Petersburg Radio Maria on its air reports that the radio station’s debts for broadcasting are about 1 million rubles, and
therefore the station is forced to stop broadcasting on medium waves (1053 kHz) in St. Petersburg and in the FM band in Vyborg until April 21.
The broadcast will be suspended from March 21. Radio Maria will remain on the Internet for this time – live on the website (, as well as on YouTube.
The station hopes to return to the air ahead of schedule – on Easter, and asks listeners for prayer support. Any possibility of an early return to the air will be used.
(Pogorim o radio – Telegram)

RUS-DX items March 19th via WOR iog (2023-03-19)

United States

License cancelled
3/13/2023: KCMX-880 Phoenix, Oregon

Dennis Gibson to irca iog (2023-03-15)

Wow! That one is another oldie. Used to be on 580 for years, then moved to 880. Nice verie letters from both frequencies. I know on 580, they had a monster signal in Southern Oregon. Could be heard here all day and night. But after they moved to 880, the signal was not as good.I first QSL’d then in 1965 as KWIN. They were Country at the time. I got them in Seward AK. Then again from Oregon in 1979 as KCMX 580. A third time in 1999 as KTMT-880. As KWIN they were a strong signal and had the ads to prove it.

Patrick Martin (2023-03-15)


I help out every year on updating the NRC AM LOG and I have some stats you may find of interest. Below is a list by year and te number of AM radio stations on the air in Canada for that year

2011  329     
2012  317     
2013  300     
2014  276     
2015  261     
2016  256     
2017  246     
2018  232     
2019  216     
2020  210     
2021  208     
2022  205     

The incredible shrinking AM radio band NOT counting TIS/HAR stations this is licensed broadcast stations.

Shawn Axelrod to irca iog (2023-03-12)


I have learned, in a roundabout way, that Stingray Radio has filed an application to flip CKDQ 910 in Drumheller to FM. An application was filed on Friday to change the technical parameters for sister station CHOO 99.5 in Drumheller so it could take advantage of synergies in its transmitting plant and tower site by combining the operations of CHOO FM and the proposed CKDQ FM.
According to that document an application to convert CKDQ to FM has already been submitted to the CRTC (application # 2023-0030-0), however there has been no mention of it yet on the CRTC site. It is assumed that they will bunch it together with other applications for a future public hearing and release the information at that point.
Another Canadian heritage AM station with a huge 50 KW signal about to bite the dust. I first logged them on 910 as CJDV back in February 1968.

Dan Sys to irca iog (2023-03-11)