RTÉ News 11 June 2021:
RTÉ will carry out essential maintenance of the Long Wave (LW) transmitter in Clarkstown, Co. Meath from 15th June 2021 for two months during which period RTÉ Radio 1 will not be available on LW 252. These works are necessary to ensure that RTÉ can continue to broadcast RTÉ Radio 1 on LW.   

This essential maintenance of the transmitter was due to be carried out in 2020 but was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. For the health and safety of those carrying out the works, the transmitter must be switched off for the works period, until Saturday 14th August (estimated). Furthermore, the works must be completed during the summer months when there is better light and weather conditions. 

The works will be carried out by RTÉ Transmission Network (2rn), a wholly owned subsidiary of RTÉ, responsible for the distribution and transmission of the programme services of RTÉ radio and television, as well as TG4 television, Virgin Media television and Today FM. 

During this period, listeners will continue to have a wide range of choice to access RTÉ radio services which are available at  
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Mike Terry to longwaveradiolistening (2021-06-12)


CHLO AM530 first AM station in Canada to adopt HD Technology.
In another milestone and innovative move, Evanov Communications announced that today it began testing CHLO AM530 in HD. CHLO was the first station founded by the company. It is a heritage ethnic station that programs to many cultural and linguistic communities in the Toronto CMA. Its primary reach and focus are on the very large and diverse South-Asian audience.
CHLO AM530 is the first and only AM station in the country to adopt digital HD technology. Evanov’s VP and Regulatory Affairs, Carmela Laurignano, said: “We are excited to be on the leading edge. Radio broadcasting has endured, withstood, and adapted over its history and continues to remain relevant because operators have understood and adjusted to market conditions. These last few years have been especially challenging for the medium. Unregulated platforms and distribution mechanisms have been allowed to run rampant while radio continues to be taxed with restrictions and fees. Distribution of the over-the-air programming not only offers a more reliable, clear signal and sound for the listener, it might also prove in some cases, to be a lifeline for the AM band which is so challenged to the point of being abandoned. The Covid-19 Pandemic effect has further aggravated the situation.”
Canadian Radio News FB group (2021-06-08)

United States

When Cumulus Media’s 1230 WFAS White Plains NY turns on its new all-digital signal on Monday, May 24, it will do so with an all new Talk lineup.
Positioning as “New Talk For New York”, WFAS will clear many syndicated talkers currently lacking clearances in the market. The station will carry “America In The Morning” hosted by John Trout from 6-7am and again from 8-9am. In between will be Michael Toscano’s “First Light” from 7-8am.
RadioInsight (2021-05-20)


Radio Pakistan, Larkana [1053 kHz], is facing multifarious problems since its beginning which have never been resolved.
Sources have revealed that 14 out of 40 modules of 100 khz transmitter installed at the Chooharpur station are burnt at the moment and no alternative electricity supply has been ensured to keep it’s transmission going round the clock.
It was also learnt that Radio Pakistan’s range is about 600 square kilometers or between 400 to 500 square miles and it’s transmission is even heard in India apart from Pakistan, but it has been limited to FM service and it’s medium wave broadcasting has been inoperative due to negligence of the engineering department of the Radio Pakistan.
Sources further added that if the electric supply is disconnected from the grid station to carry out electricity load shedding or on outage basis for removing faults then the transmission of the Radio Pakistan is also closed down as the station has no standby generator facility which is astonishing.
These sources further said that the generator supplied to the station has become outdated and no new generator has so far been supplied to ensure round the clock broadcasting.
Members of Writers Club, civil society and social welfare organisations have demanded the federal government to immediately remove faults, ensure supply of a new diesel generator along with its running cost so that Radio Pakistan Larkana could be able to function properly.
Radio Pakistan, Larkana, was inaugurated in 2017 by Sheeraz Latif ex-General General and Fayaz Baloch, ex-Director but it’s foundation stone was laid by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in 1995.
14 Radio Pakistan transmitters burnt, disrupting transmission in Larkana – Daily Times
The Daily Times (2021-05-07)

Czech Republic

TX (or feeding) fault on CR Dvojka, 954 kHz.
Strong hum on CR Dvojka on 954 kHz to hear on this Kiwi RX:
In contrast to Radio Patria [SVK] the QRG is stable, the hum is modulated with the audio (hum has fading volume), so it’s probably an isolation fault from powerline – at the QTH or in the feeding line.
This hum is neither on 639 or 1332 kHz to hear.
Nils Düwel (2021-05-01)


TX fault on Radio Patria 1521 kHz.
The fault you can see at this Kiwi Rx in Filakovo, SVK:  
There this QRG is permanently to hear. Tune to 1521 kHz.
1. The offset is about 0.04 kHz
2. The waterfall shows (when zoomed to max) a lot of single carriers with 0.15 kHz around the main QRG. It’s similar to Irans’s jammer against Radio Farda on 1575 in the past.
3. In standard AM mode the px is audible with background noise, in other modes (LSB,USB,SAM,SAS,QAM) it’s wobbling and “dithering”, horribly to hear.
Greetings and best 73s Nils Düwel (2021-05-01)


I observed a transmitter fault of Rádio Pátria 1521 kHz
The TX emitting wobbling and humming signal since a few days.
This phenomenon is the most significant, when interfering with other stations, sounds a jamming signal.
Tringer László (2021-04-30)