Three months from now, New Brunswick (NB) will only have three stations left on AM. Even the CBC LPRTs have all moved to FM.
The following is a list of all AM stations in New Brunswick.
590 NB Sussex CJCW Directional with different patterns day and night. Power is 1000 watts day and 250 watts at night.
930 NB Saint John CFBC Non-directional with 2000 watts days and 150 watts at night.
950 NB Campbellton CKNB HITS 100 debuted November 14 at 8:00 AM Atlantic Standard Time, marking the official flip to CKNB-FM at 100.7 MHz with 5330 watts. With FM testing complete, the clock begins ticking on the three months of simulcasting before the AM transmitter is turned off for the last time.
1260 NB Fredericton CKHJ CRTC approval for non-directional operation was granted in October 2020, with 10KW day and 32 watts at night. Two FM rebroadcasters, CKHJ-2-FM with 250 watts on 103.5 MHz in nearby Oromocto NB and CKHJ-1-FM with 50 watts on 95.1 MHz in New Maryland NB, were already in place to make up for the deepest nulls in the previous 10KW night pattern. The former KHJ branding has been replaced with PURE COUNTRY 103.5, based on national branding used by owner Bell Media.

The Facebook page Canadian Radio News by Dan Sys provides much of the information for this column.

IRCA DX Monitor Nov 26, published Nov 21 via WOR iog (2022-11-22)


Dave Montgomery, General Manager/GSM has confirmed my reception report and says:
“In day November 14, 2022 we are flipping 950CKNB to HITS100.7fm.
In the near future the 950am signal will cease.”

Juan Antonio Arranz Sanz to mwcircle iog (2022-11-12)

South Korea

According to the Korean web site “Namwiki” based in Uruguay, 10 Korean MW stations will close on November 8 2022. The official date of the abolition will be May 8 2023.

MBC stations
Daejon 765kHz HLCQ 10kW
Ulsan 846kHz HLAU 10kW
Seoul 900kHz HLKV 50kW
Chongwon 990kHz HLAF 10kW
Pohang 1107kHz HLAT 10kW
Chongju 1287kHz HLAX 10kW

CBS stations
Gwanju 999kHz HLCL 10kW
Jeonbuk 1314kHz HLCM 10kW
Busan 1404kHz HLKP 10kW

Seoul 792kHz HLSQ 50kW

MBC already closed the following stations.
September 8 2022; Chuncheon 774,  Jeju 774,  Yeosu 1080,  Busan 1161,  Wonju 1242, Samcheok 1350
Mokpo 1386 
December 12 2021; Andong 1017,  Jinju 1215
May 1 2020; Chungju 1332
February 1 2020; Daegu 810
MBC-Gwangju HLCN 819kHz 20kW and MBC-Jeonju HLCX 855kHz 10kW have no plan to close.
CBC already closed Daegu 1251kHz on December 12 2021, and they are now planning to close Seoul HLKY 837kHz 50kW.
FEBC, AFN, and 756AM (for North Korea) will continue to use medium wave.

Original article is at중파방송

Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo Japan to WOR iog (2022-11-05)


Dan Sys’ rwcrn page has alerted me to the very recent announcement that 540 CBT Grand Falls, Newfoundland will move to FM on 31st December.

CBC’s Radio One in Grand Falls NL (CBT) will leave AM for 93.3FM on 31st December. CBT started originally on 1350kHz in July 1949 with 1kW. CBT moved to 540kHz in 1965 and the power increased to 10kW. CBC applied to the CRTC to move to 93.3FM with 100kW in July 2021, the move* was granted on 26th January 2022. In granting the move, the CRTC stated that they received no interventions to the proposal. The new FM station is located in Botwood, about 25km north-east of the existing AM site which is in Grand Falls itself. CBT-FM was reported on air on 3rd November and CBC say that 540 will close on 31st December.

CBT vacating 540 will leave the 50kW CBC Radio One CBK in Watrous, Saskatchewan as the sole remaining high-power CBC Radio One outlet on 540kHz. NB there are two LPRTs, each of 40W, in British Columbia (source: own records, rwcrn, CBC website and

It would be good to see a few logs of this station published in DX Loggings before it goes silent. With it being relatively common I feel it likely that CBT is under-reported in DX Loggings. One thing is for certain, unless there is a change of plan there will be no logs of CBT in 2023. That may mean more logs of CBK, but I am not placing any money on that outcome!

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2022-11-04)

New Zealand

New Zealand AM New Update.
Here is an update regarding various AM stations in New Zealand, which may be of interest.
 918kHz RNZ National New Plymouth NZL – Moved to 101.2MHz FM.
 981kHz Star Timaru NZL – No longer on air. (Still operating on 594kHz).
1053kHz Newstalk ZB New Plymouth NZL – Moved to 96.4MHz FM.

Incidentally, has anybody else experienced a gradual static build up on the AM band over recent months? Here at my location, the static on AM appears to have doubled all through the house. So far, I have not been able to positively detect the exact cause, as the static seems to be the same level all over. When the weather clears up, I hope to test my portable radios further up the back yard to see if anything improves.

Static on AM and even SW bands seems to be a more common worldwide problem these days. My thoughts are that it is all the new technology being used that seems to be adding to the problem.

Regards, Robert Copeman to ICDX-AM iog (2022-10-28)

South Korea

Additional information has been received, and I have compiled a list of South Korean radio stations that will effectively discontinue MW service on November 8, 2022, according to each station’s official website.

SBS Love FM (Seoul). 792kHz HLSQ
MBC (Seoul). 900kHz HLKV
Daejeon MBC. 765kHz HLCQ
MBC Chungbuk Broadcasting Cheongju. 1287kHz HLAX
Ulsan MBC. 846kHz HLAU
MBC Gyeongnam Changwon Broadcasting. 990KHz HLAP
Pohang MBC. 1107kHz HLAV
Gwangju CBS. 999kHz HLCL
Jeonbuk CBS. 1314kHz HLCM
Busan CBS. 1404kHz HLKP

New Information:
The next station is not yet confirmed. Not found on official website, but listed as suspended on Wikipedia Korean edition (source unknown).
MBC Gangwon Yeongdong Broadcasting Gangneung. 1287kHz HLAF

Koji Shimotori to FB group (2022-10-15)


End of the long waves of RTL Luxembourg 234 kHz on December 31, 2022.

The decision has just been taken: Faced with the energy crisis, the M6 Group, RTL will stop broadcasting on the long waves from next January 1st.
A measure that should save more than 6,000 Mwh per year.

Michel FREMY, Radio Magazine to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-10-14)