Despite the nationwide blackout in Bangladesh ( the powerhouse of Bangladesh Betar with 1000 kW from Dhaka is active on 693 kHz, with good signal on this SDR: The home service on 4750 kHz is also on air. The station is airing announcements and phone-in programs right now.

Tringer László HNG (2022-10-04)


UR-1 is missing from 657 kHz since a few days ago, only Iran can be heard during the night at my QTH. Maybe the transmitter failed? Or they switched off to save electricity? Because the conflict zone is far from  Chernivtsi at these days… It can be an acceptable reason, by the way. UR-1 is still active on 873, 1278 and 1404 kHz.

László Tringer HNG (2022-10-03)


CRI Japanese on 1044kHz has been on air again.
Japanese service of China Radio International announced on March 25 2022 that their medium wave transmission on 1044kHz at 1100-1600UT will be off the air due to the transmitter maintenance until September 25 2022. Actually the transmission has been again on air from October 2 2022. The transmission on 1044kHz is over NRTA Transmitting Station 623 in Henglin town, Wujin district, Changzhou City, Jangsu province, east of Nanjing, using Harris DX-1000 transmitter. Maximum power is 1000kW, but WRTH2022 lists as 600kW. The signal seems to be a little weaker than before. Might they further reduce the power?

Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan to WOR iog (2022-10-03)


MULTIPLE CMES ARE COMING: NOAA forecasters say there is a chance of G2-class geomagnetic storms on Oct. 4th when multiple CMEs might sideswipe Earth’s magnetic field. Most of the incoming CMEs were hurled into space by sunspot AR3110, which unleashed a series of strong flares (M5.9, M8.7, X1) over the weekend. During G2-class storms, naked-eye auroras can descend into the United States as low as New York and Idaho.

A BIG DANGEROUS SUNSPOT: One of the biggest sunspots in years has just rotated over the sun’s northeastern limb. AR3112 has a mixed-polarity magnetic field that harbors energy for strong X-class solar flares. The appearance of this dangerous sunspot could herald two weeks of high solar activity as it transits the Earth-facing side of the sun.
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Ydun Ritz (2022-10-03)


Grigoriopol 999 kHz is listed with 500 kW in mwlist.
Wasn’t that 1000 kW in the past and does anybody of our reader know why it has been changed?

Marco (2022-10-02)

United States

1490 WWPR Bradenton.
I tuned in last night at 11 PM and heard WWPR back on. They are restoring power to Bradenton. Some areas still don’t have power.

Martin Foltz to irca iog (2022-10-01)