After several months off the air, today back the signal 1580 Khz from Bogotá, relaying 850 Khz “Candela 850” slogan: la del amor y el despecho.
Rafael Rodriguez to fb group (2021-01-21)


Digital Radio Mondiale in Focus in India.
Right from the beginning of 2021, Prasar Bharati, the public radio and TV broadcaster of India, has put its cards on the table. First it clarified that no AIR station was being closed anywhere in any state, a rumor that had made the media rounds in India.
The AIR Network already comprises a few hundred stations and several hundred radio transmitters in one of the world’s largest public service broadcasting networks that operates on multiple terrestrial, satellite and internet platforms.
Already in 2020 AIR had introduced nonstop pure DRM transmissions with three services or programs on one frequency in four key metros: Mumbai 100 kW (1044 kHz), Kolkata 100 kW (1008 kHz), Chennai 20 kW (783 kHz) and New Delhi 20 kW (1368 kHz).
Ruxanda Obreja, Chair of the Digital Radio Mondiale consortium in this article in RadioWorld (2021-01-16)


African MWDX to North America, northeast at least.
The Algerians on 531, 549, 576, 891, 981, and 1422 are major honkers here, certainly way better than Benin or Djibouti.
Besides 864, 774 and 819 are common out of Egypt.
Morocco: 596a, 612, 711 (or does that count as W. Sahara?), 936: poor modulation though.
Canary Islands count as Africa. 621 here is usually that, especially when conditions are running south so the co-channel lower power Spain outlets are cut off. Lack of RF from usual Spain blasters such as 585, 639, 684, 738, 774, 855, 999, 1044, 1107 would point the finger towards Canaries if a good 621 signal is present. Also look for 720 trying to get past Portugal, Greenland, WGN et al.
Tunisia occasionally makes a showing on 630 and 963.
South Africa 828 (and occasionally other channels) reaches US / Canada East Coast sites. Due to low angle arrival, going even a short distance inland drops the signal like a rock. Often a summer thing here when it’s winter below the Equator … just as with the deep South Americans.
Old-plan channel 917 Nigeria might show up as a waterfall trace distinguishable from 918. Getting audio is a struggle.
Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique, and a few other African countries make occasional showings at beach sites. Check Roy’s Cape Cod reports, Bill W’s Lubec logs, NL logs, and PEI logs.
Mark Connelly, South Yarmouth, MA Jan 18, IRCA iog via WOR (2021-01-19)


(CRTC) Power increase approved for CHHA 1610 Toronto.
The San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre got the go ahead today to increase the power at CHHA 1610 in Toronto from 6,250 watts to 10,000 watts (fulltime). All other technical parameters would remain unchanged.
San Lorenzo stated that CHHA experiences signal deficiencies within its primary (15 mV/m) daytime contour that result in it regularly receiving reception complaints from listeners.
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-01-15)

United States

WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests
Todays dx test has begun, now till 6am est (1100 utc Sunday).
Sorry I was a few minutes late making the switch to 5kw but we are officially at high power at our daytime pattern. Please enjoy!
Duke Hamann to WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests fb group (2021-01-16)

United States

KXYZ-1320-Houston, formerly with a multi-ethnic format, now carries the Black Information Network and is using a “Houston’s BIN 1320” slogan.
Mike Jeziorski to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2021-01-15)


Recently I wrote to you that Radio-Gazeta Slovo (radio newspaper “Word”) 828 kHz stopped broadcasting at night. Today Alexander Beryozkin from Saint Petersburg DX Club corrected me: they only reduced broadcasting at night, not stopped. They broadcast 06:00-14:00 UTC and 18:00-22:00 UTC (09:00-17:00 and 21:00-01:00 MSK). 
Sergey Kolomiytsev (2021-01-14)