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Google-translated from German:
For a few days now Rock Revolution has been heard on MW 1494 kHz in the evening. Apart from jingles and music, there is no information. Antenna direction from Salzburg is Holland / UK / Ireland – so the guess is that it could be the station in Ireland that has already transmitted Coast FM Tenerife on the same frequency.
Christoph DXer in A-DX Fernempfang fb group (2020-07-30)


Stig Hartvig Nielsen, operator of World Music Radio [5840, 15805 kHz] and Radio 208 [1440, 5805 kHz], will not verify reception reports via webSDRs. In a recent e-mail he explains his policy, which was shared by for example BCE Luxembourg: “In my opinion it makes no sense to send reception reports using remote SDR receivers. I can check how the reception is in Twente easily myself. And I do rather often. So why tell me something I already know. [certainly a valid point, HjB] Knowing how you received WMR in Nürnberg on your own Grundig Satellit 3400 with its telescopic antenna (if you still have this) would however be interesting for me. [This reference to reports of the 90s shows that SHN does indeed keep a record of reception reports. HjB] DXing and QSLing is, as far as I see it, about making an achievement, catching distant radio stations on your own equipment (the radio you decided for and the aerial you erected) – not using someone’s else’s equipment in another country.”
There is quite a variety of approaches to QSLs, even automating them like World’s Last Chance [9330 kHz] does. So this policy is to be respected, and maybe hopeful listener will provide a photo of their equipment used.
Dr Hansjoerg Biener 2(2020-07-29)

United States

Magnum Communications is acquiring WFAW (AM) [940 kHz] and WSJY(FM) in Fort Atkinson, Wis. and WKCH(FM), Whitewater, Wis., from NRG Media. Magnum is building a presence in Chicago’s Wisconsin outer suburbs.
RW NewsBytes (2020-07-29)


1602 kHz Scandinavian Weekend Radio.
“Hi there, we are very happy to confirm the schedule for our next broadcast on 1.8.20. Internet streaming between 10-24Hrs via Radioverkko.fi Kiitos.”
[Also on SW 5980/6170 kHz and 11690/11720 kHz as well as FM 94.9 MHz./Ed]
Scandinavian Weekend Radio fb group (2020-07-28)


I confirm the channel of the R.Renascença group called “Rádio Sim” is theoretically over. The VHF-FM txs and the MF txs airing R. Sim were switched to air R. Renascença channel 1 instead, with the Seixal tx awaiting reactivation.
The active MF fqs. will be 891 Vilamoura, 963 Seixal (greater Lisbon), 981 Geria (Coimbra) and 1251 kHz Castelo Branco. R. Sim is not dead yet though as the Serra da Arrábida tx on 102.2 MHz is still airing that particular channel while awaiting the switch to RR ch. 1.
There are no plans to reactivate the remaining MF txs, let alone that of the Muge site which houses 2×10 kW MF txs, 1×100 kW MF tx plus 1×100 kW HF tx. Replacement of the existing MF txs by new ones is not in the RR group either, just like what happens with RTP.
Carlos Gonçalves (2020-07-28)

United States

840 WHAS Louisville is going off the air at midnight (in other words 12:01 AM Tuesday 28 July) for tower maintenance. They do not say how long they expect the outage to last.
Chris Gay in WOR groups.io (2020-07-28)

United Kingdom

“Essential engineering affecting MW Radio 5 Live [Brookmans Park] service in London and the South East 01 June 2020.
Essential engineering work is taking place on the Brookmans Park transmitter that will have periods of reduced power between 10.00 – 16.00 from 3rd June until 24th July.
Listeners’ access to Radio 5 live may be affected during this time period.
You can use our Transmitter Checker which will give you an exact view of the current status of the transmitter and any recent changes. We would recommend not re-tuning your Radio’s during this period of essential engineering.”
The site is home to
909 kHz BBC Radio 5 Live
1089 kHz talkSPORT
1215 kHz Absolute Radio
1458 kHz Lyca Radio
So reception of all these stations should have been affected.
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (2020-07-26)

United States

Say goodbye to the soft adult oldies on KLO 1430 Salt Lake City.
From Allaccess.com: KLO BROADCASTING CO. is selling Adult Standards KLO-A (Unforgettable 1430)/Ogden-Salt Lake City, UT to El Sembrador Ministries for $260,000 plus a right of first refusal to buy the transmitter site.
Paul’s note: El Sembrador is these folks: https://elsembradorministries.com/radio/radio-en-vivo/
Paul B. Walker Jr. via Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-07-22)