The latest from reliable sources: Transmissions of Country Radio on 639 kHz are expected to start in September. Still under negotiation is the power level, but it will under no circumstances be more than 50 kW, rather less.

The contract runs until yearend 2026. Continuing beyond this date requires a replacement of the guy ropes on the two 355 metres tall masts. Offices who stated that they consider the facility as critical infrastructure are expected to provide/secure funding for this expensive maintenance. Else it will be curtains and as precaution an application for the demolition of the antenna will indeed be filed.

Kai Ludwig to WOR iog (2023-05-21)


AM update from Middle east.
Today morning I have been heard that BBC has back in two MW frequencies from Cyprus, on 639 and 720 kHz. The reception was good and clear. It was only a test transmission with a music and periodical announcement of test transmission in English language.

Alexei Lubich, Northern Israel (2023-05-12)


Tonight (07 May 2023) there will be the first test transmission from a new experimental radio station from Italy. Modulo Radio, will be on the air, from 1845 to 2000 hrs UTC, on 1575 kHz.
Reception reports to:

Antonello Napolitano, Editor of DX Fanzine to mwcircle iog (2023-05-07)

Western Sahara

As previously reported Western Sahara (Morocco) 711kHz El Aaiún has been inactive.
I noted a strong carrier this morning at 06.30UT. On re checking at 11.00UT now with good modulation, Arabic chanting. Had always been one of the strongest non Canary Islands MW stations received here during daytime since I first started regularly visiting Lanzarote back in 2016. A welcome return to Medium Wave.

73 John Hoad Playa Blanca Lanzarote to mwcircle iog (2023-04-19)


RADIOCOM (Societatea Na ianională de Radiocomunica Soii SA) has just put into service the new medium wave transmitter of Valu lui Traian near Constanta. It broadcasts Radio România News on 1458 kHz with a power of 50 kW.

This station had been out of service and almost abandoned for years. The roof was damaged and water was falling onto the equipment!
It is recalled that the Romanian Broadcasting Company had put SNRadiocomunicatii SA on a standstill to replace the failing transmitters on the brink of breaking the rental contract that ties the radio to the company that exploits the transmitters.
The transmitter is in a test phase before being officially rented to Radio Romania.
One thing is certain, following this investment representing a total of 5 issuers and amounting to more than €400,000, Romania has no intention of abandoning the medium waves.
The next replaced transmitter should be the one from Bucharest.

Radio Magazine FB group (2023-04-16)


Radio România Actualități is on air again on 1458 kHz after a few years absence.
Heard with good signal in Hungary at 14.04.2023 – probably this is a test period because modulation was quite low.

László Tringer HNG (2023-04-15)


Recent Radio Developments in Europe

An outline map of the European country of Romania, 430 miles long and 320 miles wide, presents the shape of a very irregular circle. Or perhaps, as Google Maps presents Romania, it is formed in the shape of a (Dory) Fish swimming westward.

Romania in Eastern Europe is a land of rugged mountains and verdant plains, multiple river systems and natural forests, modern cities and country villages. The total population is twenty million and the capital city is Bucharest, with its interwoven architectural display of historic edifices, communist era buildings, and modern commercial structures. Romania attracts anywhere up to twenty million tourists a year.

Throughout the centuries, Romania has undergone more than its share of internal and international turmoil. The earliest migrations brought the arrival of ancient Europeans, the Greeks established their colonies, and the Roman armies brought their Latin dialects to the area, from which the modern Romanian language is descendant. On the religious scene, Romania has undergone the influence of early Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Islam, and on the political scene, communism and independence. 

Wireless came to Romania quite early, and a 1913 list shows a maritime longwave station at oceanside Constantza on 600 metres (500 kHz) under the self-chosen callsign KST. Station KST was the coastal shore station for a fleet of half a dozen ships in the nearby Black Sea, all of which were operating on the same frequency (500 kHz) though each was operating under its own irregular callsign.

Eleven years later (1924), there were two dozen longwave stations throughout Romania, half of which were installed in various areas of the capital city, Bucharest. By this time, regularized callsigns were in use, with the first two letters CV indicating Romania, followed by two more letters that indicated each specific station. As an example, station CVOB was a civil aviation transmitter located at suburban Baneasa (ba-NAH-sa).

A perusal of the new 2023 WR(TV)HB indicates that there is currently a multitude of FM stations throughout Romania, too many to count. A current list of mediumwave stations in Romania presents a surprising total of many mediumwave stations still on the air in Romania, almost 50 of which were provided by the Harris manufactory in Quincy Illinois in the United States.   

Current information also indicates that Radiocom in Romania plans to install five more mediumwave replacement transmitters which is a clear indication that mediumwave radio is still viable throughout that nation. The five new facilities will be installed at:
Bucharest: 25 kW on 603 kHz
Constant{s}a: 100 kW on 1458 kHz, 50 kW on 1314 kHz, 25 kW on 909 kHz
Oradea: 50 kW on also 603 kHz

Adrian Peterson, IN, script for AWR Wavescan April 30, 2023 via WOR iog (2023-04-11)


Emisoras Campaña de Fuerza de Paz – Colombia para Cristo AL AIRE!.
After almost 5 years off the air and an effort led by Martin Stendal, today the three signals originating from Lomalinda, Puerto Lleras, Meta are active: 1530 kHz, 5910 kHz and 6010 kHz. Monitoring and reports are appreciated and will be confirmed with eQSL. Reports to rafaelcoldx (at)

Rafael Rodríguez R. to WOR iog (2023-04-11)


Translated from Spanish:
At the end of April 2023, the well-known Modulated Amplitude station operating at the frequency of 1250 KHz from the city of Asunción (Paraguay), will return to the air identifying itself now as “RCC RADIO ASUNCION” (ZP3), which becomes part of the RCC Holding (Red) Communications Cheat). This station is added to the network RCC TV, digital air signal and TV Chaqueña, which operates channels 21.1 and 21.2 respectively, and which have a national reach through Channel 29 of Tigo and Channel 7 of IPTV COPACO, as well as FM station on 101.7 MHz (RCC Radio) at Chaco Central.
RCC has an office in the city of Philadelphia, where it has a recording studio and radio booths for all the content generated in the chaco, and also a second studio and offices in Lambaré, where the 1250 AM radio booth will be mounted. Similarly, a third recording studio will soon be enabled in the same locality. To get in touch you can call +595 (21) 3298045 or write to E-mail: < . py>; or visit Website: < >.
It is estimated that the studios of RCC Radio Asunción will be located on Avenue Luis Maria Argaña and Cacique Sepe Street, Lambaré, Central, Paraguay.

Marcelo A. Cornachioni to FB group (2023-04-06)