World Music Radio.
Power on 927 kHz increased from 150 to 225 Watts today.
5930 is currently 150 Watts, 15700 kHz is 300 Watts (Sa-Su only), and 25800 kHz is 60 Watts.

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(CRTC) Reduction in night power proposed for CJGX 940 Yorkton.

Harvard Media has applied to decrease the night power at CJGX 940 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan from 10,000 to 690 watts. Day power will remain 50,000 watts. The applicant states that the towers that were being used for nighttime operation had reached their useful lifespan and have been removed due to safety concerns. It is not desirable to rebuild the nighttime towers due to the considerable cost. The daytime tower remains intact and will continue to operate at 50 kW daytime and proposed to operate at 0.69 kW nighttime with a non-directional antenna system.

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After a couple of weeks with approx. 20 Watt and almost horizontal polarization Radio208 is now with 500 Watt (AM carrier) on 1440 kHz.
Balun didn’t work, but has now been fixed.
Radio208 also on 5970 kHz with 200 Watt.

Best 73s Stig Hartvig Nielsen to nordx iog (2023-05-03)


AFN’s talk radio station on Okinawa will be offline until June for tower repairs.

Fans on Okinawa of the American Forces Network will be without AM talk radio for several more weeks as the military broadcaster continues with station repairs.
SURF 648 AM, sister station to AFN’s WAVE 89.1 FM, went off the air March 21 so crews could repair a support wire for the station’s radio tower, AFN spokesman John Clearwater told Stars and Stripes in a recent email.
Maintenance crews are working to repair the wire so programming can resume by June 1.

“The radio tower is having contracted repairs done to fix a broken guy wire,” Clearwater said. “It’s a critical piece of repair, and the reason we had to temporarily shut down transmission.”

The island’s AFN station sits atop a hill in the Plaza Housing area of Camp Foster in Chatan. It began broadcasting to U.S. troops as Far East Network Okinawa on May 17, 1945, Clearwater said.

The AM channel offers an alternative to the music-based WAVE 89.1 FM and features popular programs from U.S. broadcasters like National Public Radio, Sports Overnight America and various political commentators.

Maintenance on the radio tower was first announced in a March 20 post on the AFN Okinawa Facebook page. A guy wire is a tensioned cable that adds stability to a free-standing structure, like a radio tower.

“AFN radio broadcasting on Surf 648 and 89.1 FM serves to entertain and inform audiences with the same top-rated programming available to stateside listeners,” Clearwater said.

The station also provides critical news and information during natural disasters like typhoons.

Talk programming is still accessible through the AFN Go application, available in the Apple App Store and from Google Play, and also from the AFN Okinawa website, Clearwater said.

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United Kingdom

Radio Caroline – solar power.
The Radio Caroline website now has a short article by Peter Moore “Here Comes the Sun – Our Solar Project Goes Live” with a link to a longer more detailed one by transmitter engineer Alan Beech.
Top right hand side of the webpage now again has a solar power meter showing the current power being generated by the solar array.

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