X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: The sun produced another X-class solar flare today. Even though the responsible sunspot was located behind the edge of the sun, enough radiation reached our planet to cause a strong shortwave radio blackout. Learn more about today’s explosion @

Ydun Ritz (2022-04-30)

United Kingdom

I haven’t yet taken down the 305 degree beverage for the summer, so in view of the upcoming 1100 WCGA Woodbine GA DX Test I’ve switched the KiwiSDR to this antenna, and will revert back to the South American beverage around mid-day UTC tomorrow.
Whilst Georgia isn’t on the boresight of the antenna it should nevertheless pick up signals if conditions are favourable, especially since the station is located near the coast.  I walked the antenna yesterday, and it’s physically intact and operational.

Good luck!
Clashmore, Scotland – IO78HF.  Perseus SDR with Jaguar Pro, RPA-1 preamp, beverages: 420m at 46° (Asia), 460m at 236° (SAm), 920m at 305° (Mid-west), all terminated.

Martin Hall, GM8IEM to mwcircle iog (2022-04-30)


2368.43 R Symban 1740 via Hunter kSDR in NSW Australia with -80 dbm signal or S7 with nice old greek songs of the 70s, also heard them in synch to  1692.00!!!  at -72/S10 (!!) Tested with second thread to verify.

Zach Liangas to WOR iog (2022-04-29)

Yes , 1692kHz is a significantly better option in the Eastern states of Australia. I’ve tried 2368.5 kHz several times but it’s very faint in most locations I’ve tried.
Thanks for the report Zach.

Tim Gaynor, Unique Radio, AUS to WOR iog (2022-04-29)

United States

Station Sales:

Joel Hanson sells Washington Interstate Broadcasting Company and its Classic Hits “Hometeam 100.71490 KLOG/100.7 K264CU Kelso WA, “Cookin Country 105.5” KUKN Longview and Rock “101.5 The Blitz” K268BN Eufaula/KUKN-HD2 to John and Nicole Paul for $2.2 million. John Paul has served as General Manager of the stations since 2014 after a long run in programming with stints at WYRK and WBUF Buffalo NY, KUPL Portland, and Westwood One. He had began his career at KLOG and KUKN from 1987 to 1995.

Anthony Bucher’s Hitmaker Music Group is selling 1230 WGGG/92.1 W221DX Gainesville and 900 WMOP Ocala FL to William Johnson’s Urban One Broadcasting Network for $225,000. The deal comes one month after UOBN’s application for review at the FCC protesting the 2020 sale of those stations from Florida Sportstalk LLC to Hitmaker for $260,000 was rejected. UOBN claimed it had entered into an LMA with an option to buy the stations which was not executed due to racial discrimination, but Florida Sportstalk said there was no executed contract. WGGG and WMOP have continued to air Christmas music.

Brian McGlynn’s Genesee Media will purchase Oldies 850 WYLF/93.9 W230CZ Penn Yan NY from Tim Stratton’s Stratton Radio Broadcast Company for $260,000. Genesee Media owns stations in nearby Dansville and Brockport NY, while Stratton retains 1310 WOKR/95.5 W238DG Canandaigua, which he purchased from Genesee in 2019.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-04-29)


Now medium wave is on the air again in the Copenhagen area.
Radio208 is back on 1440 kHz (though with a broadcast break of 17-18 DST) from Ishøj – and
World Music Radio on 927 kHz from Hvidovre.

Ydun Ritz (2022-04-29)


Koekstad Radio is now audible on the Twente SDR on 675. Someone said their signal is stronger because they changed their grounding. I don’t have a reliable source for that yet.

Marco 2022-04-29)


918 KHz 4VL Charleville, QLD, Australia (2 kW) at 596 miles / 960 km into Sydney, NSW, makes for enjoyable listening during the evenings. I’ll take Fleetwood Mac, CCR, The Eagles, The Who, Elo, Sweet, and other bands in preference to any Australian radio talkback, and sport. 
4VL is sufficiently low powered that it can occasionally fully fade out enabling 918 KHz RNZ talk. Usually a stronger than usual 918 KHz RNZ signal will extend to other enhanced NZ signals like Auckland, and Wellington.
When Asia propagation path is enhanced, 918 KHz RNK Kampuchea is distinctly heard with metallic banging pots and pans type traditional music. They seem to mainly play music which will cut through the noise floor even more effectively than the ABC Majestic Fanfare theme.
I’ve never tried to associate solar indices with enhanced MW propagation. Just turn on the PR-D3 after around 11 PM, and check key Asian channels like 684, 783, 909, 918, 1386, and 1575 KHz. During recent months with the rain deluge, electrical thunderstorm static (either nearby, or ionospherically propagated), can render a listen session unusable.

Todd to ICDX-AM iog (2022-04-29)


China National Radio & Television Administration announced in March, they will end the broadcasting of 3 radio stations in the first fiscal quarter.
 1.CRI Beijing- 3  Foreign Language Lesson Station  Beijing 1008kHz
 2.Taian Travel Radio Station  Taian, Shandong Province 90.1MHz
 3.Jincheng Rural Radio Station  Jincheng, Shanxi Province 106.3MHz 
One DXer reports Beijing 1008kHz is now still on air, but is relaying “Easy FM”(CRI English language service), no foreign language lessons.

Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan to WOR iog (2022-04-29)

Benin / Swaziland

TWR Africa updated schedules and frequencies until October/2022:

UTC Day Khz Language
04:47-05:17 1…… 1476 English
17:25-18:21  123456  1476 English
17:25-17:49 7 1476 English
18:22-18:55 Daily 1476 Yoruba
18:56-19:12 Daily 1476 Kanuri
18:55-20:40 Daily 1566 Lukpa
20:40-22:15 Daily 1566 French/Bambara
18:00-20:30 Daily 1170 English
20:15-21:15 234567 1170 English/Zulu

Ruben Medina (2022-04-28)


Palau to restore AM.
From an email I sent direct to the station today, indicated that they expected the antenna construction and the station to be on air towards the end of May. Construction is still underway.

Chris Rogers to MWlist iog (2022-04-27)