Listening to Super Strength Ethiopian MW 1485 kHz 10kW (WRTVH2021) Negele Borana. As I listened I thought it sounded like Amharic but again more like Somali and so I knew this must be close to the Somalian border, sure enough its in the Oromia region. Incredible for just 10kW. If you listen to the recording you see the MW characteristics of slowly fading down to come back.
Negele (or Neghelle) is a town and separate district in southern Ethiopia. Located in the Guji Zone of the Oromia Region on the road connecting Addis Ababa to Dolo Odo, it is the largest town in the Borena Zone, traditionally inhabited by the Borana Oromo. It has a latitude and longitude of 5°20′N 39°35′ECoordinates: 5°20′N 39°35′E with an altitude of about 1,475 meters above sea level. Negele Borana’s principal importance is that a barrack revolt in this town is considered the first incident of the Ethiopian Revolution.[1] Moyale town is greatly affected by the regional clashes between Borana and the Somali community. It’s believed that Somali community were settled by the Ethiopian government back in 1991 as refugees due to war in Somalia. Ethiopian government have taken little mechanism to address this sole and disturbing issues.(Wikipedia)
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Victor Goonetilleke to WRTH fb group (2021-07-27)


There is DRM on 747 now. I’m getting decoding on both Melbourne & Adelaide Kiwi’s. Nothing this side of the Tasman though.
As I read the licence this is a DRM/AM simulcast test using the 3RN licence. The “thou shalt not interfer” will be to make sure local listeners on 756 don’t get too much hiss from the DRM signal. This was a bit of an issue when there were simulcast tests on 657 kHz in Wellington years ago.
Chris Mackerell to ICDX-AM iog (2021-07-26)


ABC Radio National DRM tests on MW.
Great news coming from Australia, ABC National Radio is testing in DRM mode on 756 kHz, from the Broadcast Australia Site at Dockers Plains, Victoria. It was heard by a listener at Melbourne at around 1300 UTC, will share full schedule once available.
Technical Details :
ABC Radio National DRM Test
Logged : 21 July 21
Frequency : 756 kHz AM/747 kHz DRM
Time : 1300 UTC
Txer Site : Dockers Plains, Victoria
DRM mode A
9 kHz Channel
Services: 1. xHE_AAC (F03201) Radio National EEP Audio 16.40 kbps
Alokesh Gupta
Svenn Martinsen to DX-LISTENERS’s CLUB (2021-07-25)


Waiting for the CME.
A CME expected to sideswipe Earth’s magnetic field on July 23rd did not arrive on time. It might have missed, or it may yet deliver a glancing blow later today. There is a slight chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms in response to a tardy arrival on July 24th.

Long duration solar flare.
Today began with an explosion on the sun. Minutes after UT midnight, sunspot AR2849 erupted, producing a long-duration C4-class flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the ultraviolet flash:An hour-long pulse of X-rays and ultraviolet radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting the usual propagation of radio waves over the Pacific Ocean. Mariners, aviators, and ham radio operators may have noticed sudden drops in signal strength at frequencies below 20 MHz.
Mike Terry to WOR iog (2021-07-24)


National Broadcasting Day: All India Radio came a long way since 1927.
It is true that today technology has made a lot of progress and information from different parts of the world is just a click away. But the journey was started with the Radio. In India, “National Broadcasting Day” is celebrated on 23rd July every year to make people aware of the importance of radio. Radio has been an important part of the lives of people in India. On this day in the year 1927, the broadcast of radio started from Bombay station for the first time in the country under a private company called Indian Broadcasting Company of India (IBC).
Mike Terry to WRTH fb group (2021-07-23)

United States

WFNI 1070 Indianapolis to go dark August 2.
It very likely will not go dark but Emmis will request some STA for limited low power operation from some other AM site or some temporary antenna lashup.  That is because the FCC’s rules for FM translators for AM stations
do not allow the translators to stay on air if the AM signal is not in operation – even if it’s just off-air for repair or maintenance, and certainly not if it has a “silent” STA.  Unless of course Emmis turns off the translators as well.
Ben Dawson to WOR iog (2021-07-20)

United States

WBAA 920 AM IN sold to WFYI.
Have no actual data but heard a snippet on the news that WBAA has been sold. The first and oldest radio station licensed in Indiana. Was owned by Purdue University and had been an early NPR affiliate. Have no details but evidently Purdue wanted out of the business after all these years and the station has been taken over by WFYI, a PBS TV station and NPR radio station located in Indianapolis.
Have no idea if the studios will be moved elsewhere or not but some employees have been let go though it was stressed that most of the programs on the station now would continue to be available. As I said, it was just a snippet on the news. It was affectionately known as “the sheep station” both because of being owned by Purdue and the call letters. Don’t know if the call letters will change or not. Several years ago a group known as Friends of WBAA started up a HD version of the transmissions possibly on FM but I don’t have any HD radios so never checked it out. Have no idea if this is included in the sale or not.
John Carver, Mid-North Indiana to WOR iog (2021-07-19)

United States

WFNI 1070 Indianapolis to go dark August 2.
WFNI 1070 kHz 50 kw day/10 kw night, different patterns (4 towers day/6 towers night) in Indianapolis will go dark August 2.Their night pattern dominates 1070 here in Aiken with a mix of WFLI and WCSZ when nulled.Still, maybe a chance for DXers in the central U.S. to hear KNX.

EMMIS COMMUNICATIONS is shutting down the AM signal of Sports WFNI-A-W228CX-W298BB (93.5/107.5 THE FAN)/INDIANAPOLIS on AUGUST 2nd after closing on the sale of some of the land under the station’s AM transmitter and tower array in WHITESTOWN, IN. The programming will continue on the two FM translators, W228CX and W298BB, and online, fed by WIBC-HD2. EMMIS had the site rezoned for mixed-use commercial/residential use over a year ago and listed the 70-acre site; several acres have been sold or are under contract, with some sites remaining on the market.
“As long-time owners of 1070, we are working diligently on finding the next great use for the signal,” said Chairman JEFF SMULYAN. “We were offered a wonderful opportunity to monetize the property and felt it was our obligation to explore that. Ultimately, it made the most sense.”
The AM signal was formerly the longtime home of News-Talk WIBC before that station moved to FM in 2007 and THE FAN was launched.
Brock Whaley, Aiken SC to WOR iog (2021-07-19)