Yesterday, 28 April, I was able to receive a weak signal on 1593 kHz here in Salzburg, Austria at around 14.00 UT. Due to the nature of the emission, I suspected a test transmission and the most obvious station here would be the German station Kall, which has already broadcast on 1593 kHz on a trial basis and has a licence for the frequency.
In fact, Christian Milling from the Shortwaveservice now confirmed the reception to me, it was a test for measurements by the Federal Network Agency “BnetzA”.
Christoph Ratzer to FB group (2021-04-29)


I observed a transmitter fault of Rádio Pátria 1521 kHz
The TX emitting wobbling and humming signal since a few days.
This phenomenon is the most significant, when interfering with other stations, sounds a jamming signal.
Tringer László (2021-04-30)

United States

Blarney Stone Broadcasting Sports “Up North Sports Radio” 101.1 WGRY-FM Rosscommon MI will begin airing on two additional frequencies on Monday, May 3.

WGRY’s programming will begin airing on Mitten News LLC’s Talk 1110 WJML Petoskey and 1210 WJNL Kingsley/101.1 W266CS Traverse City according to the Traverse Ticker. Blarney Stone and Mitten News have been running their stations in a Joint Sales Agreement since November 2019.

WGRY’s Sports format had previously been heard in the Traverse City market on 92.3 WBNZ Frankfort until the collapse of Blarney Stone’s LMA of Roy Henderson’s stations in 2019.

Up North Sports Radio airs Michigan Sports Network’s X’s and Bro’s Morning Show with Anthony Bellino from 6-9am and CBS Sports Radio programming the remainder of the day. The stations also carry Detroit Tigers baseball, Detroit Red Wings hockey, and Detroit Pistons basketball.
radioINSIGHT (2021-04-29)


IRRS moving to 918 kHz effective April 28, 2021.
We have received final approval for our new frequency. We will be moving from 594 to 918 kHz (daily from 1900-2300 CET) effective April 28, 2021. 918 kHz will be cleaner and propagate better into Central and Northern Europe at night.
WOR will also be moved from 594 to 918 kHz, at the usual times as previously scheduled.
Alfredo E. Cotroneo to WOR (2021-04-27)


Not exactly just a MW item but I think many DXers can remember the exciting feeling when receiving QSL cards and letters from abroad reaching their mailboxes.
Jaisakthivel Thangavel, a professor of Journalism and Communications at the University of Madras. is telling about this in an article published in “The New India Express” (2021-04-24)
It is well worth reading.
Ydun Ritz


738 kHz, the frequency of the World Radio Network, is being tested in Moscow.
The broadcasting license was renewed on January 22, 2021. The abbreviated name of the licensee is “Freedom Technology Foundation”. The license included a new broadcasting facility – Noginsk radio center 9. The power of the transmitting equipment is 50 kW.
Technical tests started on April 20 at ~ 11:45 Moscow time and continue now.
We are waiting for the full resumption of the broadcasting of the radio station!
The next test is scheduled for Thursday, April 22, between 13:00 and 16:00 MSK. The WRN editors will be grateful if you can evaluate and compare the quality of the signal that you received today and that which will be during the new test.
Please distribute the broadcast test information to all channels you have. The WRN editors really need to know about the quality of the emitted signal.
Contact coordinates –
Email mail: feedback2 @
Answering machine: +7 495 95 06 738 (works around the clock, speak after a service message and a beep)
Skype: wrn-russia
Please note that the sent letters, audio files, sound messages left on the answering machine and in Skype can be used in our programs without prior notice. Answers to questions asked and comments on our programs can be heard on the air of the “Radioset” program or within the framework of the program to which they were addressed.
For cooperation, write: partner2 @
Konstantin Barssenkov, St. Petersburg, Russia / “deneb-radio-dx” to RUS-DX 25 April via WOR (2021-04-25)