United States

WFNI 1070 Indianapolis to go dark August 2.
It very likely will not go dark but Emmis will request some STA for limited low power operation from some other AM site or some temporary antenna lashup.  That is because the FCC’s rules for FM translators for AM stations
do not allow the translators to stay on air if the AM signal is not in operation – even if it’s just off-air for repair or maintenance, and certainly not if it has a “silent” STA.  Unless of course Emmis turns off the translators as well.
Ben Dawson to WOR iog (2021-07-20)

United States

WFNI 1070 Indianapolis to go dark August 2.
WFNI 1070 kHz 50 kw day/10 kw night, different patterns (4 towers day/6 towers night) in Indianapolis will go dark August 2.Their night pattern dominates 1070 here in Aiken with a mix of WFLI and WCSZ when nulled.Still, maybe a chance for DXers in the central U.S. to hear KNX.

From allaccess.com:
EMMIS COMMUNICATIONS is shutting down the AM signal of Sports WFNI-A-W228CX-W298BB (93.5/107.5 THE FAN)/INDIANAPOLIS on AUGUST 2nd after closing on the sale of some of the land under the station’s AM transmitter and tower array in WHITESTOWN, IN. The programming will continue on the two FM translators, W228CX and W298BB, and online, fed by WIBC-HD2. EMMIS had the site rezoned for mixed-use commercial/residential use over a year ago and listed the 70-acre site; several acres have been sold or are under contract, with some sites remaining on the market.
“As long-time owners of 1070, we are working diligently on finding the next great use for the signal,” said Chairman JEFF SMULYAN. “We were offered a wonderful opportunity to monetize the property and felt it was our obligation to explore that. Ultimately, it made the most sense.”
The AM signal was formerly the longtime home of News-Talk WIBC before that station moved to FM in 2007 and THE FAN was launched.
Brock Whaley, Aiken SC to WOR iog (2021-07-19)


Several readers have advised us that Bell’s CHAM 820 in Hamilton has been off the air since Friday July 2nd. Unaware if the cause is transmitter problems or whether they are gone for good (as was the case with Bell’s CKSL 1410 in London a few years ago). Phone calls and emails to Bell inquiring about the situation have been met with dead silence. Anybody know anything?
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-07-05)


Just as the possibility of enjoying the Abis coverage of the Middle East programme improved after closure of Leeds, I learn from Tarek Zaidan the following:
Today the high power transmitter on 774kHz has been switched off.
The Middle East programme is now on 1341kHz which I believe is from Abu Zaabal with only 100kW.
I have made the necessary changes to the spreadsheets.
Dan Goldfarb in mwmasts iog (2021-07-02)

United Kingdom

Further update today from BBC Radio Devon [801 and 990 kHz] on the closure of their two MW frequencies:
“I have now been told they will be switched off on the 24th August and we will be broadcasting a recorded message from the 3rd August.”
Alan Pennington to mwmasts groups.io (2021-06-30)

United Kingdom

BBC Radio Devon MW switch-off.
I’ve received another update from BBC Radio Devon’s Sports Editor about the station’s MW switch-off:
“I’m afraid the medium frequencies are still going to be switched off and I’m told that will happen by the end of August at the latest.
I believe there are a variety of reasons why that date has been pushed back slightly.”
(BBC Reception website still shows date for Devon as “TBC”)
Alan Pennington to mwmasts groups.io (2021-06-29)

We knew BBC Radio Devon wasn’t switching off regular programming on 801 or 990 until after 20th June re the email received from their Sports editor posted here on 6th June:
“Thanks very much for your email. I have checked and although there is no definite date for the medium wave switch off I’m assured that it will not take place before the 20th June.”
The significance of 20th June was that Torquay United FC were playing in the play-off final on that date (which they lost on penalties).
Alan Pennington to mwmasts groups.io (2021-06-24)


ARGENTINA Here is the list of X-band stations active at the end of May 2021:
1610 Radio Mágica (Laboulaye, Córdoba)
1610 Radio Luz del Mundo (Rafael Calzada, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Sentires (Merlo, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Italia (Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires)
1620 AM 16-20 La Radio (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires)
1620 Radio Mitre (Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe)
1630 LRI234 Radio América (San José, Entre Ríos)
1650 Radio A (Adrogué, Buenos Aires) – TESTING
1660 LRI232 Radio Ciudad de Nogoyá (Nogoyá, Entre Ríos)
1660 Radio Revivir (Gregorio de Laferrere, Buenos Aires)
1710 Radio Selva (Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires)

The following stations have closed:
1650 Radio Estrellas (Longchamps) & Radio El Mensajero (Rafael Castillo);
1670 Radio Bethel (East Lanúss);
1680, Radio G (Villa La Florida).
Argentina en AM y FM Facebook page via June NZ DX Times via WOR groups.io (2021-06-26)