The UNID on 1350 kHz reported a couple of days ago is Radio Z100 Milan. Some days in parallel with old 990 frequency. They are also sometimes broadcasting news in Spanish (RNE R5). The TX is in Lumbardy, south of Milan in Pavia area.
Giampiero Bernardini (2020-09-17)

United States

1090 WILD Boston noted back on the air simulcasting 760 WVNE Leicester, MA. Heard 9/14 at 1700 EDT. My guess (and hope) is that they are just keeping their license active after about a year of silence.
Marc DeLorenzo in MWDX – The National radio Club fb group (2020-09-16)

Italy Unid

There is one station listed in 1350
Radio Z-100
I don’t know how that is pronounced in Italian, this may or may not be the station you’re looking for.
The location,9.500000,17z doesn’t show an antenna, but according to Google Earth Pro Desktop on Linux these are from Sept 2019, so the antenna might been built after the photo was taken.
Also against is the power of 100 Watt, if I assume that you received it in Germany that a a really high range.
You can use these public SDRs to find out more, maybe you receive it better and understand the ID:
Marco (2020-09-14)

Italy Unid

Translated from German:
“For about 1-2 weeks there is definitely a new station on air from Italy on the 1350 kHz . So far – due to my poor language / translation skills – it can be identified with “Si ……… Mediumwave” and the occasional information “Mailand and Milano”. This station plays mostly older, partly newer English-language pop music with news every half hour. It seems to transmit around the clock, but with a very weak transmission power of 200 watts at most.
Until the end of 2018 the former pirate station “I AM-Radio” used the 1350 kHz with about 1 KW power. Shortly after its end, “Radio Milano” officially started operating on the 1602 kHz, taking over some elements from I AM-Radio.”
Steffen Mehnert (2020-09-13)

Anybody knows something about this station?
Ydun Ritz (2020-09-13)


Starting next week VOA Spanish programs for Venezuela will be relayed on 600 kHz (listed 50 kW) via Radio Libertad in Barranquilla, Colombia. The broadcasts are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. on September 15th, or 0000 UTC September 16th. The schedule I received shows the relays as being three hours long Monday to Friday (local days) and two hours long on Saturday and Sunday.
VOA via Don Moore to DXing,info fb group (2020-09-11)


An extract of CRTC decisions and on air changes from July and August 2020 affecting the Canadian radio landscape.
New MW stations launched:
AB Edmonton 580 CHAH Commercial. 10,000 watts fulltime. South Asian. 1811258 Alberta Limited. RADIO ONE.
BC Vancouver 600 CKSP Commercial. 50,000 watts (days) / 20,000 watts (nights). South Asian. SHER-E-PUNJAB RADIO.
Canadian Radio News fb group (2020-09-02)


600 CKSP Vancouver BC signed on today using varying power levels as it tests it’s new transmitter and antenna combiner in tandem with co-sited 980 CKNW. I don’t think it’s used full power yet. CKSP will be 50 kW day, 20 kW night into a two-tower directional array.
Using imaging slogan “Sher-E-Punjab radio” programming will be South Asian Indian languages – Punjabi and Hindu. “Sher-E-Punjab” up to now has been airing on cross-border 1550 KRPI Ferndale WA as an LMA for the past several years. It’s likely a new LMA programmer will program KRPI now that Surrey BC based “Sher-E-Punjab” has it’s own facility.
Mike Cherry (2020-08-13)