United Kingdom

I think Absolute on 1215 AM from Washford is on reduced power  today. It is sounding weaker with lots of mush fading due to co channel interference from Droitwich. Using the directional properties of a portable radio here near Bristol the ground wave signal from Droitwich is actually stronger than that of Washford. The two other  Washford outlets on 882 and 1089 are ok.

Simon Hockenhull to TX-list (2022-05-14)

You are right about periods of reduced power from Washford.
They are carrying out stay replacement and structural repairs to the masts.

Mike to TX-list (2022-05-15)

United States

KBOB 1170 Davenport Iowa.
Temporarily using the night pattern during the day.

Michael Scheel to MWDX – The National Radio Club FB group (2022-05-11)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline 648 kHz.
“Our 648 AM was restored to full power (4kw) around 11.00 on Friday 1st April. Thank you for all your reports and comments.
For those of a technical nature who have enquired, it was a leaky zener diode forming part of a comparator circuit around the PA module interlocks causing errant PA shutdown/protection conditions. CR23 on the Mod Encoder board to be precise, if you happen to have a diagram of a DX25U to hand.”

Ydun Ritz (2022-04-02)

United Kingdom

Radio Seerah in Leicester on 1575 seems to have technical problems and audio modulation is getting punctuated by random silent gaps up to a couple of seconds long. Sounds almost like an aggressive squelch.

Steve Whitt to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-03-27)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline.
As it’s already been posted about the station going out on low power on 648khz, well a other message was posted on they website before the one that is on they now.
It reads:
Our AM 648 transmitter shutdown due to an “air” fault, which could be due to cooling or a fan fault. A reset has brought it back to life, but we are not sure if this was just a one-off error or if it does have a fault. It may well shut down again. We will continue to monitor. So this way they have switch to lower. As i’m shore they will not want to keep restarting the transmitter.

David Ayling, East Kent (2022-03-20)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline – Service Message: Saturday 2pm – We have a fault with our 648AM service, and are currently working on approx half power. This is likely to continue through the weekend.

Radio Caroline Service Message: service is down 50% (- 3 dB). I compared e few SDR’s, it’s even -6 dB so the power is 1 kW ERP again as before the “new” transmitter.

Bart de Lange to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-03-20)

Czech Republic / Ukraine

Czech Radio helping Ukrainian public broadcaster.
At the request of the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA: PBC, Czech Radio is sending technical equipment essential for broadcasting to Ukraine. Thanks to this donation it will be possible to set up temporary Ukrainian radio stations in the event that the current broadcasting facilities are occupied or destroyed by Russian troops. Czech Radio has also launched an internet stream of the UA:PBC radio broadcast in Ukrainian. The stream will be available on the audio portal and in the mobile application mujRozhlas.cz. The aim of the project is to make information about the war in Ukraine available daily to refugees and Ukrainians in the Czech Republic.
Source: Radio Prague International 11/3/22

Steve Whitt to Medium Wave Circle FB group (2022-03-11)