China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation, the external broadcasting station for Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/South East Asia, located in Fuzhou, has stopped their MW broadcasting on 873kHz (200kW) to upgrade the transmitter since October 13, 2020. The upgrade was completed, and resumed broadcasting on December 26, 2020.
From December 26, 2020 to January 30, 2021, the broadcasting on 873kHz will be limited at 0800-1400UT. After February 11, 2021 (the day before Chinese New Year’s Day) it will be at 2000-1400UT.
They also broadcast on SW 6185kHz(15kW), FM107.1MHz, and internet, officially at 2000-1500UT.
They say there has been no influence on their program contents.
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Takahito Akabayashi to WOR (2020-12-31)

South Korea

FEBC-Korea completed the new medium wave transmitter site for HLKX 1188KHz at Daebu Island in Yellow Sea off the coast of Ansan City, about 50km south west from Seoul, in October 2020, and began operation on October 12. This is a better location for transmitting to China, Russia, and North Korea. Mr. Harry Binkley Harris, Jr. , the US ambassador to Korea, sent a celebration message admiring FEBC-Korea’s role in promoting the freedom of speech and religion.
The new transmitter site has 48,075 square m area, with 2 antenna masts and new transmitter building. The transmitting power is now 100kW. 
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It has been said 250kw new transmitter will be installed. It is not clear whether they are using the old 100kw transmitter removed from Bangsan ex-transmitter site or new 250kW transmitter with reduced power.
FEBC Korea is now issuing the new QSL card with the photograph of this new site. 
Takahito Akabayashi to WOR (2020-12-31)


1620kHz Toowoomba, Qld
They’ve now received their C-QUAM stereo transmitter back from the factory & will
be trailing the new C-QUAM transmitter in Q1 2021.
Ian to mwmasts (2020-12-27)
And the plan to start in Q1 is still valid.
Mauno Ritola to mwmasts (2020-12-28)


4BU 1332AM celebrating its 85th birthday.
4BU is an Australian radio station serving the Bundaberg region in Queensland, Australia.
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Mike Terry in WRTH fb group (2020-12-27)


This disappearance depressed the average weekly sunspot number, which went from 17.4 last week to 10.3 this week, ending on Wednesday, December 23. Our reporting week runs from Thursday through Wednesday.
Sunspots went missing last Fr
iday and Saturday, but large new sunspot group 2794 appeared on Sunday, December 21, and on Wednesday, reported new sunspot group 2795 emerging over our sun’s southeastern limb.
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Mike Terry to WOR (2020-12-26)