The new season starts on Sep. 6th with good news for dxers!: For the very first time there will be local outputs on RNE-1 network!!. This is the complete schedule from Sept. 6th:

0525-0530    LOCAL      R1 // R5TN
0545-0600    REG            R1 // R5TN
0645-0700    LOCAL      R5TN
0804-0806    REG            R1 // R5TN
0904-0906    REG            R1 // R5TN
1004-1006    REG            R1 // R5TN
1110-1155    REG            R1 // R5TN
1155-1200    LOCAL      R1 // R5TN
1404-1406    REG            R1 // R5TN
1504-1506    REG            R1 // R5TN
1604-1606    REG            R1 // R5TN
1704-1706    REG            R1 // R5TN
1750-1800    REG            R5TN
RNE-Salamanca QSL-address:

73! Mauricio Molano Sánchez (2021-08-31)


At 1820 UTC today, selected All India Radio MW stations were on extended schedule carrying live commentary of Janmashtami celebration at Mathura :
603 – Ajmer
648 – Indore
747 – Lucknow
810 – Rajkot
846 – Ahmedabad
873 – Jalandhar
918 – Suratgarh
954 – Najibabad
981– Raipur
1143 – Rohtak
1242 – Varanasi
1305 – Parbhani
1593 – Bhopal
792 – Pune is also carrying special prog for Janmastami in Marathi.

Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi to dxindia iog (2021-08-30)

United States

870, Aug 30 0042-0050+ UT, no signal from WWL New Orleans. CNN has also just reported that the entire city is without power – but you`d think this vital station would have backup generators, contingency plans.
1040, another anomaly at same time, strongest signal on 1040 is dead air, looping from the direxion of WHO Des Moines.
About time to check whether 7505 WRNO can be on the air from *0100

0122 next check:
870 WWL is back on with callers, serenaded by the Cuban whooper
1040 WHO is remodulating with talk show
7505 WRNO is silent, surprise2

Glenn, OK to WOR iog (2021-08-30)


The AM dial in Buenos Aires is full of stations, and constantly changing. Our friends [Argentina en AM y FM fb group] in Argentina have compiled this listing to update the situation:

Mika DX Makelainen to fb group (2021-08-26)

United States

870 WWL  New Orleans (xmtr near Estelle) LA; 0319-0345+, 8/29.

Tune-in to interview with an official regarding hurricane Ida & taking calls.;, “8-70 WWL”, “The Big 8-70 AM WWL”. Fair+ peaks in QRN & need USB to minimize 860 CJBC; also getting continuous wop-wop-wop QRM which varies in pitch & intensity; also occ’ly hear Radio Reloj code “RR”. 

Harold Frodge, MI to WOR iog (2021-08-29)


Franck Baste from France reports on the MWCircle mailing list that Dimtsi Woyane Tigray was noted tent. signing on 1359 kHz at 0247 UTC today August 26th, which could mean that the Ethiopian transmitter has been reactivated.
After local sunset in Denmark music from the Africa Horn was noted on 1359 under dominant Smooth Radio. However no ID was noted and no webstream was audible. 

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2021-08-26) 


Google translated from German:
Reserved from August 24th, but initially not implemented on this day, additional broadcasting times via the broadcasting systems in Oman, CEST from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on 13630 and 13850 kHz, then until 10.30 a.m. on 13740 and 15310 kHz and from 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on 13630 kHz.

Should it come to that, the BBC would broadcast almost the whole day for Afghanistan, with only two breaks of one and a half hours in the morning and five and a half hours at night. For the expansion, the usual alternating design in Dari (the Afghan form of Persian) and Pashtun is planned for shipments to Afghanistan.

The BBC‘s existing Afghanistan program is currently running on the following frequencies, unless otherwise stated, broadcast from Oman:
(times is CEST = UTC+2)
02.30-03.00: 1413 kHz
02.30-04.00: 6195 kHz, 7295 kHz (Austria)
03.00-05.00: 7445 kHz
04.00-05.00: 9410 kHz, 9880 kHz (Armenia)
05.00-05.30: 9880 kHz, 11870 kHz (Abu Dhabi)
05.00-05.30: 13580 kHz (Armenia)
10.30-13.30: 13740, 15310 kHz
16.00-21.00: 5970 kHz, 7465 kHz (Singapore)
19.00-21.00: 5875 kHz (Armenia)
20.00-21.00: 1413 kHz

Kai Ludwig, Radio Eins Radio-News (2021-08-24)


There is no guarantee that these planned ABC transmitters will actually go off air. Sometimes they do go off, other times on reduced power, and most disappointingly of all, no discernible change.

After midnight tonight, 576 KHz 2RN Sydney will hopefully go off at 1:06 AM. There is no other Australian transmitters on 576. The first DX signal should be Star Hamilton, NZ at 2 kW.

Aug 26, 2021:
576 KHz Sydney off air 1:06 to 2:00 AM local time.
702 KHz Sydney off air 2:06 to 3:00 AM.
630 KHz Sydney off air 3:06 to 4:00 AM.
Sept 9, 2021:
684 KHz Kempsey off air 2:30 to 3:30 AM.
Sept 21, 2021:
684 KHz
Kempsey off air 1:06 to 4:50 AM.
Sept 21, 2021:
630 KHz Sydney off air 1:06 to 4:00 AM.

ICDX-AM iog (2021-08-25)