United Kingdom

Four AM transmitters in the North turn off in April. these are all Greatest Hits Radio in Lancashire, Manchester and Leeds, plus Magic in Humberside in the UK.
Bauer to turn off four AM transmitters in the North – RadioToday:
In Lancashire, 999 kHz carries the same output as 96.5FM in Blackpool, in Manchester 1152 kHz is duplicated on 96.2FM from Oldham and GHR was added to the former Radio Aire frequency of 96.3FM last year in addition to 828 kHz.
Bauer will also switch off the Magic Radio AM (1161 kHz) in Hull. Magic replaced Greatest Hits on AM last year when KCFM (owned by Nation Broadcasting) re-branded as Greatest Hits Radio.
David Ayling (2021-02-25)


Today ERA is off at 729. Tested on 1700 no signal at 1800 signal from RNE. At 1900 just a carrier at -75 but 1904 RNE is again in the clea. In contrast ErA in 1008 is heard well.
Zacharias Liangas via WOR groups.io (2021-02-24)

Czech Republic

1233 Dechovka about to close, now with info loop. Radio Dechovka has stopped airing the regular music programme on this frequency yesterday and is now broadcasting an in total 24 minutes long loop programme containing of the station hymn played several times, two songs and after each music the same 2 minutes long “retune information” spoken by a female voice. Content: Dear Listeners of Radio Dechovka in Middle, East and North Bohemia will have to retune their radios from the end of February as this service has ended.
792 kHz local in Hradec Kralove will remain and continues with normal programming, which improves its coverage during evening hours and at night into the whole republic because of the propagaion on the medium wave band.
The loop does also feature detailled instructions how to listen via digital television (DVB-T2) by using the Radio/TV button on the remote control of the DVB-T receiver. Digital radio DAB and FM frequencies are mentioned only at the end of the text.

Horst Puestow, Germany (2021-02-24)


Confirming Amine Ferhane’s item February 19th, I can listen to Radio Algérie Internationale (https://www.radioalgerie.dz/rai, Stream https://www.radioalgerie.dz/player/fr/live/radio-alg%C3%A9rie-internationale) on the following medium wave frequencies:
531 kHz Radio Algérie Internationale (ex youth programme Jil FM, which continues to be heard on 549 kHz)
891 kHz Radio Algérie Internationale (ex Chaîne 1)
252 kHz (which used to carry foreign language external programming looooong ago in the evening) continues transmitting the French language Chaîne 1 (https://www.radioalgerie.dz/chaine3, Stream https://www.radioalgerie.dz/player/fr/live/chaine-3
I was unable to find any information on the frequency changes at their website  https://www.radioalgerie.dz, but I noticed that one can download their Journal du Sahel which is also broadcast on shortwave.  https://www.radioalgerie.dz/rai/fr/le-journal-du-sahel
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener (2021-02-20)


From https://radio-tv-nederland.nl/
“According to the information card of AT, the LPAM frequency 675 kHz has been moved from Wassenaar to Woubrugge, although they still call the place of residence Wassenaar. In the tidal river the Spui, which
separates the islands of Voorne-Putten and Hoeksche Waard, AT has issued the 828 kHz as can be seen on their map, but as residence it is listed as Melissant, which in turn is located on Goeree-Overflakkee.
Schalkhaar AM hopes to get permission soon for an LPAM frequency as can be read on their website. “

Groeistad Radio 675 kHz has been off-the-air for some weeks, at least not receivable on Leiden SDR, where it was before.
Marco (2021-02-19)