United Kingdom

More to the UK MW history
Langley Mill 1152, which started as BRMB Radio, is the first of the original batch of heritage UK ILR transmitters that have been on air since 1974.
Sedgley 990 khz was on air from 1976 but was the last of the first wave of ILRs. Sedgley 990 was Beacon Radio. This closed on 30 April.
Rainford 1546 was Radio City.
But most of the remaining MW heritage sites for ILR have stayed the same. Exceptions were London Lot’s Road which moved to Saffron Green and Rainford that changed to Bebington on 1994. That TX closed on 31 May 2020.
James Robinson (2020-06-30)

United Kingdom

Both 1359 kHz [Greatest Hits Radio West Midlands (Coventry and Warwickshire)] serving Coventry, plus Langley Mill 1152 (Absolute Classic Rock) have ceased.
1359 went off at 1231 UK time (1131 UTC). Langley Mill went off air completely at 1214 UK time (1114 UTC).
The licences [both belonging to Bauer Media] were surrendred back to Ofcom.
James Robinson (2020-06-30)

United Kingdom

Tune in for more nostalgia with another of our monthly Radio Caroline North broadcasts this weekend 27th-28th June.
You’ll hear all the best music from the 60s – early 90s, plus the chance to win some goodies from our Web Shop, this time kindly sponsored by Felixstowe and Offshore Radio, together with Felixstowe Museum.
Sadly again, due to ‘social distancing’ restrictions, we still can’t use our radio-ship Ross Revenge, so this broadcast will be land-based.
Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio and around the world online here, with the Radio Caroline app or on smart speakers.
We’d love to hear from during the broadcast via memories@radiocaroline.co.uk and remember, it’s the only email address that gets you straight through to our ‘North’ broadcasters directly.
Radio Caroline website http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/ (2020-06-26)

New Zealand

GOLD Radio NZ will be broadcast nationwide on both FM and AM networks – lock in your local frequency below ready for July 1.
On the FM you’ll hear GOLD playing All The Greatest Hits all the time.
Over on the AM, GOLD will bring you the best of Sport and Rural along with All The Greatest Hits in between.
Northland 729 kHz
Auckland 1332 kHz
Tauranga 1521 kHz
Waikato 792 kHz
Rotorua 1350 kHz
New Plymouth 774 kHz
Whanganui 1062 kHz
Hawke’s Bay 1125 kHz
Manawatu 1089 kHz
Wellington 1503 kHz
Nelson 549 kHz
Christchurch 1503 kHz
Ashburton 702 kHz
Timaru 1494 kHz
Dunedin 693 kHz
Southland 558 kHz
Plus, you can listen anywhere at any time on iHeartRadio. Looking forward to being on the airwaves with you all soon.
Svenn Martinsen in DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB fb group (2020-06-26)


On 22 June 2020, the CRTC extended the licences of CBC for Radio and TV. (https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2020/2020-201.htm). This includes the following AM stations („as of June 2020“) (frequencies added by HjB from CBC sources, transmitter power added from WRTH). Interestingly CKZU and CKZN also appear in the CRTC list.
British Columbia
540 kHz CBKO Coal Harbour (CBCV-FM Victoria/CBC 1)
540 kHz CBYW Wells/Barkerville (CBYG‐FM Prince George/CBC 1)
630 kHz CBKU (CBCV-FM Victoria/CBC 1)
690 kHz (25 kW) CBU Vancouver (CBC 1)
740 kHz CBUN Salmo (CBTK-FM Kelowna/CBC 1)
860 kHz (10 kW) CFPR Prince Rupert (CBC 1)
860 kHz CBKJ Gold River (CBCV-FM Victoria/CBC 1)
860 kHz CBKM Blue River (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
860 kHz CBKZ Clearwater (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
860 kHz CBTG Gold Bridge (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
860 kHz CBUG Kaslo (CBTK-FM Kelowna/CBC 1)
860 kHz CBUP Merritt (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
900 kHz CBRK Kimberley (CBTK-FM Kelowna/CBC 1)
920 kHz CBKG Granisle (CBYG‐FM Prince George/CBC 1)
920 kHz CBWF Mackenzie (CBYG‐FM Prince George/CBC 1)
990 kHz CBKN Shalalth (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
1150 kHz CBXA Mica Dam (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
1170 kHz CBRH New Hazelton (CFPR Prince Rupert/CBC 1)
1350 kHz CBKY Keremeos (CBTK-FM Kelowna/CBC 1)
1350 kHz CBRZ Bralorne (CBYK-FM Kamloops/CBC 1)
1450 kHz CBKA Stewart (CFPR Prince Rupert/CBC 1)
6160 kHz CKZU Vancouver
740 kHz (50 kW) CBX Edmonton (CBC 1)
1010 kHz (50 kW) CBR Calgary (CBC 1)
540 kHz (50 kW) CBK Regina (CBC 1)
690 kHz (5 kW) CBKF-1 Gravelbourg (CBKF‐FM Regina/Ici 1)
860 kHz (10 kW) CBKF-2 Saskatoon (CBKF‐FM Regina/Ici 1)
860 kHz CKSB-2 St. Lazare (CKSB Winnipeg/Ici 1)
990 kHz (50 kW) CBW Winnipeg (CBC 1)
1230 kHz CHFC Churchill (CBWK‐FM Thompson/Ici 1)
690 CBES Ignace (CBQT-FM Thunder Bay/CBC 1)
690 kHz CBOI Ear Falls (CBQT-FM Thunder Bay/CBC 1)
860 kHz (50 kW) CJBC Toronto (Ici 1)
1090 kHz CBON-12 Mattawa (CBON‐FM Sudbury/Ici)
1240 CBLE Beardmore (CBQT-FM Thunder Bay/CBC 1)
1240 kHz CBLO Mattawa (CBCS‐FM Sudbury/CBC 1)
1340 kHz CBLB Schreiber (CBQT-FM Thunder Bay/CBC 1)
1400 kHz CBOF-4 Rolphton (CBOF-FM Ottawa/Ici 1)
1450 kHz CBLF Foleyet (CBCS‐FM Sudbury/CBC 1)
1550 kHz (10 kW) CBEF Windsor (Ici 1)
710 kHz CBOM Maniwaki (CBO-FM Ottawa/CBC 1)
710 kHz CBF-17 Lac Édouard (CBF‐FM‐8 Trois‐Rivières/Ici 1)
990 kHz CBF-16 Clova (CBF‐FM‐8 Trois‐Rivières/Ici 1)
1130 kHz CBSI-23 Port-Menier (CBSI‐FM Sept‐Îles/Ici 1)
1140 kHz CBJ-2 Chapais (CBJ‐FM Saguenay/Chicoutimi/Ici 1)
1140 kHz CBF-4 Matagami (CHLM‐FM Rouyn‐Noranda /Ici 1)
1350 kHz CBSI-14 Aguanish (CBSI‐FM Sept‐Îles/Ici 1)
1400 kHz CBMD Chapais (CBVE‐FM Québec/CBC 1)
Nova Scotia
1140 kHz (CBC 1) CBI Sydney (CBC 1)
Newfoundland and Labrador
540 kHz (10 kW) CBT Grand Falls/Windor (CBC 1)
640 kHz (10 kW) CBN St. John’s (CBC 1)
750 kHz (10 kW) CBGY Bonavista Bay (CBG Gander/CBC 1)
990 kHz (10 kW) CBY Corner Brook (CBC 1)
1400 kHz (4 kW) CBG Gander (CBC 1)
6160 kHz CKZN-SW St. John’s (CFGB‐FM Happy Valley—Goose Bay/CBC 1)
560 kHz CBDN Dawson City (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
690 kHz CBDM Beaver Creek (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
940 kHz CBDK Teslin (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
990 kHz CBDB Watson Lake (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
990 kHz CBQF Carmacks (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
990 kHz CBQJ Ross River (CFWH-FM Whitehorse/CBC 1)
Northwest Territories
860 kHz (1 kW) CHAK Inuvik (CBC 1)
1280 kHz CBQG Wrigley (CBC 1 Yellowknife/CBC 1)
640 kHz CBIA Gjoa Haven (CFFB Iqaluit/CBC 1)
1230 kHz CFFB Iqaluit (CBC 1)
Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2020-06-25)

United States / Mexico

The FCC’s International Bureau today dismissed an application to deliver Mandarin Chinese programming from a studio located in Irwindale, California to XEWW-AM in Mexico for rebroadcast back into the United States.
The application was dismissed because the parties failed to include in their application a key participant, Phoenix Radio, which produces the Mandarin programming in its studio. Phoenix Radio is partially owned by two entities with Chinese government ownership, Extra Steps Investment Limited and China Wise International Limited. The parties have 48 hours to cease broadcast operations related to this application.
The Bureau formally dismissed the Permit to Deliver Programs to Foreign Broadcast Stations (section 325(c)) application of GLR Southern California and H&H Group USA as deficient as the application failed to include Phoenix Radio, LLC, as an applicant. Phoenix Radio’s known activities at this broadcast programming studio are such that, without reviewing its role as an applicant, the FCC could not evaluate the proposed service. Specifically, the broadcast programming subject to this application is supplied, created, and produced in a studio used, owned, and maintained by Phoenix Radio.
The Bureau also dismissed an associated request to renew Special Temporary Authority to operate pending Commission action on the underlying section 325(c) application. The intent of the application was that the programming would be transmitted from the studio to XEWW-AM in Rosarito, Baja California Norte, Mexico and then broadcast back into the United States.
If such a revised application is filed that includes Phoenix Radio as an applicant, the Commission would review it under applicable law, including determining whether the grant of the application would serve the public interest under Section 309 of the Communications Act.
Washington, June 22, 2020
Mike Terry via WOR Groups.io (2020-06-23)
Actual delegated authority order here:
Chief of the International Bureau seemingly forgot a signature block but this is also a redacted copy.
Stephen Michael Kellat via WOR Groups.io (2020-06-23)


Summer solstice bandscan
I took the radio outside some time after 23Z in calm and dry weather.
There was some local interference on the LW band so I could only check it in part. This time, there was no noise on 162 kHz so it was actually slightly easier to listen to BBC using the Luxembourg impression than directly on 198 kHz where Eiðar (207 kHz) interfered.
It being summer, there were no wall-to-wall burners on the MW band. Most of the listenable stations were the more powerful Brits except for a Spanish-sounding one on 1296 kHz. There were several audible stations but only barely so.
And that’s about the lot of it for this time of the year.
Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2020-06-21)