Autumn Bandscan 2023

I went outside around 2230Z. There was very, very slight drizzle in calm wind.

First the LW band. What remains of the usual suspects was audible, with BBC R4 as the strongest signal. While Gufuskálar is the closest sender, it is weak on the portable, possibly because the entire path
is over land.

On the MW band, the Spanish stations at the low end and some Central European stations higher up were coming in slightly stronger than usual. The Brits, however, were a bit weaker than I’m used to; none of them lit up the “TUNED” indicator on the Panny tranny’s LCD panel.

Well, this is all I recall this time.

Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2023-09-23)


The ARRT mounting ring for the cage antenna has been removed and lays on the ground:
52.4363159120263, 103.68626498409307

I wonder why: If they want to demolish it entirely, why they do additional work by removing parts of if separately?
Also look at the stripes going from the antenna, did they also started removing the grounding wires?

Marco (2023-09-23)


After two-week setback, new Niagara station CFAJ 1220 AM debuts Monday.
After some technical difficulties, Niagara’s newest radio station is set to go live Monday morning.
CFAJ-AM, occupying the former CHSC slot at 1220 AM, debuts at 6 a.m. Sept. 25 with morning show hosts Steph Mizi and Danny Zzzz, two weeks after the original launch date.
General manager Praveen Amirtharaj says a combination of “software issues” and a week-long internet outage forced the station to delay its first day.

Andy Reid to WOR iog (2023-09-23)


Translated from Czech
Country Radio will start broadcasting from the Liblice transmitter on October 1st.

From the tallest building in the Czech Republic, the transmitter in Liblice near České Brod, radio broadcasts will be broadcast again. From October 1, České Radiokomunikace (CRA) will start broadcasting Country Radio here on medium wave 639 kHz

The transmission antenna will be the current pair of antenna masts with a height of 355 m.

“Operational tests are already underway at the transmitter in Liblice, including occasional transmissions to the antennas. Regular broadcasting will start on October 1st, and the masts will be permanently under high voltage,” said the press release of České Radiokomunikace.

The original broadcast of Czech Radio from the Liblice transmitter on medium waves ended at the end of 2021. The distinctive landmark of the Central Bohemian Region will therefore see a new use after about a year and a half.

Ydun Ritz (2023-09-23)


XEQIN-1160 San Quintín BC is apparently off the air.
The following is from Raymie Humbert’s excellent “En Frecuencia” blog: “The INPI-owned XEQIN/XHSQB San Quintín, Baja California, suffered copper and fiber optic cable theft at its facilities on Tuesday afternoon. The broad-daylight crime took place at 1 in the afternoon. This is apparently not the first time, either. The station continues to stream online.”

THallDX to FB group (2023-09-23)

Space Weather

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G1): Over the past few days, a series of M-class solar flares may have hurled multiple CMEs toward Earth. In fact, so many CMEs have left the sun since Sept. 20th, analysts are having trouble sorting them out. Somewhere between two and four appear capable of grazing Earth’s magnetic field between Sept. 23rd and Sept. 25th. Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on all those days.

Ydun Ritz (2023-09-23)


Voxhaus 749.5 kHz

Some people will send on the 29th Oct, but not from the Voxhaus Berlin, from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 50km east of Schwerin.
Reason is the 100 year anniversary of medium wave radio in Germany.
The transmitter isn’t original, it is a rebuild, but technically identical as most as possible.
Antenna will be a folded dipole with 130 m.
250 Watt RF output according to the forum post. Input power is much higher – 578 W only for heating the tubes. 500-700 W anode direct current.

QSL cards are available:
O. Freiberg, 19399 Techentin, Dorfstraße 23

Marco (2023-09-22)