Radio Summer is coming soon.
Radio Summer will be a new short wave and medium wave radio project for 2021. We only play summer hot music for you all year round.
Radio Summer Team (2020-11-23)
(No frequencies, no QTH, no other technicals were mentioned. Ed)


Toowoomba 1620kHz Testing – The Breeze.
1620kHz Toowoomba, Qld is currently on air testing (music).
The station is still running a test loop in mono.
They’ve now received their C-QUAM stereo transmitter back from the factory & will be trailing the new C-QUAM transmitter in Q1 2021
Ian to mwmasts groups.io (2020-11-23)


Antenne Domstad was briefly testing the LPAM frequency 1179 kHz from Utrecht today.
In recent weeks, a signal was also spotted on 828 kHz from Utrecht.”
1179 is delegated to them, 828 is delegated to Stichting Middengolf
(mediumwave foundation) both with 100 Watt. I don’t know if they
828 from Utrecht is also green and someone here told me that this means
that they haven’t started broadcasting yet.
Marco (2020-11-18)


World Music RadioWMR: The exact place for the aerial for 927 kHz has been agreed upon with the land owner, the aerial “mast” and the concrete footing have been purchased. The transmitter was already purchased some time ago. The site is some 100 m from the Radio208 aerial on 5805 kHz in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.  Hopefully 927 and 5805 will coexist without any problems.
WMR Newsletter (2020-11-18)

El Salvador

According to several reports in Arctic Radio Club’s “mv-eko” Radio Elohim YSGS in San Salvador has reactivated 1630 kHz.
During the night to November 5th it was heard by several DXers in Sweden identifying as “Radio Elohim 1120 AM – Con las dos Alas del Evangelio Alabanza y Palabra”.
Glenn Hauser in WOR groups.io (2020-11-17)


Translated from German.:
t now appears to be official.
Radio Milano 1602” has been off the air on medium wave 1602 kHz for several weeks. Since this week it is no longer available on the Internet.
Likewise, the station “Radio Milano International“, which at most occasionally could be received via the former station “I AM-Radio” on the 1350 kHz and otherwise only heard on the Internet, can no longer be heard either. “Radio Milano International” had been active since the 1980s and enjoyed great popularity.
In return, a non-stop music program is still sporadically broadcast on the 927 kHz and only now and then announced in English that it is a test program. This station also broadcasts from Italy, more precisely from Milano in Milan. Which program will be broadcast about it is currently unknown. Its transmission power should be 1 KW, similar to “Radio Milano 1602”.
Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2020-11-09)

Radio Milano has recently been heard testing on 927 kHz, so maybe it has just moved to this frequency?
Ydun Ritz (2020-11-10)


(CRTC) Extension granted to CHTO-1 1490 in Mississaugu.
Canadian Hellenic Radio has until September 1, 2021 to get this new 23 watt (days) / 770 watts (nights) Greek language rebroadcaster in Mississauga on the air. The station will simulcast CHTO 1690 in Toronto. No details regarding the delay were made available as the link on the CRTC site has not yet been activated.
Canadian Radio News fb group (2020-11-06)


Radio Mebo 2 from Westerlee has today received a license to broadcast
on the LPAM frequency 846 kHz [with 100 Watt]. The permit for the 1485
[as I know only 1 Watt] has been surrendered.
Haaglanden Radio International has permission to broadcast from
Voorburg instead of Honselersdijk on 846 kHz. The broadcaster is
testing for this frequency.
Radio Monique 963 has started testing on LPAM 918 kHz from Velsen-Noord today, according to their Facebook.
Marco (2020-11-07)

Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea National Broadcasting Corporation launches a million kina transmitter project to improve the National Radio Service in the entire Highlands and parts of the Momase region.
Eastern Highlands province which shares borders with Highlands and Momase regions will host the transmitter at Fimito.
The NBC Fimito Medium Wave Transmitter project will also benefit parts of the Momase region, as well as the Gulf province.
Information and Communication Technology Minister Timothy Masiu and Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu officially did the groundbreaking ceremony at Fimito a few kilometers out of Goroka town today.
NBC News / PNG Today (2020-11-02)