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Happy 100th Anniversary to WGN 720 Chicago!

WGN is a 50,000-watt, non-directional, clear channel Class A station, licensed to Chicago, illinois. WGN used to be easily heard here in Southern California in the 1980s when KDWN Las Vegas would take Monday morning silent periods.
WGN 720 in Chicago signed on the air 100 years ago today — May 19, 1922 — as WDAP. The radio station was originally located in the Wrigley Building.
The Chicago Tribune purchased WDAP, and on June 1, 1924, renamed it WGN. The call letters stood for “World’s Greatest Newspaper,” a slogan the newspaper used since 1911.
The WGN call letters were in use by a Great Lakes vessel, but the skipper agreed to relinquish them so the newspaper could use them for the radio station.
Wikipedia says: “Early programming was noted for its creativity and innovation. It included live music, political debates, comedy routines, and some of radio’s first sporting event broadcasts, including the 1924 Indianapolis 500, and a live broadcast of the 1925 Scopes Trial from Dayton, Tennessee.”
In 1934, WGN became a founding member of the Mutual Broadcasting System. Previously the station was affiliated with NBC and CBS.
Over many decades, WGN aired middle of the road music until the 1970s, when its switched to adult contemporary. Music programming was phased out during the 1980s, and by 1990, the station’s lineup mainly consisted of talk shows.
“100 Years of WGN Radio: A Retrospective” will air Thursday, May 19 at 7 pm CT and Sunday, May 22 at 2 PM CT on WGN-TV. The video will also be available for on-demand viewing on wgnradio.com beginning Friday, May 20.

Steve Mittman to MWDX – The National Radio Club FB group (2022-05-20)

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1922 was a boom year for radio in the USA and many stations are celebrating their 100th anniversaries with special programmes this Spring/Summer 2022. It is hard to be sure when stations might celebrate. Maybe when they got their license, perhaps the date of their first broadcast. This will need some detective work. Some stations have celebrated with radio programmes, videos and modified logos.
A rare handful are still using the original callsign they were issued with in 1922.

Here is a list of licenses issued in April/May 100 years ago:
Licenced Current Location Original callsign
04/12/1922 KUFO970 Portland, OR KQP
04/17/1922 WJBO1150 Baton Rouge, LA WAAB
04/17/1922 KNBR680 San Francisco, CA KPO
04/19/1922 KCRO660 Omaha, NE WAAW
04/21/1922 KSL1160 Salt Lake City, UT KZN
04/22/1922 KKDZ1250 Seattle, WA KTW
04/25/1922 WSOY1340 Decatur, IL WBAO
04/26/1922 WBAP820 Fort Worth, TX WBAP
04/28/1922 WOI640 Ames, IA WOI
04/29/1922 WTVN610 Columbus, OH WBAV
04/29/1922 WBAX1240 Wilkes-Barre, PA WBAX
05/03/1922 KNEW910 Oakland, CA KLX
05/03/1922 WTAE1250 Pittsburgh, PA WCAE
05/04/1922 WJR760 Detroit, MI WCX
05/08/1922 WCAO600 Baltimore, MD WCAO
05/08/1922 KFNZ1320 Salt Lake City, UT KDYL
05/09/1922 KTSA550 San Antonio, TX WCAR
05/10/1922 WPHT – 1210 Philadelphia, PA WCAU
05/10/1922 WHB710 Kansas City, MO WHB
05/13/1922 WVMT620 Burlington, VT WCAX
05/13/1922 WBNS1460 Columbus, OH WCAH
05/15/1922 WDAE1250 Tampa, FL WDAE
05/15/1922 WTMJ620 Milwaukee, WI WCAY
05/15/1922 WCAZ990 Carthage, IL WCAZ
05/16/1922 WDAF610 Kansas City, MO WDAF
05/16/1922 KGNC710 Amarillo, TX WDAG
05/19/1922 WFAN660 New York, NY WDAM
05/19/1922 KEEL710 Shreveport, LA WDAN
05/19/1922 WGN720 Chicago, IL WDAP
05/23/1922 KMPS1300 Seattle, WA KDZE
05/23/1922 WDAY970 Fargo, ND WDAY
05/25/1922 WFDF910 Flint, MI WEAA
05/26/1922 KFH1330 Wichita, KS WEAH
05/27/1922 WHCU870 Ithaca, NY WEAI
05/31/1922 KHOW630 Denver, CO KDZQ

This is extracted from a list I found online some time ago – the source I can no longer locate. So apologies for lack of credit.

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WILL 580 Centennial.
WILL-AM, one of the first radio stations in the country, and the oldest component of Illinois Public Media, is turning 100. On Wednesday, April 6th, there will be a commemoration ceremony at Campbell Hall, with Chancellor Robert Jones offering remarks. There will also be a performance by the Marching Illini, and the unveiling of a new exhibit with artifacts from the past 100 years.
From Illinois Public Media:
“On April 6, 1922, at 8:30 pm WRM — which changed its call letters to WILL in 1928—signed on the air for the first time. On that storied night, four men gathered around a 50-watt vacuum tube in the University of Illinois’ electrical engineering laboratory and broadcast a thirty-minute program that covered Illini baseball and track, stories from the Daily Illini, and brief lectures on ‘Turning Cream into Gold’ and ‘The Value of Parks for Towns of Illinois.’ This inaugural broadcast could seemingly be picked up within a 500-mile radius of the Urbana-Champaign campus.”
Mayors Deb Feinen and Diane Marlin will also be there, with a proclamation designating April 6th as Illinois Public Media Day.
You can read more here.
Top photo from Illinois Alumni Magazine.

Kevin Redding, Crump TN, ABDX via WOR iog (2022-04-06))


One hundred years ago this month, Canada began licensing radio stations as we know them today. On April 01 1922, Canada’s regulator of that era, the Radio Branch of the Department of Naval Service, began issuing private commercial broadcasting licenses.
Twenty-one licenses had been issued by the end of April. Rather than Frequency, Wavelength is shown below in the first column, as that is how stations were first licensed. Wavelength is measured in Meters, which is spelled “Metres” in Canada.

 430 AB Calgary CFAC Issued to George Melrose Bell (697 KHz).
 400 BC Vancouver CFYC Issued to Vancouver World newspaper (749 KHz).
 410 BC Vancouver CKCD Issued to Vancouver Province newspaper (731 KHz).
 420 BC Vancouver CJCE Issued to Vancouver Sun newspaper (714 KHz).
 430 BC Vancouver CHCA Issued to George Melrose Bell (697 KHz).
 440 BC Vancouver CFCB Issued to Marconi (681 KHz).
 400 MB Winnipeg CJNC Issued to Tribune newspaper (749 KHz).
 410 MB Winnipeg CJCG Issued to Manitoba Free Press newspaper (731 KHz).
 420 MB Winnipeg CKZC Issued to Lynn V Salton (714 KHz).
 430 MB Winnipeg CHCF Issued to George Melrose Bell (697 KHz).
 440 NS Halifax CFCE Issued to Marconi (681 KHz).
 400 ON Toronto CFCA Issued to Star newspaper (749 KHz).
 410 ON Toronto CJCD Issued to T Eaton store (731 KHz).
 420 ON Toronto CHCZ Issued to Globe newspaper (714 KHz).
 430 ON Toronto CJSC Issued to Evening Telegram newspaper (697 KHz).
 440 ON Toronto CHCB Issued to Marconi (681 KHz).
 450 ON Toronto CKCE Issued to Independent Telephone (666 KHz).
 410 QC Montreal CHYC Issued to Northern Electric (731 KHz).
 420 QC Montreal CJBC Issued to Dupuis Frères store (714 KHz).
 440 QC Montreal CFCF Issued to Marconi (681 KHz).
 420 SK Regina CKCK Issued to George Melrose Bell (714 KHz).

Most of these stations were not on the air by the end of April 1922. As well, there seemed to be no hurry to move to their newly-assigned wavelength for those already on the air before April with an experimental license. CFAC Calgary, for example, did not move to 430 meters until June 1922. Some of these stations never did exist, but their call letters were re-issued only a few years later, which led to a lot of confusion for broadcast historians.
A casual glance at the equivalent frequencies will identify a huge problem. Interference between local stations spaced that closely together would have been intolerable, especially on the crystal sets that listeners other than Hams would have been building or purchasing. This was addressed in the years ahead, but in these early years, most radio stations only operated for a few hours per week, and scheduled their broadcasts to ensure that they were the only local station on the air at a given time. In fact, quickly realizing the issue, Canada soon began assigning all stations in most cities to the same frequency, forcing them to share.
The Facebook page Canadian Radio News by Dan Sys provides much of the information for this column, with additional tips from Alain Pepin, sowny.net, Bob Tarte and Mary Vipond.

IRCA DX Monitor items, April 9 via WOR iog (2022-04-05)

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KSL Newradio [1160 kHz] Salt Lake City’s Centennial Celebration The Focus Of Documentary.
The history of KSL Salt Lake City will be focus of a documentary that will air simultaneously on the Bonneville news/talk outlet and co-owned KSL-TV this Saturday, April 2 at 4pm local time.
The first broadcast from KSL, then identified as KZN, took place May 6, 1922.
Read the full story on InsideRadio

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WWL 870 kHz celebrates 100 years.
It was 1922. Warren G. Harding was president, Lindbergh was still five years away from flying across the Atlantic, Louis Armstrong had just set off for Chicago to become a star, and some forward-thinking Jesuits up at Loyola University set up a newfangled “radio station,” New Orleans’ first.
Fast forward 100 years and WWL radio is still broadcasting. The Big 870 is a much-loved mainstay for locally focused news, political talk, Saints and LSU football broadcasts, traffic reports and weather prognostication.
Starting this week, WWL will celebrate its century on the air with a series of special historic segments, dating back to 1962 when President John F. Kennedy commented on the station’s public service role during the Cuban missile crisis, a tense faceoff with the Soviet Union. The station will also revisit its innovative emergency reporting during the devastation following Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 flood, and — on a much happier note — its coverage of the Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl victory.

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Certainly the last recording of 549 kHz ever taken before they went off air, caught on 5 March (~ 20:30 CET). Next day, it was gone
A historical document.

Since yesterday (08/03), reception is restored via the new 1278 kHz  from Odesa Oblast, Radiocenter Petrivka. This is certainly the same transmitter where Radio Maiak Odesa 765 kHz once came from, more retro – vintage:

This is medium wave history! 
Anyone remember this ? it was a musical station with similar name to russian state radio, but was independent.
I did never find any information about this broadcast. it had jingles with the name “Radio Maiac” as well as “Radio Academia”.

Horst, Germany (2022-03-09)

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Radio MW Station WSB (AM 750 kHz in Atlanta, Georgia USA) Celebrating 100th Anniversary March 15.
Relevant to Mediumwave DXers in the U.S., radio station WSB in Atlanta, Georgia is celebrating its 100 year anniversary on air March 15, 2022. Its first licensed broadcast was March 15, 1922. It has been on the air at 750 kHz since 1941 and in more recent years also simulcast on WSBB FM at 95.5 MHz. In recent years, the station’s branding has been all around the 95.5 FM simulcast and not even mentioning it is on 750 kHz AM as well.

Harry Smith to WOR iog (2022-03-09)