Radio Monique is on MW 918 kHz as well as on SW [Ed]

“We are a member of Pirates for Peace. Do you with your expertise wanna be a helper of the Pirates for Peace? Create transmitters for troubled area’s like middle east, Syria, Russia, North Korea and China ? Send funds which so often needed or just put the logo on your website? Then send an email to   
Their message is; be someone of good will. Loving awareness is free and so are we. Radio Monique started on a radioship, take a look at the radio Monique International website  please tell us your message to the world  so we can mention that in the next show.
Regards : Crew radio Monique International. “

Kari Kallio to nordx iog (2022-07-31)


Auction IFT8
The IFT begins the delivery of the concession titles to the 40 winning participants of the IFT-8 Tender for the radio service in the AM and FM bands. (Communication 66/2022) July 14.

Mexico City, July 14, 2022.

As a result of this tender, the Institute will award 103 concession titles for the use of the radio spectrum, 87 in the FM band and 16 in the AM band, and 24 unique concessions in favor of 40 winning participants.
These winning participants complied with the conditions indicated in their respective ruling minutes, which included the payment of consideration and additional rights by those who won 2 or more frequencies, as well as the accreditation of the constitution of a commercial company by four consortia.
The aggregate amount of the fixed compensation was 384.2 million pesos.
During the process there were no disqualifications of participants.

full text in Spanish at 

via Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2022-07-30) 


No, no, both masts in Topolná are down.
There was a 90 minutes time span between the two demolitions.
Perhaps the observer/reporter on the site was not patient enough after the first demolition to wait for the second one  🙂

Karel Honzík (2022-07-30)


Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Sohail Ali Khan has said that Radio Pakistan will start its transmission from all its broadcasting houses round the clock very soon.
He was addressing a meeting at Radio Pakistan, Lahore on Friday.
Station Director Nazakat Shakeela, Controller News Sajjad Parvez along with sectional heads briefed him about their respective wings.
Director General said Radio Pakistan is upgrading its transmitters installed at different stations so that listeners can enjoy quality transmission across the country.
He said Radio Pakistan being the voice of the nation is playing an important role in dissemination of information and provision of entertainment and infotainment.
He urged the officials of the sales department to bring more business in order to make PBC financially sound.
The Director General said Radio Pakistan is country’s biggest custodian of oral history of Pakistan and soon it will take concrete steps for the copyrights of its broadcasting material.
He said that keeping in view the modern trends, Radio Pakistan also launched PODCAST service and streaming so that its transmission can be listened to in and outside the country.
Later, the Director General visited the Newsroom where Controller News Sajjad Parvez briefed that PBC News Bureau, Lahore is broadcasting daily current affairs program, “Lahore Insight” apart from producing PODCAST and coverage of the entire Punjab Province.
July 29th

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-07-30)

Bandscan LW

Conditions appear to be changeable on LW, there is no night the same as previous. 

Radio Medi 1 (Morocco) at 171 kHz was audible from about 05:17 AM to 06:12 AM Sydney time, stronger than usual. A short fragment recorded at 06:00 AM is attached. 

Romania at 153 kHz had its carrier audible from 05:30 AM, up and down to about 07:00 AM, with its peak at 06:03 AM Sydney time, however S/N rate was a bit too low for its audio to be heard. 

France precise time reference on 162 kHz (I understand that no audio being broadcasted these days) was audible from about 05:24 to 06:36 AM Sydney time.

Algeria on 252 kHz (new to me) had its carrier audible from 05:11 AM to 05:56 AM, peaking at about 05:30 AM. Audio signal was not audible, however. 

Poland on 225 kHz had its carrier audible from about 05:17 AM to 06:12 AM, peaking at 05:32 AM, however signal level too low for audio to be heard. 

Happy listening. Tomas, VK2CCC Sydney to ICDX-AM iog (2022-07-30)

United States

Press Communications has returned “The Breeze” to its Monmouth/Ocean NJ cluster as Oldies “Great Gold 1410WHTG/100.7 W264DH Eatontown has begun using the branding.

The new iteration of “The Breeze” is positioning as “The Jersey Shore’s Feel Good Station” while continuing to feature a 60s/70s based Oldies playlist. The station lists core artists as including Chicago, Donna Summer, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, The Bee Gees, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, Frankie Valli, and The Beach Boys.

The original iteration of the Breeze brand in the market was heard on 107.1 WWZY Long Branch and 99.7 WBHX Tuckerton from 2003 to 2013 evolving from Soft Oldies for much of its tenure before eventually evolving to AC and then Hot AC until rebranding.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-07-28)


Masts in Topolna -CZE- ex 270kHz are no more.
Two masts of the former high power Czech Radio transmitter in Topolná, Czechia (270kHz) were demolished today.

Karel Honzik, Czechia to mwcircle iog (2022-07-28)