Dominican Republic

The Ministry of the Dominican Republic now lists new prefixes for some of the stations in an updated list.
Unfortunately, the name of the stations ”on the air” are not always given, but the name of the licensee. Here are the prefixes for the stations in Dominican Republic that were reported to MV-Eko season 56 onwards:
540 HICM ABC Radio, Santo Domingo
660 HIAM R Visión Cristiania. Santiago
670 HILB R Dial, San Pedro de Macorís
790 HIL La Voz del Trópico, Santo Domingo
830 HIJB Emisora HIJB, Santo Domingo
1200 HIDD648 R VEN, Santo Domingo
1240 HIBQ81 R María, Santo Domingo
1330 HIDD296 R Visión Cristiana, Santo Domingo
1430 HIBQ79 R Emanuel, Santiago
1440 HIAK R Impactante, Santo Domingo
1560 HIDE364 R Única, Santiago
1580 HIBQ38 R Amanecer, Santo Domingo
1590 HIDA R Libertad, Santiago
1640 HIBQ73 R Juventud, Santo Domingo
1670 HIBQ83 LV del Yuna, Bonao
1680 HIBQ67 R Senda, San Pedro de Macorís
INDOTEL via Mauno Ritola, ARCs mv-eko (2023-10-02)

United Kingdom

BBC longwave update.
On 25 Sep the BBC started, as first reported by participants of the Digital Spy forum, to put an announcement at the end of its Daily Service programme:
(BBC announcement 25-29 Sep 2023.mp3)

This confirmed what will not be more than an interim solution because it is planned to close the BBC Radio 4 Extra channel within the next few years, too. It further confirmed the closure date of the Radio 4 (LW version) mediumwave fill-in transmitters. And it suggested that no BBC programming would appear on 198 kHz anymore from April.

But the Daily Service edition on 2 Oct contained a redone announcement, now again with the already known wording about the end of “a separate longwave schedule”, leaving open the possibility, while not really confirming it, that BBC programme material could still be transmit on 198 kHz after March.
(BBC announcement 02 Oct 2023.mp3)

There are indications that the transmitters could stay on air beyond 31 March because the Teleswitching function will still be needed. It looks as if the BBC is not willing to pay a single penny for that, thus previous references to a “third party platform” and the avoidance of clearly stating what will happen.

Digital Spy participants wonder if perhaps regulatory problems could be seen for putting out a carrier without AM component on this broadcasting signal, as France does on 162 kHz for soon to be seven years now. On the other hand some could say “competitive advantage” if the BBC has its programming put on such an expensive distribution platform free of charge. So it looks as if the piggybacking of the Teleswitch application now leads to a bad mess.

Kai Ludwig(2023-10-02)


549 kHz Radio Rossii transmitter is situated in Bolshakovo and not in Kaliningrad [both in Kaliningrad Oblast but approx. 90 kilometers apart/Ed].
It is currently on air and audible on SDRs in Finland.
It also reached Romania, but very weak.

Marco (2023-10-02)

United Kingdom

Bauer Moves More Stations to DAB+
Change expands over-the-air reach in autumn


Bauer Media Audio UK announced plans to add Absolute Radio Country and Absolute Classic Rock to its DAB+ offerings nationally in October. They will be the fourth and fifth Absolute Radio Network stations to be available across the U.K. via a national DAB multiplex.

“With so many digital radios now being DAB+ enabled, this simple change allows us even greater opportunity to reach more listeners, while offering them a higher quality listening experience,” stated Bauer Media Audio UK Chief of Staff Peter Davies.

With the switchoff of its 1215 kHz medium-wave service in January 2023, Absolute Radio has been only available via digital platforms. However Bauer noted that since going all-digital it has scored increasing listenership, reaching 5.4 million weekly listeners for the Absolute Radio Network in the RAJAR quarterly listening survey ending June 2023. The Absolute Radio Network encompasses nine channels: Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, and Absolute Radio Country, along with the decades-focused Absolute stations for the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000s, and 2010s.

In addition, the company announced that its Magic ChilledMagic SoulMagic at the MusicalsKerrang! Radio, and Heat Radio channels would also increase their coverage by broadcasting via DAB+. Finally, Absolute 80sAbsolute 90sMellow MagicPlanet Rock, and Scala Radio will all move to DAB+ encoding too.

“With 80% of our audiences listening on digital devices, the more services we can add to digital radio the better,” stated Davies.

All of the new DAB+ channels will be found on the Sound Digital Ltd. D2 national DAB multiplex, which is co-owned by Bauer, Arqiva, and Wireless Group Ltd. According to Arqiva, which manages the multiplex’s transmission facilities, DAB+ technology requires less bandwidth per channel compared to traditional DAB. This allows for more stations to operate on each multiplex.

Radio World (2023-09-30)


Antena Satelor from Romania on 153 kHz dropped off at 2204 UTC, but signal re-appeared for about 30 seconds at 2111 before coming back steady at 2212.

Conor Burns (2023-09-29)


I tried tonite (same date as this email) to try to hear country radio on 639 khz; unfortunately its impossible to null out the Spanish stations on the same frequency. Its a shame I can’t hear it.

Kelly Marie Angel Johnson (2023-09-28)


World Music Radio (WMR) now back on the air (after being off air since Saturday at 1320 UTC) – via online streaming from and on 927, 5930, 15700, and 25800 kHz.

Radio208 is now back on the air (after being off air via web streaming since Saturday at 1320 UTC) – via – as well as 1440 amd 5970 kHz.

On Facebook (2023-09-26)


W1440 Wetaskawin, AB
Despite “changing formats” to sports talk a month or so ago, they’re playing oldies at night still.
Currently coming into my west central Alaska QTH pretty darn well. 

Paul B. Walker, Jr. to irca iog (2023-09-26)


530 ON Brampton CHLO HD (hybrid/IBOC) transmissions were discontinued when the transmitter was damaged some time ago. There is no word on when HD will be restored but the station’s web site still prominently displays HD logos.

1220 ON St Catharines CFAJ Promises to launch with a live two host morning show at 0600 September 25th, with their own Newsman providing News and Sports. Afternoons are also live from 1500-1900.
A week-long Internet outage and software issues were blamed for the two week delay. Music will remain Oldies from the ’60s to ’90s.

1330 SK Rosetown CJYM Simulcasts CFYM-1210 Kindersley SK all or most of the time. Despite being the less powerful of the two stations, the programming originates from the CFYM studios. Splitters between Oldies music often simply say “Classic Hits”, the branding and format shared by both stations. Not listed as Simulcast in current NRC AM Radio Log.

(All times Eastern Daylight (EDT). {UT -4})

CANADIAN RADIO NEWS – Jon Pearkins via
IRCA DX Monitor Sept 30, published Sept 25 in WOR iog (2023-09-26)