As of January 1, Radio Koekoek from Rijswijk will no longer be heard on the LPAM frequency 1485 kHz and Radio T-Pot from Gasselternijveen will no longer be heard on 1287 kHz because both have indicated that they will hand in the license at the end of this year.
Just counted (used Libreoffice Calc), there are 109 LPAM stations on the air in NL.
Marco (2020-10-30)

New Zealand

Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management wrote in its fb group:
Hi everyone, here’s an important update from RNZ and NZME for AM radio listeners around New Plymouth.
**RNZ 918 AM, Newstalk ZB 1053 AM, Coast 1359 AM moving off-air**
In mid-November RNZ will be decommissioning its aging AM radio transmitter site at Bell Block.
The transmitter serves some areas north of New Plymouth and some areas south and south-west of the city.
Radio listeners on AM frequencies served by the site will need to retune to alternative frequencies to continue receiving RNZ National, as well as Newstalk ZB and Coast Radio.
Listeners to RNZ National on the 918 AM frequency will need to retune to their local 101.2 FM frequency or choose alternative ways of listening via the RNZ website and app, or on the iHeartRadio app, and Freeview channel 50 / SKY Channel 421.
Some RNZ listeners may still be able to receive an AM signal by retuning to 567 AM.
Listeners to Newstalk ZB on the 1053 AM frequency will need to re-tune to the 96.4 FM frequency or listen at or on the iHeartRadio app.
Listeners to Coast on the 1359 AM frequency will need to re-tune to the 106 FM frequency or listen at or on the iHeartRadio app.
Bryan Clark to fb group (2020-10-23)

United States

Cumulus Media has turned in the licenses for a pair of AMs in Savannah GA.
Sports “900 The TicketWJLG notified the FCC on July 31 that its transmitter was damaged due to a lightning strike and was operating at 200 watts day as opposed to its licensed 4.35kW.
Co-located Conservative Talk 630 WBMQ went silent at the same time due to the damage to its transmitter. The company at the time told the FCC it was consulting with its engineers to determine if the transmitter can be repaired or if it needed to be replaced.
Rather than make the repairs the company has turned in the licenses for both stations back to the FCC. Both stations also had Construction Permits for unbuilt translators: 96.9 W245DD for WBMQ and 105.7 W289CL for WJLG. Cumulus continues to own four FMs in Savannah.
Artie Bigley in WOR (2020-10-14)


CJNL 1230 in Merritt, B.C. went off the air for good on September 15, 2020. Owner Stingray Radio stated that the owner of the transmitter site property would not renew the lease and it would be too costly to relocate to a new site.
The original CJNL 1230 technically flipped to 101.1 FM in 2009 becoming CKMQ, however 1230 remained on the air as a 1,000 watt rebroadcaster of CHNL 610 in Kamloops.
Canadian Radio News fb group (2020-10-07)


Piepzender, the shortwave station I was already able to listen to, will
definitely be off the air on medium wave 1467 kHz.
They will still be on air on shortwave 3920 kHz in the 75m band.
They used a Rhode & Schwarz SK010, but in the documentation it is only
for the range of 1.5 MHz up to 24 MHz. I wonder how they managed to
operate it on 1.467 MHz.
More about this transmitter:
The SW-transmitter (this is a link to the website of the operator of the
Kall-Krekel SW station)
Marco (2020-09-26)


Radio Beijing International will stop MW 774kHz.
Radio Beijing International (Beijing Foreign Language Broadcasting Station), a division of “Beijing Radio and TV Station” (former Beijing Peoples’ Broadcasting Station), announced on September 15 that they will stop MW 774kHz (10kW) at 16:00UT on September 22. The remaining broadcast will be on FM 92.3MHz, internet and Cable FM. They began broadcast in September 2004 with the nickname “Radio 774” on 774kHz for the audiences in Beijing. They also began FM broadcast (92.3MHz) on February 2017. The programs mainly consist of English lessons, broadcast at 23:00-16:00UT. The original item is shown at
Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan to WOR (2020-09-21)

United States

XEJPV-1560 off? Others to follow?
You may recall that just about a year ago, the IFT cited several stations owned by Grupo Mega Radio in the Ciudad Juarez market for failing to renew their licenses. All of the stations in question remained on the air at that time.
Today I noticed that the web site and Facebook page for XEJPV-1560 had been taken down sometime this month.
One response I received on a Mexican radio Facebook group tonight indicated that Grupo Mega Radio was indeed shutting down all of their AMs in this market whose licenses have not been renewed in recent years. In addition to XEJPV-1560, that could mean XEZOL-860, XEFV-1000, XEF-1420, and maybe XECJC-1490 (I hadn’t heard that XECJC’s license was expired like the others are, but the respondent said Mega Radio was planning to shut down all their Juarez stations except a 105.9 FM).
This MIGHT mean that XEJPV-1560 is already off the air (can anyone confirm?). If so, that would leave XEMAS as the last surviving Mexican station on the once-crowded frequency of 1560. Combined with the recent shutdown of KKAA, that could really open up 1560 for DX, especially in the central part of the country. It could surely make things a bit more interesting at the Border Inn, where I have been chasing several low-power stations in the central US.
Additionally, I would think that losing so many stations in a market over a short period, if it really happens, could seemingly give one or more low-rated stations on the El Paso side a good reason to consider flipping to some kind of Spanish language format. That’s just conjecture, of course…
Tim Hall, CA, abdx iog via WOR