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WFME NJ 1560 antenna.
Just got back from a field project in Houston, and had a chance to listen to the World of Radio 2110. The WFME Special Temporary Authority antenna is another of my “spit, bailing wire, and duct tape” designs. It is not a slant wire antenna but is a slant wire feed to the grounded FM tower in East Orange, so it’s a vertical radiator just as if it were base fed. A slant wire fed vertical mast or tower is an economical method of feeding a grounded tower which adds only trivial structural load to the tower, unlike a skirt feed.

And indeed it’s only a 1 kW operation, elegantly constructed by Tom Ray (formerly chief engineer of WOR). We originally obtained authorization for higher power, but felt that there might be compatibility problems with other nearby communications facilities at this location, so elected to keep the power low, at least initially.

Ben Dawson, WA, Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers to WOR iog (2021-10-31)

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1560 WFME is broadcasting a repeating message for a coverage test, “What you’re hearing is a test signal… from West Orange, New Jersey…” with phone number for signal reports, heard OCT 30 1815+ EDT, fading in/out with WGLB here at my New Hampshire monitoring post.

Bruce Conti to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2021-10-30)


NOAA forecasters say there is an 85% chance of geomagnetic storms on Oct. 30th when a CME (described below) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. It could be a strong storm, category G3, which means auroras could descend to mid-latitudes–places like Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Virginia. The CME’s arrival time is uncertain; estimates range from midday on Oct. 30th to the early hours of Oct. 31st.

Ydun Ritz (2021-10-30)

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Station Sales Week Of 10/29.
Seehafer Broadcasting sells “ESPN 92.3” WOSQ Spencer and Classic Hits 1450 WDLB/98.7 W254CLC Marshfield WI to Central Wisconsin Broadcasting for $250,000. The stations will join a cluster that includes Hot AC 92.7 WPKG, “107.5 The Rock” WCCN-FM, and Farm/Soft AC 1370 WCCN/98.5 W253CN all licensed to Neillsville.

WP Broadcasting sells “Coyote Country 92.7” KRSY-FM La Luz, Sports “103.7 ESPN” KNMZ Alamogordo, and Conservative Talk “Alamo AM” 1230 KRSY Alamogordo with CP for 101.9 K270CS Alamogordo NM to Katlyn and David Grice’s Exciter Media LLC for $24,000.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2021-10-29)


World Music Radio (WMR) is back on 927 kHz as of today October 28th with 250 Watts of power from Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The transmitter has been operating with only 25 Watts since October 13th . WMR is also heard on 5930 kHz (200 Watts), 15790 kHz (10 Watts – only Saturdays and Sundays) and 25800 kHz (50 Watts) – as well as streaming via www.wmr.radio

Radio208 continues on 1440 kHz (250 Watts) and 5970 kHz (100 Watts) – as well as via www.radio208.dk 

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2021-10-28)

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Milwaukee-area Green Bay Packers fans will have to get used to a new radio station in 2022, but not new announcers.
The Packers said Wednesday their games will move to iHeartMedia’s WRNW 97.3 FM for the 2022 season, leaving WTMJ, 620 AM, which has been their Milwaukee broadcast partner since 1929.

Kevin Klein to MWDX-The National Radio Club fb group (2021-10-28)

From the station’s website:
After more than 90 years of Green Bay Packers football on WTMJ Radio, the station and the Packers Radio Network are parting ways, the team announced Wednesday.
WTMJ will no longer be the Milwaukee radio broadcast affiliate for the Packers.

Ydun Ritz (2021-10-28)

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I saw a report  from the US that said:
As of yesterday (October 25th), Family Radio’s 1560 WFME is back on the air, transmitting a 1 kW signal from a temporary slant wire antenna strung up on the WNSH tower in West Orange, NJ. A far cry from their former 50 kW signal, but it’s good enough to maintain the license.
But apparently signal was reported absent today.

Steve Whitt to WOR iog (2021-10-26)

Just checked 1560 KHz at 0845 UTC and they are on. Signal is fair, fading up and down, but generally over top of anything else on channel. Christian talk at 0850, and TOH identified as “Family Radio”.
Total dark here in Rochester, sunrise is still 2.5 hours away.
Distance about 240 miles.
Checked the FCC temporary authority record. New location is 40-47-18 N, 74-15-19 W.
1000 watts to a slant wire off a 203 ft. tapered tower hosting 6 other FM services.
Location is in West Orange, New Jersey at the Goddard School.
Let’s see if I can paste a picture in here.

Bill, WE7W https://radio-timetraveller.blogspot.com

Heard at 1600utc 27/10 with legal ID at top of hour amidst Family Radio programming.
Checked via KiwiSDR in USA located about 70km from the temporary tx.
Nice modulation and clean clear signal.
Signal had some brief random breaks in its audio feed.

Steve Whitt to WOR iog (2021-10-27)


Spirit Radio Facebook page October 8 in response to a listener in Northern Ireland asking about 549 being off air.

“Our Medium Wave transmission is down. This is signal that reaches across Northern Ireland.
We have a technical issue we are trying to address. Hope to be up again soon.
You can tune in right now and listen on our website http://www.spirit radio.ie or on the mobile app.”

Similar comment October 19

Mike Barraclough (2021-10-27)