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So with DX tests [WNJC 1360] I have conducted recently, I decided to make a Facebook group dedicated to the tests. I do plan on continuing these tests at least thru October. For now I will be keeping them Sunday’s between 0400 – 0600 UTC. Here is the link for the group
Duke Hamann to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group(2020-09-28)

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From the IRCA list:
“For anyone interested, I will be running a unique 2 hour DX test on WNJC 1360 AM in Washington Twp, NJ USA this Sunday at 04:00 UTC. The DX test will include sweep tones, cw, “off-the-hook” effect and other sounds to get over the other stations on freq.  
Now this is where it gets fun for the hams! At 05:00 UTC we will be transmitting FT8 every 15 seconds for 1 hour calling “CQ WNJC FM29”. Audio Freq will vary between 200hz and 4000hz, climbing in 200hz increments. You would use AM mode to receive.
We will be running 1250 watts Omnidirectional during both tests. If you tune your radio to 1.360MHz and can copy, please send your report to kc2dux at duxpond.com.
I plan on repeating this test over the next few weeks.
QSL Cards available as well. Send a letter sized SASE to along with your report to:
Duke Hamann
PO Box 84
Dennisville, NJ 08214
Thanks, Duke, KC2DUX”
Mike Terry to WOR groups.io (2020-09-26)


Piepzender, the shortwave station I was already able to listen to, will
definitely be off the air on medium wave 1467 kHz.
They will still be on air on shortwave 3920 kHz in the 75m band.
They used a Rhode & Schwarz SK010, but in the documentation it is only
for the range of 1.5 MHz up to 24 MHz. I wonder how they managed to
operate it on 1.467 MHz.
More about this transmitter:
The SW-transmitter (this is a link to the website of the operator of the
Kall-Krekel SW station)
Marco (2020-09-26)

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Re. the DX Test from WNJC-1360 this Sunday, 9/27 at 0000 EDT (0400 UTC).
Got the timing figured out for FT8. Audio frequency will vary between 200hz and 4000hz in 200hz increments over a 5 minute period then repeat (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000hz, etc). All you would need to do is tune your radio to 1360 in AM mode and receive. Look forward to doing this unique test!
Duke Hamann to MWDX – The National Radio Club fb group (2020-09-26)


After about a month using a 75 Watts stand by transmitter, Radio208 on 1440 kHz is now back with 500 Watts, using the old 1 kW CCA transmitter from 1974. A new cooling system has been installed.  Radio208 operates 24 hours a day seven days a week with a rock/alternative music format from a transmitter site in Ishøj, in the South Western outskirts of Copenhagen.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2020-09-24)