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Pacific Asian Log.
The November 2021 edition of  the Pacific Asian Log (PAL) is now available.  It can be downloaded from the Radioheritage website https://www.radioheritage.com/ (Go to the “Radio Guides” drop down menu)

Members of the IRCA mailing list in groups.io can also download the PAL from the files page at

As usual, many changes and updates have been incorporated into this latest edition.  I’ve also added a Parallels section listing the frequencies used by various networks throughout the region. It should be
helpful for those who check parallel frequencies during their DX sessions.

Comments and updates from users are welcome and encouraged.  They can be sent to 

First issued in 2001, The PAL lists medium wave and domestic shortwave broadcasting stations in southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific.  It lists nearly 5000 stations in over 50 countries, with frequencies, call signs, locations, power, networks, schedules, languages, formats, networks and other information.

Bruce Portzer to WOR iog (2021-12-02)


Minor geomagnetic storms are possible on Dec. 3rd when a CME might sideswipe Earth’s magnetic field. The storm cloud was hurled into space on Nov. 29th by an erupting filament of magnetism in the sun’s southern hemisphere. According to NOAA computer models, the bulk of the CME should sail south of our planet with a near miss just as likely as a glancing blow.

Ydun Ritz (2021-12-02)


Today at 11.30 UTC in Pesaro (central Italy), I heard several low power stations using a car radio (located by the sea).
Strong signal reported for Amica Radio Veneta on kHz 1017, Media Radio Castellana on kHz 1098, Media Veneta Radio on kHz 1278 and Radio Diffusione Europea on kHz 1584.

Alberto V., Pesaro (2021-12-01)

South Korea

According to the website of KBS World Radio Japanese language broadcast in South Korea, 1170kHz will be suspended from December 1 to 31 due to facility construction.
Currently, in Tokyo, Japan, I can receive Mongolian broadcasts from Chifeng Radio and Television Station Mongolian General Radio (赤峰广播电视台蒙古语综合广播) in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China and Chinese broadcasts from the unknown Chinese station on 1170kHz. These cannot usually be received.

Koji Shimotori to DXing.info fb group (2021-12-01)


DCF77 time code transmitter will remain in operation.
DCF77 is a German longwave time signal and standard-frequency radio station. It started service as a standard-frequency station on 1 January 1959. In June 1973 date and time information was added. Its primary and backup transmitter are located in Mainflingen, about 25 km south-east of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The transmitter generates a nominal power of 50 kW, of which about 30 to 35 kW can be radiated via a T-antenna.

It operates on a frequency of 77.5 kHz.
Most European radio clocks and watches, and many industrial applications rely on its accurate time signals.
Its official range is 2,000 km (1,243 mi).It’s recently been announced that it will remain in operation for another 10 years, until 2031.

Mike Terry to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2021-11-30)

United States

Of special interest.
630 KID ID, Idaho Falls noted silent since 11/7. We took a drive to their transmitter site (only about 7 miles away) and found one of their towers was gone.
Their nighttime signal was very weak for the past three months and I could regularly hear KQNT Spokane WA coming in over KID. I called their office and nobody could tell me what was going on. (RSR-ID)
*(RSR) Rocky S Robello-Idaho Falls ID ka7eii@gmail.com
 23 year old Sangean ATS-909 and Select-A-Tenna

Western DX Roundup, IRCA DX Monitor Dec 4, published Nov 29 via WOR iog (2021-11-30)


Pirate radio station “Free Waves Bay1575 kHz has already been registered in the well-known database of MW broadcasters – http://www.mwlist.org/mwlist_quick_and_easy.php?area=1&kHz=1575 :
RUS / Radio Free Waves Bay / Smolensk / 2 kW / unlicensed, vf, ex Radio Komintern, QTH based on tentative df, power estimated.

Heard very loudly in Minsk (during the daytime as a local)


“We know our content is being broadcast on air. The main frequencies are 3940 kHz (presumably a converted military transmitter from the side, traveling on wheels from the Chernobol zone, possibly remotely controlled). Frequency 1575 kHz (Presumably, the power is about 2 kW and the source of the broadcast is in the swamps of St. Petersburg).
The reported frequency is 7300 kHz. There is a message about the broadcast at a frequency of 1777 kHz and the desire to continue it. We know for sure that there is broadcasting on FM, but we will not give
either the frequency or the location, since we only take into account AM. If there are other frequencies, then you can tell us, it may make sense to post information about the reception (reports) and about
these frequencies. We remind you that we do not have our own transmitter, but we answer letters with reports, at least out of courtesy to the correspondents and respect for the successes of our repeaters. About a hundred of these cards have already been sent out.
All editions of our programs can be listened to and downloaded on the
website under the heading Listen and download”.
Vadim Komarovhttp://id043199.myrh.ru/

RUS-DX via Glenn Hauser to WOR iog (2021-11-28)

United States

Confirmed Changes
Boise – Cumulus Media Conservative Talk 670 KBOI will add a simulcast on what is now Sports “93.1 The Ticket” KTIK-FM on January 4. The Sports format will continue to be heard on 1350 KTIK and new translator 95.3 K237HA.

Expected Changes
Albuquerque – iHeartMedia’s 1350 KABQ dropped its Podcast programming to temporarily become “Santa 1350“.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-11-26)


Local nongovernmental FM radio station from Chernihiv Svoboda.FM have plans to start broadcasting on the medium wave frequency of 1422 kHz. Svoboda.FM has already obtained license, including this frequency, from the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine (НР № 01501-м) valid from 10.05.2019 till 10.05.2026.
Here are some interesting details which can be found in NCTRBU’s decision № 596 from 18.04.2019:
Transmitter location: Chernihiv
Address: vul. Remisnycha, 53-b, Chernihiv, Ukraine
Frequency: 1422 kHz
Output power of the transmitter: 0.2 kW
Time of broadcasts: 24 hours a day

From Ukrainian DX Blog (2021-11-21)

Marco (2021-11-26)