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Hi Ydun, news from Radio OZNRH
We will do a numbers of test transmissions the coming days on 6263,5 kHz from 2000 UTC to 2200 UTC.
We use a 4 meter high (with coils) vertical antenna placed on top of a 'little hill'. We transmit with 800 Watt PEP.
So we hope for reports from around the world :-) Yes we are big optimists.....
Best 73 from
Ole Piratos (26/8-2014)

Hi Ydun, per your tip, listening to R. OZNRH via North Germany and Holland Perseoo now on 6263,5 kHz. Blocked by strong ute here in eastern Finland.
Mauno Ritola, Finland (26/8-2014)

I don't know, if DR Kalundborg 243 kHz will make a special transmission tonight (May 4th 2014) to commemorate the liberty message from the BBC's Danish Service on that date in 1945, marking the end of Denmark being occupied by Nazi Germany during World War 2.
DR did so the previus years - between 20:03-21:00 [18:03-19:00 UTC] - so maybe it will be worth listening!
Ydun Ritz (4/5-2014)

Here at 1759 UTC no sign so far of DR Kalundborg on 243 kHz.
Ydun Ritz (4/5-2014)

News from OZNRH
Right now we make some test broadcasts with our new transmitter system. From our good old 10W to 125W 'AM' (500W PEP). The broadcasts will be in a place between 20:00 UTC and 23:00 UTC and some Saturdays at about 13 UTC. We've got a much better 'ground wave' coverage, but through a 'skip' we know nothing?
So try to listen for us on 1616 kHz. We can see ourselves (sometimes) on the Dutch WebSDR.
Read more on our website: http://radiooznrh.webnode.com/
Best 73 from
Ole Piratos (18/3-2014)

Danmarks Radio has on LW 243 kHz Kalundborg included three more news programs, so the schedule now is as follows:

Schedule, local time (UTC+1)
05:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
06:00 Radioavis / News

06:30 Radioavis / News
07:00 Radioavis / News
07:30 Radioavis / News

08:00 Radioavis / News
08:03 Morgenandagt (ikke søndag) / Morning church service (not Sundays)

08:30 Krop og bevægelse / Gymnastics
08:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
09:00 Radioavis / News

11:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
12:00 Radioavis / News

17:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
18:00 Radioavis / News
18:03 Farvandsefterretninger / Navigational warnings

Ydun Ritz (20/2-2014)

Kalundborg 243 kHz: During a class-4 hurricane Oct 28, reaching gusts at the neighboring Roesnaes Lighthouse with 50.3 m / s (www.dmi.dk/nyheder/arkiv/nyheder-2013/10/her-slog-stormen-til-se-kortene) (full hurricane) the two remaining top capacitance wires on the long-wave antenna blew down. The transmitter was out of service from Oct 28 1635 UTC to Nov 8 at 1035 UTC.

Ydun Ritz (8/11-2013)

Dear Ydun, Kalundborg 243 was back on the air at 10.40 utc today. I was delighted to hear the interval signal again, which I have adored since I was a boy.
Med venlig hilsen,
Keith Rann (8/11-2013)

Keith, this interval signal is the oldest known Danish melody, from the 14th century work "Codex Runicus"! I like it too; remember hearing it, when my father turned on the radio to listen to the news at noon!
Ydun Ritz (8/11-2013)

DR Kalundborg 243 kHz still silent after been damaged in last Monday's storm.
Ydun Ritz (3/11-2013)

Just checked Kalundborg 243 kHz 1700 UTC October 31st. Still not on air after the damage caused by Monday's severe storm.

Schedule, local time (UTC+1)
05:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
06:00 Radioavis / News

08:00 Radioavis / News
08:03 Morgenandagt (ikke søndag) / Morning church service (not Sundays)

08:30 Krop og bevægelse / Gymnastics
08:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
09:00 Radioavis / News

11:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
12:00 Radioavis / News

17:45 Vejrmelding / Weather report
18:00 Radioavis / News
18:03 Farvandsefterretninger
/ Navigational warnings
Ydun Ritz (31/10-2013)

Yesterday's severe storm, that hit Denmark, has damaged the top capacitance wires of Kalund borg LW transmitter (243 kHz).
Reparation of the cables started this morning, and it is expected that the transmitter will be on air again in 2-3 days.
More here (in Danish):

Sjællands Nyheder/Kalundborg via Ydun Ritz (29/10-2013)

Pirate station OZNRH: For information and perhaps interesting, so we now have the opportunity to choose between two frequencies, 1611 as usual and 1616 kHz as the new. This possibility is due to increased 'Dutch activity' on 1611, read more at:

We send broadly still every night from 20 to 23 UTC [summer 19 to 22 UTC], and still as a 'local station' with only 10 watts. I hope my next Mail is the message that we upgrade to 100 watts. so they also can hear us in the Netherlands :-D.
Best 73 from
Ole Pirate, radio station OZNRH (3/8-2013)

As you can read on our homepage, so 'right now', more or less.. 100 Watt:
We are tired of waiting for our 'mechanical man' and all his excuses. Therefore I have today I ordered this: http://www.rfsource.gr/amw400de-am-amp.html
We have from previous good experiences with this company.
Best 73 from
Ole Pirate, radio station OZNRH http://radiostationoznrh.qsite.dk/ (2/8-2013)

FYI: This station is transmitting from somewhere northwest of Copenhagen.
Ydun Ritz

DR Kalundborg 243 kHz is already on air now, in parallel with DR DAB P5 (1725 UTC) and will probably be transmitting until 1900 UTC.
Ydun Ritz (4/5-2013)

Re. special transmission from Kalundborg 243 kHz May 4th 1803-1900 UTC. Reception reports should be sent to info@teracom.dk Please don't use the address mentioned in "DENMARK"-item 30/4.
Ydun Ritz (1/5-2013)

DR Kalundborg 243 kHz will make a special transmission on Saturday May 4th 2013 between 20:03-21:00 [18:03-19:00 UTC], simulcast with DR DAB P5, to commemorate the liberty message from the BBC's Danish Service on that date in 1945, marking the end of Denmark being occupied by Nazi Germany during World War 2. Listener reports may be sent to the BSD info mailbox.
Ydun Ritz (30/4-2013)

As of today radiostation Radiostation OZNRH near Hilleroed north of Copenhagen has changed frequency from 1593 kHz to 1611 Khz to avoid interference.
Transmitting every night 2000-2300 UTC with 10 watt.
Ydun Ritz (28/11-2012)

Radiostation OZNRH 1593 kHz from Hilleroed north of Copenhagen will be on air 2 hours Saturday November 24th from 1300 local time (1200UTC).
Source: OZNRH via Ydun Ritz (21/11-2012)

OZNRH 1593 kHz from Hilleroed, 30 kms north of Copenhagen with 10 watt!.
Thanks to
Arvid Husdal, NORDX yg (20/11-2012)

Hmm! A pirate?! Haven't heard of this station before; will give it a try next time in the Capital area.
I was in contact with the radiostation: It only transmits music, no commercials, no political commentaries. Told me, that in the near future they will increase power to 100 watt. On air every night, signing on at 2100 local time (2000 UTC).
Ydun Ritz (21/11-2012)

The BBC transmission from
Kalundborg 243 kHz/DRM ended September 11th 2300 UTC. Used was 16 QAM as well as 64 QAM at different bit rates up to 24 kbit/s, and with and without Spectral Band Replication (SBR).

Reception reports are welcome to info @ teracom.dk.
The following information has to be included:

1. Location and country of reception
2. Time of reception in UTC
3. Audio bit rate in kbit/s with one decimal place
4. Reception equipment and antenna used
5. SNR (signal / noise ratio)
6. Decoder MER value (modulation error ratio)
7. Decoder FAC/SDC/MSC or SDC/MSC constellation as screen picture or QAM values, e.g. 4/16/64 or 16/64
8. Screen picture of any spectrum display

The staff at info @ teracom.dk would be very pleased with a screenshot with a constellation diagram, e.g. from a DREAM software decoder.
IF recordings of 8 kHz or 12 kHz soundcard intermediate frequency are also much appreciated.

DXers sending correct reception reports will receive a special QSL-card.


Ydun Ritz (14/9-2012)

The official Press Release about DRM on Kalundborg 243 kHz
Went on air 5/9-2012 2300 utc with 10 kW DRM.
Reception reports are most welcome to info @ teracom.dk who offers a QSL.
Ydun Ritz

DRM on 243 kHz from Kalundborg during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam on September 9th 1500-1700 (European Summer Time?). Read more
Thanks to Harald Kuhl for this info (3/9-2012)

Not exactly a news item, but heard nothing about it until now.
Attending a family meeting! on August 18th I was told, that the 147 meter high
Kalundborg MW antenna mast has been dismantled.
When googling on it, I found out that the dismantling must have taken place on June 19th, 2012.
An article - in Danish - and a photo of what was left after the dismantling can be seen here
A photo (copyright Niels Dreijer) of the 2 LW antenna masts - still active - and the MW antenna mast in Kalundborg can be seen here
Ydun Ritz (20/8-2012)

DR 243 kHz is on air just now. Started up at 1700 UTC.
Ydun Ritz (1725 UTC 4/5-2012)

DR on 243 kHz: Finally remembered to take the GX700 outside in time for the afternoon weather to check 243 kHz. DR wasn't wall-to-wall here on the East Coast, true, but easily audible: S2 to S3. A semi-decent car radio should have no problems, at least during the dark.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson, Iceland (5/1-2012)

DR on 243 kHz has extended on-air time with half an hour daily except Sunday:

08.00  Radioavis (News)
08.03  Morgenandagt (ikke sondag) (Morning prayer, not Sunday)

Time and schedule now
Local time (UTC+1, UTC+2 during summer) - all px in Danish:
05.45-05.51 Weather forecast
06.00-06.07 News in parallel with P4

08.00-08.03 News
08.03-08.30 Morning prayer/service (not Sunday)

08.30-08.40 Gymnastics
08.45-09.00 Weather forecast
09.00-09.07 News in parallel with P4
11.45-12.00 Weather forecast
12.00-12.30 News in parallel with P4
17.45-18.00 Weather forecast
18.00-18-03 News in parallel with P4
18.03-18.19 Shipping info for Danish waters
Ydun Ritz (2/1-2012)

As of November 1st 2011 DR (Danmarks Radio) has been authorized by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth to use Kalundborg 243 kHz and 1062 kHz for transmission of nationwide radio.
Conditions for use:
243 kHz may be used with either analogue AM (max 300 kW) or DRM (max 60 kW).
1062 kHz may be used with either analogue AM (max 250 kW) or DRM (max 50 kW)
More - in Danish.
Please note, that DR only has got the authorization for using the frequencies; if DR will use it is another story.
Now, only 243 kHz is used a couple of hours a day for service messages on AM.
By the way, a couple of weeks ago I tried to listen in on 243 kHz from Portugal - but nothing heard!
Ydun Ritz (6/11-2011)

The transmitter at Kalundborg (243 kHz) now is operated by Teracom Danmark (ex-Broadcast Service Denmark). The address remains the same in Taastrup.
"Teracom A/S, formerly known as “Broadcast Service Denmark,” is a part of the Teracom Group. In Denmark alone, we have more than 30 years’ experience contributing to and distributing radio and television channels. We provide coverage for all of Denmark and have the country’s most attractively positioned transmission masts at our disposal."
73 Harald Kuhl, Germany via mwcircle yg (29/9-2011)

From September 14th Danmarks Radio (DR) on 243 kHz Kalundborg will transmit short news before Shipping Info. A small progress in radio history!
Time and schedule
Local time (UTC+1, UTC+2 during summer) - all in Danish:
05.45-05.51 Weather forecast
06.00-06.07 News in parallel with P4
08.30-08.40 Gymnastics
08.45-09.00 Weather forecast
09.00-09.07 News in parallel with P4
11.45-12.00 Weather forecast
12.00-12.30 News in parallel with P4
17.45-18.00 Weather forecast
18.00-18-03 News in parallel with P4
18.03-18.19 Shipping info for Danish waters.
Reports can be sent to: info at bsd.dk
Ydun Ritz (13/9-2011)

Long wave springs back to life
The medium wave frequency will be vacated on 27 June 2011, and in the future the Weather Forecast, the morning „Body and Movement“ exercise programme and Maritime Safety Information can be heard via a new long wave transmitter.
If you prefer the extended Weather Forecast, need Maritime Safety Information or exercise to ”Body and Movement”, there is good reason to retune your receiver in the immediate future, if you want to continue to receive the Service Programmes from Danish Radio.
On Monday 27 June 2011, DR will close the medium wave frequency and revive the long wave frequency on
243 kHz, which has been silent since 14 February 2007. In the future, all the present DR programmes from medium wave will be transmitted on this frequency.
The target group and some of the core listeners of this channel are export truck drivers, fishermen, yachtsmen and to a lesser degree Danish expatriates, as these increasingly listen to DR on the Internet instead.
„We change from medium wave to long wave because DR is now the only one to transmit on 243 kHz. Long wave has a more stable and better coverage than the medium wave hannel, which in reality only reaches to Hamburg and Oslo,“ explains DR’s Head of Operations, Puk Astrud.

Turkey has left the frequency
When DR previously transmitted on long wave, the frequency was shared with Turkey, and the long wave channel only reached as far as the Alps. But now the Turks no longer transmit on this frequency.
In the period from Thursday 16 June to Monday 27 June, the programmes are transmitted in parallel on long and medium wave, until medium wave is phased out by the end of this month.
”We had a completely new transmitter installed in Kalundborg for the long wave transmissions, and apart from the fact that the programmes can now be heard far into Central and Southern Europe, the change also benefits DR by a significant cut in power costs,” Puk Astrud explains.

Part of Public Service obligation
A survey made by DR Audience Research shows that less than 1.2 percent use the AM channel, and more than half of those use it less than once a month.
”It is a part of DR’s Public Service Contract with the Ministry of Culture to have a channel for such [service] messages, and there are also European Union rules in this field,” Puk Astrud explains.
Original Danish version: www.dr.dk/DRPresse/Artikler/2011/06/15/162856.htm
New photos here
Jan Dohrmann, DR Press Office (20/6-2011)

Danish public-service broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) is shifting some of its programming from medium wave to longwave in late June.
On June 16, a new 50 kW transmitter on
243 kHz was activated at the Kalundborg transmission site in Denmark’s western province of Sjælland. DR will simulcast programming on the longwave channel until June 27, when it will end its medium-wave broadcasts from the site on 1062 kHz. The existing medium-wave broadcasts use a 250 kW transmitter.
Previously, DR used a 300 kW longwave transmitter at Kalundborg until February 2007. The channel has been entirely vacant in Europe since October 2008 when Turkey ended longwave broadcasts on 243 kHz from a 200 kW transmitter in Erzurum in eastern Turkey.
DR Operations Manager Puk Astrud told RadioNyt.com that DR expects the longwave broadcasts to be more stable and to provide better coverage than medium wave, reaching as far away as Oslo, Norway, and Hamburg, Germany.
Astrud also noted that the new transmitter is much more efficient and will run at a significantly lower power level, which should result in cost savings for DR.
Radioworld.com (16/6-2011)

Hi Ydun, I heard the dr station on 243 kHz with fair reception with IS as from 1540 UTC 16/6/2011 here in Almere, The Netherlands using a Sony ICF7600GR.
73s, Ehard Goddijn HOL (18/6-2011)

Danmarks Radio - DR on LW 243 kHz went silent on February 14 th, 2007 but today it has been reactived using a new 50 kW transmitter from the same site in Kalundborg.
Last day for broadcasting on MW 1062 kHz (250 kW) will be Monday June 27 2011. Until then the two frequencies will send simultaneously.

Time and schedule
Local time (UTC+1, UTC+2 during summer) and schedule in Danish:
05.45-05.51 Weather forecast
06.00-06.07 News in parallel with P4
08.30-08.40 Gymnastics
08.45-09.00 Weather forecast
09.00-09.07 News in parallel with P4
11.45-12.00 Weather forecast
12.00-12.30 News in parallel with P4
17.45-18.00 Weather forecast
18.00-18.16 Shipping info for Danish waters.
In Danish http://www.dr.dk/DRPresse/Artikler/2011/06/15/162856.htm
Photos of the antenna masts at Gisselore in Kalundborg.
Danmarks Radio/P4 and Ydun Ritz (16/6-2011)

DR Kalundborg 1062 kHz still on extended service with shipping forecast and ice warnings. Today on air until 1729 UTC instead of 1716! This extended schedule is because of ice troubles in inner Danish waters. Don't know how long it will last, depending on weather situation.
Ydun Ritz (2/1-2011)

Went to visit sis and brought the Panasonic tranny with me. Caught
Kalundborg 1062 at 1650Z with weather info and forecast. BBC R.Scot. on 810 seems to have an audio delay problem on one transmitter.
Reynir H. Stefansson, Iceland (1/1-2011)

Danmarks Radio DR on 1062 kHz Kalundborg with extended schedule due to conditions in inner Danish waters. Heard first time today. Signed off 1730 UTC instead of scheduled 1716 UTC
Don't know for how many days the station will use extended transmissions.

Local time (UTC+1) and schedule in Danish:
05.45-05.51 Vejrmelding
06.00-06.07 Radioavisen fælles med P4
08.30-08.40 Krop og bevægelse
08.45-09.00 Vejrmelding
09.00-09.07 Radioavisen fælles med P4
11.45-12.00 Vejrmelding
12.00-12.30 Radioavisen fælles med P4
17.45-18.00 Vejrmelding
18.00-18.16 Meddelelser fra Søværnets Operative Kommando

Ydun Ritz (22/12-2010)

Surprisingly Kalundborg 243 kHz longwave was on air briefly this morning at 09:00-09:10 AM local with same program as mediumwave 1062 kHz (Radioavisen/News) and full power, otherwise it has sent DRM with 0.2 kW since 3 October 2008.
From tomorrow October 16th and until end of the month Danmarks Radio's longwave 243 kHz AM Kalundborg will take over three of the daily programs, normally sent via 1062 kHz:

243 kHz
05:45-05:51 Weather
06:00-06:07 News (Radioavisen) // with P4
1062 kHz
08:30-08:40 Gymnastics
08.45-09.00 Weather
09:00-09:07 News (Radioavisen) // with P4
243 kHz
11:45-12:00 Weather
12:00-12:30 News (Radioavisen) // with P4
243 kHz
17:45-18:00 Weather
18:00-18:16 Announcements from the SOK (Navy Operational Command)
First 5-10 minutes and last 6-10 minutes of transmission an active carrier is on.
Time is local = UTC+2 until 24/10, UTC+1 from 25/10.
Listeners' reports can be sent to the BSD info mailbox.
Ydun Ritz (15/10-2009)

Political interest for DRM on 243 kHz.

The Danish Parliament has asked the Culture Minister, mrs. Carina Christensen, to outline the opportunities and prospects of using DRM digital radio for long-range broadcasts. The question comes after nine months of successful DRM tests on 243 kHz from the historical longwave towers of the Kalundborg transmitter, which underwent a five year lifetime extension last year.

The previous long-range AM analog transmissions on 243 kHz were shut down in early 2007, despite protests from maritime organisations, politicians and listeners. At the time, public service broadcaster DR told Radionyt.com that it would keep the 243 kHz frequency for future DRM transmissions, in line with the provisions in the broadcaster's 2005 Media Initiative (page 26) that "present transmissions … cease in 2007 to allow the frequencies to be reserved for DRM technology".

Whereas the remaining 250 kW high-power transmissions from Kalundborg on 1062 kHz have limited range and can be received over long distances only at night, reception of 243 kHz is virtually constant around the clock and covers most of Western Europe, the North Sea, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the southern parts of Greenland.

Internationally, India has announced that it will expand its present DRM transmissions with a national network of 78 medium-range DRM broadcasting stations over the next five years. In Russia, a state organisation has released additional frequencies to cover that country with long-range DRM broadcasts.

With a combined population of 1.3 billion, these two countries are expected to trigger the mass production of affordable DRM receivers, and exhibited new low-cost designs and chipsets at the latest international IFA radio exhibition.

The major Western European countries already have extensive long-range DRM transmitter networks, with the BBC, RTL and German public-service broadcasters in front.

Sources: Folketinget.dk, Radionyt.com,
dr.dk, rwonline.com, drm.org and Medium Wave Info news archive (5/8-2009)

The digital radio web site drmRADIO.dk today became an officially licensed DRM Supporter and celebrated by going bilingual. International visitors should now get an English version automatically, whereas Danish users will still see the content in their local language. The new site sports a simple user interface with concise texts and compact, fast-loading graphics. The texts have links to commercial DRM receivers, preassembled kits, low cost down-converters, selected antennas, transmission schedules and a video of the DR Kalundborg digital longwave transmissions on 243 kHz. All links open in the same secondary window to avoid desktop clutter, whilst at the same time keeping the original window available for ease of navigation.
Sources: www.drmRADIO.dk via Ydun Ritz (18/2-2009)

Today the power of the Kalundborg longwave transmissions on 243 kHz was further increased in two steps to 200 watt DRM, which is an 8 dB improvement on the previous 34 watt.
Listeners' reports are very much appreciated and may be sent to the BSD info mailbox.
Ydun Ritz (29/12-2008)

Kalundborg 243 kHz: The obnoxious 1 kHz test tone was today replaced with the 1931-vintage mechanical longwave pause jingle repeated every 30 s, including peak overload distortion and all. All other parameters remain the same until further notice.
Ydun Ritz (20/10-2008)

DRM tests on Kalundborg 243 kHz, IDing as "DR Kalundborg Current Affairs", "Test Transmission".
1 kHz test tone and same signal strength (30 watts) as during tests in March/April.
Ydun Ritz (3/10-2008)

New transmitter towers for Denmark 243 kHz.
The two 118 metre tower structures on
Kalundborg longwave 243 kHz have been renewed by public service broadcaster DR in order to retain transmission capabilities for future DRM broadcasts. The new towers have only two top wires as compared to previously eight, but still work together as a top capacitance loaded "Alexanderson" antenna.
Photographs reveal that some of the isolators in the end guy wires have been shorted during calibration, and consequently the top capacitance wires now extend electrically down to almost ground level. The high bandwidth and electrical efficiency is reported to be within one dB of the original 1954-vintage Alexanderson design, which was already proven to be DRM compatible.
Kalundborg 243 kHz has been silent on AM since 15 February 2007, but an unconfirmed report from 21 April 2008 on the DRM Forum www.drmrx.org claims that low-power DRM calibration signals for the new antenna have been picked up as far away from Denmark as Switzerland. At full power, the signal on 243 kHz can be reliably received in most of Western Europe, the North Sea, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the southern parts of Greenland.
In contrast to medium wave which can be received at long distances only by night, the coverage area of Kalundborg 243 kHz is virtually constant around the clock.
Original communication, Radionyt.com and DRMRX.org (13/5-2008)

Public broadcaster to keep 243 kHz longwave.
The longwave towers in Kalundborg will stand for at least five more years, even though regular AM broadcasting on 243 kHz ceased last year. This means that Danish public service broadcaster 
DR keeps its attractive frequency for digital longwave broadcasts.
A face lift [see photo] will remove the top structures that were added to the towers in 1954. This will reduce the wind load significantly and give the masts their original 1927 "slim-line" look back. Only the inner two of the eight top capacitance wires that also feed the secondary tower of the Alexanderson antenna system will be retained.
Calculations and antenna measurements made earlier this year by technical operator Broadcast Service Danmark A/S show the modification will not affect the extremely high relative bandwith of the antenna system needed for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) broadcasts.
The QRP measurement signal was picked up by at least two DX listeners on 25 March 2008, a testament to the efficiency of the antenna system on the "Gisseløre" peninsula. According to calculations, a 1 kW transmitter should be sufficient for covering most of Denmark with DRM test transmissions.
The 300 kW long wave AM transmitter is kept in working order and reaches most of Western Europe, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Southern Greenland.
Source: Radionyt.com and DRMRX.org (4/4-2008)

In a surprise move the long wave transmitter in Kalundborg on 243 kHz - which ceased operation more than a year ago on Feb 15 2007 - is now on the air again.
I first noted it back yesterday afternoon.
It is broadcasting a 1 kHz tone in DRM (with 13 kbps compression) and ID'ing as 'DR DENMARK'.
Signal strenght here (in Jutland) is lower than when they used AM.
Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen via MWC (24/3-2008)

Jeg kan høre kraftig støj på 243 kHz, der lyder som et DRM signal. Har du hørt noget om DRM-test's fra Kalundborg. Hvad søren kan det ellers være??
Heavy noise heard on 243 kHz, sounds like a DRM signal. Does anybody know anything about DRM tests from Kalundborg?
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (23/3-2008)

Effective today DR is now longer airing a weather forecast (at 2145-2200 UTC) and the news (at 2200-2205 UTC) on 1062 kHz.
The weather forecasts at 0445, 0745, 1045 and 1645 UTC remain on the air. So do the newscasts at 0500, 0800 and 1100 UTC, as well as the navigational warnings at 1700 and the gymnastics programme at 0730 UTC.
Besides these few short broadcasts the 250 kW transmitter on 1062 kHz in Kalundborg remains silent for most of the day.
More info (in Danish): http://www.radionyt.com/artikel/default.asp?id=14567
Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen via MWC (3/12-2007)  

Not a DX catch here, but nice to hear them briefly :-)
12 Oct at 1540 when passing 1062 noted an interval signal with DR 1062 kHz ID's. At 1544 time announcements (like from the dial-up "time-lady") and at 1545 into sea weather
information. Later temperatures in the main capitals of Europe and navigational warnings. Audio off around 1615 and transmitter was switched off at 1625. Dominant background station was Czech Country Radio with Italy and others popping up at times.
Jari Savolainen, Kuusankoski Finland via dxld yg (12/10-2007)

DR Kalundborg 243 kHz went silent at 2304 14/2-2007, after the News at 2300. Carrier on frequency until 2315 UTC.
Ydun Ritz (15/2-2007)

DR 243 kHz seemingly still is there today.
Regards, Harald Kuhl (14/2-2007)

Kalundborg LW 243 kHz still on air, I'm listening to the last hours of transmission just now with a talk programme and songs.
At 2330 UTC tonight it is said to sign off for good, unfortunately!
Ydun Ritz (14/2-2007)

In future a typical weekday programme on MW 1062 kHz - which also can be heard during weekends - will look like that (outside these hours DR will switch off the transmitter, to save power expenses):
04.45-04.51 Vejrmelding (weather report)
05.00-05.07 Radioavis fælles med P4 (News together with P4)
07.30-07.40 Krop og bevægelse (gymnastics px)
07.45-08.00 Vejrmelding (weather report)
08.00-08.07 Radioavis fælles med P4 (News together with P4)
10.45-11.00 Vejrmelding (weather report)
11.00-11.30 Radioavis fælles med P4 (News together with P4)
16.45-17.00 Vejrmelding (weather report)
17.00-17.16 Meddelelser fra Søværnets Operative Kommando (Info for vessels in Danish waters)
21.45-22.00 Vejrmelding (weather report)
22.00-22.05 Radioavisen fælles med P4 (News together with P4)
All times UTC. Check out at www.dr.dk/programoversigten.
DR's website via Ydun Ritz

Danmarks Radio LW 243 kHz: February 14th will be the last day for this legendary transmitter to be on air. Catch it when you can!
Ydun Ritz (6/2-2007)

243 kHz - You can see a 2 minute item from the Danish TV News (in Danish, that is) about the closure of the Danish LW tx at:
Choose out right under 'TV Avisen': Tors (=Thursday) 18.30. Then go down to item no. 19:
'Virkeligheden overhaler langbølge-radio' (Reality overtakes Long Wave Radio).
I wonder why also a mobile telephone antenna is shown!
Forgot to mention that the last broadcast will be up to midnight Danish time on Febr. 14 - or rather: the final closure is around 23.30 UT, Febr. 14.
Erik Koie, dxld yg (27/1-2007)
Photos of the antenna towers at Kalundborg (Ydun Ritz)

On February 14th 2006 at 2330 UTC the 300 kW transmitter in Kalundborg operating on 243 kHz will be switched off for the last time.
And starting February 15th there will be a strong reduction of airtime on the 250 kW transmitter in Kalundborg operating on 1062 kHz. This is the new schedule:
(All times in UTC)
I believe that the transmitter will be switched on some 5 minutes prior to these s/on times and may also stay on the air a couple of minutes after official s/off times. 
The programmes to be carried are:
0445-0451: Weather forecast
0451-0500: // DR P4
0500-0507: News (// DR P4)
0730-0740: Gymnastics
0740-0745: Interval signal
0745-0800: Weather forecast
0800-0807: News (// DR P4)
1045-1100: Weather forecast
1100-1130: News (// DR P1 and DR P4)
1645-1700: Weather forecast
1700-1716: Navigational warnings
2145-2200: Weather forecast
2200-2305: News (// DR P4)
The news in Danish from KNR, Greenland, currently heard Mo-Fr 1755-1800 UTC will be discontinued on 1062 and will only be available on DR P1 (on FM and the internet).
The reason for the closure of 243 kHz and the reduced schedule on 1062 kHz is the fact that hardly anyone in Denmark listen to LW and MW - and due to the high cost of running the transmitters. 
Additional information (in Danish) here:
Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen via mwc (18/1-2007)

Long wave station in Kalundborg to be closed - medium wave will continue.
Initially DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) wanted to close down both the medium wave and the long wave transmitters in Kalundborg operating on 243 and 1062 kHz by the end of 2006. But the Danish Ministry of Culture has decided that DR must continue using medium wave till at least December 31 2010. It is however uncertain which programmes will be carried on 1062 in the future. Director of DR Radio, Leif Lønsmann, says to radionyt.com, that DR is going to air navigational warnings, weather forecasts and possibly newscasts on medium wave - but no final decision on this has been taken yet.
The switch off of the long wave station [243 kHz] in Kalundborg is expected sometime during the spring of 2007.
Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen (4/1-2007)

A couple of hours ago it was made official that DR will continue on 1062 kHz in the period January 1st 2007 - December 31st 2010. However we still don't know (officially) which programmes will be offered on 1062 and the broadcasting hours. It is however likely that operations will be limited to weather forecasts, newscasts etc. 
Long wave 243 kHz from Kalundborg will cease operations.
Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen (1835 UTC 3/1-2007)

I have an interesting logging of Danish Broadcasting's medium wave transmitter on 1062 kHz from Kalundborg. As we all know, the Kalundborg site was due to close on New Year's Eve 2006.  Monitoring 1062 kHz at 2300 UTC on 31st December I noticed some sort of New Year
celebration transmission including hymns, presumably in Danish, followed by a news bulletin, followed by the P3/P4 night programme, which was transmitted right through the night.  The transmitter was still on air on New Year's Day and it is still in operation now on the evening of Wednesday 3rd January at 1750 UTC, putting out a nice clear signal (55555 on the Sony
Hi-Fi) with their nice rounded valve type easy-on-the-ear sound characteristic of Kalundborg
1062.  There also appears to be a frequency announcement after the 1700 navigational warning specific to 1062 kHz at approximately 1715 UTC(I cross checked with 243 kHz and they were putting out P1 as normal).  The announcement lasted about 5 minutes.  I assume this is a "we're leaving AM soon, please re-tune to FM" announcement, but, if this is so, why
is it not carried on 243 kHz?  (This announcement was also present on 1062 kHz at the same time the previous day.)  What is the position on the Kalundborg site at the moment?  I hope someone will tell me that DR have decided to continue broadcasting on 1062 kHz.  P3 is
indeed an excellent px to listen to!
Darren Rozier, Suffolk UK via Glenn Hauser (3/1-2007)

Kalundborg 243 kHz and 1062 kHz still on air; just listened to them. 243 kHz transmitting DR P1 and 1062 kHz transmitting DR P3.
Ydun Ritz (0035 local [2335 UTC] 1/1-2007)

Both 243 and 1062 from Kalundborg will continue on January 1st 2007. The FINAL decision as to what exactly will happen with these two transmitters still hasn’t been taken.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen via yours truly and via Media Network weblog (31/12-2006)

Where do these rumours about a shut-down of Danmarks Radio longwave 243 kHz and mediumwave 1062 kHz come from? Nothing heard here so far.
Ydun Ritz (31/12-2006)

Kalundborg shut-down?
This New Year's Eve, December 31, Denmark leaves the longwaves. Of course we have seen many European longwave stations close down in the last fifteen years, as FM became the delivery method of choice, and the end of the Cold War, also brought an end to the power and coverage race between East and West on longwave and medium wave in Europe. Denmark is the latest to close down, both on longwave [243 kHz] and medium wave [1062 kHz] as this year ends.
As far as I can tell, the station was on the air in the mid 20's on 260 kHz eventually working its way up to 7,500 watts. In 1934, as per a 1933 wavelength conference, it moved to 238 kHz with a major power increase to 60,000 watts.
(Radio Luxembourg was never recognized by, nor did it adhere to the 1933 longwave frequency adjustment treaty. After jumping around the dial, they settled down to 230 kHz, just prior to World War II. By the time of, and during its German occupation and control, Radio Luxembourg blasted out 200,000 watts on 232 kHz. Just 6 kHz away from Denmark.)
Following World War II, A longwave reassignment plan moved Denmark to 245 kHz. On this frequency, its power was eventually increased to 150,000 watts.
When another longwave band plan that went into effect in 1987, Denmark had moved down 2 kHz to 243 kHz, and by this time, their power was up to 300,000 watts. On trips, I was able to receive them with a fair signal at 12 noon in London on a "barefoot" Sony 2010. And so can you. For one more day.
Regards, Brock Whaley, Lilburn, GA, Dec 30, dxld yg (31/12-2006)

Reminder - Denmark closing LW/MW .
A reminder that there are just a few days left before Denmark is due to cease all broadcasting on longwave (243) and mediumwave (1062). Quite an historic moment, as I can remember in the 1970s when all the Nordic countries could be heard fairly easily in the UK on both LW and
Chris Greenway, Dec 26, BDXC-UK via DXLD 6-191 (28/12-2006)

243 kHz, Danmarks R., Kalundborg, splendid and never so good as on 04 Nov 2145-..., weather report; 55454 via the shoulder of the 225º SoAm Beverage. Conditions held so I tried it daytime: 06 Nov 1519-1536, talks, classical music excerpts; 33453, adjacent utility. QRM, which can be worse when DXing in the capital (not the case past Fri. evening-Sun. morning). 
Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal, DX Listening Digest 5-192 (7/11-2005)

No, I don't think there's a chance that DR or Denmark would give up 243 even though transmissions on 243 kHz are likely to be suspended as of Dec 31 2006. Plans are that the transmitters will be kept in place ready to be taken into use should it be necessary in an emergency situation or whenever DRM should become relevant.
I am one of the 10 members of the board of DR and I was the only one to vote against the closure of the MW and LW transmitters in Kalundborg. Following the board meeting (where the decision was taken) I suggested replacing the LW/MW transmissions with SW transmissions of a few newscasts to serve Danes abroad (incl. fishermen at sea) but this was (of course) also turned down.
Please get in touch should you wish any further details about the situation here.
Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen via Wolfgang Büschel (30/9-2005)

Re 243 kHz to be closed: So, there is a chance to move Europe-1 Saarlouis 183 kHz and DLR Oranienburg 177 kHz into raster 180/243 kHz in future? 
Wolfgang Büschel, BCDX via DXLD 5-170 (29/9-2005)

Danish public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) has announced that it is to reduce its budget by 95 million kroner over the next two years. Approximately 100 jobs will be cut, mostly through voluntary retirement. However, the budget cuts also mean that the news in English and five other foreign languages on radio, Internet, teletext and via telephone will end. The new Managing Director of DR, Kenneth Plummer, said at a press conference that DR will still spend more on programming next year than this year. The financial crisis affecting DR has been caused by the late-running and heavily over-budget construction of a new HQ building, due to open next year.
RN Media Network weblog via Steve Whitt, Sept 9, MWC via DXLD
It was also decided that the LW and MW transmitters in Kalundborg would be closed down - and so DR will stop using 243 and 1062 kHz.
The final decision on such a closure must however be taken by the Ministry of Culture. Currently DR is obliged to use LW and MW. A decision on the closure of the transmitters in Kalundborg will probably take effect as of January 1st 2007.
The foreign language services (in English, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Somali, Urdu and Turkish) will be terminated by the end of December 2005.
I was the only board-member to vote against these cuts. Too bad :-( 
Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark via DX Listening Digest 5-161 (11/9-2005)
Yes that's too bad! For many reasons! (Ydun Ritz)


I could hear VOA via Djibuti with Radio Sawa programs in arabic at 1431 Khz with fair signal, on 17/11 at 19.25 UTC. Litlle QRM from RAI (Foggia).
Francisco, Terrassa/Spain (18/11-2013)
For the second time, I heard Radio Juventus Don Bosco .Santa Domenica, Domenica on 1640khz,at 0401utc 31/8/11. With ID as "" Evangelista Don Bosco "" by male.
Maurits Van Driessche BEL (31/8-2011)

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I think there is a new DRM transmitter on air on 1458 kHz.

This was observed in NW England at midnight UTC but keeps fading in and out. I have currently mislaid my DRM radio so cannot check.  Sorry.

If anyone can confirm what this is, please let us know.
James Robinson (2/1-2015)

First, everyone all the best for 2012.
Can we conclude, so at the start of a new year, that DRM, as a modulation sort on AM and SW, is over?? Most - experimental - transmitters are switched off again, receivers are not available. At least one advantage, normal AM broadcast are not suffering anymore from the - hiss - that DRM stations were making on the co-channel and neighbouring channels.
For example: Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull, 1602 KHz., since today, New Yearsday, free from the disturbing which came from Langenberg 1593 KHz.
Best 73's Mr. W. Prins - Haren The Netherlands (1/1-2012)

The UNID on
1566 kHz, can be Challenger Radio from the area of Padova in Italy. They were planning DRM tests, so may be these tests are already on the air?
Christian Ghibaudo (27/6-2010)