June 30th will be a unique day in radio in Canada. From 6 am to 6 pm Local time, over 400 radio stations in Canada will be participating in “A Day to Listen”.
In recognition of National Indigenous History Month, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment Inc., Rogers Sports & Media, Stingray Radio, and more, join together in an unprecedented collaboration to amplify, elevate, listen to, and learn from Indigenous voices with A DAY TO LISTEN. Here are the details. Scroll down the page and click on the link to see which radio stations are participating   [WOR]
Kari Kallio to nordx (2021-06-30)


The annual transmission event on the Alexanderson Day with the Alexanderson Alternator from 1924 on VLF 17.2 kHz CW with the call sign SAQ, is scheduled for Sunday, July 4th, 2021.
The Alexander Grimeton Association are planning to carry out two broadcasts to the world from the old Alexanderson alternator SAQ. Only required staff will be in place, due to the ongoing pandemic.

Transmission schedule:
1. Startup and tuning at 10:30 CET (08:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 11:00 CET (09:00 UTC)
2. Startup and tuning at 13:30 CET (11:30 UTC) with a transmission of a message at 14:00 CET (12:00 UTC)

Live Video from World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station:Both transmission events can be seen live on our YouTube Channel. The live video starts 5 minutes before the startup and tuning.

More information here:
Mike Terry to Longwaveradiolistening (2021-06-30)


Scandinavian Weekend Radio (SWR) [1602 kHz] transmitter site is located in Liedenpohja village , Upper Tampere Region, Virrat city . Our station broadcasts mainly on the first Saturday of every month for 24 hours of short waves, medium waves and FM starting at 00:01 local time, UTC + 2h (Summer + 3h)
Next time will be July 3rd.
Ydun Ritz (2021-06-30)

United Kingdom

BBC Radio Devon MW switch-off.
I’ve received another update from BBC Radio Devon’s Sports Editor about the station’s MW switch-off:
“I’m afraid the medium frequencies are still going to be switched off and I’m told that will happen by the end of August at the latest.
I believe there are a variety of reasons why that date has been pushed back slightly.”
(BBC Reception website still shows date for Devon as “TBC”)
Alan Pennington to mwmasts (2021-06-29)

We knew BBC Radio Devon wasn’t switching off regular programming on 801 or 990 until after 20th June re the email received from their Sports editor posted here on 6th June:
“Thanks very much for your email. I have checked and although there is no definite date for the medium wave switch off I’m assured that it will not take place before the 20th June.”
The significance of 20th June was that Torquay United FC were playing in the play-off final on that date (which they lost on penalties).
Alan Pennington to mwmasts (2021-06-24)


ARGENTINA Here is the list of X-band stations active at the end of May 2021:
1610 Radio Mágica (Laboulaye, Córdoba)
1610 Radio Luz del Mundo (Rafael Calzada, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Sentires (Merlo, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Italia (Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires)
1620 AM 16-20 La Radio (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Mitre (Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe)
1630 LRI234 Radio América (San José, Entre Ríos)
1650 Radio A (Adrogué, Buenos Aires) – TESTING
1660 LRI232 Radio Ciudad de Nogoyá (Nogoyá, Entre Ríos)
1660 Radio Revivir (Gregorio de Laferrere, Buenos Aires)
1710 Radio Selva (Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires)

The following stations have closed:
1650 Radio Estrellas (Longchamps) & Radio El Mensajero (Rafael Castillo);
1670 Radio Bethel (East Lanúss);
1680, Radio G (Villa La Florida).
Argentina en AM y FM Facebook page via June NZ DX Times via WOR (2021-06-26)

United Kingdom

Lots of clear frequencies on MW today as a result of BBC local radio closures yesterday. Various frequencies fell silent mid sentence during their re-tuning announcement. Sad day as real local radio continues to vanish off MW.
Gaps left behind include 729, 765 and 1026 in Eastern England; 774 1035 855 and 1503 in Northern England; 873, 792 and 1341 in N Ireland.
Steve Whitt to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2021-06-24)


We have a fault on our almost new 1611 kHz transmitter broadcasting our 2019 classic country station “The C“. So the station is silent. The engineer is working on the matter. Do you know a radio amateur in mainland Norway or a “sparks” on a ship/ferry or rig(in Norwegian waters) that has an available transmitter capable of AM as well as antenna for 1.6 MHz who would be interested in helping out so that the transmissions may continue? Just connect to the internet stream! License 1 kW ERP.
Our other AM station Radio Northern Star is continuing on 1314 (mornings plus afternoon-midnight, borrowed from FBK) and 5895 kHz(0530-midnight).
All our 4 stations are also broadcasting online and mobile such as on Radio Garden.
Thanks, and keep listening!
Svenn Martinsen to DX-LISTENERS’ CLUB FB group (2021-06-24)