This site is intended as a service for those who love listening to long and
medium wave stations.
There are no restrictions on reproducing information from this website,
provided proper reference to the source is supplied.
Information about LW and MW radio stations is very welcome and will
normally be used verbatim as received.
Loggings heard via remote SDRs are normally not accepted. Only stations logged from your own equipment or a nearby SDR.
I am not responsible for the correctness of the received information.

I am Ydun Ritz and my QTH is Vojens in
southern Denmark, about 50 km north of the
Danish-German border.
Ever since being a kid, I have been fascinated
by radio, still am. Therefore, it was obvious to
get an education that related to radio so I
became a radio operator at sea.
Many years later, in 1998, my husband
encouraged me to create a website with news
from the LW and MW bands, and that was
how mediumwave.info began.