their main Arabic Service in progress on 1161 kHz at 19:45 UT on 21 February 2018. It was heard in parallel on 6060 kHz and reception was fair to poor on both frequencies (via a web SDR in Lutsk, Ukraine), with the mediumwave channel battling for dominance with the co-channel Egyptian regional station at Tanta. The programme finished at 20:30 UT and after a couple of minutes of audio from VIRI's main Arabic Service 1161 kHz went off air. There's a full schedule for the broadcaster's MW/SW/satellite 'Arabic Radio' frequencies (though not specifically Voice of Palestine) here: tinyurl.com/vopiran
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (22/2-2018)

Very interesting observations.
WRTH gives the Qasr-i-Shirin shutoff as 2130 so that earlier closedown is new. Also we have at the same time 1080kHz opting out of normal Arabic broadcasts to serve Bahrain. This leaves a possibility that the Palestine program could also be carried by 765kHz (Chahabar) and 1224kHz (Kish island).
Some further monitoring will be needed to see if 1161kHz is alone in carrying Voice of Palestine in the evenings.
73 Dan Goldfarb, WOR io group (22/2-2018)

VOIRI is picked up in Cairo on 1080 and 1224. 1080 is having a co channel of Kan israel Rashet Dalet... In Arabic as well.
On 1224 heavy QRM from Radio Monte Carlo in Arabic.
1161 is a hard catch due to Central Delta Radio.
Tarek Zeidan, WRTH fb group (22/2-2018)

Via the Karelia Perseus I can say that 765kHz is in parallel with 1161kHz. Slightly unusual being so far to the East within the country.
So if 1930-2030 is Voice of Palestine then no longer on SW only. 1224kHz was impossible to hear.
73 Dan Goldfarb (Colchester, England), WOR io group (22/2-2018)


RTV Radio Treviso, after an absence of more than one year, has reappeared on medium wave on the new frequency of 1602 kHz. Formerly they made some test broadcasts on 1476 kHz. The station (first heard by Alessandro Groppazzi) announces on the air to have got a license on 14 November 2017 and gives the following contacts:
E-mail address: rtv1602@libero.it – Phone number: (+39) 333.706.66.99.
Antonello Napolitano in MWC FB group (20/2-2018)


Ukrainian DXer Oleksandr Yehorov informs that the following Ukrainian MW transmitters are silent since February 1st 2018:
657 kHz Chernivtsi UR1
837 kHz Taranivka UR1
1278 kHz Petrivka UR3
1404 kHz Izmail UR1
1431 kHz Luch RUI
Radio Ukraine International FB group (19/2-2018)


Entire on air staff let go at the MBS stations in Saint John.
Ricky Todd passes on word that everyone was laid off this past Friday at the 3 Maritime Broadcasting System stations in Saint John, New Brunswick. CJYC 98.9 (COOL FM), CIOK 100.5 (K-100), and CFBC 930. Ricky describes the sad situation:
"The MBS office has been emptied of all on air staff Friday last week, Now 100 percent voice track from 7am - 7pm roughly and no local on air staffing presence anymore in the office. Got people from as far away as West Coast voice tracking the stations and some of the staff from their other stations, CFBC is still the guy from Miramichi, CJYC and CIOK are using staff from their other stations at times with no on air n ames and Nathan from Winnipeg, driving by the building and the lights are usually off in the studios and there are no cars in the parking lot."
Canadian Radio News FB group (16/2-2018)

All India Radio Dibrugarh (567 kHz, 300 kW) celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 15 February 2018. Media reports obviously referring to the same press release can be found at these news sites:
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (16/2-2018)


New German station Radio Oberfranken has been testing for about a week on 1584 kHz with estimated power between 1 and 5 kilowatts.
Heard in northern Germany with SINPO 42433. Anybody have an idea of site?
Robert Duebler (14/2-2018)


The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) on Monday cleared a total of 24 development projects at an estimated cost of around Rs200 billion. Among them was installation of 100kW Medium Wave Digital Transmitter at Mirpur, AJK, for countering cross-border propaganda, at a cost of Rs143.8m, and rehabilitation of medium wave services for Muzaffarabad Radio Station, AJK, at a cost of Rs160.6m.
https://www.dawn.com/news/1389000 (13/2-2018)

On 1 February 2018, TWR West Africa Transmitter Station (WATS) celebrates ten years of reaching across barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness in the West African region by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and providing spiritual guidance to the people in this region (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Togo). Beside the English broadcasts, the station airs its programmes in languages like Hausa, Igbo, Twi, Yoruba, Fongbe, Jula, Bambara, Kanuri, Lukpa.
At its humble beginnings, the transmitter [rather: building] was built with hand-made cement block bricks by Garth Kennedy and a team of local labourers. Garth, a quantity surveyor by profession initially started working at TWR planning the re-design and expansion of the studio/office building for TWR in Abidjan to replace the studio/office in the home of Abdoulaye and Elizabeth El hadj of Timbuktu. The Kennedy family were the first TWR missionaries to serve at the West Africa Transmitter Station. To see the medium wave transmitter turned on, and hear those first few words being broadcast into an area with more than 190 million people, was something very special to Garth and the team.
Excerpts from https://www.twrafrica.org/index.php/see/news/616-twr-wats-celebrates-10-years-of-radio-ministry via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (13/2-2018)

(CRTC) Extension granted to the NEW 1220 AM IN ST. CATHARINES.
Radio Dhun Incorporated (10070394 Canada) has until April 20, 2019 to get this new 10,000 watt English language Classic Hits station in St. Catharines on the air. Call letters for the facility have still not been selected.
Canadian Radio News fb group (12/2-2018)


Tomorrow February 13th is the annual World Radio Day.
The following from Wikipedia:
World Radio Day is an observance day held annually on 13 February. World Radio Day is about celebrating radio, why we love it and why we need it today more than ever. A day to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe. It was proclaimed on 3 November 2011 by UNESCO's 36th General Conference after originally being proposed by the Kingdom of Spain.
http://www.diamundialradio.org/home (12/2-2018)

Effect Radio Waves New Transmitter TWR Kralendijk.
TWR would like to address concerns the people on Bonaire may have regarding the effect of radio waves of this new 440kW transmitter. What changed this year at TWR (Trans World Radio)-Bonaire?
On January 30, 2018, Trans World Radio put into operation a new 440 kW transmitter. Before that time, TWR used a 100 kW transmitter. A transmitter turns electrical signals into radio waves.
What are Radio Waves?
Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves, the same kind of waves as e.g. visible light, but with a longer wavelength and much lower frequency. Radio waves travel at the speed of light and have been used for communicating across long distances for almost 100 years.
Is this the first time TWR Bonaire broadcasts on 440 Kw?
No, Trans World Radio had been broadcasting at higher power (500kW) for 35 years, from the year 1964. In 1999, TWR decided, for financial reasons, to downscale to a much smaller transmitter. This transmitter did not reach countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Caribbean Islands very well, therefore TWR recently restored the power back to 440kW.
Are there health risks?
In 1997, KEMA *) measured the field strength of the 500 kW transmitter. KEMA reported, “The electric and the magnetic field strength measured outside the TWR fence is very low, much lower than the limits mentioned in the European and American standards”. Measurements by Trans World Radio on February 6th, 2018 confirm that this is still the case.
*) Kema: KEMA (Keuring van Elektrotechnische Materialen Arnhem) NV, established in 1927 was a global energy consulting company headquartered in Arnhem, Netherlands. It offered management consulting, technology consulting and services to the energy value chain that includes business and technical consultancy, operational support, measurements and inspection, and testing and certification services. On 22 December 2011, DNV GL acquired KEMA's shares, creating a global consulting and Certification Company with 2300 experts located in over 20 countries
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/2-2018)


The 549 TX used for the am outlet of Spirit Radio returned to the air this evening just after 7 pm GMT. Firstly with a strong carrier and then with modulated bursts of music and speech.
We look forward to their hasty return to am, and with a good signal strength.
Dave Angell (10/2-2018)

TWR Bonaire 800kHz. Acc. to TWR Bonaire there may be slight changes to the schedule, but it should be now like this:
2130 – 2300 Caribbean 50 kW Spanish
2300 – 2400 Caribbean 225 kW English
0000 – 0300 Northwest 440 kW Spanish
0300 – 0500 Caribbean 225 kW Spanish
0500 – 0800 Caribbean 100 kW Spanish
0800 - 1000 Brazil 440 kW Portuguese
1000 - 1100 Caribbean 225 kW Spanish
1100 – 1200 Caribbean 100 kW Spanish
1200 – 1230 Caribbean 50 kW Spanish
73, Mauno Ritola (10/2-2018)

Consultation on reduction of Absolute Radio medium wave coverage.
Ofcom has today published a consultation on a proposed variation to Absolute Radio’s national analogue radio licence. Absolute Radio is seeking to reduce its medium wave (AM) coverage across the UK, from 90% to 85%. The station would continue to be available to listeners in the affected areas via DAB digital radio, via television on the Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media platforms, and via the internet. We are now seeking views from interested or affected parties which must be submitted by 26 February 2018. We will take all responses into account before reaching a final decision.
The consultation can be found at
BDXC via Dave Kenny (9/2-2018)

CBC received approval this week to flip IRCP Natashquan QC from 1100 MW to 99.9 FM.
Andy Reid (9/2-2018)

CBC received approval the other day to decrease the power of CBU [690 kHz] to 25kWs day and night. https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-52.htm
Andy Reid (9/2-2018)

Absolute Radio propose to close 12 MW transmitters and reduce power on 5 sites. Consultation is now open.

James Robinson (9/2-2018)

For some time now, I don’t get Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation Reiba from Sudan on 1296 anymore. Here in west Germany the station was regularly under COPE Valencia from Spain and R. XL. The 600 kw strong station was for some time slots during greyline even dominating the channel.
Does someone have any information about the current situation?
Thanks and 73, Zeljko (8/2-2018)



Spirit Radio has been off air on 549 am for some time now. However, it could be possibly returning to the air next week as a team of engineers are visiting the site at the weekend to get the Harris TX up and running again, so the station could well be loud and clear and back by next week.
Dave Angell (7/2-2018)

Remember, it is World Radio Day February 13th, and the theme this year is 'Radio and Sports'.
Ydun Ritz (7/2-2018)

There is a new low powered medium wave station from Italy on 1485 kHz: Radio Feltre Stereo. It is broadcasting from the area of Belluno, a city in the North East Italian region of Veneto.
A number of Italian MW stations have got their license some months ago. Among them, for example, Free Radio AM from Trieste near the border with Slovenia which in the last days has put into operation a new transmitter with an output up to 2.5 kW. Some others, instead, were not successful in obtaining a license like Challenger Radio on 846 kHz but its owner Maurizio Anselmo has announced an appeal. However it should be also mentioned that despite a large number of licenses was issued, only a few stations have really started broadcasting. This means they risk to loose the license.
Antonello Napolitano, WRTH fb group (5/2-2018)



KQV 1410 Pittsburgh says goodbye.
It's coming back. "The husband-and-wife team who just bought Pittsburgh's oldest news radio station aims to get KQV back on the airwaves this fall."
More: http://triblive.com/local/allegheny/13266883- 74/new-owners-of-kqv-radio-station-hope-to-keep-the-all-news-format
Richard Langley, WOR groups.io (6/2-2018)



The CBC received approval today to convert Radio One CBOI 690 AM in Ear Falls, Ontario to 95.5 FM. The power will be 50 watts. Antenna height will be 15.1 metres with a non-directional radiation pattern. Programming will continue to originate from CBQT 88.3 in Thunder Bay.
CRTC DECISION: https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-45.htm
Approval was also granted to convert Radio One CBNA 600 AM in Saint Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador to 100.3 FM. The power will be 4,500 watts. Antenna height will be 173 metres with a non-directional radiation pattern. Programming will continue to originate from CBY 990 in Corner Brook.
CRTC DECISION: https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-46.htm
Canadian Radio News fb group (5/2-2018)



Has Caroline 648 reduced the power? Whilst testing since November last year and thru December, 648 came in pretty loud and clear both daytime and at night here in Scarborough, now there is a background constant whistle, reception is not as strong, that's daytime, as for night, reception is now non existent, somethings happened.
Chris Atkins (4/2-2018)
I have been listening to Radio Caroline several times during this weekend, and I don't think, the station is on reduced power. But maybe other knows more.
Ydun Ritz (4/2-2018)



RTE 1 on 252 Khz LW have a date to close on 30th June 2019. Power using and for sometime as many has said that the power is not as good as it used to be, it is at 150 KW (Max), and 60 KW at night, until 2014 power was 300 / 100 KW, and in the old days of Atlantic 252 power was 500 KW / 100 KW. Anyone remember last year it was set to close on 1st May 2017 but with protests to keep 252 was granted and will continue for another 2 years.
Adam Birchenall, MWC fb group (2/2-2018)



BBC Radio Kent 774 AM Went of the air at about 10:15AM
BBC ESSEX 1530 AM Went of the air at about 11:30AM
Who is next?
Ray Abbott (1/2-2018)

Manx Radio 1368 kHz should now be more dominant as many BBC locals have switched off transmitters in the last few days.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (31/1-2018)



I copy the text from distribution of the old Yahoo system for BDXC. It concerns the flood of closures taking place re BBC Local Radio on MW. Checks here and on various remote SDR receivers this afternoon confirm that only five of the 13 transmitters are still on the air.
Returning loop still being broadcast as of 1430 UTC 31 January:
774 Kent
1458 Devon
1530 Essex
1557 Lancashire
1602 Kent
1161 Sussex - closed 30/1
1332 Wiltshire - closed 31/1
1368 Surrey - closed 30/1
1368 Lincolnshire - closed 30/1
1368 Wiltshire - closed 31/1
1485 Sussex - closed 30/1
1485 Humberside - closed 29/1
1584 Nottingham - closed 26/1(?)
Thanks to my friends David Kenny, Chrissy Brand, and David Duckworth for their hard work. For at least 2 of the doggedly persisting loop carrying stations, BBC Essex 1530kHz and BBC Radio Kent on 774kHz I can make my own observations. 1602kHz is much more difficult to check. I would expect 774kHz and 1602kHz to work in exact sequence re shutdown anyway.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts yg (31/1-2018)

Official inauguration of new RTM Bonaire Transmitter.
The newly installed 450-kW-medium wave transmitter for Radio Transmundial [800 kHz] was officially taken into use on 30 January as planned. 2018 WRTH shows original 800 kHz, 100 kW services were all targeted to SAm, on air only 2130-1200 UT, in English, Spanish, Portuguese and two token native languages. CUBA is to be a major target with the increased power, which means during those hours, a much greater signal should be penetrating North America too: bad news for fellow gospel huxter KQCV in OKC with 1 kW at night, which nevertheless I have managed to hear PJB thru; for CKLW and three other full-power Canadians; XEROK Juárez if it cares, since it`s mostly QRP, hardly a cannon --- AND dozens of lower power US stations with 1 kW or less at night, most of them in eastern half of USA, notwithstanding CKLW Windsor whose major lobe goes NE/NNE.
IIRC, 800 was originally a daytimer-only frequency for most of them, but now only one, in Arkansas, is D-only, per NRC AM Log listings. However, there has been little if any info from TWR about antenna changes to go with the new extra power.
Glenn Hauser, OK, dxld yg (31/1-2018)



DXtreme Software has released a new version of its popular logging program for radio monitoring enthusiasts: DXtreme Monitor Log 11. Monitor Log 11 lets listeners and DXers log the stations they’ve heard using advanced features that can enhance their monitoring experience.
http://www.dxtreme.com/ for more information.
Ydun Ritz (30/1-2018)



Re. PAKISTAN 21/1: The original news said only, that Pakistan office of >Radio Mashaal was closed, but then it spread as also the station had been closed, which is not true; both studios and transmitters are outside Pakistan.
73, Mauno Ritula (29/1-2018)



In January the CBC/IRC turned off the following 40w lower power MW stations:

Williams Lake CBRL 860

Lebel-Sur-Quevillon CBF-3 650
Lebel-Sur-Quevillon CBMK 1230
Senneterre PQ CBMM 540
Senneterre PQ CBF-1 710
Each have been replaced with a FM transmitter.
Andy Reid (26/1-2018)



The newly installed 450-kW-medium wave transmitter for Radio Transmundial [800 kHz] is to be officially taken into use on 30 January as planned: "TWR transmitter dedication event to be on Facebook Live. We're planning to stream on Facebook Live on Tuesday, Jan. 30 beginning at 2:30pm EST. (3:30 Bonaire time) https://www.facebook.com/twr.bonaire/". https://bradtwr.blogspot.de/ 24 January 2018.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (26/1-2018)



I have received from RadioCuba info about this tx. movements:
530 Radio Caribe CMBY is temporarily on 530 kHz (via one of the tx used for Rebelde at the CTOM "Caribe", Isla de la Juventud) because the 1220 tx (CTOM "La Fe-Progreso") burned.
1210 Radio Reloj CTOM "LAS TUNAS-PROGRESO". Reloj has been temporarily moved from 1020 to Rebelde's freq of 1210 kHz due a tx failure.
73, Mauricio Molano, Salamanca SPAIN, mwdx yg (24/1-2018)



Radio Bloemendaal is currently off the air due to damage caused by a storm on 18 January 2018. Radio Bloemendaal had a limited schedule of religious programmes on 1116 kHz. Radio Bloemendaal started broadcasting in 1924.

Marcel Rommerts (23/1-2018)

Spirit Radio 549am off air this few days.
Padraig Gray (23/1-2018)

RTBF 621 kHz will be closed by the end of 2018.
Christian Ghibaudo (23/1-2018)

Vista Radio has decided to close four 50w MW stations in British Columbia stating that "these facilities is in a state of disrepair and it would not be economically viable to replace them".
The stations closing are:
CIFJ 1480 Fort St. James
CIFL 1450 Fraser Lake
CHLD 1480 Granisle
CKBV 1490 New Hazelton
Tnx to Dan Sys's Canadian Radio News FB page
Andy Reid (22/1-2018)



Pakistan closes the offices of a US government-funded radio station  (Radio Mashaal MW on 621 kHz Khost), citing ‘hostile’ agenda.
Broadcasts were 'against the interests of Pakistan' and the move was not a response to Trump, officials say.
gulfnews.com (21/1-2018)

None of the BBC locals have switched off yet - the ones closing are all now playing information loops giving alternative frequencies. According to an FOI response I got from the BBC about BBC Radio Devon on 1458, it will actually switch off week commencing 29th January, so suspect this may apply to all 13 transmitters closing.
(Manx Radio's 20 kW skywave signal (relaying Radio Caroline North this weekend) on 1368 has always been the dominant night time one down here in Reading, UK, despite much nearer but lower powered BBC locals in Surrey and Wiltshire on 1368.)
73s Alan Pennington, mwdx yg (21/1-2018)

The CRTC approved the permanent closure of the broken CKRW AM facility (610 kHz) in Whitehorse. The station had retained the AM station  even when it had developed a broader FM coverage of the region.
So the wording using standard phrases in http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2018/2018-2.htm
is partly midleading. One might say, it is more like a change from where the network is "officially" fed.

Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2018-2
Reference: 2017-89
Ottawa, 4 January 2018
Klondike Broadcasting Company Limited, Whitehorse, Yukon, Application 2017-0192-0, received 13 March 2017.
Public hearing in Gatineau, Quebec, 7 September 2017

CKRW Whitehorse 610 kHz – Conversion to the FM band
The Commission approves the application by Klondike Broadcasting Company Limited (Klondike) for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language commercial FM radio programming undertaking in Whitehorse, Yukon, to replace its English-language commercial AM radio programming undertaking CKRW Whitehorse. [...]
In CKRW Whitehorse – Licence amendment, Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-89, 5 April 2017, the Commission temporarily authorized Klondike to originate programming from its rebroadcasting transmitter CKRW-FM Whitehorse under its existing technical parameters until 5 April 2018.
Klondike submitted that its existing AM transmission facility is in need of extensive repairs and argued that the cost of restoring the facility and equipment would be unreasonably high.
The new FM station will operate at 96.1 MHz (channel 241B) with an effective radiated power of 4,400 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of the antenna above average terrain of 359 metres). The remaining rebroadcasting transmitters currently associated with CKRW will be reassigned as rebroadcasting transmitters of the new FM station.
The new FM station will maintain the Adult Contemporary music format currently offered on the AM station. It will broadcast 126 hours of programming per broadcast week, including 100 hours of local programming. Of this, 6 hours and 30 minutes will be dedicated to local, national and international news.
Revocation of AM licence
Pursuant to sections 9(1)(e) and 24(1) of the Broadcasting Act and consistent with the licensee’s request, the Commission revokes the licence for CKRW Whitehorse once the licence for the new service has been issued. The new licence will be issued when the Department of Industry confirms that its technical requirements have been met and a broadcasting certificate will be issued, and when the applicant informs the Commission in writing that it is prepared to commence operations according to the station’s new technical parameters.
Secretary General.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (21/1-2018)

LLE-4 Radio Northern Star 1611 kHz returned to the air at 1030 CET. LLE-3 5895 kHz, LLE-2 1314 kHz and LKBN 93,8 Mhz Bergen Kringkaster is also on the air.
Reports wanted to report@bergenkringkaster.no and 1000@northernstar.no
Svenn Martinsen, dxing.info fb group (21/1-2018)



Seven BBC local radio stations had their AM transmitters shut down on Jan. 15.
BBC Surrey, Sussex, Humberside, Kent, Lincolnshire, Nottingham and Wiltshire went silent, in addition to partial shutdowns of AM service for BBC Radio Devon, Essex and Humberside, according to radiotoday.co.uk.

“We conducted detailed assessments of the coverage of each BBC local radio station on FM, MW and DAB. Following this process, we trialled the switch-off of a number of medium-wave transmitters and asked for audience feedback. Taken together, the audience feedback and the coverage data have informed which medium wave transmitters are unlikely to represent value for money in the longer term,” BBC Director of Distribution and Business Development Kieran Clifton said in the same article.

In other words, transmitters were turned off and no one said anything. In fact, the BBC has “trialled” the switch-off of a number of medium-wave transmitters over a few years and subsequently made the decision to turn off 13 transmitters, following audience feedback (or lack thereof).

Re.INDIA 16/1: Please note that 273 low power transmitters being shut down are analogue TV transmitters. (Not All India Radio but Doordarshan TV).
"A total of 273 low power transmitters under *Doordarshan* all over the country will soon become obsolete"
Jose Jacob, India dxld yg (19/1-2018)



Radio Caroline has a special subpage dedicated to its mediumwave broadcasts via Manx Radio 1368 kHz. According to http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/manx_info.html, „You can hear Radio Caroline North during 2018 on the following dates either through our dedicated stream or on 1368 kHz MW.
20/21 January
17/18 February
30th March/2nd April (Good Friday – Easter Monday)
12/13 May
23/24 June
21/22 July
18/19 August
22/23 September
20/21 October
24/25 November
15/16 December
Dates subject to change“
Manx Radio also has a subpage on this partnership: http://www.manxradio.com/on-air/radio-caroline/. When checked the station mentioned a broadcast in December, but gives times which might be still valid von the 2018 broadcasts: starting on Saturday at 0830 h local time, ending on Sunday at 2100 h local time.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (17/1-2018)



A total of 273 low power transmitters under Doordarshan all over the country will  soon become obsolete. Kerala will lose 13 transmitters, among them 576 kHz in Alappuzha.
Deccan Chronicle (16/1-2018)



Radio Caroline North returns this weekend for our first broadcast of 2018.
We'll be live onboard our historic radio ship Ross Revenge, and on Manx Radio 1368AM – a frequency that's going to become a lot clearer to listen to very soon. All the details about that, plus the chance to win some goods from our webshop when you join us for more watery wireless live from the River Blackwater this weekend.
Your emails are always welcome. Via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (15/1-2018)

BBC Medium wave local radio switch off loops can be heard as follows:
BBC Surrey 1368 kHz https://youtu.be/CGgXeWsW2dg
BBC Sussex 1485 kHz https://youtu.be/h1v30qu5CDY
BBC Sussex 1485/1161 kHz https://youtu.be/3PWh1uEwfr0
BBC Radio Kent 774 kHz https://youtu.be/qrU-WjRa6Cs
BBC Radio Lincolnshire 1368 kHz https://youtu.be/S2vC6d61ss0
BBC Radio Humberside 1485 kHz https://youtu.be/5d6-sDzZqYY
BBC Radio Essex on 1530 and BBC Radio Lancashire on 1557 kHz will both stop carrying programmes on Monday 15th January 2018.
James Robinson (13/1-2018)

The British broadcasting regulator Ofcom has extended the AM licence of "Lyca Radio" (Lyca Media II Limited) for Greater London until 31 December 2022. In 2013, this station replaced the original Asian format "Sunrise Radio" (Avtar Lit group) on the 125-kW-medium wave channel 1458 kHz. A live stream is available at
https://www.lycaradio.com/. A sister station "Lyca Dilse Radio" is on 1035 kHz.
published on 9 January 2018, with additional information by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (9/1-2018)

Most of North Korean transmitters are suffering with technical malfunctions. I monitored them from japanase SDR's on sdr.hu.

My observations:
Pyongyang BS / VOK on 621 kHz from
Chongjin have low and distorted modulation.

KCBS on 702 kHz from
Chongjin is extemly distorted, or telephone-quality, and it have irregural schedule.

Pyongyang BS on 801 kHz from Hwadae is drifting from 797 to9 804 kHz and have slightly distorted audio.

Pyongyang BS on 810 kHz from Kaesong have terrible distorted and humming audio (Like Radio Cairo), and this TX makes extremly drifts: 805-818 kHz. On air only on irregualr schedule, not full broadcast time of PBS. (It's jamming their own broadcast from Pyongyang on 819 kHz LOL).

KCBS/PBS on 873 kHz from Sinuiju have telephone-quality audio and you can hear the "Swinging carrier jammer" in the background, from 4450 kHz on the same TX site. (It is against a south korean station on 4450).

KCBS on 882 kHz from Wonsan is distorted and drifting from 880 to 885 kHz. 927 kHz from Sariwon, 1053 kHz from Haeju, 729 khz from Sepo and 765 kHz from Hyeasan are unheard. They are off air or working on reduced power, and not reaching Japan.

The only good-sounding transmitters are the following:
Pyongyang BS on <>657 kHz from Pyongyang.
Pyongyang BS on <>855 kHz from Sangwon.
KCBS on <>819 kHz from Pyongyang.
KCBS on <>720 kHz from Kanggye.
Thats all, that I can observate on MW band from the DPRK on japanase SDR's.
Tringer László (8/1-2018)

Unwrapping Special Gift: New Transmitter! This afternoon eight wooden crates with the 450 kW transmitter got unwrapped by the TWR-staff on Bonaire. The crates arrived at the transmitter site at a symbolic moment, right after our Christmas Lunch!Bernard Oosterhoff, TWR-Bonaire's station director says, ‘I am overjoyed that everything is progressing so well. We can feel Gods’ blessing on this special project! A year ago, we planned that we would be finished by the end of this year. Now it will be January, but for a big project like this, one month delay is not much and we trust on Gods timing. Yes, it is very special feeling to have the new transmitter under our roof now. An amazing amount of installation work has been done this year, so most of us take some well-deserved time off during Christmas.
In January we plan to hook up the new transmitter and test it. Please pray with us that the signal will reach into the new areas which we hope to cover and even beyond. Then when the signal is going strong, we will need to promote the 800AM frequency in the new regions, so many people will tune in and become regular listeners’
Via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (7/1-2018)



We are closing a number of BBC Local Radio’s medium wave transmitters in January 2018. This will not affect listeners who use FM, digital radio, digital TV, or the internet to listen.
Why is the BBC switching off these transmitters?
We know how much our listeners value BBC local radio - and have invested significantly in this area through our commitment to funding Local DAB expansion and adding all English Local Radio services to Freeview. The savings from these closures will allow the BBC to continue to modernise its infrastructure in order to meet our listeners' changing needs.
TransmitterBBC Service Full Closures
HULLRadio Humberside
LINCOLN (Swan Pool)Radio Lincolnshire
CLIPSTONE (Fishponds Hill)Radio Nottingham
LACOCKRadio Wiltshire
Partial Closures
TORBAY/(Torquay)Radio Devon
OXCLIFFERadio Lancashire
Why have these particular transmitters been chosen?
We assessed the coverage of each BBC Local Radio station on FM, MW and digital radio which highlighted stations where medium wave transmitters duplicated good FM or digital radio coverage. Following this process, we trialled the switch off of a number of medium wave transmitters and asked for audience feedback.
Taken together, the audience feedback and the coverage data have informed which medium wave transmitters are unlikely to be value for money in the longer term.
More information on why we are doing this can be found on the BBC blog.
Listeners can also use the interactive transmitter tool to see how they can receive their local radio service on other radio and television platforms or use iPlayer Radio to access their local radio service.
BBC - Local Medium Wave Closures http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/news/item181
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (27/12-2017)



Re.: Solstice bandscan on Iceland (22/12-2017).
MFR 2 on 1107 kHz (it's only AM frequency) broadcasts the same program as Clyde 2 (1152 kHz) and Tay 2 (1161 kHz) and several other Bauer stations in Scotland (and at times England too), except for local jingles, adverts and (during the day at least) news and traffic reports.
Unconnected with Smooth Radio (Global).
Many regards, Andy Preece (23/12-2017)



Solstice bandscan on Iceland.
Went outside with the Panny tranny shortly before 23Z in calm and dry weather. The LW band appeared to be its usual self.
The first thing I noticed on the MW band was the large number of Spanish-sounding stations coming in. Not wall-to-wall nuking, but quite audible. Also a Francophone voice on 621kHz.
I did hear MFR 2 on 1107 kHz and on 1152 and 1161 kHz. Was Smooth Radio simulcasting? Absolute Radio’s relays an 1197 and 1233 kHz came in, the latter with an echo-y sound.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (22/12-2017)



Please note that 1602 kHz "Alt FM" was reactivated a few months ago from Arad, so the signal does not yet come also from Deva at present! Until a few years ago, the transmitter in Arad was used by the same broadcaster under his old name "Radio CNM".
The Arad tx is located here: 46.213806 N 21.375167 E

Here is their renewed licence from 2015, which they are using now:
Arad - 1.602 Mhz (sic!) - S.C. Radio CNM SRL Sânleani - Alt FM
73, Alexander Busneag (21/12-2017)

Here is, how a french radio enthusiast in France has received Radio Caroline on 648 kHz:
" Here in Normandy, on the Channel coast, we have a fair to good reception of Radio Caroline on 648 kHz during day time. My receivers are: a PAN-crusader X and a GRUNDIG Satellit pro 650 with internal antenna. Reception is at 3/5. We are waiting for the official opening of the station announce for tomorrow Friday december 22th. A real christmas gift for radio enthousiasts !"
Here you can see an article from the local newspaper.
Daniel Lefebre, Normandy-France (21/12-2017)

New MW stations in Romania!
ALT FM extends it's coverage with MW stations, and a new network will start soon. Each TX's are 1 kW.
According CNA, these stations are the following:
Deva: ALT FM - 1602 kHz (Today already works, it have good signal in Békés County)
Resita: ALT FM - 1575 kHz
Timisoara: ALT FM - 1584 kHz

Bacau: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1485 kHz
Bistrita: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1602 kHz
Craiova: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1584 kHz
Sfantu Georghe: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1584 kHz
Targu Mures: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1584 kHz
Viseu De Sus - Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1485 kHz
Zalau: Radio Jurnal Spiritual - 1584 kHz
Both stations are religous.
Good to see, that MW is still alive in some countries!
Source: http://www.cna.ro/IMG/pdf/REZULTATUL_CONCURSULUI_RADIO_23-11-2017.pdf
Tringer László Hungary (21/12-2017) and Alexander Busneag Germany (21/12-2017) 



10 new MW stations in Romania:
László Tringer HNG in WRTH fb group (20/12-2017)

I have noticed an unidentified signal on 747 KHZ playing pop music including one or two Dutch tracks, one of which was “Send me a postcard” by Shocking Blue. It was a weak signal, heavily interfered with by the 10 KW Spanish station that shares this channel. It wasn’t Seagull as I compared it with 1602 KHZ, and found that the songs playing were completely different. Does anyone know of a new station using this channel as I know that it is designated for low power stations in the Netherlands?
I heard it around 7 pm GMT and again just before midnight. It creates a fairly fast beat frequency which I hadn’t noticed before yesterday 19 December.
Merry Christmas All!
Dave Angell (20/12-2017)

The weak signal on a Dutch 747 is from Seagull at daytime and Radio0511 at nighttime, read the answer on my question about this below.
Nico, Gouda HOL (20/12-2017)

One of the few US broadcast stations east of the Mississippi that sport K-prefix call letters — KQV in Pittsburgh — will go silent as the new year arrives on January 1 after nearly 1 century on the air.
“It’s a sad day for broadcasting and for the news business,” KQV Station Manager Bob Dickey Jr, told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The family-owned news-talk station operates on 1410 kHz with 5,000 W into a five-tower array that provides separate day and night patterns.
Unofficial accounts indicate that KQV started out as “special amateur station” 8ZAE, to be used by the Doubleday-Hill Electric Company primarily for two-way communication with another station in Washington, DC.. (Doubleday-Hill also sold radios.) In October 1921, the Federal Radio Commission issued the station a “limited commercial license,” randomly assigning the KQV call letters. The practice of issuing K-prefix call letters to western and W-prefix call letters to eastern stations predated commercial radio broadcasting.
Pittsburgh stations KQV and KDKA both have claimed the distinction of being the first to commence regular broadcasting.
Dickey cited declining ad revenues and audience and increasing costs at KQV, which has been on the market.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (20/12-2017)



Radio Caroline AM service to open.
Our aerial mast at the transmitter site.
Weather and technology permitting, our programmes on 648Khz will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7.00AM on Friday 22nd December.

The changed schedule for the day will be:
7am Johnny Lewis
9am Top Fifteen
10am Ray Clark – with the official launch at midday.
2pm Kevin Turner
5pm Resume normal programmes
No doubt Bob Lawrence, Martin Fisher and Jerry Wright will personalise their evening shows to mark the day.

Of course we are delighted to have found and secured what must be the best possible AM transmission site for our service. We thank Cobra Mist Ltd for this facility whilst noting that this is a private site which cannot at this time be visited.
So, another date for the Radio Caroline calendar of events and the inevitable question. Where do we go from here?
Radio Caroline
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (18/12-2017)

Radio Caroline to commence programming on 648 at 7am GMT Friday December 22.
Just announced on their Caroline North transmission. [0130 utc]
Cheers Mike Christie (18/12-2017)



"Radio Caroline North returns this weekend for our final broadcast of 2017.
We'll be broadcasting live from our historic radio ship Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater online here, and on 1368AM courtesy of Manx Radio.
Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk"
http://radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (15/12-2017)
According to their website Radio Caroline is still testing on 648 kHz, and reception reports are appreciated. (ed)



On a recent visit to Madeira, all the usual [Canary Islands] stations on 576, 621, 720, 747, 882 and 1179 kHz were heard during local daytime.
COPE Las Palmas was also heard on 837 kHz with a weak signal at the end of November, but from early December they had a strong signal. Maybe the old 10 kW transmitter is back on the air.
Radio Las Palmas on 1008 kHz is still silent as earlier reported.
Reidar Bø NOR (15/12-2017)

SNRT from Agadir on 936 kHz had a very strong daytime signal and was not heard earlier this year. Maybe the new transmitter has been installed.
SNRT, Laâyoune on 711 kHz had a very low level of modulation and was not// with 936. SNRT on longwave 207 kHz was not heard and they probably still have transmitter problems.
Reidar Bø NOR (15/12-2017)

Kossuth Rádió on 540 kHz with 2 MW and transmitter system. Now the most powerful MW transmitter in Europe.

Kai Ludwig via Wolfgang Büschel in dxld yg (15/12-2017)

[Google translation/ed]
WZHF 1390 AM received a notification from the US Department of Justice regarding its possible registration as a foreign agent.
WZHF 1390 AM recibió una notificación del Departamento de Justicia de EEUU sobre su posible inscripción en calidad de agente extranjero...
Arnaldo Slaen, condiglist yg (14/12-2017)

A hospital radio station which has entertained Fife patients through five decades is facing a final broadcast.
Victoria Radio Network, one of the oldest in the UK, will end its medium wave service on Sunday, ahead of a switch-over to digital-only radio
It is staffed by a team of 50 volunteers and broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1287AM and online.
For many years it could only be heard through bedside radios in the Victoria Hospital but in 2002 it was awarded a licence to broadcast on medium wave.
https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/fife/563574/long-running-hospital-radio-station-to-vanish-from-the-airwaves/ December 14th, 2017.
Ydun Ritz (15/12-2017)



936 SNRT-Berber channel, Agadir, noted today with a vy. strong signal. It's a sign they reactived this outlet, but I can't say when exactly. Then I checked // 711v El A(a)iún, but all I could find was what I think was Egypt and also Iran. Maybe SNRT El Aiún was there, but they're often at a much reduced modulation level, so it's easy to miss when the channel is offering other stations. Other active SNRT outlets are 612, 595 and 540.
Carlos Gonçalves (14/12-2017)



Hit FM on 828 kHz from Barcelona seems off since a few days. It’s ceased or only a temporary shutdown?
Tringer László (13/12-2017)



CKJS Winnipeg – Conversion to the FM band.
The Commission approves the application by Dufferin Communications Inc. for a broadcasting licence to operate an ethnic commercial specialty FM radio station in Winnipeg to replace its ethnic commercial AM radio station CKJS Winnipeg.

Community radio station in Gatineau
The Commission approves an application for a broadcasting licence to operate a French-language community AM radio station in Gatineau, Quebec.
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/12-2017)



Dengê Kurdistanê with strong signal on 1395 kHz via Armenia at 1630.
Mauno Ritola in WRTH fb group (10/12-2017)

If you are having reception problems when receiving Radio Caroline on 648 kHz, with a
general AM antenna, Dean Denton has a link to a Ferrite rod loopstick, that may help improve the reception.
Ydun Ritz (10/12-2017)



Radio Caroline Supporters meeting last night:
A fabulous and well attended evening with special guest speaker Peter Chicago the legendary Caroline engineer who started his career on RNI. Peter gave us a fascinating and comprehensive talk and answered many questions.
Alan Beech the current Caroline engineer was a bit reticent about when 648 broadcasts will officially start but it seems that it will coincide with the link up with Manx Radio on 16/17 December.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (7/12-2017)

RNZ to exit AM
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (7/12-2017)



Nine community radio licence awards: October 2017
Ninesprings FM
1.9 Ninesprings FM will serve the population of Yeovil and the surrounding area. The applicant group members and volunteers have considerable broadcasting experience, which Ofcom considered would help enable Ninesprings FM to maintain its proposed service. (1a) Ofcom considered that the programming proposals would address the specific interests of the target community (1b). In Ofcom’s view, the group’s already established community links would enable the station to reach underserved members of the community (1c). The applicant group demonstrated considerable support for the service from the target community (1d). Ofcom noted the applicant group’s work with different organisations in the community, and its plans to provide access and training to community members (1g).
1.10 (In May this year Radio Ninesprings was awarded a licence to broadcast on AM. In accordance with ownership rules, it will need to surrender that licence offer should it decide to take up this FM licence offer.)
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-november-2017 published online on 5 December 2017 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/12-2017)



[Vivacité] AM 1125 back on service this morning 05/12/17.
Regards, Denis Gillet (5/12-2017)

The new website of AIR Jalandhar does not yet give much information about the station. However, when checking out the different links, I came across https://akashvanisamvaad.blogspot.de/2017/10/digital-radio-mondiale.html.
Although the "list of MW/SW transmitters replaced by DRM transmitters" (18 October 2017) does not mention MW/SW frequencies, it does mention commissioning dates. To me, these seem to me news worthwhile mentioning.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/12-2017)



A new low power Italian local station [Media Radio Castellana] from Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna province). Active on 1098 kHz; 711 kHz authorized but not on the air for the time being.
Fabrizio Magrone, MWC fb group (4/12-2017)

Is that a real authorisation?
Mauno Ritola, MWC fb group (4/12-2017)

Yes Mauno, it's an official authorisation. In these weeks the Ministry for Communications is releasing the first authorisations, so in the coming future the MW spectrum in Italy is going to change. I'll keep you all informed about these new stations.
Fabrizio Magrone, MWC fb group (4/12-2017)

Just to update the information regarding Vivacité on AM 1125. Installation of DAB+ antennas are in process at present time on the tower.
This is why the TX is off.
For the time being, no plan to switch-off AM 1125 nor AM 621... at least until all south part of Belgium is well-covered by DAB+ signals.
Regards, Denis (4/12-2017)



RTBF Radio VivaCité back on 1125 KHz. Heard them again 1 hour with a very strong signal.
On this list they are still marked as switched off:
They might try to find out how many listeners are left on the medium wave by switching the transmitter on and off and take note of the amount of complains they are getting.
73 de Michael Foertig (2/12-2017)

RTBF started with the close-down of the last mediumwave transmitters.
Radio Vivacité on 1125 KHz was switched off on Monday, 27th of November for good. I cannot pick it up anymore since.
This article claims that the close down of RTBF on 621 KHz is going ahead at the end of the year. The ground of the transmitter will be used for a medical centre:

73 de Michael Foertig (1/12-2017)



Approval was granted today to Dufferin Communications (aka: Evanov) to convert CKJS 810 AM in Winnipeg to 92.7 FM. The new station will operate with 19,700 watts (35,000 watts maximum ERP). Antenna height will be 154 metres (EHAAT). The radiation pattern will be directional.
The decision will displace 50 watt CKYZ 92.9 in Winnipeg which is a low power unprotected South Asian station operated by Gill Broadcasting. CKYZ will have to vacate 92.9 and submit an application to use a new frequency or surrender its license.
CRTC DECISION: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2017/2017-423.htm
Canadian Radio News fb group (30/11-2017)

Message of Radio Caroline Engineering Team on website of www.radiocaroline.co.uk
Link: http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#reports_round_up.html
Friendly, Thierry Moy (30/11-2017)

Another extension granted to CKNT 960 MISSISSAUGA
Elliot Kerr (8159203 Canada Limited) has received a record breaking 4th extension until July 31, 2018 to get the 2,000 watt News-Talk station CKNT 960 in Mississauga on the air.
The application stated: The reason for this request is due to a long delay in Transport Canada’s decision for the site at 1137 Lorimar Road in Mississauga which left so little time to secure a new site and obtain the required approvals. As such, it is unfortunately beyond the control of the applicant despite its best efforts to meet the Commission’s November 30, 2017 deadline.
Canadian Radio News fb group (29/11-2017)

There have been rumours, that RTBFi 621 kHz would close down at the end this year. I just got confirmation from them, that there are no such plans, at least not before DAB+ is implemented in Vallonia.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (28/11-2017)

Brazil continues in the migration process of AM stations to FM.
The website tudoradio.com has prepared a exclusive section with update details. The tendency is for this process to evolve more rapidly in the coming weeks.
Samuel Cássio Martins, dxing.info fb group (26/11-2017)



BBC Radio Lincolnshire on 1368kHz will stop programming on 6th January 2018 they will continue to transmit a loop announcement advising listeners to retune to FM or DAB until the 28th January.
Source: Nick Rank BDXC
John Hoad, MWC fb group (29/11-2017)

AM 1350 coming back to life in Ottawa/Gatineau. The CRTC has approved a new French language community station using the same facilities as CIRA-5 (Radio Ville Marie) used during it's far too brief existence. Power will be 1000 watts day, 180 watts night.
Canadian Radio News fb group (29/11-2017)

Nico from Gouda HOL just draw my attention to Radio Caroline's website, where it explain the AM plans http://radiocaroline.co.uk/#am_plans.html
I have been listening until recently today to Radio Caroline 648 kHz on the Sangean with a longwire in the garden with fair to good reception.
Ydun Ritz (29/11-2017)



LKBT Radio Northern Star is doing coverage tests with low power on 630 kHz since 1410 UTC today from the island of Toftøy in Øygarden municipality NW of Bergen. We anticipate the tests will last for a week or so. The transmitter in use is Danish, and is a converted Skanti Marinetta TRP1 ex LHOG. In 2010 it transmitted LA1ASK/B on 508 Khz from a farm house on the other side of the island and was heard in Scandinavia and several other countries. Programming is automated //LLE-4 1611 kHz and internet channels www.northernstar.cc. V. by eQSL for recording and short text.
Svenn Martinsen, dxing.info fb group (28/11-2017)

I created a worldwide map of all MW tx above 100W and 2000W http://dx.3sdesign.de/
It shows i.e. where the populated of the our planets are. Holding the cursor over a circle shows tx site etc., but no station name.
I also created a map with 2012 data, to get an idea what has changed since then.
Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (28/11-2017)



All Voice of Hope programming on 1287 kHz is in Arabic, except for two hours on Friday evenings, from 2000-2200 UTC. 20-21 hours is 'Song in the Night' with Scott Martin, and 21-22 hours is 'Swing Shift' with Pat Conrad.
Ray Robinson, Strategic Communications Group, via Marcel Rommerts (27/11-2017)

The new website of World Music Radio (www.wmr.radio) mentions two shortwave frequencies besides the already announced mediumwave frequency:
927 kHz - Copenhagen (coming soon)
5840 kHz - Europe (coming soon)
15805 kHz - Europe (coming soon)
Marcel Rommerts (27/11-2017)

FreeRadio AM from Trieste area is now on 1584 kHz; earlier on 1476 kHz and then 819 kHz. This new frequency is a mess with a lot of other stations; here in southern DNK Egypt is dominating.
Ydun Ritz (27/11-2017)

At the TX site in Solt, Hungary (540 kHz) the new 5x400 kW Nautel system is in operation from today. This replaces the 40 years old soviet transmitter. The maximum ERP from the tower is 3500 kW!
László Tringer HNG, WRTH FB group (27/11-2017)



Radio Caroline began testing on 648 KHZ early on Saturday morning with British comedy tracks, and uninterupted music, making it easlily distinguishable from the Slovenian station that shares this channel. This was replaced in the early hours by rock music interspersed with message that they would be starting their regular service very soon, and also DJ promos were put out.
It is a very strong signal here in Leicestershire, and there is also a great deal of sky-wave coming off that antenna configuration.
Dave Angell (26/11-2017)

PR China CNR1 on approximately 1146,6 khz - Heard on remote receiver at Kongsfjord in Northern Norway at around 1030utc. First reported by Hiro Okamura in Japan on Saturday 25 November.
Tony Magon VK2IC, dxld yg (26/11-2017)
Mauno Ritola reports, that it is drifting wildly. dxld yg (26/11-2017)



The stream of Radio Caroline North is off via website of Radio Caroline!
Stream via Manx Radio work.
Thierry Moy (25/11-2017)

Caroline North now being relayed on 648khz... exciting times!
Mike Terry, mwdx yg 10:50utc (25/11-2017)
[Today via Manx Radio IoM 1368 kHz. /ed]

Radio Caroline 648 kHz. Now testing with a strong signal.
Announcing that the station will commence programming very soon.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (25/11-2017)

Strong test tone on 648kHz !!
John Hoad, MWC fb group (25/11-2017)



The following information has been sent out via Radio Doctor Tim:
Radio T-pot frequency change on January 01st 2018! Radio T-pot changing from '747' to '1224' mediumwave. In the period before January 01st 2018 - several 'Test Transmissions' will be on air on 1224 Khz.
Reception-Reports are very welcome! Email: radiotpot@kpnmail.nl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UXPx3h0bg
AndreCoolAM Radio Productions for Jingles- & Promo's!
Karl-Erik Stridh, Sweden (24/11-2017)



Radio Carolines Test Transmitions on 648: I can hear them loud and clear in Sheffield, even in the city center on a little pocket radio all day long on sunday the 14.11.
I cant wait for them to come back on air full time.
Best Regards, Peter Tankard (23/11-2017)



A first for me from central Oregon. KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA, 1020 khz, 22 Nov 17, 0530-0630z, S9 at times.
Receiver: Perseus - Antenna: Wellbrook 1m diameter loop.
Regards, George, NJ3H Redmond, Oregon USA via dxld yg (22/11-2017)

I cross my fingers for a good MW dx season! So far it looks promising. (ed)



BBC Essex 1530 is currently broadcasting a message asking anyone who is unable to listen to BBC Essex to contact them on a standard rate phone number. According to a post on Garry Steven's board as of 1230 yesterday they were broadcasting a message as to how to tune into the station. Posting of mine about this to the Yahoo group 3 hours ago not yet appeared, nor another one I sent nearly 24 hours ago. Video of the announcement now uploaded to YouTube by EastAngliaUK.

Mike Barraclough in British DX Club fb group (21/11-2017)

RE: BBC Essex [South]1530 only 03700 100 700 number loop . The other AM 765 & 729 programmes are as normal
Ray Abbott (21/11-2017)

I am getting a non stop message (if you are unable to listen BBC Essex please call 03700 100 700) BBC ESSEX 1530 KHZ.
Ray Abbott (21/11-2017)

Radio Ninesprings (http://www.radioninesprings.co.uk/) has recently been awarded a FM licence.
(Ofcom awards nine new community radio licences 08 November 2017 https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2017/community-radio-licence-awards).
Ninesprings FM will serve the population of Yeovil and the surrounding area. Back in June, the community radio group was among five hopefuls that had been awarded an AM licence. (Ofcom awards five new AM community radio licences 01 June 2017 https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2017/ofcom-awards-five-new-am-community-radio-licences)
So, this is one station less to wait for on AM. According to their website, Ninesprings FM should be on air May/June next year.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (21/11-2017)



Radio Caroline North is back again this weekend, online and on 1368AM courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio.
Our ship #RossRevenge once had the tallest radio mast ever used in offshore radio, but sadly this month is the 30th anniversary of when it collapsed in a huge storm. We'll relive the events of that night with those who were onboard at the time.
Also, there's a fabulous Tiptree Yuletide Hamper to give away, in time for Christmas!
So join us this weekend on Radio Caroline North.
E-mails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Radio Caroline FB page (20/11-2017)

More details about the Spirit Radio:
The 549 Harris A transmitter fault was the Modulation Encoder board, no channel 8 output to drive the last 20 RF PA mosfet power modules. I was able to repair (a spare board is kept on-site) the panel down to component level replacing 5 components. Harris A was back on-air 15.40 GMT 18/11/17, at 15 KWs overnight to warm up the room and dry of any remaining damp inside the transmitter. Sunday morning until 14:00 GMT it was operating at
27 KWs.
Sunday the TRAM 50 was installed and the first attempt to start the TX at 14:15 hours GMT resulted in a large blue flash along with a loud bang! Cup of tea and cake was required to calm the nerves. A detailed inspection found a large ceramic component was burnt up in the three phase power section, it had become loose in transit and shorted one power phase to
earth. Temporary repair to the Vitreous Wire-wound Resistor by soldering a section of wire in place of the burn out section and all was well.
Tram 50 operating at 10 KWs was put on line as the main unit 19/11/17 16:30 GMT operating in DAM mode so you should see the RF carrier going up and down in level with the audio content.
Harris A now the standby unit.
Opportunity was also taken to replace some support ropes to the hamper wire section and careful fine tuning, the antenna system is now operating more efficiently.



Spirit Radio is back on 549 KHz since the morning. The newly installed transmitter works very well.
73 de Michael (18/11-2017)



There will be an additional Radio Caroline North/Manx Radio [1368 kHz] live broadcast weekend from the Ross Revenge on 16th and 17th December.
From Facebook via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (17/11-2017)



I was in contact with Spirit Radio, which is off at the moment. They had some technical difficulties but will be back by Sunday on 549 KHz.
Greetings from the West of Ireland.
Regards Michael (15/11-2017)



As many others have already reported, Radio Caroline was testing on 648 KHZ from Orford Ness, Suffolk, and was putting an awesome signal into South Leicestershire. I was pleasantly surprised, knowing that they are allocated a modest 1 KW of power.
I discovered them around two PM when they were playing a mixture of test tones and Ray Charles, after which they played Fats domino and then a series of typical Caroline album tracks.
It is good to know that the tests have now begun, and we look forward to the real thing starting up some time in the not too distant future.
Dave Angell (14/11-2017)



Radio Caroline on 648 kHz Orfordness with nonstop mx and a repeated msg, saying that transmission on 648 kHz AM will cease in due course and thanking for reception reports. More on http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html
Transmitter off at 12:03utc November 13th.
Ydun Ritz (13/11-2017)



Radio Caroline: Just to report the test transmission on 648 is a good signal daytime here in Brighton..
Dave Hunt (12/11-2017)

Also heard yesterday in BEL by Herman Content. (ed)



Today November 11, 2017 Can confirm Radio Caroline at last is testing on 648am, the signal up here in Bridlington between 10am and 3pm is remarkable, pretty loud and clear, Bridlington is on the coast in the East Riding of Yorkshire, also today I'm told by friends the signal is good in Scarborough, Beverley, Hull and Lincoln. Good New, ,Caroline in the car
again, after all these years; will have to see what night reception is like.
Chris Atkins (11/11-2017)

Test tone noted on 648kHz - Radio Caroline at 10.45UTC.
John Hoad, WRTH fb group (11/11-2017)

Hearing a lot of nice music "Unchange my Heart", "Yesterday" and more oldies with Ray Charles on 648 kHz, Sangean ATS909x and a loop in the garden! SINPO 23442 here in southern DNK. Radio Caroline testing!
Ydun Ritz (11/11-2017)



Thanks to a tip from Dan Goldfarb re a posting on Facebook, CJCS 1240 Stratford ON has left the air. It was not heard this morning [Nov. 9th] at 6 AM. The station is now 107.1 The Juice.
Andy Reid (9/11-2017)



The British regulator Ofcom has extended the transmission licence of Gold (http://www.mygoldmusic.co.uk/) on the medium wave frequency Manchester 1458 kHz for five years. Obviously, the owners opted for an article in the broadcasting regulations that allowed them to avoid a competitive 2018 tender and early renewal. Broadcasters actively involved in DAB have the option to have their traditional terrestrial licences extended up to two times. Since 2014, the Gold format has been only on four medium waves: Derby 945 kHz, Nottingham 999 kHz, Manchester 1458 kHz and London 1548 kHz.
By the way, the radio player at http://www.mygoldmusic.co.uk/radio/player/ is geoblocked, something unknown to traditional AM broadcasting .
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-october-2017 (7 November 2017),
comments by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (7/11-2017)

Specialists of the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan have completed setting-up and installation of several radio transmitters in suburban areas of Turkmenbashi city on the coast of the Caspian Sea with the aim of establishing conditions for quality reception of programs of national radio channels. The work has been done under the direct order of president of state Saparmurat Niyazov.
As the Ashgabat correspondent was told in the republic’s Ministry of Communications, two USW (ultra-short waves) – FM (euro standard) radio transmitters operating on 103.2 MHz and 104.4 MHz frequencies have made it possible to start the broadcasting of Watan, Miras and Char Tarapdan radio channels. One more SRV-7 radio transmitter with a capacity of 10 kW has started broadcasting programs of Watan radio channel on 1,476 kHz frequency. Besides, Miras and Char Tarapdan radio channels are broadcast on 675 kHz via SRV-5 radio transmitter with a capacity of 9 kW.
Work related to the further expansion of national radio broadcasting and installation of similar radio transmitters is continuing in other regions of Turkmenistan as well.
© TURKMENISTAN.RU, 2017 Source: http://www.turkmenistan.ru/en/node/3141
Laszlo Tringer HNG (7/8-2017)"

As noticed by many on Russian DX list, the original news item dates back to 2004 and has then been published also in Moscow Information DX Bulletin. So looks like 1476 kHz remains off as it has been for some years. I wonder if it is the same situation with 675 kHz and other TKM MW? I have been able to hear only 279 kHz in the last few years.
73, Mauno Ritola (7/11-2017)



KBS Global Korean Network was observed signing-on at 09:50 UT yesterday (3 November 2017) on 1170 kHz, with five or so minutes of gayageum music followed by a choral version of the national anthem then an announcement in Korean with ID: "KBS Hanminjok Bangsong". From 10:00 came four hours of KBS World programming (as detailed in the International section of the current WRTH) then from 14:00 UT it ran its own Korean programming in parallel with the super-powered 972 kHz. Reception was fair to good via a web SDR receiver in Kagawa, Japan.
My interest in this station was first piqued on 2 November when I heard it on 972 kHz via a web SDR in Hungary, with reception ranging from 'good' to complete fade-out then back again within minutes. 6015 kHz was heard in parallel, very poor under heavy jamming. According to the North Korea Tech website (www.northkoreatech.org) the schedule is as follows:
04:00-24:00 UT on 972 & 6015 kHz
10:00-04:00 UT on 1170 kHz
There is also a live stream accessible from the KBS website at www.kbs.co.kr
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (4/11-2017)

BBC local radio stations will broadcast a special one-hour programme celebrating the 50th anniversary of BBC Local Radio - Sunday 5 November at 12:00 noon. Link page to the stations and their streaming: https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/schedules
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via dxld yg (4/11-2017)

The CBC received approval today to flip Radio One CBAX 600 AM in McAdam, New Brunswick to 95.5 FM. The new station will operate with 50 watts. Antenna height will be 29.4 metres (EHAAT). The radiation pattern will be non-directional. Programming will continue to originate from CBZF 99.5 in Fredericton. Call letters will change to CBZF-1.
Canadian Radio News fb group (3/11-2017)



On facebook of Radio Caroline now you can read:
As the afternoons get darker by the minute Caroline continues ... Join Ray Clark this Friday from 2pm www.radiocaroline.co.uk DAB in Glasgow, Norwich, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Brighton and Farnborough, on Mobile App ......and it's worth searching for that old
AM radio soon
.... Sackfuls of Caroline Classics - the best from the new Playlist .... and a few carefully selected words from Ray - Enjoy.
Good afternoon, Thierry Moy (3/11-2017)

I am hearing Radio Caroline on 819khz in north Essex U.K. Very faint signal. 2 out 10.
With band spread a little better 814khz. Radio is a Tecsun-20.
Ray Abbott (3/11/2017)



FreeRadio AM, currently using 1476 kHz from the Trieste area, will change the primary frequency to 819 kHz. "Maybe we will operate again on 1476 kHz but with loss power".
FreeRadio AM (2/11-2017)



Between October 30 and November 19, 2017, the daily airtime of R. Kossuth on 540 kHz from Solt will be shortened due maintenace.

The broadcast times are the following in this period:
Weekdays: 0400-2030 UTC (Instead of 0330-2130)
Weekend: 0500-2200 UTC (Instead of 0400-2130)

On the night of October 30, the first new closing date will take place, and on the morning of November 19, the last departure.
Note: According the original plans, the whole old soviet TX will be replaced to a new Nautel (5x400 kW) system until this autumn, but the completion has delayed due unknown reasons.
Source: http://www.mtva.hu/2017/10/20/valtozas-a-solti-torony-kossuth-radio-helyi-kozephullamanak-sugarzasaban/
Tringer László HNG (1/11-2017)

Changes from the 1st of November 2017:
1098 kHz Nitra-Jarok power change from 10 to 25kW (daytime SR5 Radio Patria, nighttime SR3 Radio Devin)
1521 kHz new transmitter Rimavská Sobota 10kW (daytime SR5 Radio Patria, nighttime SR3 Radio Devin)
SR = Slovak Radio
Karel Honzík, CZE (01/11-2017)

Here is the list of the active MW stations from the past decades in Slovakia.
Now I hear very _weak_ on 1521. But both tansmitters (1098 and 1521) are under-modulated.
László Tringer HNG (1/11-2017)

According to https://www.trm.md/ro/program-actualitati/, Moldova Actualităţi (Chişinău Codru 873 kHz. Cahul, Edineţ 1494 kHz) carries these special programmes that might be of particular interest for international listeners (times given in UTC, local times are UTC+2). Programmes produced by the Moldowan service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Mo 1915-1945 dialogue programme for Transnistria in Russian and 2030-2100 in Romanian (https://www.trm.md/ro/dialoguri-transnistrene/)
Sa 1825-1855 week in review in Romanian and 2130-2200 in Russian
So 1825-1855 in Romanian;
programmes of Teleradio Moldova in languages other than Moldovan/Romanian:
daily 0700, 0900, 1200, 1600 News (of different length) in Russian
Mo-Fr 1815-1855 minority programmes
Mo Gagauz (https://www.trm.md/ro/unda-bugeacului/)
Tu Romani (https://www.trm.md/ro/vocea-romilor/), 1835 Russian (https://www.trm.md/ro/spatiul-culturii/)
We Belarussian (https://www.trm.md/ro/izvorul-belorus/), 1835 Russian (https://www.trm.md/ro/casa-ruseasca/)
Th Ukrainian (https://www.trm.md/ro/renastere/)
Fr Bulgarian (https://www.trm.md/ro/radiomegdan/)
Mo-Fr 1900-1930 (Mo only until 1915) news magazine in Russian (https://www.trm.md/ro/microfonul-actual-aktualnyiy-mikrofon/)
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (1/11-2017)



RTVS Rádio Patria (The Hungarian language section of RTVS) improves its coverage. From 1 November, the power of the transmitter in Nitra (1098 kHz) will increase dramatically and the transmitter in Rimavská Sobota (1521 kHz) will be re-started.
Full article in Slovakian:
Tringer László HNG (30/10-2017)



All legal AM stations in The Netherlands http://radio-tv-nederland.nl/am/am.html
John Hoad in MWC fb group (22/10-2017)

Radio Caroline:
One of the messages on Caroline fb
"The view this evening from the bridge of Radio Caroline's ship Ross Revenge. 1 of 648 reason's to listen in this weekend!!"
A nother message, earlier this friday afternoon:
"Friday afternoon and another chance to hear a fabulous selection of Caroline Classics and the best from our latest playlist ... and a bit of Ray Clark too www.radiocaroline.co.uk ,
DAB in selected UK cities, Mobile App ....and coming really soon, on AM ...... no, REALLY soon - promise !"
Marc Coevoet (28/10-2017)



Sambalpur AIR [945 kHz] to go off air from Oct 30 for revamp.
The Indian Express (27/10-2017)



Re. info 24/10 (see below) 1431 kHz: Sounds like new BBC Korean relay, not Sea Breeze, which I don`t think would do English language lessons. I can`t make out an ID for either on the clip, but the beat with beeps sounder is like BBC. Supposedly at 1630-1730 UT in deference to North Korean timezone. So the reported time for that is wrong?
Glenn Hauser, mwdx yg (26/10-2017)



The signal on 549 KHZ carrying the programmes of Spirit Radio in Ireland is off air with technical difficulties. It has been silent since Sunday last.
The web stream is still up and running however.
We await their return to this medium wave channel.
Dave Angell (25/10-2017)



Specialists of the Omsk State Technical University with support from the Russian Scientific Fund are working on a technology of transmitting text messages by a radio channel for distance communication in the Arctic, the project's head Pavel Puzyrtsev told TASS on Tuesday.
"We suggest distanced mobile groups could be using short text messages to communicate with their station, and those messages could be transmitted at medium waves at a low speed of about 50 bits a second," he said. "This speed could be sufficient for a text message, and the signal could be transmitted for hundreds of kilometers."
"Now, we are working on signals, which could make this communication more effective," he added.
Medium radio waves are optimal for communication in the Arctic - unlike satellite communication or short waves - it is not reasonable to build a network of cell communication towers due to the low population density, and short waves work badly there since the ionosphere in the Arctic latitudes is unpredictable, he explained.
"The medium waves range does not depend on the ionosphere - the wave "sticks" to the ground and moves along it covering big distances," he continued. "However, since it is impossible to equip vehicles with full-size antennas, the mobile groups can only receive signals, as the "voice" would not return, and thus we suggest using text to solve the problem of replies." Using the option of text messages, the groups would be able to report their location, announce emergencies, or make requests.
The University's scientists have come up with shortened antennas for reverse communication in the Arctic and tested them in Vorkuta. Under the project, they will improve the devices for sending text messages at medium waves along a radio channel.
OMSK, TASS http://tass.com/economy/972209 (24/10-2017)

The new Radio Sea Breeze [1431 kHz] broadcasting from Choibalsan, Mongolia to North Korea was heard in Kangasala, Finland, on October 23 2017 at 1700-1800Z.
Very strong signal over Ukraine on the same frqeuency. Programme heard was English language lesson in Korean, station id at 1730Z.
I have uploaded the id on my web-site:
Jorma Mantyla, Kangasala Finland, mwdx yg (24/10-2017)
Icom IC-R8500 + 650 m Beverage 60o.



This weekend - 28 and 29 October Caroline North will broadcast from the MV Ross Revenge online and via Manx Radio on 1368 khz. These broadcasts are planned to take place monthly throughout the year.
Incidentally, the Foxdale 1368 transmitter was off air earlier this month undergoing essential maintenance.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (23/10-2017)



Both remaining Libyan mediumwave transmitters can be monitored remotely by web SDRs based in southern Europe, with reception ranging from poor to good during the hours of local darkness.
Libya National Radio (Benghazi) on 675 kHz is the easier catch, typically identifying on-air as "Idha'at Libiya al-Wataniya" and announcing the local 89.3 FM frequency (and occasionally the MW frequency). They have a Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/benghaziradio and a clip can be heard via the Interval Signals Online website at http://tinyurl.com/isobenghazi Libya
National Radio (Tripoli) on 1053 kHz is somewhat harder to hear with adequate reception due to sometimes strong co-channel QRM. No programming has been observed to be in parallel with Benghazi. LNR Tripoli has a Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/tripoliradio
This state-run broadcaster's TV channel has a website at http://ltv.ly
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via dxld yg (22/10-2017)



Re. UNID on 1395 kHz 20/10: It is Radio Seabreeze we all can hear on 1395 kHz from Holland. https://radioseabreeze.nl/
Quite good reception here in Boraas, Sweden on my 300 meter long beverage directed in 205 degress.
73, Torleif Roos, Boras Sweden (21/10-2017)



At the present time - 19.00 and further (possibly earlier - did not listen) there is a strong signal at a frequency of 1395 kHz. The character of the test is western (the best samples of oldies) music and songs in non-stop mode, without announcements. In the south of Russia the signal is very powerful and clean. There are two options: either it is a former TSR transmitter (Albania), or Armenia. Judging by the absence of a characteristic "buzz" due to the frequency drift of the Albanian transmitter, it is most likely that it is a test broadcast from Armenia. Once again I repeat - without any announcements.
http://a5.t28.net:8073/ (KiwiSDR in UKR)
Off at 2103utc without any notice or ID.
73, Vasily Gulyaev, Aastrakahan, Russia (20/10-2017)

Also audible here in southern DNK via Sangean ATS-909x and loop. Non-stop mx and no announcements.
Ydun Ritz (20/10-2017)

CKNT once again received approval to set up an MW station on 960 in Mississauga Ontario at another transmitter site.
This is the 4th application - I believe. The CRTC stressed that the station must be on the air by Nov. 30th otherwise they would need to apply for a whole new license. Power remains 2/0.28kWs.
Andy Reid (20/10-2017)



The Mighty KBC can be heard on MW 1602 kHz in DAB+.
Ydun Ritz (14/10-2017)

(600 kHz) - „CBC/Radio-Canada is seeking approval to amend the broadcasting licence for CBZF-FM Fredericton, New Brunswick, by adding a new Radio One FM rebroadcasting transmitter in McAdam, NB. The proposed new FM transmitter will replace the existing LPAM transmitter CBAX McAdam, NB [600 kHz, 40 W]. The new FM transmitter will operate [on 95.5 MHz] at 50W ERP . The new transmitter will be installed on the existing AM pole. The new proposed call sign is CBZF-FM-1.“
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (14/10-2017)

(900 kHz) - „CBC/Radio-Canada is seeking approval to amend the broadcasting licence for CBTK-FM Kelowna, British Columbia, by adding a new Radio One FM rebroadcasting transmitter in Nakusp, BC. The proposed FM transmitter will replace the existing LPAM transmitter CBUM Nakusp, BC [900 kHz, 40 W]. The new FM transmitter will operate [on 91.3 MHz] at 50W ERP. The new transmitter will be installed on a new pole at a newly leased site. The new proposed call sign is CBUM-FM.“
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (14/10-2017)

(960 kHz) - CKNT Mississauga (Ontario) has applied for the approval of a new transmitter site located at 6550 Danville Road Mississauga: „Since before CKNT was licensed by the Commission, extensive efforts have been made by the applicant to identify a suitable transmitter site for the station, including in conjunction with the City of Mississauga. Unfortunately, the first transmitter site proved to be unfeasible and after spending considerable time, effort and expense working with the City and Industry Canada (now Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) on the second transmitter site, the applicant was unexpected advised by ISED that the second site was rejected.“„The Danville Site is well clear of residential areas and it is also almost 5 km from the nearest non-directional AM station and more than 16 km from the nearest directional AM station, so intermodulation, cross-modulation and AM pattern distortion will not be problems.“„Approval of this proposed transmitter site is required in order for the applicant to proceed with the launch of the station before the November 30, 2017 deadline established by the Commission.“The station is to broadcast on 960 kHz (day 2 kW/night 280 W).
https://services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/DocWebBroker/OpenDocument.aspx?AppNo=201707689 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (14/10-2017)



Radio Damascus external service in Hebrew was observed in progress at 03:30 UT today (13 October 2017) on 783 kHz mediumwave. Latest edition of WRTH with Radio Damascus details [2016] has the winter schedule for this as 04:00-06:30 UT - therefore 03:00-05:30 UT during current summer DST. Reception was good via a web SDR in Zoumperi, Greece.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online, dxld yg (13/10-2017)



The transmitter from Ireland on 549 KHZ that broadcasts the output of Spirit Radio was off air yesterday morning, Wednesday 11 October, but was returned when I arrived home around 5:45 pm British Summer time. The signal seemed slightly stronger than of late. It can give an output of 20 Kilowatts maximum on a good antenna, and had been formerly used by UC B Europe back in 2000.
There was some QRM from the North African station [ALG/ed] which shares the channel.
Dave Angell (12/10-2017)



A new community radio, Radyo Lumad began broadcasting in the Philippines last week. The community radio station was set up with the support of the European Union (EU) and under WACC’s programme on communication for social change. [...] Programmes will air every day in the province of Bukidnon and nearby areas, featuring stories from the Lumad communities of Northern Mindanao and Caraga regions. “Radyo Lumad 1575 AM is the expression of the struggles of the Lumad who have been marginalized, discriminated, and oppressed. The radio is the voice of the Lumad in Mindanao that seeks to be heard. Through the radio, the Lumads can impart their own culture, said Ailene Villarosa of the EU’s “Healing the Hurt’ Project”. [...] The new station’s programming will be solely dedicated to Lumad stories, news reports, alternative music and advocacy songs produced by Mindanao musicians, and the traditional music of the Lumad communities. [...] Radyo Lumad aims to communicate with listeners from the urban and rural poor communities, who use radio both as entertainment and a source of information. They include those with deep-rooted socio-political prejudices and religious biases against Indigenous Peoples from stories they have heard in the mainstream media. Radyo Lumad will present alternative stories about this grouping of non-Muslim indigenous peoples who have lived in the southern Philippines for centuries. [...]http://www.signis.net/news/media/22-09-2017/filipino-indigenous-peoples-radio-goes-on-air
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (10/10-2017)



[Google translate] Spanish AM stations' schedule of regional programs in 15 minutes (0745-0800 local).
The quarter of an hour separating 7.45 am from 8am (local time in Madrid and Rome) is a magical moment to listen to the local / regional programming of Spain in medium waves , from Monday to Friday.
The various chains have a space dedicated to information and local advertising, while the rising sun is still low to the west, helping to reduce interference from the east. While the northwest (Holland and UK in particular) remain strong, with a little patience I have carried out a monitoring by Bocca di Magra. Below you find the timetables verified and the hearings of October 5, 2017.

Hours from Monday to Friday:
RNE regional programming: 0745-0800 local time
Onda Cero local programming: 0755-0800 local time
SER regional programming: 0750-0800 local time
COPE regional programming: 0756-0800 local time

RNE Regional at 0545 UTC (from Monday to Friday)
558 5/10 RNE Valencia, Spain, RNE Valencian Community , good
567 5/10 RNE Murcia, Spain, Regional RNE Murcia , good
576 5/10 RNE Barcelona, ​​Regional RNE Catalunya, in Catalan, good
585 5/10 RNE Madrid, Spain, RNE Comunidad de Madrid , good
603 5/10 RNE Sevilla, Spain, RNE Andalucia , good
612 5/10 RNE Lleida, RNE Catalunya , fair
621 5/10 RNE Palma, RNE Baleares in Mallorquino, fair
648 5/10 RNE Badajoz, RNE Extremadura , fair
684 5/10 RNE Sevilla, RNE Andalucia , excellent
693 5/10 RNE Tortosa, RNE Catalunya , fair
729 5/10 RNE Cuenca, RNE Castilla y la Mancha , fair
738 5 / 10 RNE Barcelona, ​​RNE Catalunya , excellent
747 5/10 RNE Cadiz, RNE Andalusia , fair / good
774 5/10 RNE Valencia, RNE Comunidad Valenciana , very good
801 5/10 RNE Girona, RNE Catalunya, fair
855 5/10 RNE Murcia, RNE Murcia , very good
864 5/10 RNE Socuellamos, RNE Castilla y la Mancha, weak / fair
936 5/10 RNE Valladolid, RNE Castilla y Leon , QRM RAI Belluno
972 5/10 RNE Melilla, RNE Melilla , fair
1017 5/10 RNE Malaga, RNE Andalucia , fair
1098 5/10 RNE Almeria, RNE Andalucia , fair
1107 5/10 RNE Ponferrada, RNE Castilla y Leon , fair QRM Rome
1125 5/10 RNE Castellon, RNE Comunidad Valenciana , weak QRM RTBF Vivacite '
1152 5/10 RNE Lleida, RNE Catalunya , weak
1305 5/10 RNE Ciudad Real, RNE Castilla y la Mancha , fair / good
1305 5/10 RNE Bilbao, RNE Euzkadiregional, at 0548 dominant for few minutes
1314 5/10 RNE Tarragona, RNE Catalunya , fair with some QRM Romania
1413 5/10 RNE Girona, RNE Catalunya , good

Onda Cero
1341 5/10 0555 Onda Cero Radio Ciudad Real, local id, commercial , fair
1341 5/10 0556 Onda Cero Almeria, local id & commercials , poor QRM Ciudad Real

810 5/10 0550 SER Madrid, Hoy por hoy Madrid , news, commercials, weak QRM Macedonia
873 5/10 0550 SER Zaragoza, Hoy por hoy Aragon , fair
1044 5/10 0550 SER Valladolid, Hoy por hoy Castilla y Leon , fair
1080 5/10 0550 SER Huesca, Hoy de hoy Aragon , fair
1116 5/10 0550 SER Pontevedra, Hoy por hoy Galicia , fair
1260 5/10 0550 SER Murcia, Hoy de hoy Murcia Region , fair / good
1485 5/10 0550 SER Alcoy, hoy por hoy Valencian Community , fair

711 5/10 0558 COPE Murcia, local id with FM & AM frequencies, local commercials, fair / good
882 5/10 0556 COPE Alicante, local id , provincial news & commercials, fair
1143 5/10 0556 COPE Jaen, local id , news, weather, fair
1224 5/10 0557 COPE 2 tx, id COPE Andalucia , news, fair
1296 5/10 0557 COPE Valencia, Spain, local id , news Valencia, fair
73, Giampiero Bernardini, playdx.blogspot via MWC fb group (6/10-2017)



Today (05.10.2017) at 1842 UTC I heard this jammer (?) on 819 kHz under the egyptian station:
Anyone has an idea, what is this and against what?
László Tringer, Székesfehérvár, Hungary (5/10-2017)

Radio Caroline AM: Many people are asking about the 648kHz AM service and where we stand. Thanks for your continued interest and support. Here's an update as of October 5th from Peter Moore...

We know that people are as keen to see our new service commence, as are we. There was a romantic notion that we 'might just' get on air by August 14th and indeed, this was tried but it was not possible.
It is a new situation for Caroline to have to consider matters like Fire Insurance, Health and Safety, Public Liability and all the regulations and certifications needed for handling heavy objects, working at height and the dangers of RF and high voltages.
In simple terms we know exactly what we are doing but just need lots of paperwork to prove it. When this is achieved, the actual installation is a relatively easy task and we are keen to do this at the earliest opportunity.
Radio Caroline fb page via Nico uit Gouda (5/10-2017)



Radio Maiak, Odessa reactivated its transmitter on 765 kHz from Kapitanivka, Odessa region, with 40kW. Heard today after 1900.
Karel Honzík, CZE (28/9-2017)



More to the BBC newKorean language service http://www.38north.org/2017/09/mwilliams092617/
Ydun Ritz (27/9-2017)

The BBC's new Korean-language service is being "aggressively targeted" by North Korean jamming of its broadcasts.
The service was launched on Monday and delivers a mixture of global news, sport and radio features to the whole of the Korean Peninsula for a three-hour window that starts at midnight local time.
Broadcasts are going out on two shortwave frequencies, from Taiwan and Tashkent, while the hour-long segment from 1am is relayed on medium wave from Mongolia [1431 kHz] , according to a report on the 38 North web site, operated by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (27/9-2017)

BBC News launches Korean language service.
Medium wave service transmission for 1 hour 16.30 - 17.30 GMT (0130-0230 local time Seoul; 01.00 - 02.00 local time, PYT)
All transmissions to be 7 days a week
Medium wave (MW) Frequency: 1431KHz.
bbc.co.uk (25/9-2017)



Only one station is transmitting 24/7 after the hurricane. This is WAPA at 680kHz.
WKAQ at 580kHz and WSKN at 1320kHz are active for shorter periods. WKAQ is transmitting right from their transmitter site in a made up booth and surrounded by flood water.
Guido Santacana KP4FAR, San Juan , Puerto Rico (US), dxld yg (25/9-2017)



918 kHz
Since Slovenia left 918 kHz I hear three stations on this frequency:
- ERTU General Program the strongest, //819 kHz
- Dimtsi Weghata from Ethiopia, but it is very weak.
- And Radio Gotel Yola from Nigeria on 917 kHz.
My recording from the nigerian station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGqG546gKc4
With typical "local" music.
QTH: Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
László Tringer (24/9-2017)



Equinox bandscan.
I went out around midnight, both for the bandscan and check for northern lights. Despite overcast, there were clearly plenty of the latter.
No news off the LW band – everything was in place. The MW band was definitely much better than it has been for quite a while. There were Spanish and other stations in the majority of channels. Smooth Radio came in clear on 1152 and was easily audible on 1161 and even 1170 kHz. I did not hear Absolute Radio’s relay on 1233 kHz, but 1197 was good and 1242 was audible.
I could take some time listening as the weather was good; little wind and no rain.
Reynir Heiðberg Stefánsson (23/9-2017)



Radio Damascus reported with French, Spain and English programming last night on 783 kHz, before going back into Arabic. Looks like it was the first night with foreign languages on 783 kHz.
Mauno Ritola and more, WRTH fb group (22/9-2017)



R. Damascus heard in French on 783 kHz now at 1920.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (21/9-2017)



Caribbean Beacon [690 & 1610 kHz] status from latest "Wavescan" program. According to the program, hosted this week by Ray Robinson while Jeff was otherwise occupied, the AM tower on Anguilla was knocked down, while the SW towers are still up but the curtain antenna between them was severely damaged. The owners of the stations plan on getting them back up and running in perhaps as little as three weeks.
Richard Langley, dxld yg (18/9-2017)

Clevedon 909 kHz (carrying BBC Radio 5 Live) is to undergo engineering work starting from 18 September 2017 until 5 November 2017.
There will be interruptions to service from this transmitter generally between 0900-1500 UTC, (1000-1600 UTC after 28 October), including at weekends. The work is weather dependent.
A similar issue applied to the Moorside Edge 909 kHz transmitter earlier in the summer, as well as Absolute Radio from Moorside Edge on 1215 kHz.
James Robinson (18/9-2017)



Right now Damascus Radio announces three “working” MW frequencies (567, 783, and 936 kHz).
Rawad Hamwi, WRTH fb group (16/9-2017)

The Dutch authorities have started issuing new MW licences after receiving over fifty applications for low power stations to use five new AM frequencies.
The channels 675 kHz, 1224 kHz, 1332 kHz and 1584 kHz were previously used by commercial stations - 675 was well known as Radio 10 Gold for many years and was heard throughout western Europe with its 120kW transmitter. 1224 kHz was used at the 50 kW level by the radio ship Communicator for 8 years in the late 1990s, when licensed by the Dutch government. The other stations operated at more modest power levels, mainly by Radio Paradijs, a local station in Utrecht. The new licensees of the frequencies will be able to use only 100 watts.
World of Radio FB group via Svenn Martinsen in DX-Listeners' Club FB group (16/9-2017)



Since Slovenia has left 918 kHz I have noted two Arabic stations on 917 and 918 kHz. The one on 918 kHz is much stronger and they are not in parallel.
I suppose 918 kHz is a return of SRTV in Syria?
917 is much weaker and talks more.
Best regards Karl-Erik Stridh, Viken, Sweden (13/9-2017)

Thanks to Mauno Ritola I can tell, that it is not Syria but Egypt on 918 kHz. (Ydun Ritz)



Here is a list of Italian independent stations heard today Sept. 10th in Forli, Italy.

Daytime (0930 UTC):
828 Radio Z-100 Milan (Milano), very weak
846 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, Padova), excellent
1098 Media Radio Castellana (Castel San Pietro, Bologna), good
1206 Amica Radio Veneta (Vigonza, Padova), non stop folk music, good
1368 Radio One (somewhere in region Tuscany), weak
1476 Free Radio AM (Trieste), good
1584 Radio Studio X (Momigno, Pistoia), weak to good
1602 Baby Radio AM (Trieste), ex 1566 kHz, very weak
On 1350 kHz, I AM Radio is currently transmitting with low power (about 8 W) due to transmitter fault.
Receiver: Perseus. Antenna: 2 Wellbrook ALA-100 active loops (N-S, E-W)
Fabrizio Magrone (Forli, Italy), mwdx yg (10/9-2017)

Today the low power Italian independent station Baby Radio AM (Trieste, Italy) left 1566 kHz and began operating on 1602 kHz, where actually it had already been transmitting in the past. It broadcasts songs and programs for children.
Baby AM is owned by the same person operating Free Radio AM on 1476 kHz, so reception reports can be sent at the same email freeradio.am@gmail.it
Baby AM has a very weak signal and is unlikely to be heard at distance, while Free AM should be a much easier catch.
73, Fabrizio Magrone (Forli, Italy), mwdx yg 10/9-2017)



Radio Merkurs is testing on 1269 kHz with 80'er music. Still low power, maybe using a sky wave antenna.
Karl-Erik Stridh, NORDX yg (7/9-2017)



More syrian MW stations are coming back live!
666 kHz, previously for Sout Al Sha'ab (Voice of People) is active again, relaying Sout Al Shabab FM (Voice of Youth).
Transmitter site: Adra - Damascus - Syria
Received in Northern Saudi Arabia.
Rawad Hamwi, wrth fb group (6/9-2017)



BBC World Service in Hong Kong - how to tune in.
Date: 04.09.2017 Last updated: 04.09.2017 at 19.30
Category: World Service
Following the decision by RTHK to restructure their distribution portfolio in Hong Kong, from Monday 4 September 2017 BBC World Service English (WSE) will no longer be available continuously on 675kHz medium wave or on DAB across Hong Kong.
The BBC World Service is still available 24 hours a day online for listeners in Hong Kong - and on RTHK FM Radio 4 overnight.
World Service English language radio is now available to listeners in Hong Kong on DTH broadcasts via Telstar 18.
Listeners can also access BBC World Service 24 hours a day via the BBC iPlayer radio app and the RTHK Radio 4 website.
To help mitigate this change, the BBC has secured carriage for BBC WSE programming on the Telstar 18 DTH satellite platform, allowing those with a domestic satellite dish to receive BBC World Service continuously.
RTHK has retained BBC WSE overnight (from 2300 to 0700 local time) on RTHK’s FM frequency Radio 4 (FM 97.6). RTHK has also agreed to consider including some BBC World Service English programmes in their daytime schedules.
BBC WSE remains available 24 hours a day online at bbcworldservice.com, via the BBC iPlayer radio app and on the RTHK Radio 4 website.
BBC Press Office
http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/bbc-world-service-hong-kong 4 September 2017 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/9-2017)

Allouis 162 kHz, now only Time Signal are broadcast on this frequency. The power is 1100 kW, and it’s on the air 24 hours a day, except on Tuesday morning when the station is off for maintenance from 08.00 to 12.00 (local time),
Christian Ghibaudo (5/9-2017)

Since yesterday (September 4th) 1000 UTC, Radio Slovenia on 918 kHz, is OFF. If I understand well the Domzale transmitter is off for ever. http://radioprvi.rtvslo.si/2017/09/srednjevalovni-oddajnik-na-oddajnem-centru-domzale/
Christian Ghibaudo (5/9-2017)



RNE: New REG/LOCAL schedule from 04SEP2017.

UTC Summer (+1 in winter)
R1-R5 05'45-06'00 R
R5 06'30-07'00 L/R(*)
R5 10'25-10'30 R
R1-R5 11'10-12'00 R
R5 13'04-13'08 R
R1-R5 17'10-17'30 R
(*) Every region will decide what to do with this time. In Castilla y León will be local 06'30-06'50 and regional 06'50-0'700. In Extremadura all will be regional.

R5 07'05-07'15
R1-R5 11'30-12'00
73! Mauricio Molano, Salamanca ESPAÑA - SPAIN, mwdx yg (4/9-2017)

The 558 KHz Fiji transmitter has been apparently recently upgraded with funding by the Japanese government. Possibly this was partly due to disaster event updates covering large areas of islands and ocean.
Gary DeBock (near Manzanita, Oregon, USA) reports greatly increased signal strength up to S9 from 558 Fiji.
One of my early receptions of 558 KHz Fiji occurred at 1650 LT on Sunday 20th July, 1986. The local Fiji news was at 1700. This afternoon reception may have been in progress as early as roughly 1630 LT before discovering the DX after switching on at 1650. The reception may have been grey-line propagation related. No other signals on 558 were present. An indoor 40" wooden box loop passively coupled to a Sanyo 3-in-1 stereo unit was used.
With the recent 558 Fiji TX upgrade, some of the challenges were evaluated in order to increase the odds of reception. The strongest interfering signal source is 7BU Burnie (2kW) at 208 degrees south. Fiji is 68 degrees. The signal null great-circle bearing for 7BU is nominally 118 degrees. The best compromise to null 7BU, but still have the loop not too far off 64 degrees, is roughly 91 degrees east towards Auckland. 91 degrees is also a reasonable null point for the two QLD 558 KHz tx's. This will work up to around 2200 LT. After that 6WA Wagin is another potential CCI source. I'm not sure if 558 Fiji runs 24-hour operation, but the signal peak might be around 0000 to 0200 LT. This is consistent with previous receptions of 648 KHz WVUV American Samoa back in the 1980s and 1990s.
It is counter-intuitive for some that 88 - 108 MHz FM radio from Fiji is more frequently logged relative to MW into eastern Australia.
Regards, Todd AUS, ICDX-AM Digest # 1013 (4/9-2017)

690 new tx in Newfoundland?
I found this "NEW" entry for St. John's Newfoundland
Is there really a new tx planned, or is the FCC data outdated?
Jurgen Bartels, N. Germany, mwdx yg (3/9-207)

"Via this message we would like to inform you about a possible new initiative for radio transmissions via mediumwave to Venezuela on 800 kHz.
We will perform test transmissions starting on Wednesday August 30th for seven days long at 1600 hours local time (2000 UTC). As you can understand we would like to receive test reports in order to verify the quality of reception.
The transmissions will be 30 minutes long and we will use two different antenna systems.
Therefore we ask you your kind cooperation to monitor as much as possible and report this back to us via this special Email address: test800am@gmail.com
This is our test schedule:
• Dates of transmission: 30 August – 06 September 2017 (7 days)
• Frequency: 800 kHz
• Time of test broadcast: 1600-1630 LT / 2000-2030 UTC
• Antenna 1: 1600-1615 LT / 2000-2015 UTC
• Antenna 2: 1615-1630 LT / 2015-2030 UTC
• Program content: General announcements and Music
We would like to receive your reception reports in the following order:
• Dates of listening
• Time of listening
• Your location or city name
• Reception quality in SIO or SINPO for both Antenna 1 and Antenna 2.
• If possible also an S-meter reading
• Audio quality
• Type of radio used
• Type of antenna used
We would appreciate if you also could inform other DX colleagues and radio enthusiasts you know.
We are also curious how the signal will perform while driving in a car.
On behalf of the initiators of this project I thank you already in advance for your cooperation!
73 from Rocus de Joode"
Mauno Ritola, wrth fb site (1/9-2017)



The new facility at Solt, 540 kHz wich replaces soon the old soviet TX.
Tringer László (31/8-2017)



Radio Merkurs in Riga plans to continue locally on DAB only and via the network. 1485 transmissions will stop at the end of the year. Before that, they consider changin g the MV license for a relay station and on another frequency. Until the christmas season they will test on 1350 kHz with 50 watts and 80s music. Reports are welcome.
Not to be confused with I AM from Milan.
Original text in Swedish: Radio Merkurs i Riga planerar att fortsätta lokalt enbart på DAB och via nätet. 1485 lämnas i så fall vid årsskiftet.
Innan dess vill man överväga byte av MV-licens till en som relästation och på annan frekvens. Fram till helgen testar man på 1350 kHz med 50 Watt och 80-talsmusik. Rapporter är välkomna.
Inte att förväxla med I AM från Milano.
73 Karl-Erik Stridh, NORDX yg (30/8-2017)



90 years ago - August 29th, 1927 - Kalundborg LW transmitter 243 kHz was inaugurated. Then the frequency was 245 kHz.
The birthday will be marked with a tour at 18 oclock local time in and around the transmitter building, where there also is a small museum, and the two antenna masts.
Ydun Ritz (29/8-2017)



That was the translator in Toowoomba [1359 kHz] yes. The main [4WK] 963KHz is still on air.
All the best, Tim G, ICDX-AM yg (28/8-2017)



New AM station in Bigger Buenos Airesares.
AM 1400 RADIO CARANDÁ (1400 KHz), es una nueva emisora de Amplitud Modulada que emite desde sus estudios centrales ubicados sobre la calle Soberanía Nacional 2945, de la ciudad de Gregorio de Laferrere, Partido de La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Anuncia los teléfonos de contacto: (11) 4457-8712 y 4880-9323. Vale señalar, que desde ese mismo QTH, emiten otras dos estaciones de AM. Se trata de AM 1280 EL SONIDO DE LA GENTE “La Santiagueñita” (AM 1280 KHz) y RADIO GUABIYÚ (AM 1610 KHz). Todas estas estaciones, son operadas por la familia Scaramuzzino.
Marcelo A. Cornachioni, Argentina via condig list yg and Arnaldo Slaen, (27/8-2017)

Damascus Radio is active again on 567 kHz after being silent on that frequency for more than a year. Received today loud and clear in Northern Saudi Arabia.
Transmitter Location: Adra, Damascus, Syria.
However, the 666 kHz that was dedicated for Sout al Sha'ab and used the same transmission facilities is no longer in use, since that station was closed down for good.
Rawad Hamwi, WRTH fb group (26/8-2017)



Seeing Craig's mention of hearing an announcement on 4WK 1359 [Toowoomba, Queensland] about a move to FM, and finding no information about it on their website, I sent a query email to them.
A prompt response from Kirsty Batchelor from 4WK Accounts/Administration today advises:

"The new FM Frequency is 99.5FM and 4WK has been running on this frequency since the 10th August. 1359AM was shut down last night at 7pm and no longer will be running."
Bryan Clark, Mangawhai - New Zealand, ICDX-AM yg (24/8-2017)



Hörby MW 1179 kHz started up today. The xmitter is placed in O. Sallerup and has 2.5 W ERP via a vertical antenna.
The transmitter will at the beginning be on air abt 14 days. During "VeteranLjuddagen" September 2nd the program will be with music, other times a loop with test sound!
In daytime the xmitter has a limited range, but in the evenings and early mornings it will hopefully could be heard far away.
Reports are more than welcome and will be answered with a QSL-card if wanted.
send your report to 1179@veteranljuddagen.se

Original text in Swedish:
Hörby mellanvåg 1179 kHz kom igång idag. Sändaren är placerad i Ö Sallerup och vi sänder med 2,5 W ERP på en vertikalantenn. Sändaren kommer till att börja med att vara aktiv under ca 14 dagar. Under VeteranLjuddagen den 2 september kommer ett musikprogram att sändas, övrig tid sänds endast en slinga med testljud. Under dagtid har sändaren en begränsad räckvidd men på kvällar och tidiga morgnar kan sändningen förhoppningsvis nå långt.
Vi är mycket intresserade av lyssnarrapporter vilka besvaras med QSL-kort om så önskas. Skicka din lyssnarrapport till 1179@veteranljuddagen.se

Hope to see you at the VeteranLjuddagen!
Bengt Ericsson via Lennart Deimert, NORDX yg (22/8-2017)



The Blackburn Rovers closed down their event station Radio Rovers (1404 kHz) that used broadcast for some seven hours when this football team played at home:
s "Please be advised that Radio Rovers will not be broadcasting on home matchdays this season. The club has notified its blind/partially-sighted supporters, some of whom used Radio Rovers’ commentary to enjoy the game and we are considering options for other ways of enhancing their matchday experience. Fans can continue to listen to the club's in-house commentary at matches both home and away through the new iFollow Rovers service."
via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (20/8-2017)



The relay of Caroline North via the Ross revenge, which was coming from the “I am Radio” transmitter in Milan Italy was audible on 1350 KHZ am and was putting a reasonable signal into the UK until 12 Am UTC. Also 1368 was predictably loud after dark here in Leicestershire, relayed via Manx Radio.
There was bound to be a lot or activity on this date.
Dave Angell (Leicestershire UK, (Ham call G0BHS)) (15/8-2017)

Caroline North continues via Manx Radio and online, many listeners have have told the station that they have found Caroline again after a very long time! Great programming.
Mike Terry, mwdx (15/8-2017)

New Fiji transmitters on 558 & 990. Radio Fiji has posted an interesting documentary about its new transmitters on Youtube:
There's also a Youtube video of the Prime Minister inaugurating the new transmitters on August 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOza_Ov7f48
Bruce Portzer, dxld yg (15/8-2017)

"Changes to some BBC local radio MW services.
In January 2018, a small number of local radio MW transmitters will be turned off.As a result of detailed coverage assessments and a number of medium wave switch-off trials, we have decided to turn off 13 local medium wave transmitters. This will result in BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey, Humberside, Wiltshire, Nottingham, Kent, and Lincolnshire no longer being accessible on medium wave and reduced medium-wave coverage for BBC Devon, Lancashire and Essex.More information on why we are doing this can be found in the BBC blog.
These changes will not take place until January 2018 and we will be giving out more detailed information over the next few months.
Listeners can also use the interactive transmitter tool to see how they can receive their local radio service on other radio and television platforms or use iPlayer Radio to access their local radio service."
http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/news/item82 11 August 2017 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (15/8-2017)



TWR Bonaire 800 AM, informed me that on January 30st, 2018 power will be increased from 100 to 450 kW.
Best regards, Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands (14/8-2017)



RTHK BBC on 675 to close. Here is a url which gives more info on what exactly and when it is going to happen:
73 Tony Magon VK2IC (13/8-2017)



BBC to start switching off BBC local radio on MW.
The BBC is to switch off 13 BBC local radio transmitters in January 2018. This follows trials of the switch-off in 2014.

Based on previous switch-off, I predict that 12 of the 13 transmitters affected will be:
774 kHz: BBC Radio Kent (Littlebourne 0.7 kW)
1161 kHz: BBC Sussex (Bexhill MF 1 kW)
1332 kHz: BBC Radio Wiltshire (Lacock 0.8 kW)
1368 kHz: BBC Surrey (Duxhurst 0.5 kW)
1368 kHz: BBC Radio Linclolnshire (Lincoln 2 kW)
1368 kHz: BBC Radio Wiltshire (Swindon MF 0.1 kW)
1458 kHz: BBC Radio Devon (Occombe Torbay MF 1.0 kW)
1485 kHz: BBC Sussex (Brighton 1 kW)
1485 kHz: BBC Radio Humberside (Hull MF 2 kW)
1557 kHz: BBC Radio Lancashire (Oxcliffe 0.25 kW)
1584 kHz: BBC Radio Nottingham (Clipstone 1.0 kW)
1602 kHz: BBC Radio Kent (Rusthall 0.25 kW)

However, not sure which transmitter BBC Essex will switch off. BBC Essex currently broadcast from 4 sites:
729 kHz: Maningtree (0.2 kW)
765 kHz: Bakers Wood (1.5 kiW)
765 kHz: Dartford Tunnel (0.003 kW)
1530 kHz: Rayleigh MF (0.15 kW)

Dartford Tunnel is dependent on Bakers Wood but until more info is known, we can't be sure as to which one of these will go. When I hear more I will post here. The BBC has not yet confirmed exactly which the other 12 will be, but given the sites listed above were in the original trial, it is highly likely that these 12 will be correct.

It is fitting to note that the BBC Radio Merseyside transmitter on 1485 kHz at Wallasey (2kW) and those for BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester (Wooferton 1584 kHz - 0.5 kW) and Worcester MF 738 kHz - 0.435 kW) are not affected by this announcement. In the case of Radio Merseyside they had over 500 complaints about the loss of 1485 kHz when it happened a few years ago.

The BBC's announcement about January 2018 is here:

An article from the Guardian about the 2012 switch off is here:
More details will be provided when known.
James Robinson (12/8-2017)

558, Radio Fiji One (presumed), 1245-1315, Aug 12. Mostly non-stop religious singing and music; weak, but fairly clear. My audio at http://goo.gl/oUfrk3 . My local sunrise was
at 1322 UT
Ron Howard, oceanside at Pacific Grove, CA, Etón E1, antenna: 100' long wire, DXLD yg (12/8-2017)

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) said on Friday that it will be ending its 24-hour relay of BBC radio and will broadcast a state-run channel in its place.
The BBC World Service has been broadcast live on RTHK’s Radio 6 on AM675 since 1978.
Thanks to Mika DX Makelainen for this nx on FB.
Ydun Ritz (12/8-2017)

More to news about the upgrade of the mediumwave coverage of the islands
Ydun Ritz (12/8-2017)



A NEWLY-rehabilitated medium wave AM infrastructure and transmission was launched by Fiji's Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama this morning.
With the upgrade of the infrastructure, which is managed by national broadcaster Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), indicates 100 per cent coverage for the islands.
"That means every Fijian in every community in Fiji can now tune to clear and dependable AM signals that will broadcast programs on the Radio Fiji One and Gold stations," Mr Bainimarama said.
He said it also meant listeners would now have access to critical flows of information - programming on youth development, women's issues, health, agriculture and many other important topics.
Mr Bainimarama said while the wide range of programming brought information that could be extremely useful in people's day to day lives, added "the right to access information is one of the most important rights my Government is sworn to uphold".
The Fiji Times Online (11/8-2017)

Which frequencies or just the same as mentioned in WRTH 2017 558and 990kHz! (Ydun)



Specialists of the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan have completed setting-up and installation of several radio transmitters in suburban areas of Turkmenbashi city on the coast of the Caspian Sea with the aim of establishing conditions for quality reception of programs of national radio channels. The work has been done under the direct order of president of state Saparmurat Niyazov.

As the Ashgabat correspondent was told in the republic’s Ministry of Communications, two USW (ultra-short waves) – FM (euro standard) radio transmitters operating on 103.2 MHz and 104.4 MHz frequencies have made it possible to start the broadcasting of Watan, Miras and Char Tarapdan radio channels. One more SRV-7 radio transmitter with a capacity of 10 kW has started broadcasting programs of Watan radio channel on 1,476 kHz frequency. Besides, Miras and Char Tarapdan radio channels are broadcast on 675 kHz via SRV-5 radio transmitter with a capacity of 9 kW.

Work related to the further expansion of national radio broadcasting and installation of similar radio transmitters is continuing in other regions of Turkmenistan as well.
Source: http://www.turkmenistan.ru/en/node/3141
Laszlo Tringer HNG (7/8-2017)



It's a mega four day broadcast this time as Radio Caroline North returns via Manx Radio 1368AM to mark the 50th anniversary of the law designed to stop offshore radio, the Marine Offences Act 1967.
Starting on Saturday 12th we've more memories from our presenters at the time, then we'll link up with our big party in Clacton on Sunday 13th. On Monday 14th at 3pm we'll link up live with Pirate BBC Essex for a special hour tracing Caroline's history and looking forward to what the future holds. And as ever Caroline continues, when the others didn't, past midnight into August 15th for a full day's broadcast ending at 6pm.
[Who is the man in middle?]
So join us online here and on 1368AM courtesy of Manx Radio for four very special days, and a special guest you'll not have heard for 33 years, on Radio Caroline North.
Your emails are always welcome at memories(at)radiocaroline.co.uk.
http://radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html via Nico from Gouda, HOL (7/8-2017)

Groot Nieuws Radio will continue using 1008 kHz until 28 February 2018 and possibly until 31 December 2018, if no maintenance is needed. Novec, the owner of the transmission facility, wanted to end broadcasting from the site but agreed to an extension. Listeners of the religious broadcaster had argued that the DAB+-coverage is not yet adequate, but the management of Groot Nieuws Radio can now use the additional months to work towards improving the DAB-coverage.
https://www.grootnieuwsradio.nl/k/n663/news/view/103063/86103/groot-nieuws-radio-langer-op-de-middengolf.html 1 August 2017 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (7/8-2017)

All India Radio adds to massive digital radio deployment with four 100 kW and two 200 kW NX transmitters.
Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia – Nautel Limited has shipped six additional high-power DRM-enabled MW transmitters for deployment at All India Radio, the largest digital broadcasting system in the world. Four 100 kW NX100 and two 200 kW NX200 transmitters were shipped to India in July 2017 for installation in six cities. The transmitters will be commissioned by Nautel’s in-country partner Comcon in association with India’s Prasar

The July, 2017 shipment of 6 NX transmitters complements the 27 NX transmitters which are already on air with DRM transmission throughout India. The massive project has the goal of bringing digital radio to nearly a billion residents of the country. The new transmitters will be installed at All India Radio (AIR) facilities in Hyderabad, Jagdalpur,
Vishakhapatnam, Bhawanipatna, Jeypore and Sambalpur. All 33 transmitters in
the AIR project are configured for DRM30 operation.

Nautel NX high power transmitters occupy a very small footprint and offer the industry’s highest efficiency (90%) along with AM precorrection, unmatched linearity and Nautel’s exclusive, award-winning Advanced User Interface which provides commercial grade instrumentation, spectrum analyzer, logging, presets, local and remote transmitter control, email notifications and enhanced support services.

“Nautel is excited to partner with Comcon and Prasar Bharati on this extensive project,” said Kevin Rodgers, Nautel President and CEO. “With this system fully deployed in all parts of India, AIR is uniquely positioned to serve the different dialects and regional needs of its
billion listeners. It’s a shining example of the capabilities digital broadcasting can provide throughout the world.”

Nautel MW and FM transmitters will be demonstrated at the upcoming IBC show in Amsterdam on stand 8.C49. For more information on the All India Radio project, visit http://www.nautel.com/AIR.
*(Nautel Press Release)*
Alokesh Gupta, VU3BSE, New Delhi, DX-India via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (7/8-2017)



Hi all, today I received "Dimtsi Hafash" on 840 kHz with relatively good signal here in Hungary from Eritrea parallel with 7175v kHz.
Earlier it appeared on 837, and later on 845 kHz. The second channel on 950 kHz was absent tonight.
Their TX's are so poor and instable OR they just escaping from ethiopian jamming.
My RX: KiwiSDR
Antenna: Mini Whip "RA0SMS"
Tringer László (5/8-2017)



Intriguing announcement on the Radio Caroline website:
"Caroline North
Our friendship with Manx Radio will extend further and longer than we imagined. The 1368 AM transmitter on the island that was scheduled for closure will now be overhauled to stay on air. Maybe we will have more to announce on the day." (The day is August 13th)
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (4/8-2017)


Three new radio stations are due to launch in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Medium Wave within the next couple of months. No on air date has been decided yet. The stations will be broadcasting on 846 kHz (300 W), 927 kHz (300 W) and 1440 kHz (power not yet confirmed but maximum power allowed is 500W). Two of the stations will be music based whereas the third station will be all talk.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (3/8-2017)



„The Commission renews the broadcasting licences for the English-language commercial radio programming undertakings set out below from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2024. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding these applications.“
CFPL London (Ontario) „news talk sports“ http://globalnews.ca/radio/am980/
CHQT Edmonton (Alberta) http://globalnews.ca/radio/inews880/?gref=inews880
http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2017/2017-212.htm via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/8-2017)

„The Commission renews the broadcasting licences for the English-language commercial radio programming undertakings set out below from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2024. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding these applications.“
CFAC Calgary (Alberta) „Sportsnet 960 The Fan“ http://www.sportsnet.ca/960/
CKGL Kitchener (Ontario) „570News“ http://www.570news.com/
http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2017/2017-240.htm via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/8-2017)

The licence of "Radio Shalom" (1650 kHz) was extended until 2024. "The Commission renews the broadcasting licence for the religious radio programming undertaking CJRS Montréal, Quebec, from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2024. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application."
In an Appendix to Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-243 the CRTC states the following "Conditions of licence": "The licensee shall adhere to the conditions set out in Conditions of licence for AM and FM radio stations, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-62, 11 February 2009, as well as to the conditions set out in the broadcasting licence for the undertaking.
The licensee shall devote at least 90% of all musical selections broadcast each broadcast week to selections drawn from content category 3 (Special Interest Music), as set out in Revised content categories and subcategories for radio, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-819, 5 November 2010.
As an exception to the percentage of Canadian musical selections set out in section 2.2(3) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations), the licensee shall devote, in each broadcast week, at least 12% of its musical selections drawn from content category 3 (Special Interest Music) to Canadian selections."
"Where the licensee broadcasts religious programming as defined in Religious Broadcasting Policy, Public Notice CRTC 1993-78, 3 June 1993, the licensee shall adhere to the guidelines set out in sections III.B.2.a) and IV of that public notice with respect to the provision of balance and ethics in religious programming.
In each broadcast week, the licensee shall broadcast at least 18 hours of balanced programming."
Extracts from the Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-243 Ottawa, 10 July 2017
http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2017/2017-243.htm via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/8-2017)



Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea - Programme 1 observed on the off-channel mediumwave frequency of 950 kHz (WRTH indicates this is an 'alternative frequency') at 18:20 UT on 31 July 2017. Typical HoA music followed by vernacular news and sign-off with choral anthem, finishing at 18:32 UT - tx switch-off was at 18:36. This was monitored with fair to poor reception via a remote web SDR in Oman. Signal on (parallel?) 7150 kHz was too weak and noisy to confirm ID in the time available.
Incidentally, this Oman rx gives good round-the-clock reception of the Saudi-based Radio Sanaa surrogate on 11860 kHz - it can be accessed via the portal at http://www.sdr.hu.
Dave Kernick via WRTH fb group (31/7-2017)

New LW transmitter planned for 207 kHz. After interruptions in broadcasting due to breakdowns, the longwave transmitter located between Azilal and Ait in the centre of Moroccowill be replaced. A tender was launched for an AM / DRM radio transmitter with a power of 800 kW configured in two blocks of 400 kW and for the repair of the mast 300.50 m high. The names of the companies that won the offer will be known in a few days.
The station broadcasting on 207 kHz is Al Ida Al Watania [SNRT National Network], a general radio which offers varied programmes ranging from information to culture through to entertainment, with a variety of musical programming.
Radios du Monde via WRTH FB group via BDXC (26/7-2017)



Mediumwave installation DLF / SR Heusweiler Germany. The scrapping of the 1422 / 1179 kHz mediumwave facility is expected soon, between autumn 2017 and 2018 start year.



Also protective metal net over the highway A8 strained, then is also dismantled.


73 Wolfgang Büschel (29/7-2017)



The days of legendary Saarländischer Rundfunk [1179 kHz] antenna tower at Heusweiler are counted. It will disappear during the coming months.
Andre Schokker (28/7-2017)

Radio Caroline North returns this weekend, online here and on 1368 AM courtesy of Manx Radio.
As we build up to our big party in August we'll hear from sixties presenters Colin Berry and Tom Edwards.
And we've a magnificent Homefield hamper to give away thanks to our friends at Tiptree, preserves of distinction.
So join us live onboard our radio-ship the Ross Revenge this weekend.
Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Radio Caroline via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (28/7-2017)



I'm on vacation in Reykjavik-Island and RUV is still on the air on 666 kHz from Vatnsendi in Reykjavik. STRONG reception in the area around Hallgrims church..!
Program RUV 2 // 90,1 MHz!
73, Thorleif Roos (18/7-2017)



3YB 882 to move to FM. The change to due to occur in the last quarter of 2018.
3YM[?] 882kHz MW will be doing a frequency swap with Vision Australia (part of old RPH network) for their 94.5MHZ FM freq.
More info here: http://www.3yb.com.au/articles/3yb-to-move-to-fm/
Ian in mwmasts yg (6/7-2017)

I have noticed that KPHX 1480 [Phoenix, AZ] has been off the air for several days now. My friend
Dave (N7RK) I knew is a regular listener, so I contacted him to find that KPHX announced they were shutting down their station July 1.
This is a sad thing, in that the station had a unique format not often heard on the AM broadcast band, and certainly not on any other station here.
73 and Good Listening......!
Rick Barton, Sun Cities/Peoria AZ, dxld yg (5/7-2017)

And what format was that?? As of last year`s NRC AM Log, ``The Valley`s Progressive Talk``. So is it for sale, or turned in the license?
Glenn Hauser, DXLD yg (6/7-2017)



CFQR AM 600 kHz in Montreal is now on the air with English music and an English announcement indicating that the station is testing. They are providing a toll free number (1-833-600-1006) to call with any interference or reception problems. They are announcing that their regular programming will begin soon.
Those in the know will recognize the voice of Montreal radio veteran Jim Connell voicing the announcement.
Sheldon Harvey, MWC fb group (1/7-2017)



Two more MW stations here will be moving to FM:
CKYL Peace River AB will be leaving 610 to 94.9 FM with 100kWs. 94.9 is already on the air but as a 'nested' repeater running 2.5kWs.
In Newfoundland and Labrador, VOAR will move from 1210 to 96.7 FM with 100kWs
Andy Reid (29/6-2017)



RTÉ Radio 1 announced on their longwave 252 kHz frequency at 1700 UTC today (Sunday 25 June) that they will be off air on 252 kHz from "half-past twelve Tuesday 27th June until the same time on Saturday 8th July" (local time = UTC +1)
This is for a replacement of the base-plate of the transmission mast according to the announcement.

I've now uploaded a recording of RTÉ R1 long wave outage announcement on 252 kHz here: https://app.box.com/s/nbfvqdtmtbpfz562hz8obylh9r7z3auj
(with Algeria audible in the background down here in southern England!)

Latest I saw was that 252 will continue until June 2019, by which time RTE hopes to be able to broadcast via some local DAB transmitters in the UK.
73 Alan Pennington (25/6-2017)

CFQR 600 AM has begun testing in Montreal QC. It is the English sister station of CFNV 940 which signed on last year. CFQR is 10kW's day, 5 night.
Andy Reid (25/6-2017)



Summer solstice bandscan. Due to rain, I had to scan the band from indoors. Lucky, then, I was not at the Faraday cage I call home.

I heard mostly British stations on the MW band. Absolute Radio’s relay on 1197 kHz was audible through the QRM from the laptop; also the only relay I could hear. From Smooth Radio I heard nothing. R. Scotland on 810 kHz was nearly inaudible. Not the first time.
Reynir Heiðberg Stefánsson (22/6-2017)



Benin in on 1566 MW. From 0353 past 0412 [UTC] June 21 I had a JBA carrier on 1566 looping about 80 degrees, which fits for TWR`s 100 kW transmitter. Tnx to tip from guys in western Canada who were hearing it before and after 0500 last night. WRTH says their morning schedule is 0315-0545. No other splits audible here in the 1500s.
Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, and welcome to Summer! dxld yg (21/6-2017)

Radio Taiwan International on 1359Khz is being heard with English progaming. Noted from 11:05UTC-(9:05pm).Signal sometimes as a good level,mixed with co/channel stations.
Being heard on a Kenwood R 1000, antenna is EWE pointed North East.
Martin Greer, Launceston Tasmania in ICDX-AM yg (21/6-2017)



GrootNews Radio is sending out pettition to keep Flevoland transmitter up: they are talking about it here https://www.grootnieuwsradio.nl/k/n663/news/view/101757/42103/luisteraars-openen-petitie-voor-behoud-zendmast.html
and the pettition is here: https://www.petities24.com/grootnieuwsradio
H opefully a lot of DXers will sign it and maybe Nederlands will stay on air.
Mitja Kocjančič (16/6-2017)

HYUNDAI has recently launched a fourth model with line fit DRM receiver for India. The Hyundai Xcent will include DRM as a standard feature. Four models of Hyundai cars are now be available in the Indian market with line-fit DRM receivers – the Electra, Xcent, Tucson and Grandi10.
DRM Newsletter June 2017
Mike Terry, dxld yg (16/6-2017)

Stuart Mark Forsyth, who has taken on responsibility for updating the 2018 WRTH listings for New Caledonia, has received official confirmation from RNC that 666 and 729 have gone off air. NZ DXers noted the absence of 666 in early June, but it has taken till now to secure official confirmation.
Bryan Clark NZDXLvia Bruce Conti, mwmasts yg (15/6-2017)



Réunion has stopped transmissions on 666 [St. Pierre] and 1215 kHz [St. André] a few months ago due to budgetary reasons. Thanks for the info from René-Paul Grondin.
Mauno Ritola in WRTH fb group (15/6-2017)



Pirate station on 1991 kHz? Some Swedish dxers have heard nonstop mx on 1991 kHz yesterday June 12th. QTH Svealand (Mid Sweden)?
NORDX yg via Ydun Ritz (13/6-2017)



Radio Caroline 648 kHz - and this is the transmitter site.
Poul Foged, DDXLK fb group (9/6-2017)



Are you looking to catch signals from UK local radio stations with local identification? This week you have a special chance to hear local stations with local programming overnight - usually overnight programming is networked. This is because the UK General Election takes place on Thursday 8th June. After the polling stations close at 2200 local time (2100 UTC) look out for local news and election results and analysis throughout the night. The first results are expected around 2200 utc, but if you want to fine tune your listening here is a list when constituency result are likely to be announced
Steve Whitt, MWC fb group (7/6-2017)

Good news with Radio Caroline on it's own MW frequency. The only other European stations on 648 kHz will be Radio Murski Val, Nemcavci SVN with 10 kW (often heard in Southern Denmark during the evening) and RNE, Badajoz E with 50 kW.
I hope, Radio Caroline can make it through to Northern Europe without disturbance.
Ydun Ritz (7/6-2017)



Analogue community radio
Licences awarded in this period, and reasons for the awards.
Ofcom has announced, and published the reasons for, the award of four community radio licences in London and five new community radio licences for medium wave (AM) services:
Ark AM Glasgow
Carillon Wellbeing Radio West Leicestershire
Radio Caroline Suffolk and northern parts of Essex
Radio Ninesprings Yeovil and the South Somerset District area
Radio Seerah Leicester
See our statement for the medium wave (AM) awards PDF, 198.7 KB
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/manage-your-licence/radio-broadcast-licensing/monthly-updates/radio-broadcast-update-may-2017 of 6 June 2017 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/6-2017)



Groot Nieuws Radio, AM 1008 KHz. Flevoland - The Netherlands goes off-air.
The last powerfull AM outlet 1008 Khz. in The Netherlands will leave the airways as from Septembre the first this summer. The actual user, the christian broadcaster Groot Nieuws Radio, has lost in a adjudication to keep the Flevoland transmitter in operation. Groot Nieuws Radio asked the Dutch organisation Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM) - Authority For Consumer And Marketing, to do a decision. Groot Nieuws Radio has a hiring contract until Septembre 2017. The broadcasting organisation says in a statement to be disappointed in the decision of the ACM. Also AM should be needed to reach the whole of the Netherlands, instead of distributian via DAB+, internet, interactive television and the analoge kabelnetworks, according to the christian broadcaster. NOVEC, the owner and exploration company of the transmittersite near Zeewolde - Flevoland, wants to dismantle the 207 mtr.high broadcastingmasts in favour of a electrical windmill powerproject. Also the company says that maintenance of the masts is needed. After that a exploration will be to expensive or will not have an effectiveness.
The transmitterssite Flevoland is in use since 1980. It was the main transmittersite of The Netherlands, consisting two transmitters whit a maximum output from 600 Kw, to distribute the first two programms of the Dutch public radio. Earlier called Hilversum 1 and 2, later Radio 1 and 2. In 1985 Radio 2 was replaced by Radio 5. Frequencies are 1008 Khz. and 747. The last one was switched off definitely Septembre the first 2015. Commercial users where hiring airtime on the 1008 Khz. since 2004.
Groot Nieuws Radio is allowed to use 1008 until 2020. They will probably have to look for a different possibility. But at last, a nationwide coverage of a AM broadcasting location in The Netherlands will be ending at the end of August this year.
The best of 73's Willem Prins / Haren - The Netherlands (5/6-2017)



Its taken Radio Caroline 53 years to get an AM licence and it was perceived as a threat to the BBC for many years. Ironically 648 kHz was best known for transmitting the BBC World Service in English around the clock on 648 kHz from September 1982 until March 2011 from the Orfordness transmitting station on the Suffolk coast.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (2/6-2017)

We can now announce that our [Radio Caroline] AM frequency will be 648 kHz with a power of 1000 watts. This is ERP or simply the power radiated by the aerial.
A transmitter was imported from the Continent a few days ago and is now being modified to suit the frequency. There are further hurdles, but as you can see progress is being made.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (2/6-2017)

Radio Caroline has been officially granted 648 kHz with 1kW ERP.
John Hoad, MWC fb group (2/6-2017)



I received the new syrian opposition station on 1350 kHz it was much stronger than the Gavar TX at my QTH, but the transmitter was very unstable and with poor, humming modulation. TX is propbably an old Ex. SRTV/SBO tower in Aleppo area.
Here is my recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_Ij4GMgIOQ
QTH: Székesfehérvár/Hungary
Tringer László (1/6-2017)



Hello DXers, Yesterday 29-5-2017 around 19:30 UTC I noticed a new radio station on 1350 KHz. The station gave ID as Radio Al Kul ( kul in Arabic means All).
Checked online and reached their web site http://www.radioalkul.com
According to their web site they are a Syrian news radio with up to the minute news about Syria and Syrians through a network of reports .
They transmit on FM 95.5 MHz in Aleppo and Idleb in Syria and on Nile Sat satellite frequency 12562 Vertical 27500 . Parts of Aleppo is already under the control of ISIL .
They have a live stream on their website as well...I checked the programmes on 1350 and it is matching the online stream .
They are transmitting from 19:30 to 21:00 UTC , of course the transmitting place is unknown but before they went on air TWR from Gavar was on with the usual programmes .
The program content is mainly music and news on top of the hour and :30 of the hour as well.
Here's a recording of part of the transmission of 29-5-2017
I sent them a reception report but didn't get any reply.
73, Tarek Zeidan, Cairo, Egypt, dxld yg (30/5-2017)

"The Bonaire Power Up project will increase TWR's Latin America broadcast signal from 100,000 to 450,000 watts. This will double the potential listening audience in Latin America from 50 million to 100 million people and blanket Cuba with the Spanish programmes. Thanks to many volunteers, much construction was completed in 2016. TWR hopes to purchase the transmitter in 2017.
Contact: tklingbe@twr.org"
Fellowship of European [Christian] Broadcasters, e-mail-newsletter 29 May 2017 via
Dr Hansjoerg Biener

"After many months of upgrades and new construction at our Caribbean station on the island of Bonaire [in 2016], we are preparing to install a 450,000-watt transmitter.
With it, we will reach farther and stronger with programs in Spanish and several other languages across not only the entire nation of Cuba but also large portions of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America.
TWR will produce more programs in Cuba to give our Cuban listeners the spiritual food they are hungry for. We will also have a strategic reach into some of the world's remaining unreached people groups of the Amazon region.
God’s provision through our generous donors has allowed us to come very close to meeting our goal of $3.8 million."
https://www.twr.org/project/powerup via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/5-2017)



It wasn't immediately obvious to me that the Grupo Radioescucha Argentino Wordpress article related to stations in Ciudad de México. I eventually pieced the clues together!
Today a shake up of stations in that city (owned by Radio Centro) takes place.
690kHz - Previously La 69, now a combination of Radio Centro AM and El Fonógrafo.
790kHz - Previously Formato 21 - as far as I can tell the 50kW tx will be switched off today.
1030kHz - Previously Radio Centro - as far as I can tell now the 50kW tx will be switched off today.
1110kHz - Previously Radio Red - now a combination of a new News service and Formato 21.
1150kHz - Previously El Fonógrafo - as far as I can tell the 50kW tx will be switched off today.
The Mexican source was SDP Noticias. I hope that other DXers - possibly Raymie - could confirm this.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts yg (21/5-2017)

From Radio Today - "In its application Radio Caroline had asked for 1kW of power – compared to the usual 50 watts that community services operate at.
It proposed to cover an area bounded by Ipswich in the South, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket in the West, Saxmundham to the East and Diss to the North. The station’s application said it would broadcast most of the programmes from Kent and from the Ross Revenge ship using 4G. The station also said that if awarded a licence it could be on-air in time for the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act on 14th August this year."
Full article here: Radio Caroline to go back on AM fulltime
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (20/5-2017)

Ofcom has awarded five new medium wave community radio licences, including one for Radio Caroline to cover Suffolk and North Essex.
Other new AM services will go live in Glasgow, West Leicestershire, Leicester and Yeovil.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (20/5-2017)



The former ship-based pirate station, Radio Caroline, has been handed its first full-time AM broadcast licence
Mike Terry, WRTH fb group (19/5-2017)

Ofcom awarded five new community radio licences for medium wave (AM) services to:
Radio Caroline
Ark AM
Carillion Wellbeing Radio
Radio Seerah
Radio Ninesprings
More on Ofcom website.
John Hoad, MWC fb group (19/5-2017)



This morning (16 May 2017) at 05:00 UT Israel's new public broadcaster 'Kan' was observed with its Heritage Network back on 531 kHz, identifying on air as 'Kan Moreshet'. Prior to yesterday this frequency was shared with Network A (Reshet Alef), it remains to be seen if this is still the case. The streaming situation has also been sorted out, with the organisation's website at www.kan.org.il now hosting live streams from eight radio and two TV networks.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online, (16/5-2017)



Radio Atlanta Milano 1485 kHz new one reported on 14 May. New Italian radio on MW Back from old Italian FM
73, Giampiero Bernardini, dxld yg (15/5-2017)

On the first day of operation of new public broadcaster 'Kan' 531 kHz is noted carrying Reshet Bet [Network B] //657 kHz instead of Reshet Alef/Reshet Moreshet [Network A/Heritage Network] as previously.
The broadcaster continues to ID on air as 'Kol Yisrael, Reshet...' [Voice of Israel, Network...]. They don't seem to have got their webstreams up and running yet (the foregoing observations were made via a web SDR in Israel); the new Kan website at www.kan.org.il is only hosting an audio stream of continuous music interspersed with occasional 'Kan' IDs.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (15/5-2017)



Radio Tou’caen, will return on the air from Hérouville Saint Clair (near Caen in Normandy) from May 15th to July 15th (except on June 4th).
Frequency still 1602 kHz. www.radio-toucaen.fr
Christian Chibaudo (12/5-2017)



Allouis 162 kHz
Apparently summarizing French sources as follows: No broadcaster has filed a serious application for using 162 kHz, so the carrier will remain silent, i.e. without program audio in AM. For the plain time signal application the output has now been adjusted to 1100 kW, with wrist watches for this system being mentioned as primary reason for still running so much power.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (10/5-2017)

Radio Beograd 1, transmitter: Sjenica, 1602 kHz - its mast is very well visible here:
Reported by Boris Bielik and David Kriz, two members of the Czechoslovak DX Club (CSDXC) traveling in the Sjenica area.
Karel Honzik (10/5-2017)

The last MW transmitter in Kosovo is Prishtine on 549 kHz. It is still active and it relays Radio Kosova 1. Not listed in WRTH. Reported by Boris Bielik and David Kriz, two members of the Czechoslovak DX Club (CSDXC) traveling in that area.
Karel Honzik (10/5-2017)

1550 Polisario Front, Rabouni, ALG, doesn't seem to carry the Castilian lang. segments anymore, or then they're b/cast at completely different times. The morning b/cast (opening at 0700?) closes at 1300 while the evening one runs 1700-2300.
Carlos Gonçalves, POR (8/5-2017)

207 SNRT-Al Watania channel, Azilal, is silent for a little over a month. My logged obs. of co-ch. RÚV dated 6th April indicates Azilal was off on 06APR, and remained so up till now. Good news for me... perhaps not good news for other DXers trying to receive Morocco.
Carlos Gonçalves, POR (8/5-2017)

The WRTH 2017 brings incorrect information about Antena 1:
Meia-Légua (Faro ) 720 is off the air;
Miramar 720 is no more.
Now, the situation of those two is not new, so it should have been taken into consideration before the material was sent to the WRTH back in 2016.
Carlos Gonçalves, POR (8/5-2017)



Now it was confirmed that the (most probably) last active Serbian MW
transmitter is Sjenica (Syenitsa) on 1602 kHz with Beograd 1. It was
confirmed a couple of days ago by a group of DXers from Czechia and Slovakia
travelling in Sjenica area. They heard this transmitter before also in their
home countries.
Karel Honzik, CZE (8/5-2017)



As everybody has could read on this site Radio Seagull is broadcasting on 747 Khz from the radioship Jenni Beynton, anchored in Harlingen harbour, as from last week.
Last weekend other low-power user in Holland on the 747, like Groeistad Radio, T-Pot, Radio Babylona, Radio 0511, Radio Emmeloord en Different 747 AM, did a complain at the Dutch - Agentschap Telecom.
The complain was a not desired interference on their signal by Radio Seagull. All the stations have a restricted licence of a maximum PEP of 100 Watt. The same licence Seagull should be using. The story is that Seagull was using 2 Kw. Also the station was not on zero-beat.
After the publicity it seems that Seagull has turn down the power of their transmitter. Also the station is now better on zero-beat. Dave Angel wrote that he was receiving Radio Seagull in the UK. That is indeed slightly possible because of the fact that Harlingen is situated at the north-west coast of The Netherlands. So a 100 Watt signal could propagate easily over the North Sea.
Interference from the different low power stations here in Holland starts to be a story. Now more and more licences are given out for the same frequencie the number of places starts to grow that signals are overlapping each other in the outher range of there covering area.
Here at my location I do hear on 1395 and 747 always a mix of more groundwave signals. A directional arial is needed to pick up a certain station without a disturbed signal.
In the mean time every off-shore radiofan here in Holland is looking forward to the RadioDay 2017 in the weekend of the 20 th of May. This year it is in Harlingen and also the radioship Jenni Beynton plays a role that day. Special broadcasts will be done on the 747 Khz. More info of the RadioDay on: http://www.radioday.nl/
Best of 73's, Willem Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (3/5-2017)

Regarding the Radio Caroline AM licence application Peter Moore, station manager, posted this morning "...As for AM and sticking ONLY to facts, there has been no official reaction from the day we delivered our application. So to avoid an interminable thread of ' what ifs ' let us say that Ofcom will make a decision in due course and that in the meantime there are plenty of other things to be doing"
Pirate / Free Radio: Re: Radio Caroline Flashback on RadioPlayer.
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (3/5-2017)



Ofcom Statement published 28 April 2017
There are 250 Ofcom-licensed community radio stations broadcasting in locations across the UK. These stations are small, not-for-profit services which bring a range of benefits to their target communities, and are run with the help of volunteers.
This statement sets out our decision to conduct a fourth licensing round for community radio services, and how we will seek to ensure that our processes for awarding licences are quicker and more focused than in previous rounds.
We have also made revisions to our technical policy in relation to the frequencies and coverage areas for these services to take account of individual station requirements, which may differ.
Finally, this statement sets out our position on the prioritisation of our future community radio work.

Items relating to AM
Our technical policy:
Our policy in relation to the technical aspects of community radio licences available frequencies and coverage area has remained virtually unchanged since we started licensing community radio services in 2005. It says:
? Community radio stations on FM in urban areas will generally be licensed for acoverage radius of up to 5km.
? For urban 'community of interest' services, where the target community occupies an area of more than a 5km radius,
only AM frequencies will normally be allocated.
? In rural areas where there is greater availability of suitable FM frequencies (such as parts of Scotland and Wales) and a coverage radius of more than 5km is proposed, we may license such services on FM.
? In rural areas where the availability of suitable FM frequencies is poor and a coverage radius of more than 5km is proposed, only AM frequencies will be allocated.
Changes to our technical policy
4.1 Our technical policy for community radio has remained largely unchanged since we started licensing stations in 2005. We have had feedback from new and existing licensees about applying a more flexible approach, and therefore considered this was an appropriate time to consider revising our policy
Proposals in our consultation
4.5 On AM, we said that community radio stations would generally be licensed for a coverage radius of around 10km.
Responses to the consultation
5.11 [...] HNBT suggested that “the use of AM/MW by listeners is decreasing and therefore we believe that Ofcom resources
should not be used with planning any new AM/MW services [unless] BBC local radio closes its AM/MW transmissions then these
frequencies and sites could be offered to ‘community of interest’ broadcasters”.
Excerpted by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/5-2017)

Radio Seagull continues to make tests on 747 KHZ, which are unannounced and the crystal has altered so that the station is better tuned up with the Spanish station, meaning a slower beat frequency. This is a good thing, however it makes it harder to find than when there was a small buzz on channel.
I heard the station on Monday 01 May around Midnight BST and also on Saturday 29 April around the same time. The signal is generally poor with lots of very heavy QSB.
Dave Angell (G0BHS) (2/5-2017)

CTV Windsor Published Monday, May 1, 2017 1:27PM EDT
AM800 CKLW is currently broadcasting on its sister station AM580 after a transmitter fire. No word on what caused the fire or how much damage was done.
You can also listen to AM800's news and talk-programming online or via the iHeartradio app Via Artie Bigley, OH, DXLD (2/5-2017)
So if 800 is off the air, go for DX. BTW, XEROK was inbooming here last night, rarely overcoming KQCV OKC.
Glenn Hauser, OK, DXLD yg (2/5-2017)



At Midnight on 25 April I heard a station ID from Radio Seagull on 747 KHZ that confirmed my previous suspicions that they were active once again on this channel. It was a very weak signal but audible, and also they transmitted their hourly news bulletin. This low power transmitter is on board the Jenni Beynton, anchored in Harligen harbour.
I am located in the UK, not far from the city of Leicester.
Dave Angell (G0BHS) (25/4-2017)

Arctic Radio Club in Sweden celebrates the 2017 Convention in Jönköping, Sweden May 6 & 7th.
Our radiostation (the radiovan below) will be on the air with many different type of programs, mostly in Swedish. The transmitter will have a power of 250 W (ERP) on 1593 kHz and the antenna is located on a high hill near lake Vättern. In the evening of May 5th we will start tests. There will be station identifications in English, too.
The official start will be May 6th at 1900 UTC and the programs will be running until 1100 UTC on Sunday noon.

On the 7th there will be a program dedicated to the local SR P4 Radio Jönköping that celebrates its 40th year of broadcasting. this year. This program starts at 1000 UTC and will be in Swedish. Until the station signs off at 1100 UTC.
Reception reports are appreciated and a special QSL-card is issued, if you enclose return postage in your letter. Reception reports by e-mail will be answered by an e-QSL.
Address: Ronny Forslund, Arctic Radio 1593, Vita Huset, SE-17995 Svartsjö, SWEDEN.
E-mail: info@rock.x.se
Bengt Ericson (24/4-2017)

Radio Tirana ceased his broadcasts on 1458 kHz at least by April 18th.
Giovanni Battista Ricci (24/4-2017)



On the night of Sunday 23 April I heard what I beleive to be the signal of Radio Seagull, from the light ship Jenni Beynton on 747 kHZ as being slightly off channel it produces a fast beat frequency signal against the Spanish station which shares the channel, making it easy to discern even when there is just a carrier wave present.
Today the normal programmes of Radio Seagull, which normally stream online, have been replaced with continuous non-stop album music.
I think that we could be most likely getting some programming on 747 some time in the near future.
Watch this space!
Dave Angell. (G0BHS) seventy threes all! (24/4-2017)



Radio Baltic Waves International heard with good signal but some fading today 1640 UTC on 1386 kHz from new transmitter (site) in Viesintos.
Sangean ATS 909x + 8 m loop.
Ydun Ritz (21/4-2017)

Sitkūnai 1386 kHz Final Sign-Off.
Occurred this morning at about 05:01 UTC as monitored/recorded using the U. Twente SDR receiver. A bit noisy as propagation is starting to deteriorate as the sun comes up. Is that the Radio Baltic Waves International interval signal that was played a few times just before s/off? Recording attached. Where does that music come from? Name of tune?
According to Rimantas Pleikys, the first broadcast from Viešintos on 1386 kHz, 75 kW, 120 m tower will begin today at16:30 UTC.
Richard Langley, dxld yg (21/4-2017)

LTU Viesintos 1386 kHz, 75 kW, 120 m tower, 2017-Apr-21 16.30hrs
G.C. 55 41 39.80 N 24 58 56.68 E
73 Wolfgang Büschel, dxld yg (21/4-2017)



Radio Caroline North: Pleased to report that it was a very successful holiday weekend's broadcast with reception on medium wave [1368 kHz] reported over a wide area, especially after dark.
Glad that the Southampton Supporters Group raised funds to be sponsor, the group has been going for many years and is becoming even more well attended.
MikeTerry, mwdx yg (18/4-2017)



Radio Caroline North live from the MV Ross Revenge is now being relayed throughout the Easter weekend on the Manx Radio AM frequency [1368 kHz].
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (14/04-2017)



We are on air today, as every Wednesday, on 1584 and 6070 kHz.
After the Italian broadcast between 17 and 18.30 UTC, there will be the English broadcast at 18.30-19 UTC, with DX news for BCL and HAM.
"IBC DIGITAL" will be at the end of the broadcast, 18.55 UTC.
We wait for your comments and reports to ibc@europe.com.
Good listening!
website www.ibcradio.webs.com
- 18.30-19 UTC 6070 / 1584 KHZ TO EUROPE
- 02.30-03 UTC 1584 KHZ TO EUROPE
- 01.30-02 UTC 11580 KHZ TO NORTH AMERICA
- 20-20.30 UTC 1584 KHZ TO SOUTH EUROPE
- 00.30-01 UTC 7730 KHZ TO NORTH AMERICA
- 10.30-11 UTC 6070 KHZ TO EUROPE
Via Radio BCL News
Saverio Masetti, wrth fb group (12/4-2017)



New 100 Kilowatt transmitter commissioned in Larkana Radio Pakistan.
Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) has up-graded its 12-year old 10 kilowatt medium wave transmitter with a new 100 kilowatt transmitter in Larkana enabling listeners to get stronger and clearer transmission in Larkana Division and beyond.
The project was completed at a cost of 63.150 million rupees. The successful completion of the project is attributed to the relentless efforts of PBC's technical team, guidance of Director Engineering and support of Director General.
Meanwhile, transmission from 100 kilowatt medium wave transmitter at PBC Mirpur has also been ensured at optimum power to counter the Indian propaganda.
Lately, India escalated media warfare against Pakistan through its radio stations operating from the Indian Occupied Kashmir. The old 100 Kilowatt medium wave transmitter of PBC Mirpur [936 kHz?] procured in 1996 was operating on low power due to aging and complex technical defect. A technical team of the PBC engineers rectified the fault and now transmission covers areas across Line of Control.
PBC website (10/4-2017)

Radio Tirana was heard on April 10th on 1458 kHz in Serbian, but from 2030 to 2045 UTC, insead of 2015 to 2030. Anyway, the transmitter seemed to be on from around 2015 UTC, broadcasting the musical part of the English programme, but the hearing conditions were too bad for me to be sure about this. The same thing happened on April 7th.
Giovanni Battista Ricci (10/4-2017)



Radio Tirana, Fllaka, MW 1394.965 kHz 0832 UT April 8, S=5 or -91dBm remotedly in Steiermark Austria, Hungary border.
73 Wolfgang Büschel, a-dx group (8/4-2017)



Even today, April 5th, Radio Tirana was broadcasting on 1458 kHz between 2013 and 2027 UTC, but only with music, no talking, except for the station announcements. It’s curious to see that their oldest transmitter is the only still working, while the SW ones, way more modern, have been shut off in March.
An interesting article (in French) on Radio Tirana transmitters can be found here: http://fremy.be/radiodiffusion/index.php?radiodiffusion=Albanie&id=36&cat_id=15
Giovanni Battista Ricci (5/4-2017)



We are on air today, as every Wednesday, on 1584 and 6070 kHz.
After the Italian broadcast between 17 and 18.30 UTC, there will be the English broadcast at 18.30-19 UTC, with DX news for BCL and "Listener's mailbox".
"IBC DIGITAL" will be at the end of the broadcast, 18.55 UTC.
We wait for your comments and reports to ibc@europe.com.
Good listening!
Website with fully schedule www.ibcradio.webs.com
Saverio Masetti, MWC fb group (5/4-2017)



I can confirm that Radio Tirana is still on the medium waves, as I have been listening to its 2015 UTC Serbian broadcast on 1458 kHz today, April, 4th. The contents were the same as usual: talk, and then music for the last 5 minutes.
Giovanni Battista Ricci (4/4-2017)

Pictures of the 1000 kW medium wave transmitter [594 kHz] at Chinsurah are found here: http://airddfamily.blogspot.de/2017/04/1000-kw-mw-tx-chinsurah-bags-best.html
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (4/4-2017)

Radio Tirana mediumwave transmitter Fllaka (1215, 1395, 1458 kHz 2 x 500 kW of 1967 year, Made in China) is still on air, even from today April 1, - no joke.
When checked at 08.04 UT April 1st, noted a weak tiny morning signal of the Albanian foreign service program-3 in Greece, Italy and Steiermark Austria remote posts, on 1394.958 kHz, but signal looks like a 50 kW station power !?
73 Wolfgang Büschel, mwdx yg (1/4-2017)

Sounds like also the evening transmission is still on the air on 1458 kHz at 1450.
Mauno Ritola, mwdx yg (1/4-2017)

Is the station heard after these observations?
Ydun Ritz



The 891 channel that has been sporadically occupied by Chaine1 in Algeria was filled by a DRM signal last evening 29 April. It was causing slight QRN on the BBC Radio Wales transmitter on 882 KHZ and the Italian station on 900 KHZ. The power was nothing like as strong as the Chaine1 AM signal had been earlier in the year.
Dave Angell (G0BHS) (30/3-2017)



Hi, Glenn. Our Middle East station [Voice of Hope] on 1287 kHz from Northern Israel is now on the air, having been formally inaugurated during an on-air ceremony at 9:30 am local this morning. Power is now running at 30 kW, and we expect to be at 50+ kW in a week or so. The signal is easily listenable on a car radio in Tel Aviv, which would indicate it is also being heard in Beirut and Damascus which are closer to our transmitter site, and in Amman which is about the same distance.
Ray Robinson, CA, dxld yg (29/3-2017)



Voice of Hope - Middle East is currently testing with reduced power (10kW) on 1287 kHz from Northern Israel. We learned today (Wednesday) that a few environmental modifications are needed at the transmitter site before we can run up to full power, and these will take until around the end of the month to be completed. It has been decided in the meantime to continue testing with reduced power, using non-stop Arabic Christian music. Regular operation is expected to commence late this month or in early April.
Ray Robinson, Voice of Hope, Los Angeles - Lusaka - Galilee in dxld yg (22/3-2017)

Just confirmed that Radio Tirana on MW from Shijak and Fllake will be closed down at the end of this month.
Here a link to the history of Radio Tirana transmitters http://www.dxhamradio.com/dritacico/History_of_Radio_Tirana_by_Eng_Drita_Cico

Christian Milling, wrth fb group (22/3-2017)



Voice of Hope tested Sunday March 20th on 1287 kHz with a power of approx. 10 kW. Bengt Ericson, ARC is the first reporter worldwide. They will be testing from the AM site at She´ar Yashuv in Israel and expect to be on the air with regular programs in 2-3 weeks. The answer from Ray Robinson, Vice President, Global Operations, Strategic Communicatio Group - Voice of Hope: " Hi Bengt. Yes, indeed we were (testing)!. The transmitter near the Israel /Lebanon border were completed this afternoon(Sunday March 19th) and at times they ran it with a test tone mostly running at 10 kW, but they did run it up to 50 kW. Yours is the first report we have received! We expect to be testing this week with audio and ID "Saout al Amal" in Arabic pr in English "From the shores of the Sea of Galilee, this is the Voice of Hope".
Ronnie B. Goode, wrth fb group (20/3-2017)

Equinox bandscan.
I brought the Panasonic set (Panny tranny) with me to where I am dog-sitting. At least I needed not venture into frost and snow to listen, so I could follow the Eagles’ advice and take it easy, beginning at 23:55 UTC and dragging it out until 24:40.

There were more Arabic-like and Spanish speakers on the MW band than I expected. The larger Brits dominated, as usual, The Absolute Radio relays on 1197 and 1242 kHz came in string, but 1233 had to compete. Smooth Radio was well audible on 1152 and 1161 kHz, and I could follow Radio XL on 1296.

The LW band was pretty stable with (what’s left of) the usual suspects. Algeria was the stronger presence on 252 kHz. Such a change from when Atlantic rolled in day and night.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (21/3-2017)



37 years ago today 20 March 1980: Radio Caroline's ship the MV Mi Amigo sank.
Per Wikipedia: The anchor chain broke in a Force 10 storm. She drifted for 10 nautical miles (19 km) before running aground on the Longsands Bank. At 23:58, the final broadcast was made by DJs Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson. The Sheerness Lifeboat attended Mi Amigo and took off the crew. The ship sank on 20 March at
51°35′00″N1°17′20″E / 51.58333°N 1.28889° leaving only the 127 feet (39 m) tall mast above the water. On 22 May, Thanet District Council announced plans to refloat Mi Amigo and turn her into a museum ship at Ramsgate, but the ship remained as a wreck. The mast collapsed at the end of July 1986, a fact which was reported by Trinity House on 2 August. It was announced on 13 September that the position of the wreck of Mi Amigo was to be marked by a buoy. Mi Amigo lies in 8 to 16 feet (2.4 to 4.9 m) of water.
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (20/3-2017)

Caroline North Broadcast.
Radio Caroline North returns to Manx Radio 1368 AM this weekend live from the River Blackwater.
We've unearthed more rare interviews with two of Caroline's early presenters: Graham Webb who set up the news service on both the North and South ships, and the late Mike Ahern who tells of how he was fired for making a bacon sandwich!
It's Mother's Day on Sunday and we've some fabulous prizes to give away, fit for any mum, from our friends at Tiptree.
So join us online here, and on 1368 AM live from our radio ship the Ross Revenge.
Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.
http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/#home.html shared by Mike Terry on MWC fb group (20/3-2017)



The transmitter of Spirit Radio in Ireland on 549 KHZ has been off air for a few hours on a couple of mornings. Maybe they are adjusting the antenna or making modifications to the power that they can put out. It is usually back on air when I return home from work in the evenings, with varying signals strengths, but it could just be propagation conditions and not any major changes to the equipment. They are able to get a maximum of 25 KW from that ex-UCB Europe relay transmitter, and it puts a lovely signal into the UK when conditions are favourable, although the pop music station in North Africa, (Algeria) also using 549 KHZ uses much more power and can swamp the signal on some occasions.
Dave Angell (G0bhs) (15/3-2017)



New transmissions from AIR Kota 1413 kHz.
During the last few days, I was observing some co channel interference on BBC 1413 kHz Medium Wave.
I noted that it was the new transmission from AIR Kota.
AIR Kota used to operate on 1413 kHz with 20 kW only on daytimes and with 1 kW on 1584 kHz in mornings/evenings/night.When I contacted AIR Kota, I was told that from 9 Mar 2017, they are using 1413 kHz for all transmissions as the 1 kW transmitter has become faulty.
The best time to listen to clear signals of AIR Kota on 1413 kHz is at their sign on at 0025 to 0029 UTC (5.55 to 5.59 AM IST) when BBC is off. (BBC starts at 0029 UTC)
1584 kHz in not listed in the recent official schedules of AIR issued from AIR HQ.
The website of AIR Kota is: http://airkota.com/airkota.php
Copy of my AIR Kota QSL: http://qsl.net/vu2jos/qsls/kota_1584.jpg
Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, Indiain dx_india via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (14/3-2017)



666 kHz RUV with non-stop music just now [1845 utc]; not // with some of the other 3 Ruv LW/FM programsr, so obvious still test transmissions - listen kiwi SDR http://utvarp.com:8073/
Niels A. Holst, DDXLK fb group (6/3-2017)



AM 690 - K24 en Radio, Virrey del Pino is transmitting on new frq 540 kHz and in parallel with the traditional 690 kHz frequency.
Arnaldo Slaen, condiglist yg (28/2-2017)



Radio Caroline North on 1368 kHz: They are now [1351 utc] asking for long distance reception reports for the Manx Radio transmitter today, some from Holland already.
Email Chris Pearson memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Thank you.
Mike Terry in mwdx yg (25/2-2017)
Barely audible here in Southern Denmark; will check later in the evening. (YMR)

Yesterday 23.02.17 at 1545 UTC, 891 kHz were sending a strong noise like DRM (not AM), very width, interfering the 882 and 900 kHz channels; 981 and 1422 kHz were off.
Then, at 1600 UTC, on 891 appears a silent AM-carrier with occassional fast test beeps of different longitudes of frequencies (like a earache test); and 981 and 1422 stations returned and working as they should do.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, España (24/2-2017)



Radio Marti is reported on a new frequency of 1690 kHz.
Heard 20th and 21st of February by Fernando José Viloria Briceño VEN with mx; ID as "Somos Marti", with reference to 11080 kHz and http://martinoticias.com
Santiago San Gil, WRTH fb group (23/2-2017)



Hi Ydun, About the test tone heard on kHz 1575. Could be this noise? It's over Radio Rai 1 (Italy).
Nice evening.
Alberto (22/2-2017)

The jamming noise on 1575 KHz comes from Iran. It is directed towards Radio Farda broadcasting from Kuwait on the same frequency, running programmes 24 hours in Persian towards Iran. Radio Farda is a US propaganda broadcaster and part of the Radio Free Europe/Radio liberty group.
The jamming is on and off for many years now. I suppose it depends on the state of the US-Iranian relationship.
Greetings, Michael/ei3gyb (22/2-2017)

Radio Banovici 792 kHz again stopped broadcating on medium wave.
Sanel Tufekcic (22/2-2017)
[After three years of silence Radio Banovici 792 kHz went back on air in November 2016,
Sanel wrote on 24/11-2016.]

About the question relieved by other listeners concerning the noise along the carrier of RAI Radio 1 transmitting on 1575 Khz from Genova Portofino, it should be noted that its programs end everyday at 23.00 UTC but the noise remains there during all the night until
the propagation breaks the listening.
So it's impossible that it is caused by an abnormal working of their transmitter. It is probably caused by a jamming station on the same frequency. It would be desiderable that all the listeners interested to find that cause leave their reception reports from their countries so as to locate the approximate site from which the disturbance is located.
Here, from my site near Roma, the signals sometimes cover the RAI carrier and have some fading. Take in mind that RAI Radio 1's power is 35Kw.
I hope that this can be of help.
I remain available for any info.
Carlo Chiappa (I0WOK) (22/2-2017)
Thank you, Carlo.

Radio Caroline North returns online and on Manx Radio 1368AM this weekend with another live broadcast from the Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater.Carl ConwayOne of Caroline's first announcers was Carl Conway, who recently passed away at the grand old age of 95. We've unearthed a rare interview he gave a few years ago where he covers all aspects from his time with the station, and you'll hear it this weekend. Did you know he appeared in Doctor Who, and a Carry On film!We've more great prizes to give away from Tiptree, and your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
So join us this Saturday and Sunday for Radio Caroline North.
Radio Caroline via Mike Terry, mwdx yg (22/2-217)

The signal from Algeriaon 891 kHz is also very strong here in the northern part of The Netherlands. By far out the strongest signal from northern Africa. Now and then heavy sidesplatter from the 12 kc wide signal from BBC Radio Wales on 882. This tx in Algeria - Oulet Fayed must be a very powerfull one. Perhaps technicians cannot handle this powerfull device, and having problems to keep the station on the air, the last years. Unclear is how much power the station is. Modulation is not optimal at all. On Google earth two high mast are standing in the middle of a populated city area.
The programm that is audible is Chaine 1 from the National Algerian radio in Arabic for example // at http://www.radioalgerie.dz/player/fr/live/cha%C3%AEne-1. Station is also on long-wave from two locations [153 kHz Béchar & 198 kHz Ouargla] running both 2000 Kw tx.power.
Best of 73's, Willem Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (21/2-2017)



The Algerian national station transmitting on 891 KHZ is now broadcasting audio and regular programming. It may be just for a short spell as this happened last year also around this time. Maybe they run a special event from it. I don't speak Arabic so can't really tell what is going on. It does run ads though!
I found it had begun transmitting proper output on Monday 19 February.
Dave Angell (21/2-2017)

I think that the noise on 1575 KHZ is a fault on the transmitter using that channel, it sounds like they have a large smoothing capacitor not functioning.
Dave Angell (21/2-2017)

Hearing the same noise/tone on 1575 kHz tonight around 0020utc in southern Denmark. Absolutely nothing else on this frequency. Anybody with any idea?
Ydun Ritz (21/2-2017)



Last night I received strange sounds on 1575 kHz along with RAI.
Any idea? Iranian jamming against Radio Farda? Or just strong spurious signal?
Reception area: Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
Tringer László (18/2-2017)



The Algerian national radio service is testing again 9n 891 KHZ am with a continuous 1000 hertz tone, very annoying and probably causing a lot of interference as it is a very strong signal. We shall have to wait and see what transpires, as this has tested before for a week or so and then vanished again.
Dave Angell (G0BHS) (14/2-2017)



The Swedish DX Federation celebrates World Radio Day on Monday February 13th, 2017, with special broadcasts as listed below:
- Channel 292, 6070 kHz: 1500-1600 UTC, 1700-1800 UTC
- Radio Northern Star (Webb radio): www.northernstar.cc 1600-1630 UTC
- Bergen Kringkaster, 5895 kHz USB and (possibly) 1314 kHz: 1600-1700 UTC
Reports and comments to the program to : qsl@sdxf.se or SDXF, Box 1097, 405 23 Göteborg, Sweden.
Christer Brunström, SDXF via EDXC News (13/2-2017)



Radio Pakistan is converting its AM and FM transmitters to DRM+ technology. DRM is more spectrally efficient than both AM and FM. It allows more stations in a given bandwidth but it does that at a much higher quality than either AM or FM.
The present AM and FM transmitters of Radio Pakistan can be made compatible to this technology with little amendment and to make its broadcasts clearer and cost-effective.
Director General, Radio Pakistan Mr Khurshid Malik visited the project at Broadcasting House in Islamabad and he was informed that under this technology, three channels can be aired from a single transmitter, which will prove cost-effective.
This technology enables listeners to get access to text services as well. Malik emphasized the need of improving contents of programmes besides introducing modern technology to cater the need of all segments of society.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (10/2-2017)



LLE-4 Radio Northern Star from Bergen, Norway is on the air on 1611 kHz all Thursday evening and all through Friday morning! Starting off now with 2 hours of Emperor Rosko! Also as usual on Pure, Streema, Tunein and Radio Garden as well as our own web place where www.northernstar.cc is the name on the door!
Reports to 1000@northernstar.no
Svenn Martinsen, mwc fb group (9/2-2017)



As previously reported, Radio Tirana heard on kHz 1395 and 1458 may refer to Radio Tirana 3 (Radio Tirana the 3rd National channel - http://rtsh.al/radio-tirana-3/). Here in Pesaro (northern Marche Region, central Italy) for months now Radio Tirana 3 can be heard on kHz 1458, but unfortunately Lyca Radio (UK) and Radio Romania Actualităţi (Romania) are stronger than Radio Tirana 3.
Alberto V., Pesaro (Italy) (07/02–2017)

Nick Rank in Derbyshire reported this afternoon to the British DX Club list: "Possibly Radio Tirana is back on 1395kHz. Strong signal with middle Eastern music at the moment. 1610UTC."
Tuned in 1643 and heard the Radio Tirana interval signal, then signed on in Greek at 1645. This is the 1645-1700 Monday to Saturday broadcast WRTH has listed as on 1458. Presumably Nick heard the Mon-Sat Albanian broadcast 1500-1630 which WRTH also has on 1458.
Mike Barraclough, dxld yg (7/2-2017)
But Turkish at 1930 on normal 1458 kHz, so maybe an error or a test?
Mauno Ritola, dxld yg (7/2-2017)

Funds to repair Tonga AM transmitter
Eike Bierwirth, dxld yg (6/2-2017)

Akraberg 531 kHz. HELP NEEDED! Two masts exist. I am unsure if one is a reserve or if this is an array. I cannot recall seeing mention of Akraberg as being directional. The masts are 340M apart so possibly OK to serve as an array.
Dan Goldfarb (6/2-2017)



New 100 Watt station to start today at 1200 [1100utc] Groeistad Radio 747
from Wassenaar, located between Den Haag/Scheveningen and Leiden.
Official opening tonight at 2100utc by legendary radio host Ferry Maat.
Programming today Feb 4th:
12:00 to 14:00 Soulshow bubbling under - Rob van Delft
14:00 to 16:00 Soulshow Top 100 - Marc Jacobs
16:00 to 18:00 Soulshow Top 100 - Timothy Meurink
18:00 to 20:00 Soulshow Top 100 - Erwin van der Bliek
20:00 to 22:00 Soulshow top 100 - Ferry Maat
Stig Hartivig Nielsen/Ydun Ritz (4/2-2017)



A good actual site for Dutch low powers is:
Best greetings and go on with your most appreciated website !
David Visser, Holland (2/2-2017)



BDXC has just published the 2017 (26th edition) of our booklet Radio Stations in the UK and Ireland. More info on how to order can be found on the club web site at
Dave Kenny (1/2-2017)



The British DX Club has published/updated a number of interesting guides to AM broadcasting in different regions of the world:

Africa on Mediumwave & Shortwave: A comprehensive country-by-country guide to domestic and external broadcasts from Africa, including selected opposition and target broadcasts to the African continent. The document is in pdf format. January 2017.

Broadcasting in Afghanistan: A comprehensive guide to shortwave and mediumwave broadcasts to and within Afghanistan. The document is in pdf format. Updated January 2017.

External Services on Medium Wave: A frequency-order guide to external services on medium wave from stations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Also includes some foreign and minority-language programming carried on domestic MW services. Updated January 2017.

Middle East & Caucasus on Mediumwave and Shortwave: A comprehensive guide to short and mediumwave radio stations in the Middle East and Caucasus. In country order, pdf format. Updated January 2017.

South Asia on Mediumwave and Shortwave: A handy guide to shortwave radio stations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. In frequency order, pdf format. Updated January 2017.
These and other publications can be downloaded at http://bdxc.org.uk/articles.html.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (31/1-2017)



New on mediumwave here in the UK is Radio Panj, transmitting on 1521 kHz from Coventry in the West Midlands. It's a community station broadcasting almost exclusively in Punjabi though with occasional English ads and announcements, such as the station slogan "Sound of Five Rivers" ['Punjab' literally means 'land of five rivers']. They have a website with live streaming (but no information) at RadioPanj.com.
Radio Panj is co-channel with another UK community station, Flame Christian & Community Radio, based in the Wirral in the English northwest.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online, dxld yg (29/1-2017)
First logged in DNK on December 13th by SHN. (See .../loggings.html ed)



The TX from Ireland which periodically relays the Tenerife stations, Coast FM and Coast Two, was back on the air yesterday evening, Friday 27 January from around 1700 Hours GMT until just before 23 hours, relaying Coast FM. It was a stronger signal than earlier in the month with some sky-wave distortion.
It may well reappear again this evening, as it is only audible during the night-time hours, being out of ground-wave propagation range here in Leicesttershire.
Once more it was to be found on 1494 KHZ am.
Dave Angell (28/1-2017)



693 Antena 1, St.ª Bárbara, is inactive due to tower collapse, but will be reactivated as soon as the new antenna is built and installed which is expected to happen before mid year.
Carlos Gonçalves (27/1-2017)

630 Antena 1, Chaves, is not to be reactivated.
720 Antena 1, Meia-Légua (Faro), ditto.
Like all other sites, those two on mainland are unmanned, and were vandalised which caused the operation to halt, and I learned today, that the RTP administration does not intend to invest any money on them. This policy does not apply to any MF tx in the Açores.
720 Antena 1, Miramar; the site has been inactive since the antenna collapsed, and it was not repaired or replaced. In fact, the property has been put on sale (I saw the adv. on the gate last August, but my anger refrained me from taking any photos), and learned today from the RTP, that it has already been sold.
Carlos Gonçalves (27/1-2017)

756 silent carrier, DF=N/NEast of me, fair signal being noted during the day: testing? Spain? It is *not* Portugal, Antena 1, Lamego, 2 kW. Since it's not POR, it may be E testing some new tx on a new channel for E... but if it's not E either, then what?
I first caught it on 21Jan at 1147 UT on the SW coast, and the signal was stronger compared to what I get up here in the capital, but this is only due to using different aerials, i.e. a 300 m Bev. vs an elaveted K9AY.
73, Carlos Gonçalves (27/1-2017)

Just a quick note to advise you that in Pesaro (Marche Region, central Italy) on kHz 837 at 16.30 UTC, I heard for the first time and using a simple car radio, the news in Russian language transmitted by Radio Krim Realnii/Радио Крым Pеалии. The Radio is related to RFE/RL network. In the same frequency I usually listen UR-1 Persha Programa (Ukraine) and COPE (Spain).
Alberto V., Pesaro (Italy) (1/26–2017)



Today, I caught for a few hours since 1155 UTC, Alger Chaîne I on 337 mts. 891 kHz, with a level of a local station (QTH: Valencia, Spain), and SINPO 55555. Few hours later, level weakened a bit to a SINPO 45554. Around 1530 UTC or so, signal has dissappeared.
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, España (25/1-2017)

I noted a powerful test tone on 521 mts. 576 kHz, in my QTH near Valencia, Spain, since around 1900 UTC. As powerful as blocks me RNE 5 Barcelona which is 100 kW station. At 2200 UTC, still on air. Maybe Bechar station?
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, España (25/1-2017)

Update: at 2245, the 576 kHz tx noted with Chaîne 1, for short moments only carrier. SINPO 55555
Guillermo Sáez, Valencia, España (25/1-2017)



Here in the UK there is a new Asian station appeared on 1521 KHZ broadcasting Indian music with very little chat. I have never heard any station ID on it either. It started around 01 December 2016. It has a very wide band-width and an Opti-Mod type am signal. I think it could be located in either Rugby or Kettering Northants, as I am in Leicestershire and we get a good ground-wave signal here. Do you know what it is, or for that matter, does anyone of the other medium wave DXers?
I don't think that it is "BFPS", as there is one of those in Rugby on 1134 KHZ.
Dave Angell (25/1-2017)

Could it be Flame Christian & Community Radio from Wirral? This station uses 1521 kHz. But with Indian music? Hmm!
Ydun Ritz (25/1-2017)

I don't think so as it is louder in Market Harborough, South Leicestershire than it is in the city of Leicester, so seems to be located to the South-West of my location. These community stations have very low power signals and I don't think that a station up in the North-West would even reach South Leicestershire.
Let's hope, that other dxers know more. (Ydun)

It is Radio Panj [1521 kHz] from Coventry, well heard in the morning.
Logged first time December 13th, 2016 [see http://mediumwave.info/loggings.html]
According to http://bdxc.org.uk/lpam.pdf test transmissions started December 7th 2016.
40 Watt power.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (25/1-2017)



Israel Army Radio is undergoing changes according to the Jerusalem Post today.
"Army Radio will no longer be under the IDF's control, moving instead to the control of the Defense Ministry, the ministry announced Tuesday. The transfer of the power was set to be completed by May of 2017. "
Whether this has any impact on operations or broadcasts only time will tell. Are they still on 1287khz?
Steve Whitt, MWC fb group (24/1-2017)

Caroline North is back this weekend live from the MV Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater Estuary near Bradwell, Essex. Relayed on 1368 kHz with a transmitter power of 20kw from the Isle of Man.
According to Manx Radio's website as well as being heard in the Isle of Man, the AM service is also audible in Southern Scotland, in the North West, in North Wales and in the West of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Also online worldwide.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (24/1-2017)



is now LIVE!
EDXC mailing list (23/1-2017)



In response to a note from Hansjörg Biener (18/1-2017) regarding the power of Caribbean Radio Lighthouse (1160 kHz) , I can inform that this stations has always been broadcasting with 10 kW – right from the very beginning in 1975 when they were on 1165 kHz. The only change regarding 1160 kHz over the past couple of years, is that the station has commenced operating here 24/7.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, World Radio TV Handbook (20/1-2017)



1000kw station 612 Radio Taiwan Int'l has officially been off the air since September when Typhoon Megi destroyed the Lukang transmitting site. No plans to return to the air, I believe...
Chris Kadlec, WRTH fb group (19/1-2017)



In an unsuccessful attempt to find out since when Caribbean Radio Lighthouse 1160 kHz (http://www.radiolighthouse.org/) has been broadcasting with 10 kW, I found a video of the station at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9c2Zgjrhog. This video is a presentation of the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse for supporters and potential donors of the station. According to youtube the video was uploaded on 1. December 2015. The interesting point for me was that already in this video they say that they are broadcasting with 10 kW.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (18/1-2017)

From my results using Tecsun PL 606 and Tecsun PL 880 and the Tecsun AN 200 loop MW/AM Antenna i was able to get this memory list:

Location : North-East New-Brunswick, Canada time 8:00 pm. Below is a memory list that contains Sports , or News channel gathered in my area

AM - MW frenquencies
1140 , 810 , 1120 , 730 , 710 , 1010 , 990 , 880 , 690 , 910 , 830 , 580 , 680 , 620 , 1520 , 1200 ,970 , 1080 , 1440 , 1390 , 1370, 1360,1320, 1290, 1310 , 850 , 860.
Jean-Denis Losier (17/1-2017)

Some station names and where?
Ydun Ritz (18/1-2017)



Spectrum Radio (4 Ingate Place, London SW8 3NS, UK, http://www.spectrumradio.net/schedules) has the following broadcast schedule on its medium wave 558 kHz (there are DAB-streams too):

0000-0100: Sout al Khaleej "London's Arabic Radio Station", Mo Irish Spectrum
0100-1100: Sout al Khaleej
1100-1200: World Music Show, Sa Irish Spectrum
1200-1300: World Music Show, Sa Irish Spectrum, So The Jewish Views
1300-1800: Sout al Khaleej
1800-1900: World Music Show, Sa Let the Bible Speak
1900-2300: World Music Show
2300-2400: World Music Show, every alternative Fr Negat Radio

Spectrum Radio started on June 25, 1990 as a multilingual station for the immigrant population in the Greater London area and has also had various foreign services on offer since then.

Although Sout at Khaleej (audi streams at
http://www.spectrumradio.net/static/spectrum/radioplayer/, http://www.soutalkhaleej.fm/) is subtitled as "London's Arabic Radio Station", it is actually a station from Qatar, which has taken over more and more broadcasting time on the medium wave since 2009. Sout al Khaleej has FM frequencies in its country of origin, as well as capital stations in Bahrain (Manama 94.4 MHz), Iraq (Baghdad 95.0 MHz, Basra 98.7 MHz), Kuwait (Kuwait 102.4 MHz), Oman (Muscat 107.7 MHz) and in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi 105.2 MHz).
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (17/1-2017)

1310 kHz RNV El Informativo, Barcelona and 1590 kHz Radio Deporte, Caracas are reactivated.
Me complace informar que RNV 1310 en Barcelona Edo Anzoategui, Radio Centro 610 en Cantaura Edo Anzoátegui y Radio Deporte 1590 en Caracas, Venezuela han reactivado sus señales.
Pero hasta ahora Union Radio 640 lleva casi dos semanas fuera del aire y Radio Barcelona para tres meses fuera.
Espero que las mismas sean reactivadas muy pronto.
Jose Elias Diaz Gomez, WRTH fb group (17/1-2017)



Medium wave Ukrainian Radio [873 kHz] to cover all occupied territories
Steve Whitt, MWC fb group (13/1-2017)



Radio Caroline is hoping to refloat on medium wave across East Anglia from its ship Ross Revenge. Read more at: http://www.buryfreepress.co.uk/news/move-to-refloat-radio

Steve Whitt, MWC fb group (12/1-2017)

Radio City via:
Challenger Radio to Northern Italy on 1368 KHz every Saturdays from 20.00 UTC onwards
Radio Merkurs on 1485 KHz every Saturday between 20.00 onwards
Contact email: citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor (12/1-2017)

The stations Atlantis FM and Coast Two, based in Tenerife have been relayed via an Irish transmitter on 1494 KHZ periodically in the past few weeks, on a hobby basis. I heard them on the night of 17 and 18 December, relaying Coast Two, and then on 05 and 06 January relaying Atlantis FM, the sister station.
On Saturday 07 January they were relaying Laser Hot hits. It was a QRP setup I think, as although a sky wave signal with phase distortion, it never got above an S5 here in Leicestershire.
I have also heard a strange signal on 1350 which announces itself as “I am Radio” in English and plays Sol and disco music continually. That has been on and off for several months and is audible here in the UK on some evenings. I think that it could be in Italy, but I can’t be sure. Hope this helps. You probably know about these stations anyway.
Dave Angell (11/1-2017)
Hmm! Laser Hot Hits is normally to be heard on 1494 kHz. (Ydun)



Earlier in 2016, All India Radio published its intention to replace the 1 kW-medium wave facility at Almora by FM
(Government of India. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting: Annual Report 2015-2016, New Delhi: Publications Division, 2016, page 158 http://mib.nic.in/writereaddata/documents/Annual_Report_2015-16.pdf).
According to a recent report, „a 5 kW and a 1 kW FM transmitter are being installed in Almorah which shall be made functional shortly to give the listeners in Almorah and surrounding areas option of listening to All India Radio programmes on the FM mode also.” (http://indianexpress.com/article/india/all-india-radio-to-set-up-new-transmitters-in-
forwarded by Alokesh Gupta)
This seems to imply that the days of the mediumwave station of AIR Almora (http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/static.panoramio.com/photos/original/
) are now numbered.
Unfortunately, the website http://allindiaradio.gov.in/station/Almora/Pages/default.aspx is not too informative, but from my own files I see that the station was commissioned in 1986. It was the second medium wave facility in a region of Uttar Pradesh that has been the Indian state of Uttarakhand since the year 2000.

All in all, there are five medium wave stations in Uttarakhand:
999 kHz Almora
1485 kHz Chamoli
1602 kHz Pauri
, Pithoragarh, Uttarkashi

It is also worth noting that All India Radio broadcast special Uttarakhand programmes on short wave from Delhi (until about 2014). To my knowledge there are (were?) special programmes broadcast on medium wave from neighbouring Najibabad in Uttar Pradesh (954 kW, 200 kW) for state wide coverage.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (8/1-2017)



Chris Kadlec, Michigan while in USA, mainly an FM DXer, has asked me to make sure MW DXers know about this. He has done amazing work researching the radio situation in Koreas! I am sure he would appreciate further publicity (Glenn Hauser)

After a long 14 months of work, I'm happy to present the completed Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide, a three-hour documentary broadcast exploring the Seoul AM band one frequency at a time, plus a look at the radio war on the Korean peninsula accompanied by a 115-page guide.


In addition to radio broadcasts from across East Asia, the broadcast includes Korean noise jammers and AM, FM, shortwave, and television propaganda broadcasts from both the north and the south, additionally outlined in a 25-page broadcast transcript and 115-page informational guide.
Chris Kadlec, via Glenn Hauser (7/1-2017)



Today at ~ 19:15 UTC I heard a weak "bubble" jammer for 1-2 minutes under the weak IRIB station on 1467 kHz. Any idea, what is this? The broadcast was Irib, not any clandestine.
Location: Székesfehérvár, Hungary. The antenna was ~ 10m longwire on the roof, it was a very short "DXpedition" because of the -10 Celsius and ~80 km/h wind.
Tringer László (6/1-2017)
I fully understand, why it was a short DXpedition :-) This morning -13C here, but not much wind. (Ydun)

Schedule of Radio Neumarkt in German: „Radio Neumarkt - die Stimme Siebenbürgens“ (B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, No. 109, RO 540445 Târgu-Mureş) has a new frequency line up for its broadcast from 19:00 to 20:00 hours UTC.
According to its own announcement, it broadcasts on the medium waves (Brașov) 1197 kHz, (Târgu-Mureş) 1323 kHz and (Sibiu) 1593 kHz as well as the „new“ FM frequency (Harghita) 106.8 MHz. „Your German program for Transylvania“ can also be heard via http://www.radiomures.ro/listenhu.php.
Http://www.radioneumarkt.ro/ offers text information and some older audio files in German. Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/1-2017)

Greek radio still recovering from the 2013 lockout: Mediumwave radio from Megara to operate again http://www.thegreekradio.com/node/28583
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (6/1-2017)

French Polynesia's public radio broadcaster says people in remote locations have complained about the end of transmissions on its AM frequency [738 kHz 20 kW].
Radio Polynesie Premiere switched to an all FM service at the beginning of December, leaving pockets of inhabitants in valleys and on remote atolls without any local radio service.
The broadcaster added five FM transmitters to its network of 48 to improve its reach but in an area the size of Europe, the signal fails to reach all communities.
Concern has been expressed that vital weather warnings are no longer heard.
The mayor of Makatea in the Tuamotus Julien Mai said there is a risk to public safety because people have always been advised to have an emergency kit that includes a radio when severe weather strikes.
Mariners can still receive weather updates via radio.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (6/1-2017)

Radio Romania used some pathetic words to remind its audience of the 25 year anniversary of Antena Satelor (* Christmas 1991). The programme is currently broadcast on medium wave (531, 603, 630, 1314 kHz) and long wave (153 kHz) as well as only three FM stations (Comăneşti 89 MHz, Sulina 103,2 MHz and Zalău 106,9 MHz).
According to the news item Antena Satelor (www.antenasatelor.ro) has an audience of more than 700,000 listeners.
http://www.radiomures.ro/stiri/radio-romania-antena-satelor-povestea-unei-relatii-de-25-de-ani.html via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (6/1-2017)

Clandestine 1550 POLISARIO Front, Rabouni, has resumed operation today, possibly even so for the morning b/cast, after a few days' absence. During these days, I kept checking 700 & 702 to see whether they were active on these two other fqs. like they did in the past, but no, from that part of N.Africa, just R.Algérienne/R.Al-Aghwat, Al-Aghwat on 702 is heard.
Carlos Gonçalves (5/1-2017)



The 21th edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook (winter 2016-spring 2017), published by St. Petersburg DX Club, has been recently released.
The handbook is the most comprehensive guide to broadcasts in Russian in AM bands (LW, MW, SW). It features ALL radio stations transmitting Russian language broadcasts at present, both from Russia and abroad, that could be received in Russia, CIS, Europe and Far East (totally 56 stations from 32 countries and territories of the world).
Station listings include frequency and programme schedules, transmitter location and power, target areas, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, Web sites, social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info. The schedules are generally valid until 25 March 2017 (i.e. during B16 broadcasting season).
The Handbook is in Russian and distributed as a hard copy only. Volume is 64 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase requests and questions to St. Petersburg DX Club:
Alexander Beryozkin, P.O.Box 463, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia
or by e-mail: dxspb[at]nrec.spb.ru.
The price is 6 EUR or 7 USD (including delivery by registered mail) by cash/PayPal/Skrill.
Alexander Beryozkin, St. Petersburg DX Club (5/1-2017



TWR Europe has stopped using 1395 kHz Albania relay and the following replacing transmissions have been added via other sites:
Polish 2045-2115 mtwtf.s 1467 kHz Roumoules, France 25 degrees
Hungarian 2000-2045 Mon-Fri & 2000-2025 Sat/Sun 1548 kHz Grigoriopol, Moldova
Romanian 2030-2100 daily 999 kHz Grigoriopol, Moldova.
Mauno Ritola, wrth fb group (2/1-2017)

TWR Europe is also to be heard via 1233 kHz Cape Greco, CYP and 1035 kHz Tartu, EST.
Ydun Ritz (3/1-2017)



I have been informed by Dxer Simon Peter Liehr a new religious medium wave station will be operating by April / May. From Israel on freq 1.287 khz which was used before by Israeli Defence Radio. / Galei Tzahal. This will be from a organisation such as KVOH or Voice of Hope. Power of 100 kw. Which is good news. For this region of the world.
Costa Constantinides in Cyprus, MWC fb group (1/1-2016)

162KHz France Inter has left longwave, video of the last moments is here:
John Lakeland (1/1-2017)

162 kHz is at silent carrier at 2301 UTC.
James Robinson (1/1-2017)



Bretagne 5 solved technical problems and is back on 1593 KHz. Great signal and lovely audio here in the West of Ireland.
HNY de Michael Foertig/ei3gyb (31/12-2016)



That station on 261 KHz [see UNID 26/12] is back on the air (1542 UTC, 30 December 2016). It is being called Radio Luxembourg, and is supposed to be a tribute to Radio Luxembourg. Here is a post that I found with a sample of a recent broadcast.
They are playing past programs from Radio Luxembourg.
Liron (30/12-2016)

891 kHz. While Algers still is absent, here and there western soul MX can be heard on the channel during the last weeks. Pretty good this evening. At 21.28 female announcer giving frequency of 99.8 FM in English which is a clear sign for Ultimate Radio from Lesoto. The accent of the presenter points also into this direction. Afterwords no more announcements just American MX and interference with Iran. At best SIO: 333.
73 Zeljko Crncic from Germany (29/12-2016)

News from MW scene https://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/2016/12/27/novedades-en-am-argentina/

Nuevas adjudicaciones:
El Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM), aprobó los concursos públicos para la adjudicación de licencias para la instalación, funcionamiento y explotación de tres servicios de comunicación audiovisual por modulación de amplitud.
Mediante la Resolución 8289 se adjudica a la Sra. Elida Araceli Vitti una licencia de Categoría V para la frecuencia de 1580 KHz, en la localidad de Charata, Provincia del Chaco.
La Resolución 8497 adjudica al Sr. Jorge Ricardo Nemesio, una licencia de Categoría VI en la frecuencia de 1450 KHz, para la localidad de General Acha, Provincia de La Pampa.
El nombrado resulta ser adjudicatario también de otra licencia de Categoría VI en la frecuencia de 1410 KHz, para la localidad de Godoy Cruz, Provincia de Mendoza, conforme surge de la Resolución 8498.

Cambio de frecuencia:
Recientemente se ha producido el cambio de frecuencia de LRG-203 LU-100 Radio Capital “Antena 10” de la ciudad de Santa Rosa, Provincia de La Pampa. Esta emisora emite ahora en la nueva frecuencia de 1130 KHz, abandonando así la de 1410 KHz en la que venía emitiendo hasta ahora.
Esta emisora es propiedad del Sr. Jorge Ricardo Nemesio, y el cambio puede obedecer a que el mismo ha sido favorecido con una reciente adjudicación de una emisora en la ciudad de General Acha (Provincia de La Pampa) en 1410 KHz -(véase noticia anterior).

Nueva emisora:
RADIO SERODINO, es una nueva emisora de Onda Media de carácter “no oficial” que ha salido recientemente al aire desde la localidad homónima, en la Provincia de Santa Fe.
La misma opera en la frecuencia de 1590 KHz, con estudios y administración ubicados sobre la calle Las Heras Nº 608, de Serodino. E-mail: contacto@radioserodino.com.ar, Página Web: http://www.radioserodino.com.ar. Su propietario sería el Sr. Sergio Daniel Pozzi.
Marcelo A. Cornachioni, Argentina, condiglist yg (29/12-2016)



A lot of AFN (the old AFRTS) stations have moved to FM but there are still about a dozen on AM.. mainly low powered 250-1KW signals, but AFN Okinawa on 648 with 10kw and AFN Tokyo with 50kw on 810 are still possible in the US.
I found this list of AFN frequencies, which also incldues TV and FM

Some of the lower powered ones may be off the air, Chris Kadlec has mentioned he hasn't heard Red Cloud in years.
Just thought this might help.
Paul B. Walker, mwdx yg (28/12-2016)



The Maximum Power of the DRM transmissions on 1071 kHz from Quimerc'h, France, is 8 kW, not 20 kW.
This information has come to me directly from the Project SmartCAST team, who are conducting the transmissions.
Kind regards, Neil Savin, Administrator, DRM Reception Project, www.drmrx.org (27/12-2016)

France Inter 162 kHz did not close down for good tonight. Checking this morning, and the station is booming in here in sourthern Denmark with qsa 25.
So we still have a few more days left to listen, before it goes silent on December 31st 2300 utc.
Ydun Ritz (27/12-2016)



France Inter 162 kHz: Here's a announcement recorded today (dec 26) at 2135 UT:
"Bonjour. France Inter va cesser d'émettre sur les grandes ondes à partir du premier janvier 2017...."
Jean-Michel Aubier, France, dxld yg (26/12-2016)

Someone’s transmitting music on 261.75 KHz. Heard on the Twente SDR.
Liron (26/12-2016)

It was said, that France Inter would stop broadcast on 162 kHz December 26th at 2300 utc, but Jean-Michel Aubier, France told today in dxld yg, that "Allouis will close on Jan 1 (probably dec 31 2300 UT). Confirmation heard today at 1835 on 162".
We will know more after 2300 utc tonight!
Ydun Ritz (26/12-2016)



Remaining stations on AM in France & Monaco. (2017)
162 kHz Allouis 2000/1000 kW Syrte – obspm Time signal (24h) in PSK mode
216 kHz Roumoules 1400/900 kW RMC (04.56 – 00.08) Local time
1071 kHz Brest Quimerc’h 20 kW France Bleu Breizh Izel (24h) DRM mode
1467 kHz Roumoules 1000 kW TransWorld Radio (22.00 – 00.15) Local Time
1593 kHz St Gouéno 10 kW Bretagne 5 (off the air for technical problems)
Christian Ghibaudo (22/12-2016)

France Inter will stop broadcast on 162 kHz, already on December 26th. Normally untill December 31st, an anoucement telling how to receive France Inter. About this there different info on the air, some times it’s 26 and some hours later it’s 31... As always, in France confusion and mixing...
And from January no longer France Inter audio, but the Time signal still stay on the air.
Christian Ghibaudo (22/12-2016)

Ciao again Ydun,
today, 1235 UTC, on 828 kHz here in Lombardia, North Italy, there is again Z-100, no more I AM Radio. The signal is the same. So I can think yesterday I AM Radio used Z-100 TX in Pavia area. Why? In Italy MW panorama is so confused. Pay attention
Have nice time. Giampiero Bernardini, Milano, Italia (22/12-2016)

Solstice bandscan
After a warm autumn, chill and a thin layer of snow have struck. My run across LW/MW was a quick one.
Bodø on 153 kHz came in stronger than usual, whereas RTÉ on 252 kHz… was not there.
The MW band felt so-so. The Brits were there, but not quite wall-to-wall. The Absolute Radio repeater on 1197 kHz was listenable, but the one on 1242 I could only ID through knowing what I should be hearing.
Reynir Heiðberg Stefánsson (21/12-2016)


In this moment I AM Radio (Milan Area) is not broadcasting on 1350 kHz but it is on 828 kHz, the frequency of Z-100 (Pavia area).
Here a post about it on PlayDX blog:
73, Giampiero Bernardini, Milano, Italia (21/12-2016)

Although the licence for 162kHz LW from Allouis will be revoked from 1 January 2017, it was announced on air this morning that France Inter transmissions on that frequency will cease on 26 December 2016.
David on the British DX Club list, via Mike Terry, dxld yg (21/12-2016)



Algeria’s Chaine 1 is now [2240utc] on air on 891 KHz and can be clearly heard on the Twente SDR.
Liron (18/12-2016)

The Saudi Arabia transmitter on 1521 KHz has been back on air for at least a week.
Liron (18/12-2016)

It’s official, Radio France lost the licence to broadcast on LW from Allouis 162 kHz.
Here is the text published this morning in the Journal Officiel

Christian Ghibaudo, wrth fb group (17/12-2016)



The Bergen transmitter [Bergen Kringkaster] on 1314 kHz is normally on the air on Sundays only between 0900-1300 UTC. Power 160-180 watts. Tomorrow Dec 14th the engineer of the transmitter, Mr Oysten Ask, will run a test during the evening between 1700-approx 1900 UTC. The program will be a mix of earlier programs. Please, check the frequency!.
Bengt Ericson, wrth fb group (13/12-2016)



At 0745utc Monday Dec 12, heard Iceland on 666 khz running separate programming to its LW freqs of 189 and 207.
This was confirmed by listening to the Iceland SDR receiver.
This was also heard on the DX Tuners RX from Ireland.
73, Tony Magon AUS (12/12-201



Today from 16.45 to 17.45 utc it has been possible to detect a radio station[on 891 kHz] which broadcast in Arabic (Algeria - Chaine 1?). However, from 19:30 utc was heard again the 1 kHz tone signal.
Alberto V. Pesaro, Italy (10/12-2016)



New AM station approved: Vancouver 600 kHz (10 kW).
Appendix 1 to Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2016-464
Sher-E-Punjab Radio Broadcasting Inc.
Terms, conditions of licence, expectation and encouragement for the ethnic
commercial AM radio programming undertaking in Vancouver, British Columbia
The licence will expire 31 August 2023.
The station will operate at 600 kHz (class B) with a daytime and nighttime transmitter
power of 10,000 watts.
Pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, no licence may be issued until the
Department of Industry notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been
met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.
Furthermore, the Commission will only issue a licence for this undertaking once the
applicant has informed the Commission in writing that it is prepared to commence
operations. The undertaking must be operational at the earliest possible date and in any
event no later than 24 months from the date of this decision, unless a request for an
extension of time is approved by the Commission before 28 November 2018. In order to
ensure that such a request is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted at least
60 days before this date.
Conditions of licence
1. The licensee shall adhere to the conditions set out in Conditions of licence for
commercial AM and FM radio stations, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy
CRTC 2009-62, 11 February 2009, as well as to the conditions set out in the
broadcasting licence for the undertaking.
2. The licensee shall devote 100% of the programming broadcast each broadcast
week to ethnic programs, as defined in the Radio Regulations, 1986, as amended
from time to time.
3. The licensee shall devote at least 85% of the programming broadcast each
broadcast week to third-language programs, as defined in the Radio Regulations,
1986, as amended from time to time.
4. In each broadcast week, the licensee shall provide programming directed to a
minimum of 19 distinct ethnic groups in at least 17 different languages.
5. In each broadcast week, at least 67% of the programming shall be broadcast in the
Punjabi and Hindi languages.
6. The licensee shall not broadcast Chinese-language programming.
7. In addition to the required basic annual contribution to Canadian content
development (CCD), set out in section 15 of the Radio Regulations, 1986, as
amended from time to time, the licensee shall, upon commencement of
operations, make an annual contribution of $250,000 ($1,750,000 over seven
consecutive broadcast years) to the promotion and development of Canadian
This additional CCD contribution shall be allocated to parties and initiatives
fulfilling the definition of eligible initiatives set out in paragraph 108 of
Commercial Radio Policy 2006, Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-158,
15 December 2006.
8. The licensee shall comply with Broadcasting Mandatory Order 2014-592 and
shall adhere to the terms specified within the Consent Agreement entered into by
the licensee with the Commission on 9 October 2014.
The Commission expects the licensee to reflect the cultural diversity of Canada in its
programming and employment practices.
In accordance with Implementation of an employment equity policy, Public Notice
CRTC 1992-59, 1 September 1992, the Commission encourages the licensee to consider
employment equity issues in its hiring practices and in all other aspects of its
management of human resources.
From http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2016/2016-464.pdf
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (10/12-2016)



891 R.Algérienne, Ouled Fayet, has indeed resumed operation albeit airing nothing more than an annoying 1 kHz tone signal via what's been reported as a new tx. The closest European tx also using 891 is that of R.Sim, Vilamoura, here in Portugal, and I suppose their audience isn't finding the "whistling" that amusing.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (9/12-2016)

1550 POLISARIO Front, Rabouni. The morning b/cast is closing at 1300 and the evening one runs from 1700 to 2300. It's been quite some time since I last caught them with the usual segments in Castilian.
Carlos Gonçalves POR (9/12-2016)

DRM on 1071kHz. Reports of noise are probably tests from Brittany this morning. Anyone able to hear audio?
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (9/12-2016)

1071 DRM. This station was caught in Losan a de Piron, central Spain from 08 dec 17:00 to 09 december 09:00 and I afraid it is on air!
Receiver Elad FDM-S2 with audio and text direct decodification DRM .
This station is from Quimerc's, Brest, French Brittany
They were relaying France Bleu.
A phone call with a local fisherman was heard.
More info on http://www.tdf.fr/smartcast
Juan Antonio Arranz, mwdx yg (9/12-2016)

Yes see:
Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany, mwdx yg (9/12-2016)

I confirm since 15/11 that on 891 khz (former Radio 538) a very strong signal, perceptible with any portable radios and car radios, does not allow listening to any radio station.
Alberto V. Pesaro, Italy (8/12-2016)

The 1 kHz tone on 891 kHz has been discussed quite a bit in the Twente WebSDR chatbox, and the idea is that it is a new/rebuilt transmitter in Algeria.
Listening to it via this WebSDR (in the Netherlands) in the evening, one also hears muffled audio from the Radio Monte Carlo transmitter on 216 kHz on it. Presumably, this audio is transfered to it in the ionosphere (by the so-called Luxemburg effect). This suggests the signal passes over southern France, which would agree well with the transmitter being in Algeria.
Regards, Pieter-Tjerk de Boer (amateur radio callsign PA3FWM, developer of the WebSDR) (8/12-2016)



Laser Hot Hits on a new frequency, 1476 kHz MW.
Also on 4.025 khz Short Wave.
Herman Content, Gent , Belgium (08/12-2016)

I just tune the MW band on the Twente Receiver and on 891 khz former Radio 538 I hear a very loud tone of 1.000 kilohertz a very strong signal of S9 + 40 db on there S – Meter at 16:54 utc. I wounder what is going on here ? Maybe the wanne block this so no one can use it.
Herman Content, Gent , Belgium (08/12-2016)

I have heard the same strong tone on 891 kHz (on my Sangean ATS909X) for several days now. I don't have any idea of who and why.
Ydun Ritz (8/12-2016)



Radio Caroline wants 1kW to cover East Anglia
Radio Caroline has asked Ofcom for permission to crank up a 1 kilowatt transmitter as part of its community radio application.
Most community radio stations operate at around 50 watts, covering an area of around 5 kilometres, but Caroline boss Peter Moore has requested no less than 1000 watts to reach its community of interest base across East Anglia. It proposes to cover an area bounded by Ipswich in the South, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket in the West, Saxmundham to the East and Diss to the North.
In the application, Peter Moore says: “We would however seek permission to operate at a considerably higher power level outside the “typical” limits suggested. Radio Caroline, is not a traditional community radio station seeking to serve a small geographical “community of place”. As set out elsewhere in this application, Radio Caroline can best be described as a “community of interest” station, with potential listeners spread throughout East Anglia. This means that our coverage requirements are therefore atypical.”
The station has applied for a licence in Suffolk but proposes to broadcast most of the programmes from Kent, due to better internet connectivity, and from the Ross Revenge ship using 4G. Programming would be original for 20 hours per day and broadcast only in English.
If awarded a licence, the station could be on-air in time for the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offenses Act, on 14th August 2017.
AM Rock, another applicant for an AM community radio licence, has also requested an extended 20+ km radius to broadcast Rock, Blues, Folk and Jazz Music across East Kent
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (7/12-2016)

The Radio Caroline AM community radio licence application has now been published. (Thanks to Mike Barraclough for this news)
https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0021/95241/Radio-Caroline_Application-fo rm.pdf
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (7/12-2016)



On the air since 1 December 2016, Bradford Asian Radio broadcasts on 1413 kHz in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pothohari, Mirpuri and other languages. It also offers live online streaming at www.bradfordasianradio.co.uk.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (6/12-2016)

Not sure if it's still newsworthy. 940kHz CFNV is being received in Ottawa (~ 100 miles from Montreal) with a good signal at 23:10 UTC on December 5.
ID, mention of test, contact information. Edith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose, and Bob McFerrin singing Don't Worry be Happy...not a bad start. :^)
Regards, Vince, Ottawa, ON, dxld yg (6/12-2016)



Australian MW DX. Hello Ydun, I just thought I would introduce myself and offer my services to you and your website followers:
I work in the Sydney Radio Master Control centre of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney. Although the ABC no longer prints or issues QSL cards, I am happy to verify reception reports by email for listeners to our MW services. I have been doing this for some years now, with a great many reports coming in from Scandinavia in particular, but also parts of Europe, Asia and the USA.
This is not an official service and therefore not advertised as such, but as a former DXer myself, and as I can access the off-air logs and programme schedules for all of our MW services, I am happy to verify reception reports for MW DXers anywhere. It has been gratifying in recent years to see the hobby being somewhat revived, thanks I think in large part to new technology such as Perseus SDR receivers and software.
Listeners can email me at this address Himmelhoch-Mutton.Graham @ abc.net.au and I will endeavour to respond as quickly as I can. Attaching an mp3 file is welcome, helpful, and recommended.
Kind regards,
Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton, Radio Master Control, Australian Broadcasting Corporation,
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (4/12-2016)

Vatican Radio has ceased all its medium wave broadcasts (1260 and 585 kHz) for Rome and Latium on November 30th; thus, Vatican City is another MW-silent country. This piece of news is reported in Italian on
Regards, Giovanni Ricci (4/12-2016)

France Inter is now advertising a helpline for listeners to call for advice on what to do after 162 longwave closes. I wonder how many of the French people living in the UK (and Germany, Switzerland, etc) are aware that this is imminent.
Chris Greenway, dxld yg (4/12-2016)

This evening I'm hearing Laser Hot Hits on a new frequency, 1476 kHz. It is probably a move from 1494 kHz.
Regarding the Italian station with NPR News it seems the jingle ends with "Time Radio". My recording will be checked in Italy.
However I have this update: Time Radio has now moved from 1350 to 1359 kHz.
Best regards, Karl-Erik Stridh (3/12-2016)



Hamburg 972 kHz antenna demolished today
[a look worth/ed]
184 metres tall radiator and 77 metres tall screening mast, as required by GE75 for running full 300 kW.
The MW back-up antenna, a 120 metres mast moved in from the Osterloog site after it was closed in 1962, had been blown up already in 2011. The whole arrangement as it was until then:
Here's still the news release about the delivery of a new solid-state transmitter, put in service in early 2010. Money from the licence fee payers, wasted in the same way than at numerous other AM facilities in Germany.

Kai Ludwig, mwmasts yg (2/12-2016)



Good news!Radio Caroline seeks an AM frequency
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (1/12-2016)



Performing a band-scan 800-1000kHz with a Dirt-Cheap DSL radio. At 0535UT (0035EST) on 940kHz I came across a French language station. This is the new CFNV Montreal... not sure if still testing, or in full broadcast. Anouncement at 0050 that it was 940AM (my French is rusty, but may have spelled out the C-F-N-V before the 940 AM). Male French announcer as I write at 0057.
Anyone else on the E. Coast/ E. Canada hearing this?
Regards Paul S. in CT, dxld yg (28/11-2016)

Here on the Cape this has been coming in at very good levels pretty much all day. I haven't checked in the last few days but last week they were still testing.
Stephen Wood, Harwich, Mass., dxld yg (28/11-2016)

Radio Caroline applies for AM radio licence.
Mike Terry, mwc facebook group (28/11-2016)

Algeria is back on the air tonight, but it has a carrier on 890, 891 and 892, they all seem to have audio. Also 2 more carrier type signals on 889 and 893.
Matt, Grimsby UK (28/11-2016)



After 30 years of service on MW, All India Radio, Adilabad has ceased their service recently on 1485 kHz.
The 1 kW transmitter was commissioned on 12 Oct 1986 and permanently went off air on 15 Oct 2016.
The MW TX was replaced on 15 Aug 2015 by 10 kW FM tx operating on 100.2 MHz.
AIR Adilabad is about 300 kms North from my location and occasionally I used to get their faint signals in the early mornings / night times.
QSLs of AIR Adilabad in my collection:
Video on AIR Adilabad when FM transmissions started:
Old details in AIR website:
Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India via mwmasts yg (24/11-2016)

After three years Radio Banovici 792 kHz back on the air.
Sanel Tufekcic (24/11-2016)

James Robinson's excellent list of UK MW stations back in history.



RRI Denpasar winner of the 2016 DRM Award
The Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium is delighted to announce that the recipients of the 2016 DRM Enterprise Award Asia Pacific Region 2016,, jointly sponsored with SAS, the leader in analytics, is awarded to the team of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) engineers at Denpasar, Indonesia for their support and hard work in running a DRM AM [1206 kHz, HjB] trial in 2016. The winners are: Mr Salwan, Manager of Technology and New Media Director; Mr Ketut Suandi, Assistant Manager Transmitter, and Mr Cok Dalem Javadi, Staff of Technology and New Media unit.
The award aims to stimulate interest in the DRM standard in various parts of the world that would benefit from the full introduction of digital radio. The RRI engineers on the beautiful island of Bali were selected to receive the award in recognition of their work in preparing a medium wave transmitter to broadcast in DRM during the Asia Broadcasting Union’s General Assembly in October.
On behalf of RRI Mr R.Ginging, CTO, also proudly congratulated his staff for having engaged and worked so well together with Consortium representatives thus quickly learning about new digital opportunities for radio broadcasting.
Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chair, congratulated the local RRI engineers as “their work shows how quickly DRM can become part of day-to-day activity. This proved that the Indonesian public broadcaster has the talent and capacity to test the latest digital technologies in their effort to future proof public broadcasting.”
Details of the 2017 DRM Enterprise Award – Africa will be announced at the beginning of 2017.
Posted at 14:31h in News, Press Releases by glo34ry
http://www.drm.org/drm-enterprise-award-2016-winners-announced/ via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (23/11-2016)

Application list for new AM licences out today, includes the following:
Radio Caroline (Suffolk)
Contact: Peter Moore
Phone Number: 020 8340 3831
Email Address: caroline_pirate@btconnect.com
Website: www.radiocaroline.co.uk
Mike Terry, mwdx yg (22/11-2016)



More to ISL-item from yesterday:
RUV's technicians have for a year been experimenting with an AM transmission system, and there are indications that it could replace the two powerful LW transmitters at Eiðar and Gufuskálar.

The transmitter at Gufuskálar is Iceland's tallest manmade structure, about 412m tall, roughly equal to 5.5 church towers. [The reference tower is that of Hallgrím's Church that is visible from much of Reykjavík.] The mast at Eiðar is Iceland's third tallest structure, just shy of 220m. The LW transmitters are intended to transmit to ships around Iceland and plug holes in the FM distribution system. LW, however, is found on only a minority of radios sold today, and running the system is expensive. The LW masts need a lot of electricity and maintenance is expensive, not least fixing the strobe lights on the mast at Eiðar which have repeatedly been damaged by weather. They also disturb the people living at Eiðar.

Gunnar Örn Guðmundsson, manager of RUV's technical division, says that an experimental AM transmitter at Vatnsendi has worked beyond expectations. Although it runs at only quarter power, its signals have been measured all the way to Eyjafjöll. AM masts are considerably lower and cheaper to run, and most, if not all, new radios can receive them. Further tests are needed before a decision can be made, but Gunnar thinks it likely to end with the LW transmitters will be taken down.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (20/11-2016)



In the RÚV News 1600Z today:
RUV is considering abandoning LW for MW. Radios with LW are just too hard to find now-a-days, and the transmitter sites are too expensive to maintain and run, they say.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (19/11-2016)



Radio Bulgaria closed their shortwave service in early 2012, switching most of their multilingual service to online streaming. Their Turkish output however can still be heard through the ether on 576 kHz (Vidin) from the country's high-powered and sole remaining mediumwave transmitter, presumably primarily intended for Bulgaria's sizable Turkish minority. These broadcasts are at 0600-0700, 1300-1400 & 1830-1930 UT [presumably an hour earlier in summer] and unlike the web streaming these programmes still start with the same interval signal and signature tune Radio Sofia/Radio Bulgaria has used since the 1960s, and identify as 'Bulgaristan Radyosu'.
These broadcasts can also heard be heard locally via Radio Kardzhali, the latest of nine regional stations of Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). Kardzhali Province has an ethnic Turkish majority and the station transmits on 90.0 MHz FM with its own programmes in Bulgarian at 0900-1200 local time (currently 0700-1000 UT), the rest of the time relaying either Horizont [BNR 1st Programme] or Radio Bulgaria broadcasts in Turkish at the times given above. Radio Kardzhali and 18 other BNR radio services are available on live web streams from their website at http://bnr.bg/
Dave Kernick, WRTH fb group (17/11-2016)

TTP Media’s CFNV 940 AM begins on-air testing.
After occasional sputters of an audible tone a few hours a day over a few weeks, 940 AM has actual audio for the first time in almost seven years as TTP Media’s first AM radio station has officially begun testing.
The programming consists of music in English and French, with a 23-second announcement about the station about every 15 minutes confirming its callsign of CFNV and asking people with reception issues to call 1-855-732-5940. It says the station will launch “progressivement sous peu” or “très bientôt” (the message varies slightly).
CFNV will be a French-language talk station when it launches, which the CRTC has said it must do by Nov. 21. The licence was first authorized in 2011, and the deadline extended three times (one more than usual).
The deadline to launch an English station at 600 AM passed on Nov. 9. The CRTC confirms to me it has received an application for an extension to that deadline (which was supposed to be final) but has not made a decision yet.
A third station, a French sports-talk at 850 AM, had its authorization expire this summer with no request for extension.
940 AM, which is assigned to Montreal as a clear channel, so this station will have a very large footprint at night, was last used by AM 940, a Corus-owned station that began as 940 News and kept cutting resources and changing formats until it finally shut down in 2010.
Alan Doherty on MWC fb group (17/11-2016)



Hungarian political parties plans to left "Daylight saving time", the parliament will vote next week.
Thats means, Hungary will be in UTC+2 during all year, like Ukraine.
(In the early dusk (~16:00 HLT in December) causes depression in many people.)
Tringer László (16/11-2016)



Unfortunately, 538 left 891am earlier today... It was a great station, but now we can receive many N. Africans... It may even ease 890am – Cuba.
RIP 538... Missed by many.
Dean Denton (15/11-2016)

The transmitter 891 Hulsberg, the Netherlands is definitely turned off today.
Andre Schokker (15/11-2016)



I’m assuming Algeria on 891 has been reactivated again. 1kHz test tone present, blocking 538. Also, a lux effect from 162kHz France Inter.
EuropeDX/Dean Denton, Hull (13/11-2016)

At the moment 2005 [12/11] on 1440 no signal from Saudi Arabia is detectable. So Adamawa BC from Nigeria is comming through on a clear channel. At times for instance at 1952 with local MX with SIO: 333.
73 from Zeljko Crncic (12/11-2016)



Saudi Arabia
is back on the air tonight (Wednesday) on 1521 KHz. It looks like this transmitter is on the air every Wednesday evening.
Liron (10/11-2016)



As of January 2017 Trans World Radio will stop its broadcasts on the mediumwave frequency 1395 kHz from Albania. The discontinuation of broadcasts from Albania could mean good news for the low power AM transmitters in the Netherlands that broadcast on 1395 kHz.
Trans World Radio will use other mediumwave stations in Europe to achieve its targets. For example, the radio programme is broadcast on a mediumwave transmitter of Radio Monte Carlo (1467 kHz) and a mediumwave frequency from Georgia (1548 kHz).
The transmitter in Albania is in a poor condition and there is no money to renovate it. Trans World Radio was the only radio channel still using the transmitter near Tirana. The transmissions, which take place in the evening hours, use high power and can also be received in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is also currently using 1395 kHz for low-power transmissions up to 100 watts. Under the the current broadcasting licences, the Dutch stations are not allowed to broadcast between sunset and sunrise on this frequency.
With the disappearance of broadcasts from Albania it should be possible for radio stations that broadcast on 1395 kHz in the Netherlands to broadcast 24 hours a day via this frequency. The Radiocommunications Agency will have to give formal consent, however.
Current broadcasters omn 1395 kHz include Seabreeze Radio AM (Friesland) and Q-AM (Gelderland) via this frequency. In addition, there are various authorizations issued by the Radiocommunications Agency for stations that have not yet started broadcasting.
Source: mediamagazine.nl translated by Andy Sennit, who has just reported this on the PCJ Facebook group.
Mike Terry, MWC fb group (7/11-2016)



Radio Poland, the external service of Polish Radio, is transmitted via Sitkūnai, Lithuania, on 1386 kHz (medium wave 216 m), 75 kW, omnidirectional, at 04:00-05:00 UTC in Belarusian and at 16:30-17:30 UTC in Russian. Other content providers are Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and NHK World radio. The transmitter is on air 12.5 hours a day, 16:30-05:00 UTC. The relay broadcaster is Radio Baltic Waves International.
Rimantas Pleikys, MWC fb group (6/11-2016)

According to the recent frequency list of CRI Russian at http://russian.cri.cn/3098/2016/05/30/1s582734.htm, 1521 kHz is used 0800-1000 and 1900-0400 h Bejing Time (UTC+8). That would be 0000-0200 and 1100-2000 h UTC.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (6/11-2016)



Since the start of the new season, I have been checking the audibility of the remaining English broadcasts of the Voice of America. Many are also audible in Europe and do provide for some interesting listening (US presidential race, intercultural experiences in South Korea).
Checking the medium wave Pinheira 1530 kHz today, I did find it at 0300 h UTC in English. Reception deteriorated quickly against European co-channel stations.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/11-2016)



The northeast tower of the 600 kW São Tomé 1530 IBB/BBG medium wave relay has collapsed. The station is now operating non-direxionally on the remaining tower. The pattern was a wide-spaced two-tower array, with two major lobes, one more or less northerly, the other northeastward. So it is not clear whether this would diminish or increase its signal toward North America, where it has occasionally been DXed, around sign-on *0258 UT
Glenn Hauser, dxld yg (4/11-2016)



In central Italy (Marche Region) on 3 November 2016 from 17.00 to 18.00 UTC, using a simple car radio it was possible to listen on 1521 kHz traditional songs, information and news clearly read in Russian, but regarding the Republic of China. The different radio speakers that have followed have never made reference to a possible China Radio International.
Alberto V. Pesaro (3/11–2016)
The CHINA item 28/10-2016 mentions this frequency.
Ydun Ritz

On 31 October 2016, AFN Bavaria Vilseck stopped "serving America's best" on medium wave 1107 kHz. The station was heard on 31 October in the region when checked in the morning and at noon, but was not on the air on 1 and 2 November.
The medium wave station went on the air in 2008 replacing a station in Grafenwoehr. It is now the last AFN medium wave station to close down and in fact the last regular medium wave station in Germany to stop broadcasting.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (3/11-2016)

Radio JCom (Radio JCom Limited), broadcasting in Leeds on medium wave 1386 kHz, surrendered its AM licence.
The station began in 2007 as an internet station and started regular medium wave broadcasts in 2009.
(BBC report back then: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/leeds/hi/people_and_places/religion
_and_ethics/newsid_ 8271000/8271366.stm
As of today, internet broadcasts are still available at http://www.radiojcom.com/. The broadcasts pause for Sabbath (Friday 1500 h local time-Saturday 2100 h).
A additional research by Dr Hansjoerg Biener (3/11-2016)

Nov 3 2016 @ 0856 UTC, distinctive Radio Reloj [770 kHz] ticks & time-pips heard well under WABC whilst plundering a remote SDR in NW Ohio. New home for Fidel's newser; watch for other possible changes among Cuban MW outlets.
Greg Hardison, dxld yg (3/11-2016)

The Saudi transmitter on 1521 KHz is on the air at the moment (2325 UTC November 2 2016) with regular programming. Heard via KiweSDR, Haparanda, Sweden
I also heard it one evening last week but not between then and now.
Liron (3/11-2016)



Another Radio Caroline North [1368 kHz] broadcast has come to an end.
We hope you enjoyed what we played over the weekend and that you'll join us for the final 'North' broadcast of the year over the weekend 26th/27th November.
Many thanks to Manx Radio for the use of their AM transmitter and to Tiptree for the prizes.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (1/11-2016)



The recording that is on your website is far from good, so I was able to make a much clear and better one http://vocaroo.com/i/s1P6RMSoiuwY 00:14 sec long to listen. Radio 538 on 891 khz loop tape. Here is a translation from Dutch in English on what the Dutch Male Voice does say this: “The broadcasting via this frequency is ceased, Radio 538 can now be heard in the best audio sound quality via he tv cable, DAB + and the are 538 app“ (also online at https://www.538.nl/ The play button is on the bottom of the website you can’t miss it, click there to watch the live webcam and hear the audio)

Maybe a lot of people would like to know where the Radio Station Name 538 does come from? It does go back to the year 1972 when on the last weekend of september the Dutch Offshore Radio Station Radio Veronica 192 had to change the frequency from 192 m – 1.562 khz to 537 m – 557 khz the call it “ 538 “ because that does much better rhymes in Dutch like “ 538 op volle kracht “ in English that means : “ 538 on full power “ but that does not rhymes in English right , like 537 would not rhymes in Dutch also.
That was to avoid the fact that Radio Beromunster would increase the power all the up to 300 kw and Radio Veronica only had a transmitter power of about 7 kw out of a 10 KW Continental Electonics 316 C and the did use about 3 kw at night on low power as far that I can remember.
So Radio Veronica 538 did use this frequency and till the Anti Offshore Radio Law in The Netherlands on the 31 th of august 1974 and Radio Veronica did close down at 18 h local time (17 h UTC). Than later Radio Veronica became a legal Radio Station on land and did use the National Dutch Radio Station network for many years afther a long battle to become legal.
A former DJ of Radio Veronica did set up some radio and also tv projects in The Netherlands and also in Belgium. And one of those radoi projects was Radio 538 and there did come the name 538 from. And that a big succes and became popular as a National Commercial Radio Station. But there was a big trouble, down South of the Country in Dutch Limburg (because there is also a Belgian Limburg just on the other side of the border) the is a a weak FM Band low coverage so the only opportunity the did had was, to use a MW transmitter on 891 khz in Hulsberg who was used before by Radio 1 or long time ago Hilversum 1 and also at some hours of the day for local radio transmissons.
A other bit of history will be lost and also a other MW Transmitter in The Netherlands will go off air very soon, so now the is only one MW Station left and that is 1.008 khz (or 298 m) fomer Radio 1 and long time before Hilversum 2. In case that I make a error on this info than other Dutch writers me sure correct me I don’t have any problem.
MW 891 khz with 22 KW daytime power and 5 kw at night me she RIP.
73 and remember and its UTC + 1 hour as from to day and tille next March , good DX all from Herman Content, Gent – Belgium (30/10-2016)



The Dutch internet MediaMagazine.nl writes that Radio Mi Amigo International will start using the (empty) 1476 KHz as from Novembre. The former offshore radiostation, now a radioproject on the Costa Brava, in Spain, is already hiring airtime in the eveninghours via Radio Merkurs in Riga – Latvia on 1485 Khz./ 1 Kw. Mainly to reach an audience in Scandanavia. Novembre is announced as a testperiod. After that a defenitive broadcasting schedule will come in function. The magazine writes that also the power of the transmitter will be increased and that instead of 1485 the neighbouring channel 1476 will come in use.

Radio Mi Amigo International is expending there AM activities! Starting from Sunday Octobre the 30 th. using the shortwave facilities in Kall-Krekel in the Eifel in Germany.
Until now two hours per weekday, and in the weekend more hours, programs were broadcasted via 6005, 3985, 7310 and 9560 Khz. New is a 9 hour programming on 6085, starting at 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

The 1476 KHz. I do remember as the channel on which Austria earlier was audible all over Europe. Now the channel is almost empty here around the North Sea. Picking up now and then signals from the middle-east or Africa. The 1485 is a very crowded mix of many signals in the dark hours. Here in Holland (very) low power permissions are given out for this frequency. I´m really curious or the 1476 from Riga will carry much more further, and interferenc free, then the 1485.
Sources: https://mediamagazine.nl/radio-mi-amigo-international-krijgt-eigen-kortegolfzender/ and http://www.radiomiamigointernational.com/english/news.html
Best of 73’s, Willem Prins – Haren / The Netherlands (29/10-2016)

Contrary to the internet source correctly quoted by Harald Kuhl, AFN Vilseck [1107 kHz] was still heard on my car radio in Nuremberg on the evening of 28 October. Given the fact, that this is the remaining active medium wave of AFN and indeed all stations in Germany, an imminent closure seems plausible. On 1 November, I shall be in the Vilseck region and can check whether the station is still on the air.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/10-2016)

This autumn I haven't been able to hear Azerbaijan on either of their usual frequencies: 801 or 891 kHz. Both have been some tens of Hz above nominal and rather usual catches here in Finland. Also the very weak Voice of Azerbaijan transmitter on 1296 kHz has been missing these months. I'd be glad to be proven wrong, but looks like another country
may be gone from medium wave.
73, Mauno Ritola, mwdx yg (29/10-2016)



"AFN Bavaria discontinues the AM broadcast on 1107 KHz Friday, Oct. 28 at approximately 10 a.m. You can still listen to AFN Bavaria in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck at FM frequencies 98.5 or 107.7. Tune in to AFN 360 anywhere, anytime. Visit www.afneurope.net/AFN-360."
Source: http://www.bavaria.army.mil/
vy 73 Harald Kuhl (28/10-2016)

China Radio Int was heard on 1521 in Russian at tune in 1810 UT on the 27th. The signal was strong on peaks but with fades down into the mush. It was checked to be parallel with Urumqi 7210, and the two transmitters were in sync. There is still no trace of the Saudi transmitter though.
Noel R. Green [NW England], dxld yg (28/10-2016)

Reportedly the Duba transmitter uses only the daytime frequency 594 kHz anymore. At least it's there right now, at 1645, considerably stronger than // 1440 and 1512.
At the same time only the small 5 kW in Spain is audible on 1521 kHz. So in all likelyhood the presumably renovated Hutubi facility is not on air right now.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (28/10-2016)



On 26 October at 1055 UTC, the Deputy Director General of All India Radio North East inaugurated the new DRM MW 200 kW transmitter of AIR Siliguri (Bengal). In his speech broadcast until 1115 UTC, he announced that the power of the analogue transmission on 711 kHz is 194 kW while the DRM-power on 720 kHz is 6 kW. The primary channel is also streamed at the website http://www.airsiliguri.in/live.html which was inaugurated about one year ago.
All India Radio Siliguri was commissioned on 7 July 1963 as a 20 kW auxiliary station of All India Radio Kolkata to provide medium wave coverage to the people of North Bengal. On 8 August 1982, the station was upgraded to the status of a full-fledged station of its own right. The high power transmitter (200 kW) now replaced was commissioned in 1987.
Alok Dasgupta 26 October 2016 DX India.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (27/10-2016)

Several boards and blogs are reporting that 940 Montreal has begun testing. The calls are CFNV. 50kW's as before tho many suspect that they are not up to full power yet.
The same company was also to bring 600 AM back to the air. Nothing heard yet on that frequency and the deadline to get this station on air is Nov. 9 (Nov. 21 for 940)
Andy Reid, dxld yg (27/10-2016)

Right now 940 Khz AM is on the air with a constant Tone at 1530 UTC.
Gilles Letourneau, Montreal, Quebec, dxld yg (27/10-2016)

Radio 538 are currently looping the following sound clip
John Lakeland (27/10-2016)

Radio 538 is indeed ended here programming via the AM.
The announcement tells the listener that 538 has ceased his programm on this frequencie. Then the alternative ways of listening to Radio 538 are told, like the cablenetwork, digital radio DAB +, the website and the App.

Radio 538 started broadcasting 13 years ago on 891. On that moment there was no coverage of the station in this southern part of The Netherlands via the FM. Earlier the 22.5 Kw TX in Hulsberg was in use by the public radio. The first national program Radio 1 was on.
A spokesman of Radio 538 says in the press that broadcasting via this AM station is no longer necessary, because mainly of the digital alternatives.
Unclear is what will happen whit the AM outlet on 891. Radio 538 has a licence for the frequencie until septembre 2017. A switch-off date is not announced, but probably the transmitter will be off -air after this weekend, when the new month of Novembre is starting. So a "switch-off party" leaving AM forever is not expected on the radiostation.
The 891 Khz. will probably gonna be available for low power use, after Radio 538 has given back here licence to the authorities
W. Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (27/10-2016)



Radio 538 is currently looping a closure announcement on MW, so this is the timer where Radio 538 is quitting 538, but on the plus side, we can hear what is behind 891kHz. But I have one question, I am no good at Dutch, but does it announce a date?
Dean Denton, Hull, UK | EuropeDX on YouTube.

Radio 538 from the Netherlands has closed their am 891 transmitter, today 26-10-2016.
Andre Schokker (26/10-2016)

Heard at my QTH October 21st. (ed)



Lpam radio station More radio from Sneek, Netherlands official start at 5 october at 1200 local time at am 1485 khz.
G reetz Andre Schokker (25/10-2016)

I hear French talk on 1530 khz around 20:30 h utc and after a check its not Vatican Radio or the VOA so would that be Africa? Can some help me out please ? Did listen at Receiver : Northern Ireland - MWDX - "KAZ" on Global Tuners.
73, Herman Content , Gent – Belgium (24/10-2016)

Radio Caroline North returns this weekend online and on 1368 kHz as we continue to trace the station's history.
We'll hear about the final few months offshore and the difficulties the ship went through, culminating in the grounding on the Goodwin Sands and the rescue of the entire crew.
We've more great prizes to give away from Tiptree, preserves of distinction, so join us this weekend online and on 1368 KHz courtesy of Manx Radio for Radio Caroline North.
Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.c o.uk.
Radio Caroline North on AM from the Isle of Man is sponsored by Tiptree, Preserves Of Distinction.

Saturday 29th October:
06:00 John Ellery (ON LINE ONLY)
08.30 Chris Williams' Carnaby Street from Manx Radio 1368khz
10:30 Kevin Turner
13:00 Chris Pearson
15:30 Nick Richards
18:00 Johnny Lewis
21:00 Dave Foster

Sunday 30th October:
00:00 Suzy Wilde
02:00 Note that clocks go back at 2am
02:00 Andrew Austin
06:00 Ray Clark
09:00 Kevin Turner
11:30 Johnny Lewis
14:00 Nick Richards
16:30 Chris Pearson
19:00 Dave Foster
21:00 Close
( Facebook)
Website http://www.carolineflashback.co.uk
Mike Terry via mwdx yg (24/10-2016)



On various remote SDR units in Moscow Russia, Kiev Ukraine, Zakynthos Greece and Calabria southern Italy heard the TRT morning services on Oct 24:

1062 TUR acc MW lists TRT Diyarbakir, CONTINOUSLY music program, no ID, no spoken part heard.
Likely "Kurdi Progr", at 0320 UT S=9+10dB proper signal in Ukraine unit.

926.994 TUR TRT Izmir in Turkish, S=7 in Ukraine, poor signal compared to much S=9+30dB stronger on 890.999 TUR TRT Antalya, observed at 0330 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
Wolfgang Büeschel, df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews (24/10-2016)

[ N O T logged], 1053 not heard here in past months. There was a strange TV video RR report from the US of Tripolis Libya heard across the Atlantik, I've my doubts on this matter.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
Wolfgang Büeschel, df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews (24/10-2016)



Re 1521 kHz item from Oct. 15th:
Yes, must be CRI Urumqi reactivated after many months of silence.
73, Mauno Ritola, dxld yg (18/10-2016)



Re 1521 kHz item from Oct. 15th: ...And tonight they modulate the transmitter with traditional Chinese music non-stop...
I read that CRI Russian was missing from 1521 kHz for some time. So it's pretty obvious that the presumed equipment replacement took place in China instead...
How is the signal in Russia now, considering its almost sensational level in Central Europe?
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (16/10-2016)



Anybody else in Europe hearing this jamming signal on 1521 kHz (It's 1552 UT now)?

Who's jamming who?
Tudor Vedeanu, dxld yg (15/10-2016)

This sweep from 0 to 1000 Hz in exactly one second sounds very much like a test tone to me, like a sign of life from the Duba transmitter that has been missed for at least some weeks if not months.
Could it be that the old tube transmitter has been replaced by a new solid-state rig, testing right now? I think such replacements had already been done at other high power mediumwave sites in Saudi Arabia.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (15/10-2016)

Hi, Tudor!
Yes, I also heard the signal. I heard it from 1649 untill sign off at 1700 UTC on measured 1521.010 khz.
Signal strength here (north-east of Cologne) is S9+20 dB.
I also monitored it via the Twente receiver with S9 to S9+10 dB.
I used my Inverted-V beamed 90°/270°. Unfortunately my other Inverted-V's are currently inactive due to maintainance.
Receiver: Perseus SDR and Perseus software v5.
I'll try to monitor the freq. again tomorrow also using different remote sites.
73, Manfred Reiff, dxld yg (15/10-2016)

Since January 1, programs of TWR (ex 1395, Albania) will be in the Polish language on 1467 kHz via the MC, in Croatian - on the local FM network, in Romanian on 999 kHz (Pridnestrovie) after the Ukrainian and Russian services and the rest on 1548 kHz.
73, Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan, Russia, wrth fb group (15/10-2016)



One (bad) news: Radio Maria France will cease its broadcasts on medium wave from the Col de la Madone (Monaco frequency) 1467 kHz on 30 October 2016.
To listen to Radio Maria will remain the FM frequency 88.2 MHz in Monaco and especially the RNT DAB + from the Mont Agel. For the moment, I think the 1467 kHz will remain silent, as the 702 kHz....
Christian Ghibaudo (14/10-2016)

Radio City every Saturday at 19.00 to 20.00 UTC on 1485 via Radio Merkurs in Riga, Latvia.
Contact address remains: citymorecars@yahoo.ca
Tom Taylor (14/10-2016)



1602 is shared between Radio Seagull and KBC Radio http://www.kbcradio.eu/. KBC is on the air 7:00-19:00 and Radio Seagull is on the air 19:00-07:00.
Liron (12/10-2016)

Radio Seagull is now also on 747 KHz, using a 100 W licence on the radioship Jenny Bayton, mored in the harbour of Harlingen. The management describes it as an extended test. Here at my location, near Groningen, I do hear a mix of two signals now. Radio Seagull and Radio TPot, a station near Assen. There is a problem in zero-beat at one of the stations. The signals are hetrodyning around 70 to 100 Khz.

The former radiopirate Radio 0511 in the north-east of the provence of Friesland near Dokkum, has now changed frequencie to 1485 KHz. Earlier 1494 KHz. was in use. The 1485 is officialy only allowed for a low power output of 1 Watt. Radio 0511 is probaly using much more power, blocking this channel in the north western part of the Netherlands. I wonder what the broadcasting authorities think of this.
Best of 73's, Willem Prins - Haren (The Netherlands) (12/10-2016)

Had been listening to Radio Seagull for about 2 years now on 1602, but in the last few days, I can´t hear the programs from Seagull on Mediumwave.
The transmitter is on air, but if I compare to Seagull on Tunein radio in my cellphone, there is a different programme now on 1602 with only Non stop Music..!!!
Not the regular show and there is no sound at all from Radio Seugulls webpage in my computer.
Do you know anything?
73, Torleif Roos, Boras, Sweden (11/10-2016)

I think, Radio Seagull uses a format for their online transmission, which your computer is not able to 'read'. According to their website, they should be on 1602 kHz between 1900 and 0700 CET (1700-0500 utc).



I like to report that for about the last 7 days the MW band is wide open for Transarlatlantic DX to USA and Canada. For some nights I listen on 930 khz CJYQ announced ass KIXX Country and I can hear it not so very late at night that is around or afther 22:00 utc (00:00 hour CET local time)
But I need to tell that I do listen at a Online Radio Receiver at Global Tuners http://www.globaltuners.com (you need to be a memberto use it ) at the location in Northern Ireland – UK look here http://www.qsl.net/gi0otc/ HF & MWDX - "KAZ" Loop Antenne 130 deg Null direction to North America & Canada.
But later in the middle of the dark night time the MW singals from North America are boom in strong. So for those people ho not have a Kaz Loop antenne and are not based in Nothern Ireland would get also a signal I think ? maybe less strong but I think the will hear some thing. Maybe its time to be a member at Global Tuners. Its easy make a free account and you need to wait 14 days before you can tune a Receiver your self. In the you can listen at other Receiver. The do that for security reasons. Read the house rules and keep and respect them.
Transatlantic MW DX is great fun in Fall , Winter and Early Spring.
73 and good DX from Herman Content, Gent, Belgium (11/10-2016)



"Please note; We will stop broadcasting on 1395 kHz as of 1 January 2017.
RTSH - General Technical Director, Eng. Henri Muca
RTSH - Director of RTV Transmitting Stations - Tirane, Eng. Valmir Hajdari"

TWR Europe Mon-Fri at 1930-2145 UT, Sat/Sun at 1950-2145 UT.
Fllake relay TX#1 F-02 antenna at 330 deg to Ce/No/Ea-Europe.

Trans World Radio - FLLAKE, ALBANIA
UTC days program kHz kW degr ciraf zone

1927-1930 12345.. TWR ID signal 1395 500 330 28
1930-2015 12345.. Hungarian 1395 500 330 28

1947-1950 .....67 TWR ID signal 1395 500 330 28
1950-2015 .....67 Hungarian 1395 500 330 28

2015-2030 .....6. Polish 1395 500 330 28
2015-2045 12345.7 Polish 1395 500 330 28
2030-2145 .....6. Croatian 1395 500 330 28
2045-2100 ......7 Croatian 1395 500 330 28
2045-2115 12345.. Croatian 1395 500 330 28
2100-2145 ......7 Bosnian 1395 500 330 28
2115-2145 12345.. Serbian 1395 500 330 28

Day 1 = Mon ... 7 = Sun

Fllake, Albania location; Made in P.R. China of 1967 year. G.C. 41 21 52.04 N 19 30 35.46 E
TWR Europe Oct 7, via Drita Cico-ALB, Oct 9; Radiostacionet Shijak & Fllake.
via Wolfgang Büschel df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews (10/10-2016)



I did manage to catch that one-kilowatter at the Vatnsendi [666 kHz]site tonight, but it took both of my portables to do it: The Panasonic to act as a reference, and the SuperTech to make the catch. The signal was of course very weak.
Reynir Heidberg Stefánsson, eastern Iceland (4/10-2016)

An interesting report from a trip to the USA this September by
Willem Prins

It's correct, the message from Herman Content, that Radio 538 is still on at 891 Khz. I also expected that the AM outlet should be switched-off already , but the signal is indeed still on the air. The only thing I know is that plans are made for the switch-off. In a rather short periode. But no info is available of the exact date. Unclear is or Radio 538 will make out a moment of the switch off, or that without any announcment the station will leave AM.
Willem Prins HOL (4/10-2016)

About 2 days ago I did hear Radio 538 on 891 Khz [which has been told switched off/ed] . And it listen to Dutch ads around 14:35 h UTC so early oct 2016 and 891 Khz still on air and signal was good (Wide-band WebSDR in JO32KF , Twente , The Netherlands)
Herman Content, Gent, Belgium (04/10-2016)

About reactivated RÚV 666 kHz: This is Reykjavik (Vatnsendi) 1 kW. It is a test transmitter for evaluating the number and power of transmitters required to cover all Iceland and fishing waters around it with medium wave transmitters and replacing the high power long wave transmitters. The details of the project will be decided upon in 2017.
Mauno Ritola, wrth fb group (3/10-2016)



Presently listening to RUV on 666 with a good signal at 2330utc [1/10] via Global tuners receiver in Northern Ireland.
Tony Magon AUS (2/10-2016)

Icelandic public broadcaster Rikisutvarpid (RUV) was observed at 09:05 UT today (1 October 2016) carrying their second network RAS-2 on 666 kHz mediumwave - the broadcaster had recently been noted carrying test transmissions of continuous music on this frequency. This was monitored with good reception via a KiwiSDR remote receiver in Reykjavik.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (1/10-2016)



[RUV] Iceland on 666 is now operating parallel to their longwave frequencies of 189 and 207.
This was confirmed with a remote receiver in Iceland and also a remote receiver in Northern Ireland.
73, Tony Magon VK2IC, AUS (1/10-2016)



This old 250 watts friend, formerly as LLU on 1466 kHz through a 48 metres quarter-wave in Eitrheim, Odda for the NRK until 1978 is now broadcasting for us since 2012 with a proper license as LLE2 relaying bergenkringkaster.nu on 1314 kHz through a Comrod antenna. Normally on the air Sundays 1000-1400 CET with a Nostalgia format.
In connection with our preparations yesterday for today's "Junk-Auction", it was on the air 1800-2200 with an unscheduled transmission of "Komiske Klipp" and "Radio Days". The signal locally was impressive along 555 and 561 even in darkness 2115-2200 although there was competition from RNE Radio 5 (Salamanca has been confirmed here before). Our CE Øystein Ask can be very proud! And, did you hear us? We will be on again tonight! report@bergenkringkaster.no
Svenn Martinsen, wrth fb group (29/9-2016)



Trans World Radio plans to apply for a second licence for broadcasts from its present site at Parakou. The first transmitter on 1566 kHz went on the air in 2008. Years ago, the Protestant missionary broadcaster also announced plans for a short wave transmitter, but this idea was evidently dropped. The 200 kW-transmitter will broadcast on a medium wave frequency. although the frequency is not yet announced.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (26/9-2016)

At 00.55 h this morning I received CW-signals "RADIOREVOLTEN" on medium wave 1575 kHz. These apparently are test transmissions of Radio Revolten, Halle, Germany, which got a temporary (October 2016) license for medium wave broadcasts and will start regular transmissions on 01 October.
Their website is http://radiorevolten.net.
Best 73, Norbert Reiner (25/9-2016)

Deutschlandradio will in next year abandon this name as a media brand. What is now Deutschlandradio Kultur will then become "Deutschlandfunk Kultur" while DRadio Wissen, the digital-only station with a whopping market share of at present 0.03 percent (16,000 listeners per day in the whole of Germany), will be called "Deutschlandfunk Nova".
Goal of this move is to use only a single brand, the most widely known one they have. They consider it as essential for being clearly recognized in the digital world (i.e. outside the broadcasting zoo) where they already see a great rise in the use of their offerings.
This move is a bit sensitive because Deutschlandfunk at Cologne had considered itself the only legitimate national broadcaster until the federal states decided to have a Berlin branch as well, created by merging RIAS and Deutschlandsender. This merge did not go well at all (thus history is not history in this case), as described in this newspaper report from 2014 which, I'm told, does not make up the situation.
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (24/9-2016)

Radio Revolten
Of course it is not true that the last mediumwave transmitter in Germany has been switched off on New Year's Day, with Vilseck 1107 kHz still being on air. That's just the narrative successfully established by Deutschlandradio PR.
And "covering Central Europe": You can check out for yourself now, the transmitter has been turned on a few days ago with a special test loop (not the audio on the web stream that goes out on FM, too) of a voice announcement and morse code. At night I found this morse code poking through the jumble of Italy and Spain in the Netherlands and likewise, except that 1575 is mostly Italy here, also 100 km east of Halle. But that's about all.
The mediumwave transmitter was supposed to achieve 0.5...0.6 kW, to be installed at the same ham radio facility as the temporary FM transmitter (on a frequency used already on earlier occassions).
Kai Ludwig, dxld yg (24/9-2016)



Equinox bandscan
Dry weather tonight so a ‘DXpedition’ to the washing lines was not a problem.

The LW band… well, it takes a big whomp to knock it out. No big whomp tonight. Not even a wee little small whomp, what with signals on almost every MW channel at 2130Z.

BBC 5 on 693 and R. Scotland on 810 kHz came in wall-to-wall. The Absolute Radio repeaters on 1197 and 1242 kHz were easily listenable, as was Smooth Radio on 1152 and even 1161 kHz. Their transmitter on 1170 kHz was only identifiable.

Come to think of it… I think the last MW transmitter in Iceland was AFRTS on 1530 kHz, which shut down around mid-year 2006. I also think the transmitters on 666 and 738 kHz were shut down before this century.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (24/9-2016)



Radio Caroline North returns over the weekend of 24th-25th September live from the Ross Revenge.
The Caroline story continues into 1988 when the crew built a new aerial system to replace the original mast, only to see much of their work destroyed by armed raiders the following year. We'll hear from some of those who were onboard.
And of course we've more great prizes to give away from our friends at Tiptree, preserves of distinction. Your emails are always welcome at memories@radiocaroline.co.uk.
So join us this weekend online here and on 1368AM courtesy of Manx Radio.
Mike Terry, dxld yg (19/9-2016)



Just in via Facebook, notified by Vasily Gulyaev, was the RTRS announcement that from the UTC afternoon of Thursday 22 September 2016 the reopened MW and SW transmitters at Vladivostok Razdolnoye will be closed again.
Presumably a) the effects from the typhoon are now under control and b) the running costs for these transmitters were raising alarm bells in the Kremlin??
So in short the entry for 810kHz will be officially closed from Friday 23 September.
It is proof though that transmitters can be successfully fired up again after a long period of silence.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts yg (21/9-2016)



RAI TRST A 981 kHz: Weak signal behind Cesky Impuls, but it´s still there. I just got a
clear ID.
73, Patrick Robic AUT (18/9-2016)

Radio 0511 in Buitenpost continuous to use 1494 kHz, and not 1485 as listed.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (18/9-2016)



I consider that radio RAI TRST A that use frequency 981 kHz is turned off. I haven't caught it for a long time. Does anyone know anything about it?
Andrej Blazevic, Zagreb, HR (17/9-2016)

I spent a couple of days in the Azores earlier this month.

It is an amazing place for transatlantic MW DX. Using 100 meters of wire on the ground and a simple portable radio a lot of transatlantic stations were audible at sunrise:

After this fantastic morning I drove a bit inland and made a FM band scan:

All MW stations in the Azores are inactive - except RTP 'Antena 1', Flores, on 828 and AFRTS on 1503 kHz. I believe AFRTS is on the air 24 hours a day but 'Antena 1' is off air at night - probably signing on a 0700 or 0730.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (17/9-2016)



Radio Banovici [792 kHz] this stopped broadcasting and switched off transmitter medium wave by mid-2013.
Sanel Tufekcic (16/9-2016)



Due to major works at the Beli Kriz site, Radio Koper 549 kHz and Radio Capodistria on 1170 kHz will be temporarily off between 12.09.2016 and 15.10.2016. The 50 years old mast is being shortened and refurbished.
Günter Lorenz, mwmasts yg (15/9-2016)

Radio Banovići on 792 kHz and Radio Bosanski Petrovac on 1584 kHz are reported to have closed.
On 1503 kHz, Radio Zavidovići has own program 24h (no more timesharing with BH Radio 1).
Günter Lorenz, mwmasts yg (15/9-2016)

A new temporary station hold by Radio Corax: RADIO REVOLTEN from Halle.
The station will be on the air from October 1st to October 30th for the International Radio Art Festival.
Frequencies; 99.3 MHz on FM and also 1575 kHz MW with 600 watts...
Contact: paul-motikat@radiorevolten.net
Corax e.V.
c/o Radio Revolten
Unlerberg 11
06108 Halle (Saale)
Christian Ghibaudo (15/9-2016)



Radio Dechovka has now its new transmitter in Hradec Kralove - Stezery on the air, probably with a full power. Frequency: 792kHz, power: 10kW. There is a modulation delay of about 25 seconds compared to 1233kHz.

I got a message that the power of Dechovka on 792kHz is 0.5kW only. The stronger 10kW transmitter is planned for the near future.
Karel Honzik, CZE (5/9-2016)

During the EDXC conference2016 held in Manchester, and hosted by the BDXC, the participiants visited the Media City UK in Salford, the Moorside Edge transmitter and the Holme Moss transmitter site.
A few fotos can be seen here.
Ydun Ritz (14/9-2016)

The brand new Solt transmitter (540 kHz) will be supplied by Nautel.
Clik here for the full article! http://www.radioworld.com/article/nautel-to-update-antenna-hungarias-mw-station/279561
Tringer László, HNG (8/9-2016)

As for Atlantis 1395 in the Netherlands.
There seems to be a fight between the initiators. Some of them did sell out the station to an Amsterdam group (mind you, the signal has no coverage there) and the others now are disappointed.
In the meantime I keep questioning why their signal is so powerful, my vision is that they are widely exceeding the 25 W licenced.
Ruud Poeze (7/9-2016)



It seems that the team of Atlantis Radio 1395 has split up and the station had to sign off. Maybe, a Dutch reader of mediumwave.info can investigate further und give additional information in English.
Het klopt helaas dat wij na een flitsende start niet meer op de middengolf zijn te beluisteren.
Verblind door hoogmoed hebben M. Joustra en A. Zijlstra de zender en de licentie overgedaan aan Atlantis Amsterdam om samen met "grote jongens uit de radiowereld" iets groots op te zetten.
Dit is gebeurt zonder enig overleg met de rest van het team die de afgelopen jaren met heel veel enthousiasme Atlantis hebben opgebouwd. De afgelopen maanden is hard gewerkt om de middengolfzender in de lucht te krijgen, dit heeft veel tijd, energie en geld gekost. Verbijsterd zijn wij, de Dj's en de luisteraars, dat iemand tot zo'n lafffe en doortrapte daad in staat is. Een prachtig station vanuit het hart van Friesland wordt hiermee de das omgedaan op de meest verachtelijke manier.
Tevens heeft M.Joustra onze Facebookpagina onrechtmatig gekaapt , en post daar gewoon zijn achterbakse plannetjes alsof er niks aan de hand is. Jullie kunnen daar je reactie geven wat je daar van vind op https://www.facebook.com/Atlantis1395nl-370773786286376/?fref=ts , wij kunnen daar niks meer posten !
( Bedankt voor de steun ! Hij heeft de pagina nu verwijderd na een stortvloed van negatieve reacties)
Like onze nieuwe facebookpagina op https://www.facebook.com/atlantisradio
Gelukkig krijgen we veel steun van trouwe luisteraars en betrokken mensen bij ons station en we gaan vol door op de ingeslagen koers. Atlantis radio blijft gewoon te beluisteren op de diverse streams via internet en tune-in. Wij blijven de mooie programma's maken voor jullie.
Meer informatie over de toekomst van Atlantis Radio 1395/1521 volgt spoedig.
ps. steunbetuigingen via contact@atlantisradio.eu
(31 August 2016)
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (7/9-2016)



About the news that Allouis (France Inter) was OFF air this night. The transmitter on 162 kHz, is always OFF on Tuesday (early morning) from 00.05 to 03.58 local time.
Christian Chibaudo (6/9-2016)

At the time I am writing this (2356utc 6/9/16) I have noticed that France Inter [162 kHz]is off air...
30 Mins ago it kept transmitting and then suddenly stopped transmitting, and happened 5 times until it was off. What do you think it is? Maintenance? Simulating next year? New schedule? Broken transmitter?
Dean Denton, Hull, UK (6/9-2016)



BBC Radio 5 Live 693 kHz in the South West of England
Some major re-engineering work is to be carried out at the Start Point (South Devon) transmitter serving the South West of England on 693 kHz. The service will transfer to a temporary mast nearby whilst a new mast is built and another refurbished, weather permitting, between 5th September and 18th November 2016. During this period the service will be transmitting at reduced power, so if you notice a reduction in signal strength, please try retuning to 909kHz or listen to BBC Radio 5 Live on DAB, the internet or Freeview.
Date: 02.09.2016 Last updated: 02.09.2016 at 09.00
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (4/9-2016)



Now all the stickers have gone! It took less than 2 hours! :-) Thank you!

Stickers: Neil Carleton in Almonte Ontario have sent me some stickers from Canadian MW radio stations, most of them now silent. He is offering them for free.
CFQC, CJXX, CKST, CJNB and RCI are double.

If interested drop me a line.
Ydun Ritz (31/8-2016)



Just a small update concerning Radio Seagull on 747 Khz here in the Netherlands. Station is now off air again, as from last Sunday. The operation must has been a sort of special event broadcast for 48 hours, using the radioship Jenni Baynton.
The plan was to do broadcasts from the radioship anchored a few miles outside the harbour of Harlingen last weekend. Also trips, visiting the ship on `high seas` were planned. But the whole thing was cancelled. Only a special broadcast, using 747 Kc. went on. Unclear is or Seagull will now be appearing every weekend from the radioship.

Old fashioned typical AM pirating music is now audible on 747. Probably coming out of the station near Assen.

In the meantime still more initiatives are calling in at the broadcasting agent (Agentschap Telecom) here in the Netherlands for a low power AM licence. Sometimes the plans looks like it will stay a beautifull plan or dream, instead of becoming a really operation. Time will last, anyway.
Frequencies available are 747, 828, 1035, 1251, 1395 and 1485 Khz.

891 Khz. will be available as Radio 538 (the 22.5 Kw tx in Limburg) is switched off. Pity!! Holidayspenders can pick up the station for the last time this summerseason in greater parts of western Europe in the evening hours, listening to a domestic popular radiosound.
Best of 73's, Willem Prins - Haren (The Netherlands) (24/8-2016)

LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires anuncia los nuevos horarios de sus programas dedicados a la radio, al diexismo y al mundo de las comunicaciones. Todos ellos salen al aire en amplitud modulada, por la frecuencia de 1270 khz y por Internet en http://www.radioprovincia.gba.gob.ar/
[LS11 Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires announces their new schedules dedicated to the radio, the diexismo and the world of communications programs. They are aired in amplitude modulated by the frequency of 1270 kHz and online at]
Omar José Somma y Arnaldo Leonel Slaen, Lista ConDig yg (22/8-2016)



Radio Seagull is now 24/7 also on 747 Khz. from the radioship Jenni Bayton moored in Harlingen Harbour in the north west of The Netherlands. Reception should be possible across the North Sea and along the East Coast of England. A 100 W. PEP is the power of the station, using the new type of licence for low power AM operations here in The Netherlands.
Here in my area, south of the city of Groningen, the signal is mixed up in a zero-beat interference whit another station, Radio TPot / Radio Babylona, which is located east of the city of Assen. Also a 100 W PEP station.
Best of 73's, Willem Prins - Haren / The Netherlands (21/8-2016)



Phaser Radio 1512kHz and via TuneIn Radio with special programming remembering 14th August 1967
Good signal here in Faversham.
John Hoad, MWC fb group (14/8-2016)



The mediumwave transmitter from Dutch catholic radiostation Radio Maria on the roof of a monastery near the village of Aarle-Rixtel is off air. The transmitter, on 675 khz, caused interference . Radio Maria is now looking for another location.
René van Hoof, MWC fb group (8/8-2016)

Pispalan Radio plans to raise the power to 150 W on 729 kHz in the coming months.
Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (7/8-2016)



On 6th August at 2100z Jeddah appeared to be back [1521 kHz], but somewhat less powerful than it used to be.
73 Joost de Groot (7/8-2016)

Heard the station August 5th around 2030utc



Benghazi, Libya has reactivated 677.5 kHz [675 kHz / ed].
Mauno Ritola, wrth fb group (6/8-2016)



This article was published today discussing the future of Radio 538. This was taken off https://mediamagazine.nl/radio-538-stopt-uitzendingen-middengolf/ .
"The commercial radio station Radio 538 stops its broadcasts on medium wave in Limburg. This confirmed a spokesman for the radio station across from Media Magazine.

Radio 538 broadcasts for years via the medium in Limburg on the frequency 891 kHz. This frequency was taken into use in 2003 because the FM frequency range of Radio 538 did not cover in South Limburg. The transmitter in Hulsberg was previously used by the public broadcaster for the programs, among other NPO Radio 1.

Radio 538 indicates the short term to stop the broadcasts on medium wave: "We are now using DAB +, Internet and cable to be well received in Limburg and deem the aid station on the medium, therefore, no longer necessary." Said Maud Citizens, spokesman for the radio station across this website. When the medium wave transmitter exactly is extracted from the air is not yet known. It is expected that the disconnection is carried out within a month.

The license of Radio 538 for the medium wave frequency in Limburg runs at least until 1 September 2017. After that it is possible to reduce the frequency to five-year
extension. Radio 538 does not use this possibility which falls back the license to the government.There is a chance that the frequency is used in the future for low-power AM transmitters in the Limburg region."[google translate]
Dean Denton, Hull (4/8-2016)

Radio Maria https://mediamagazine.nl/radio-538-stopt-uitzendingen-middengolf/
Medium wave transmitter of Radio Maria in Aarle-Rixtel on 675 kHz is currently off the air. The transmitter had ttechnical problems and hopes to restart broadcasts on medium wave again. Radio Maria broadcasts for several months from the Brabant Aarle-Rixtel after the broadcasting of Radio Maria was dismantled in Lopik. Radio Maria have suggested over the broadcast medium wave to claim the connected digital capacity via DAB +.[google translate]
Dean Denton, Hull (4/8-2016)



Dmitry Mezin writes on open_DX about Sitkunai 1386 kHz (Radio Baltic Waves International, 75 kW, 152 m towers and transmission lines, on air daily at 16:30 - 05:00 UTC):
We're still using 75 kW transmitter and a mast of 152 m height. Redundancy is enabled: there are a standby transmitter, feeder line and antenna.
500 kW Vikhr MW transmitter has been dismantled and scrapped.
We're expecting the delivery of the new Nautel NX200 (200 kW) transmitter that should be commissioned on Sitkunai site in late 2017.
Rimantas Pleikys, Radio Baltic Waves project coordinator via Mauno Ritola, wrth fb group (2/8-2016)



Invitations for community radio licence applications
Ofcom is currently inviting applications for community radio licences for the following:
- London and other areas within the M25 motorway, broadcasting on either FM or AM (medium wave); and
- Localities throughout the UK broadcasting on AM (medium wave) only.
The closing date is 5pm on Tuesday 25 October 2016.
Further information including the Notes of Guidance can be found on Ofcom’s website.

London _and_areas_in_M25.pdf

CR _applications_on_AM.pdf

Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (2/8-2016)

New low power mediumwave station is now on air in the Netherlands.
Q AM (is NOT the same as Q Music) with oldies on 1395 kHz from Waardenburg, between Den Bosch and Utrecht. It's the second low power station on this frequency, Atlantis from the province of Friesland started about a month ago on 1395 kHz.
René van Hoof, MWC fb group (1/8-2016)



Courtesy of Canadian Radio News
Jean-Guy Landry informs us that CJVA in Caraquet, New Brunswick will shut down its 810 AM transmitter next Monday, August 1 after almost 30 years on the air – it signed on in September 1977. [almost 40 years :-) ]
The new CJVA 94.1 began testing in June and has since officially launched. CJVA simulcasts sister station CKLE 92.9 in Bathurst during the morning show and afternoon drive. From 9 AM to 4 PM, it’s mostly 80s and 90s music.
CKLE/CJVA WEBSITE: http://www.ckle.fm/
(thanks for the tip Jean-Guy).
The station was replaced by a 100kW FM transmitter from Grande-Anse at 94.1 FM
Andy Reid, dxld yg (31/7-2016)

CKSL 1410 London Ontario.

Courtesy of Canadian Radio News and SONWY board:
Funny 1410 AM going off the air.
It’s no joke — London radio station Funny 1410 AM is ceasing operations.

'brian451' on SOWNY says CKSL will shut down in mid August. The station has an all Comedy format and is called Funny 1410.
Andy Reid, dxld yg (30/7-2016)



[Not exactly news, but nevertheless very interesting item! / Ed.]

It is a while since I looked here and am now up to date.
However, you may be interested to know that an archive recording of the BBC's radio commentary of England winning the World Cup in 1966 has emerged.

I supplied a copy to the BBC who had not kept a copy themselves and it was recorded by another listener who is a friend of mine who passed this on to me at a school reunion a few years ago.

Given the quality of the recording, this was taken from a medium wave broadcast of "BBC Sports Service". The recording was made in Worcester, so would have been sourced from Daventry on 647 kHz, as Droitwich at that time only carried 1500 kHz (Light Programme). BBC Sports Service formed part of the BBC Third Network, which also comprised of "BBC Music Programme" (daytime) and "BBC Third Programme" (evenings), prior to 30 September 1967 when "BBC Radio 3" replaced it. The "BBC Sports Service" was on the Third Network frequencies on Saturday afternoons usually between 1230-1800 UK time It was on Network 3 from 25 April 1964 to 28 Mach 1970 inclusive, when it moved to Radio 2 LW then on 1500m 200kHz. From then on it was a programme called "Sport on 2". Prior to April 1964, sport was on "BBC Light Programme" listed as separate sports events.

The medium wave frequencies for Network 3 at the time on 30 July 1966 were:
647 kHz (464m) from
Daventry (150kW)
Edinburgh (2KW)
Glasgow (2kW)
Newcastle (2kW)
Redmoss (2kW)

And on 1546 kHz (194m) from
Belfast (250W)
Brighton (1kW)
Exeter (250W)
Fareham (1kW)
Leeds (1kW)
Liverpool (1kW) - possibly Rainford but not sure
Plymouth (1kW)
Preston (1kW)
Redruth (1kW)
Stockton (250W)
Swansea (1kW)
Dundee (250W)
Bournemouth (250W)

It was also on VHF/FM from the following transmitters (Horizontal polarisation): I would not normally list FM here but it is useful to have this info:
90.3 MHz 120kW: Sandale
90.3 MHz 60kW: North Nessory Tor
90.5 MHz 120kW: Sutton Coldfield
90.7 MHz 60kW: Rowridge
90.7 MHz 60kW: Pontop Pike
90.9 MHz 60kW: Meldrum
90.9 MHz 60kW: Blaen Plwyf
91.05 MHz 10kW: Llangollen
91.3 MHz 120kW: Wrotham
91.5 MHz 120kW: Holme Moss
91.8 MHz 12kW: Llandonna
91.8 MHz 12kW: Rosemarkie
91.9 MHz 120kW: Tacolneston
92.1 MHz 120kW: Kirk O'Shotts
92.3 MHz 60kW: Divis
94.7 MHz 10W: Bristol
96.8 MHz 120kW: Wenvoe

Sports output was removed from FM when the Sports Service stopped on Radio 3 as far as I know and remains only on MW (and now also digital platforms).
I don't think this works outside the UK but the links for the commentary are here:
Full 90 minutes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p042rkr0
Extra time: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p042rq2l

I hope some of you will find interest in this.
73, James Robinson (29/7-2016)



Does anyone know what happened to Jeddah on 1521 kHz?
Kind regards, Joost de Groot (23/7-2016)



Zeewolde 1008 kHz may be closed soon.
[At the moment Groot Nieuws Radio is the only station using the frequency 1008 kHz -ymr].
Svenn Martinsen (DX-Listeners' Club) via Mauno Ritola, WRTH fb group (22/7-2016)



I have seen official releases by TDF in their new IRIS Headquarters (underneath the Romainville TV/FM tower) which state that some time after 1st August 2016 on 1071kHz from the Brest (48 16 30N 04 09 04W) site there will be 20kW DRM broadcasts for French sailors around Brittany.
I don't know the hours of transmission yet but these broadcasts are scheduled to last 2 years. All of this is thanks to Mauno and Thierry Vignaud.
I assume that the same East mast will be used as was previously used on to carry France Inter.
I will soon be moving house (back to my newly renovated one) so I will be highly involved in that personal diversion over the next 2 weeks. I will try to keep track of DX things but I hope that you will understand.
Dan Goldfarb, mwmast yg (20/7-2016)
[Start time corrected 21/7, thanks to Remy Friess, mwdx yg]



Radio Warrington goes on air.
The Mayor of Warrington, Faisal Rashid, will be helping Warrington’s community radio station celebrate hitting the borough’s airwaves at an official re-launch party at the Town Hall on Wednesday 20 July, at 5pm.
The radio station is celebrating broadcasting on 1332 AM/MW medium wave after being an online-only radio station for the past nine years.
The community radio station has been broadcasting Warrington’s news and views for 24 hours a day on the internet since March 2007 and is run and staffed by volunteers.
Cheshire Today (19/7-2016)

A new AM-radio station started in Tampere, Finland, on 16.7.2016 on 729 kHz:
Pispalan radio is not a pirate but a legal and licensed community stn // 99,5 MHz FM. Power is now 80 W. Hopes for power increase. On the air 24/7 with music from 1920-60's + short local community inserts.
Jorma Mantyla, Kangasala Finland via MWDX yg (18/7-2016)



Pispalan Radio started 16.7.2016 also on mediumwave 729 kHz in Tampere.
Only 20 Watts carrier power now, but they have plans for more powerful station from other mast.
Their license for continuous transmission on mediumwave, is the only one in Finland. They started on FM 99,5MHz in last year.
Some tests on 25760 kHz is made too, and is now on air 24/7 to end of July.
They play mainly very old music.
Risto Harjula (18/7-2016)



Hörby MW 1179 kHz on the air again. Hörby Mellanvåg on 1179 kHz will be on air again from 28 August to 10 Sept 2016.
More at: http://veteranljuddagen.se/veteranljuddagen%202016.html
ARC web site via July BDXC-UK Communication via DXLD 16-28 (17/7-2016)



Ofcom has today [15 July 2016] announced the award of six new community radio licences in East Sussex and Kent. The new stations will serve communities in Brighton and Hove, Herne Bay, Sheerness and northwest Kent. Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular geographical community or a community of interest.

Licences have been awarded to:
[1 Brighton FM, Gaydio, Platform B, Radio Cabin, Sheppey FM and]
Miskin Radio (North Kent College)
Contact name: Lara Pool
Phone: 01322 629490
Email: larapool@northkent.ac.uk
Website: www.miskinradio.co.uk
Miskin Radio will be a community radio service on the AM (medium wave) band for people living in the Gravesham, Dartford and Bexley areas.
Community radio licences are awarded for a five-year period.
http://media.ofcom.org.uk/news/2016/six-radio-awards-july16 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (16/7-2016)



New infos [abt item from yesterday 13/7]: Sollt is OFF AIR until 25.07.2016. Now Siofok on 540 with 150 kW and Szolnok on 1341 with 135 kW
Lakihegy not broadcasting due TX problems.
Tringer László, HNG (14/7-2016)



Hi Ydun, news about France Inter on 162 Khz LW, at this moment in time will be closing down on Saturday 31st December 2016, possibly switching off at Midnight (European Time) into 2017, so for UK listeners switch off on 162 Khz would be 23.00 hrs on 31/12/16.
Would be great shame to lose this and for many years people i knew who were French lived in the UK listened to 162 Khz which at the time 30 - 25 years ago was only way to listen to it, unlike now with Digital & Internet is here.
Adam Birchenall (13/7-2016)

13 July 2016 0220-0230 h 783 kHz: Checking for Syria at the Twente web receiver, I found a dominant Spanish station with another programme in the background. It was clearly not in parallel with http://live.rtv.gov.sy/RDimshq.aspx?live=1, but seemed to be in „parallel“ (time delay) with http://live.rtv.gov.sy/RShabab.aspx?live=1.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (13/7-2016)

[In fact] there were two stations present: the Spanish or if you prefer Katalan station http://www.cope.es/menu/emisoras/barcelona/barcelona
and a music programme which was not Radio Damascus which had religious chanting at the time, but was very much like Voice of the People, as checked against their webstreams.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (13/7-2016)

Maybe it was Call of Islam from Saudi? At that time it wouldn't be wonder if the Koran recitation would coincide.
Mauno Ritola (13/7-2016)

The renovation of the Solt transmitter has been started. Now 540 khz is broadcasted from Lakihegy + on 1341 khz from Siofok and Szolnok is active again, with Kossuth Rádió! Not 100% clear info, earlier only 540 khz was mentioned.
So now Kossuth Rádió is working on 540 and 1341 kHz!
Tringer László, HNG (13/7-2016)



The current schedule of AIR Chinsurah is:
594 kHz: 0130-0230 Nepali, 0230-0300 News from Delhi, 0700-0800 Nepali.
1134 kHz: 1000-1100 GOS-2, 1115-1215 Tamil, 1215-1315 Burmese
594 kHz: 1330-1430 Nepali, 1515-1600 News from Delhi.

DRM is now available with Delhi Rainbow channel at all the transmissions on 604 kHz during analogue b'cast times on 594 kHz and on 1144 kHz during 1134 kHz b'cast times.
May vary the timings soon till the run up to inauguration date of new Bangla Service.

AWR program was heard yesterday (10 July 2016) in DRM on 1144 kHz at 1015-1030 UTC.
AWR program in Hindi is scheduled on Fri/Sat/Sun at 1015-1030 UTC on AIR FM Rainbow Nettwork Delhi.
Alok Das Gupta, Kolkata, via Jose Jacob, dx_india (11/7-2016) via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (12/7-2016)



I confirm that Syria is still alive on 783 kHz. The station was heard here in the South of Italy on 9 July at 2300 UTC with station identification announcement. The signal was good with Syria dominant over co-channel COPE Miramar from Spain.
Antonello Napolitano, Taranto-Italy , dxld yg (10/7-2016)

Syria is back on MW. Radio Damascus Syria 783 kHz at 9th July 2016 at 2222UTC. Heard on Island of Funen, Denmark, on a mini-DXpedition, on AOR7030+ with 100 m longwire on the beach towards SE. Heard in parallel with Radio Damascus on the mobile app TuneIn Radio, the latter signal a few seconds behind.
Bjarke Vestesen, DDXLK fb group (10/7-2016)



Dear friends,
AWR Hindi Programme Lamahe is scheduled in DRM on1144 kHz FM Rainbow Delhi Fri, Sat, Sun 1015-1030 UTC via Chinsurah (1000 kw Tx)
Yours sincerely, Jose Jacob, VU2JOS National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (9/7-2016)



AM 730 CHMJ Vancouver. No, this is a stand-alone site that is just on the SE side of route 17 and the town of Tidbury - it's seven km almost directly NW of the 1040/1410 site that's right on the north side of Highway 99 as you travel toward Vancouver.
The news items says they've lost a tower, and since one of them is directly adjacent to the transmitter building or at least a large building of some sort, that would appear to be the location of the fire.
Ben Dawson (5/7-2016)

AM 730 CHMJ Vancouver transmitter destroyed by fire
From Northwest Broadcasters:
CHMJ AM 730 Vancouver 07/03/16 - http://www.am730.ca/
The AM 730 CHMJ Vancouver transmitter has been destroyed by a large fire at Burns Bog in Delta, south of Vancouver. The fire broke out on the west side of the bog where several transmission towers for local radio stations are located.
Global News CKNW News CBC News :::
Eric Floden, BC, DXLD yg (5/7-2016)

That`s the all-traffic-all-the-time station. Nothing on homepage indicating they are NOT ``On Air Now``. How about the other stations mentioned in the same area? Not all the stories above mention CHMJ; the CKNW version does say, `` The fire has also damaged the AM 730 transmitter. The station is off air, but can still be listened to at am730.ca or through the am 730 app.``
Glenn Hauser, DXLD yg (5/7-2016)

With extensive damage to the AM 730 CHMJ Vancouver transmitter site at Burns Bog in Delta, the station's signal has been added to 101.1 as HD3. Additionally, AM 730 continues with an on-line feed at its website. Station engineering reports that tower one is completely lost and other damage is to be assessed. The massive fire continues to burn with firefighters tackling it from both the north and south fronts. The large plume of smoke is visible from both sides of the border.
News1130 via Clay Freinwald, SBE-16 Seattle, via Steven Lockwood, Hatfied-Dawson via Ben Dawson, WA, DXLD yg (5/7-2016)

I'm surprised this could happen. The site is state of the art on the right side of the freeway as you head north into Vancouver. I think they share the 1040 site. The bog is wet. It would be like starting a fire in the Mercer Slough and burning the ATU buildings at any of the Vancouver AM sites. They don't have a dry site for Vancouver AM signals. All of them are in floodplain areas.
Andrew Skotdal, DXLD yg (5/7-2016)



Yes Radio Paradise has been (and probably still is) active on 1584 kHz. I'm enclosing [but the editor is not able to attach here] two DX-recorded made in the South of Sweden [Oct. 2015 & Oct 2009]. They are now also available on DAB in the West of the Netherlands.
Best regards Karl-Erik Stridh (2/7-2016)

List of MW allocations in the Netherlands.
I wonder about Radio Paradijs.. it is also listed in the WRTH. But has it ever been on the air on 1584 or the other frequencies (1224 and 1332) listed?
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, MWC fb group (1/7-2016)



AIR Chinsurah now broadcasts on 594/604 kHz. Although the inauguration programme of the special Bangla service has been postponed All India Radio started using 594 kHz instead of 1134 kHz in the evening.
Beginning on 28 June, the schedule reads as follows: General Overseas Service in English 1000-1100, Tamil 1115-1215 , Burmese 1215-1315, Nepali 1330-1430 and News 1515-1600 UTC. The station is also noted in DRM on 604 kHz with the Delhi Rainbow channel during the periods mentioned.
Alok Das Gupta 28 June 2016 DX India via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (29/6-2016)



UNID 1190 kHz from June 26th: After listening to my recordings I have a clear Radio America ID, and also an announcement.. 'Nacional presenta...." so this might be Radio Nacional. Also from Argentina.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwc fb group (27/6-2016)

The launch of All India Radio's new channel "Akashvani Maitree", which was scheduled in Kolkata on Tuesday, has been postponed due to "unforseen reasons," Prasar Bharati officials said today.

The channel aims at providing a common platform for participatory content creation for listeners in India and Bangladesh.
New dates for the launch would be announced later, the officials said. The Bengali language service channel was to be launched by President Pranab Mukherjee at a function in Kolkata on June 28.
(http://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/launch-of-air-channel-postponed-116062500828_1html via Sudipta Ghosh, DX India 25 June 2016)
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (27/6-2016)

(Kerala): A new tower is constructed for AIR Thiruvananthapuram and will start relaying from 26 June 2016 5.50 AM on 1161 kHz 20 KW. This is a speedy installation completed in record time after the tower collapse
(Rajeesh Ramachandran, DX India 25 June 2016)
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (27/6-2016)

Heard on the LW / MW in Russia?
The radio station "Mayak" from Makhachkala to 918 kHz continued broadcasting.
Last weekend it was heard very well https://youtu.be/-f_B2PyGHGw
(Message to the WEB page "Victor City". Victor Rutkowski Editor. Ekaterinburg, Russia).
RUS-DX # 878, 26 June, 2016.
Anatoly Klepov, Moscow, Russia (27/6-2016)



This morning I had an unid. station on 1190 kHz playing non stop music for more than half an hour. Songs such as 'Owner of a Lonely Heart', 'Ghostbusters', 'Time After Time', 'I Just Called to Say I Love You', 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go', 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' and a song from Dire Straits.
And absolutely no ann.s
Conditions favoured reception from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru) and the Caribbean. Only one station from NAm heard (750 CBGY)
It was not // to Radio América, ARG web stream.
Anyone - any idea?
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, mwc fb group (26/6-2016)



From the Radio Caroline website:
Our next Caroline North broadcast from the radio-ship Ross Revenge will be over the weekend 25th/26th June.

We'll be continuing to trace the story of Radio Caroline, this time up until the end of 1985. It was a pivotal period for Caroline that saw the arrival of Dutch station, Radio Monique on board the Ross, a new neighbour in the Knock Deep, the MV Communicator and a blockade by the British Government, an interlude that was dubbed 'Euroseige '85'.

The Communicator was home of the American backed radio station Laser 558 which only lasted for about 18 months but in that time made many friends, caused the UK radio industry to sit up and listen and Radio Caroline to change course.
Listen to Radio Caroline North to hear the music from the era and interviews with some of those who were there at the time.

We'll be online here, and also on 1368 kHz courtesy of Manx Radio, Saturday morning from 08.30 (BST.
Please send suitable music choices and memories to memories@radiocaroline.co.uk
Mike Terry, dxld yg (24/6-2016)



Radio Freq. (AM) Jakarta, Indonesia (21 Juni 2016)
630 Radio Samhan (PT. Radio Sabana Samhan)
693 Radio Muara (PT. Radio Musik Asik Nusantara)
792 Radio Assyafiiyah (Perkumpulan Radio Siaran As Syafi'iyah)
999 Radio Republik Indonesia Prog. 3
1026 Swara Khatulistiwa (PT. Radio Suara Multazam)
1062 C Radio (PT. Radio Pusat Siaran Cendrawasih)
1080 Radio Jakarta Islamic Center (PT. Radio Suara Mega Asri Indonesia)
1134 Radio Safari (PT. Radio Jawa Jakarta)
1332 Radio Republik Indonesia Prog. 4
Joe Alexanders, wrth fb group (21/6-2016)

A bit of a technical note on Korean AM stations: 837 Seoul (CBS Radio) is running 22kw, not 50kw as reported. Because most people listen to FM instead, 837, 900, and 792 - all in suburban Goyang - are all running at lower power. No word (yet) on the actual power of 792 and 900, but given the fact that the Chinese station totally erases 792 off its given frequency while listening up on the 20th floor -- Shenyang, China effortlessly replaces local 792 (less than 10 miles away) with a 65dBu signal -- I'm guessing their power isn't too intense.
The info source is a station employee via a DX friend.
Chris Kadlec, wrth fb group (21/6-2016)

Atlantis Radio 1521: Testing [1395kHz] now until tomorrow morning, excluding TWR via Albania time.
Mauno Ritola, wrth fb group (21/6-2016)

SOLSTICE BANDSCAN: I managed to tear me away from #sigurrosrouteone around midnight for long enough to brave the storms, rains and darkness -- okay, slight breeze, drizzle and not-dark-enough-for-tourists-to-get-their-sleep -- with the Panny tranny.

The LW band had what remains of the usual suspects. The MW band had mostly Brits, but the signal strength was OK. I managed to copy Absolute Radio relays on 1197, 1233, 1242 and 1260 kHz. There was also a music stream on 1008 kHz but no ID given. And on 1548 kHz I heard the same news stream from at least three stations. No audio sync there.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (21/6-2016)