Good news – – VOWR is back on 800 AM with a new transmitter. The station’s previous transmitter was damaged beyond repair by a lightning strike on August 21st.

David Wilson to I Love AM Radio FB group (2021-09-26)

Turks & Caicos

Radio Vision Cristiana:
Jerry Kiefer, the former CE of the Turks & Caicos facility on Facebook:
“There is a project just getting started to rebuild the facility 50 miles west from the previous site on the island
of Providenciales but construction hasn’t started yet. The plan is to run 100 kW with their Nautel and diplex
1570 on the 530 tower.”
via Svenn Martinsen, ARC/Arctic Radio Club to WOR iog (2021-09-20))


Armia FM (army FM) is starting on AM 810 kHz with 10 kW.
National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine has issued a decision to permit for temporary broadcasts of Armiia FM radio station primarily to the regions occupied by russian troops, using a frequency of 810 kHz in Hirnyk (vul. Terykonna 1A, TOV “Telemerezhi Ukrayiny” mast), Donetsk oblast with output power of 10 kW. Central TV and Radio Studio of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine will get this permission. Period of the temporary broadcast is 1 year from the date of adoption of the decision.

They also link a document in Ukrainian:

Marco (2021-09-18)

With North Macedonia 810 kHz off the air since mid-August it might be heard throughout Europe during the dark hours.

Ydun Ritz (2021-09-18)


Re.: UNID LPAM with 1 Watt on 1485 kHz 2021-09-07:
This is the same transmitter which can now be heard on 1485 kHz at Zoetermeer. This is  Radio 182 which transmitter is since yesterday on air from Waddixveen, just north-west of Gouda, where I self live. On my radio I can receive very good this transmitter at daytime and also at nighttime. Because the power of this transmitter is very more than only 1 Watt! 

Nico uit Gouda (2021-09-08)


Ireland’s Longwave Radio RTÉ 252 Is Back on the Air.
Thanks to reader Paul Bailey I’ve recently been alerted that Ireland’s long-running longwave (LW) radio station RTÉ 252 is back on the air, after a period of maintenance beginning in June of this year. The service rebroadcasts public broadcaster RTÉ Radio 1, reaching longer distances than the mediumwave AM band – no longer in use by RTÉ – and the FM band.

Paul Riismandel to (2021-09-06)


Franck Baste from France reports on the MWCircle mailing list that Dimtsi Woyane Tigray was noted tent. signing on 1359 kHz at 0247 UTC today August 26th, which could mean that the Ethiopian transmitter has been reactivated.
After local sunset in Denmark music from the Africa Horn was noted on 1359 under dominant Smooth Radio. However no ID was noted and no webstream was audible. 

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2021-08-26)