Greek pirate Radio Ekfrasi 1431.
1431 Radio Ekfrasi 26/5  1631 with nice old songs the presenter has a very nice radio voice. For around 20 minutes he only advised for dedications and salutations to  his listeners  Songs were quite good until 1635 then lowered the music quality to ‘heavier’ folk songs but after 1655  he returned to good songs.  

2×15 khz wide signal with 55+SNR signal  -75/-130db floor  

I stopped the SDR and continued  to listen via a portable Tecsun radio (signal 40/25) just in case  he advised any more personal info till the end of the program.  He didn’t notice any info.

Zacharias Liangas to mwcircle iog (2023-05-27)

United States

Stations Sales of Week 5/26

Taylor Made Broadcasting Network sells AC 100.9 KGLC and Country 910 KVIS Miami OK to Michael Landis’ Land Go Radio Group for $100,000. Land Go owns “SoMo Sports Radio” 1560 WMBH/101.3 K268CP Joplin and Oldies 101.3 KHST Lamar MO. Taylor Made retains Country 99.3 KGVE Grove OK.

Joshua Smith’s Yankee Kingdom Media Corp. will acquire Country 101.3 WYKR-FM Haverhill NH and Christian 1100 WTWN/105.1 W286DE Wells River VT from Puffer Broadcasting for $125,000. Smith will also acquire the station’s tower properties from Puffer’s Mill Street Enterprises in a separate deal. Smith recently served.

Dos Media buys Spanish CHR “La Selecta1050 WVXX/103.3 W277DF Norfolk VA from Hindlin Broadcasting for $850,000. Dos Media has been operating WVXX via Time Brokerage Agreement since March 2021.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2023-05-26)

United States

Well, WRSB Brockport NY has shifted from 1590 to 1600 in the last week or so. This is the station whose tower I can see from my porch. I could barely hear the signal at night on 1590 and that seems to be the case with 1600, too. In fact, there is a wicked blob on 1600 at 0200 UTC, which can only be WRSB, I think. See if you can hear the blob, too. Who knows? It may change your life, but probably won’t. 

Jim Renfrew, Clarendon NY to irca iog (2023-05-27)


Next Sunday Spain will celebrate municipal and regional elections.
RNE will have special local/regional programming:

0804, 0904 & 1004: 2 min. of regional info.
1850-1900: Regional
1955-2000: Regional
2025-2030: Local
0030*-…: 20 min. of Regional/Local info. This break does not have a fixed start time.
RNE-Castilla y León will do 10 min Regional, 10 min. Local. Other regions may make a different time sharing.

73! Mauricio Molano, Salamanca Spain (2023-05-26)


Only 1 AM station in Japanese Kanto area have decided to stop AM from February 2024.
According to May 21 issue of “Tokyo Simbun”, only 1 AM station in Kanto area have decided to stop AM from February 2024.

Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications permits AM commercial radio stations to stop AM on a trial bases for maximum 2 years from February  2024, if they request in November 2023, when all the AM radio stations renew licenses.

As for Kanto area (Tokyo and surrounded 6 prefectures), only 1 AM station out of 6 decided to stop AM.

Tokyo: Nippon Hoso (Kisarazu 1242kHz/Tokyo Sky Tree 93.0MHz), Bunka Hoso (Kawaguchi 1134kHz/Tokyo Sky Tree 91.6MHz), TBS Radio (Toda 954kHz/Tokyo Sky Tree 90.5MHz) do not stop AM, because 1) each station has only one AM transmitter site, 2) FM from Tokyo Sky Tree (634m) cannot cover the northern Kanto areas.

Kanagawa: Radio Nippon (Kawasaki 1422kHz/Odawara 1485kHz/Yokohama-Tsurumi 92.4MHz) is considering not stop AM because most of the listeners are old aged who prefer to listen on AM.

Tochigi: Tochigi Hoso (Utsunomiya 1530kHz/Nasu 864kHz/Ashikaga 1062kHz/Utsunomiya 94.1MHz/Ashikaga 91.1MHz/3 relays 93.4MHz)does not decided yet. Cause for concern is the low penetration of the FM radios receivable above 90MHz (Japanese old FM radio is covering only 76-90MHz).

Ibaragi: Ibaragi Hoso (Mito 1197kHz/2 relays 1458kHz/Tsukuba 88.1MHz/Hitachi 88.1MHz/Moriya 88.1MHz/Mito 94.6MHz) decided to stop AM because 100W FM transmitter in Tsukuba (located at the top of Mt.Hokyo 461m) can cover much wider areas than AM. 88.1MHz can be received by old FM radios for 76-90MHz.

Original article is

Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan to WOR iog (2023-05-24)


40th anniversary of Irish pirate raids.
It’s 40 years this week since a major clampdown on Irish pirate radio when Dublin stations Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio were raided by the authorities. Due to the high power of Radio Nova in particular, both stations were heard on the west coast of Britain on AM and sometimes on FM. Listen back here to recordings of that dramatic period on the Irish pirate radio archive by clicking here:

Forwarded from John Walsh. bdxc-news May 19th via WOR iog (2023-05-23)


According to this post the next transmission center is being sold and dismantled.
“Leningrad region. Radio center #11 Krasny Bor.
Before you is a transmitter broadcasting the program “Radio Teos” at a frequency of 1089 kHz.
Stopped in 2016. It was the last working transmitter.
The radio center is being dismantled. The land is being prepared for sale”

Marco (2023-05-22)


The latest from reliable sources: Transmissions of Country Radio on 639 kHz are expected to start in September. Still under negotiation is the power level, but it will under no circumstances be more than 50 kW, rather less.

The contract runs until yearend 2026. Continuing beyond this date requires a replacement of the guy ropes on the two 355 metres tall masts. Offices who stated that they consider the facility as critical infrastructure are expected to provide/secure funding for this expensive maintenance. Else it will be curtains and as precaution an application for the demolition of the antenna will indeed be filed.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-05-21)