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I have just noticed tonight that BBC Radio Scotland has the local ID / loop tape on 585. (well it won’t be a tape nowadays, but we can still call it that).
Not sure when that came on. Or how long before sign off.
Wonder what other AM BBC locals might go this year??
Ken (9/6-2020)

Radio Extra Gold
Sunday 9.00-10.00 (U.K. time 8.00-9.00) we will go back in time to June 7, 1986 with Ad Roberts and “Oud en new” on Radio Monique.
From 11.00-12.00 on 1008 kHz MW in Achterhoek and Twente on United AM.
Listen via our Player;
For more Radio Extra Gold;
Jose Miguel Romero in MWC fb group (6/6-2020)

Changes ahead:
ACE Radio to purchase 1377AM Melbourne from Pacific Star
Craig Hutchison’s sports network SEN has acquired 2CH Sydney
Sports broadcaster SEN’s parent company Pacific Star Network (trading as Crocmedia) has announced its expansion into Sydney with the acquisition of the 2CH 1170 AM radio licence and plans to acquire an additional licence 1539 AM
Also I think 801kHz Gosford has been off-air past week or two, not sure what’s happening there…
Ian (AUS) via mwmasts (5/6-2020)

NRK Svalbard 1485 kHz. The transmitter has been replaced but power still 1 kW.
The entire installation will be upgraded during the summer of 2020.
Ydun Ritz (2/6-2020)

It is not official yet, but it seems that RTL are considering closing down their LW transmitter on 234 kHz this year. This would l eave Luxembourg, France and Belgium without any nationwide AM service – only Bretagne 5 (with a regional coverage), and RFI (not beaming Europe), would be left. One can wonder what would happen in case of a storm or other emergency.
Additionally, PA3FWM, who runs the Twente WebSDR, has performed some interesting measurements on RTL (234 kHz), FLE (162 kHz) and other signals:
“Deux rumeurs aussi insistantes, (…) les GO seraient arrêtées au dernier trimestre de l’année.”
“Two other insistent rumours, (…) the LW would be shutdown on the last quarter of the year”
Vincent F4HPZ (2/6-2020)

A lightning strike has damaged the antenna of Museumsradio 1476 ( So they are broadcasting with 100 W instead of 400 W. Nonetheless reception reports are appreciated.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2/6-2020 )

CHRF 980 in Montreal has gone dark.
Evanov’s CHRF 980 in Montreal signed off the air at midnight last night, apparently for good from the sounds of it. No further details are available at this time.
There is a message about the closure on the CHRF website:
Canadian Radio News FB group (1/6-2020)

Confirmation that Bebington 1548 kHz did switch off at exactly 2300 ZUTC during Radio City Talk‘s final track ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles. It was played to a finish on DAB which ceased at 2308 after a few minutes of silence.
James Robinson (1/6-2020)

NRK Svalbard 1485 kHz – Norway’s last MW transmitter.
A new transmitter was installed on Wednesday (27/5) at Skjæringa / Longyearbyen. The upgrade should provide a better radio coverage of Svalbard. Power of the old xmitter was 1 kW; WRTH 2020 mentions 3 kW for the new, but not confirmed. This article is behind a pay wall, so not possible to see all of it.
Thanks to Kråkan Håkan for this tip.
Ydun Ritz (31/5-2020)

Radio City Talk from Bebington 1548 kHz will actually close on 31 May at 2300 UTC.
Live programmes finished on 29 May at 1800 UTC.
James Robinson (30/5-2020)

Bauer Media will restart most of its acquired FM stations as Greatest Hits Radio from September. Only a small number of heritage stations will keep some local branding. Will this mean that AM frequencies currently used for GHR will be redundant?
“Bauer Media to create the country’s largest commercial radio network
Bauer Media is today announcing it is set to create the largest commercial radio network in the UK. Lincs FM, Celador Radio, UKRD and Wireless local stations, acquired by Bauer in 2019, will join the Hits Radio Brand Network, providing the highest listening hours of any commercial radio brand. Access to DAB Digital Radio will secure the multi-platform digital future of these stations in a radio market which is seeing a significant shift towards consumption on digital platforms.It enables the creation of a national network which delivers the optimum mix of local content that listeners highly value alongside content from nationally known presenters, whilst also providing significant scale for advertisers.
Hits Radio Brand Network comprises:
Hits Radio – delivering a music proposition which is a soundtrack of the biggest hits and nostalgic throwback tracks and local breakfast shows.
Greatest Hits Radio – offering classic hits from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s alongside regional drive time and networked breakfast shows.
Country Hits Radio – playing the very best country pop music.
Most of the stations which joined Bauer following the acquisitions of Lincs FM, Celador Radio, UKRD and Wireless will rebrand to Greatest Hits Radio from September. In line with Bauer’s heritage stations, a small number will retain their local branding.
In line with today’s news, Bauer Media has entered into a licensing agreement with Nation Broadcasting that will see three of their radio stations; Sam FM South Coast, KCFM and The Breeze – South Coast, also join the Hits Radio Network. They will continue to broadcast local shows while Bauer will provide additional network programming. […] 27 May 2020
via Dr. Hansjörg Biener (28/5-2020)

On 21 May 2020, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced the extension of the broadcasting licence for the following English-language commercial radio station (Corus) from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2027:
1460 kHz (10 kW) CJOY Guelph, Ontario (
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (25/5-2020)

On 22 May 2020, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced the extension of the broadcasting licences for the following English-language commercial radio stations (Corus) from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2027:
640 kHz (50 kW) CFMJ Toronto, Ontario (
900 kHz (50 kW) CHML Hamilton, Ontario (
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (25/5-2020)

The death of AM radio by a thousand sign offs.
Year Number of Canadian AM Radio Stations on Air
2011 329
2012 317
2013 300
2014 276
2015 261
2016 256
2017 246
2018 232
2019 216
2020 210
As you can see the number of AM stations continues to shrink every year. This is based on the NRC AM LOG.
Shawn Axelrod in Facebook (24/5-2020)

Demolition of Elektrostal medium wave and long wave transmitter.
Here are the videos of the demolition of the Elektrostal transmitter in Noginsk near Moscow.
It seems that only 3 masts of the old antenna were removed and also 2 of the newer one (red-painted) longwave? antenna(s). Russia started with MW BC, Longwave came years later after Elektrostal went in service in 1933.
It seems that the 2 mast radiator and 1 mast of the 4 mast radiator is still standing.
They want to build houses there.
Next old antennas that are now gone.
Marco Pentium4User (23/5-2020)

Re. UNID from May 19th about who is relaying NPR National Public Radio on 1602 kHz?
It is Radio Milano 1602 [with news in english at 04:00 and 21:00 utc].
Patrick Robic (22/5-2020)

UIpdated list of Romanian LW and MW radiostations as of February 20th, 2020
Alexander Busneag (21/5-2020)

The following frequencies of AIR is noted off air after Cyclone Amphan hit the area yesterday
657 kHz Kolkata 200 kW (with DRM 666 kHz)
1008 kHz Kolkata 100 kW (with DRM on 1017 kHz)
594 kHz Chinsurah 1000 kW (located near Kolkata)
AIR Kolkata is operating on FM frequencies only.
Amateur Radio operators from West Bengal Radio Club and others are providing emergency communications. please see
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to WOR (21/5-2020)

Media freedom
The AIB continues to play its part in the global campaign for media freedom – something that is even more important as citizens seek reliable information about the coronavirus pandemic.
We have protested the closure of ABS-CBN in the Philippines following the failure of the authorities to renew the broadcaster’s franchise in a timely manner. See the full story here.
AIB Media Industry Briefing May 2020 in WOR (21/5-2020)

I was able to listen to a station on 1506 on the UA SDR again, but I hadn’t enough time to find out if that is станция берёза.
I was also able to listen to a Russian (it sounds like Rus to me, as you know I very bad speak it) station on 1575 kHz on these SDRs, so it seems to be a high power station with acceptable antenna, I also didn’t hear an ID yet.
It is very loud on Swedish SDRs, but not in Russia itself.
Marco, Pentium4User (20/5-2020)

Re ROMANIA 17/05-2020:
There is no “Radio Jurnal Spiritual 1584 kHz 1 kW”. They had a licence a few years ago, but they did not use it, so the licence is not valid any more.
73, Alexander Busneag (19/5-2020)

Who is relaying NPR National Public Radio on 1602 kHz?
Tonight I heard NPR with international news at 21:00 UTC. Could it be Radio Tsentr in Riga, or who is relaying NPR?
Hans Verner Lollike (18/5-2020)

Ed Perry’s WMEX 1510 started today w oldies. Licensed to Quincy, MA this is a new station vs. the former Boston allocation that was used by many stations and sites in Waltham, MA and North Quincy, MA. Who will be the first to log it over here?
Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (18/5-2020)

Soft re-branding for Radio Moyen Orient.
They now appear to call themselves Radio Middle East and have a new [to me] web site:
RME has two stations in Montreal [1450 kHz] and one in Halifax. Arabic programming.
Andy Reid in Canadian Radio News fb group (16/5-2020)

Grupo Radio Centro in Mexico has gone bankrupt. Their operations had already been pretty volatile for the last 5 or 6 years.
In Mexico City, XEQR-1030, which had just recently returned to the air after being silent for several years, has ceased operations and all staff were terminated.
XERC-FM 97.7, which supplied the programming for XEDKR-700 and XESTN-1540, was sold to Grupo MVS earlier this week, so I’m unsure what programming XEDKR and XESTN are running at this time (the most likely scenario prior to today would have been that they would have relayed XEQR). I would assume additional sales, and additional stations going silent, will likely occur in the upcoming weeks and months.
Tim Hall to WOR (17/5-2020)

Romanian MW (FM) stations back to old program format.
Yes, exactly on May 15, the first day after the emergency act in Romania ended:
The regional stations of Radio Romania as well the channel “Antena satelor” is back with the old format on the first day after the emergency act in Romania ended, as observed by my monitoring.
So I observed on May 15
Antena Satelor
(Stația de Transmisiuni Radio LW Brasov Bod on 153 kHz 200 kW),
Radio Timisoara (Ortisoara 630 kHz 400 kW)
Radio Oltenia Craiova
 (1314 kHz) DJ Craiova, SRR Radio Oltenia-Craiova 1314 kHz 15 kW
Radio Jurnal Spiritual 1584 kHz 1 kW even after 21:00 UT with own programs.
(Erich Bergmann-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 16)
Wolfgang Büschel to WOR (17/5-2020)

On May 20, Canada Post is issuing a se-tenant (side-by-side) pair of nondenominated permanent-rate (currently 92¢) History of Radio in Canada stamps. The new issue comes in a self-adhesive booklet of 10.
The stamps commemorate Canada’s inaugural radio broadcast, which hit the airwaves a century ago on the evening of May 20, 1920. According to Canada Post’s Details magazine for collectors, the radio program came from Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company’s studios in Montreal, Quebec, and was a closed broadcast for a Royal Society of Canada gathering at the Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa, Ontario.
Mike Terry to WOR (15/5-2020)

Today I figured out that Impact AM in NL is doing some DRM tests on 1035 kHz. I was able to receive and decode via SDR2.
They also operate 2 SDRs, nearby, but not next to each other. It was receivable on the SDR2 but not on the SDR1
Therefore the transmitting power seems to be very low or the antenna very small.
This frequency is also not assigned to Impact AM yet ( and there is no news entry there referring to Impact AM, DRM or 1035 kHz.
Marco (14/5-2020)

Re: Ukraine 1503kHz 9/5-2020.
I listened to Marco’s recording. The first 21 minutes of music and the half a minute with ID. It uses the name: “Stantsiya Beryozha”, i.e. Station “Birch”. He announces in Russian: “Station Birch on the air … small musical transmission … to all friends who receive radio transmissions … to colleagues at work …”
Mauno Ritola (12/5-2020)

This is one of the pirate (freebander, radio hooligan) stations which are usually active between 1602 and 1800 kHz and on 2900-3300 kHz range. This one occupied mediumwave band by some reason. “Beryoza” is very popular call sign among them. No idea about his exact location and power, but I can recall, that I have already heard similar transmission on 1544 kHz on 16th of February 2018 with closing down at 1555 UTC. However, I’m not sure if that was the same operator.
Alexandr Kostyukevich to Mauno Ritola (13/5-2020)

With Indiana’s WTLC-1310 and WIOE-1450 planning to join Maryland’s WWFD-820 as HD-only, it is worth noting that Canada has never had any HD IBOC stations on AM, even though HD on FM dates back to late 2012, when CING-FM Hamilton ON switched to hybrid HD. With the CRTC clarifying the licensing of Nested FM repeaters for AM stations, counting them as an FM station when applying the limit of stations owned in a single Market, some major market FM stations decided to carry their AM sister stations as HD channels. This has led to confusion on sites like, which list Canadian AM stations as though they are running HD on their AM frequency when the AM listed is actually an FM HD channel.
Canadian HD listenership is hampered because automobile models sold in the US with HD radios are often sold in Canada without HD, and Canadian retailers almost never carry HD-capable radios for use outside the car. Twenty years ago, Canada had simulcast digital transmitters in its largest Markets, following the European approach of opening up a new piece of the frequency spectrum just for digital radio. But Canadians never saw the digital radios in their cars or at their electronics retailers.
From CANADIAN RADIO NEWS, Jon Pearkins in IRCA DX Monitor May 16, published May 12 to WOR (12/5-2020)

Closures of some Scottish BBC local radio medium wave services.
The BBC is committed to a digital future for radio, and in the past few years we have funded local DAB expansion, made all local radio stations available on digital terrestrial TV (such as Freeview), and we have transformed our online and mobile offering with BBC Sounds.
The majority of radio listening in the UK – including the BBC – is now digital, and digital listening is continuing to grow. We want to make our services available to you when and how you want them, but it’s also right that the BBC continues to ensure that the ways we distribute our services represent good value for money for you, the licence fee payer.
We know that the changes will impact some of you, and we want to make sure that people listening to these transmissions will be able to use other methods to hear the same programmes.
All stations which will be affected will continue to be on FM and digital outputs (such as DAB, digital television, or online). For most people, re-tuning their radios or cars to FM or DAB is likely to be the simplest solution.
You can check our problem assistant tool to get more information on how to access all BBC services in your area.

The areas that will be affected from the 9th June are:
Redmoss (Aberdeen) 810kHz
Listeners can re-tune to 93.1 MHz or 93.8 MHz FM. If listeners want to hear the MW schedule, they can use DAB or TV.
Dumfries 585kHz
Listeners can re-tune to 94.7 MHz FM. If listeners want to hear the MW schedule, they can use 810 kHz MW or TV.
Alternatively listeners can use BBC Sounds. via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener

The annual transmission on Alexanderson Day with the Alexanderson Alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz with the call sign SAQ will take place Sunday, July 5th, 2020.
Two transmissions are scheduled as follows:
Startup and tuning at 10:30 (08:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 11:00 (09:00 UTC).
Startup and tuning at 13:30 (11:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 14:00 (12:00 UTC).
Watch both transmission events live on our YouTube Channel.
QSL-reports to SAQ (please no E-mails) are kindly received via:
– Reception report form
– or via: SM bureau
– or direct by postal mail to:
Alexander Association
Grimeton 72
The Amateur Radio Station with the call “SK6SAQ” will be QRV on the following frequencies:
– 7.035 kHz CW or
– 14.035 kHz CW or
– 3.755 kHz SSB
QSL-reports to SK6SAQ are kindly received via:
– Email to
– or via: SM bureau
– or direct by postal mail (see address above)
Two stations will be on the air most of the time.
Due to the Corona pandemic, there will be no visitors to the radio station and there will be no visitor activities. Instead you can watch both transmission events live on our YouTube Channel. The association will try to carry out the two broadcasts to the world from the old Alexanderson alternator SAQ with minimal staffing in place.
World Heritage Grimeton Radio station and The Alexander Association.
For further details, se or
Mike Terry to WOR (9/6-2020)

I have just noticed tonight that BBC Radio Scotland has the local ID / loop tape on 585. (well it won’t be a tape nowadays, but we can still call it that).
Not sure when that came on. Or how long before sign off.
Wonder what other AM BBC locals might go this year??
Ken (9/6-2020)

SWR – Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat to be on air this coming weekend Saturday 6th 2100 UTC to Sunday 7th 2100 UTC on MW 1602 kHz and on FM and SW.
SWR website (4/6-2020)

Twin Cities Station relaunches after burning down during protests (Sahan Journal).
When studios of La Raza Radio, one of two Spanish-language broadcasters in the Twin Cities, went up in flames in violent protests over the death of George Floyd, Latinos lost an important source of information about the demonstrations, the COVID pandemic and other important issues.
Broadcasters kept their social media channels churning, however, and despite the destruction of most of their equipment they were back on the air only one week later.
For the time being, La Raza will be using a studio in Minneapolis-based community radio station KFAI until it reestablishes its own space in the near future, according to station owner Maya Santamaria. Santamaria credited her staff and, particularly, General Manager Armando Quintero for the rapid turnaround.
“We lost our music, we lost our programming, we lost our simian [broadcasting software],” Santamaria said. “So to pull this off is truly a feat.”
La Raza, which was established in 2005, can be heard at 95.7 FM, 1400 AM [KMNV] and 1470 AM [KMNQ] frequencies throughout the metro area. It operated in the century-old International Order of Odd Fellows building on Lake Street and 27th Avenue South. Its programming includes a mix of news, entertainment, Latin music and culture, with the majority of it being local.
RW Newsbytes

More (in German) about RTL 234 kHz and the closing down rumours:
Svenn Martinsen to DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (4/6-2020)

“Services which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period
Service name Licensee Location Reason
Absolute Classic Rock Bauer Radio Limited Birmingham Surrendered
Absolute Classic Rock Bauer Radio Limited Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford Surrendered
Greatest Hits Radio Bauer Radio Limited Coventry and Warwickshire Surrendered
Radio City Talk Bauer Radio Limited Merseyside Surrendered”
 2 June 2020
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (4/6-2020)

Ttoday I was able to listen to a new medium wave station on 1503 kHz in the Ukraine via an SDR:
At it is listed as temporary, there wasn’t any info about the name, only Russian/Ukrainian music (I can speak a little bit Russian, so I understand something, but not much and Ukrainian and Russian are not very different).
Marco (Pentium4User) (9/5-2020)

The maintenance of the Mühlacker radio tower that has been saved from demolition, began this week. The turnbuckles are being swapped to ensure the stability of the building, this costs 73.000 €.
Marco (Pentium4User) (9/5-2020)

City Talk, 1548 kHz, serving Merseyside from a transmitter on the Wirral in Bebington, is set to close later this Spring:
Bauer announces plans to close Radio City Talk in Liverpool.
Bauer says it is going to close Radio City Talk later this Spring, after concluding that it is no longer financially viable to run.
The station originally launched on 105.9 FM in January 2008 as a full speech station, before adding music to its format 18 months later. It then swapped frequencies with Radio City 2 in December 2015, moving to 1548 AM as well as continuing to be available on DAB.
Bauer says a detailed review has deemed City Talk to be ‘no longer viable’ and that it will be handing the licence back to Ofcom.
Graham Bryce, Managing Director of the Hits Radio Brand Networks told RadioToday: “The decision to close Radio City Talk has not been an easy one. However, as a niche service distributed in one locality, the station has unfortunately struggled to secure the level of listening to generate the revenue required to operate profitably.”
“We’re incredibly proud of the ground-breaking, award-winning content that the team has created across the years, tackling all the important local issues as well as spearheading some ground-breaking mental health initiatives, such as Mental Health Monday.”
Q4/2019 RAJAR figures showed City Talk to have its second lowest reach ever, with 29,000 weekly listeners. At its peak in Q4/2011 – when it was on FM – it reached 86,000.
A Bauer spokesperson confirmed to RadioToday that the company is consulting with the staff and freelancers who will be affected by the station’s closure.
Bauer quietly closed 990 and 1017 kHz in Wolverhampton and Shropshire last week.
Radio Today 3pm, 7th May 2020
[Radio City began broadcasting on 194 metres (1548) in October 1974, though that was from a site at Rainford near St Helens. It moved to the current site at Bebington / Bromborough power station to improve coverage. The Radio City stations on 1548 have gone through a number of incarnations over the years such as City Gold and Magic 1548. City Talk has a format of talk and rock music. – Alan]
Alan Pennington (7/5-2020)

Bebington 1548kHz carrying Radio City Talk will be switched off in the next few weeks [May 30th] as owner Bauer Media announce the station’s closure on late spring. This frequency carried Radio City from 1974 via Rainford before moving the transmitter site to Bebington in around 1990. The licence is being handed back to Ofcom after it was realised the station is no longer financially viable.
James Robinson (7/5-2020)

Friday 8th May Absolut Radio 1215 kHz will entirely play music from the 40s – commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.
For 24 hours, Absolute Radio 40s will broadcast on 1215AM across the UK, on DAB+ in London and online at – we’d love you to join us in this huge virtual celebration of British spirit and in tribute of those people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
Absolute Radio website (6/5-2020)

A large and well-known broadcasting network [ABS-CBN Corporation] has gone off the air in the Philippines:
Apparently, the AM stations off the air now include for instance the flagship broadcaster DZMM on 630 AM:

Mika DX Makelainen to FB group (5/5-2020)

“Coverage improvement and extension requests.
During the last month the service below had its request for an improvement to its existing coverage provisionally agreed, subject to the new technical arrangements going through our usual formal clearance process (this includes Ofcom liaising with a number of  outside agencies before changes can be implemented).
Coverage improvement agreed:
Service Licensed area Change agreed
Asian Sound East Lancashire Power Increase”
( of 5 May 2020 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener)

The notice in Radio broadcast update April 2020 of 5 May 2020 gave no further details, but the changes would apply to:
Asian Sound Radio
East Lancashire
1377 KHz – East Lancashire
963 KHz – East Lancashire
On Air From: 06-03-1996 to: 02-06-2021
Licensee: Asian Sound Radio Limited
Broadcast Buildings
42 Southall Street
Manchester M3 1LG
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (5/5-2020)

On September 7th, 2020 SENTrack will be opening their radio stations in Brisbane on 1053kHz and Gold Coast on 1620kHz.
Currently Vision Christian Radio programming is being carried on 1053kHz.
Ian to mwmasts (5/5-2020)

“It’s nostalgia time again with another monthly Radio Caroline North broadcast this weekend 9th-10th May.
You’ll hear all the best music from the 60s – early 90s, plus the chance to win some goodies from our Web Shop, this time kindly sponsored by Lisa Dolley and Mike Attrill from Cornwall.
Sadly due to ‘social distancing’ restrictions we can’t use our radio-ship Ross Revenge, so this broadcast will be land-based. Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio, around the world online via the Radio Caroline app and Radio Player, and on smart speakers.
We’d love to hear from you – email us during the broadcast at and remember, it’s the only address that gets you straight through to us directly.”
Mike Terry to WOR (4/5-2020)

Two more AM closures – Absolute Classic Rock 990 and 1017 kHz.
Two more UK medium wave transmitters have closed down as of 30 April:
Absolute Classic Rock 990 kHz (Sedgley, Wolverhampton)
Absolute Classic Rock 1017 kHz (Shrewsbury)
The Birmingham (Langley Mill) transmitter of Absolute Classic Rock on 1152 kHz is continuing.
The three transmitters carried Free Radio 80s until January 2019, when they switched to Absolute Classic Rock.
Dave Kenny BDXC-UK (3/5-2020)

Radio Northern Star, Bergen, in accordance with an email received from the station, the actual schedule is:
5895 kHz, short wave: 1300-2207
1314 kHz medium wave: 1559-2207
1611 kHz out of air at this time due to transmitter problems.
Manuel Méndez to WOR (3/5-2020)

DX TEST with morse code poems! Yes, you got it right! Impact AM from Wassenaar, southern Netherlands (close to Haag) is conducting a truly special DX-test. The test will celebrate two famous Dutch cultural persons and poets, Herman Brood and Jules Deelder.
Impact AM uses 100 watts on 1008 kHz.
Here is more information:
“We will broadcast morse code with poems by Herman Brood and Jules Deelder (in Dutch) on Monday, the 4th of May. We will probably broadcast for 2 hours in the following tones: 2106 utc (500Hz, 10 WPM), 2206 utc (750Hz, 13 WPM) and 2236 utc (1000Hz, 17 WPM). Due to license requirements we are not allowed to switch the carrier on/off, but we must use audio CW.”
More information on Impact AM, please visit:
It has been most interesting to note the innovativeness of Dutch low power AM stations. Special morse code DX-tests started in April by Radio City International on 801 kHz and were followed by Album AM on 846 kHz. Now, the very first time in the world, we can hear an AM radio station broadcasting poems in morse code! Wishing you all good luck in catching this special test by Impact AM!
Jim Solatie in FB group (2/5-2020)

Museumsradio AM 1476 Bad Ischl
Mediumwavefriends will want to save the following pdf-documents for immediate and later reference the decision of the regulatory authority (20 pages), which provides a detailed insight into the regulatory process, details about Reinhard Pirnbacher and the proposed stations, and especially a very warm response from the governments of two Austrian states to the project.
The first schedule
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (1/5-2020)

On 8th May 2020 Absolute Radio which broadcasts on 1215khz will be relaying a pop-up station for 24 hours called Absoute 40s. Absolute 40s will play all music from 1940s. This is all to remark VE Day.
Jonathan Milnes (29/4-2020)

Let’s try again for another Montana DX Test!
I posted on Facebook that the KBOZ DX Test had been cancelled and engineer Todd Clark in Kalispell, MT offered up one of his stations for a test.
KJJR 880 Whitefish, MT(Kalispell) will test for 1 hour at 10kw non directional Saturday May 2nd 12:01am to 1am mountain time. It will consist of morse code, sweep tones, along with various telephone sound effects.
There will be no paper QSL’s issued for this test. Only emailed confirmation. Send an email to with “KJJR 880 DX Test” in the email (You MUST put that in that subject line so I don’t accidentally delete it thinking its spam!). The reply will likely be a simple email reply with details of the station and confirming the details of what/when you heard it. You WILL get a reply from me in due course, please give me some time!
This is done on short notice and being kept simple as to not burden anyone involved. Thanks to Les Rayburn for creating the test material and Todd Clark for generously offering up the station. I’ve already seen communication between him and the station, asking them to block out an hour from the logs, so he can tinker around with things at the tower site.
I know, I know.. we’ve had a few false starts on DX tests, but I can only do what I can do.
Any questions? Email me and I’ll be glad to answer. Pass this word to other DX email groups, facebook groups, websites, etc.
Paul B. Walker Jr. to fb group (28/4-2020)

SENTRACK 801AM debuts in Gosford.
Gosford’s newest radio racing service – SENTrack is one of several to launch nationally – including in Wollongong on 1575 AM, in support of Australia’s racing, harness and greyhound industries while those sports are still able to operate under COVID-19 guidelines.
Ian to mwmasts (27/4-2020)

The CBC has until July 11, 2021 to get the AM to FM conversion for CBON-6 1010 AM in Blind River, Ontario completed. The new FM station will operate on 98.5 with 136 watts.
Canadian Radio News fb group (27/4-2020)

Like every year, the special transmissions for Ramadan have started from AIR stations in Jammu and Kashmir as follows:
Timings (variable) : 2205 to 2305 UTC ( 3.35 to 4.35 am IST)
1118 kHz 300 kW Srinagar
1350 kHz 20 kW Kupwara
4950 kHz 50 kW Srinagar (Announced but not heard at my location, maybe due to skip conditions)
103.5 MHz 10 kW
This transmission is for about 1 hour and sign on and sign off timings vary. It will continue for one month – till Ramzan day i.e. around 23 May 2020.
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS via WOR (26/4-2020)

XEQR 1030 back on air after 3 years.
Glenn Hauser to WOR (26/4-2020)

From yesterday afternoon the manager of ex Radio Studio X in Momigno (Pistoiai) started test transmissions in Tuscany on the new frequency of 1188 kHz. Power abt 10 kW, the signal covering the whole Europe. It was active till a few minutes ago 0235 CET [0035 utc] after almost 12 hours of non stop music (funky sounds); now Radio Payam from Iran with Ramadan programs in farsi on the frequency.
Do not send reception reports, as the owner is not interested in them. He has not permission to operate on 1188 kHz, no license; he is a real pirate operator. The old license of 1584 kHz Radio Studio X Momigno has been cancelled by Postal Authorities two years ago.
Dario Monferini (26/4-2020)

The Voice of Hope from Israel at 1287 KHZ 50KW did not return to the air despite the promise to return on April 1st. The station announced that due to financial problems, it could not pay for technical maintenance to Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq.
Offer Barth (25/4-2020)

Another project funded by the Audio Content Fund, which is designed to help private radio stations during the corona crisis.
Media release, 24 April 2020
National charity’s #TalkAboutSport campaign leads to weekly talkSPORT radio series, ‘Sporting Memories’
* Brand new series Sporting Memories starts on 25 April, 12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, on talkSPORT with Max Rushden and Charlie Baker*
With over 120 community Clubs for older people in Wales, England and Scotland, the national charity Sporting Memories uses memories of sport to get conversation flowing, helping to tackle low mood and social isolation. With the suspension of these Clubs due to the coronavirus outbreak, as for so many other organisations working in the community, a rapid – and dynamic – response has been needed.
[…] Sporting Memories co-founder Chris Wilkins explains, […] “Talking about sport is at the very heart of what we do at Sporting Memories. In the ‘Sporting Memories’ series you will hear from people across the UK, lots of laughter, and there will be emotional moments too. Listeners will be taken back to some very special sporting moments and feelings. We hope this series will encourage others currently facing these difficult times of social isolation to think about using sporting reminiscence with friends and family, in particular over the telephone.”
[…] Jo Tongue, CEO of Tongue Tied Productions, says:
“At a time when radio is a lifeline and sports nostalgia is a comfort for many, we are thrilled to receive Audio Content funding for this special series. As long-time supporters and admirers of the Sporting Memories Foundation, Tongue Tied Productions cannot wait to help participants share their football stories with a wider audience, while together we all help tackle the wider issue of dementia, loneliness and isolation.” Each programme began as a recorded phone conversation between a member of a Sporting Memories Club and one of the charity’s expert facilitators. Compiled by Tongue Tied Productions, the programmes are compelling examples of how simple telephone chats on a theme lead to wonderful, and often surprising, memories and emotional conversations.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (25/4-2020)

Album AM 846 kHz heard with a DX test today after 19:30 UTC for 20 minutes.
A Morse code or a short announcement was sent every 2 minutes. I think the power is 100 W.
Dx Berlin to MWC fb group (24/4-2020)

The transmitter of 1440 kHz Radio208 had two valves replaced yesterday. So now power again is 500 W again after a period running just 200 W.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen to Radio208 fb group (24/4-2020)

New monitored schedule of News broadcasts by All India Radio Home Service in Hindi and English (originating in New Delhi and relayed by many stations of AIR)
UTC IST Language
0030 0600-0610 am Hindi, 0610-0620 am English
0130 0700-0710 am Hindi
0230 0800-0830 am Hindi, 0830-0900 am English
0430 1000-1010 am Hindi, 1010-1020 am English
0530 1100-1110 am Hindi
0630 1200-1210 am English, 1210-1220 am Hindi
0730 0100-0110 pm English, 0110-0120 pm Hindi
0830 0200-0230 pm English, 0230-0300 pm Hindi
0930 0300-0310 pm English
1030 0400-0410 pm English
1130 0500-0510 pm Hindi, 0510-0520 pm English
1230 0600-0610 pm English, 0610-0620 pm Hindi
1330 0700-0710 pm Hindi
1430 0800-0830 pm Hindi, 0830-0900 pm English
1630 1000-1010 pm Hindi
1730 1100-1110 pm English, 1110-1120 pm Hindi
1830 1200-1210 am English, 1210-1220 am Hindi
1930 0100-0110 am Hindi, 0110-0120 am English
2030 0200-0210 am English, 0210-0220 am Hindi
2130 0300-0310 am Hindi, 0310-0320 am English
2230 0400-0410 am English, 0410-0420 am Hindi
2330 0500-0510 am Hindi, 0510-0520 am English
News bulletin of 5 mins duration was increased to 10 minutes, and that of 15 to 30 minutes.
Due to these changes AIR stations are noted signing off 5 to 10 minutes later than before (eg. at around 1740/1750 etc UTC now).
Some bulletins originated from regional stations have been extended by 5 minutes, some additional bulletins added, and some bulletins even cancelled.
Many stations are noted carrying Vividh Bharati Service instead of normal program. Vividh Bharati which used to carry only Hindi News bulletins is noted relaying English bulletins as well.
News in Sanskrit at 0655 and 0610 Ipm ST is noted off the air.
Live streaming of News is available in (see under Live Radio. AIR Live News 24/7)
Please also see
Old schedule of News timings in
Different bews schedule is followed by AIR FM Rainbow stations.
Jose Jacobs via Tony Magon (24/4-2020)

1377 R.Free Africa, Mwanza, which has been inactive for quite some time, was observed yesterday, 23rd April.
Carlos Goncalves (24/4-2020)

Gosford NSW 801kHz testing.
SEN programming commenced today sometime on 801kHz – Gosford. Hearing it now @ home with the YouLoop with interference from 5RM. Heard an ID as: ‘SEN Track’.
Ian – SWSites via mwmasts (23/4-2020)

Radio Caroline: “We are deeply sorry to announce the death of our Founder Ronan O’Rahilly on April 20th, 2020.”
Thanks to Daniel Lefevbre and Herman Content (22/4-2020)

Radio Rebelde was back on 710 last night. We’ll see how long tat lasts.
530 and 1620 were also loggable.
Harold Frodge via WOR (22/4-2020)

Previously owned 801kHz Rete Italia station in Gosford, know owned by Croc Media is currently back on air testing with music at the moment.
Ian – SWSites via mwmasts (19/4-2020)

1620kHz Toowoomba, Qld is currently on air testing (music). This TX/Freq was used previously by Rete Italia (lic. owner). The new service will carry the ‘The Breeze’ and will be broadcasting in future (if not already?) in AM Stereo C-Quam. ‘The Breeze’ is long established Qld based remote regional broadcaster licenced to broadcast to remote parts of Qld and NSW.
Today noted that Rete Italia transmissions from Melbourne on 1620kHz were missing. Transmitter off.
Ian – SWSites via mwmasts (19/4-2020)

AIR 1530utc English News.
I could not sleep, so had a listen to All India Radio via New Delhi SDR on 819 khz.
At 1525utc I tuned in – there was English News – an announcement at 1529utc advised that information on Corona Virus would be broadcast – There was a 10 minute broadcast in the local language, then discussion in English about finance in India until 1554utc.
So it would seem that the 1530utc English News is now ten minutes earlier due to Corona Virus.
Tony Magon, AUS via WOR (17/4-2020)

1575 SenTrack Wollongong is on air. They are running sports program.
Due to the Wollongong TX lower signal strength, 1575 Dunedin, and VOA Thailand are dominant into Sydney. 1575 SenTrack may be running reduced power, modified beam direction plot, or operating from a different location. Rete Italia was a real pest, but SenTrack is barely audible. It can be heard more easily via daytime high angle skywave.
Todd, Sydney AUS to ICDX-AM Group (16/4-2020)

600 BC Vancouver CKSP
Plans to begin testing before the end of April. Initial tests will be unscheduled, and some may be non-directional with lower power. This precedes the formal Test Period, which consists of several weeks of continuous operation with 50KW day/20KW night using the approved directional pattern sharing two of CKNW’s four towers in Cloverdale.
1230 NU Iqaluit CFFB
Approval to modify its license to remove all Northern Quebec repeater transmitters: CFFB-FM-4 Kuujjuarapik, CFFBFM-5 Kuujjuaq, CFFB-FM-6 Inukjuaq, CFFB-FM-7 Salluit and CFFB-FM-8 Puvirnituq. CFFB-FM-5 has been granted its own license with the other four repeaters attached to it. Attaching additional transmitters to a station’s license implies 100% simulcasting.
1280 ON Toronto CJRU
Will continue to share CHHA-1610’s tower even if CHHA’s power increase (see below) is approved. CJRU is 99 watts full-time with a license that requires it to find a new frequency if requested by the CRTC to make way for another higher-powered station.
1420 NS Digby CKDY
Approved to temporarily operate on 99.7 MHz with 50 watts to give the station time to submit an application to the CRTC to convert the AM license to an FM license. CKDY-AM has been off the air since 2/26 when a copper and computer theft occurred, and some of the replacement parts were not easily obtainable.
1610 ON Toronto CHHA
Applied to increase power to 10KW from the current 6250 watts, using the existing 150′ tall guyed mast with an easterly guy wire operating as a passive radiator to provide a Null to protect 1KW CHRN-1610 Montreal QC, WEHH-1600 Elmira Heights-Horseheads NY and CKDO-1580 Oshawa ON. The application proposes to adjust the directional pattern if a station is again licensed to 1600 to replace the former 10KW CHNR Simcoe ON. Saving the cost of running two towers reduces CHHA’s signal by 30% according to the application’s Technical Brief.
Jon Pearkins via WOR (14/4-2020)

“Four more projects from Coronavirus Support round.
Four new projects totalling £51,000 have been announced.
Includes new show for Alex Lester, who hosted on Radio 2 for nearly 30 years.
The Audio Content Fund has today [13 April 2020] announced the latest grants to be awarded in its special funding round to support audiences during Coronavirus restrictions. The fund, which is financed by the UK Government, launched a special rolling round three weeks ago with a minimum grant budget of £200,000. This latest content brings to 11 the total number of projects funded, with £133,756 now allocated.
The projects include “All Together Now” a new nightly programme hosted live by Alex Lester on [the medium wave network, HjB] Greatest Hits Radio, and produced by Want Some Media. Specifically targeting older listeners, the 2-hour show will aim to create a sense of old-fashioned community spirit, featuring feel-good stories, life hacks, and experts from medicine, fitness, psychology, and cookery. Lester, who left BBC Radio 2 in 2014 after nearly 30 years, joined Greatest Hits Radio earlier this year, and this will be his first live programme on the station.[…]”
Dr Hansjoerg Biener

Just a followup in the St. Louis radio stations on 1430 and 1190. As of 10:50 AM, Monday Apr. 13, both stations are silent, with just dead carrier on 1190 and 1430 AM.
Vern Jackson, WA0RCR, via WOR (13/4-2020)

Just an update on the report of the FCC license revocation of four St. Louis area radio stations.
KQQZ 1190 AM remains on the air with normal programming as of 3:50 CDT Saturday April 11.
KZQZ 1430 AM ceased programming on Tuesday Apr. 7, and the transmitter was shut off around noon or 1 PM, as I remember. However the next day, 1430 KZQZ had just a dead carrier, at 50 KW, with no programming. I suspect that since the transmitter is automation controlled, and no one is available who knows how to disable it, it will continue daytime at full 50 KW power, carrier only, until Ameren Illinois shuts off power to the transmitter site.
KFTK 1490 AM East St. Louis was LMA’d and ceased operation as soon as revocation took place, as I don’t believe they had any interest in pirate radio. So it is off for good.
1510 in Highland, Illinois, went off air due to technical issues early March 2019, and has been silent, so its license has already expired as a matter of law.
Vern Jackson
, WA0RCR, via WOR (12/4-2020)

TAB Trackside Radio AM and FM broadcasts suspended.
The radio simulcast on AM and FM frequencies was suspended on 12 April 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. The suspension will be reviewed once the resumption of New Zealand horse and greyhound racing is confirmed.
The impacted AM frequencies and locations are:
549 Hawkes Bay
711 Wellington
828 Palmerston North/Whanganui
873 Tauranga
954 Hamilton
990 Nelson
1071 Ashburton
1206 Dunedin
1224 Invercargill
1242 Timaru
1260 Christchurch
1476 Auckland
1485 Gisborne
1548 Rotorua
David Kaio (13/4-2020)

R Romania in most MW outlets.
For anyone who still does not know all Romanian outlets today even Oldenia and Satelor air the same program that is RR Actualitaţa in most times with a few time exceptions.
Yesterday I have made a nearly thorough test in all the MW band that verifies it, in especially on he late nights UTC.
We need more time to check which are the times that RRA is not aired in favor of local or different program.
Zacharias Liangas via WOR (10/4-2020)

Radio City from Zeeland, the Netherlands is making history by conducting one of the first European morse code DX-tests. Around every top of the hour (plus or minus a few minutes) Radio City will provide a morse code ID on 801 kHz this coming Easter (from Thursday to Monday). The transmission power is 100 watts.
If you receive their signal, please write to Mr. Lex van Coeverden at You can also provide feedback on
Good luck and best 73, Jim Solatie to FB groups

Wallasey 1485kHz which used to carry BBC Radio Merseyside has now been switched off for good as of 0900 UTC this morning. The station had been on 1485 (and before 1978 – 1484kHz) since 1973. The feed originally carried BBC Radio 3 until December 1972. The only station now originating from Wallasey is now Talksport on 1107 kHz.
Radio Norfolk on 855 kHz closed permanently at 0951 UTC on 9 April 2020.
This was the last of the transmitters the BBC was closing to go off.
James Robinson (9/4-2020)

We at WCMY in Ottawa, Illinois have been informed that KZQZ [1430 kHz] in St. Louis finally stopped transmitting at 9:45am CDT Tuesday, April 7. That was 18 days after the FCC terminated the license. Our listeners in town have complained for years about trouble hearing us in the morning whenever 1430 from St. Louis powers up to its daytime level. I can confirm that this morning I did not hear oldies instead of myself on the air in my headphones. I can’t vouch for the other two St. Louis area frequencies going off. I hope other listeners of yours will. Rick Koshko to WOR (9/4-2020)

The two BBC Radio Solent transmitters on 999 and 1359 kHz have been switched off on 8 April around 1000 UTC.
BBC Radio Cumria on 1458 kHz closed around the same time.
James Robinson (8/4-2020)

1458kHz transmitter that carried Radio Newcastle and the two Radio Cornwall transmitters on 630 and 657 kHz were switched off around 0900 UTC on 7 April 2020.
James Robinson (7/4-2020)

1656kHz Brisbane is now carrying Radio Rhythm programming ex VAC Chinese Radio. Lic as of 31/3/2020.
1665kHz Brisbane – Radio Rhythm is still off, probably licence will be sold or leased I suspect?
Ian to mwmasts (7/4-2020)

Museumsradio now on air on 1476 kHz from the Bad Ischl.
Heard near Randers DNK weak but audible.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (6/4-2020)

BBC 3CR on 1161 and 630 kHz closed completely at 0922 UTC on 6 April.
BBC Radio York on 666 kHz transmitter closed permanently at 1000 UTC on 6 April.
BBC Radio York on 1260 kHz transmitter closed permanently at 1001 UTC on 6 April.
James Robinson (6/4-2020)

A joy to tell you Radio Northern Star is back on the Medium Waves on AM 1314 kHz 700 watts broadcasting over LLE-2, Bergen Kringkaster, Erdal, Norway each day 16:59:30 until sign off at 00:07 CET. This transmitter is owned by Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster and is using a Comrod antenna. The schedule starts at 0955 and carrries health programming, FBK’s own programs and occasional live programming. At 0010 the transmitter carries MFSK32 and PSK31 tests.
Your reports are welcome to: with cc. to Northern Star Media Services FB groups (3/4-2020)

Radio Wales on 882kHz from Tywyn and Forden plus 1125kHz Llandrydrodd Wells all switched off permanently on 2 April.
James Robinson (3/4-2020)

Community radio station Radio Warrington 1332AM is helping keeping the town connected during the coronavirus pandemic. Volunteer presenters are overcoming their own social distancing issues to pass on vital local information over the airwaves to others who are feeling isolated during these difficult times.
Working in partnership with Warrington Worldwide providing free community news across the town, there are isolated members of the community who are difficult to reach because they don’t have the internet or are visually impaired – so Radio Warrington is a vital lifeline.
Warrington Worldwide

RMC formerly on 216 KHz
Alain Goy reported on:
Tue, 31 Mar at 09:09
In fact the transmitter of Roumoules does not belong to RMC, but was on a rental contract which ended on March 28.
The Roumoules transmitter is owned by MMD ( RMC has not renewed this contract for savings in anticipation of DAB +.
If you are interested, the Roumoules transmitter is for rent … 🙂
Mike Terry to WOR

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has invited applications for a transmitter licence to provide high-power open (HPON) narrowcasting services in Gosford, New South Wales on 747 kHz. The licence will be issued under a price-based allocation system. If more than one application is received, ACMA will issue that licence to the highest bidder at an auction. Application deadline 30 March 2020.
(David Ricquish via DX Dialog)
Robert Copeman in ICDX-AM (30/3-2020)

Not gone silent, sadly the Radio Sport transmitters are very much still on air carrying NewsTalk ZB. This arrangement will continue indefinitely.
We now have three stations in Christchurch carrying NewsTalk ZB 10171098 and 1503.
NZME are having financial difficulties their TV channels are up for sale.
Paul via mwmasts (30/3-2020)

BBC Radio 4 has changed its transmission times as from 30 March 2020. The new times are:
0000-0433 UTC BBC World Service
0433-0000 UTC BBC Radio 4
Radio 4 used to start at 0420 UTC but is opening 13 minutes later due to coronavirus, as one programme “News Briefing” has been removed from the schedule temporarily for the duration of the emergency.
James Robinson (30/3-2020)

New Zealand’s Radio Sport network has stopped broadcasting due to the cancellation and suspension of virtually all local, national and international events and competitions.
There are 16 MW frequencies and five FM including two LPFM frequencies in the network. The Radio Sport frequencies will now carry Newstalk ZB (sister station) programming indefinitely.
David Kaio (30/3-2020)

NZ Radio Sport closing.
Please have a read of the url
Tony Magon – Sydney (30/3-2020)

“Today, NZME has made the incredibly difficult decision to stop broadcasting Radio Sport from 1pm (30 March 2020). Radio Sport frequencies will now carry Newstalk ZB programming indefinitely.
With the cancellation and suspension of virtually all local, national and international events and competitions, NZME has been forced to look closely at the level of sports coverage, including live events across all platforms.
NZME has been working hard to avoid this but the reality of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is that these decisions have to be made.” lists 16 AM and 5 FM frequencies.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (30/3-2020)

RMC from Roumoules on LW 216 kHz, is OFF THE AIR, since early afternoon….
Christian Ghibaudo to WRTH fb group (28/3-2020)

Radio Wales on 882kHz Forden and Tywyn has half hourly announcement at 15 and 45 past the hour.
1125kHz Llansridrod Wells has a different announcement full time.
All 3 transmitters will be switched off on 2 April 2020 resulting in lesser MW coverage for BBC Radio Wales.
Here are the announcements
882 kHz
1125 kHz
James Robinson (28/3-2020)

Day 1 of SENTrack broadcasts:
I can confirm that “SEN Track” published as ‘SENTrack‘ is now on air from Wollongong, NSW 1575kHz as monitored locally and heard at 0650UT.
I downloaded the SEN app which has a feed for SENTrack, but I could only receive the audio when I set the location to WA.
Interestingly there was a unique SEN Track logo for the Perth Outlet on the app for WA location.
The audio for SEN Track Perth was not // with the Wollongong outlet.
Ian via mwmasts (28/3-2020)

SEN Track on 3 outlets starting on 28/3/2020.
CROCMEDIA today announced it would launch three ‘pop-up’ radio stations to be known as SENTrack to support Australia’s racing, harness and greyhound industries while those sports are still able to operate under COVID-19 guidelines.
SENTrack will launch in Melbourne on 1377 SEN+; in Perth on the 657 AM frequency and in Wollongong, NSW, on 1575 AM. It will commence broadcasting from tomorrow, and stay on as long as the three codes keep racing in the uncertain months ahead.
Ian via mwmasts (27/3-2020)

AIR Mumbai is noted with continuous service throughout the night for the last 3 days on the following 2 MW frequencies.
558 kHz 100 kW Vividh Bharati (Replacing Asmita Channel program)
1044 kHz 100 kW AIR Live News 24 x 7 (Replacing Samvadita Channel program)
Program schedules of AIR stations have changed and programs with emphasis on the Corona Virus pandemic are broadcast. Stations having more than 1 channel have merged channels. Many stations are noted relaying Vividh Bharati Service from Mumbai often instead of normal programs.
Live streaming of most stations of AIR is available in “Live Radio” in
Please also see
Jose Jacob, Hyderabad, India via WOR (26/3-2020)

“A public radio station in Washington state, KUOW [1340 AM, Tumwater], will no longer be airing White House press briefings on the coronavirus ‘due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time.'”
Richard Langley via WOR (25/3-2020)

[…] Special Need: As I write to you we are currently off the air in Israel due to our ability to pay our electricity and engineering costs. We hope to resume our 24/7broadcasts by April 1st as funds are available. Please help us if you can.”
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (25/3-2020)

DX India News Flash: 24 March 2020
Due to the present Corona Virus situation, All India Radio has suspended all its External Services from today until 31 March 2020. Besides SW this includes MW channels carrying External Services Viz
594 Chinsurah
702 Jalandhar
1052 Tuticorin and
1071 Rajkot
(Jose Jacob – WOR).
Mike Terry to MWC fb group (24/3-2020)

Jari Perkiömäki succeeded finally to place that Russian radio [see RUSSIA March 14th]
Working on 1611 kHz with the help of 3 Kiwi SDR remote receivers. The position of the transmitter seems to be 54.70N 32.40E.
Kari Kallio, Lahti Finland (22/3-2020)

Request for those of the B.17 n° 29537.
In Normandy-France, in a little village named PALUEL, there is a memorial dedicated to ten american airmen members of a B17 flying fortress who lost their lives on sunday march 28th 1943 when their plane was shot by german DCA.
Radio Northsea international, british radio station broadcasting on AM [1521 kHz], FM and on the web ( will give a special mention for the 77th aniversary of the crash to remind the memory of this crew whose members sacrified their lives for our freedom.
A very special music track will be played in the sunday show of DJ’s Wendy and Martin LEECH, on sunday march 29th next, between 18.00 and 19.00 french time ( 17.00 – 18.00 english time). We shall also have a special though for the american families who have’nt forgotten.
If you wish to listen to this request, you have to open the Radio Northsea international website ( and go on the home page, at the top of page, under “LISTEN NOW -THE REAL RNI”, and you press with the mouse on the little triangle which opens the radio (“Play”).
Good listening and thanks to RNI for this request.
Daniel LEFEBVRE (21/3-2020)

I wrote on March 8th that only a miracle or a wealthy uncle could now save the 273 meters high antenna mast in Mühlacker from demolition.
Well, it seems to have happened. At least the group of people trying to rescue the antenna mast has succeeded in buying the the mast and the area around the mast from SWR, and thus has prevented a demolition of the mast, which was scheduled to take place on Monday.,-Investorengruppe-erwirbt-Areal-Senderrettung-in-Muehlacker- gelingt-im-allerletzten-Anlauf-_arid,1425022.html
Thanks to Wolfgang Büschel.
Ydun Ritz (21/3-2020)

Spring equinox bandscan 2020
Wind and rain showers made this a rather summary event.
Not much variance on LW except that Allouis on 162kHz sounded noisy; enough so to obliterate any sign of Droitwich pulling a Luxembourg. Could they be playing with DRM, maybe?
Now the MW band. A cold rainshower hit mid-scan so I, having left the jacket indoors, had to hurry it along. There was a gaggle of Spanish stations on the low end, plus Romania on 603, Absolute Radio on 1242 with a usable signal and BBC R.4 on 1449 kHz.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson

Radio stations to unite with You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
You’ll Never Walk Alone will be played out simultaneously on a number of radio stations this Friday morning.
NPO 3FM presenter Sander Hoogendoorn had the idea to bring all radio stations in the Netherlands together during the corona crisis, but now BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and dozens more across Europe are joining in, so DR1 and other Danish radiostations.
Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio will play the tune during Breakfast with Simon Ross from Liverpool, along with the Breakfast shows on Hits Radio stations in England, plus Country Hits Radio.
It’ll happen at 8.45am [07:45 UTC]in the Netherlands, which will be 7.45am in the UK.
Radio Today (19/3-2020)

COVID-19 impacting station operations?
I had to leave the house today to handle some chores I couldn’t defer. While listening to WTAM [1100 kHz] they had a bunch of odd dead air spots as if their automation was unattended. Considering it was 10 AM in Cleveland I was pretty sure most radio stations there shouldn’t be on autopilot then. Just before the top of the 11 o’clock hour someone broke in indicating that news would be coming up but giving an ID from WLW in Cincinnati as well as local news from Cincy. Both stations are owned by iHeartMedia.
Is anybody else spotting anomalies like that? I popped the live stream on now and it has Mike Trivisonno on being vague that things aren’t normal at the station today to where he can’t even take calls.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Ashtabula, Ohio via WOR (19/3-2020)

I have now got up to date information about the power level used by IRRS, Padova, Italy on 594 kHz:
594 kHz is currently running at 10 kW from 22-23 CET Mon-Thu, 10 kW from 19-23 CET on Fri, Sat and Sun; 1 kW at all other times.
Karl-Erik Stridh (18/3-2020)

RNE-Palencia 603 MW stopped by COVID-19.
One member of the team infected and the rest quarantined so the station is closed for now.
Mauricio Molano, Salamanca Spain via WOR (18/3-2020)

After some transmitter problems Radio208 is now back on the air on 1440 kHz from today March 17 at 12 UTC.
The power has been reduced from 500 Watts to 200 Watts and it is hoped that this power reduction will keep the transmitter on the air. At the same time Radio208 is looking for two new RCA 4-400A valves.
If you can help, please write to
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (17/3-2020)

Postwick 855 kHz which carried BBC Radio Norfolk is now carrying an info loop since 1004 UTC on 16 March 2020.
The station is still available on MW on 873 kHz.
The 855 output can be heard here:
Closedown 855 –
855kHz announcement only –
James Robinson (16/3-2020)

Radio Northern Star is International Radio from Bergen to the world on AM 1611 and 5895 plus online and mobile. Our MW transmitter is currently blasting out with 700 watts of power!
Reports to
Northern Star Media Services fb group (15/3-2020)

About the possible stop of RMC on 216 kHz. Last week I spoke on the phone with an MMD manager. So a few clarifications, the frequency of 216 kHz belongs to the Principality and NOT to RMC.
The Roumoules transmitter center, built by RMC in 1974, since 1994 belong to Monaco Media Diffusion (MMD), a company which belongs to the Prince’s Government.
If RMC abandons Long Waves, this does not mean the closure of the Roumoules center. TWR’s broadcasts on 1467 kHz will continue as long as TWR wants, these are two different contracts.
The maintenance of the site is therefore provided by MMD.
The two other Monegasque medium-wave transmitters and antennas at Col de la Madone (near Monaco) on 702 and 1467 kHz are still in place, but inactive.
Since the shutdown of Radio Chine Internationale on 702 kHz, contacts had been made, but without effect because of the cost of renting of the transmitter.
Christian Ghibaudo (15/3-2020)

DX Info about Russian Clandestine MW radio station embarrassing in the Northern Europe.
It started very innocent like for maybe two weeks ago as an odd disturbance under 1602 kHz and then in the early state some could note anyhow there speaking in Russian language which only few can understand here in the North, however. It let arise a vivid speculation ao. in the SDXL-AM-group what it was all about where it got the nickname “UNID 1599,62 kHz“. Gradually the station started to crawl upwards and some heard it at least once on 1620 kHz…but it turned around and went downwards, seemingly now to be parked on 1611 kHz. It is the frequency where quite often many Dutch pirate radios use to transmit mainly pop or ethnic polka music. So inside their reception area this newcomer is not possible to be heard. Also among the Finnish DXers abnormalities were reported in reception with different antennas. JM Nurmela in Central Finland logged that he can hear to the station with the backbeam of his yankee antennawire but only Dutch polka with some other. The station is frequently S9-strong at least in the remote SW Finnish Kiwi SDR receiver in Turku as well in Belarussia. I asked there a DXer Alex to listen to the program and make notes about it. He analysed also some of my to him posted soundclips about contents. “This is a radio or movie magazine entry from the 1950s (?) tells about difficulties in the production of phonograph records (the first track is about helping the Red Army in this, the second track is about replacing old phonograph records with new ones at exchange points). No ID!” Last night he send me his own observations as follows: “On the evening of 12 and 13, I listened to 1611, again archived records * Good morning * and * Good evening * 60s-70s All-Union Radio (USSR), there was no identification of who is relaying. Alex”.
So far can we say that somebody has decided to dig very, over a half decade old filed archives radio recordings from the USSR as drama and radio plays to replay them anew to the audience which has probably not ever heard them live, now on the same old work-place: AM radio and on the Medium Waves. Is this some sublime trial to revive some kind of Museum Radio somewhere in the russophone world along the Southern beaches of the Baltic Sea or somewhere deeper in the inland? The time will later probably light up what it in fact was – a serious project or only “fun” like a pirate radio.
Kari Kallio, Lahti Finland (14/3-2020)

666 Antena 1, Castanheira do Ribatejo, is experiencing troubled times from at least July, 2019. The signal from the 180 m monopole (in excess of 200 m when it was first erected and served 665, then 666, and 719, then 720) has been considerably weak in terms of both carrier and I’d say audio too.
The times when the old, original, 135 kW Brown Boveri Co. txs were used are long gone for the RDP replaced them with two 10 kW units (USA made HARRIS and Canadian made NAUTEL), not to be used in parallel, but to have one thereof standing by. It happens the HARRIS was an older model, probably already in the site acting as a reserve unit for the 135 kW txs, I can’t remeber, but it worked off valves while the NAUTEL was a modular, solid state tx. The only reason why the RDP, then RTP chose to use just 10 kW as the max. power level in the previous sites where 135 and 100 kW were used is purely economical as it simply reduces the electricity bill.
Not long ago, the HARRIS unit was put aside due to old age and lack of parts, so only the NAUTEL was being used… until another strike hit the monopole and severely damaged parts of the transmitter.
Logically, this demands repair and/or replacement of the unit, but the RTP adm. chose to remedy the situation in a “phenomenal” way, which meant taking an aged 10 kW tx from the Meia Légua site (Faro, Algarve) and installed it at Cast.ª do Ribatejo.
This particular tx was not in its best due to old age, and was idle when they decided to fetch it because the Meia Légua site was off the air for quite some time due to unwanted visitors looking for copper… and, yes, the adm. didn’t want to “waste” funds to put into service again.
Given the sate of the Meia Légua tx, it’s not even at a reduced power of 4 kW, but at 2 kW, let alone the nominal 10!
Why all this? One simple reason: MF problems are to be dealt with using the existing means, so if these fail or are inexistent within the RTP, the signals are silenced… unless someone explains the importance of MF to the adm. of the RTP, and their little brains start working as they should.
In the old days, no such thing would happen; both equipment and sites were properly manned and cared of, and this included really everything, not to forget the green areas around the sites.
However, not MF alone seems to be of no concern! It was only months ago, that the RTP’s VHF-FM txs located at Monsanto, Lisboa were heard via simple antennae “on board” the neighbouring R.Renascença tower. The power levels also dropped considerably for some time.
It happens both of those towers were and still are within military premisses, but the one serving the RTP and its old antennae too needed refurbishing.
After several months’ time, a new tower was finally put in place, and new VHF-FM antennae added. How on earth the adm. finally realised this simply had to be done is something beyond understanding, really…
One wonders whether they actually know what an aerial is or what a transmitter is… Ah, all right, that’s not internet, isn’t it?
To conclude, it clearly seems the RTP adm. thinks internet, internet and, oh yes, internet too is enough.
Carlos Goncalves (13/3-2020)

RNE Reduces LOC/REG schedule due to COVID19.
Effective from tomorrow Sat. March 14th:
0805-0810 REG R5TN
1230-1240 REG R1//R5TN
0625-0630 LOC R5TN
0645-0700 REG R1//R5TN
0815-0820 LOC R5TN
0904-0906 REG R1//R5TN
1004-1006 REG R1//R5TN
1104-1106 REG R1//R5TN
1210-1230 REG R1//R5TN (R5TN may split for national programing if live statements or press conferences are expected)
1604-1606 REG R1//R5TN
1804-1806 REG R1//R5TN
1925-1930 REG R1//R5TN
Mauricio Molano, Salamanca Spain via dxld yg (13/3-2020)

Until 31.Mar.2018, RMC 216 kHz was on air between 04.56 and 0.08 CET/CEST (local time in France).
From 01.Apr.2018, RMC 216 kHz is on air between 05.56 and 0.15 CET/CEST (local time in France).
73, Alexander Busneag (13/3-2020)

Now that the stories on 216 LW RM in Roumoules France to close are getting more conformitive, I wonder if, as suggested somewhere, that also RMC 1467 AM will be interrruppted.
1467, carrying Trans World Radio in the evening is also coming from Roumoules, and it is mentioned that it is not worth while to maintain the site just for a couple of hours use.
I like to now this since I hold a 1467 license for LPAM in Holland. Obviously RMC/TWR is completely blocking small stations when they are active.
Ruud Poeze (12/3-2020)

We can seriously consider that RMC will leave 216 kHz from Roumoules.
In order to save 600,000 euro per year (not 6 millions as reported by a French News magazine).
The date of the closure could be at the end of March.
Christian Ghibaudo (from Monaco) via WRTH FB group (12/3-2020)

Re yesterday’s item “Wallasey 1485kHz which carried BBC Radio Merseyside since 1973 is now carrying a retune message”.
This move on 11 March 2020 was all the worse because on this day Liverpool had their Champions League match against Atlectico Madrid and BBC 5 live kept referring to Radio Merseyside which would also carry the match.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/3-2020)

On 11 March 2020, WDR at short notice canceled the broadcast of the Champions League game Paris St. Germain – Borussia Dortmund from its WDR Event (radio) channel: “Because of the spread of the Corona virus, UEFA limited accreditations for the Champions League match between Paris St. Germain and Borussia Dortmund to a minimum (for TV broadcasters), live reporting from the stadium is not possible. So there will be NO live reports from the game Paris – Dortmund. The broadcast is canceled without replacement. We apologize for the short-term announcement.”
Long and medium wave came to the rescue of those football fans who do not have a TV subscription but understand foreign languages. RMC-Info (216 kHz) broadcast the game, with a second francophone tone suggesting that the reporters were sitting in front of a television screen.
Talksport (1053/1089 kHz) did not provide a full report, but insertions from the Talksport 2 program. The English sports broadcaster also took note of the other CL game FC Liverpool-Atletico Madrid, which at BBC 5 Live (693/909 kHz) was probably also commented as a full report sitting in front of a television screen. Both Talksport 2 and BBC 5 Live were geoblocked on the internet. In contrast, RNE1, whose medium waves did not get through so well, was easily heard on the Internet.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (12/3-2020)

The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, under its vision of introducing modern trends and technology in different sectors, has planned to fully digitize the state-owned radio bringing about a revolution in the field of broadcasting in the country, and to capture the audience at home and abroad including South Asia and Central Asia and the Middle East through quality news, current affairs and programs.
This information has been revealed in official documents during the ongoing week long national workshop on Digital Radio Migration policy of state-run Radio at Pakistan Broadcasting Academy, Islamabad.
Under the plan, the biggest 1000-Kilowatt DRM Medium-wave transmitting station of state-run Radio will be set up at Fort Monroe hill station in Dera Ghazi Khan district in South Punjab at an estimated cost of three billion rupees. It will be the first ever most powerful but digital transmitter of state-run Radio that is to be established in center of the country as part of Phase-II of Digital Radio Migration policy and it will help cover the entire population of Pakistan with crystal clear and noise-free waves.
The International News (12/3-2020)

Wallasey 1485kHz which carried BBC Radio Merseyside since 1973 is now carrying a retune message.
This is what is actually being broadcast:
James Robinson (11/3-2020)

WSPL 1250 Streator, Illinois low power.
Regarding the WSPL Streator, Illinois situation, this fills in some gaps and replaces some inaccurate information that’s been going around the community.
Around February 3, one of the company’s FM towers collapsed–the one simulcasting WSPL on 98.5. Mendota Broadcasting hired an inspection firm to look at its other antennas and learned it must replace the two AM towers that put out the 1250 kHz signal. So the AM signal has been greatly reduced while there’s just a stub of one tower there for now. The power reduction happened about February 24.
The company’s management hasn’t been talking about it. I know some employees there and even they haven’t been told what’s going on. The story in the community had been that one of the AM towers collapsed. But it didn’t make sense that weeks had elapsed between the tower collapse and the AM signal nearly completely disappearing. One rumor going around is that the owners want to shut down WSPL on AM. The applications with the FCC to temporarily use reduced power indicate otherwise.
Maybe it’s appropriate that this station used to carry Paul Harvey, famous for saying, “Now you know the rest of the story.”
Rick Koshko, Ottawa, Illinois to WOR (10/3-2020)

After last month’s disappointment due to Storm Dennis, we are hoping to be back on our radio ship Ross Revenge for the third RADIO CAROLINE NORTH broadcast of 2020.
Join us on SATURDAY 14th and SUNDAY 15th MARCH for all the best music from the 60s – early 90s, plus the chance to win some goods from our Web Shop.
We’re LIVE from the River Blackwater from 10.30 am on Saturday. Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio, around the world online via the Radio Caroline app and Radio Player, and on smart speakers.
We’d love to hear from you – email us during the broadcast at and remember, it’s the only address that gets you straight through to us directly onboard.
The biggest little bar in Epping – with great live music and sports TV. We serve beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and bagels day and night.
Web Shop Competition:
This month’s sponsor is Les Salter from Hull, East Yorkshire.
Mike Terry via WOR (9/3-2020)

Whitehaven 1458kHz which carried BBC Radio Cumbria now carrying retune message. The change occurred around 1030 UTC on 9 March.
This is what is bring broadcast
James Robinson (9/3-2020)

2325 kHz on air from Australia.
Wee Waa (Pronounced Wee war) and Narrabri (Pronounced Narrabreye) are north of the Unique Radio transmitting station Gunnedah NSW (Narrabri being 80KM NE Cross country) and Wee Waa another 38KM west of Narrabri.
2325 KHz is apparently co sited with XRN‘s 1611 KHz antenna with 100 watts approx. See, Peter has a lot of different music formatted programming available.
It was on air as per this post from Peter Tate on the ARDXC Facebook group:
“February 24 at 7:32 PM – 2325 Khz is baaaack! On for the night as normal. Some audio tweaks…… Happy hunting! 73’s!”
It was well heard on The Narrabri SDR (S 30 DB OVER 9 ), The Forster SDR with a s9 +10 DB and various other sites with good results including the Tecsun Araluen SDR with an S 8 – 9.
I tried it here but due to modem noise, was almost impossible to receive at my QTH.
Peter hopes to experiment with DRM in the future, hopefully to a more set schedule and higher power output (ERP).
I hope this information is helpful.
Tim Gaynor, Unique Radio, Gunnedah NSW via WOR (9/3-2020)

Only a miracle or a wealthy uncle can now save the 273 meters high antenna mast in Mühlacker from demolition.
From 1950 until 2012 SWR (Südwestfunk) programming was carried out on 576 kHz MW (575 kHz until 1978) from this location in southwestern Germany.
The owner, which is SWR, has been permitted to take down the installation and will probably do so, despite great protests.
Thanks to Wolfgang Büschel for sharing this info, which comes from an article in Stuttgarter Zeitung /stadtausgabe-lokalteil-stuttgart-innenstadt/2020-03-07/
Ydun Ritz (7/3-2020)

According to the economic magazine ChallengesRMC is considering cutting its transmitter at Roumoules and leaving the long waves and 216 kHz definitively.
Objective: to save money (6 million euros per year).
Christian Ghibaudo (5/3-2020)

A new program aired via IRRS-Shortwave is called “War Room Pandemic” and produced in the USA by Steve Bannon, political advisor, media executive, former investment banker and former White House Chief Strategist.
The program presents the latest news and opinions on the effects of the coronavirus around the world can be heard on our new (daily) frequencies as of Feb. 21, 2020 (@ 150 to Europe and Africa and 250 kW to Asia):
9640 kHz (1400-1500 UTC) to Asia and Middle East
7290 kHz (1800-2000 UTC) to Europe
9660 kHz (2000-2100 UTC) to Africabr/> and on AM/Medium Wave:
594 kHz [via Challenger Radio, Villa Estense?] (2100-2200 UTC or: 2200-2300 CET) to N Italy and Southern/Central Europe.
Dario Monferini and Mauno Ritola in WRTH fb group (5/3-2020)

BBC Radio Solent on
Now carry only retune announcements since 1130 UTC on Wednesday 4 March.
Here is what us being broadcast.
999 KHz
1359 kHz
James Robinson (4/3-2020)

Both BBC Radio Solent medium wave frequencies (999 kHz Fareham and 1359 kHz Bournemouth) now carrying returning loop announcements from just after 1100 UTC this morning (4th March).
Thanks to David Duckworth for the tip-off.
Alan Pennington (4/3-2020)

999KHz BBC Radio Solent is still currently running as of 10UTC however it sounds like the transmitter is going up and down a bit!
999KHz BBC Radio Solent swapped to the retune loop at 11:15UTC.
Rose, UK (4/3-3030)

270KHz Czechia didn’t seem to be receivable yesterday [3/3-3030].
Rose, UK (4/3-3030)

“Licence renewals granted in this period
A five year renewal has been granted to the following: Area (station) Current licensee
Birmingham (Absolute Classic Rock) Bauer Radio Limited”
The Licence for Birmingham 1152 kHz was extended to 17 February 2025.
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (3/3-2020)

“Coverage improvement and extension requests
During the last month [February 2020] the service below had its request for an improvement to its existing coverage provisionally agreed, subject to the new technical arrangements going through our usual formal clearance process (this includes Ofcom liaising with a number of outside agencies before changes can be implemented).
Service Licensed area Change agreed
Lyca Dilse Greater London Power increase” 3. March 2020
Lyca Dilse ( replaced Kismat Radio on 1035 kHz in 2014.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (3/3-2020)

“Services which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period
Betar Bangla (Betar Bangla Limited) East London (1503 kHz) Licence surrendered” 3. March 2020
Betar Bangla was/is a Community Radio Station with a full broadcasting licence from OFCOM since 2010. Before getting their own licence, they had 2 hours via Sound Radio on the same frequency 1503 AM since 2002.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (3/3-2020)

Radio Bretagne 5 is return on the wave since 2 march on 1593 Khz.
In night good reception on Paris.
Thierry Moy (2/3-2020)

BBC Radio Cornwall, Lanner Hill 630kHz and Bodmin 657kHz now carry retune announcements since around 1130 UTC on 2 March.
Lanner Hill appeared to go onto reduced power around 0923 UTC when a sudden change of reception was noted.
These transmitters will be switched off in early April. Radio Cornwall continues on VHF DAB DTT and online. Any MW alternative programming is now carried on all digital platforms.
This is what is actually going out on each frequency
630 kHz
657 kHz
James Robinson (2/3-2020)

We’ve improved the modulation on 1611 and 5895 kHz therefore ” The North Atlantic Sound” Radio Northern Star broadcasting the best classic pop and rock from both sides of the Atlantic should sound even better tonight! Thanks LA7CFA!
Reports to:
Northern Star Media Services FB group (27/2-2020)

WSPL 1250 kHz in Streator, Illinois has been running at very low power because one of its two towers fell. According to people in the community, it fell and crushed an outbuilding about a month ago. The severe power reduction is apparently more recent, as I was able to get the signal in Ottawa, Illinois (just 16 miles away) until this week. On February 24, I couldn’t hear it at all. On February 25, it was very weak during daylight hours here.
This has afforded me the opportunity to DX a frequency I normally can’t because of the local use. I have received the fairly close (about 127 miles) WSSP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at night, WPGP “The Answer” in Pittsburgh at night, and KYYS in Kansas City, Kansas right up to its switch to nighttime power at 6pm local on February 25 (0000UT February 26).
I also heard one other on February 25 that didn’t come in well enough for long enough for me to positively identify. I heard Americana style music and a male voice say “southern gospel”. The signal was coming in on a line in the NNW-SSE direction. That leads me to think it might have been WLCK in Scottsville, Kentucky.
Rick Koshko 0338 UT Feb 27 via WOR (27/2-2020)

Wreckerton 1458 kHz which carried BBC Radio Newcastle now only carrying retune advice message until early April. This change occurred at 1130 UTC on 26 February.
This is what is being broadcast on 1458
James Robinson (26/2-2020)

Crocmedia and Wollongong 1575. The announcements and music on Wollongong 1575 KHz are the same as were heard on Perth 657 KHz earlier this month, saying “This broadcast will resume shortly. Please stand by.” In a loop of alternating music and repeated announcements. The “Welcome to Crocmedia” continuous announcements were also heard a few days ago.
Meanwhile, Perth 657 KHz has been carrying silence for a week or two now. Also, Brisbane 1053 carries Vision Christian Radio.
Liron (26/2-2020)

Montreal’s CFNV 940 has returned to air, coming back some time late yesterday morning.
Canadian Radio News FB group (25/2-2020)

Installation is about to begin on the new CKSP AM 600 Vancouver transmitter site. There were a number of delays, including getting permits. CKSP is co-siting with CKNW AM 980 at that station’s Cloverdale transmitter site. While this work is taking place, CKNW will at times be on reduced power. Engineers hope that AM 600 will be testing on reduced power early in April with full power sometime this summer.
Via Eric Floden and WOR (25/2-2020)

Last evening for the first time Crocmedia’s 1575 KHz was noted with a loop tape advising a new station. This morning the signal is still present at weak levels, hence I presume to be from Wollongong. The loop tape includes a male announce and hard rock guitar music. It could be a new service replacing Rete Italia.
It is a nuisance signal because it is sufficiently strong to block out Dunedin, NZ, and VOA Thailand.
Perhaps Will can hear this more clearly in the day.
Todd, Sydney, Australia to ICDX-AM (25/2-2020)

Crocmedia’s sports licenses:
657 Perth (Landsdale)
801 Central Coast (Chitaway Point)
1053 Brisbane (Tingalpa)
1575 Wollongong (Windang) with advising loop tape
1611 Alice Springs
1611 Esperance
1611 Darwin (Ludmilla)
1611 Dubbo (Troy)
1611 Kalgoorlie
1611 Sydney (Bagerys Creek)
1611 Townsville (Garbutt)
1620 Adelaide (Lonsdale)
1620 Gold Coast (Burleigh Waters)
1629 Adelaide (Regency Park) — on air
1629 Albany (Collingwood Heights)
1629 Grafton (South Grafton)
1629 Hobart (Sandford)
1629 Mount Gambier (Compton) — on air
Todd, Sydney, Australia to ICDX-AM (23/2-2020)

Following the report on the closure of AM broadcasts in Israel, last month’s broadcast of “Voice of Hope” in Arabic from Israel at 1287 kHz frequency from 50 kW was also stopped.
No official announcement was made.
Offer, Israel (24/2-2020)

666kHz and 1260kHz which carried BBC Radio York, ceased transmission of the station at 1200 UTC on 24 February.
These two transmitters carry now a recorded message of retune advice which will cease in early April.
James Robinson (24/2-2020)

Estonia – On 4 February 2020 Radio Eli 1035 kHz, which recently lost Trans World Radio as a major customer, was registered as an independent organization. It seems that this move was meant to shield the former parent organization from any financial problems. It is said that the loss of TWR programming also meant a major loss of funding threatening the very existence of the station.

Translation of this page
“The radio station began its activity in Tartu in 1994 on FM, with programs in Estonian.
On October 3, 2001, the Tartu Family Radio was broadcast on medium waves with a two-hour Russian-language program, with a transmitter of 50 kW.
On November 12, 2001, the transition to 14-hour broadcasting was made; on January 13, 2002 the broadcast became round-the-clock.
On June 26, 2007, the official opening of the FM-wave 95-6 Fm in the city of Narva took place.
June 26, 2008 – the official opening, inclusion and blessing of a new medium-wave transmitter with a capacity of 100 KW.
May 2010 – the official opening, switching on and blessing of a medium-wave transmitter with a power of 200 KW (another 100-kilowatt transmitter was added to the already installed 100-kilowatt transmitter).
June 2010 – the beginning of broadcasting at the second FM frequency of 98.2 Fm. These 2 fm frequencies allow broadcasting of the Russian-speaking region of Estonia, its northeastern part.
February 4, 2020 – Radio Eli independent organization registered.”
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (23/2-2020)

940 KHz, CFNV Montreal. Noted active again. Its sister station CFQR 600 went back to the air recently, in the last week or so.
Sylvain Naud, Portneuf, QC to fb group (23/2-2020)

Radio Jordan stopped to use 855 khz in Amman, now it is only one frequency in this country on 612 khz. Went off the air at the beginning of February.
Alexei, Israel (22/2-2020)

Israel has stopped to use MW almost totally. There are only two frequencies are still on air, 1458 khz In Shaar-Yeshuv, which relays the “Kan Moreshet” radio, and also 1458 khz in Eilat, wich relays “Kan Tarbut” radio, because there is no FM coverage of these networks in mentioned areas.
All other stations have gone off air: 531, 657, 738, 882, 1080, 1206.
Alexei, Israel (22/2-2020)

Radio Paradise 621 KHz
According to an article by DF5JZ on 29 May 2019 at
English translation (via Chrome translation):
“It is a Belgian pirate station with irregular medium wave activity. In the past, broadcasting was at 1440 kHz, but changed to 1350 kHz at the beginning of the year.
Original (in German): “Es ist eine belgische Piratenstation mit unregelmäßiger Mittelwellenaktivität. In der Vergangenheit wurde auf 1440 kHz gesendet, Anfang des Jahres jedoch auf 1350 kHz umgestellelt.
Looks like it’s now on 621 KHz in Eupen.
Liron (22/2-2020)


Radio Paradise heard on 621 kHz, on 20 Feb 2020 with perfect signal via Kiwi SDR in Eupen (Belgium) and nowhere else.
Parallel to stream, with ‘AM stereo’ sticker on the Kiwi screen.
Ray Lalleu (21/2-2020)

Watch out for extended schedule (past 2310 IST/1740 UTC) by AIR stations from South India carrying live broadcast/devotional programs songs/drama/talk etc in regional languages on the ocassion of religious festival “Shivaratri” on 21 February, 2020 (Friday).

Andhra Pradesh in Telugu:
837 kHz Vijayawada
900 kHz Kadapah
927 kHz Visahakapatnam

Puducherry in Tamil
1215 kHz Puducherry
Karnataka in Kannada:
612 kHz Bengaluru
675 kHz Bhadrawathi
765 kHz Dharwad
1107 kHz Gulbarga
1089 kHz Udipi

Tamil Nadu State in Tamil:
720 kHz Chennai
936 kHz Tiruchirapalli
999 kHz Coimbatore
1197 kHz Tirunelveli
1269 kHz Madurai
4920 kHz Chennai

Telangana State in Telugu:
738 kHz Hyderabad
4800 kHz Hyderabad
Tamil FM stations from SriLanka also carry live relay of special program for Maha Shivaratri.
Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi via WOR (20/2-2020)

FCC Dismisses Entertainment Media Trust License Renewals For Failure To Prosecute.
By Lance Venta On Feb 19, 2020
Four St. Louis area stations are on the verge of deletion or forced sale as the FCC’s Administrative Law Judge dismissed the 2012 license renewals for Entertainment Media Trust’s
1190 KQQZ Fairview Heights IL
1430 KZQZ St. Louis
1490 KFTK East St. Louis IL and
1510 WQQW Highland IL for failure to prosecute.
Artie Bigley via WOR (20/2-2020)

On Feb.10th, the CRTC granted approval for Dufferin to move the country format from 1380 AM to 93.9 FM and increasing the power at the same time of the FM station to 3kWs. The religious format that is currently on 93.9 [CFWC-FM], will move to 1380 AM. The FM site will be relocated to Dufferin’s own site: CKPC-FM.
Canadian Radio News fb group (19/2-2020)

Our second station The Ferry, “Your Beautiful Music Connection” has tonight returned to the Medium Wave Broadcasting Band on 1314 kHz, 228 metres from 2059 CET, broadcasting every day with 700 watts 1859-0007 CET from Bergen Kringkaster outside Bergen. The channel has been used for Radio Northern Star since December 18th in connection with that station being hit by lightning the week before.
The Northern Star is now back on its assigned channels 1611 and 5895 kHz.
Coincidentally, Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster, who owns the station was today granted extension of its license by The Norwegian Media and Communication Authorities.
Reports to: and
Northern Star Media Services fb group (19/2-2020)

Montreal’s CFQR 600, which went off the air a couple of months ago after damage in a wind storm is back on the air. Still the same automated playlist as before. CFNV 940 remains off air as of now.
Canadian Radio News fb group (19/2-2020)

BBC local station Three Counties Radio observed today (18 Feb 2020) on 630 and 1161 kHz with a looped announcement giving retuning information for the service. The mediumwave transmitters are due to be switched off on 6 April.
David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (18/2-2020)

Reports of 1st Dx-Camp 15.61 Crew Radio Listeners’
Marajó Island – Amazon Rainforest
Northern Brazil – November 15, 16, 17 and 18, 2019
Ivan Dias da Silva Junior and Martin Butera
Thanks to Martin Butera for this interesting report (18/2-2020)

BBC MW closure dates. And where to find the alternatives to your MW stations:
Scroll down the page.
James Robinson (17/2-2020)

1584 kHz Palau to be revived.
UN Development Program has put out an extremely detailed notice calling for bids to replace the 1584 kHz T8AA transmitter on Palau which has been off the air since 2012, leaving the official station on FM 87.9 only with inadequate coverage. – these details start on page 21 of 64 (Glenn Hauser)
Ben Dawson to WOR (16/2-2020)

Radio Northern Star is back on air after 2 months.
Yes, we are back on 1611 and 5895 after lightning strike on December 12th. Great job by LA7CFA!
The power on MW has been raised to 650 watts while the SW still runs at 30.
On air 0420-2307 utc.
Of course we are interested in reception reports, please write to with cc to
Northern Star Media Services fb group

TalkSport 1107 Occombe (Torbay), the seventh site due for closure, which was missing for James Robinson’s list [14/02-2020] also looks to have gone off now.
Confirmed this using Kiwi SDRs in Devon yesterday.
Dave Kenny to mwmasts (15/2-2020)

Tonight I discovered KOHI St Helens OR on 1610!! They’re licensed for 1600 with 1 kw/day and .012 kW nights. They have been off air on a silent “STA” to build a new tower at a new site.
I started to wonder how they could be so far off frequency, but they announced they are testing on 1610 ‘pending FCC approval’. Sounds like they’re running 1 kW. Currently airing a local HS basketball play-by-play. I verified ID and also //via Streema. New DX target for many!
73 Mike Cherry, Salt Spring Island BC to WOR (14/2-2020)

And also well heard (thanks, Mike!), into Victoria last night local, UTC 14 Feb, with full ID at 05:58 for 1600 AM. Reported to be running either 700 watts or 1 kW, and not the 12 watts licensed.
Walter SalmaniwWOR (14/2-2020)

Bruce Portzer‘s excellent report from a DXpedition to Israel and Jordan here
Ydun Ritz (14/2-2020)

It is now confirmed that all the following have now ceased transmission
Talk Sport from:
1053 kHz: Londonderry MF
1053 kHz: Plumers Barracks
1053 kHz: Pearce’s Hill
1053 kHz: Rosemarkie
1089 kHz: Redruth MF
1089 kHz: Redmoss
James Robinson (14/2-2020)

Re item from 07/02: RNZ drops plans to move Concert FM back to AM. Lesson: do not mess with Boomers.

David Ricquish to WRTH fb group (13/2-2020)

Just to correct the posting by Jon Collins on (23/1 and 24/1):
Re BBC R5 football heard on 1386 kHz by Jon Collins in Birmingham, UK (23/1) – he suggests it was Blast Radio (University of West London) but this station has never broadcast on 1386 kHz (nor any MW channel) and is an internet station only.
A different “Blast”, Blast 1386 from Reading College here in Reading does broadcast on 1386 kHz. But it never relays BBC R5 Live so it would not be Blast 1386 (Reading) Jon heard either.
If reception was “very strong in Birmingham”, it is more likely to be an LPAM local to Jon. There are 7 low power LPAMs active on 1386 in the UK. Possibly HCR (Halesowen College, West Midlands) on 1386 is local to him and was relaying the BBC R5 Wolves v Liverpool match commentary that evening? Or possibly receiver overload from BBC R5 Droitwich on 693 kHz as Jan Roggeveen has suggested?
Alan Pennington, Reading, UK (13/2-2020)

Radio Caroline on RTL [234 kHz]
We have just received the following news: Sidonie Bonnec and Thomas Hugues will devote their show this afternoon at 14.00 french time (13.00 GMT) to Radio Caroline. Please stay tuned on RTL!
Best wishes, Daniel Lefebvre (13/2-2020)

You can listen to program here histoire-de-radio-caroline-7800087387
Thanks to Nico uit Gouda (15/2-2020)

Some observations on Armenian frequencies
864 kHz: 1610-1740 TWR including Russian 1640-1710 M-F from Bishkek studio
1350 kHz: 1745-1830 TWR in Kurmanji Kurdish and Turkish. (Sundays 1803-1823 in English translated into Turkish), 1928-2129 various Arabic including Sedaye Zindagi, IBRA etc.
1377 kHz: 1800-2002 (Sat 1830-2002) TWR in Sorani Kurdish and Farsi
1395 kHz: 1330?-1559 Iran International TV in Persian // 11570v or 6270v, 1600-1745 Armenian Radio in Kurdish, Turkish, Azeri, 1745-0500v Iran International TV in Persian // 6270 (Iran International’s TV ID in Farsi is “Media Azadi Iran International”)
Rumen Pankov, Bulgaria, 16 Jan to BDXC-UK Communication February via Glenn Hauser WOR (13/2-2020)

On February 10, 2020, Rádio GloboSão Paulo SP, switched off their medium wave frequency 1100 kHz (150/50 kW). The move had already been announced in 2018 and was then carried out for the medium wave frequency 1220 kHz of Rio de Janeiro. The FM frequencies São Paulo 94.1 MHz and Rio de Janeiro 98.1 MHz remain, as well as eight affiliated medium wave and FM transmitters and different digital distribution platforms (including with streams). The Sistema Globo de Rádio includes the radio brands Rádio Globo (“Music channel for today’s Brazilian youth, with the best and most sought-after hits”), CBN (News) and BHFM (music channel in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais).
Rudolf Grimm 10 February; additional information by Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (12/2-2020)

Mathew Sereda is reporting the following: It seems like CFAJ 1220 in Saint Catherines is testing now. I don’t think the signal is a strong as the signal for CHSC was but it is listenable.?? The music sounds pretty similar to what they were playing before they were knocked off the air.
Canadian Radio News fB group (11/2-2020)

I also heard their test broadcast in Toronto on Monday and agree, it does not seem as strong as CHSC was. Are they using the old CHSC towers? Maybe they aren’t running full power yet? Allen Dunkin to Canadian Radio News fB group (11/2-2020)

Radio Asia from the UAE on 1476 kHz, ceased transmissions on Feb, 9th 2020 as they changed to FM band, according to UADX.
Here in Cantabria (Northern Spain) the channel is now dominated for Carillon Wellbeing Radio and occasionally with the TWR waves from Benin Txer. Carillon was a real challenge on 2019 due to low power, but now, after power increasing is not difficult to catch, even with local SER-Radio Santander on 1485 kHz.
Buen DX!
Jorge Garzón Cantabria (Spain) (11/2-2020)

Spain is facing a real challenge with MW stations. Many of them have sporadic cuts because of old transmitters fail or lack of maintenance. Most are transmitting with reduced power even if public tech details show different numbers.
Radio Pamplona (Cadena SER), stopped transmissions on Feb, 1st 2019 when an endless loop aired on 1575 kHz said that they will be off for a while due to antenna work-in-progress. They also suggested to hear them on the alternative FM frecuencies. A couple of weeks later the loop ceased and never again was reactivated.
On 9th February 2020 the Radio Pamplona monopole at Cizur Menor has been dismantled in 5-6 hours of effective work. The plot is going to be developped for a new residential area.
This is a clear violation of broadcasting laws we have in Spain, as the Telecomm Office has to allow every step they did without preceptive permits.
So Spain has now one less MW station, and there is no doubt that are more to come. Radio Cordoba (SER network) is the only one remaining in the frecuency with a reduced power and could be the next to join the list.
Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez (10/02-2020)

Re Mike Radio 08/02-2020:
Mike Radio [1512kHz] however is a pirate station. The station is not licensed by the Dutch autorities.
Piet van der Vooren (10/2-2020)

Re RADIO CAROLINE NORTH returns to our radio ship Ross Revenge for second live broadcast of 2020.
Join us on SATURDAY 15th and SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY for all the best music from the 60s – early 90s, plus the chance to win a subscription to The Beat magazine.
We’re LIVE from the River Blackwater from 10.30 am on Saturday. Listen in on Re 648 AM in the South and South-East, on Re 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Re Manx Radio, around the world online via the Radio Caroline app and Radio Player, and on smart speakers.
We’d love to hear from you – email us during the broadcast at and remember, it’s the only address that gets you straight through to us directly onboard. via Mike TerryWOR (10/2-2020)

Mike Radio will do some test transmissions in the end of February and March on frequency 1512 AM.
Tests are expected on some sunday early mornings, start around 06.00 CET.
Reception possibilities in (Western) Europe.
A new 1/4 wave antenna set up is part of the test.
More info:
There is also a reportbook on the website available.
G. Leusink (8/2-2020)

Many Dutch LPAM stations have gone off the air today or will go off. This is just temporarily. In order to protect their antennas. The storm Ciara will hit the Netherlands tomorrow with quite heavy winds predicted. Remember that most LPAM are one-man hobby operations. They will be back next week. All main football matches have been cancelled too.
Julius Hermans in FB group (8/2-2020)

The carrier of TR1 Watan is back on 279 KHz, but with no modulation and no humming. Earlier the humming was mixed with the very low audio. Probably they are testing the TX and it will be back soon with good modulation.
Tringer László (7/2-2020)

RNZ Concert to leave FM and move back to AM only while new youth station takes over FM. Future use of the AM frequencies currently shared with christian broadcaster Star not yet known, but RNZ AM Network will still carry Parliament when it is in session.
More than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling on RNZ to ditch plans to gut its music station RNZ Concert. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has also criticised the move. fbclid=IwAR2e3BK6QWlLi5suV93C_GXFfp-Ge8-AjVNH0K_h0Rcm5Byla7ZNDk-PUHQ
David Ricquish to WRTH FB group (7/2-2020)

657 KHz Perth, Western Australia used to be Rete Italia, an Italian and other languages radio station.  However as of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning there is a continuous loop of music and announcements that normal programming will resume shortly, except it just repeats the music and the announcements.
 Over the weekend there was a continuous loop of music and announcements which included “Welcome to Crocmedia.”
Liron” (5/2-2020)

AIR battles 5-hr ‘blackout’ hitch as Prasar Bharti eyes digital switch.
Avid radio listeners in many parts of Uttar Pradesh have reported what they call, a “curious disturbance” during the transmission from Lucknow centre of All India Radio’s (AIR’s) primary medium wave channel these days.
Aired at 747 kilohertz frequency, the primary channel goes blank daily at 9 am, just when AIR’s Lucknow channel is broadcasting Urdu news that is run daily from 8.50 am to 9.05 am. After lasting for two hours, the disruption clears at 11 am only to return again during the evening broadcast at 3 pm; the second disruption lasting three hours making it a total 5 hour ‘blackout’ – a development which has caught the listeners unaware…..
More on the story here: -eyes-digital-switch/story-DDVZh1l7qWD0pwwhZH5MiN.html
Hindustan Times (4/2-2020)

Asked by Mauno Ritola today, BAI replied:
Spirit Radio was the only applicant so will be the only company with a possible commercial AM license in the Republic of Ireland.
The station on 1494 kHz “Energy FM” must be a pirate, transmitting occasionally.
Ydun Ritz (4/2-2020)

Re. Ireland items February 1st:
I asked Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and they said that there are no new AM licences being granted by them, so Dave, where is your info from?
Mauno Ritola (3/2-2020)

UNESCO will celebrate the 9th edition of World Radio Day on 13 February 2020. Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD).
Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium. This unique ability to reach out the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard. Radio stations should serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in their organizations and operations.
Details here:
Ydun Ritz (3/2-2020)

Changes to 1026kHz Knockbracken currently carrying Downtown Radio.
From 1 March 2020 this frequency will carry
2200-1900 Downtown Radio
1900-2200 Downtown Country
The existing VHF outlets of Downtown Radio will carry on 24 hours a day but with a new programme on the evenings. All country shows are moving off FM but continuing on MW.
The full Downtown Country station is on DAB in Northern Ireland 24 hours a day but will only be heard on MW for the existing 3 hours a day and will not be broadcast on FM from 1 March.
James Robinson (3/2-2020)


The following Canadian MW stations have be removed from the Industry Science and Economic Canada database signifying that they are no longer on air:
CBUU Clinton BC 1070; replaced with FM
CBUM Nakusp BC 900; replaced with FM
CHMO Moosonee ON 1450
CBLW White R. ON 1010; replaced with FM
CHFO Gatineau PQ 1350
CBSI-5 Natashquan PQ 1100; replaced with FM
CJBW Jans Bay SK 1330
CKDR-3 Hudson ON; replaced with FM
Andy Reid (1/2-2020)

I saw that report about “AM BC stations in Ireland getting licences as of January” [see below].
I never heard about this one- and being in the IRTS I would have been told about it a long time ago. Is there any link about it?
Only “Spirit Radio” on 549 kHz has a licence here in Ireland- noone else.
The station on 1494 kHz is gone again. It just comes up several times per year for a test. I live just 30 kilometres south of the person who runs it.
He has no licence and just does it for the “craic”. When it is running, it has- naturally- a huge signal here.
Regards Michael Foertig (1/2-2020)

Since last Friday 24th January, I have been hearing “Energy FM” which is sourced from Tenerife, being relayed by a transmitting facility based in County Sligo Ireland, reactivated on 1494 KHZ. This small low power transmitter has been often on air for short bursts relaying various stations, and then has then disappeared for very long periods of time.
With the allowing of many new am licences in Ireland as from January 2020 it may well be that this channel will be permanently on air. Watch this space.
Dave Angell (30/01-2020)

Two Canadian MW stations are lowering their power because of technical issues:
CFBC 930 Saint John New Brunswick will go from 50kWs to 2kWs day and 150 watts at night:
CKAD 1350 Middleton Nova Scotia will go from 1KW at night to 400 watts. Day power will remain 1kW:
Andy Reid (27/1-2020)

Broadcasting in Russian of Russian stations on medium waves – Russia / Pridnestrovie (Transnistria).
– Vesti FM round the clock / 1413 kHz / 500 kW / Mayak (Pridnestrovie)
– Pravoslavnoe Radio of St. Petersburg. 02.00-06.00 and 14.00-18.00 UTC / 828 kHz / 10 kW / St. Petersburg (Olgino)
– Radio Gazeta “Slovo”, 06.00-14.00 and 18.00-02.00 UTC / 828 kHz / 10 kW / St. Petersburg (Olgino)
– Radio Maria. 07.00-11.00 and 15.00-19.00 UTC / 1053 kHz / 10 kW / St. Petersburg
– Radio Radonezh. 16.00-21.00 UTC / 684 kHz / 10 kW / St. Petersburg (Olgino)
– Radio Vostok Russii. The broadcasting direction is Khabarovskiy kray. 21.00-12.00 UTC / 765 kHz / 5 kW
/ Berezovy 5 kW
/ Bikin 5 kW
/ Bogorodskoye 5 kW
/ Vyazemsky 5 kW
/ De-Castries 20 kW
/ Komsomolsk-on-Amur 5 kW
/ Krasnoe 5 kW
/ Sovetskaya Gavan 5 kW
/ Troitskoe 20 kW
/ Khabarovsk 5 kW
/ Zimmermanovka 5 kW
/ Chegdomyn 5 kW
/ Yagodny
(Handbook “Broadcasting in Russian. B19: Fall 2019 – Spring 2020”)
“RUS-DX” #1065 via Anatoly Klepov (27/1-2020)

About the reception of bbc radio 5 it might be caused by the receiver. bbc radio 5 is on 693 khz1386 is double that frequency.
It can be a kind of interference if the receiver is used nearby a high power 693 mediumwave station and the receiver used cannot handle that high level signal properly, of the hf circuit is not properly adjusted. In holland I had a similar problem living nearby highpower 1008 and 747 transmitter.
Greetings, Jan Roggeveen from the Netherlands (24/1-2020)

Found out the name of station on 1386, its a university station from London (blast radio from university of west london uk) on 1386 sometimes links up with bbc radio 5, the name of the station is blastradio, email adress
73, Jon Collins (24/1-2020)

Wondering what the location is for BBC Radio 5 heard with football etc on 1386 at 21:30 utc-gmt with very strong reception in Birmingham UK, underneath are radios free europe/ radio liberty in the russian language but can easily be nulled out; my radio tecsun pl-660+tecsun am-mw loop.
73, Jon Collins (23/1-2020)
My best guess would be a LPAM on 1386 kHz relaying BBC Radio 5, but I really don’t know. Anybody any ideas?
Ydun Ritz (24/1-2020)

Carillon Wellbeing Radio.
The transmission site on 1476 is using a helical type antenna constructed from a fibre pole 23.8m high self supporting, most days I run an evaluation on different sdr to try an evaluate its efficiency particularly on sky wave. The electrical efficiency works out at about 63%.
So far we have had now over 3800 reports some as far away as Canada and Newfoundland. If the antenna is of interest have a look at our YouTube ( towards the end [13,12 minutes into the video] it shows the setup.
More on the Carillon Wellbeing Radio history can be found here
Future plans, as mentioned in the video, includes DAB.
Thanks to Jon Sketchley, the founder of Carillon Wellbeing Radio, for this information.
Ydun Ritz (22/1-2020)

801 KHz Radio Italia Gosford has been off air for some time, but today I confirmed it for the first time. This used to be a loud groundwave signal into Sydney. Great news for Sydney and nearby DXers.
There is a current radio progression of MW -> FM -> DIGITAL. The high power ABC radio regional stations will likely be the last remaining, especially given the recent Australian bushfire disaster. It would be wise to record what remaining MW stations are on air before they go off. Like analog TV, they won’t be back. I note from Alan Davies’ list that quite of few former high power MW transmitters have been off for some time [1].
Here is a shortlist in order of reception probability for NSW DXers what might be possible on 801 KHz:
801 5RM Classic Hits Berri, South Australia AUS 2 kW, oldies.
801 4QY ABC Far North Cairns Queensland AUS 2 kW.
801 Rhema Nelson, New Zealand 1 or 2 kW, religious.
801 China, various nominal 10 kW.
801 Indonesia.
Regards, Todd to ICDX-AM (21/01-2020)

New MW radio station Museumsradio AM 1476 in Salzkammergut will hopefully come to the airwaves during Spring 2020. Programme will consist mostly of music from old vinyl records. (site in German)
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (19/1-2020)

Ofcom have approved Talk Sport‘s request to reduce medium wave coverage but no date has yet been given.
There are 7 transmitters which will not carry Talk Sport in future. These are:
1053 kHz: Londonderry MF
1053 kHz: Plumers Barracks
1053 kHz: Pearce’s Hill
1053 kHz: Rosemarkie
1089 kHz: Redruth MF
1089 kHz: Redmoss MF
1107 kHz: Occombe
James Robinson (16/1-2020)

The BBC has announced plans to close the following transmitters on the shown frequencies between February and June 2020
585 kHz Dumfries
630 kHz Redruth MF
630 kHz Luton MF
657 kHz Bodmin
666 kHz Fulford
810 kHz Redmoss
855 kHz Postwick
882 kHz Forden
882 kHz Tywyn
999 kHz Fareham
1125 kHz Llandrydrodd Wells
1161 kHz Kempston MF
1260 kHz Scarborough
1359 kHz Fern Barrow
1458 kHz Wrekerton
1458 kHz Whitehaven MF
1485 kHz Wallasey
and one other. This site is not yet known.
James Robinson (14/1-2020)

I can confirm that:
1. Rete Italia – Shepparton 1629kHz is back on air. Seams to be exactly on frequency. TX site still unknown.
2. Radio Nostalgia – Melbourne 1629kHz back on air for a couple of months now.
3. Rete Italia – Wangaratta 1620kHz – still off air
4. Earlier I reported that Vision Christian Radio – Bathurst 1629kHz is now back on air.
Ian via mwmasts (14/1-2020)

Information about closure of BBC local AM
The stations which will no longer be transmitted on MW are:
§ Three Counties Radio (3CR) [603 kHz / 1161 kHz]
§ Radio Merseyside [1485 kHz]
§ Radio Newcastle [1458 kHz]
§ Radio Solent (for Dorset) [1359 kHz]
§ Radio Solent [999 kHz]
§ Radio Cornwall [630 kHz / 667 kHz]
§ Radio York [1260 kHz / 666 kHz]
In addition, the following stations will have reduced MW coverage:
Radio Scotland
§ Areas in and around both Aberdeen and Kirkcudbright [Redmoss 810 kHz / Dumfries 585kHz]
Radio Wales
§ Tywyn, Forden and Llandrindod Wells transmitter areas [Twyen882 kHz, Forden 882 kHz, Llandrindod 1125 kHz]
Radio Cumbria
§ Areas in and around Whitehaven [1458 kHz]
Radio Norfolk
§ Areas in and around Norwich [855 kHz]
73 Jarmo Patala, Hyvinkaa Finland (13/1-2020)

Further changes to some BBC local radio medium wave services
Monday 13 January 2020, 9:00
Kieran Clifton, Director, BBC Distribution and Business Development
In my blog posted in the summer of 2017, I explained the BBC’s plans for local radio and the reasons for the closure of some of our medium wave transmitters – which happened in January last year. This was the first stage of putting into action a plan that the BBC originally announced in 2011. Starting in February 2020, and completing in mid-2020, we will be moving on to the next stage of the plan, closing a further 18 medium wave transmitters across England, Scotland and Wales. There is a list of services affected at the end of this blog post.
My earlier blog post explained why we are closing some local medium wave transmitters, but I wanted to recap again here. The majority of radio listening in the UK – including to the BBC – is now digital, and digital listening is continuing to grow. We want to make our services available to you when and how you want them, but it’s also right that the BBC continues to ensure that the ways we distribute our services represent good value for money for you, the licence fee payer.
The BBC is committed to a digital future for radio, and in the past few years we have funded local DAB expansion, made all local radio stations available on digital terrestrial TV (such as Freeview), and we have transformed our online and mobile offering with BBC Sounds. Together with FM (which has recently been expanded for Radio Wales), these ways of receiving our stations now make up the great majority of listening, and as a result continuing to transmit these services on medium wave would no longer represent good value for money.
This change was planned as long ago as 2011, but we have taken a measured approach to implementing it to ensure that as many of you as possible have already moved on to other ways of receiving the services before we make this change. We know that the changes will impact some of you, and that’s why we’re speaking about the plans again now. We want to make sure that people listening to these transmissions will be able to use other methods to hear the same programmes.
All stations which will be affected will continue to be on FM and digital outputs (such as DAB, digital television, or online). For most people, re-tuning their radios or cars to FM or DAB is likely to be the simplest solution.
You can use our Problem Assistant tool to get more information on how to access all BBC services in your area.
The stations which will no longer be transmitted on MW are:
§ Three Counties Radio (3CR)
§ Radio Merseyside
§ Radio Newcastle
§ Radio Solent (for Dorset)
§ Radio Solent
§ Radio Cornwall
§ Radio York
In addition, the following stations will have reduced MW coverage:
Radio Scotland
§ Areas in and around both Aberdeen and Kirkcudbright
Radio Wales
§ Tywyn, Forden and Llandrindod Wells transmitter areas
Radio Cumbria
§ Areas in and around Whitehaven
Radio Norfolk
§ Areas in and around Norwich 13 January 2020 via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (13/1-2020)

The news comes from BDXC @ and originally was from the BBC website blog. Kieran Clifton announced a further 18 MW closures covering England Scotland and Wales. It was announced today – 13 January 2020. Thanks also go to Dave Kenny for his analysis of the initial announcement.
The closures will take place between February and the middle of this year.
Above my 1kW threshold are the following due to close…..
In England – Fareham 999kHz, Liverpool – Wallasey 1485kHz , Newcastle-on-Tyne – Wrekenton 1458kHz, Norwich – Postwick 855kHz, and Redruth – Lanner Hill 630kHz.
In Scotland – Aberdeen – Redmoss 810kHz, and Dumfries 585kHz.
In Wales – Forden 882kHzLlandrindod Wells 1125kHz, and Tywyn 882kHz.
Further announcements will come re exact closure dates.
Dan Goldfarbmwmasts (13/1-2020)

It has been reported by one Aussie media source that 2XL 918kHz switched off their MW TXer today.
Am wondering about how sensible it is switching off these MW transmitters off after the transition to FM in the mountainous, hilly terrain areas of national parks, native bushland and where communities are sited amongst given the horrendous bushfires that continue to rage across NSW and Victoria (and isolated parts of SA).
Several FM transmitter buildings, antenna installations and infrastructures in south east NSW and SE Vic have been destroyed by fires leaving people without a means of knowing what is going on after fire has destroyed powerlines, telecommunications, radio and TV infrastructure – which is often located on hills or mountain tops surrounded by dense bushland and highly flammable eucalyptus trees.
We once had Radio Australia SW transmission facilities at Shepparton that was sometimes used for emergency purposes for QLD. Seams to me that the importance of retaining and reactivating (in some cases) MW and SW domestic broadcasting should be reviewed in light of the recent and continuing fire emergencies.
MW transmission antennas in this country are often located in open cleared land where the fire threat is low or where it can be more easily controlled.
Ian via mwmasts (13/1-2020)

According to December 19 edition of Chinese radio information site National Radio (CNR) is planning to set up the transmitter site for Voice of Greater Bay Area in Macau. In December 2019, the equipment needed was tendered and procured. No admission was given from Macau Government at the time. 1kW FM transmitter was temporarily set at Mt.Chuandi transmitter site of CNR Zhuhai Radio and TV station in Zhuhai city (in Chinese mainland) on the opposite bank of Macau. The planning frequency has not been announced yet.
In the end of December 2019, CNR’s “Voice of Greater Bay Area” is transmit from the following sites in Pearl River Delta region:
Foshan FM93.2MHz
Guangzhou FM98.0MHz
Zhongshan FM101.2 MHz (Mt.Wugui transmitter site)
Zhuhai AM1215kHz
“Greater Bay Area” is the name of large megalopolis on the coast of Guangdong province, consisting 9 cities in Pearl River Delta region of Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau, advocated by Chinese government in 2016.
Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via WOR (12/1-2020)

VOAR 1210 in St. John’s has gone off the air.
Matthew Gillie informs us that VOAR 1210 in St. John’s did indeed go dark yesterday as planned after flipping to 96.7 FM. VOAR is one of Canada’s oldest radio stations signing on the air in 1929.
VOAR’s history can be found on this link to the CCF site: rx67k1W35v9ObE8CYFqIlpJmUAedWsgHLBs1qGTpE
Canadian Radio News fb group (11/1-2020)

Radio Vision Cristiana is now rebuilding its Medium Wave station in South Caicos – acc. to direct information from the station. Radio Vision Cristiana was broadcasting on 530 kHz from South Caicos until it was knocked out by Hurricane Frances in 2004. The planned new on-air date is not known.
Stig Hartvig NielsenWRTH (10/1-2020)

Radio208 on 1440 kHz has increased power from 300 W to 500 W this afternoon and a new audio processor has been connected.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Radio208 (9/1-2020)

The following 3 stations of All India Radio have closed down their 1 kW MW transmitters in favour of FM transmitters of same power very recently
1, Joranda, Odisha State 1485 kHz
2. Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh State 1584 kHz
3. Soro, Odisha State 1485 kHz
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India to mwmasts (8/1-2020)

Dhivehi Raajjeyege Adu [Voice of Maldives1449 kHz has begun service 29 Dec. 2019 from its brand new 25 kW Nautel transmitter and the antenna field installed at Thilafushi island, 7 Km from Male, the Maldivian capital city.
Heard in Norway 31 Dec. via remote
Reidar Bø
 in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (4/1-2020)

183 kHz LW ceased at 2229 UTC and transmitter was noted of by 2300 UTC.
James Robinson (1/1-2020)