This station, “Radio Blackbeard“, is broadcasting now (16.00 hrs. U.K./17.00 CET) with a very strong signal on 1495 khz. / 200 metres (AM). It wasn’t on air this morning. I am receiving it in a slightly different location from yesterday, which was in Sherwood, Nottingham, whilst today I am receiving it in West Bridgford, Nottingham). The signal is too strong to be from The Netherlands.
I can’t find any information anywhere about this station!

Martin Wilson (2022-05-18)

United States

Woof Boom Radio is teasing an upcoming format change at “Muncie Sports 92.51340 WXFN/92.5 W223CZ Muncie IN.
WXFN is currently running teasers promoting that they are “building a new radio station for Muncie and Delaware County”. New WMUN call letters are now in place.
WXFN carries Fox Sports Radio programming along with an hour-long local 4pm show hosted by Mark Foerster. The station also airs play-by-play of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds, IndyCar Series, Ball State University football and women’s basketball, and three local high schools.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-05-17)


I have heard continuous music this afternoon in Nottingham, England, from a radio station with a very strong signal here on 1495 khz./200m. (AM) with the odd announcement stating “Radio Blackbeard” and inviting listeners to send reception reports to an e-mail address! I don’t know anything about this station.

Martin Wilson (2022-05-17)

Maybe a new Dutch radio station?

Ydun Ritz (2022-05-17)

United Kingdom

I think Absolute on 1215 AM from Washford is on reduced power  today. It is sounding weaker with lots of mush fading due to co channel interference from Droitwich. Using the directional properties of a portable radio here near Bristol the ground wave signal from Droitwich is actually stronger than that of Washford. The two other  Washford outlets on 882 and 1089 are ok.

Simon Hockenhull to TX-list (2022-05-14)

You are right about periods of reduced power from Washford.
They are carrying out stay replacement and structural repairs to the masts.

Mike to TX-list (2022-05-15)


As of today, “Power 927” is unfortunately no longer on the air on 927 kHz, at least for the moment. The station can now only be listened to with non-stop music via Internet radio. There, however, only under the search result “Radio Milano 1602 AM”
Presumably this could mean the same end of “Power 927” at least on medium wave as the former stations “AM-Radio Mediumwave” and Radio Milano.
Overall, very unfortunate. But with all three stations, the same organizer was always in charge.
[Google translated from German / Ed]

Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2022-05-16)

This could be an advantage for World Music Radio from Copenhagen on 927 kHz.

Ydun Ritz (2022-05-17)


As is well known, Radio Antenna Satelor broadcasts from Romania on 153 kHz if Radio Romania Aktuell is not being broadcast instead of Antenna Satelor.
But a station from Algeria is also broadcasting on 153 kHz [Radio Algérie Int. Chaine 1 / Ed], although it can hardly be received in Europe. However, for some time now it has happened again and again that the Algerian broadcaster has temporarily displaced Romania and this has caused interference.

Steffen Mehnert, Germany

Algeria / Ireland

Radio Chaine 3 from Algeria switched off again on the 252 kHz.
This means that only RTE from Ireland can currently be received on 252 kHz alone.
It is currently not known whether Algeria was only switched off temporarily or whether broadcasting is limited – like RTL-France does on 234 kHz .

Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2022-05-15)

I made a check this morning via a Spanish KiwiSDR and could hear Algeria on 252 kHz weak and in French.

Ydun Ritz (2022-05-16)


The Monday’s program of Radio Free Europe in Russian on MW 873 kHz from Kishinev Codru; & 1494 kHz Cohul and Edrinet {acc WRTH 2022 on page 284} on from on 9th of May was confirmed at new time *19.05-19.35* UT instead of usual 18.15-18.45 UT. On 10th of May from 18.00 UT were news in Romanian, instead of previous “Panorama of the Day’ in Russian language.
Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX Topnews May 12 via WOR iog (2022-05-14)