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WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests.
As of last night WNJC is back on the air. I am hoping to keep it on the air till about February 7. From midnight till 3am EST we will continue to run a omnidirectional 2kw DX test. This will be the last time to catch WNJC in Washington Twp, NJ, if not forever. Hope everyone gets a chance to listen-in for this lights out DX test.

Duke Hamann, WNJC 1360 AM DX Tests FB group (2023-01-27)

World Radio Day

‘Radio and Peace’ to be theme of World Radio Day 2023

UNESCO has announced that ‘Radio and Peace’ will be the theme of World Radio Day, which takes place on 13 February 2023.
It says the day will highlight independent radio as a pillar for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
Professional radio moderates conflict and/or tensions, preventing their escalation or bringing about reconciliation and reconstruction talks, the UN organisation says.
“In contexts of distant or immediate tension, relevant programmes and independent news reporting provide the foundation for sustainable democracy and good governance by gathering evidence about what is happening, informing citizens about it in impartial and fact-based terms, explaining what is at stake and brokering dialogue among different groups in society.
“That is the reason why support to independent radio has to be viewed as an integral part of peace and stability. On World Radio Day 2023, UNESCO highlights independent radio as a pillar for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.”

Several examples of good practice at
Radio as peacebuilder: A case study of Radio Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo
This article seeks to draw elements from both social development and conflict resolution theories, bringing them together to examine how radio could be used in post-conflict and conflict resolution situations. An examination of Radio Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC; former Zaire) will serve as a case study of the role radio can play as a post-conflict or peace-building tool.

at https://www.hirondelle.org/images/pdf/Etudes/RadioOkapiasapeacebuilder.pdf

As experienced DXers will know the station used to be on short wave too.

Dr Hansjoerg Biener to WOR iog (2023-01-27)

As experienced DXers will know the station used to be on short wave too.

(Dr Hansjoerg Biener 27 January 2023)

United Kingdom

You can hear Radio Caroline North during 2023 on the following dates on 1368 AM via Manx Radio, our own 648 AM transmitter or online using the ‘North’ pop-up player or the Radio Caroline app.
14/15 January
11/12 February
11/12 March
07/09 April (Easter)
06/07 May
24/25 June
15/16 July
11/13 August (Annual Fundraiser)
16/17 September
14/15 October
18/19 November
09/10 December
Dates subject to change

Radio Caroline website via Kari Kallio, nordx iog (2023-01-27)


New 200 kW transmitters for 693 kHz (VoV1) and 819 kHz (VoV2) officially on the air since 15 January 2023.

Here is a more detailled report in VIETNAMESE incl. photos:

The tx location is the city of Buôn Ma Thuôòt in the Vietnamese Central Higlands, also known as Ðãìk Lãìk.

There were 2 antique SW txs carrying VoV-1 daytime on 6020 and 7210 kHz, now silent. I expect the new installed MW txs on 693 and 819 kHz should replace them.

If Google did translate correctly, the mentioned MW txs have been relocated from the South (Mekong-Delta, Cantho). So they are not brand-new. 

Uwe Volk to MWlist iog (2023-01-27)

United Kingdom

GHR stations [Greatest Hits Radio / Ed] were heard today as follows, all with normal programming:

990 Doncaster
1107 MFR 2
1152 Newcastle
1152 Clyde 2
1305 Barnsley
1548 Sheffield
1548 Forth 2

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2023-01-26)

DX options after Absolute

Then Absolute Radio shut down all of their medium wave transmitters this afternoon. Sad, but it allows for exciting DX on their old frequencies.

Here’s the first quick check:
1197: A 15 kW transmitter from Romania is now heard here.
1215: Here Z100 from Milan, Italy passes through with extremely strong signal strength. Sounds like a lot of kW.
1233: Here is another station from Milan, Milano XR, but it is heard very (!) weakly. Otherwise a fairly empty frequency.
1242: A 320W Smooth Radio transmitter dominates here. Shown with Oman in the background.
1260: Rádio Dechovka from the Czech Republic is usually the most powerful, but sounds like much less than the listed 10 kW. Sometimes Smooth Radio (640W) fades through. Later tonight we will probably also be able to hear Spain and Saudi Arabia on 1260.
And here at 20 Danish time, Milano XR then closed today’s broadcasts on 1233 kHz, after which there is not a single radio station on 1233 in either Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Officially at least. Basis to hear something Asia here?
However, there is apparently a Greek pirate going on at 1233. I hear something quite faint here – reminiscent of what I can hear rather faintly and disturbed on a KiwiSDR in northern Greece.

Now at 1930 UTC Spain starts pressuring the Czech Republic on 1260.

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2023-01-26)