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Radio Caroline on 648 khz power increase – reception report request.
Stronger signal reported over much of the UK and elsewhere today (Friday 26 November)

From the station website:
648 Power Increase
The opportunity arose to boost our power on 648 AM. This was beyond the ability of the existing Nautel machine. High power AM transmitters are not easily sourced now. We found one in storage near the Dutch/German border and imported it to Essex so that it could be very extensively overhauled and converted. This was a long, costly and labour intensive task. Then the Harris DX25 was shipped to Orfordness and delivered by landing craft.
The staff of Cobra Mist, who could have left us to struggle, were particularly helpful. Our unsung heroes were Howard Beer, Alan Beech and Steve Bradley. Working conditions veered between not very nice to evil.
Now the new transmitter is in service covering, we hope, a much larger area than before to reconnect with more of our listeners from the past. Obviously we would like to know where our signal is going and indeed where it is not. Might you help us with a reception report so that we can see what we have achieved and to consider what we may do next.
Peter Moore – Station Manager
Please complete and submit the form – http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk/home.html

Mike Terry (2021-11-26)

United Kingdom

Just to let you know that Radio Caroline has started test transmissions today on 648Khz  running 4-5Kw, from Orfordness on the East Coast, Mast aerial  approx. 100M high. I live about  150Km from Orford, reception on the car radio v good, and excellent modulation. On the Hacker radio reception is weak, but when I put the commercial loop next to it signal the same as the car radio.

Miker (2021-11-25)

United States

WFME NJ 1560 antenna.
Just got back from a field project in Houston, and had a chance to listen to the World of Radio 2110. The WFME Special Temporary Authority antenna is another of my “spit, bailing wire, and duct tape” designs. It is not a slant wire antenna but is a slant wire feed to the grounded FM tower in East Orange, so it’s a vertical radiator just as if it were base fed. A slant wire fed vertical mast or tower is an economical method of feeding a grounded tower which adds only trivial structural load to the tower, unlike a skirt feed.

And indeed it’s only a 1 kW operation, elegantly constructed by Tom Ray (formerly chief engineer of WOR). We originally obtained authorization for higher power, but felt that there might be compatibility problems with other nearby communications facilities at this location, so elected to keep the power low, at least initially.

Ben Dawson, WA, Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers to WOR iog (2021-10-31)


Spirit Radio Facebook page October 8 in response to a listener in Northern Ireland asking about 549 being off air.

“Our Medium Wave transmission is down. This is signal that reaches across Northern Ireland.
We have a technical issue we are trying to address. Hope to be up again soon.
You can tune in right now and listen on our website http://www.spirit radio.ie or on the mobile app.”

Similar comment October 19

Mike Barraclough (2021-10-27)


Radio Damascus (ORTAS) on 567 khz also off air about three weeks. The cause can be a technical issue, because before it, the sound quality was really bad. Despite that, the station is announcing, that it is broadcasting on mw band. Now it is only one freq of this station, other are off air for some years, due to war in this country.

666 khz which also belongs to ORTAS (state media corporation) relays the “Sawt Al-Shabab” – The voice of youth.
On 1071 khz Radio Al-Nour, which belongs to the Lebanese Shia community. This freq has no regular timetable of broadcasting.

Alexei Lubich (2021-10-25)


Good news – – VOWR is back on 800 AM with a new transmitter. The station’s previous transmitter was damaged beyond repair by a lightning strike on August 21st.

David Wilson to I Love AM Radio FB group (2021-09-26)


Just to let you know that Polish Radio Programme 1 longwave transmitter on 225 kHz located in Solec Kujawski will be switched off for maintenance from September 27, 0610 UTC to October 10, 1700UTC.

Wojtek Zaremba, Legionowo, Poland to HCDX list via WOR iog (2021-09-25)

United Kingdom

Radio Caroline, Have acquired a 25Kw transmitter, which they are going to install at there Orfordness site in Suffolk on 648Khz, permission granted by Ofcom, the regulator.
The idea being to overcome interference man made, and to overcome the skip signals from  Spain and Slovenia. The signal should be strong in the East, and South of England, and of course in NW Europe.
Should come to air sometime before the end of the year.
Mike Simmonds (2021-09-13)