When Hungary switches off its mediumwave transmitter at 1800 UTC Radio Studio X from Italy can currently be received on 1188 kHz.
Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2021-03-28)


KUAM 630 Guam returning to air, weakened from new antenna site:
According to this, KUAM ceased broadcasting 630 on May 1, 2020. It would continue on FM, streaming. No explanation of why. Station 2) was deleted from WRTH 2021 but the 2) reference remains.
Now, an FCC application to move its transmitter site has been approved. The old site was leased on a month-to-month basis and could not be relied upon.
The new site is at the KSDA shortwave! facility with what appears to be a temporary antenna design, to be at reduced power but sufficient to cover the island.
FCC AM Query now shows the original 10 kW info and, as applications, for the new site at 2.5 kW:

Here is the letter granting STA only until September 20, 2021:

The engineering statement with all the details, including diagrams of the antenna, maps of old and new coverage:

A month earlier, in February, KUAM applied to change from commercial to non commercial, and with a new licensee name, Good News Broadcasting, i.e. religious. It is not clear how closely or what relationship it now have to Adventist World Radio. Its old brand was “Isla 63“ music, by Pacific Telestations.

Expect the new facility to go on the 630 air once the license transfer be completed, with weaker signal and new format.
Glenn Hauser, OK, in WOR (2021-03-28)


I recently checked on the Internet and discovered that 999kHz 2ST Nowra NSW AUS closed its AM transmitter on March 1, 2021. It now resides on 91.7MHz FM.
999kHz is still used by 2NB Broken Hill NSW AUS.
Just of interest, 2ST commenced in 1972 on 1000kHz. Despite living up in Sydney NSW back then, 2ST could only be heard at night and not during the daytime.
Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM (2021-03-26)


Ukraine 873 kHz; on this SDR seems to be UR1
So it seems to be active, but it is very hard to receive at this time (local interference and other stations, Moldavia is sometimes stronger), but it sounds like 549 kHz, there is a little delay and the words are the same. It was evening reception some minutes ago.
Marco (2021-03-23)


At 02h35 UTC , 24-03-2021 , I get a S 9 with QSB on 1.476 khz from Radio Seagull (in 1973 it did came from the MV Mi – Amigo , Dutch Coast. It did transmit a few years ago from LV 18 (Radio Waddenzee 1.602 khz) to night I also did hear that the say LV 18 ? but where those the signal does come from , some people told me that it did not come from The Netherlands but more possible the UK ?
Does some one know more about this … ?
Herman Content (2021-03-24)


XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) Life Waves.
Today Monday March 22, 2021, the XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) premiered the trade name as Waves of Life.
Waves of Life (1440 AM) streams Christian music (music programming), newscasts, spoken programs, health-talked programs and Christian talked programs.
The previous XEEST-AM 1440 kHz (1440 AM) trade name was Waves of Peace and transmitted Christian music (musical programming), talked-about programs, health-talked programs and Christian spoken programs.
The Traditional Waves of Life (1440 AM) signal can be heard on the Internet on its official website that is
The official Facebook social network of Waves of Life (1440 AM) is
Alejandro Badillo Albarrán (translated)
Tim Hall to fb group (2021-03-22)