Scandinavian Weekend Radio (1602 kHz)
Spring break. Next shows are the 3rd June 2023,1st July 2023, 5th August,
Autumn break,7th October 2023, 4th November 2023, 2nd December 2023.

Kari Kallio to nordx iog (2023-04-29)

United States

Station Sales.

Edward Baker is transferring multiple signals between Positive Alternative Radio and his other license holding companies.
WKGM Inc. will donate Christian Preaching 940 WKGM Smithfield/Norfolk VA to PAR with the donation valued at $450,000. Base Communications’ Southern Gospel “Joy-FM890 WKNV Fairlawn VA is donated to PAR in a transfer valued at $80,000. Big River Radio Inc. donates Christian Preaching 1080 WOKT Canonsburg KY/106.7 W294CP Huntington WV in what is being valued at $150,000. The three stations will be converted to non-commercial status.
Positive Alternative Radio will also trade 97.1 W246CR Christianburg VA to Base Communications in exchange for 102.3 W272EA Fairlawn/Pulaski. W246CR will continue to rebroadcast Baker’s Dublin Radio LLC Sports “ESPN Blacksburg” Dublin, while W272EA will continue to rebroadcast WKNV.

Iola Broadcasting sells “Kiks Country” 101.5 KIKS-FM and Talk/Sports 1370 KIOL/99.3 K257GM Iola KS to Ad Astra per Aspera Broadcasting for $325,000.

La Promesa Foundation will receive “St. Valentine Catholic Radio1010 KDJW Amarillo/94.5 K233CB Canyon and Spanish Catholic “Radio San Toribio” 1360 KTNZ/93.5 K228FO Amarillo TX as a gift from Catholic Radio of the Texas High Plains. La Promesa operates Catholic networks in both languages under the “Guadalupe Radio” name.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-04-28)


From Saturday, April 29, 2023, Radio Seabreeze in Grou for the north of the Netherlands on AM 1395 and in Laren for the center of the Netherlands on AM 1098.

Radio Seabreeze in Laren will move from 1395KHz to 1098KHz. Radio Seabreeze currently has two transmitters on the air on 1395KHz and because this sometimes causes interference in the area where the transmitters overlap, the transmitter in Laren is going to 1098KHz. This should lead to a significant improvement, particularly in North Holland, Flevoland and parts of Overijssel.

Nico, Gouda HOL (2023-04-28)


On 1485, there is a continuous beeping, it looks like it is part of an AM modulation. It is very strong and audible via many SDRs in Germany and NL.

In Eastern Europe, it looks like it is less strong. For me it looks like it comes from Western Germany/Benelux.

Marco (2023-04-26)

United States

WMNA 730.
Saul Chernos posted this just now on FB, anyone closer to confirm format switch?

“730 WMNA VA Gretna is listed as sports and even maintains a web site with that running on its stream. But I am almost certain I heard an ID amidst southern gospel that included 104.3 in the ID. I found the following FB item from 2021…
Someone closer to there might be able to figure out this in more definitive fashion…
WMNA has been heard here before…in 2011 with a local sports game live.”

Wayne Heinen to irca iog (2023-04-28)

I can verify that 730 WMNA Gretna is now Country Gospel.

Mike Westfall to irca iog (2023-04-28)

Space Weather

ANOTHER CME IS COMING: NOAA forecasters say that minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on April 27th when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. It was hurled into space on April 24th by an explosion in the sun’s southern hemisphere. Most of the CME will sail south of Earth, but its northern flank will probably touch our planet.

Ydun Ritz (2023-04-26)