New research doubles the odds of extreme geomagnetic storms.
A new study just published in the research journal Space Weather finds that extreme geomagnetic storms happen twice as often as previously thought.
Storms once thought to be 100-year events may recur in less than 45 years. These conclusions result from a combination of cutting-edge statistics and years of historical detective work.
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Mike Terry in WOR (2021-04-10)

Russia/ Unidentified

WRN from Noginsk isn’t on air yet, but they still plan to.
On 1575 kHz I noticed a Russian station, but I don’t get the ID (reception/language skills too bad). I recorded it, maybe someone gets the ID. The say первый канал … россии.
On the other recording they say говорит … радио ссф (this is what I understood and the normally begin the station IDs with говорит)

Listen to it via these SDRs:

I checked, it is not Italy.
There is listed a pirate station from Smolensk, some websites say 1 kW.
I did’t hear something that sounds like this ID yet.
Marco (2021-04-09)

United States

Radio Marti 1180 kHz.
Marti runs a pattern that looks like a ‘peanut’ oriented east-west that heads south to cover as much of Cuba as jammers allow.
It very heavily protects WHAM. USGov and WHAM were ‘in court’ and before the FCC for years back in the 60’s when it first came on the air at 50kW.
The power was raised to 100kW only because this is a USGov operation and can essentially ignore FCC rules. Permission was garnered from the IRAC – Inter-Agency Radio Advisory Committee in the 90’s as far as I recall.
It should not be heard very far North and so far as I know isn’t.
Bill Whitacre in nrc-am via WOR (2021-04-08)


The updated Home and External Services details of All India Radio is now available in the official  Prasar Bharathi website like in the past  as follows:
External Services
Home Services:
It may be noted that the Printed Schedules sent by post by AIR in the past has been discontinued.
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia (2021-04-08)

United States

WMBI 1110-AM, radio flagship of Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute since 1926 and the oldest non-commercial Christian radio station in the country, has been sold, according to a Federal Communications Commission filing.

El Sembrador Ministries, a Spanish-language Catholic network based in Chatsworth, California, agreed to pay $1.6 million for the daytime-only AM station along with a construction permit for a translator at 106.3 FM.
Robert Feder in
Mike Terry to WRTH fb group (2021-04-02)


According to Radio Studio X, it transmits in “AM Stereo” on 1188 kHz. So not digital in DRM, but analog in AM. Radio Studio X is known for being the only European medium wave transmitter to broadcast in AM stereo. It has already done this in the past, then on 1584 kHz.
There are still countries today where analogue broadcasts are in AM stereo, for example Australia and the USA.
Steffen Mehnert (2021-03-31)


When Hungary switches off its mediumwave transmitter at 1800 UTC Radio Studio X from Italy can currently be received on 1188 kHz.
Steffen Mehnert, Germany (2021-03-28)