Reliable sources tell us that the Kabul and Khost transmitters are still broadcasting the US government programming, unusual as that may be.
(It is also being transmitted from Orzu, Tajikistan.)
VOA Ashna Radio, VOA Deewa Radio, Radio Azadi, Radio Mashaal the frequency usage and times are rather convoluted.
Kabul 1296 kHz, Khost 621 kHz, Orzu 972 kHz.

Glenn Hauser in WOR iog (2021-09-22)


Some background to the new high power medium wave station of the Voice of Vietnam
Mr. Vu Hai Quang, VOV’s Vice President, said the project has a duo goal of assuring socio-economic development and national defence. “Millions of fishermen and marine forces will benefit from VOV programs on various topics including socio-economic, political, and cultural affairs. The broadcast will provide a mainstream information channel for fishermen, helping to improve their awareness of protecting Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty. It also contributes to exercising Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty.”       
VOV programs broadcast from the new station are available on the frequency of 1071 kHz.
Reports in German (although the translation of an original text into German is sometimes obscure)

Dr Hansjoerg Biener (2021-09-23)


Autumn equinox bandscan.
I went outside with the Panasonic portable shortly after 23Z. The weather was cool and breezy, and the moon was “wading in clouds”.
For the LW band, it was “the usual suspects” (Allouis, Daventry, Luxembourg, Dublin, Gufuskálar and Eiðar – my local), plus a very weak voice on 153 kHz.
The MW band netted me English and Spanish stations. Signals were on the weak side, with the Absolute Radio relays too weak to identify on the Panny tranny.
Since it was cool enough for the breeze to nip at my fingers, I only stayed outside for one run across each band before retreating back inside to brew up a cup.

Reynir Heidberg Stefansson (2021-09-22)


Voice of Vietnam VOV1 on 1071 kHz since 1 September, with a Nautel 400 kW transmitter at Phuoc Dinh
Village, Ninh Thuan Province for coverage of the South China Sea (or Eastern Sea as VTN calls it). It’s
directional towards 135 degrees.
At night it’s a fair to good signal at my location in Indonesia.

Alan Davies via Mauno RitolaWRTH/ARC to WOR iog (2021-09-20)


Phon Nueng Ror Or (Royal Guard radio sta Bangkok) is very well heard these days following moves for two
of its frequencies to new tx sites outside the Bangkok urban sprawl: 999 kHz now from Kamphaeng Phet
Akkharayothin Camp military base in Samut Sakhon Province, 1422 kHz from right by the coast at Bang Pu
Mai in Samut Prakan Province.
Also R Thailand Education Radio in Surat Thani 1242 kHz was reactivated some months ago.

Alan Davies via Mauno RitolaWRTH/ARC to WOR iog (2021-09-20)


A number of RRI MW frequencies that were normally reliable seem to have gone off air in recent months
including: Surabaya 585, Cirebon 864, Surakarta/Solo 972, Palembang 1287 kHz.
Currently on air:
Bandung 540, Makassar 630, Semarang 801, Madiun 1008, Bandar Lampung 1035, Yogyakarta 1107, Bogor
1242, Banda Aceh 1251, Sungai Liat 1413, and RRI Pro-3 999 via Bandung, Cirebon and Malang (and
possibly also on 999 via a couple of other locations).
The following have been heard in the past few months and are probably also still active now: Gorontalo 1008,
Kupang 1107, Manado 1188, Samarinda 1215, Toli-Toli 1377. Denpasar 1206 was heard for a period earlier
this year, but is now off again.
Among freqs apparently off long-term with technical problems are: Bengkulu 756, Mataram 855, Jember
963, Jayapura 1053, Singaraja 1080, Palangkaraya 1197, Pontianak 1233, Tarakan 1350.
Reportedly on reduced power with tx problems: Ende 783.
Off long term, and unlikely ever to be back: Medan 801, Jakarta 999 and 1332, Banjarmasin 1134.

Alan Davies via Mauno Ritola, WRTH/ARC to WOR iog (2021-09-20)


ABC stations off air for planned maintenance [AEST = [UTC +10].
576 and 702 Sydney planned for power reduction operation on Thursday Sept 23 between 13:07 pm to 14:59 pm AEST.
No longer any mention of the previously planned Sept 21 maintenance close for 630 Sydney. It may be still worth checking.
729 and 891 KHz ABC Adelaide, South Australia scheduled to completely switch off Thursday Sept 23 between 1:06 to 1:20 AM AEST.
684 KHz Kempsey off air Tuesday Sept 21, 2021 1:06 to 4:50 AM AEST.
The ABC maintenance website previously was easier to use. All planned maintenance radio shutdowns were listed in date order. Now the only option is to slowly search by typing in area codes (e.g. 2000 Sydney).
More information here

ICDX-AM iog (2021-09-19)


Minor Geomagnetic Storm Watch.
A CME is approaching Earth for a close encounter on Sept. 17th. It will either miss or deliver a glancing blow. Both outcomes are equally possible given uncertainties in the CME’s trajectory. A hit could spark minor G1-class geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2021-09-16)


Just published – IRCA Mexican Log, 24th Edition (Fall 2021).

The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives call, frequency, city and state.
The city index (listed by state, then city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The transmitter site index (listed by state, then city) tabulates the latitude and longitude of transmitter sites. Also, in this edition, there is a spread sheet with links to web sites, live broadcasts and facebook page of many of the Mexican stations. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who hears Mexican radio stations.
The 2020-21 Mexican Log .pdf is posted on the IRCA website for all to download.
The link is:
Again, feel free to pass this on to any interested eGroups.

Phil Bytheway in WOR iog (2021-09-16)