549 is via Lutch-Mykolayiv, 100%. Active.
Hyrnyk 810v is possibly seized by aggressor. Something b.a., can’t say for sure what.
837 appeared for very short time few days ago. Now it’s off.
657 is not audible here, strong Iran.

73, Vlad, Kremenchuk, Ukraine to MWlist iog (2022-02-28)


657 kHz Pisa running 24 / 7 ?
RAI Pisa / Coltano 657 kHz was observed last night with news, talk and sports even between 1 and 2 AM..
Don`t know if it is a fault (forgotten to turn off?) or because of ongoing events.
Powerful signal, super clear and even slightly better than 900 kHz (which runs 24/7).
As a side effect, people who need to get the information from Ukraine, cannot listen to UA Radio on the same frequency now.

Horst, Germany (2022-02-28)


State broadcaster Polish Radio offers extended information and news coverage on the current situation, not only interviews about the situation in Mariupol and calm music in between –  but also short bulletins in Ukrainian language broadcast twice a day (Mo – Su) via their AM frequency 225 following the regular news on “Polish Radio – 1st channel”

Shortly after 10 and shortly after 17 hours CET (+1 hour in UA)

Thanks to their efforts keeping the longwave alive (a wise and useful decision!), this frequency delivers a good signal in most parts of Europe even during daytime conditions. it can be caught in Germany with a simple portable receiver with batteries.
Aan easy way to get in touch with the latest information, also for people leaving the country during their travel.

Horst (2022-02-28)


Vesti FM, the Russian station close to the Kremlin, was reportedly heard while testing 810 kHz.
This is the frequency of the medium wave transmitter of ArmyFM station, the Ukrainian army station. Installed in Hirnyk on the Dombas border, this transmitter is in a Russian-occupied area.

The 150kw Taranivka transmitter on 837 kHz appears to be inactive at the moment. However, the Luch 400 kW transmitter on 549 Khz is still on the waves… unless the broadcasts come from Lviv Krasnoye station: A few years ago, Radios du monde had confirmed that the frequency of 549 kHz could be broadcasted both by Mykolaiv and by the center From Lviv.

Original txt:
Vesti FM, la station russe proche du Kremlin, aurait été entendue alors qu’elle faisait des essais sur 810 kHz.
C’est la fréquence de l’émetteur en ondes moyennes de la station de ArmyFM, la station de l’armée ukrainienne. Installé à Hirnyk sur la frontière du Dombas, cet émetteur se trouve en zone occupée par les Russes.
L’émetteur de Taranivka de 150 kw sur 837 kHz semble inactif actuellement. Par contre l’émetteur de Luch 400 kW sur 549 Khz est toujours sur les ondes… à moins que les émissions ne proviennent de la station de Lviv Krasnoye: Il y a quelques années, Radios du monde avait eu confirmation que la fréquence de 549 kHz pouvait être diffusée aussi bien par Mykolaiv que par le centre de Lviv.

Radios du monde fb group (2022-02-28)

Ukraine / ??

Radio Ukraine. Must be a new (regional?) transmitter. Heard on an SDR from Pulham Market, England at 01:00 UTC.
Frequency is 1611 kHz.

Arthur Pozner to WOR iog (2022-02-28)

Ukrainian Radio broadcasts on 1611 kHz are not frin Ukraine, this is not a PPT initiative. This is a retransmission that seems to come from the north of France or a neighboring country.

Michel Fremy to WOR iog (2022-02-28)


549 kHz
On February 25, 2022, the transmitter was switched on at a frequency of 549 kHz with the first program of the public radio of Ukraine, through the transmitting center Luch.

Viktor Tsekhanovich, Kerch, Russia to RUS-DX (2022-02-27)